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									                                         Strengthen & Enhance families

                                                          Harper’s Hope 41 Foundation Donation Form
 Board of Directors
 CEO                           Thank you for sharing our passion for positively impacting the community with your donation.
 Roman C. Harper                              Your support ensures the tradition of helping families continues.
 Princess L. Harper
 Vice President              * You may attach your business card in lieu of filling out the contact information.
 Ronald T. Harper
 Talia A. Harper             Individual Name / Company Name: ____________________________________________________________
 Assistant Secretary
 JoAnn Lee                   Contact: ________________________________________________Title:______________________________
 Aurbara Jean Ramsey
 Financial Secretary         Address:_____________________________________City:__________________State:________Zip:_________
 Geraldine Wilson
 Program Director            Phone:______________________________________Email:_________________________________________
 Bryan R. Harper
 Ronald T. Harper, II
 Publicity Chair              Enclosed is my cash donation of $_____________.
 Brian Henry
 Arnold Lindsey               Enclosed is my check totaling $_______________ made payable to Harper’s Hope 41 Foundation.
 Irene Kohn
 Fundraising Chair
 Ngwebifor M. Fobi            Please charge my credit card $________________.
                                      MasterCard           Visa        American Express                         Discover

                             Card Number: ___________________________________Expiration____/_____

                             Name on card: ____________________________________________________
     The mission of the
    Harper’s Hope 41
      Foundation is to       Signature________________________________________________________
 strengthen families and
enhance their emotional,     Restrictions:________________________________________________________________________________
    social and spiritual
      health through
  educational programs,      __________________________________________________________________________________________
enrichment activities, and
  economic development.
  The Foundation fosters     Please send form to: Harper’s Hope 41 Foundation, P .O BOX 680041 * PRATTVILLE, AL 36068 or
 empowerment skills and      Call 334-527-0767 to arrange for someone to pick up your donation. Tax ID: 80-0551234
provides lasting coaching
experiences that will help
 individuals realize their
    potential, build self-   ________________________ ________________________ __________________________
   esteem and strive for
        excellence.          Name (Please Print)                Title                               Date

                                           P.O. BOX 680041 * PRATTVILLE, AL * 36068

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