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Grace Morales-Pretty little liars magazine by xiaoyounan


									Grace Morales
Pretty Little Liars Magazine
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Article one: Interview with the Cast of Pretty Little
I sat down with The Pretty Little Liar cast on October 27, 2011 and discussed the
Halloween Special that aired Monday October 24. The celebs from the Pretty Little Liars
cast told me their favorite part of the Halloween exclusive special and why. Troian
Bellisario who plays as Spencer Hastings in the mystery thriller teen drama said that her
favorite part of the Special was when they were all in the house with Allison when
someone took her and was holding her hostage. She said “I actually got scared, even
though we were just acting it out. MY heart was racing and I had goose bumps. It was
    Lucy Hale who plays Aria Montgomery in the show said her favorite part was finding
her dad in the show in the backseat of the car with another
woman. She said “I actually found this hilarious because I know my dad in the show
would never do that. He is too much of a geek”.
    Ashley Benson who plays Hanna Marin said that the whole show was her favorite
She told me “I loved the whole thing, I loved acting in it and I loved hanging out with all
my friends”.
        Shat Mitchell who plays as Emily Fields says that her favorite part of the
Halloween Exclusive Episode was the Halloween party. She said yesterday “I just felt
like a scared teenager during Halloween. I love to be scared; it is the best feeling in the

Article 2: Who wore it best?
        I asked a bunch a people on the streets of New York City to see who wore the best
Lady Gaga costume. I asked random people from different parts of the city- Manhattan,
Bronx, Flushing, Time Square, and Jamaica.
        The 80 percent of the people said that Tammin Sursok who plays Jenna Marshall
in the show Pretty Little Liars wore the Lady Gaga Costume better. Jenna won the Who
wore best for the pretty little liar’s magazine and received $10,000! Congratulations to
Tammin Sursok for the best worn Lady Gaga Halloween costume.
        The other 20 percent of the people I asked said that Sasha Pieterse who plays as
Alison DiLaurentis. We thank both of the characters from Pretty Little Liars for being in
the Who wore it best contest. Although Sasha did not win we sent her home with a gift of
$5,000! Who do you think wore Lady Gaga best? Jenna or Alison? Who is your favorite
character on Pretty Little Liars? Submit your opinion today at You will
receive a free order of this exclusive Pretty Little Liars magazine if you submit your
opinion online!
Who do you think
wore the best Lady
Gaga costume for
the exclusive
Halloween special?                              Meet the cast
Jenna or Alison?                                from the teenage
                                                mystery Pretty
                                                Little Liars!

                     See what the cast from         By: Grace
                     Pretty Little Liars have
                     to say about the new           Morales
                     and exclusive Halloween
                     Special inside!

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