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									Sell My Home and WHile you’re at it,
      Cut out the Middle Man
 Sell your home AS-IS without the need for hiring contractors and real estate
  agents. Since 2001, House Buyers of America has been offering a quick and
easy alternative to homeowners in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

January 7, 2013 -- Centreville, VA - Veering away from the traditional house
selling route can make homeowners nervous. After all, your house is typically your
greatest asset and most homeowners have spent a lot of time, money and energy
and much of their emotional resources turning their house into a home. With such
an investment resting upon the foundations of your home, considering an
alternative to the tried-and-tested REALTOR® route can be quite daunting.

But there is an alternative, and since 2001, it has been successfully tried and tested
over 1200 times!

House Buyers of America Revolutionizes the Home-Selling Process

Misconceptions aside, selling your home does not have to be an expensive process.
You don’t need to sink a few thousand dollars into improving your home just so
that it’s more enticing to buyers. You don’t need to open the doors of your house to
a steady procession of potential buyers, contractors, inspectors and real estate
agents. And you don’t need to wait months or even years for the right offer to
come along.

House Buyers of America ( offers an
alternative to selling your home that cuts out the middle man and the thousands of
dollars you would otherwise have to spend on commission and home
improvements. One of their Real Estate Consultants will assess your home,
whatever state it’s in, and typically within 24 hours you will have a competitive
cash offer in your hand.
That’s it.

No real estate agents parading around your house, no list of improvements to make
and no insufferable open house days. Quick and simple, House Buyers of America
has revolutionized the home selling process by cutting out all middle men, saving
you precious time, energy and money.

A New Job, a Tired Landlord…

Wanting to sell my home quickly, without any hassle, has been the preferred route
of home and rental property owners in many different circumstances. A great new
job might require you to move across state very quickly, or perhaps you’ve truly
had enough of playing landlord to one difficult tenant after another. Many people
inherit homes they just don’t have the time to sell via the conventional route…
they just want to get rid of it without dealing with REALTORS®, contractors and
potential house buyers.

For these kinds of people and many more, House Buyers of America is the name
you can trust for your real estate needs. If you want to sell your home AS-IS – no
matter what degree of disrepair it’s in – you can have a competitive cash offer in
your hand in very little time.

  House Buyers of America is headquartered in Centreville, VA and can be
      reached at 1-855-65-WE-BUY (855-659-3289) and on the web at

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