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					      International Food and Moon Festival 2012

International Food and Moon Festival 2012

                  Date: 22/09/2012
                 Time: 10:00 to 16:00
             Location: Panmure, Auckland

   Proposed by Chinese New Settlers Services Trust

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                  International Food and Moon Festival 2012

                     Project Description

   1. What do we propose to do?

CNSST successfully organised Asian Food Carnival and Moon Festival Celebration with nearly
10,000 participants and 51 business groups on 19 Sep 2010. This event of International Food
and Moon Festival 2012 brings business and the community together, targeting 20,000
participants and 100 businesses. The event offers free entry for the public.

The purposes of the event:
   - Bringing families together to learn and celebrate traditional values of Chinese Moon
      Festival: Family reunion and share of the harvest happiness.
   - Bringing business and community together to enhance local economic development in Tamaki
   -    Bringing international diversified cultures together to promote cultural exchange and cohesion.
   -    Hosting this regional cultural event in return for the social support that we obtained from NZ
        society as a migrant group.

The proposed Activities include:

   I.   Food Festival
   -    Food Booths (International Food
   -    Non Food Booths (Information, goods, etc.)
   -    Cooking Demonstration (Chinese Dumplings, Song Pun Korean Style Dumplings)
   -    Moon Cake Recipes
                               - Food Game – Chopsticks and Beans Picking Competition

                                       -   Food Game – One-Minute Dumplings Making Competition

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                International Food and Moon Festival 2012

II. Moon Festival
- Ethnic Cultural Performances

-     Lantern Riddles (Chinese and English)

III. Children and youths Playground
- Youth Art Exhibition

-     Children and Youth Theme Painting Competition
-     Face Painting – Opera Face
-     Bouncy Castle

-     Old Macdonald’s Farm

IV.   Senior Tai Chi Competition
V.    Game Zone
-     Sports, Bungee Tramp
-     Cultural Games “Three-legged Race” “Potato Holding Running”
-     Figure Sketch
-     Calligraphy Corner

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                 International Food and Moon Festival 2012

   2. Promotion of the project:
Chinese Community:

      TV AD for one month period
      A serious of Radio Promotion for one and a half months
      Newspapers Promotion on The United Chinese Press, Chinese Herald, Mandarin Pages
      Promotion through Websites (Skykiwi, CNSST Web, Auckland Council, etc.)
      Posters to be put up on Local Business
      Distribute 5000 flyers to Chinese community
      Promotion through CNSST Network
      Promotion through CNSST Ten Branches with 2000 registered Chinese Families
      Word of Mouth

Mainstream Community:

      50 Posters in shops window
      Flyers will be left on the counter of the Panmure Library.
      Auckland Council’s promotion through their website and network
      Distribute the flyer in our Business Newsletter which goes to landlords, tenants as well as 142
       Interested Parties which does include some local people.
      New Zealand Herald
      Easter and Bays Courier Newspaper AD
      Invitation to Government and NGOs who helps with the information delivery

Korean Community:

      Promotion and Booth information collection on Korean Day
      Flyers to all the Korean Community Network
      Flyers to Korean Business
      Flyers to Korean Restaurants with an emphasis on Food Booth
      Invitation to all Key person in Korean community who helps with the information delivery

Other Ethnic Groups:
    Invite one cultural performance or interaction from each ethnic group
    Hold one cultural booth for each ethnic group
    Engage the ethnic groups in promoting and participating in the event

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                 International Food and Moon Festival 2012

   3. Gift, Donation and Sponsorship:

CNSST successfully organised Asian Food Carnival and Moon Festival Celebration with nearly
10,000 participants and 51 business groups on 19 Sep 2010. This event of Food and Moon
Festival 2012 brings business and the community together, targeting 20,000 participants and
100 businesses. We do appreciate and anticipate the generous support from our sponsors on
charity. The detailed list of the event sponsorship is outlined below. Please contact Gloria Gao,
CNSST OM, for more information.

    CNSST would acknowledge the supportors of the event as below:

   1) MC will announce to the participants to acknowledge the funder of the project

   2) A booth for display and promotion,

   3) We will acknowledge your contribution by adding your logo to all the relating
       promotion flyer and the Agenda of the event.

   4) Other activities could be further negotiated.

    Friends of Event Sponsorship- Over $600: Above 1) – 4)

    Less than $600 Donation or gifts donation for lucky draws: Above 2) – 3).

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                     International Food and Moon Festival 2012

    4. ABOUT The Event Organiser

Chinese New Settlers Services Trust (here after: CNSST) is registered as a charitable trust, which offers
culturally and linguistically appropriate services to both Asian new settlers and the community as a
whole in Auckland New Zealand.

Our mission

To improve the quality of life of the Asian New Zealanders.
Our Goal
To establish Asian community multi-service centers and to help all Asian new settlers to integrate and
contribute to New Zealand society through our services delivery.
Our Vision
To work towards meeting the needs of the Asian seniors, children and young people, and all other new
settlers, and to facilitate the successful integration of Asian new settlers into the wider New Zealand

Our Current Services

Social Work
         Case management: primary service delivery, referral and family support, information and
          resource, free legal advice etc.
         Community programme: senior mutual support network, bullying cultural identity youth
          group, parenting through separation, child witness domestic violence, family violence
          prevention program and SKIP parenting programme etc.
Employment services:
             Migrant employment assistance: job placement and employment skill training,
              information and advices;
             Job placement for Asian beneficiaries: job placement and employment support;
             Employment coaching to unemployed Asians: series training regarding the employment
              practice, cultural and skills;
             Work experience programme: arranging for unemployed Asians up to 8 weeks work
              experience at work place;
             Solo parent employment support: coaching and job placement for Asian parents.
Settlement support:
             Educational workshop: run community workshops regarding NZ law and legislation for
              local new migrants;
             Road safety project: driver licensing courses, NZ driving cultural seminars etc.

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                         International Food and Moon Festival 2012

                  Housing programme: information for the first home buyer courses and housing support.
     Korean Community Services:
                      Provide range of services to local Korean migrant community, including social work,
                       employment and settlement support etc.
     Multi Services Clinic and Community Education Institutes: We run weekend cultural programmes and
     activities for Chinese children, youth, elderly and new arrivals at our 8 community education centers in
     the greater Auckland region at Howick, Botany, Manukau, Henderson, Glenfield, Newmarket,
     Onehunga and Panmure. The programme including,
                  English and NZ culture courses for Chinese elderly and new arrivals;
                  Chinese language, art, music classes, outdoor activities for local children and youths;
                  Cultural activities for local people, eg. Tai Chi exercise, Martial Arts
                  Cultural and art events or festivals, eg. Chinese New Year celebration etc.
                  Holiday programmes for local youth to learn more about Chinese cultural, eg. Chinese
                   painting and calligraphy, Kong Fu or music etc.
                  Youth interest groups, eg. Chinese youth choir, traditional custom fashion show team and
                   Chinese drum team etc.

Panmure 总院             20-22 Clifton Court, Panmure                                           周一至周六 9:00—17:00

Howick 分院              Howick Recreation Centre , 563 Pakuranga Rd, Howick                    周六 9:40—18:10

Botany 分院              Level one, 1 Fountain Lane North, Botany Town Centre                   周六 10:00—15:00
Manukau 分院             Friendship House, 20 Putney Way, Manukau City Centre                   周六 10:00—15:00

New Lynn 分院            New Lynn Community Centre, 45 Totara Ave, New Lynn                     周六 9:00—14:00
Glenfield 分院           Glenfield Community Centre (Cnr. Bentley Ave & Glenfield Rd)           周六 9:00—15:00

Albany 分院              Massey University Building QB                                          周六 10:00—14:00

Onehunga 分院            Onehunga Community Centre, 83 Church St, Onehunga                      周六 9:00—16:00

Newmarket 分院           2nd floor , 27 Davis Crescent, Newmarket                               周六 9:00—16:00
Wellington 分院          61 Hopper St, Mt Cook, Wellington                                      周六 13:00—17:00

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                  International Food and Moon Festival 2012

    5. Our Achievements

For the past 13 years, we have dedicated to assist and encourage interacting and integrating into the
mainstream and local culture, we have assisted and empower the new settlers to contribute to the
community and New Zealand society. There have been around 12,000+ clients (see annual report to
be submitted as supporting document) benefitting from our core services every year.

We have successfully delivered our services to achieve our ultimate goal to the needing community
especially settlement services at the Multi services clinic and Saturday Youths Community Education
Centre at the 8 community centers; every Saturday, over 1800 people from local Asian families,
including seniors, children and youth and their parents drop in the seven centers to participate in the
community education programme, NZ cultural programmes and social activities which are conducted
in 8 multi services centers, we also provide social clinic to help them overcome many social problems
and settlement issues.

CNSST has proudly been awarded for Mayor Awards trice respectively from North Shore City in 2003
for community award of excellent and for Auckland community safety awards and in 2005 and 2007.
In year 2002, CNSST has proudly been approved by CYF as a community services provider to serve the
local Chinese community in a greater Auckland region and subsequent assessment has been approved
by the Authority of CYF. In Oct 2010, we have also approved by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered
Account as an ATO.

    6. Contact Details for this event
Please contact Chinese New Settlers Services Trust for further information.
Key contact person:

Gloria Ya Ping Gao
Operations Manager

Cell Phone: 021 99 00 82
Tel: 09 570 1188, Fax : 09 570 1886
15-19 Clifton Court, Panmure
P.O.Box : 14129 Panmure, Auckland
Charities Reg. No : CC24999
ATO Institute ID: 208 2228

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