Calls for the Tory lies to end by GlynnePowell


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Calls for the Tory lies to end
4 Jan 2013 00:00

The Cabinet of Tory millionaires wants to pit those in work on
reasonable wages against those on low pay or out of work

Words are important, especially in the mouths of politicians abusing
language to pull the wool over our eyes. The latest culprit is so-called
caring Catholic Iain Duncan Smith, comic-cuts failed leader of the Tory
Party now hitting the unemployed and the working poor.
He‟s certainly Jesuitical about plans to slash the value of tax credits,
claiming it‟s “only fair” that the jobless and those on poverty pay
should accept lower living standards.
IDS, who boasted of being “a quiet man” (with a great deal to be quiet
about), spent the first New Year week slagging off Labour‟s record.
His Thatcherite plan to break the link between inflation and benefits is
a dagger at the heart of those who work and those who can‟t find work.
Gordon Brown introduced tax credits to help millions of the working
poor out of poverty.
He used public spending for the benefit of the public.
But the Tories hate welfare. And the state.
So the welfare state is absolute anathema, and they‟ll do their best to
dismantle it before the next election.
Cameron‟s cronies portray anyone who qualifies for any benefit as a
scrounger, a sponger on hard-working, tax-paying families.
They ignore the fact that six out of 10 claimants are actually in work,
but not earning enough to get by.
When the so-called “Right Honourable Lady or Gentleman” releases
„facts‟ in his/her speeches, all too often they are later proven grossly
inaccurate. As a result of sick and disabled people being portrayed as
scroungers, the yobs in society take it upon themselves to attack
disabled people.
Meanwhile the minister or department sits back and does nothing which
continues to mislead the public.

Currently online is a petition to help prevent this. The moment the
facts are proven untrue the minister who issued the false statement
should publicly correct the mistake and apologise to the public on

Please visit the link below, sign the petition and show it to your friends,
neighbours and colleagues too. How many more needless beatings must
there be before an end is put to the lies?

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