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									Top 4 Indian Outfits for Women

Indian clothes have attained great popularity all across the world. Indian outfits are the
perfect example of practical and fashionable dressing. More and more women have
started adopting Indian style. With designers help, the Indian clothes are now merged
with contemporary fashion though the ethnic appearances remain untouched. This is an
advantage in itself where our culture remains alive even after adding the modern look.

Indian being a diverse country, the women living in different regions adorn different
styles of clothing reflecting their hometown, region and caste. Besides, there are
definite styles of clothing that are the most popular among all than the other ones. Such
fascinating Indian outfits of women are described as the article proceeds further.

Saree: It is the oldest and most famous form of Indian wear for women. It is a beautiful
garment symbolizing the Indian identity. Saree is basically a long piece of cloth worn
over a petticoat and a fitted choli. Sarees are made from cotton, georgette, silk fabrics
available in a huge range of light, bright and dark colors. In order to give it a designer or
heavy look, embellishments are done on them that include patterns, motifs, beads,
zardosi work etc. Some women in Indian wear saree as a daily outfit while some wear it
during certain occasions/festivals/parties.

Salwar Kameez: Originally found in Punjab, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Salwar
Kameez has gained fans all over India and has become popular especially among the
young generations. It consists of a long tunic (Kameez), loose pair of pants (Salwar) and
a long scarf (Dupatta) is draped around the neck to cover the shoulders. Instead of
having a loose Salwar, a Churidar Salwar is an option for that. Churidar is narrow and
tight fitting on the legs. Churidar Kameez changes the whole look of the person wearing
it and is available in different materials, styles and designs to bring out the grace in you.

Kurti: Kurti is a shirt type, long tunic coming in varied lengths. It is of around a length
that touches the knees. It is generally worn with a Salwar, jeans or leggings. Due to its
large demand, its styles and design changes depending upon the current trend. Kurtis
can be worn all year round. Kurtis is available for women of all sizes and looks elegant
giving a different look to the wearer.

Western Clothes: Jeans is an outfit that has reached such popularity due to the
influence of western culture. It has become very common among women and girls both.
It is the popular trend of the 21st century. Indian women are coming out of their attires
like sarees and Salwar Kameez trying the indo-western style.

Today’s woman has got a range of western and non-western clothes simultaneously
with the Indian traditional wear. She has got too many options to choose attire from. So
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