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                          May 2009 – NEWS I EVENTS I STORIES I BENEFITS
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                          •   Paying It Forward Scholarship Recipients Announced
                     SM   •   Alumnus Invents Oil Spill Recovery System
                          •   UOPX Sponsors Book Tour for Author Keith Ferrazzi        •   Alumna Helps Prevent School Violence in Colorado        •   Alumna Appointed to Ohio Nursing Board
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   University of Phoenix           Association
                                                              Alumni                                Published
   News                            News
                                                              Successes                             by Alumni

   6 I Who’s Got Your Back      3 I From the Editor          8 I Airborne Robotic Oil Spill       16 I Laws of Communication
   UOPX sponsors book                                        Recovery System
   tour for Keith Ferrazzi,     4 I Alumni Contributors      Myron Sullivan II                    • Kelly Preston Anderson
   best-selling author and      Six alumni contributed       MBA 2008                               DM 2005
   national business            to this issue, read their                                         • Carolyn De Leon
   consultant                   bios                         9 I Preventing School Violence         DM 2007
                                                             in Colorado                          • Julia East
   7 I Think Ahead California   5 I Paying It Forward        Natasha Sansoni                        DM 2006
   UOPX campaigns to            2008 scholarship             MAOM 2003                            • Bernd Heesen
   help solve California’s      recipients announced;                                               DM 2004
   workforce crisis             first graduate               10 I Dedicated to Serving            • Warren St. James
                                Aryn McCoy                   His Country                            DM 2008
   10 I College of Education    MAED/CI 2008                 Matthew Brandt                       • Kelley Waugh
   Teaching It Forward                                       MAOM 2003                              DM 2007
   scholarship announced                                                                          • Karina Weil
                                5 I UOPX Facility Rentals
                                                             11 I Doors I Came Through Pried        DM 2007
                                Host your next event at
   12 I Military                a local campus               Open by Desire and Risk
   Honoring our nation’s                                     Daniel Villao                        16 I Medical Tips from the
   military heroes                                           MBA 2008                             Inside – Things You Need to
                                7 I Go Green
                                Update on campus
   14 I College of Health and                                13 I Alumna Appointed to             Patricia Raya
                                sustainability efforts
   Human Services                                            Ohio Nursing Board                   MBA 2003
   Networking in the                                         Dr. Judith Church
                                7 I Healthy U                DHA 2007
   criminal justice field,      Feature presentation –
                                                                                                  16 I Dostrunia: The
   National Nurses Week         healthy movie snacks
                                                                                                  Transportation of David
                                                             13 I Blood Pressure Impact           Randi Sweeney
                                                             Machine Patent                       AAIT 2007
   17 I Campus Events
                                9 I Traveling This Summer?   Lennox Graham
   You’re invited to local
                                Tips and Alerts              DM 2008
   campus events in May
                                Matthew Brandt
                                MAOM 2003                    14 I First of 63 Grandchildren
   18 I Community Relations                                  Graduates
   Recent UOPX                                               Constance English                 COVER IMAGE
   Community Relations                                       BSHS 2008                         Alumna Wendy (BSN 2008)
   activities                                                                                  lives in Huntington Beach,
                                                             14 I From Ship Captain to         Calif., and graduated in 2008
                                                             Counselor                         with a Bachelor of Science in
                                                             Dr. Jim Ford                      Nursing.
                                                                                               “University of Phoenix graduates
                                                             MC/MFT 2002                       aren’t simply prepared with
                                                                                               classroom theory; we’re equipped
                                                             15 I Degree is 40 Years in the    with life experience.”
                                                             Ron Colbert
                                                             BSCJA 2009

2 I May 2009
                                                                              From the Editor I Phoenix Focus

            Message from the Editor

                           Have you seen the new I Am A Phoenix commercials that are airing on TV stations
                           throughout the country?

                           Every time I see one I get chills thinking about all the great things that University of
                           Phoenix students and alumni are doing—in their professional fields and in their local
                           communities. This month, when we as a nation honor the dedication of our
                           country’s nurses and military members, we will feature in this issue alumni stories
                           about several of these inspiring individuals:

                              Dr. Judith Church (DHA 2007) has been appointed to the Nursing Board for the
                               State of Ohio (page 13);
                              Patricia Raya (MBA 2008), a registered nurse, wrote the book Medical Tips from
                               the Inside … Things You Need to Know (page 16); and
                              Dr. Lennox Graham’s (DM 2008)—passion for health has resulted in the Blood
                               Pressure Impact Machine, which he has patented (page 13).

                           And, I can’t forget all those alumni who are currently serving, or have served, in the
                           military – thank you! (Plus, don’t forget to check out the new online resources that
                           are available to you: and University of Phoenix’s facebook page
                           dedicated to our military students and alumni. )

                           For those alumni who would also like to thank our veterans, consider one of the
                           following opportunities:
Phoenix Focus is
produced monthly by           Be a part of Roll Call at the National Cemetery – call 951.653.8417 for more
University of Phoenix          information;
Alumni Association.           Volunteer with the United Service Organization (USO) – information on
Contributing writers           opportunities is available at; and/or
include: Jenifer
Flatley, Alanna Vitucci,      Sign University of Phoenix’s Memorial Day Tribute Wall.
Linda Kent,
Irene Blundell, Kirk       As always, I love reading the stories about your successes—so keep them coming.
Kyle, Lindsey Fosse
and Vedran Agovic.         Take care,
University of Phoenix
Alumni Association ●
4025 S. Riverpoint
                           I Am A Phoenix – MBA/GM 2001
Parkway ● Phoenix,
AZ 85040                   Executive Director
                           University of Phoenix Alumni Association

                                    Online: ● E-mail: ● P: 800.795.2586 ● F: 602.643.0552

                                                                                                            3 I May 2009
  Alumni Contributors I Phoenix Focus

                              Jennifer Maggiore       Jennifer Maggiore (BSB/MKT 2005) owns a marketing firm that specializes in social
                                       BSB/MKT        media. She is a consultant, speaker, blogger and educator. You can learn more about
                                                      Maggiore by visiting her Web site at Maggiore profiled alumna
  “... the best part of summer for me is a vacation
  that gives me time to recharge and focus on         Constance English, who is the first of 63 grandchildren to complete a college degree.
  my family ...”                                      Read her story on page 14.

                             Matthew G. Brandt        Matthew G. Brandt’s (MAOM 2003) military law enforcement career spans nearly
                                   MOAM 2003          three decades. His roles include patrol watch commander, detective sergeant and now
                                                      deputy regional director of the Federal Protective Service’s Pacific Northwest/Arctic
       “Having just spent the last four months in     Region, where he oversees 400 federal and contract security officers charged with
      Washington D.C. away from my home near          protecting federal facilities in the Northwest. He’s also had the privilege of escorting
      Seattle, I’m looking forward to enjoying the
                                                      the President and Mrs. Reagan to White House State Dinners. Brandt provides his
               summer in the Pacific Northwest.”
                                                      expertise on travel alerts and travel security on page 9. You can read his story profile
                                                      on page 10.

                        Andrea Johnson-Young          Andrea Johnson-Young (MAED/CI 2009) is an instructor in Biloxi, Mississippi.
                                MAED/CI 2009          She has two Bachelor of Science Degrees; one in Human Resource Management and
                                                      the other in Social Psychology, both from Park University (MO). She recently
     “This summer I plan to drive to [our]nation’s    completed her master’s degree in Adult Education with an emphasis in curriculum
          capital and tour the surrounding areas,     and instruction from University of Phoenix. Johnson-Young profiled alumnus Dr.
              including Baltimore and Arlington.”     Ford who went from being a ship captain to counselor and therapist. Read about his
                                                      interesting career on page 10.

                                     Miko Holt        Miko Holt (MAED/AET 2008) has a bachelor’s degree in world literature and creative
                                MAED\AET 2008         writing, and she also pursued graduate studies at Empire State College (NY) with a
                                                      degree focused in journalism and urban education. Holt is a mother, a small-business
     “I plan to spend time with family during the     owner and an accomplished freelance writer. She says her “beloved hobby” is
   summer and play around with some business          architectural modeling. Holt profiled alumna Natasha Sansoni, page 9, about her
   concepts I've been involved with since earlier
                                                      position directing communication efforts for Colorado’s state-wide school violence
                                      this year. “
                                                      prevention program, Safe2Tell ™.

                                      Ivy Carter      Ivy Carter (MBA/PA 2008) has been writing for more than 10 years. She created and
                                   MBA/PA 2008        currently operates several blogs. She is the co-owner and lead consultant of Divine
                                                      Consulting Group, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting small businesses and
   During the summer months I will continue the       individuals seeking creative and affordable options for operating their business. Read
     pursuit of my doctorate in organization and      Carter’s profile of alumnus Matthew Brandt, deputy regional director of the Federal
   management, attend various events with my
                                                      Protective Services, on page 10.
    family and continue to work as a consultant
                           and freelance writer.

                                                      Jeremy Ross (MBA/MKT 2007) profiled alumnus Ron Colbert who, after 40 years and
                                                      many life challenges, finally received his degree. Read Colbert’s story on page 15.

                                                      Are you interested in contributing your writing expertise? If so, what are you waiting
                                                      for? Send an e-mail to and tell us you want to write for “Phoenix
                                                      Focus.” Previous magazine writing experience isn’t required—if you’re alumni, then
                                                      you have the know-how.

4 I May 2009
                                                                                    Paying It Forward I Phoenix Focus

Paying It Forward 2008                                                                 First Paying It Forward
Scholarship Recipients Announced                                                       Scholarship Recipient
The Alumni Association is happy to congratulate the alumni recipients who were         Graduates
awarded the Paying It Forward SM 2008 scholarship. The recipients were
nominated by University of Phoenix alumni who took the opportunity to                  In 2006, in celebration of its 30th
nominate a qualified individual for a full-tuition scholarship. A panel of 10          anniversary, University of Phoenix
Alumni Ambassadors evaluated more than 300 applications to pick the recipients         launched the Paying It ForwardSM
for this year’s scholarships.                                                          Scholarship Program where alumni
                                                                                       select 30 individuals deserving of a
The following scholarship recipients will be able to earn an undergraduate degree      scholarship that could change their
of their choice.                                                                       lives.

 Alumni Sponsor                          Scholarship Recipient                         In 2008 the first Paying It Forward
                                                                                       graduate, Aryn McCoy, was happy to
 Lynda Woodard (CO)                      Lanae Fritsch (NE)
                                                                                       receive her Master of Arts in Education
 Michele J. Banks (AZ)                   Kathryn Holley (AZ)                           with an emphasis in Curriculum and
                                                                                       Instruction. McCoy was nominated by
 Jason Steve Bracey (AZ)                 Lisa Marle Bracey (AZ)                        alumna Dr. Charlene Dunfee who
                                                                                       received her Doctor of Management in
 Christina (Chris) Cianciolo (CA)        Joseph (Joey) Dziedzic IV (AZ)
                                                                                       Organizational Leadership in 2004.
 Joseph Ciaramitaro (MA)                 Joanne Ciaramitaro (MA)
                                                                                       McCoy graduated from Washburn
 Tara Cromp (VA)                         Nathaniel Scott (VA)                          University in 2001 with a bachelor’s
                                                                                       degree in social work. She works with
 Rachelle Farnsworth (ID)                Kristian Hohenbrink (CA)
                                                                                       special needs students in Kansas.
 Mary Carter (TX)                        Alma Femath (TX)

 Rebecca D. George (NJ)                  Marci L. Snyder (NJ)

 Scott Harrison (TX)                     Alora Kusko (TX)

 Pamela Young Hobbs (AZ)                 David Kirkland (AZ)

 Ann M. Howe (Lowry) (AZ)                Angela M. Gulick (AZ)

 Linda Lockhart (AL)                     Janet Jackson (AL)

 Douglas Jenkins (HI)                    Fatemeh (Roya) Jenkins (HI)

 Darryl Jones (Germany)                  Lynette Jones (Germany)                        UOPX Facility Rentals at
 Kathy B. Krejci (CA)                    Kimberly J. Cramer (CA)                        Locations Nationwide
 Patria Lee (MD)                         Kendra Lee (MD)

 Anthony Manns (MI)                      Sonita Martin (MI)

 Evelyn McClain (TX)                     Zandra Henderson (TX)

 Linda Ellis (CA)                        Kimberly Miller (CA)
                                                                                       Are you looking for a place to hold a
 Allison Milne (ID)                      Krystal Bingham (ID)                          local event? Did you know that you
                                                                                       can rent space at your local University
 James M. Missett (CA)                   Rachel Missett (CA)
                                                                                       of Phoenix Campus?
 Mary Page (IN)                          Jonathon Brewster (IN)
                                                                                       Visit for a list of
 Gloria Bothmer Sawick (AZ)              Barbara Pettit (AZ)                           local campuses, call (602) 557-3515 or
                                                                                       email for more
 DeeAnn Smith (CO)                       Benjamin Lee Barrett (CO)
                                                                                       information including locations, facility
 Miles Williams (CA)                     Angie Williams (CA)                           availability and rental fees.

                                                                                                                5 I May 2009
Association News I Phoenix Focus

         ‘Who’s Got Your Back’ — UOPX Sponsors Book Tour for Keith Ferrazzi
         Best-selling Business Book Author and National Consultant

                               How many of us can truly say we have a      course–the ability to follow, to lead and
                               close relationship with a few people we     work cooperatively with others to achieve
                               can trust to provide us with                results.”
                               encouragement, feedback and support—
                               individuals who can help us reach our       In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn
                               full potential in business or in our        how to:
                               personal lives? In his new business book,
                               Who’s Got Your Back Keith Ferrazzi          •   Master the mindsets that will help
                               explains that the real path to success in       you to build deeper, more trusting
                               your work and in your life is through           “lifeline relationships”
                Philosophy:    creating an inner circle of “lifeline       •   Overcome the career-crippling habits
      “Suspend prejudice       relationships.”                                 that hold you back
          and project the                                                  •   Get further, faster by setting goals in
       positive. Strive for    Ferrazzi says it’s important to have            a dramatically more powerful way
       deeper intimacy to      professional relationships among a group
               the point of    of peers who will hold us accountable in    By teaming up with Ferrazzi, we hope to
         vulnerability. Be     achieving our goals. These “lifeline        share our ongoing commitment to
       generous and find       relationships,” as he defines them, are     producing graduates with superior team-
      ways to help others      people who will never let you fail. He      building skills while advocating true
       when you see they       says to disregard the myth of the lone      collaboration, accountability and peer
             need it. Hold     professional. Who’s Got Your Back           support in the workforce.
    yourselves and those       shows readers how to create deep trusting    Ferrazzi’s book
        around you to the      relationships that will help them to         tour runs from
          highest level of     achieve success—support teams that can       May 19-July 23.
           accountability;     help us become the best we can be.           In each stop on
     greatness comes at                                                     the 16-city
                 no less a     University of Phoenix is an early            nationwide tour,
            commitment.”       innovator in team-based learning.            there will be a
                               Recognizing the importance of working        series of public
                               together in business and in life, UOPX       events.
                               incorporated a Team Learning approach
                               in its academic programs, where students    The community
                               work in small teams, helping each other     events, which are
                               accomplish shared project goals.            free and open to
                               Ferrazzi’s message about the power of       the public, will
                               teams parallels the University of           bring together various groups, including
                               Phoenix’s Team Learning model.              University of Phoenix alumni. At the
                                                                           community events, Ferrazzi will introduce
                               Ferrazzi conducted a series of interviews   his 9-step program for building the ultimate
                               with University of Phoenix executives       team-based success strategy.
                               with the intent of featuring the
                               University’s innovative approach to team    Here is a list of confirmed tour dates and
                               development and collaborative learning.     cities:

                               In an excerpt from Who’s Got Your Back      •    May 26—New York City
                               Ferrazzi says, “While I was pleasantly      •    May 28—Orlando
      Keith Ferrazzi’s first   surprised by the extensive scale on which   •    June 1—Washington, DC
     book, Never Eat Alone,    the university weaves mutual support        •    June 4—Chicago
    was published in 2005.     into its curriculum and staff, it makes     •    June 9—Philadelphia
                               total sense that a university with a        •    June 15—Seattle
                               bottom-line focus would be on the cutting   •    June 17—San Jose
                               edge in using peer support for              •    June 18—San Francisco
                               educational context … Companies want        •    June 22—Houston
                               to hire employees with exactly the team-    •    June 25—Dallas
                               building skills that the University of
                               Phoenix instills in students in every       For locations and times, visit:

6 I May 2009
                                                                                      Association News I Phoenix Focus

                                                                                             Feature Presentation:
                                                                                             Healthy Snacks at the Movies
                                                                                             Snacking at movies is an integral part of
Go Green –UOPX Campuses Doing Their Part to                                                  the theater experience. Each year, nearly 30
                                                                                             percent of movie theater revenue comes
Keep America Beautiful                                                                       from food and beverage sales, according to
                                                                                             the U.S. Census Bureau's 2007 Services
In the last year, University of Phoenix has put sustainability into practice by taking
major steps to reduce our environmental footprint and increase awareness of
environmental challenges.
                                                                                             A large tub of movie theater popcorn,
                                                                                             approximately 20 cups of popcorn,
We’ve “greened” an elementary school in Phoenix; deployed recycling bins to
                                                                                             contains 76 fat grams. That’s the
campus locations across the country; volunteered at nation-wide greening and
                                                                                             equivalent of five full-size candy bars or
beautification projects; become the largest purchaser of Renewable Energy
                                                                                             more than six typical cheeseburgers.
Certificates in the state of Arizona; and catapulted up to number seven on the
                                                                                             While we wouldn’t dream of eating that
Environmental Protection Agency’s Top Ten Partners list of educational institutions
                                                                                             many chocolate bars or fast-food
running on renewable energy.
                                                                                             sandwiches in one sitting, many of us can
                                                                                             graze through a tub of popcorn during a
And in just the last month, University of Phoenix campuses across the country have
                                                                                             120-minute show.
done their part by:
                                                                                             Although the extra large tub is “only 25
   Launching a Learning Center recycling program for paper, plastic and
                                                                                             cents more,” it will cost you much more in
    aluminum – Houston, Texas, Campus
                                                                                             the long term. While bringing your own
   Hosting a campus tree planting event, a campus e-cycling week and a Living               snacks such as pretzels, granola bars or
    Green Expo at all Learning Centers – Utah Campus                                         dried fruit is the best option for eating
                                                                                             healthy at the movies, some movie
   Participating in Recyclemania and a “Going Green to Save Green” Expo –                   concessions are better than others:
    Augusta, Georgia, Campus
   Hosting a brown-bag day for staff to learn about sustainability – Corporate IT           •     Kid’s size popcorn without butter
                                                                                             •     Junior Mints
   Creating a “What Shade of Green” self-assessment quiz for all staff – South              •     Twizzlers
    Florida Campus                                                                           •     Peppermint Pattie
   Hosting a bag swap event where staff can exchange 25 plastic bags for one                •     Gummy candies
    reusable shopping bag – Atlanta, Georgia, Campus                                         •     Jelly beans
                                                                                             •     Tootsie Rolls
   Participating in the clean-up efforts of a local bike trail and hosted an electronic     •     Bottled water or diet soda
    recycling event – Sacramento, California, Campus
                                                                                             How healthy are you? The Alumni Association hopes to
                                                                                             empower you to healthier living with monthly health
                                                                                             and wellness tips.

Think Ahead California: UOPX Campaigns to Help Solve California’s Workforce Crisis
Projected shortages in California's highly educated, highly skilled labor supply compound an already challenging economic situation
and threaten California’s long-term standing as a global economic leader and innovator. Without action, California will experience
                                                    the greatest decline of any state in per-capita income by 2020. What does that
                                                    mean for its residents? A future of lower wages, lower tax revenue, fewer public
                                                    services and a growing divide among the state’s many diverse populations.

                                                     University of Phoenix is committed to helping tackle this issue. It all begins with
                                                     an awareness campaign: Think Ahead California. The mission is to get people
                                                     talking and finding new ways to solve California’s looming workforce crisis.
                                                     University of Phoenix is well-positioned to play a major part of the solution.
                                                     With a California student population of more than 50,000 attending our 39
                                                     locations statewide and increasingly accessing our numerous online programs,
                                                     we already have had a tremendous, positive impact on the State of California.

                                                     The Think Ahead California campaign includes an advocacy-oriented Web
                                                     site,, and related public education and advertising
                                                     initiatives. We encourage you to visit to learn more
                                                     about California’s challenges, our part in the solution and how you can get

                                                                                                                                  7 I May 2009
Spotlight I Phoenix Focus

                                                     Alumnus Invents Airborne Robotic Oil Spill Recovery System

                                                     Those who know him describe University of Phoenix alumnus Myron Sullivan II (MBA
                                                     2008) as a visionary, inventor, entrepreneur and engineer with a passion to succeed. No
                                                     one would doubt his tenacity. He has founded and managed several successful
                                                     companies; has been awarded numerous patents; and has invented and manufactured the
                                                     chrome brush guards, winch mounts and grill protectors we see mounted on 4x4 SUVs.

                                                     His biggest “idea” to date came to him in 1989. In March of that year, off the coast of
                                                     Prince William Sound, Alaska, one of the nation’s most tragic, human-caused
                                                     environmental disasters occurred—the Exxon Valdez oil spill. This unfortunate event,
  The AEROS System is parachute deployed from        however, was the impetus behind Sullivan’s vision, or as he would say, “technology
  C-130 aircraft. Fleet management software          vision.”
  plus command and control software permit
  control of deployed systems from aircraft or
  via satellite from a command center located        “This vision constantly occupied my mind and imagination and evolved into what is now
  anywhere.                                          known as the AEROS Project,” says Sullivan who became entirely absorbed in developing
                                                     the AEROS System® (Airborne Robotic Oil Spill Recovery System).

                                                     According to Sullivan, no one had attempted to develop such a system and its capabilities
                                                     are quite unique. “The system is a robotic, satellite-controlled airborne-recovery system
                                                     that would be capable of very quickly, containing, recovering and recycling a large
                                                     marine oil spill with amazing efficiency, even a spill larger than the [Exxon] Valdez oil

                                                     Sullivan got to work engineering and developing his AEROS System, acquiring patents in
                                                     numerous countries, including the United States. He developed the business plan for his
                                                     environmental company, Global Response Group (GRG), that would provide innovative
                                                     technology solutions such as the AEROS System, to control global disasters and he says
                                                     his MBA program with University of Phoenix was of enormous benefit to further
                                                     developing his company. “The University allowed me to write most of my MBA
                                                     graduate papers about GRG and the AEROS Project, including papers that focused on
                                                     upgrading the GRG executive summary business plan and other key issues of importance
  The Dolfin 350 weighs 6,200 lbs. and               to GRG.”
  navigates up to speeds of 15 knots. It has the
  capability to literally leap out of the water.
                                                     Sullivan says many of his MBA classes were in step with what he needed to do to lay out
                                                     the plans for his company. “Many other key issues of importance to GRG … [including
                                                     developing] a strategic marketing plan, establishing corporate short-term and long-term
                                                     objectives … project management techniques … statistical market analysis tools, research
                                                     methods … and how to manage the inevitable changes as a company grows from local to
                                                     national to global. And other topics … [that were] of great value to me in my role as
                                                     chairman, president & CEO of the Global Response Group.”

                                                     Sullivan’s 20 year career in the area of conceptual engineering and in the creation of
                                                     innovative systems that protect the world’s environment, reduce global warming and
                                                     prevent environmental pollution coupled with his high-level contacts in the United States
                                                     and overseas are enabling him to make his vision a reality. “In total there are now
                                                     approximately 360 shareholders and GRG is currently organizing to become a public
                                                     company in the U.S. and overseas,” says Sullivan.

                                                     In recognition of his commitment to “greening the environment” Sullivan was recently
  Live sea trials of a typical GRG robotic AUV       selected to be on the founding Board of Directors of “Green Team America.” This
  boom tug towing an oil spill containment boom.
                                                     national organization, dedicated to promoting environmental awareness among youth,
  This satellite-controlled AUV is a progenitor of
  the AEROS airborne version that will be            has the goal to create and unite environmental clubs in over 25,000 American schools with
  parachute-deployable from C-130 Hercules           over 1.3 million students engaging in anti-global warming projects.
                                                     Sullivan’s business acumen and years of experience have paid off—an example of what
                                                     happens when you persevere. He offers some guidance to UOPX alumni, “My advice to
                                                     young UOPX graduates is believe in your dream, believe in yourself and in your ability to
                                                     create and manifest your dream. In the face of all obstacles and hardships, endure, have
                                                     faith in yourself … stress not over future outcomes, follow your intuition and do what
                                                     you know is right.”

8 I May 2009
                                                                                                                                  College of Business I Phoenix Focus

 Alumna Helps Prevent School Violence in Colorado Through Safe to Tell TM Program

                                                                                                                                       presentation to school staff, students
                                                                                                                                       and parents throughout the state of

                                                                                                                                       Sansoni says a lot of lessons from her
                                                                                                                                       master’s program have stuck with her
                                                                                                                                       and says her degree helped propel her
                                                                                                                                       career, “I feel that earning my degree in
                                                                                                                                       organizational leadership helped get
                                                                                                                                       me to … the professional place I am …

                                                                                                                                       And being part of the program’s team
                                                                                                                                       of professionals offers Sansoni a way to
                                                                                                                                       showcase the learning tools she
                                                                                                                                       obtained through the University’s
                                                                                                                                       graduate program, “The program
 Sansoni say’s she’s seen the positive results of the program and recalls an incident where a high school girl’s heroic efforts
 proved to save the life of a friend who was going to commit suicide. "What if her friend hadn't made the call? Many times
                                                                                                                                       taught me that good leaders aren't the
 students don't feel comfortable talking to their teachers, but because of the anonymity aspect of our program they will call          ones with the largest voices, but the
 us.”                                                                                                                                  ones with the largest ears.”

                                                                                                                                       Every day Sansoni puts her educational
                                                                                                                                       experience into play. As the driving
by Miko Holt (MAED/AET 2008)                                        At the heart of the program’s                                      force behind the Safe2Tell program’s
                                                                    communications efforts is University of                            communications efforts, Sansoni says
It’s been 10 years since the tragic school                          Phoenix alumna Natasha Sansoni                                     reducing violence in today's schools is
shootings at Columbine High School in                               (MAOM 2003).                                                       one of the topics that truly require
Colorado, when a nice spring day was                                                                                                   much work and commitment.
darkened by two teenagers’ rampage at                               Sansoni has been the program’s                                     “Safe2Tell actively retains a strong level
the school that ended in the deaths of                              communications manager for the last                                of participation by going into schools
12 students and a teacher.                                          two years. Her role is key to delivering                           and doing extensive school staff and
                                                                    the program’s message and                                          parent trainings. We teach about
Out of this senseless act of violence rose                          highlighting its importance.                                       various topics of safety including
a program called Safe2Tell                                                                                                             bullying, suicide prevention, internet— a safe and                                       “My role as communications manager                                 safety, underage drinking, drug use,
anonymous way for young people to                                   is to follow-up with both school                                   etc.”
tell someone when any threatening                                   administrators and law enforcement on
behaviors or activities endanger                                    the outcome of each tip called in to our
themselves or someone they know.                                    call center. I give the Safe2Tell

                                                                      Traveling this Summer? Travel Alerts and Tips
                                                                      Provided by Alumnus Matthew Brandt (MAOM 2003)
                                                                      Deputy Regional Director for the Federal Protective Services

                                                                      The Magnetometer
                                                                      Travel security has changed dramatically since September 11, 2001. Have you stood
                                                                      in the security line at the airport recently and watched what happens in front of you?
                                                                      Travelers pass through a magnetometer, the large walk-through metal detector that
                                                                      seemingly always sounds an alarm. Why does it do that?

                                                                      It’s purely science. Electrons, magnets and electricity determines how strong or how
                                                                      week the magnetic field is that you walk-through. It needs to be strong enough to
                                                                      find weapons, but weak enough to allow buttons and metal tooth fillings to pass.
                                                                      The machines are tested and calibrated by the screeners to ensure they are set
                                                                      properly. Set too high, everybody beeps, requiring additional screening and longer
                                                                      wait times. Set too low the potential for disaster is very high. It’s a matter of
                                                                      adjusting the strength, much like turning your thermostat up and down. Continued on
                                                                      page 10

                                                                                                                                                                9 I May 2009
 College of Business I Phoenix Focus
 College of Education

 Alumnus Overseas Law Enforcement and Security for Nearly 650 Federal Facilities
 by Ivy Carter (MBA/PA 2008)

                                    Alumnus Matthew Brandt (MAOM 2003) started his career in 1982 when he became a White
                                    House Presidential Ceremonial Guard to then President Ronald Reagan. His law enforcement
                                    career spans 27 years and he’s currently the deputy regional director for the Federal Protective
                                    Services arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and oversees the law
                                    enforcement and security of nearly 650 federal facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Brandt
                                    attributes his master’s degree to moving up the career ladder.

                                    “My master’s degree has helped me tremendously. I started as a patrol sergeant and moved to
                                    detective because of my degree,” says Brandt who recalls that soon after he received his masters
                                    the police academy got word of his degree and years of experience as an officer and detective
                                    and they brought him on board to write policies. “My income doubled, which is always good,”
   “My master’s degree has
                                    adds Brandt.
   helped me tremendously. I
   started as a patrol sergeant     Having a master’s degree enabled Brandt to advance within the federal departments to his
   and moved to detective           current position. He is currently in the DHS Fellow Leadership Training program, that is a one
   because of my degree.”           year program dedicated to advancing senior level federal employees to senior executive service
                                    levels. “I was the only one selected from the Federal Protection Agency. I am very lucky,” says
                                    Brandt. The program is a leadership mentoring program for the highest level employees from
                                    all areas of federal government. One senior executive oversees 1,000 employees so Brandt feels
                                    fortunate to be one of the four selected for this year-long program.

                                    Brandt has been teaching online courses for University of Phoenix for five years. He also is
                                    working on two books. One book highlights his experiences as a presidential ceremonial guard
                                    and the other book is based on true accounts of his father’s experiences during World War II as
                                    a United States Marine in the South Pacific. He is an avid reader and researcher of our
                                    country’s history. His quote for life is, “Learn about history, plan for the future, but don’t forget
                                    to live today.”

  Travel Tips continued from page 9

  Why does the security officer ask me to remove my driver’s
  license and then looks at it under light? The REAL-ID Act of
  2005 mandated all states raise their security standards on state
  issued licenses and ID cards. States began issuing licenses
  with new security features built into them that are quickly
  identifiable, but very difficult to duplicate. This new security
  mandate will require everyone to update to a REAL-ID license                Teaching It Forward
  or ID card by December 1, 2014, if you were born on or after                Supporting great teachers and their students
  December 1, 1964, and by December 1, 2017, if you were born
  before December 1, 1964.                                                    Announced at the Council of Chief State School
                                                                              Officers National Teacher of the Year (NTOY) dinner
  Travel Alerts                                                               in Dallas in late January, Teaching It Forward is one of
  Foreign travel has become much more than a suitcase full of                 the many efforts funded by University of Phoenix to
  shorts, suntan lotion and a passport. The State Department                  increase access to education, particularly for
  has dedicated an entire section of their Web site to aid                    underrepresented and at-risk students.
  travelers; providing both travel warnings and travel alerts,
  each detailing specific hazards to foreign travelers in those               The program offers each state and U.S. territory
  countries. Alerts range from potential terrorist threats,                   Teacher of the Year the opportunity to nominate a
  kidnappings, to natural disasters and weather issues.                       deserving high school senior for a full-tuition,
                                                                              undergraduate degree at University of Phoenix.
  The State Department’s Web site provides a variety of
  potential emergency contact points, travel Visa information,                Students will start their programs at Axia College of
  financial assistance, medical emergencies and hotline numbers               University of Phoenix, where they will have the
  while traveling. This site is the one-stop shop for foreign                 opportunity to earn their associate's degree before
  travel. Prepare early to know before you go. Check out the                  moving on to complete a bachelor's degree in any one
  latest updates on foreign travel advisories at,               of the University's many programs.
  click on “travel.”

10 I May 2009
                                                                                        International Alumni I Phoenix Focus

                                                                                            They were looking for someone to take over the
                                                                                                        Military I Phoenix Focus
                                                                                            representation of public sector workers for all
 Parents’ Risks Enable Alumnus’ Education
                                                                                            the unionized trades in Los Angeles and
                                                                                            Orange County.” Villao had the skill set they
                                                                                            were looking for and being in the MBA
                                                                                            program was a plus. His annual salary
                                                                                            increased again and today Villao represents
                                                                                            nearly 140,000 unionized construction workers
                                                                                            in the largest Building Trades Council in the

                                                                                            Villao comes from an educated, hard-working
                                                                                            family. His parents emigrated from Ecuador,
                                                                                            South America, and sought jobs in the United
                                                                                            States, but in 1963 there wasn’t a lot of
                                                                                            opportunity for Spanish-speaking
                                                                                            immigrants—even those well educated. Villao
                                                                                            learned early on that while education is key to
                                                                                            securing a good, well-paying job, a good
                                                                                            network of people is what helps to open the

                                                                                            “My education coupled with significant
                                                                                            experience in the construction industry and
                                                                                            labor relations should have been enough, but
                                                                                            the doors I came through were pried open by
                                                                                            desire and risk,” says Villao who adds, “As an
                                                                                            educated Latino, the difficulty has always been
                                                                                            finding those who were willing to take [a] risk
                                                                                            on me.”

                                                                                            Villao’s parents risked a lot emigrating to the
                                                                                            U.S., and they worked hard to ensure their
                                                                                            family would have a chance to live
                                                                                            comfortably. Villao says they were restricted
                                                                                            by their lack of connections. “For all their
                                                                                            work, despite their diligence, what limited
Alumnus Daniel Villao (MBA 2008) went as far as he could in his 12-year career              them, and by default us, was a real network
as an electrician. But despite his excellent working reputation, he watched as his          that could help open doors.”
superiors received the accolades and pay increases for the work his team
provided. It was then that Villao realized if he was going to advance further in his        Organizations like the National Hispanic
career and increase his salary, he needed an advanced degree.                               Business Association, where Villao serves on
                                                                                            the Board of Directors, help to fill a void for
“My family and I took on the challenge of going back to school with the caveat              those Latino’s who don’t have a network of
that the expense would need to produce an increase in income proportionate to               people who can lead them to opportunity.
the cost of my education,” said Villao who is the first generation in his family            Villao says education may be the key, but how
born and educated in the United States.                                                     do you find the door? “The key is limited by
                                                                                            your access to the doors it opens.”
Taking a friend’s advice, he enrolled in University of Phoenix’s Bachelor of
Science in Business Administration program and soon experienced the reward                  Remembering the will and determination it
that can come with a college degree. "About a year into my studies I was                    took to get to where he is today and the doors
approached by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers about a                   that opened for him, Villao took the
position … of those [who applied] I was the only one with an advanced degree.”              opportunity to “pay forward” his college
He got the job and a nice annual pay increase of over $25,000.                              education. In 2007 he submitted a Paying It
Realizing the positive results he received with                                             Forwardsm Scholarship application for his wife,
his bachelor’s degree, Villao enrolled in
                                                          Villao realized if he was         Julie Villao, who is currently working on her
UOPX’s MBA program. And soon after,
                                                          going to advance further in       business degree. “My father always insisted I
another offer arrived, taking him further up the
                                                          his career and increase his       should learn and act as a gentleman, a
career and income ladder, “Halfway through
                                                          salary, he needed an              gentleman always remembers to hold the door
my MBA program I was approached by the
                                                          advanced degree.                  open for those who enter behind him.”
Building Trades Council, my current employer.

                                                                                                                         11 I May 2009
  Military I Phoenix Focus

  New Online                      Honoring Our Nation’s Military Heroes
  Military Resources
                                  Over 140 years ago, General John Logan proclaimed Memorial Day as a day of
                                  remembrance for those who fought for our nation. The last Monday in May traditionally
  This past summer,               marks the time when Americans nationwide pay tribute to our military heroes. So, join
  University of Phoenix           with your University of Phoenix family this May for a month-long tribute to our nation’s
  launched a new Web site         military heroes. Here are some ways you can salute our military’s heroes:
  designed for the military/
  veteran community:                    American Flags — Purchase an American flag for $5 from your local campus. The              Phoenix proceeds will go to The USO and Salute a Soldier Foundation. Campus
  site provides helpful                  proceeds will go to a local military charity of their choice. Contact your local campus
  information for members of             for more details.
  the military and their
  spouses, veterans as well as          Memorial Day Virtual Tribute Wall—Pay tribute to an American hero by signing the
  civilian employees of the              Memorial Day Virtual Tribute Wall located at
  Departments of Defense and
  Homeland Security.                    Cell Phones for Soldiers—Your old technology could be a troop’s treasure!
                                         Beginning May 25, in partnership with AT&T and Cell Phones for Soldiers, donate
  In addition, University of             your used cell phones or wireless devices. Your used technology will provide troops
  Phoenix has established a              with calling cards to call home! Contact your local campus for details on the nearest
  special Facebook page for              drop box location.
  our military students and
  alumni on Facebook. Visit
  the site at        University Supports 4th Largest Veterans Parade
  itary and become a fan.
                                  The Phoenix, Arizona, Veterans Day parade included over 90 entries, Grand Marshals from
  Volunteers Needed to            Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), as well as
  Honor Veterans                  Celebrity Grand Marshal actress Connie Stevens and Business Grand Marshal Jason
                                  leVecke, owner of Carl's Junior Restaurants, who has championed the causes of the veteran
     Be a Part of Roll Call at
      the National Cemetery—      The parade, which is the 4th largest in the country, was viewed by more than 200,000
      Further information may     spectators and was partially made possible by support from University of Phoenix. In fact,
      be obtained by calling      one of the four OEF and OIF Grand Marshals was Kevin Ivory, who served two
      (951) 653-8417.             deployments in Iraq as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman and is now an enrollment
                                  counselor at the University.
     Volunteer with the
      USO—The United              During his time in Iraq, Ivory was injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast,
      Service Organizations       but still managed to save the life of a marine during an attack. For his service in the Navy,
      (USO), has been in          Ivory was awarded three Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medals, one with valor, the
      operation for 67 years.     Purple Heart, an Iraqi Campaign Medal and a Combat Achievement Medal.1
      Visit the USO Web site
      to learn about ways to      1VA   Veterans Day Parade Fact Sheet

12 I May 2009
                                                                         School of Advanced Studies I Phoenix Focus

      Online Education Doubter Turns DBA Alumnus
      Almost 30 years ago, Than Lam (DBA 2007) made the decision to flee
      the Communist regime in Vietnam. Since arriving in the United States,
      as one of the first refugees, he has pursued education as his path to the
      American dream.

      "When I arrived here, I spoke no English, but I was determined to make
      my life a success. I had to begin my education all over again, starting
      with passing the GED," noted Lam, who today is the collaborative
      engineering applications chief architect of the engineering staff at
      Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors in New Jersey. After
      adapting to life in the U.S., Lam received his Bachelor’s Degree in
      Electrical Engineering from SUNY Maritime College, and two                         Dr. Lennox uses the blood pressure
      masters—a Masters of Engineering Science in Computer Engineering                   impact machine to illustrate how
      and an MBA—both from Penn State. Despite three degrees, Lam still                  blood flows
      felt he had more to learn. In 2003, he enrolled in University of Phoenix's
      Doctor of Business Administration program, but not without a few                 DM Alumnae Patents

       "Having completed my first three degrees at a local campus I was a              Dr. Graham Patents Blood
      doubter of online education, but I...found the program to be challenging         Pressure Impact Machine
      and rewarding. I am a different person today because of [that degree
      and it has enabled me] to make better contributions to my                        Dr. Lennox Graham (DM 2008)
      company," said Lam. In fact, Dr. Lam's leadership and technical                  invented the Blood Pressure
      knowledge are acknowledged as key factors in Lockheed Martin's                   Impact Machine in 1996 (patented
      successful bid for a multi-billion dollar contract. Not to mention that of       in 2008), a device that is designed
      the 11 ideas accepted in Lockheed's Entrepreneurial Business                     to give a visual representation of
      Competition, three of them were Dr. Lam’s.                                       the effects of high blood pressure
                                                                                       on the blood vessels of the body.
      And those initial concerns about online education? They are long gone.           Dr. Graham developed the
      In fact, Dr. Lam has since served as an adjunct faculty member creating          machine in order to visually
      and teaching online courses for Green Mountain College in Poultney,              illustrate the …
      Vermont, and MBA classes locally, at Rowan University in New Jersey.             story continued on page 18

                                           Alumna Appointed to State of Ohio Board of Nursing

                                         “[This is] a career dream that’s been       the health care field from a broader
                                         fulfilled,” stated Dr. Church whose         perspective, specifically in terms of
                                         appointment will be for four years. She     business and finance theories. The
                                         is one of eight registered nurses on the    program helped her to see the
                                         board, along with four licensed practical   operations side of the health care
                                         nurses and one consumer.                    industry. Further, she learned from the
                                                                                     expertise of her faculty members and
                                         Although she does not know what the         learning team members.
                                         future will hold for her and the health
                                         care industry, she firmly believes that     "We have to advance our formal
                                         disease management and patient              education and certify ourselves within
Dr. Judith Church (DHA 2007),            treatment will change. One of her goals     our specialties to maintain the public's
the first University of Phoenix          is to actively support RNs in becoming      trust in us," she said. "We continue to be
Doctor of Health Administration          more effective leaders amid the             the number one profession who's
program graduate, recently was           challenges of today’s changing health       trusted by the public, and we do that by
appointed to the Ohio Board of           care environment. She is passionate         being accountable and always working
Nursing by Governor Ted                  about professional nursing practice and     to better ourselves to improve excellence
Strickland. Dr. Church is the            with this appointment she can continue      in our patient care."
administrative director of nursing       to make a difference.
for the division of professional
development with the Kettering           Dr. Church enrolled in the Doctor of
Health Network, where she has            Health Administration program to view
been employed for over 25 years.
                                                                                                                    13 I May 2009
College of Health & Human Services I Phoenix Focus

                                                        From Ship Captain to Counselor and Therapist

                                                        by Andrea Johnson-Young (MAED/CI 2009)
    Alumna First of 63 Grandchildren to                 You could say alumnus Dr. James “Jim” Ford (MC/MFT 2002) has had
    Earn College Degree                                 quite an extensive and interesting career: from decorated Vietnam veteran
    by Jennifer Maggiore (BSB/MKT 2005)                 to a 30-year career commanding ships at sea, to finally, a counselor and
    Constance English (BSHS 2008) is no stranger
    to overcoming challenges. She endured a             Sailing into Substance Abuse Counseling
    childhood of abuse and grew up taking care of       “Many merchant mariners I sailed with had substance abuse, behavioral
    her three sisters with little support from other    and other personal challenges,” says Dr. Ford who commanded seismic
    family members. After being adopted by her          research vessels with the U.S. Merchant Marine. He also found himself
    great aunt, English was told that she would not     mentoring and counseling crew members to maintain readiness and
    graduate high school because she was so far         operational effectiveness. Helping crew members deal with operational
    behind, but sha caught up by taking night           and personal life stressors created a trajectory towards substance abuse
    classes and continued on to college.                counseling, marriage and family therapy and care-giving ethics.

    English was the first of 63 grandchildren to        At University of Phoenix, Dr. Ford experienced the simultaneous roles of
    earn her college degree, a Bachelor of Science      student, professor and assistant department chair. He focused on
    Degree in Human Services in 2008. She began         completing his master’s degree in marriage and family counseling while
    taking classes at University of Phoenix because     instructing the “people-side” of business, assisting the department chair in
    the schedule allowed her to continue working        coordinating graduate and undergraduate business programs and
    both of her two jobs (one in a group home) and      working as a substance abuse counselor. He says his learning and
    meet her family obligations.                        teaching experiences prepared him for professional positions as therapist
                                                        and program director for at-risk youth.
    “I was once asked by my great-aunt, ‘do you
    want to be a victim all your life or do you want    Dr. Ford was a recently honored by the Graduate Faculty Committee at
    to be victorious?' I chose to be victorious.” She   Virginia Tech with the 2008 Outstanding Dissertation in Social Sciences
    pursued a degree because she felt it would give     and the Humanities Commendation Award for his research, “Doing the
    her the credibility she needs as a professional     Right Thing—Relational Ethics in Institutional Caregiving for Veterans.”
    dedicated to improving the lives of others. She     Senior Research Fellow and Professor at Virginia Tech, Jay Mancini, Ph.D.,
    currently is enrolled in the University’s MBA       commented that Dr. Ford’s military experience, University of Phoenix
    program.                                            preparation, dissertation research and career accomplishments made him
                                                        a prime candidate for research on homeless veterans and military family
    “I believe that God put me on this earth for a      issues.
    purpose and I am going to fulfill that purpose
    in life. All of the hardships in life happened to   Dr. Ford is a research associate at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State
    me for a reason and that reason is to show          University’s Family and Community Research Laboratory. As a Vietnam
    others who have experienced the same things         veteran and merchant mariner who spent long periods of time away from
    that life does get better.”                         home, Dr. Ford is motivated to serve those who serve our country. His
                                                        primary goal is application of research findings to improve the ethics and
    English’s long-term plans include establishing      effectiveness of prevention, and intervention efforts for active duty
    group homes that address the needs of both at-      military personnel, veterans, and their families who are faced with
    risk youth and their parents.                       difficult life transitions and health care choices.

  14 I May 2009
                                                   College of Health and Human Services I Phoenix Focus

After 40 Years Alumnus Receives Degree                                                             Networking in Criminal
by Jeremy Ross (MBA/MKT 2007)                                                                      Justice Field: Time to Get
                                                  work in his favor. Despite several               Organized
Life can be challenging to say the least.
For many, obtaining a degree of higher            setbacks, many due to personal issues,
                                                  career changes and relocation, Colbert           by Albert R. Mendoza, Sr.,
learning is one challenge that we choose                                                           MA, Faculty, College of
to meet head on—despite the                       never lost sight of his desire to obtain a
                                                  formal college degree. It wasn’t until           Social Sciences
circumstances surrounding us. Alumnus
Ron Colbert (BSCJA 2009) knows this all           much later in life, once he was discharged
                                                  from the military as a result of a disability,   According to Albert R.
too well as he’s the first in his family to                                                        Mendoza, Sr., a veteran in
obtain a college degree.                          that Colbert found an opportunity to
                                                  achieve his life-long dream of obtaining a       the criminal justice field, the
                                                  degree via the online program from               current economic
After graduating from high school in                                                               environment is driving more
Uniontown, Pa., Colbert had hopes of              University of Phoenix.
                                                                                                   people to seek jobs in
obtaining a college degree. He initially                                                           criminal justice. These job
took the entrance exams for a local               Having now obtained a BS in Criminal
                                                  Justice Administration, Colbert has been         candidates seek employment
college and thought that he had failed to                                                          at traditional places such as
meet the minimum requirements for                 afforded an opportunity to contribute in
                                                  ways he never thought imaginable.                police departments and
entry.                                                                                             correctional facilities, not
                                                  Colbert spends much of his time with             knowing of the greater
It wasn’t until he had already enlisted in                                                         wealth of opportunities that
the United States Air Force that he               young people and his degree has provided
                                                  him the ability to connect better with the       exist for those with a
learned he had indeed been accepted.                                                               criminal justice degree.
Throughout his tenure with the USAF,              challenges that are present in today’s
Colbert made several attempts to obtain a         society. He currently is working on his
                                                  master’s degree in management with the           Since 2001, the number of
college degree, but nothing seemed to                                                              criminal justice jobs has
                                                  University and hopes to graduate in 2011.
                                                                                                   grown, as cities seek to
                                                                                                   secure their streets and
 Thank You for Your Commitment to Caring                                                           residents, and America seeks
 University of Phoenix and the Alumni Association Salute Nurses Nationwide                         to protect itself. Beyond the
                                                                                                   jobs that are commonly-
In honor of National Nurses Week, May 6-12, we want you to                                         known, such as police
know we appreciate your dedication to your profession. For                                         officers or corrections
more than 25 years, University of Phoenix has been delivering                                      officers, there exist
high quality education to nurses.                                                                  opportunities in private
                                                                                                   investigation, private
We recognize the commitment it takes to continually maintain                                       security, corporate security
and advance your knowledge and skills. Take a moment to                                            and threat assessment, said
realize how much you are appreciated.                                                              Mendoza who works as an
                                                                                                   investigator and senior
Dr. Pam Fuller                                                                                     compliance examiner in
Dean, College of Nursing                                                                           California.

                                                                                                   “There is a big world out
                                                                                                   there other than traditional
                                                                                                   law enforcement,” he said.
                                                                                                   Management roles in these
                                                                                                   often unthought-of careers
                                                                                                   are available for those with a
                                        Interested in Teaching for UOPX? Become a                  college degree and the
                                        Faculty Member                                             proper certification. But like
                                                                                                   many fields it often becomes
                                        If you are an experienced professional with an             who students and graduates
                                        advanced degree, in-depth knowledge of your                know that can open the door
                                        field, strong communication skills and a desire to         to the job they want.
                                        help others succeed, you could become a faculty
                                        member at University of Phoenix.                           To learn more about the field of Criminal
                                                                                                   Justice, read this article in its entirety at
                                                                                                   Time to Get Organized. To explore all of
                                        To see if you qualify as a University of Phoenix           our faculty articles, visit
                                        faculty member, visit the University’s Web site  
                                        and join our team.

                                                                                                                   15 I May 2009
Published by Alumni I Phoenix Focus

                                                                       Dostrunia : The Transposition of David
                                                                       by Randi Sweeney (AAIT 2007)

                                                                       When David returns home from a nasty divorce
                                                                       hearing there is a package waiting for him. What he
                                                                       discovers inside the package will change his life
                                                                       forever. He is thrown into a land called Dostrunia—a
                                                                       place masked by danger, love, friendship and magic.
                                                                       Alumnus Randi Sweeney (AAIT 2007) captures
                                                                       readers with his science fiction fantasy that pits David
                                                                       from Los Angeles against the evil Lord of Souls in the
                                                                       magical land of Dostrunia.

                                                                       Sweeney, who says he didn’t always have an interest
                                                                       in writing, felt compelled to tell the story after
                                                                       dreaming about it, “The dream went on for a week
                                                                       always right where it left off and I kept writing down
                                                                       the highlights. After it was all over I started to write …
                                                                       I was like a man obsessed and I wrote for three months
                                                                       straight.” Sweeney adds that he has five more stories
                                                                       from dreams that he has yet to begin writing.

                                                                       Since publishing his book, Sweeney says he’s been
                                                                       thrown into the world of book signings and newspaper
                                                                       interviews. He says he hopes to write several more
                                                                       books based on highlights from other ongoing dreams.

   Laws of Communication: The Intersection Where Leadership
   Meets Employee Performance
   Dr. Richard Schuttler, University of Phoenix faculty member and
   former Dean of the School of Advanced Studies, has helped many
   learners fulfill their dreams of becoming alumni. In his most
   recent book, he leads an international collaborative effort of 21
   subject-matter experts, many of whom are current learners,
   faculty, and alumni of University of Phoenix. Using a stoplight
   metaphor, Dr. Schuttler focuses on the relationship between
   supervisor communication and employee performance. When
   organizations send mixed signals, he suggests, organizations

   In particular, Dr. Schuttler advances two laws of communication:
   Failure of supervisors to communicate with subordinates (one-to-
   one) results in poor employee performance. Failure of the
   organization to communicate effectively results in poor
   organizational performance. The book has been selected by            Medical Tips from the Inside ...
   several universities as required reading in their leadership         Things you Need to Know
   programs. More information about University of Phoenix               by Patricia Raya (MBA 2003) and Corine Mogenis
   authors featured in the Laws of Communication can be found
   here.                                                                Many of us have experienced the confusing and often
     Alumni Contributors to Laws of Communication Include               complex issues surrounding medical care and treatment.
      Alumni contributors include:                                      Do you know what to do if you are diagnosed with an
     Dr. Kelly Preston Anderson           Dr. Warren St. James
                                                                        illness? How about what questions to ask your doctor
    Dr. Carolyn DeLeon                Dr. Kelly Waugh                   before surgery or how to obtain your medical records?
                                                                        Alumna Patricia Raya (MBA 2003) answers these
    Dr. Julia East                    Dr. Karina Weil                   questions and more in her new book, Medical Tips from
                                                                        the Inside … Things you Need to Know.
    Dr. Bernd Heesen                                                    story continued on page 18

  16 I May 2009
                                                                                           Campus Events I Phoenix Focus

 Corona, Calif.                                Temple Terrace, Fla.                            Wichita, Kan.
 Homecoming – 5/29 (5 to 8 p.m.)               Career/Resume Workshops – 5/29 (5:30 to 9 p.m.) Blood Drive – 6/26 (Noon to 4 p.m.)
 371 Corporate Terrace Cir., Ste. 101          12802 Tampa Oaks Blvd., Ste. 200                3020 North Cypress Dr., Ste. 150

Honolulu, Hawaii                               Woodbury, Minn.                                  Raleigh, N.C.
Personal Finance – 6/8 (6 to 7 p.m.)           Nursing Appreciation Night – 6/1 (5 to 7 p.m.)   Technology Tuneup – 6/6 (10 to 12 p.m.)
745 Fort St., Rooms 101 & 102                  857 Bielenber Dr., Ste. 100                      5511 Capital Center Dr., Ste. 390

Southfield, Mich.                              Independence, OH                                 Tucson, Ariz.
Alumni Gala – 6/19 (7 to midnight)             Resume Workshop – 5/30 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)       Scholarship Workshop – 6/23 (6 to 7 p.m.)
24350 Southfield Rd.                           5005 Rockside Rd., Ste. 130                      300 South Craycroft Rd.

                                                                                                        For additional information on
                                                                                                        these events go to
                                                                                               > Alumni
                                                                                                        News and Events.

Fairfax, Va.                                   Cheyenne, Wyo.
Resume/Interviewing Workshop – 6/17 (7 p.m.)   Grand Opening – 5/15 (6 to 8 p.m.)
8270 Willow Oaks Corporate Dr., Ste. 200       4111 Greenway St., Ste. 110

                                                                                                                      17 I May 2009
                                University of Phoenix Supports the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute’s Annual
                                March 17-21st, University of Phoenix was a proud co-chair sponsor of the United States Hispanic
                                Leadership Institute’s (USHLI) 2009 Conference in Chicago, Ill. We are proud to support USHLI in
                                their mission to train a broad cross-section of Hispanic leaders by promoting education, unity and
                                leadership development and creating a servant leadership community. The conference is the largest
                                cross-generational Hispanic conference in the nation, attracting leaders of all ages from over 40 states
                                and 1,000 affiliated groups and organizations to celebrate Hispanic heritage and further empower
                                communities. Our own Brian Messer, state VP of Missouri and Wisconsin, spoke at the conference
                                Educational Achievement Luncheon. University of Phoenix was proud to be a part of this exciting
                                event, supporting USHLI in their hard work educating present and future leaders who will help govern
                                our cities, schools, states and nation.

                                University of Phoenix Makes the Top 100 Corporate Citizen’s List
                                In March 2009, Corporate Responsibility Officer Magazine (CRO), the nation’s leading media
                                platform for Corporate Responsibility practitioners, unveiled its 10th annual 100 Best Corporate
                                Citizens List. The highly regarded list ranks the corporate responsibility efforts of companies
                                based on publicly available information in seven areas: environment, climate change, human
                                rights, philanthropy, employee relations, financial and governance. For the first time ever,
                                University of Phoenix was listed in the Best Corporate Citizens list in recognition of their
                                performance across a wide range of corporate citizenship and social responsibility issues. A
                                complete list of CRO's 100 Best Corporate Citizens is available on the CRO's Web site

  Medical Tips from the Inside                                         Blood Pressure Impact Machine
  Continued from page 16                                               Continued from page 13

  Raya is a registered nurse and was inspired to write the book        difference between a healthy blood pressure rate and the
  after years of hearing the same concerns from patients. “[I          impact of bad pressure on a person's health.
  would hear stories from clients] saying that if they had
  known questions to ask their doctor, or if they had gotten a         “Most people are unaware that high blood pressure is one of
  second opinion, or better understood their medical tests, they       the silent killers of Americans, and the impact that diet and
  probably would not be in the situation they were in.” Her            exercise can have on a person's long term health.” Dr.
  book, written as an easy-to-read guide, helps people navigate        Graham came up with the idea for the Blood Pressure Impact
  the complex health care system much more easily. “My goal            Machine in 1994, and today it is used in schools, hospitals and
  was to be able to help at least one person get better care,”         clinics nationwide.
  says Raya who also has published several articles in nursing
  journals and has been a contributing author in Legal Nurse.          While today Dr. Graham is a human relations presenter for
                                                                       Linvis Enterprises, focusing on self-esteem and self
  The book covers such topics as The Patient’s Bill of Rights,         empowerment, he has previously served as director of outreach
  the importance of participating in your health care,                 programs at the University of Maryland, Department of Family
  preventing medical errors, and has chapters on caring for the        Medicine where he managed grants to help underserved
  young, caring for the elderly, and women’s and men’s                 populations receive medical care and increase the awareness of
  health. Medical Tips is a reference book that enables the            health-related topics.
  reader to understand the processes needed to make informed
  decisions about their health care.                                   In 2002 he was recognized by then Governor Parris Glendening
                                                                       for his dedicated efforts and outstanding services in health care.
                                                                       At the same time, he was honored by the Maryland House of
                                                                       Delegates for his outstanding contributions in the field of health
                                                                       care education, which included the following programs:
                                                                       Empowering African American Men to Access Care, the
                                                                       Howard Park Initiative, and Prostate Cancer Making a
                                                                       Difference. "It is important to get men to take ownership of
                                                                       their health and to move them from sick care to preventative
                                                                       care,” said Dr. Graham.

18 I May 2009

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