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                           University of Iowa College of Law, Iowa City, IA
                           [By Heather Jung]
                           In her letter to prospective students, Carolyn Jones, Dean of the University of Iowa College of Law, states that students and
                           graduates of the College of Law “bring their values and sources of meaning gleaned from non-legal lives. What legal education
                           can provide in addition is a sense of professionalism, of the value of service, and of the importance of one’s inner life-the
                           exploration of possibilities and reflection upon one’s relationships with self, family, community, and the world.” The school is a
                           place where students can not only learn the skills necessary to become a lawyer but also hone the skills they already possess.

Each year, approximately 220 students begin        discussions on various aspects and areas of            of France and the European Union, and
their law school careers as Ls. In 2006,          law. The AAP also organizes the First Year             Comparative Constitutional Law.
the average GPA of entering students was           at Iowa (FYI) Mentoring Program, through
3.62, and the average LSAT score was 6.          which upperclassmen volunteer as mentors               The third program is held in Bucerius,
Students represented 96 undergraduate              to groups of eight to 0 Ls.                          Germany, during the fall semester and lets
institutions and 39 states and foreign                                                                    students earn as many as 5 credits from
countries. The school was ranked 24th on           Unlike most law schools, the University of Iowa        a “variety of two-credit courses taught in
U.S. News & World Report’s list of the top         does not have set dual degrees. Students at            English specially for the exchange students,
law schools.                                       the College of Law are allowed to develop their        as well as a research paper option.”
                                                   own programs with most of the other graduate
In addition to the traditional law school          colleges and departments at the university             Students with something to say can submit
curriculum, students at the College of             based on their individual interests.                   their work to one of the four student-edited
Law are offered a vast array of programs                                                                  law reviews and journals: Iowa Law Review,
that supplement their legal educations,            Through the program, students are able to              Journal of Corporation Law, Transnational
including clinics, achievement programs,           receive their J.D. and master’s degrees by             Law & Contemporary Problems, and Journal
dual-degree opportunities, study-abroad            taking approximately 2 to 24 fewer credit             of Gender, Race & Justice. While many
opportunities, and student-run organizations       hours than they would be required to take              students choose to write for the journals
and publications.                                  if they pursued the degrees separately.                during their second years, many serve on the
                                                   According to the school’s website, the most            various boards during their third years.
The College of Law’s clinical law programs         popular programs include:
                                                                                                          More than 20 organizations are available
give students hands-on and out-of-
                                                                                                          for students to participate in, as well.
classroom experience that will prove               •     J.D./M.B.A. (Management)
                                                                                                          These student-run organizations give their
invaluable to them in their future careers.        •     J.D./M.P.H. (Public Health)
                                                                                                          participants opportunities to connect with
The program allows students to enroll              •     J.D./M.H.A. (Health Management and
                                                                                                          other law students with similar points of
once they have completed at least three                  Policy)
                                                                                                          interest. Some of the organizations available
semesters toward their J.D. degrees.               •     J.D./M.A. or M.S. (Urban and Regional
                                                                                                          are the American Constitution Society, the
                                                                                                          Federalist Society, Law Students for Choice,
The demand for the offered programs is             •     J.D./M.A. (Journalism)
                                                                                                          the Organization for Women Law Students
so high that enrollment is determined by           •     J.D./Ph.D. (Communication Studies)
                                                                                                          and Staff, and Phi Alpha Delta.
lottery. Some of the topics offered include
assistive technology, consumer rights,             The College of Law offers three study-abroad
                                                                                                          On the net
criminal defense, disability rights, domestic      programs for students. The London Law
violence, immigration, and workers’ rights.        Consortium is held in conjunction with five
                                                                                                          University of Iowa College of Law
                                                   other law schools, with the University of
The Academic Achievement Program (AAP)             Iowa serving as the program administrator.
is designed to help students during their          Courses offered cover the UK and European              Academic Achievement Program
transitions between their undergraduate            Union legal systems.                         
and law school careers. While it is open                                                                  achievement.php
to everyone, the AAP is designed to most           The program in Arcachon, France, enables
effectively help Ls capitalize on their           participants to study international and                Legal Clinics
potential. It offers programs on test taking       comparative law. Courses include Law in      
and effective study skills, as well as panel       the Muslim World, Introduction to the Law              index.php


Description: Iowa Law College Provides Students Clinical Law Programs Which Give Students Hands-On And Out-Of-Classroom Experience And Academic Achievement Program (AAP) Is Designed To Help Students During Their Undergraduate And Law School Careers.
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