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					                   Handy Cards eWallet
            Move your Plastic Cards to iPhone

A free iPhone App that helps you in storing, managing all your cards
           at one place and hence spending in a smarter!!

Do you have any questions related to this app?? Read this document
                 and get answers to your queries
                             FAQ Section – Handy Cards eWallet

Q- Which encryption algorithm is used for ensuring my data security?
Ans- An AES 256bit (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm is used for storing the sensitive
information like password. It means no one other than you can access the app in your iPhone.

Q- In how many languages this app is available?
Ans- The app is available in english Language only.

Q- How to add/delete a card?
Ans- To Add a card, just tap on “+” button on Wallet Screen or Cards Screen, then enter the card
details such as Card Name, Card Type and Card Description along with its Front and Back images
captured using your iPhone's camera. To delete a card, tap on Edit Button on top left corner of a
Card's Screen and press the red button in front of the card you want to delete.

Q- How many cards can be stored in Lite version?
Ans- Information of five cards can be stored in this lite version.

Q- What type of information can be stored in Handy Cards eWallet?
Ans- You can use it for storing cards (credit, debit, loyalty, prepaid, fidelity and airline) and
sensitive information like PINs, passwords, issuer names etc.

Q- How can I customize my card's images?
Ans- The cards can be customized in many ways like you can crop, rotate, adjust the brightness and
contrast of an image. An option to reset the card image to the original one is also provided.

Q- How much memory is consumed by this app?
Ans- Handy Cards eWallet app consumes an average RAM of 20 MB to 25 MB.

Q- Where I can store my sensitive information?
Ans- You can store sensitive information like PINs, emergency numbers, issuer names in
description field so that in case you lost your card then you can block it.

Q- What if I forgot my password?
Ans- If you forgot your password , then their will be no other option rather than to create a new

Q- How can I quickly create a new password?
Ans- User needs to fill the old and then new password in order to create a new password. It will
take less than a minute to change the password.
Q- How can I make a quick search for a particular card?
Ans- Using “Filter” feature you can quickly search for a particular card e.g if a user wants to view
debit cards then by selecting debit cards from picker will display the list of debit cards only.

Q- How can I use this wallet for shopping?
Ans- You can do only online shopping using card's front and back images. As these images include
all the card's information hence can be used for online shopping.

Q- How to generate barcode?
Ans- A barcode image can be generated by using a 16-digit card number and the generated barcode
image then stored in a document directory.

Q- Can I use my Fidelity cards through this app?
Ans- Yes, you can use them through Handy Cards eWallet just like your plastic cards. This app
reads the barcode and stores it which later can be scanned by the merchants at the checkout

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