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The coverage given to this psychopathic killer once again proves something we already know: the media's passion for the gross and the grotesque borders on insanity and closely resembles fetishism.

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                          [By The Judge]
                          Last week opened with gunshots at Virginia Tech turning everything gloomy. I could have recovered from the gloom. But
                          what really ate up my insides-and keeps on eating them up-is the face of that gun-toting wacko peering at me from almost every
                          news site, newspaper, and TV channel.

The coverage given to this psychopathic          been aptly made at Professor Stephen               Now, if you are a lawyer who litigates abroad,
killer once again proves something we            Bainbridge’s blog in “Reacting to Virginia         then don’t miss “International Arbitrations:
already know: the media’s passion for the        Tech.” If you want the pro-gun, no-gun,            Dealing with Delay” at What About Clients?
gross and the grotesque borders on insanity      and campus-legal-policy approaches to the          and don’t forget to save Mel Simburg’s
and closely resembles fetishism. The stupid      event, check out the JD2B blog archives at         article after checking out the link provided.
media is turning this stupid psychopath into
an icon and a martyr. And if they continue on                                                       Returning to the topic of recurrent stupidity,
this path, it won’t be long before more weak     Getting back to normal, this week over at          since Don Imus got fired for his stupid
minds try to emulate him just to get media       Peter Lattman’s blog in the Wall Street            comments about the Rutgers women’s
coverage.                                        Journal, there is a good piece on former           basketball team, Professor Stephen
                                                 Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio, who has been found          Bainbridge argues, Alec Baldwin deserves
The American College Health Association’s        guilty of insider trading.                         to be fired for calling his -year-old child a
National College Health Assessment for                                                              “rude, thoughtless little pig.” Which shows
the spring of 2006 covered 7 campuses.         More interesting to me, however, is the            how stupid Baldwin can be. Fathering a pig!
It showed that out of the 95,000 students        article on Chris Marston, founder and              Imagine that!
surveyed, more than 9% had seriously             CEO of Exemplar Law Partners, posted
considered suicide, and one in every 00 had     on Leadership for Lawyers. Marston has
attempted suicide within the previous year.      started a law firm with a novel approach.
                                                 His firm only bills flat fees and only hires
Considering that the gunman himself was a        entrepreneurial lawyers. It also begins
student who committed suicide, the media’s       building cross-functional teams as soon as
continuous coverage of his actions doesn’t       matters are accepted.
make me feel very happy. The point has


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