Dr. Seuss by pengxuebo


									A voice for children
“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no
  tongues…” ~Dr. Seuss

   Who speaks for our children?

   PTA began speaking out on behalf of children
    more than 100 years ago..
   Over 100 years of experience
   Ongoing Training
   Access to the experts
   Established network
   Organizational Materials
   Programs
   Links to all states
   Reflections
   Resources
   Business Partnerships
   National Recognition
   Leadership Development
   Member and Unit Benefits and Discounts
Remember Your Child’s First Day of School.....
   Did   they   go to kindergarten?
   Did   they   ride the bus?
   Did   they   eat a school lunch?
   Did   they   play on the playground?
   Did   they   read a book from the library?
   Did   they   have their immunizations?
   First Kindergarten
   Safe Buses and Seatbelt Regulations
   Nationwide School Lunch Program
   Improved Playground Safety
   School Libraries
   Mandatory Childhood Immunizations
   No   Guidance
   No   connection
   No   training
   No   recognition
   No   national resources
   No   awards
   No   legislative support
   Trouble identifying the problem
   Money?
        Dues, fundraising
   Personalities? Power Struggles?
   Lack of Training?
   Time Management?
   Failure to delegate?
   Personal contact
   501c3 and IRS regulation information
   Leadership Training
   Support
   Planning strategies
   Rules of Order
   Resources
   Cost of :
    Sport Event
    Gym Membership
    Fast Food Burger
   The   future of the country
   The   continuation of our legacy
   The   answers to world peace
   The   future balance of wealth and power
   The   best and brightest hope for all
   The   best   education
   The   best   health
   The   best   protection
   The   best   environment

The chance to dream, believe in themselves,
 and succeed…
“You must work, we must
 work to make the world
 worthy of its children.”

                   Pablo Casals
   Call to order
   Appoint a Secretary
   Opening Ceremonies
   Purpose Announced
   Program
   Motion to Organize
   By Laws Presented
   By Laws Adopted
   Recess for Enrollment
   Nominating Committee
   Election
   Installation
   Announcements
   Committees
   Adjournment
Thank you for your commitment to your
         children…all children

        Your child, your voice
              Is now….
“Every Child, One Voice”

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