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									      Solar Trends in Canada
Linking Demand to the Supply Chain

   Presented to the Canadian German Chamber of
            Industry and Commerce, Inc.
     David Eisenbud, Chair of the CanSIA Board
                  February 18, 2010
Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA)

    National Trade Association
      - Represents over 400 + solar organizations throughout
      - Represents firms active in Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal
        Water and Thermal Air segments of the market

    Mission and Strategic Objectives
      -   Strengthen the Canadian solar industry;
      -   Develop and expand solar markets;
      -   Remove market barriers;
      -   Strengthen labour force training and expertise; and,
      -   Improve awareness and understanding of solar viability
          across Canada and internationally
Where we stand…Canada’s Energy Reality

Energy / Electricity Governance
  Provincial jurisdiction
  Federal     NO National Renewable Energy Plan
Natural Resources Rich
  Oil & Gas remains a key economic driver
  Challenge to convert to renewable energy action
Significant Nuclear Agenda
  Large uranium deposits + CANDU technology
Electricity Cost
  Relatively inexpensive (i.e. Hydro)
Energy Security NOT a concern
Solar Works in Canada!

    Solar Can Help Meet the Challenge
     Solar is scalable and growing
     - Solar combined with other smart grid technologies can meet 100% peak load growth

     Solar can be complementary with Nuclear
      - 2000MW Nuclear plan = billions in construction cost; 10-15 years to in-service;
        payback over 40yrs
      - Transmission infrastructure required for nuclear capacity
      - Distributed technologies built incrementally, avoids over/under building
     Solar is predictable
      - Combined with demand response, solar is as predictable as a fossil fuel peaking plant
      - At higher penetrations, combined with storage/load control is 100% reliable

     Solar space is available
     - Multi-tiered approach brings value to otherwise underutilized assets
              Brownfields, airports, wastewater treatment facilities, public lands, parking lots,
              agricultural lands are excellent sites for solar parks
              Acres of new and existing rooftops in urban areas to meet local demand (in US
              over 2 billion sq. ft. of new roof installed annually*)

    Solar Can Help Meet the Challenge

    Solar can help reduce need for distribution
    capacity investment to meet future peak growth
     - Ideal for installation right at customer’s site in large urban areas i.e. behind-
     - Does not negatively impact environment/wildlife

    Solar works best when Canada needs it most
     - Summer Peaking         capacity at maximum to meet summer demand
     - Distributed Power      built incrementally, avoids over/under building

     Solar WILL create green jobs
     - Navigant Study     28 new jobs per MW – 14 direct; 14 indirect
     - Job creation tends to be local

     Solar Project deployment requires a mature supply chain

A rising commitment to Canadian clean energy
1. Canadian Solar Industry
      Industry in transition…
      From smaller scale to larger scale
2. US-Canada Clean Energy Dialogue
      Election of Obama (i.e. Renewable Energy platform)
      U.S. Energy Security (i.e. Canada viewed as domestic)
      Canada likely to follow US lead in Copenhagen
3. North American Cap & Trade System
4. Smart Grid Infrastructure
      Ontario Green Energy Act
5. Green Jobs for New Economy
6. Principal support for renewables eminates from
      Ontario Green Energy Act, Solar BC

PV – Global Supply/Demand Snapshot

Major Components (% of PV System)

Canada Solar PV Industry Growth


Solar Thermal Industry
 Approx. 100% growth in 2008*
 Federal Incentives ended 2007 / reinstated 2008
 Federal Residential Pilot Projects starting in 2009

* Preliminary findings from NRCan survey for 2008
Solar Thermal – Hot Water

ST Adoption Rates – Too low for Canada



Solar Thermal Incentives & Support
Federal Incentives
  Residential Solar Water Heating Pilot Program
  ecoEnergy Renewable Heat Program
  ecoEnergy Home Retrofit Program
  Home Renovation Tax Credit (expires Feb, 2010)
Provincial Incentives
  Matching Federal ecoEnergy Renewable Heat
  and Home Retrofit Programs (Ont, BC, Sask, NS)
  Various rebates, etc.
Additional Provincial Support
  Solar BC (100,000 Roofs Program)
  Ontario Solar Thermal Task Force
  Ontario Green Energy Act (100,000 Roofs Program)
Turning the corner...Expanding Solar Markets
Doing Solar Business in Canada

Strategic Location (Gateway to N.A.)
  Close proximity to more mature eastern U.S. solar
  markets (NJ, PA, MA, MD, NY, FL, NC)
  Transportation links to major N.A. markets (CA,
  Southwest US)
Emerging silicon production
Emerging thin film opportunities
Low manufacturing input costs
Qualified labour force
Provincial funding support, market advantage
  Green Energy Act Domestic Content Policy
National Perspective...Future Challenges
National Renewable Energy Policy
  Tax Incentives? Loan Guarantees? Government Solar Procurement?
National Climate Change Policy
  Renewable Portfolio Options?
US-Canada Energy/Environmental Dialogue
Getting Ontario FIT Program Right!!
  No start / stop and long-term program stability (investment certainty)
  Adequate transmission capacity allocation across industry providers
  Minimum project realization bureaucracy to maximize near-term
  economic benefits
Solar Workforce Development Strategy
  100% solar employment growth over next 3 years
ST Product CSA Certification
  Balance costs and time against codes/standards/consumer protection
Ontario…Challenges Going Forward

Ongoing Stability and Longevity
  Sending the right signal to the marketplace
Renewable Energy Approval Process
  Streamlined regulatory approval process
Domestic Content Requirements
  Impacts International and non-Ontario companies
  Poison pill for investors
  FIT Program: 50%        Increase to 60% by Jan 2011
  MicroFIT: 40%       increase to 60% by Jan 2011
Agricultural Lands Restriction
  Remove unnecessary barriers to solar deployment
Developing Industry Capacity

Value Chain Cost Distribution

Polysilicon      Ingot      Wafer         Solar Cell     Solar Panel   System $/W

              Solar System Cost Allocation by Category (US-2006 figures)


 Solar Energy Value Chain
      Silicon – Raw Materials       Silicon – Processing         Implementation

     Polysilicon     Ingot      Wafer          Solar Cell   Solar Panel   System $/W

        Heavy                      Process                   Light Manufacturing
        Manufacturing              Manufacturing             Metal fabrication
        Engineered Material        Custom Production         Electrical Systems
        Handling Systems           Machinery                 Components
        Custom Production             Lab and testing        Power System
        Machinery                        materials           Design/Engineering
        Industrial Process            Semiconductor          Project Installation
        Supplies                         Supplies
                                           Glass             Supplies & Services

Renewable Energy Jobs Impact:
Germany:            May 2008: 40,000 created in PV industry alone
      ... Feed-in tariffs have made Germany a solar powerhouse that employs
      40,000 people in the solar industry alone, and an estimated 140,000 jobs in
      renewable energy
      US: Obama Signs Economic Recovery Legislation; Solar
      Industry Poised to Create 110,000 Jobs over Next Two Years
      ….solar energy provisions in this bill will help create 60,000 jobs in the solar
      industry in 2009 alone and a total of 110,000 over the next two years,”
      Rhone Resch - SEIA.
Canada: Green Energy Creates Jobs        “Proposed New Act Would
Result in 50,000 New Jobs in three years.” Premier Dalton McGuinty

  Examples of Solar-related Green Jobs1
Solar Power (Thermal) & Photovoltaic (PV) Systems – Harnessing the power of the sun
 Solar Development and Manufacturing
      Solar Fabrication Technician
      Solar Lab Technician
      Solar Hot Water Heater Manufacturing Technician
      PV Fabrication and Testing Technician
 Solar Installation and Maintenance
      Solar Energy System Installer
      Solar and PV Installation – Roofer
      Solar Residential Installation – Electrician
      Solar Commercial Installation – Electrician
      ICE Technician – Instrumentation/Controls/Electrical System
      Solar Commercial Installation – Engineering Technician
      Solar Electrical Foreman
 Solar Engineering, Design & Project Management
      Solar Energy Systems Design
      Solar Thermoelectric Plant Manager
      Solar Operations Engineer
      PV Solar Cell Designer                                        More Information Available:
      Solar Energy Engineer                                         Environmental Defense Fund
      PV Power Systems Engineer (Electrical)
 Solar Sales & Marketing
      Residential/Commercial Solar Sales Consultant



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