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Washington College of Law: Where the Legal World Converges
By Donna McGill

Washington D.C. is where it all happens in America; global and national decisions are made, our country’s leading politicians meet to
discuss decisions that affect society and it’s also where potential law students can earn their degrees, courtesy of the Washington
College of Law.

What law student wouldn’t want to work alongside almost 200           the goings-on in the nation’s capital was no accident when it
attorneys from all over the world as they work towards getting        was relocated in 1996, exactly one hundred years after it was
their degree and ultimately, their license to practice? Where         founded.
else can you realize those dreams? If you’re a Washington
College of Law student, you know exactly where your dreams            Since then, it’s consistently been ranked high, and in 2008,
are coming true. This impressive law school offers the world to       was honored by being the most diverse top tier school in D.C.
those who are accepted. From constitutional law to intellectual       and the third most diverse throughout the country. While
property to gender related and human rights issues, WCL               the school has a near even split of men and women, it only
brings all of this to the table and so much more.                     accepts approximately 1,600 new students each year. Less
                                                                      than one percent of the 8,800 applications for the Juris Doctor
Part of the American University family, the school is located         program are accepted.
in northwest College and has close to sixty full time academic
staff members. It’s one of the top fifty law schools, ranked          The school “fosters an atmosphere based on access to the
by US News and World Report, and initially was founded                faculty, commitment to your success and motivation for the
to provide legal opportunities for women. Founded by two              study of law and the practice of the profession that we have
women whose passions were to study law and their goal to              all chosen”. Further, the school sections are kept small, usually
become accepted legal attorneys, WCL was born in 1896. It’s           around 75 students, for a more intimate setting. It offers the
responsible for many milestones, including the first law school       most advanced technological resources for its students.
that had a graduating class consisting of nothing but women.
Still, it wasn’t formally accepted as part of AU until 1949.          Some of the schools programs include UNROW Human Rights
                                                                      Impact Litigation Clinic, War Crimes Research Office, Center
The school’s breathtaking campus is home to a six story               for Human Rights and Humanitarian, International Legal
facility that brings the classrooms, courtrooms and law library       Studies Program and the WCL Project on Addressing Prison
together. The massive building was designed with the goal of          Rape. Pence Law Library is located on campus for the student
providing a closer proximity to everything the student body           body and the student body provides The Administrative Law
could need, including access to the faculty. Several meeting          Review, The Alternative Dispute Resolution Newsletter and The
areas and lounges are found on each floor and the impressive          American Jurist, to name a few.
technology is updated on a seemingly constant basis. Located
only moments from Washington D.C. proper, there is no                 Washington College of Law is an institute that’s steeped in
shortage of restaurants, shopping centers and parks within            American history and is an incredible choice for those who
a very close proximity to the campus. It’s central location to        apply and are accepted.

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