Moon Phases Worksheet 10_22 by xiaoyounan


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Phases of the moon practice

   1. The phases of the moon are the
         a. features on its surface.
         b. objects that hit its surface.
         c. parts that are lighted.
         d. spaceships that have been left there.

   2. The phase of the moon that cannot be seen is
         a. the full moon.
         b. the half moon.
         c. the new moon.
         d. the first quarter.

   3. The moon revolves around
         a. the sun.
         b. its axis.
         c. the Earth.
         d. the solar system.

   4. How long does it take the moon to make one revolution around the Earth?
        a. about 1 month
        b. a day.
        c. a week.
        d. a year.

   5. During the full moon phase, people on Earth see the moon as
         a. a half circle.
         b. a thin sliver.
         c. a full circle.
         d. completely dark.

List the 8 phases of the moon in order:
    1. New moon
   2. ___________________________
   3. ___________________________
   4. ___________________________
   5. ___________________________
   6. ___________________________
   7. ___________________________
   8. ___________________________
Draw a picture of what the moon looks like during each of the phases as seen from
earth. Make sure to indicate which part of the moon is lit and which part is dark.

What makes part of the moon bright?

What makes part of the moon dark?
What does the moon revolve around?

How many days are there in the cycle of the moon phases?

During the First Quarter phase, how much of the moon appears illuminated?

During the Waxing Gibbous phase, is the amount of illumination increasing or

During the Waning Crescent phase, is the amount of illumination increasing or

Color in each moon to show what phase it is in. Make sure to label each phase.
Match each word to it’s meaning. One letter will not be used.

1     Gibbous                 A. Getting smaller

2     Waxing                  B. Getting bigger

3      New                    C. Looks like half a moon lit up

4     Waning                  D. A full circle

5     Crescent                E. A small sliver of a moon

6     Full                    F. More than half of a moon

7     Quarter                 G. No moon at all

Label each picture with the phase of the moon.

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