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Singapore Wedding - If you are planning to get married in Singapore then you have made a brilliant choice. Here is a list of the top 5 venues

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									Top 5 Wedding Venues In Singapore
Posted by Peter Lee - Guest Blogger on 05th, December 2012
Top 5 Wedding Venues In Singapore

Everyone aspires to have an extravagant wedding filled with lights, flowers, music and colors.
Singapore can literally make your dream come. It provides ample number of venue options ranging
from Museums, gardens, hotels to even beaches where you can organize a wedding of your choice.

Singapore Wedding Venues

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Though this Lion city has limited area but it has been fully utilized by the Singaporeans in the form of
well managed parks, beautiful beaches and lush greenery. So, if you are planning to get married in
Singapore then you have made a brilliant choice. Here is a list of the top 5 venues that would totally
stand up and make your dream wedding come true:

    • Jurong Bird Park : If you aspire to get married amidst the natural beauty and scenic
      Landscapes then this is a perfect venue for you. Located on the top of Jurong Hill, this place has
      11 indoor and outdoor venues which can be hired to host a Wedding, engagement party, get-
      together etc. The indoor halls are covered with beautiful glass windows which give a beautiful
      view of the city. If you are planning to get married in summers then it is recommended to opt
      for indoor venue as the sun would be in its full prime and excessive heat might make you
      uncomfortable while if you are planning to get married in winters then outdoors is the best

    • Marina Bay Sands: It might be an expensive option but when compared with the number of
      facilities that are provided, it’s worth every penny. Being one of the most famous and largest
      hotels in Singapore, it has 12 venues overlooking the Beautiful Singapore city. In addition, this
      hotel has one of the best caterers in Singapore and so you do not have to worry about hiring and
  managing them separately.

• Villa Halia(Botanical Garden): A wedding amidst different kind of beautiful flowers is a
  dream of every girl. And the botanical garden in Singapore provides many such beautiful
  wedding venues. You can select any suitable location within the Garden and get married.

  Singapore Wedding | Getting Married In Singapore

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  This option is more cost friendly than previous ones and a lot bigger than most of the venues.

• Amara Sanctuary Resort: This place provides with multiple number of weddings Packages
  which include venue, catering, decoration etc. All you need to do is select a package and the
  professional wedding planner will take care of every detail to bring your dream wedding alive.
  Located on the Sentosa Island, this Place has a multiple number of parks, beaches, etc which
  can keep your guests entertained pre-wedding.
    • The Jewel Park: This destination will provide you with 6 different wedding packages
      comprising of modern, contemporary, outdoor romantic etc. Being a lone hill top Wedding
      destination, it give a mesmerizing sky view of the Singapore city and make you feel like you are
      getting married in Heaven. This is one the most sought after wedding venue in Singapore and so
      you need to make the bookings at least 6 Months in advance.

In addition to all the above mentioned venues, you can also get married on the beach which might
prove to be a lot cheaper and exotic. You need to get a Singapore Holiday Pass from Singapore visa
embassy in order to travel or marry in Singapore. All the guests that you plan to invite would also need
one. So make sure to complete all such paper works well in advance.

Singapore Wedding | Getting Married In Singapore

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blogger, who likes to study the work and business cultures of different places.

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