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Technology Use PowerPoint - For Students - Boise State University


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									     Luke Wiggs
Boise State University
    ED TECH 501
   In Henry county our vision is to be within the top
    10% of the nations school systems in all academic
    areas on or before 2014. We believe that
    technology does not drive education but it is a tool
    that enables and accelerates it. A technology use
    plan will provide direction to our county in
    reaching our goal by 2014. It will allow us to see
    where we currently are and where we need to be.
    We have to prepare our future leaders of our
    society to be successful in the technology rich
    environment we currently live in, a technology use
    plan will ensure that we accomplish this.
   The first step to our       Students
    technology use plan is      Teachers
    to determine who will       Parents
    be on our team and
    develop and lead the        Community leaders
    implementation of           Administrators
    this plan. Our team         County Officials
    must consist of:            Educational
    There are several steps to developing a
     technology use plan and getting the process
1.   Each school must complete a technology
     inventory to see what technology we currently
     have available to our students and teachers.
2.   We must access our current budget and look at
     the funds currently available and what
     resources are available to get additional
3.   A survey needs to be completed to determine
     the students, parents and teachers perception to
4.   We need to determine how technology is
     currently being used for example:
     - monitor internet use and activity
     - student and teacher computer activity
5.   We will have to review each schools annual
     improvement plan and see how and if
     technology is directly related to the
     improvement of each school.
6.   Lastly, in this process we must remember that
     planning is a continuous process and that we
     must continue to evaluate and revise our plan
     to make sure we are reaching our goal of being
     in the top 10% of our nations schools in all
     academic areas.
   In Henry County our vision is to be in the top 10% of
    the nations schools by 2014. Technology will not guide
    instruction but it will allow our teachers to accelerate
    the learning curve. Our classrooms will be technology
    rich and allow teachers to differentiate instruction to
    meet each individuals academic needs. Through
    technology not only will our teachers be able to
    continue their education but it will allow our students
    to generalize the skills they are learning in the
    classroom to the real world. The opportunity to
    generalize will ensure that are students are highly
    competitive when entering post-secondary schools and
    the work force upon graduating from a Henry County
   Our goals in Henry County will be aligned
    with the International Society for Technology
    in Education (ISTE).
   ISTE’s standards for teachers and students
    provide goals and objectives that provide the
    framework for students to be successful and
    competitive in the digital environment we
    currently live in.
1.   Teachers use their knowledge of subject
     content and technology to assist experiences
     that promote student learning and creativity in
     both the real world and virtual world.
2.   Teachers will customize their lessons to
     accommodate the individual learning styles of
     their students using technological devices that
     supplement and support the individual needs
     of each student.
3.   Teachers will communicate relevant information
     and ideas effectively to students, parents, and
     peers using e-mail, class websites, infinite
     campus, etc .
4.   Teachers will promote and model web and
     classroom etiquette insuring a safe learning
     environment for each student.
5.   Teachers will participate in local and national
     professional development activities that enable
     them to continually learn about new technologies
     and strategies to help accelerate the learning curve
     of all students.
1.   Students will interact with classmates and
     peers employing and using a variety of digital
2.   Students will evaluate and select information
     from technological resources available to them
     that are appropriate to specific curriculum
3.   Students will use technology to develop a
     solution or complete a project related to the
     state curriculum.
4)   Students will promote safe and responsible
     use of the internet and communication devices
     in the school and community.
5)   Students will use what they know about
     technology and apply it towards the learning
     and understanding of new technologies
   I have created a needs assessment survey for
    teachers and students.
   Every teacher and student will be required to
    complete the survey so we can gain
    information that will help guide our plan.
   In the needs assessment that I have created I
    have broken the assessment down into three
   The first page is designed to gain personal
    information from teachers. It asks some basic
    questions such as where you work, what
    grades and subjects you teach. Page one is
    simply designed so we can classify teachers
    responses by subjects taught, grade level and
    school if we wanted to.
   The second page is the survey which will be
    completed by all teachers.
   The Needs Assessment for teachers is designed
    to gain knowledge about their technology
    background. The purpose in the assessment is
    so that we can see what technologies our
    teachers have used and are familiar with and
    which ones they are using in their classroom.
   This assessment has 4 broad questions that
    have several sub questions to gain information
    from our teachers.
The following are the four main questions on the
1. Have you used the following technologies?

2. Have you used the following computer
   technologies for your job as an educator in
   the Henry County School System?
3. How do your students use technology in
   your classes?
4. Please indicate your level of agreement for
   each statement listed. (10 statements about
   technologies and beliefs in schools)
   The student centered technology survey that
    each student will fill out is designed to
    determine what technologies and resources
    these students have available to them at home
    and in the classroom.
   The student needs assessment is broken down
    into two statements one about technology at
    home and the other about technology at school.
   The first statement:           sent an e-mail
    -Last week at school I         used a computer
    did the following . . . .       during class for
   Following this                 used a digital camera
    statement are roughly          used a computer to
    20 different                    study for a test (USA
    statements about                test prep)
    technology such as:            designed a web page
                                   etc . . .
   The second and final        have a computer at
    broad question in the        home
    student assessment is:      have your own
    -How much                    personal computer
    technology is in your       have an ISP
    house and how often         have dial up internet
    do you use it?
                                have high speed
   Following this               internet
    statement are roughly
    20 statement such as:       etc . . .
   The following link is to the Needs Assessment
    Survey that I have created for the Henry
    County School system:

   Possibly the most important part of our
    technology use plan in Henry County will be
    the planning and implementing of professional
    development for teachers.
   In Henry County we want our teachers trained
    and comfortable to all the technologies
    available in our schools.
   We also want to train them on all of the latest
    technologies that are on the market today.
   The Educational Technologist at each school or
    cluster of schools will be in charge of designing,
    implementing and mandating the professional
    development opportunities.
   In Henry County our Educational Technologist
    will concentrate on two main areas when
    designing and structuring professional
    development opportunities.
   We must remember to make sure our training
    sessions are interactive and the teachers do not feel
    like they are a waste of time. We must create
    “meaningful experiences while learning”
    The two main areas our Educational
     Technologist will focus on when designing
     these courses are:

    1.   Make sure our courses are designed and aligned
         with supporting the standards based instruction
         technology is supporting.
    2.   The final thing we will focus on when designing
         these courses is directly related to our vision and
         rationale of the plan. We want to develop courses
         focusing on how technology can enable and
         accelerate standards based learning.
   Once we start to implement our technology use
    plan we must continue to evaluate and revise
    the plan as needed.
   As previously stated planning is an on-going
    process as is evaluation.
   In Henry County we will have formal and
    informal assessments.
   In Henry County we will formally evaluate or
    staff and students every six weeks for the first
    year of our plan.
   After the first year of out plan is finished we
    will continue to formal evaluations but these
    will only occur every 12 weeks.
   Teachers at times don’t like completing formal
    assessments and we don’t want to the teachers
    to get a bad perception of the plan. That’s why
    we will reduce the frequency of formal testing
    each year of the plan.
   When we are designing our formal evaluations
    they will be much like our needs assessment.
   The only difference is that they will not be as
   Our needs assessment provided us with a
    baseline to judge our technology progress with.
   Our needs assessment will be revised and
    updated to align with our goals and objectives
    we have set each year as they relate to current
   Informal Evaluations will be our most valuable
    evaluation tool for our Technology Use
    Planning Team.
   The purpose of the evaluation process is for
    our team to figure out what is working and
    what is not.
   Once we have determined this we can align our
    goals and professional development to these
   Members of the              Frequent Classroom
    planning team will do        Observations
    the following informal      Internet Activity
    evaluations on a             Observations
    regular basis set by        Student Account
    the planning team:           Observations
                                Informal Student
                                 Perception Surveys
                                Etc . . .
School Year        Fall Semester             Spring Semester
 2009-2010    1. Establish Planning       1. Evaluate Needs
                 Team                        Assessment and align
              2. Set goals and               Staff Development to
                 objective for the next      meet the needs.
                 three schools years      2. Determine if
              3. Students and                additional funding is
                 Teachers complete           needed for students
                 needs assessment            to gain internet
                 survey                      access at home.
                                          3. Educational
                                             Technologist presents
                                             plan to faculty staff
                                             and parents.
School Year        Fall Semester            Spring Semester
 2010-2011    1. Start Informal          1. Necessary changes to
                 Observations and           plan have been made.
                 data collection. This   2. Three more
                 information adds to        Mandatory Staff
                 baseline.                  Development
              2. Three Mandatory            Courses will be
                 Staff Development          taught related to
                 Courses taught by          teacher needs.
                 Educational             3. Informal Evaluations
                 Technologist.              on student progress
              3. End of each six weeks      will be a focus.
                 teachers and students   4. Update Goals and
                 will take formal           Objectives for the
                 evaluation.                2011-2012 school
              4. Planning Team meets        year.
                 every 12 weeks to
                 revise and evaluate
   At the end of each year of the plan a new
    timeline for the up coming school year will be
   When considering our timeline for each school
    year we need to consider where we currently
    are and how far we need to go to reach our
   If you have any questions or input you want to
    add regarding the Technology Use Plan I have
    designed for the Henry County School System.
    Please e-mail @ lukewiggs@u.boisestate.edu

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