Home Remedies To Remove Dark Spots From Your Skin With Necessary Precautions

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					                         Get Rid Of Those Dark Spots From Home

                                                       Many of use suffer from dark spots gracing
                                                      various parts of our body, including our legs
                                                      and backs. You feel un-pleasure and
                                                      embarrassing when you find out these dark
                                                      spots on the visible sections of your body
                                                      which cause severe hitches in your daily life.
                                                      What you should do is to keep a close eye
                                                      on these dark spots. Are they causing you
                                                      pain or some itching? Are they growing in
                                                      size at all? If you notice such unpleasant
                                                      conditions, you should consult an
experienced doctor as these spots are getting larger and hurting you badly.

The only time you should contemplate using home remedies to remove dark spots would be when
you have discerned that they are not growing in size. You can use vitamin E oil to have a deep
massage on the effective parts of your body. To allow more time for the oil to do its work, you can
also massage it before going to bed. Lemon juice is another very simple home remedy to be used
on the dark spots and it reduces the intensity of the dark spots very effectively. Get fresh lemon
juice and rub them all over your body. You can do this twice a day, after washing in the morning
and before going to sleep at night.

You could also apply aloevera gel on the dark spots. Use them every night before you go to sleep
to get the best results. Sunlight could also exacerbate dark spots, but if you apply aloevera gel in
the morning, you will have extra protection from the sun. Remember to have an umbrella with you
the whole time when you are stepping out into the sun. Even if you are out in the sun for prolonged
periods of time, if you rub some aloevera juice into your skin, you wouldn't have to worry about
getting harmed.

An overnight application of onion juice and vinegar mixed together would also be effective in
lightening dark spots. You should use a piece of cotton to apply this mixture on the dark spots. If
you are eating watermelon, do not throw away the rinds. You can rub them on the dark parts of the
body since they are also effective lightening agents. Horseradish, when chopped thinly and
soaked in milk for a good half an hour, is also an effective treatment when rubbed directly on the

You must also ensure that you are using very healthy and necessary diet with full of fiber contents.
Increase your intake of vegetables, particularly the green leafy varieties. If you add two teaspoons
of oatmeal and lemon juice to the pulp of half a tomato, you will come up with a paste you can use
for treatment. The paste, when applied on the dark spots, will hasten their lightening. Do not
restrict yourselves to vegetables, though. You should also eat fruits to add to this. Make fruits a
regular part of your diet and eat them every day to ensure that you have a healthy and well-
balanced diet.

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Description: Dark spots can be present on all parts of our body and it creates embarrassing and unpleasant experience to the person suffering from them. You can reduce and even diminish these dark spots by changing the life style and maintaining your diet with water, vegetables and fruits.