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					Research databases in a mobile
computing environment

                    Ya Wang
        Electronic Collections Coordinator
          San Francisco State University
                  San Diego, CA
                 January 9, 2011
                 Table of Contents

Mobile computing environment

Database mobile interfaces from vendors

SFSU Xerxes database mobile interface

Discovery service products’ mobile interfaces

Statistics & discussion
 State of the Internet…Mobile Will Be
Bigger Than Desktop Internet in 5 Years

Mobile Internet –
Unprecedented Early Stage Growth

             Mobile Browser Users

   Mobile learning on campuses
2010 Horizon Report
  The portability of mobile devices and their ability to
  connect to the Internet almost anywhere makes them
  ideal as a store of reference materials and learning
2011 Horizon Report Preview
  It has become common practice to develop web
  content that seamlessly adjusts for optimal display on
  whichever of these devices is used to access it,
  increasing the proportion of Internet applications and
  information that is accessible to mobile users.

   Library mobiles in practice
Hours & locations

Catalog search

Reference services

Computer and study room reservations

Library news

Research databases
Database vendors have started to
provide mobile search interfaces
 List of databases that have mobile
      interfaces (not complete)

Cambridge Journals Online

EBSCO Databases

IEEE Xplore



Wilson databases
  SFSU is using
Xerxes is an interface application.

It can serve as the user interface to Metalib, Worldcat, and a growing
number of other discovery systems via an evolving plug-in architecture.

The latest version of Xerxes recognizes mobile devices and adjust its display,
giving users slimmed-down versions of the search and results pages
specifically designed for the smaller display.

Benefits of this method
1. Consistent mobile search and display pages for all databases
2. Our users are familiar with this interface
3. Provide mobile presence for databases whose vendors don’t have
   mobile interfaces

SFSU “Find Articles” mobile presence
SFSU “Find Articles” mobile presence
SFSU “Find Articles” mobile presence
SFSU “Find Articles” mobile presence
SFSU “Find Articles” mobile presence
SFSU “Find Articles” mobile presence
Discovery service products’ mobile
       interfaces examples
 –Summon (Serials Solutions)

 –Primo (Ex Libris)
              Statistics & Discussion
Among total mobile site clicks, 14% are database clicks. Patrons are using our mobile
website to search databases. For the first semester, usage is roughly 8 to 9 clicks per
day. This is still low usage.

Who are the possible users?
 - People in transit
 - People on breaks with no computer available
 - People with no time to go to the library

Need better authentication system, single sign on

If mobile computing is truly the wave of the future, we should start offering this
service from the beginning. We need to keep mobile users connecting to the library
to do research. Let’s be on top of it.

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