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Brian Walsworth


									Budget Issues ............................................................................................. 2
Business and Consumer Issues .................................................................. 2
Campaign Finance Issues........................................................................... 2
Choice Issues ............................................................................................. 2
Crime & Public Safety Issues .................................................................... 2
Economic and Financial Issues .................................................................. 2
Education Issues ........................................................................................ 2
Energy Issues ............................................................................................. 3
Environmental Issues ................................................................................. 3
Ethics Issues .............................................................................................. 3
Foreign Policy Issues – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea ................... 3
Gay and Lesbian Issues.............................................................................. 3
Gun Issues ................................................................................................. 3
Health Care Issues ..................................................................................... 3
Immigration and Border Issues .................................................................. 3
Israel .......................................................................................................... 4
Labor and Working Family Issues ............................................................. 4
Other Social Issues .................................................................................... 4
Senior Issues .............................................................................................. 4
Social Issues .............................................................................................. 5
Political Issues ........................................................................................... 5
Tax Issues .................................................................................................. 5
Tea Party .................................................................................................... 6
Transportation Issues ................................................................................. 6
Budget Issues

Business and Consumer Issues
Campaign Finance Issues
Choice Issues
Pro-Life Even in Cases of Rape and Incest

In 2010, Arnold-Jones asked where do you stand on that when it’s rape, incest, and life of the
mother? She said “Through the years I have thought ok, and I know having dealt with victims of
sexual assault, how difficult this is. But I, over the years have changed my mind about those two
instances. I actually know too many people now who were the product of rape and incest. Those
lives are valuable. And the only exception that I take is, you know there are compelling reasons
for a woman to not support the birth of a child if especially when there are other children
involved. And that is the only exception I take.” [Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.21.47, 04/08/10]

Crime & Public Safety Issues
Economic and Financial Issues
Education Issues
Would Cut Department of Education

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones responded to a question about the possible creation of a tourism
agency in the US and said she would be willing to cut the Department of Education. Arnold-
Jones said, “So as you know I am not a fan of expanding government. But I am a fan of cutting
those parts that you don’t need in favor of things that will be productive. And let me give you a
couple of examples: the department of education may have outlived its usefulness nationally.
And so you may be able to make a trade but the one thing I don’t want to do is expand it beyond
where we are.” She added that “we were very lucky” to get an education before the Department
of Education was created in 1979. [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 3.31, 5/17/12]

Said Arts, Education, and the EPA Should Be Cut

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones said cuts should be made from the arts, the Department of Education,
and the EPA. Arnold-Jones said, “And so where do we start: You hate to go up and cut
anybody’s favorite program, some of the arts programs will probably be heavily hit. I do believe
that the department of education could be done away with. There are a number of agencies, and
lets talk about the EPA. Let’s talk about the fact that they are doing or performing functions that
are performed by many other agencies and it is duplicative, so let’s cut there… Well they [states]
have their environment department and so why are we layering upon layer when we truly need
to get the job done it should be done at the state level” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 19.55, 5/17/12]

Energy Issues
Environmental Issues
Ethics Issues
Foreign Policy Issues – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Did Not Support Same-Sex Marriage

In 2012, it was reported that Janice Arnold-Jones did not support same-sex marriage. “I believe
the family is the foundation of a strong America and that marriage between a man and a woman
is the best foundation for strong families,” her website’s issues page said. [New Mexico Telegram,

Said Marriage Between Man and Woman was Best Environment for Raising Children

In 2012, Janice Arnold-Jones said male-female marriages were best for rearing children. “I
believe the family is the central foundation of a strong America and that marriage between a man
and a woman is the best environment for raising children,” Arnold-Jones said.

She said domestic partnerships “with living wills and property rights should be recognized
alongside end-of-life decision-making or other catastrophic events that limit an injured person’s
ability to speak for themselves.” [Albuquerque Journal, 5/11/12]

Gun Issues
Health Care Issues

Immigration and Border Issues
Said She Would Tighten Security on Mexican Border

In 2012, Janice Arnold Jones said she would push to tighten up security on the Mexican border
and said anyone who came here illegally should not get a free ride to citizenship. [, 5/9/12]
Said Senators Who Chose Not to Use E-Verify Did Not Honor the Constitution

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones was asked for her opinion on Senators who said that E-Verify was
not effective. Arnold-Jones said, “As a federal contractor we’ve been using E Verify for a
number of years. And all I can tell you is that if master card and Visa can figure out how to work
the databases so can the federal government. E Verify is not perfect but it is really a pretty good
system. And to choose not to use it means that they really do not honor our constitution, much
less our economy. So why they get there, I don’t know. [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 33.27,

Labor and Working Family Issues

Other Social Issues
Senior Issues
Supported Ryan Budget

In May 2012, when asked which plan she supported on spending and debt, Arnold-Jones said she
supported the Ryan budget. Arnold-Jones said, “You know I am a legislator but I like Paul
Ryan’s plan. Is it perfect? It is not. But he gets extra Kudos because the man put out a plan.
Simpson Bowles I think is a very conservative way to approach our problems. Both plans, in my
opinion, do not address the debt quickly enough.” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 6.13, 5/17/12]

Said Entitlements Should Be Cut, Not Defense

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones said that we should look at entitlements instead of defense for cuts.
Arnold-Jones said, “Well actually I am glad you brought up defense. Defense is only 19% of the
budget, the lowest it has been since 1945, which is a remarkable story. And so where we are
going to have to cut are in that administrative sliver. There are entitlement programs that I
understand that the Supreme Court says we can’t cut but they won’t be there if we don’t start
finding another way to approach it.” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 19.55, 5/17/12]

Praised Tax Cuts in Ryan Budget Plan

In 2012, Janice Arnold-Jones claimed that she had not read the Ryan budget plan, but praised the
tax cuts in the proposal.

“It’s obvious Congressman Ryan learned from history that tax cuts increase revenue,” Arnold-
Jones said, citing proposals to lower the corporate tax rate and allow companies to repatriate
foreign earnings as good policy. [Albuquerque Journal, 3/24/12]
Social Issues
Political Issues
Claimed Democrats Wanted to Change Nation and Constitution

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones said that voters should support her because the Democrats running
wanted to change the Constitution and the nation. Arnold-Jones said, “Let me remind you we
are in the middle of a primary and while I may not have an opponent I need your vote. And you
need to go to the vote centers, we do have vote centers in here in Albuquerque in particular and
you can vote down there anytime, anyplace, any precinct and it is important but it’s exactly why
you need to go and vote now. Because the democrats who are running, truly Dave, truly are
intent in my opinion on changing our nation and certainly changing our constitution.” [Jim
Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 34:01, 5/17/12]

Said She Was an American Individualist

In May 2012, Arnold Jones said she was an individualist. Arnold-Jones said, “I think where you
are going is the radical democrats truly believe that the government will make a better decision
for you than you will. As an American I reject that, I am an individualist…It’s just a problem and
we need to work it.” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 7:40, 5/17/12]

Tax Issues
Supported a Flat Tax

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones was asked if she supported a flat tax or fair tax. Arnold Jones said,
“When it comes to taxation you know I sat on the tax committee for eight years and I am a much
greater fan of a flat tax.” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 21.53, 5/17/12]

        …But Said Additional Revenue Sources Were Also Needed

        Arnold-Jones added, “But I understand, and here is where we get into revenue and to
        taxes, I understand that the government functions that we do want have to be sustainable
        and stable. And so you have to have enough revenue sources to make sure that happens.
        So a single flat tax on a single piece is probably not going to do it. So I would suggest to
        you that we need a couple of inputs, at least three to make it stable. And that’s what we
        look for in our government is stable services. A stable government that can defend our
        nation.” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 21.53, 5/17/12]

Would Not Tax Wealthy to Balance Budget

In 2012, Janice Arnold Jones said her top priority was cutting the deficit and balancing the
budget, but she wouldn’t raise taxes on the wealthy to do it. [, 5/9/12]
Called the Buffett Rule the Buffoon Rule

In 2012, Janice Arnold Jones called the Buffet rule the buffoon rule and criticized the proposal.
She said “Well let’s start with the buffet rule, although at my Saturday morning discussions they
call it the buffoon rule. You are only taxed on capital gains, if you have done something
remarkable as a risk taker. You made money and you saved it. And from those investments you
are charged a second tax called capital gains, but it is at a lower rate. No one pays capital gains
who does not save money. And yet you are supposed to think that anyone who pays capital gains
is evil, is greedy.” [Torrance County Republican Women Forum, part 1 of 2, 2:09, 5/12/12]

Claimed Payroll Tax Cuts Put Social Security at Risk

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones claimed that payroll tax cuts had put Social Security at risk. Arnold-
Jones said, “So I am a real fan Bill of making sure that we keep our promises. And by the way I
don’t view Social Security as an entitlement program, I believe you paid for that. And so we
have put that at risk with the payroll tax deduction that we have done recently. It’s not being
replenished.” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 1, 19.55, 5/17/12]

Tea Party
Said Tea Party Made a Difference

In May 2012, Arnold-Jones was asked what she thought of the Tea Party. Arnold-Jones said,
“You know the proof in the pudding is the tea party I think gets a very bad rap for some people.
These are real people who have said ‘I have ignored my government, I can’t anymore and now
I’m getting involved’ and they made a difference.” [Jim Villanucci 770 KKOB, part 2, .12, 5/17/12]

Transportation Issues

[KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, .00 , 1/23/09]

Commentator: Janice Arnold-Jones is a member of the tax and revenue committee. She says she is going to plug in a
webcam into the legislature. So it looks like we will finally have webcasting in the roundhouse?

[KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, .36 , 1/23/09]

Arnold-Jones: Well, I would say certainly not the route I thought we would go but indeed. We will

Commentator: Now you are going to be webcasting the tax and revenue committee meetings, how will that work.?

Arnold-Jones: Well there is a narrow line here, and there are rules. So, in service to my constituents and I do meet
with them every Saturday. And they really wanted this. I will be using a very small web camera with a really good
microphone and it will go to a website That is linked to my website.

Commentator: Civic Plaza. Net
Arnold-Jones: There is however a caveat about doing it on the floor. And on the case of the house, let me just say
that you know, webcasting the floor, at least early on, would be just amazingly boring for the viewers. Because we
really do the work in the committees

Commentary: That was my first thought too, that watching full session would be tedious.

Arnold-Jones: Right, and these early weeks you know, what we are doing is introducing legislation and it looks like
people are just standing around talking, well they’re talking about the legislation but that’s what it looks like, is that
we are all just visiting but that’s the process. But towards the end I am hoping that we will be able to also, webcast,
with permission the floor sessions.

Comment: Now you say you are going to be using a very simple webcam so we can’t expect amazing quality?

Arnold-Jones: No and at this moment, unless I can find somebody else to help me, you will get a one camera view.
But you will be able to hear and you will be able to see. But it wont be great.

Commentary: But it will be something.

Arnold-Jones: Yes sir.

Commentary: And when do you plan on starting this?

Arnold-Jones: Monday. And I was ready to go this Wednesday but our meetings, our committee meetings did not
meet to organize. And so Monday will be the first organizational meeting of tax and revenue.

Commentary: So the webcams had the funding several years ago wasn’t it?

Arnold-Jones: Oh yeah

Commentary: The cameras were purchased why didn’t it happen?

[KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, 2.51, uploaded 1/23/09]

Arnold-Jones: The leadership, and since I was not there in that particular meeting. But the leadership, even though, I
want to point out that this was voted on by both bodies and signed by the governor. But they decided to have the
cameras taken down and I’m guessing, and here is the argument against broadcasting. Is that people will not
understand when there are filibusters and why that happens. It will change the body and people will grandstand.
That the camera operator could give a false impression of what is happening, for example, instead of watching the
speaker that you might be watching the crowd. Or for most of us to take the camera off of the actual discourse and
watch somebody picking their nose, nobody wants that. And I don’t think those are a good enough reason to keep
our citizens from participating.

Commentary: The c-span model works pretty well. No one gets distracted there do they?

[KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, 3.54, uploaded 1/23/09]

Arnold-Jones: Well you know part of the c-span model is if you really want to stand up and do speech making there
is a special time for you to go do that. There’s nobody there and now they actually show that there’s nobody there.
That’s the type of deception that I think people are worried about. For me I have kind of a set of standards, and one
is that you should have an accurate depiction of what is happening in our committee. Are there a lot of people there,
are there not a lot of people there? And then my own standard is that the video will follow the speaker. And that I
will follow the due process, for example, people speak when they are called upon, if there is somebody who is
speaking out of turn in the back, it is not my job and nor do I intend to give them air time when that is not
Commentary: How do your fellow committee members feel about this? Are they anxious to be webcast?

[KSFR 101.1 Santa Fe, 4.47, uploaded 1/23/09]

Arnold-Jones: You know this is something, because this is so dicey I did not want to pull in my fellow committee
members pro or con. Because, if there is any backlash, it should be mine and mine alone.

Commentary: Do they know that they will be seen?

Arnold-Jones: Ya, I believe that most of them know.

Commentary: State representative Janice Arnold-Jones will be watching on Monday. Many thanks.

 [Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 1 of 3, .21, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: Wow. Thank you. Wow. You know I have a few thank you’s and I know it is a little warm in here so,
I promised I would speak slowly but for you I’m going to speak really fast. How’s that? This is absolutely
outstanding, I am absolutely overwhelmed. And there are some thank you’s in order. I want you to know that
everything you see here today was accomplished All by a remarkable group, a growing group of volunteers. And I
invite you to join me, and to all of the volunteers: Well done? I know that you have met my family but I don’t
believe my husband was appropriately introduced may I introduce my arm candy: John Jones. Now if you’re not
sure that running for governor is all about our future. It is all about our future so there are two special people I would
like to acknowledge. Michael Hickman come on up here. Michael is a recent graduate from El Dorado High School,
he just completed his first week at UNM. All of the graphic and design you see are Micheal Hickman’s. And I
couldn’t thank him enough. And Michael Horunburg where are you? Michael, this is Michael Horunburg and I
would like you to know he is also a recent graduate from El Dorado High School having just completed his first
week at UNM. And I just wanted you to know that the organization and management of this activity in moving
forward is due in large part to his remarkable skill and I do tease him saying that he is the only 32 year old 18 year
old that I know. I introduced them because they are our future. And I want you to have confidence. Our young
people are amazing, it is our job to make sure that they are able to take our state to the next level.
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 1 of 3, 3.08, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: So let me begin if you’re not sure. I have something to say which is why you’re here and I will try to
say it quickly. Former Governor Carter thank you so much for coming… Thank you so much for honoring us. All of
my collegauges in the legislature I am honored and just humbled to be in your presence tonight. I am Janice Arnold-
Jones and I am running for governor…
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 1 of 3, 4.09, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: Sit down because: Thank you so much and I will have to talk even faster now. New Mexico is at a
crossroads we can continue to do what has placed us at the bottom of all the good lists and the top of all of the bad
lists. Or we can break new ground and reverse those long standing negative rankings. I am running for governor
because I want to lead us to the top of the good lists and because we all want New Mexico to be so much more. I am
running for governor because we have all grown tired of New Mexico being known for (…) corruption and poor
service… It is time for New Mexico to be known for the ethical choices we make and for the responsive, innovative,
quality services provided to our citizens. Instead of being known by the failures of our education system New
Mexico will be know for the successes of our children. Instead of household incomes that are among the lowest in
the nation New Mexico will have better jobs, better pay, and an economy that honors our land and traditions. While
leading the nation to the development of sustainable energy production and smartgrid technology. Instead of being
forced to leave our rural communities for jobs, we will make it possible for New Mexicans to live where they
choose, and to work where they choose and we will have safe, clean, connected communities for our families. Now
make no mistake, there are those among us who experience lives of joblessness, hopelessness and despair, drug and
alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, and who have been victims of crimes or who have spent time in prison or are facing
dozens of other social problems. We can help turn lives around by lending a hand up where we can, embracing
education and commerce as a means to rise up , and remembering that the greatest form of empowerment is
individual responsibility.
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 1 of 3, 7.10, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: New Mexicans are ready to embrace a future of prosperity, what has been missing is principles of
leadership. Leadership, connects the necessary dots and principles transform behavior leading to new and better
outcomes. I am running for governor to bring to New Mexico a new and smarter economy. I will connect our vast
natural, technological and human resources, to transform our state to one that excels instead of one that fails. It is
time for New Mexico to lead, to do so clearly requires a new approach. I am running for governor to transform state
government into a public servant. Government is meant to be a servant of the people not a master that steadily
erodes our individual liberties. For the past seven years we have had unbridled spending, an absentee governor, and
numerous highly paid political appointees who were in positions of power and authority who were often ineffective,
incompetent, or both. We have also had the same old closed door, back room politics, pay to play process turning
out policies that make headlines but accomplish little. Regulation has run amok and it is stifling our entrepreneurs.
Part 2
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 2 of 3, .10, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: This is not principled leadership and it certainly does not deserve out trust. In Santa Fe we are facing
a moral train wreck and it is costing the tax payers money and confidence. To lead us out of this moral crisis I will
pursue recurring mandatory ethics training for all public employees from the top down. In that vein I will encourage
and reward whistleblowers who share my goal of eliminating from government arcane or failed hiring practices and
administrative practices and a number of other abuses. I will establish high standards in state business practices to
eliminate the real and perceived conflicts of interest. I will make it easier for New Mexico businesses to identify and
acquire opportunities from state government and I with respect and the fact that I honor the legislature, I will
demand from its leadership open meetings, the wide use of technology to provide access across the state, real time
tracking of bills and the full and complete vetting of legislation including detailed cost analysis and revenue resource
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 2 of 3, 1.51, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: You know I took a camera, actually it’s more like I schlepped a camera, but I took a camera to the
legislature so New Mexicans could participate in their government. I took a webcam into the legislature because
New Mexicans deserve a right to know. That effort had a positive effect but there is so much more to be done. One
of the things that I can assure you of when I am governor, on a regular basis my cabinet meetings will be accessible
to the public. I am running for governor and I hope you all noticed my pin, ask me later and I’ll tell you what it’s
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 2 of 3, 2.39, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: I am running for governor to transform our education system. We have two national laboratories,
white sands missile range, intel, an r&d infrastructure that is the envy of the nation. We have more PHD’s per capita
than any other state. You tell me how on earth it is that our children are next to last in math, science, and
engineering. How did that happen? Worse or perhaps amazingly we are systematically denying knowledge to our
children. Over the last twenty years New Mexico has progressively gotten worse outcomes in education. Over the
last ten years our student population has only increased by 3200 students but our adult employees of the education
system has increased by 5400 individuals. Something is wrong, and so our students are dropping out and checking
out at an alarming rate. Ladies and Gentleman there is something terribly, terribly wrong. By the end of 2012 can
and must be in the top 5 in the nation in math, science, and engineering. Regardless of background, income level, or
ethnicity, I know our kids are smart and they can accomplish this goal. It is about attitude, it is about expectations,
and it is about believing in ourselves. I have a vision, I have a plan, and together we can do this.
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 2 of 3, 4.44, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: I am running for governor to facilitate the expansion of the connective infrastructure in New Mexico.
That means connecting our state for energy transmission, better telephone and internet access, improved cell phone
coverage, and roads by engaging and enabling private enterprise. You know, generating electricity from wind and
solar and other alternate forms of energy is terrific but it absolutely means nothing if you can’t get that power to
market. Improving our telephone and internet access is critical to improving our educational outcomes and economic
opportunities for our state. And cell phone coverage, lets just focus on that for a second, cell phone coverage is a
public safety issue. It is an economic opportunity issue and it is an issue whose time has come. And roads, roads that
are passable year round are crucial. By focusing on the power of connectivity and by you and me, we, we the people
of New Mexico participating and connecting. We can overcome our geography, honor our environment, enhance our
education and improve our economic well being. New Mexico deserves nothing less.
Part 3

[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 3 of 3, .14, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: I am running for governor to bring about tax and regulatory reform. Over the last seven years our tax
system has moved from low and broad to an increasingly vertical system where fewer people are carrying the
burden. This change has created an unfair tax climate. Local businesses are frequently put at a disadvantage as a
result of economic development incentive. That have often failed and it’s costing you millions. It is time to
reconvene a blue ribbon tax commission to provide recommendations for simplifying our tax code and simplifying
the filing processes. Similarly I will set about to reduce or eliminate regulations and licensing activities that create
uncertainty, increase costs, and unnecessarily slow down business but also fail in their mission because there is little
or no oversight or enforcement. We have an opportunity to change what we do by making a choice in what is
important to do, let me repeat that, we have an opportunity to change what we do by making a choice in what is
important to do. We can do this.
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 3 of 3, 1.43, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: I am running for governor to bring about a commitment to service. When you call or visit state offices
you will talk to informed employees who will be pleasantly responsive to your needs. I see I struck a chord with a
few of you, you don’t like those answering machines, what’s the problem huh? New Mexico deserves a government
that is friendly, open, accessible, accountable, and effective all the time. And our state employees deserve the
support and training necessary to provide these services.
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 3 of 3, 2.27, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: I am running for governor to address many other important issues, including: fulfilling our promise to
our state employee retirement programs. It is a promise. Health care, crime, public safety, border issues, water
resources, and the management of the state budget. These issues cannot and will not be ignored. The fact is: over the
last 70 years one party control has existed in our state. It is clear that New Mexico’s potential has been limited by
the result of entrenched insiders who have trampled our dreams and squandered our resources.
[Gubernatorial Announcement Speech Part 3 of 3, 3.20, 9/22/09]
Arnold-Jones: When I am your governor I will show you leadership that connects, principles that transform, and
prosperity that enables every part of the state to excel. When I am your governor I will provide principled leadership
that advocates for individual liberty, economic opportunity and prosperity for all New Mexicans. It is time for all of
us to stand up for New Mexico and to embrace our dreams. Please join me in this revolution now. Together,
connected we will lead the nation
[Capitol Press Conference, .09, 11/02/09]

Arnold-Jones: Thank you all for coming I do appreciate it. I am Janice Arnold-Jones, I am a candidate for governor
of New Mexico. I presently serve in the House of Representatives, representing district 24 in Albuquerque. Let me
begin by saying, that the deficits we are facing are huge. A combined shortfall for the current and next fiscal year is
approaching 1 billion dollars. These deficits are most likely going to impact our state for the next several years
because they are both structural and cyclical in nature. Our structural problem is caused by using one time money
for recurring expenditures. Our cyclical problem stems from the changes in the general economy such as reduced
gross receipts taxes, less money for regular citizens to spend, reductions in oil and gas receipts, reduced personal and
corporate income taxes, and rising unemployment because businesses are closing sometimes forever. What is clear
is the checkbook is overdrawn and the rent is due. Now it is up to legislature to put our collective household back on
solid ground. This is a monumental task. And the wisdom and help of every New Mexican to figure out this problem
along with all the principled leadership we can muster is absolutely a necessity.
[Capitol Press Conference, 1.31, 11/02/09]
Arnold-Jones: The sad thing is that everyone will share in the discomfort of the solution. Regrettably, New
Mexicans continue to have too little access to the process unlike most states that have made their budgets and
deliberations easily accessible, New Mexico remains closed to the public except for those small steps made during
the last regular legislative session. This is not the state’s debt, this is your debt and whether we raise taxes or cut
programs and services New Mexicans should have access and should participate in the decision. So here is the
situation, the 2009 budget is overdrawn and the books have not been closed. The 2010 budget will be overdrawn
based on what was signed into law. To balance the 2009 budget all reserves and restricted funds will have to be
used, leaving a deficit to begin 2010. To close the 2009 budget and balance the 2010 budget based on our best
estimates today we must cut between 16 and 20 percent of the budget, almost 1 billion dollars. Put in terms of your
family budget, if you earn 50,000 dollars a year to take care of your family your income would drop to 40,000
dollars. If you earn 30,000 dollars to take care of your family, your income would be cut to 24,000 dollars, and if
you earn 15,000 dollars a year to take care of your family your income would be reduced to 12,000 dollars. That is
the problem we are facing. Given this situation most of us would go yikes! We are spending more money than we
are taking in and we have to cut back. You would begin to consider your options and you would make decisions
based on trying to keep the things that are most important to you while sacrificing those things that are less
important to you. All the while you know that you’re not going to like what you have to do. That is real life, that is
what we do in our homes. Current estimates show that the administration over spent the 2009 budget by more than
200 million dollars. This violates a constitutional mandate to balance the budget in New Mexico. As of today the
administration has not closed the books on 2009 so we are actually unsure of our financial condition today. This is
not much different however, than your spouse overspending. When the other spouse finally figures out what has
happened your relationship, your children, your home, your credit score are all at risk.
[Capitol Press Conference, 4.29, 11/02/09]
Arnold-Jones: The problem is clear, spending must be controlled. Every household in New Mexico knows what it
means when you are not making enough money, you have to cut spending, you have to cut your expenditures to
make it work. You have a couple of choices when you make those decisions: one is clearly is to reduce spending, the
other is to go find another job or two if they are available, the last and least desirable is to live off of your credit
cards kicking the problem down the road, often times ending in bankruptcy court. Most of us find a way to cut
spending. The 2010 budget as signed into law anticipates revenues of about 5.6 billion dollars. The revenue estimate
today, that’s the money coming in, is hovering at about 4.9 billion dollars. Every household understands when less
money is coming in there can be fewer expenditures. When the money declines you have to cut, every business,
every home understands this. But I must tell you that starting 2010 in a deficit does not make paying the bills any
easier. There is also talk of using federal stimulus dollars to help balance our budget. That’s a bit like receiving a
really nice gift from your Aunt Suzie to pay your heating bill. The problem is there will be a heating bill next month,
next year and Aunt Suzie might not write you a check next year. It is a one time gift.
[Capitol Press Conference, 6.06, 11/02/09]
Arnold-Jones: Our state budget must have some baselines just like a household or business budget. At your home
you set aside money to pay your rent, your utility bills, and for money for food and gas. These are the basics.
Government cannot exist as a democracy if we forget or ignore the basics. I am running for governor to emphasize
and implement better ways to control spending and to improve the wellbeing of all New Mexicans. We must budget
recurring expenses. Not using one time dollars but recurring dollars. It is a fundamental. We must use quality
improvement methodologies to improve worker productivity and processes. We must transform our education
system into one that works for the 21st century by eliminating burdensome regulations, expanding the use of
technology and distance learning to meet the academic needs of our students and to match curriculum to match the
world that they will live in. We must foster a regulatory environment that attracts capital and commerce so the
investment and transformation we make in education for our children is paid off by jobs in our private sector. And
last we must transform economic development efforts to engage and expand small businesses throughout the state of
New Mexico. And while we are making these transformative changes we must also provide for individuals in need
of developmental disability waivers, we must preserve public and school employee pensions funds, we must provide
for public safety, and we must provide for infrastructure that serves a majority of New Mexicans. We are all in this
together. Everything has to be on the table. And anyone who tells you that something is sacred isn’t telling you the
truth. This is a huge problem. What we need is every New Mexican to be at the table to help us solve this budget
shortfall. I will continue my quest for open government because the people have a right to know. And yes I will be
carrying my webcam to the special legislative session. And you know I am interested in what the citizens have to
say because you are closest to where the problems are. Please look at my website, janiceforgovernor. I am interested
and anxious to hear the specifics because it’s much easier to deal with real things than to macromanage it. Thank
you so much for listening today and I appreciate your attendance. And by the way I will take questions for anybody
who would like to ask questions. Steve so nice to see you thanks, and we do have a press packet. Ok good.

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 13.11, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: That was a mouthful…. I want to begin by applauding the Rio Grande Foundation for creating an
opportunity for candidates to present ourselves to the public and the media and what I believe is a historic moment.
Most often the voting public is not exposed to the broader candidates until just before the primary election. This
event will allow you to become better acquainted with those of us present this evening. To allow you a choice in
whose campaign you might want to support over the next weeks and months. We are also at a historic moment in
our nation and in our state for it has never been that we have been in such a state of despair and depression in so
many of our trusted institutions. Here in New Mexico, where we are so often at the top of the (…) the ethical lapses,
crime and corruption, pay-to-play, and closed door, back room politics that continue unfettered. Over the last seven
years New Mexico government has become bloated, budgets have been broken, the constitution is being trampled,
education has failed, over regulation is the norm, cronyism is high, all economic classes are worse off, businesses
are failing, the economy stinks and private capital won’t come here without huge infusions of corporate welfare
which only adds to the burden of tax payers. There is however a glimmer of hope, and you are it. As our republic
has done since its early days, the people are rising up. We can find opportunity when everyday citizens are paying
attention, and you are. And they are now demanding something more than a sound byte to cure these problems. I
have been meeting with concerned citizens around the state: tea party groups, 9/12 coalition, republican party
meetings, and my own Saturday morning coffees. And their voices are all saying the same thing. Stop the insanity,
stop it now. Restore government to its basics, end the ethical lapses, crime, corruption, cronyism, pay-to-play, and
theft from tax payers. Foster an environment of trust and embolden a framework of private enterprise to take hold
and grow jobs for the benefit of our citizens. I am running for governor to do just that, because I am the right
woman, with the right background, at the right time. As governor I will focus on diversifying our state’s economy.
New Mexico is languishing in the state of potential. It is caused by regulatory and tax uncertainty and a clear
message that government makes it difficult to do business in New Mexico. It is time to move from a state of
potential to a state to a state of excellence and a state of prosperity. You begin that change with a commitment to
private enterprise and entrepreneurial (…). As governor I will bring ethical leadership to address our history of
corruption and I will treat my service to you as a public trust. As governor I will not tolerate the shake down of
business, as a right to do business.

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 16.56, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Ethics must be matched with education. Almost 62% of our budget goes to education. With barely
50% of our students graduating and only 46% graduating from UNM in 6 years, I would say that education has
clearly been an investment with the poorest return. No more. If our educational institutions cannot deliver results we
must look elsewhere.

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 17.27, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: New Mexico has tremendous opportunity. It is rich in intellectual capital and natural resources. As
your governor I will lead New Mexico to become the largest exporter of energy in the nation. To do so will require a
commitment to the necessary infrastructure for energy transmission, internet and telephone connectivity, a renewed
commitment to resource application, including the latest advances in mining and agriculture. We can diversify our
economy and enable every New Mexican to take control of their lives without waiting for the government. As your
governor, the government will be open and transparently accountable to you. Now as you know, there are some
revenue enhancement periods going on, you like that term. I want you to know that I called Secretary Homenz
earlier this week and requested that he webcast the remainder of those activities and I hope you saw that yesterday
he put that in place. As governor I will bring to New Mexico a new and smarter economy while respecting our
traditions. We will connect New Mexico’s vast natural resources and transform our state into one that excels, not
one that fails. New Mexicans are ready to embrace the future. But now we need leadership that provides practical
solutions instead of rhetoric. Please connect with us. Thank You.

Question: What role should the energy industry play in New Mexico’s economy? Would you encourage or
discourage it?
[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 27.25, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Wow, I love that question. You know, this state is unlike any other state and energy should be our
largest export. Now energy comes in a many different forms. That is coal, oil and gas, you are all well aware of that.
But we also have the opportunity to bring in wind, solar, geothermal, as well as nuclear. There is no state better
poised to be an exporter of energy than this state. We do have a problem however, you have to have the transmission
to get the power to market and it has to be able to go to any energy grid. In my opinion energy is what is going to
diversify our economy, and we are going to have to make some choices to get there. So you do have a choice, do
you want to diversify your economy? Here is a ready made avenue to get there, and it is energy. So the simple
answer is energy should play a huge role in our state.

Question: Are you for limited government? If you are, how would you dismantle the many government agencies?

[Rio Grande Foundation, 34.21, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: I would hope, and I must say, ditto. I just have to say that. You know, our government, since I have
served, and I came in with this governor. And in that period of time our government has grown by 45%. And so I
have to ask you: Have the services improved 45%. NO. That’s the problem right there. And so the question then
becomes, as governor, how do you wittle it down, so where do you start? And actually, the answers are relatively
simple, as governor the first you have to recognize is that a budget is the ceiling, that is the maximum. It’s not a
suggestion, it’s the maximum. And if you think you are getting to that point, then you cut back, that’s the first thing
and having watched this, and I will remind you that for 2009 we are overspent by 325 million dollars. The books are
not closed. Any of you who have a business like that and you are 90 days out and you haven’t closed your books,
you are in trouble. SO where do we start? The easy ones to pick off are the exempt employees. We have gone from,
I believe a reasonable rational number of about 170 and the last count was almost 800. And you need to look at, you
know because they come in different categories so it’s hard to tell where they are. (they wont tell you) That’s exactly
right they won’t tell you. The next place that I would look right off the bat is paid administrative leave. We have 86
employees that I am aware of on paid administrative leave. One has been on paid administrative leave for over 5
years. One of the newer ones went on leave June 24th of this year, still on paid administrative leave. I hope you are
saying, where are the managers? Because I am, where is the system? No employee should be treated like that, and
no taxpayer should be treated like that. Then you should ask the question of, is the individual competent? I think
competence is a really important question, because we have people, and especially in the industry that I’m in, they
don’t know what they are doing, so why are they there. Are they providing services that are mission related? The
next thing that you need to look at when you are carving out the budget is ok, can we hit the boards and
commissions. I believe that any board and commission that is an observe and report board or commission it’s fair
game. Boards or commissions that are providing direct services you might want to look at. Making broad sweeping
cuts may do more damage than you think. It’s important that we take the time to do the carve outs to make a smart,
efficient, smaller government.

Question: With the science in question: Do you believe that global warming is real? Specifically in two policy areas,
think about the Western Climate Initiative and the Environmental Improvement Board, a committee that is meeting
and suggesting more drastic cuts than cap and trade and how Washington would have it. So with that it is Janice’s

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 38.03, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Ok so, rephrase the way you want that yes or no?

Moderator: I was just elaborating. What do you think about the Western Climate Initiative and the Environmental
Improvement Board?

Arnold-Jones: Ok. There was a period in our country’s history where we had something called acid rain. There was
good science, we found some very directive strategies to change what we were doing and it changed the way that we
did things and it changed the results. And we have done away with acid rain and I am glad of that. There are other
things that we are doing that defy any kind of logic. Now I must confess that I actually live and hang out with the
water guy. And he kept telling me about the fact that we are in global warming and there is no water. And I said how
come you keep pumping and he says, “because I have more water”. And so that led to the next question of, is this
related to something that we are doing, is it related to sunspots? And you know what there is a tremendous
correlation. So as we go forward, you know I think that we are all supposed to be stewards of our land, we are
supposed to do that. But it needs to be rational, and it needs to be founded in some degree of certainty. Can we
certainly discern and find a remediation for acid rain? We absolutely can. Do I believe that plants need you to
breathe because you produce CO2, yes I do. And so there is a balance. You know there is a balance. And I guess I
would sum up, that there is a lot of hysteria going on but I actually believe in our creator, and I believe that we have
a great deal of hubris to think that we ourselves are going to stop nature today, this year with anyway that we spend
our money.

Question: As a small business owner I am overtaxed. Please tell us what is your plan for taxes in New Mexico?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 45.22, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: I believe that taxes as a policy should be low, broad, fair, equitable, easy to administer, and easy to
understand. In the amount of time that I have served in our legislature, we have all but obliterated our tax code. Are
there plenty of opportunities to make taxes lower, absolutely, but what you are missing are the hidden taxes of
complying. And one of the really remarkable things about our system of government and taxation, not just in New
Mexico but across the country: we have over a 93% percent tax compliance rate. That’s why our government works,
because you pay your taxes. If you are a physician, and because we have created a loophole or a problem in what
they now column M. If you are a independent physician and you are actually dealing with HMO’s it now costs some
physicians as much as $6,000 a month to file their column M taxes. That’s crazy, that’s just down right crazy. That’s
what we have done. That is not low, broad, fair, equitable, easy to administer, or easy to understand. There is a
problem and you should be able to easily comply. So that is the first thing that we need to look at. The next thing
and when we are looking at taxation, when you go on line, you should just alone be able to complete your taxes. It
should be that simple. Since this administration has been here we have taken a gross receipts tax system and literally
turned it into swiss cheese. We used to have a very balanced tax system that included, income tax, gross receipts tax,
some people call that a sales tax but its not it’s a gross receipts tax and the point (..)it’s different, property tax, and in
our state the property tax has been remarkably low, I know any of you who have experienced tax lightning are going
to argue with that but they are low, and corporate taxes. And the way that we have our tax system setup, we used to
have this kind of like four legged stool and we would whether almost any storm. The great divider believe it or not
was when we took the tax off of food. And I will tell you that that sounded mean but it was the lowest, broadest,
fairest tax. When we took the tax off of food we destabilized the cities, the counties. Can we take it back, No. I think
our only direction forward is actually to switch to a sales tax type of taxation. But this particular administration has
created a vertical tax system, that is, fewer people are paying more taxes. We are better served when we all have a
stake in government at a very low rate.

Question: Next question is for Janice: do you think that subsidizing the rail is a good use of money?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 48.44, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Oh, well I’d say since I was on the floor the year that this passed and we said, “is there a plan?” there
was no plan, I said “do we have a cost-benefit analysis” no cost-benefit analysis. But we went forth and we built a
rail runner, and from that day until today we would have been able to provide each one of you sufficient taxi cab
rides to and from Santa Fe and it still would not have cost what it cost us to build the Rail Runner. What you are not
seeing is the cost of the contract, the contract requires about 2 million dollars per year, and don’t hold me to this one
but it is a safety upgrade that is required by the contract. And there is an additional clause in the contract that says if
we have not enough safety requirements that BANFF can come back and hold the legislature responsible for more
money. And that’s over and above operations. Now for those of you who live in Bernalillo County we just assessed
ourselves a tax to pay for the Rail Runner, we are not going to generate enough income to even cover the operation.
So, before we did that and before our economy went in the toilet here is what it would cost to cover operations for
you to get on the Rail Runner. $14.71 cents anytime you step foot on the Rail Runner, that cost has now escalated
and if you include the maintenance cost in addition to operation you’re looking at about $85 a person. Now you can
argue that we subsidize our roads, everybody drives on our roads, but you know, it’s not quite the same. Everybody
who drives pays into the roads in one way or another, be it a gas tax, there are a number of other taxes and
everybody participates. So, the question now becomes, can we afford the Rail Runner, can we afford the rail road?
And I’m looking at the budget and it’s really difficult but let me tell you how hard it is going to be. Because I was
just up in Santa Fe and there were good Republicans who reminded me to be a brave Republican and don’t forget
that we subsidize roads. But we don’t have the money and that’s the bottom line, we don’t have the money. So as
governor I will look at any other way to make this pay, and that’s probably a longer haul but I don’t think the
numbers are gonna be there because they weren’t there to begin with.

Question: Americans for Tax Reform have a pledge, would you take a binding pledge to not raise taxes?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 54.16, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: No. And the reason I do not sign pledges is I am responsible and beholden currently to the people
who elect me not the for Americans Tax Reform. It is really a interesting question because if you are not certain we
are lobbied very heavily to do so. Have I raised taxes, I have not. Have I slipped once or twice and raised fees where
it was necessary, yes. And so when you take a pledge like that, it puts you in a box that prevents you from serving
your constituents. And I hope that you will think about that because my only obligation is to you.

Question: Janice how will you make government more accountable and transparent?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 55.17, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Wow, well I must say it was fun. And I must tell you taking the webcam to the legislature was really
a remarkable experience. And indeed the speaker was a little mad at me. And it’s ok. You know, that added, that
sunlight is the best disinfectant is absolutely true. And so there are things that we do in state government that you are
not even aware of. And do you need to go and watch all the time, no, but I think what people are saying is that you
need to have access. If you are interested you should be able to easily get the information. So, we need websites that
accurately portray the activities of agencies, they do not. And you know none of that is difficult, I would like for you
to be able go on in real time and be able see where your budget is going, where we stand. We have tried several
times to pass a bill to that effect, we don’t have that it but I believe that we can do it. You should be able, from
where you live, to engage in any public hearing. The technology is there, it’s not even expensive. What remains is,
it’s really nice to open up the legislative process but a lot of policy is made at the agency level. One of the things
that has really distressed me about the way that our agencies respond, especially, the Department of the
Environment. Anybody here ever gone to an NMDE hearing? Well here is how it typically works, the hours are
really inconvenient, the room is really small, and often times there is no room for the regular citizens. Please don’t
think that that is an accident because it’s not. Time to change that. If our city council and our board of education can
open up their processes, why not state government? But here is the real big albatross in the room. Currently, our
legislature is pretty well dominated by the democratic party. The decisions are made in the caucus, and I respect the
caucus atmosphere. But you need to know all of those decisions are made in secret. And so if you happen to watch a
webcast of the floor of the House of Representatives which is just happening every once in awhile and you notice
that there are people like me arguing our hearts to empty chairs, it is because the decision was already made. I hope
that bothers you. More cameras, more access, we’ve got the tools.

Question: How will you protect New Mexicans when the U.S. currency collapses?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.01.34, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: I’m a soccer coach, I believe in ice. If I have ice I don’t need. And that’s how I view the current
condition of our currency. So here is the way that I view this. We should make sure that we have sustainable
agriculture in the state of New Mexico. We have to take care of us first. We should make sure that, I don’t know
who said it, buy gold, but you know what we should do that. We should also be sure that we protect our permanent
fund, it is probably one of the most remarkable things that has been done in this state and treat it for what it is, it is a
remarkable asset. That being said, this state is better poised than any other state to meet this challenge. This state has
rare metals that can be mined, that are needed by China, by India. We should be exporting. The uranium that is in
our state is the second to the highest grade in all of the world and it is sitting in our ground. We actually have a
buffer if we will look at what we can do, we are not helpless by an stretch of the imagination. But we do need to
look at participating not just within our own little shelf. We actually can go to the aid of these other nation who quite
frankly hold the paper on our nation. I think in that part we can create a balance. And there is one other thing that I
will tell you as I think about the ICE side, the very conservative side. I am truly worried when we sell water rights to
foreign countries. And I think that we should not do that. Sustain us first.

Question: Explain your position on educational funding, charter schools, and other alternative arrangements.

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.03.40, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Cool. I will try not to get too upset here. Let me start just start with the beginning, our schools are
failing. They are failing so badly that just two weeks ago our children ranked dead last in math, science, and
engineering. We no longer have Mississippi to claim. And you have to ask yourself how is it that a small state like
this with two national laboratories, intel, and white sands and our kids are at the very bottom in the nation in math,
science, and engineering. We are withholding knowledge, it is criminal and I am tired of it. Our kids deserve so
much better. Now we have thrown a lot of money at education without any results. It is time to step out of that
environment. If that means that we go to an education system where the colleges of education don’t kick in until you
had a content mastery degree in something to be a teacher, than so be it. But make no mistake there is no silver
bullet here, that is one way to approach it. Right now, online classes are available, our children should have access
to them. MIT has had math courses online since 1993 believe it or not. And every class that they have had since
1993 is available, today, right now. For free as long as you don’t want credit, it’s there. I promise you, if we keep
withholding knowledge from our children they are going to go around. That’s the good news. Now as far as our
charter schools go, and I am going to throw in vouchers is that ok. I will tell you though a lot of people ask me about
vouchers. And I really do believe competition is a good thing but I have news for you: we don’t have enough private
schools of any sort. Private or parochial, to be competitive. Our charter schools have been set up almost to fail. And
I tell you that because when we set up the charter schools it was really to provide a choice. And some of our charter
schools are doing a terrific job. But we have now saddled them with financial arrangements with the state where
they have to be in a state owned building. That almost dooms them to failure. The only way you’re going take this
back is you have to expect that our children can do it. And you must open every door possible. And that even means
bringing in our subject matter experts. I have a whole plan it’s called project 2012, it’s on my website, I hope you
will go read it. There is no silver bullet but I will tell you what we are doing today cannot stand.

Question: What will you do to prevent crime in the government?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.11.52, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: It’s going to be tough to add to what Doug said but I think I can help just a little. You know the
shake downs actually do happen and has been surprising to me to talk to state employees and I have seen it myself.
And I said why are you doing you do that? And the response very typically is well how do I make my money if I
don’t. And there is a real problem there. If we are hiring state employees, there needs to be that in agreement just
like with your employees that your salary is sufficient so shaking down somebody else is absolutely, positively,
inappropriate. And I’m not sure that that is a shared understanding and so I would go back to ethics training because
I think we have to start there. But I want to mention something that doesn’t come to the floor often enough. We have
actually set our state up to do this: they are called Quasi-governmental entities. The regional housing authority, the
mortgage finance authority, the New Mexico finance authority, the spaceport authority,.. Oh RETA I forgot that, the
renewable energy transmission authority. The reason I mention these entities, and they are really a burr under my
saddle, is that they are by definition Quasi-governmental so they have all the benefits of being a government but
none of the oversight. In many cases these entities have bonding authority, some of them have taxing authority, and
some of them have the right to execute eminent domain. And you have no right to redress, zero, zip, nada. There are
27 of these entities in this state. I hope… and I will just end this because Doug said this very well. Quazi-
governmental entities, they are a nice convenience but at what price?

Question: What issues do the two of you debating disagree on and why?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.14.20, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: You know what it is a frightening thing but I have a tremendous respect for this young man. Things
that we disagree on, actually the pledge part was new, but in his defense he will tell you he hasn’t been in the arena
where you can see the other side. I’m sure if we really dug down I may not like the way he dances and we may
disagree there…

Doug: where you in favor of vouchers?

Arnold-Jones: I am in favor of vouchers

Question: Should we eliminate, cap, or continue subsidies to the film industry?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.17.24, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: I may come at this with a little more anger. Because I was on the floor when we passed the 15%
credit against expenses. Now let me back up and tell you that I have part ownership of an audio/video production
company in California and that operated for 20 years. It was very interesting to watch the industry. And I what I
learned about were the bottom dwellers. These were the guys who wanted all the free stuff and didn’t pay their bills.
Well did we invite them to New Mexico, yes we did. So, and there are good things, and please don’t, I like the
industry. I love the creative side of it. But I was the only one on the floor when we were passing this 15% credit
against expenses that voted no and boy did I feel like I was sticking out like a sore thumb. …Well isn’t cool to have
all the movie stars around, well ya it is cool. Well that 15% credit against expenses is now a 25% credit against
expenses. Let me rephrase that to you. How many of you own businesses in here? Just raise your hand. Ok here is
how a credit against an expense works: You turn in your expenses and we give you 25% back right now, today.
That’s what we are doing. That is not a rebate, that is not a credit, it is a credit against expense and I actually think it
may be unconstitutional. What we have returned so far in this industry is over 86 million dollars. So, is an industry
going to stay in a state that is offering 25 cents for every dollar that you spend? And I am just going to ask you to
think about how stable is this industry? That is not the only thing that we have done in this particular industry. We
have interest free loans. So far, and some of those loans are simply interest free and all they have to do is pay them
back on time, and there is nothing on the back end. That is we don’t get a cut of the profits. We also have loans
where we get a cut of the profits on the back end. Here are the two problems that we have: this comes from state
dollars that are normally invested on your behalf in safe investments and they yield on a regular basis between 6.5
and 8 percent. Well you are out that money, and so far the only return that we have gotten on any of the movies is
right around $345,000. And I’m not done, because the state also said that if a film industry wanted to come in and
use a location it was free. And we purchased tons of equipment and placed it at all of our universities and that is
free. We have driven media businesses out of business already in this state. And the bottom line is, well I am
grateful they are here, but I want businesses that can sustain themselves overtime by themself.

Question: Where do you stand on the immigration? Do you support immigration reform?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.21.20, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: You know, I am actually a fan of immigration. You know it strengthens our country. I think where
we get into trouble is, when we are abusing the rules of any country. And that is, is how do you enter the country?
And we have people who have stood in line for years and years, behaving legally, and now they feel that they are at
the back of the line. We have a very special issue with our border in Mexico. We have families that are across the
border. Surely we can find a way that we can create some type of traffic that will be within the law. And so reform I
hope so. I do hope so…

Question: I am a 100% republican candidate supporter. How will you implement what you say you will do with the
democratic legislature fighting you all the way?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.25.56, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: You know, I am there. I serve in the legislature. Please know that in house that I serve in there are 25
republicans, and 45 democrats. You don’t get things done unless you can work together. And it is not uncommon for
individuals like me to go to my colleagues and say you know we know that this is time, will you please carry my
bill. The one that I babied. And you do that because it’s right for the state. The colleagues that I serve with, I will tell
you, are really quite remarkable and there is only a handful that I really have any question with. And so it comes
down to leadership, it is the governor’s responsibility to set an agenda, but more importantly to set a vision. The one
thing that I have going for me is competence, and I really, really dig into the details. My colleagues in the legislature
trust that, that I will look, that I will be thoughtful. And I am open to hearing whether or not I have a hair brained
idea and if it’s hair brained why is it and how do we make it better. These are real human beings. And so one of the
things that I witnessed over the last seven years is legislation that my colleagues were asked to carry that were half
baked. The DWI laws that have gone through in the last seven years, have you counted them? Every year we have
updated the DWI laws. It makes it almost impossible for our law enforcement to enforce laws that change that
rapidly. The reason that they did that is the executive wanted to get, in my opinion, another headline. And because
they were democrat they were not allowed to say no, even though they knew the legislation was flawed. I simply
approach it differently and I approach the legislature with tremendous respect. I know what it takes, but I also know
that as governor I get to set the visions, and the response to that is that balance of tension that is necessary to
actually preserve a democratic republic, which is what we are.

Question: Do you know where Des Moines is? Do you have any plans to enhance economic development in rural
New Mexico?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.28.52, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Do I get that question first? That’s great. Actually a couple things, let me go back to sustainability. I
think our rural communities are vital, and so when I talk about connectivity that’s one of the things that I mean.
Every single community in the state of New Mexico needs to be connected. They should not have to drive over an
hour or two hours for information. It should be available over the internet. What’s really interesting is we have more
fiber in the ground than any other state in the union and it’s not connected. But one of those things, when I look at
rural communities, the first thing I look at is their library. Because it becomes the focus for making sure that we
build a business case to give that connectivity. There are other issues and again let me remind you that we have
entire communities that do not have power. And they do not have running water. We had capital outlay that was
squandered, it was supposed to have built out that degree of infrastructure. But I don’t think that there is anybody in
this room that thinks that we should have a community that is still hauling water that might be tainted in anyway.
But we didn’t do it. Now there is another role for our rural communities and that is the sustainability of our state and
I hope you’ll think about it. When we start driving communities, rural communities, out of where they live into the
cities, we start losing our food production, we start losing some of the very things that are important but we also
increase the opportunity to share things such like H1N1. I hope that when you look at our state that you will revere
the folks who are willing to live in rural communities because they are providing your food and it is really
important. Thank you.

Question: I want you to speak more on these three issues: I am a passionate Milton freedman capitalist. I want to
hear what you are going to do to our tax system? I am a passionate nuclear advocate. I want to hear what you are
going to do for our mining, agriculture and nuclear issues. What are you going to do about the corruption in this

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.36.25, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: Let me start with the tax. You know we have made swiss cheese out of our current tax policy. It
actually was quite an eloquent tax policy and there is almost nothing left of it. And so, the flat tax is something to
think about. My guess is, is before we ever get a flat tax is, you will see a shift to a sales tax. And is that…easier, no
it isn’t. A flat tax is by far the easiest type of tax to administer but there is less control over it. One of the problems
that we have in our state is we have small communities that if we didn’t move the taxes through the state
government the communities themselves would starve to death. And so it isn’t quite as easy as saying we will just to
do a flat tax no matter where we are because it really doesn’t work that way. And I will tell you again that I support
those small communities but there are some real harsh realities. It’s just like Mosquero, I think, actually they only
have one entire school district and there are only 39 kids in there right now, and so there are some real issues there.
Corruption, I have to just give credit where credit is due. If you have seen the (…) New Mexico proposal on
prohibiting lobbyists or businesses from giving campaign contributions if they are going to have a contract with the
state. And it’s a great proposal. But I do want you to know that Representative Tom Taylor from Farmington
actually introduced that bill last year, I supported it then, I support it now. And I just wanted you to know where it
came from. But I want to talk about nuclear. Because what we are not talking about is something that is on the
Horizon. The Japanese already have it. It is called, the new term is a small modular nuclear facility, also known as a
right size reactor. These are hardened facilities, they take no water, you put them in the ground, they will produce
easily 25 Mw of power, the will last for 20 years then you change them out. It is time to start doing that. And the
real advantage to a right size reactor is our ability to decentralize our grid. Anytime you have large energy
production facilities, I’m just thinking defensively here, it becomes a hard target. The more decentralized you are the
less chance of failure. Single points of failure is stupid. But we should also be doing more reprocessing, we are
doing enrichment in the southern part of the state at the Natural Enrichment Facility but the real value of nuclear is
reprocessing, and don’t anybody say spent in here, it is used fuel. We need to reuse it. The technology is there, we
have to have the will to do it, but we in this state more than anybody else has the ability to do that. And while I’m on
nuclear, we should be producing medical isotopes in this state. We should have three facilities up today, right now.
Because we are losing 35% of our capacity for medical isotopes this year and that’s Canada. We only produce 5% of
the medical isotopes used in this country. Now who’s dependant, it ain’t oil, it’s medicine. It’s us.

Question: New Mexico is a sovereign state, so how sovereign can we be right now? How much will the EPA affect
us in our policies?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.40.09, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: I think there is going to be a new day for governors. And so let me start with I believe in the
constitution. And the constitution says that those powers not specifically reserved for the federal government belong
to the state. That means that the governor must say no. You have to stand up and say no. There are government
programs that come to us at such great cost. And let me give you my favorite examples: Medicare and Medicaid and
the argument that I hear time and time again. “oh we have to spend some more because for every dollar we spend we
get three dollars” and who tells us how to deliver our services. Is it meeting the needs of our citizens? Now I will tell
you it’s a tough argument to say we should do away with that three dollars. I will give you that. But you need to
think about it. But let’s look at education. Look at what has happened to our system of educating our children when
we started taking subsidies from the federal government. There are times you have got to… before we do that. And
you know what, if your not sure, if you think we’re broke, you ain’t seen nothing until you look the federal
government. It is time to write our federal budget. We are in a deficit position that makes us vulnerable no matter
what we do.

Questions: How much more transparency do you want and describe the limit?

[Rio Grande Foundation Q&A, 1.47.28, 12/09/09]

Arnold-Jones: I think that really is an excellent question and so as a policy maker there are places that you do need
limits. And having been there with someone who wanted to bring a camera into the restroom, I place my limits....
You know there has to be individual privacy. Now that being said, if there are policy makers together, whether you
are at the implement school day or not. You know that still is open and if we are discussing it and you happen to be
sitting there… That should be on the record, always on the record. There are a lot of places that we could do alot
better and things that you really don’t see that I wish you could see. One of the things that happens right now and the
moving of money in the state government kind of to hold off Peter and pay Paul over here. We do that all the time.
Personally I think that is a really lousy method. And the way that we start seeing it is all of a sudden payments start
not being made to providers in the farther reaches of the state. We had one set of DWI rehabilitation providers who
have not been paid for 11 months. Now if we had the degree of transparency where you could see the anticipated
payments against revenue, then I think we could of said “oh dear agency what are you doing over there and where is
the money going.” The amount of money that is dumped into our universities that are completely unaccounted for is
terribly troubling to me. And so I think you need, you know so I am trying to find the limit of transparency and I
guess I’m going to say it’s the bathroom.
Part 2
[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 2 of 9, 8.46, 2/25/10]

Arnold-Jones: Kenny I apologize but I don’t see the red card. And I may be. Oh you know what? It’s the flowers.
Thank You… Hi Janice Arnold-Jones, it is so nice to be back in Clovis and I have to tell you that this group along
with the Nighhawk group, along center right groups, and tea party groups played a significant role in the last
legislative session. You called, you wrote, you killed house bill 123. Thank you so much. And what I know about
this group in particular, you research like crazy. You get the facts and your effective and we have needed this in our
state for so long and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

Part 3

[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 3 of 9, 0.00, 2/25/10]

So, Janice Arnold-Jones, running for governor, I am currently serving in the legislature. This is my fourth term and I
am privileged to sit next to Representative Crook in the tax committee. We are outvoted, outgunned and we fight
like crazy every single time we go in there. Even if it means simply asking so many questions that they simply cut us
off. Sometimes you fight everyway you can but I want you to know that you have one of the best fighters in the
legislature and she is sitting right here in this very row.

[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 3 of 9, .35, 2/25/10]

Arnold-Jones: So just a little about myself. I’m not quite from here. My dad was in the air force, he was killed (…)
an airplane in 1963, my mom threw a dart at a map and we moved to the spot nearest the dart that had a military
base and a university. That’s how I got to Albuquerque My mom is a very gutsy woman she traced us all over
Germany, all over Europe when we were very little. My dad was out flying and so here we are. Went to the old
Albuquerque High School. Graduated from UNM. Married my husband who is from Santa Fe. I kept him around for
35 years. I refer to him fondly as my arm candy because he is. 23 years in the navy. We’ve had a terrific time but we
could hardly wait to come home. In the middle of all of that. Do we have any military spouses out here? Any of
you? Ya. Well I will say you’ll appreciate this. In that entire time I have had a career. And it is always selling
yourself because you go into an employer and they are going “I don’t want to hire you, because you’re gonna
leave.” My job was to sell myself. So in the middle of all of that I opened two businesses, they have now since
closed. And now I manage the Albuquerque office of Parallax Incorporated. We do system tests and system
integration for complex systems for Sandia National Labs. Its a lot of fun, love the work, and I have been doing that
for ten years. In the middle of all of that I ran for office, and it has been such a privilege and such a challenge to
serve in the legislature. So why am I now making a change from the House of Representatives that I love, to running
for governor. I’ll tell you what, when you have a democratically controlled legislature that has been so for 80 years,
very difficult to make changes. And one of the really aggravating pieces, I have a piece of legislation that was
important, it was called inter-operability. And for those of yall, anybody know inter-operability? It’s where the
police department could talk to the fire department... Important piece of legislation. My name isn’t on it. My bill, my
name isn’t on it, that’s how it is. Time to change that and you know what I don’t care. But that’s how hard it is to
make change in Santa Fe today. We need your eyes on the legislature, on the process, at the executive. That’s why I
took the webcam to the legislature. Its not that I didn’t ask permission. I did ask permission. You think they were
gonna grant me permission the fourth time I asked, I don’t think so. So I took the webcam and you all are watching,
and its making a difference. So we’re there and here’s what I want to do as your governor. I have a vision. We need
to revitalize our economy we have too many government sector jobs, not enough private sector jobs, its real simple.
And if you’re not sure the folks up in Santa Fe do not understand the math. A private sector job puts in three times
what any government sector job puts into our economy, don’t forget that. In order to revitalize our economy we have
to deal with the ethics issue. Thank you. We also have to fix our educational system. We are now dead last in the
nation in math, science, and engineering. By the end of 2012 I can’t wait, our kids have to be in the top of the nation
in math, science, and engineering. We deserve nothing less. And last energy. This is an energy rich state, we need to
export it. I have a vision. I know how the system works, but you know what, I need you. I am not afraid to have the
people participate. Thank you

Part 4
Question: What are you going to do to release the monies currently in the black hole of the Las Cruces-Santa Fe
corridor to get released out to Eastern NM? Second, will somebody promise to sell the Railrunner to a private
company and stop subsidizing it?

Part 5

[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 5 of 9, .37, 2/25/10]

Arnold-Jones: You know having worked with the budget you get to see where everything goes. So let me just
remind you, in our budget, inflated or not, the legislature only has discretion of over about 15% of it, that’s long
story. So let’s start with capital outlay, which is the infrastructure money. If you’re not certain, there ain’t any, and
there won’t be any for quite awhile. So when you have no money the first thing your government must do is set
some priorities. We have not had priorities in the eight years that I have served. Priorities like, water systems, you
have a tremendous need for a regionalized water system in this area. You are not alone. Electrical systems, we still
have entire communities have no electricity. Once you set the basic criteria then how you spend your budget it starts
to make sense. Right now we are throwing money into what we call economic development. And I don’t want to
step on the toes of the economic developers. There are some very good projects. But when we talk about economic
development being, handing money to build money, and the money goes out of the state that is not economic
development and that’s a fact. So we have all of these options but when we look at our budget, how we will disperse
it across the state really depends on the priorities that we set. My priorities are basic infrastructure which includes
water, electricity, roads. Followed very quickly by individuals with dv waivers, because we are a compassionate
community. The Railrunner, boy I wish you all could read that contract, you would think they lost their minds. And
if you’re not certain that we are on the hook for 2 million dollars per mile for safety upgrades every year you have to
wonder, “what were we thinking?” And I will tell you what, they sold it(…) look good, I hope we can sell it.

Question: I am a computer consultant here in Clovis. My question for you as candidates is what do you think the
proper role of state government should be?

Part 6

[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 6 of 9, 0.00, 2/25/10]

Arnold-Jones: … That Santa Fe can make a better decision for you than you can for yourself. And people believe it,
they believe it. So how do we change that? We need to talk about what kind of choices you are not making. I saw
some home schoolers here, would you raise your hands again? I thought I saw … Thank you , that is a choice. You
know our educational system is failing, you have a choice. But if you talk to most people they think they are stuck,
what are we thinking? If you think that only the government can give you a job, what are you thinking? Are we
really willing to buy off on what we think is a safe pension when in fact you are going to have a substandard living,
that is what we have agreed to. It’s time to change our thinking. We have been held hostage in this state. And the
most egregious way that we are held hostage is the temptation of a 3 to 1 federal match, and we buy it every time. I
believe that when we stand up and say we can make better decisions for our self and federal government we don’t
need your money we will be better off.

Question: I am retired military, each year I am very curious at what goes on in Santa Fe. Why is it the budget, the
very first thing that is accomplished at the legislative session instead of about a penny of it, things that don’t mean

[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 6 of 9, 8.22, 2/25/10]

Arnold-Jones: The direct answer is: I’m not your governor, Bill Richardson is. That’s the truth, you know the
governor sets the agenda. This last session and I can attest to it because Representative Crook and I just lived
through this. We warned them, we said: “Don’t… a lobbyist bill that did nothing in terms of healing corruption and
myriad of other things including same day voter registration none of which had anything to do with the budget, and
everything to do with distracting and taking the focus off of what was done. But the real truth, the real story: the
governor didn’t have a budget. That’s the truth. It is the governor’s responsibility to make sure that there is a
proposed budget. You cannot do this in secret. You cannot do this without talking to everybody. Not only the
citizens but also both houses of the legislature. Any good budget is a collaboration. And a budget, let me remind
you, this isn’t the democratic version…This is the baseline and so you spend over it, we are having a difficult time
there just figuring out what a budget is.

Part 7
[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 7 of 9, 0.00, 2/25/10]

Janice Arnold-Jones We are yes indeed, we are at right this minute about a billion dollars down. And let me just tell
you it’s real basic budgeting. I can find about 4.7 billion dollars in revenue. The latest budget I have seen is 5.3
billion dollars. That is not a budget that’s a disaster.

Question: It’s a two part question. 90% of our businesses are not handicap compliant. There is a tax code called tax
code 190 that will give a 15,000 dollar federal tax credit. How would you use the tax code to make sure these
businesses have the advantage of being handicap compliant?

Part 8

[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 8 of 9, 2.36, 2/25/10]

Arnold-Jones: This is a tough question and you probably already know that we have a problem even with
compliance for handicap parking spaces. Such a simple concept. And I would offer to you that it is probably aware it
has nothing to do with taxes, we simply are ignorant, we need to do a better job. And I have a really hard time…
because everyone deserves access and you either believe that or you don’t but I’m telling you as your governor I
believe it. And that access comes across many types of limiting, especially mobility issues and we’re not thinking
about it. But I want to talk about taxes and how that works or that doesn’t work. So let me throw something out to
you. I don’t believe that we are currently taking advantage of the federal tax credit. My guess is, is we need to build
in a match. But what I do know is that we have obliterated the tax code. We in the name of tax credit give a 25%
credit against expenses to drive by film companies. That’s a 25% credit against expenses. That’s cash folks. Any of
you have a business that get that? Think you might deserve it? I think you do. Tax policy should be low, broad, fair,
equitable and easy to administer. And those rare exceptions should serve your citizens. The type of exception that
we are discussing, and so putting into play a tax incentive. Now let me give you another example: we do a
tremendous amount of weatherization in our state and I’ll bet that most of you don’t know that your tax dollars are
paying for it. There is a tax credit and you probably have no idea whether or not it is effective. And it’s because we
don’t know either… There are many methods to actually put this into place and I like everyone else, I need to go
look but I don’t think I have ever seen the state match for that program. Thank you

Part 9-Closing Comments

[Gubernatorial Debate, Part 9 of 9, .45, 2/25/10]

Arnold-Jones: What you see is what you get. I have a constituent meeting absolutely every Saturday because the
smartest people I know have to be constituents, it’s you. And when you want to solve the problem, you need to go
closest to the problem. I’m with Doug, I am so tired of living in the state of potential. I have lived here since I was
ten years old, in the state of potential it is time to move to the state of success and the state of prosperity and that is
this state so lets get on with it. We have some of the most remarkable things happening in this state and nobody
knows about it. And since this happens to be an agricultural area, let’s talk about the role of agriculture. You are
now seventh in the nation in dairy, we are one of the few states in the nation that actually creates lactose free milk
by filtration. That is a blending of the dairy industry and Sandia National labs, who knew. But then we have a tax
policy, do we sell that product in this state, we do not, go figure. But let me tell you these are some real basic things.
If you cannot feed your people you lose your state, you lose your country. If we don’t focus on those basic concepts
we will not have anything to talk about. You are what is standing in the way, thank god, because you are feeding our
state. And we have to make sure that we are able to do that. So you may be worried about how little oil we are
producing, I am worried too. But I am much more worried about how much food we are importing from every place
else in the world, when in fact we are able to produce it, we should produce it and I’m counting on you, we can do
this. I would like to be your governor. I have thought about this since last March. You know this is a very unique
time. I am ready. And I know when I am elected there is a nanosecond to change the direction of this state, you have
to be ready. Thank you.
Question: So how do you think the debate went?
[After Governor Debate, .03, uploaded 5/27/10]
Arnold-Jones: You know I had a lot of fun, this is sort of like the culminating debate or forum and it is just a delight
to be able to tell people how I see the state and the job that needs to be done. It was a privilege.
Question 2: It seems that the poll has Susana and Alan Wey as 1 and 2. Do you think that after today you may have
cracked the ceiling?
[After Governor Debate, .29, uploaded 5/27/10]
Arnold-Jones: Oh you know I do. You know one of the problems about being a state legislator is during the session
you cannot raise money and you really can’t campaign. So I have been catching up but as the underdog, you know
what, word got out. I have this terrific team of volunteers that has just knocked my socks off. They are all over the
state and one by one by one. And here is an opportunity for a whole group of people who have never met me. So it
was really a privilege.
Comment: Janice Arnold-Jones good luck on Tuesday
Arnold-Jones: Thank you
Intro: Opening Statements

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 3, 10.42,5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: I am Janice Arnold-Jones, I’m an air force brat, a resident… of New Mexico since 1963, a graduate
of the old Albuquerque High School and UNM. My husband John Jones is a retired navy commander. He has been
my arm candy for 35 years… We have a son Robert and a daughter Mary. I am a navy wife, mom, entrepreneur,
business manager, soccer coach, and community volunteer. I am a four term member of the New Mexico House of
Representatives. I serve on the tax committee as well as the voters committee. As a member of your unpaid, citizen
legislature I have served by being prepared, reading the legislation, asking tough questions, and demanding that the
information be available and accessible. When our constitution was trampled and tax bills were log rolled I stood
against the speaker of the house in defense…

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 4, 0.00, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: … I will concentrate on fiscal responsibility and doing the people’s business. As governor I will lead
the state to a revitalized economy and effective, service oriented government free of pay-to-play corruption, an
educational system that is among the top in the nation, and a revitalized economy. Thank you.

Question: How will you as governor see and exercise the proper distribution of power between the state and federal
government? Expecially, under the 10th amendment, in situations like the current health insurance reform bill. You
have two minutes

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 1, 8.24,5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: It’s probably more basic than that. The governor has to say no. And let me tell you how this happens,
because you need to know where the no’s come in. Folks let’s start with the medicare/Medicaid dollars. We do have
a 3 to 1 match. And I assure you sitting in the legislature is very tempting to say “ahhh! My goodness we cant do
that because we will lose our 3 to 1 match.” I assure you that we have been entirely held hostage and we have been
kept down because of that match, but it’s not the only one. In the current budget, 70 million dollars of FMAT
money, it’s hanging out there like a little carrot, but we don’t even know if it’s going to come in. And I assure you
on Monday, that amount of money will be in the budget that they are going to cram down our throats. You say no,
you say no because I know, that if I say no to any of things or if I say no we are not going to just allow anybody to
go across our borders. I’m going to do something about it. The federal government (…) the truth know. Revolution
is a good thing. Governors need to do that.

Question: What amendment to the New Mexico Constitution would you champion and why or why not?

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 4, 11.17, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well, Alan took my favorite one. So let me give you another one because many people don’t know
it’s there. A number of years ago we passed a constitutional amendment that allows the state to take your taxpayer
money and give it to developers for low-income housing. And you know I believe that that stifles, not only free
enterprise, but the reality is we are not providing quality low-income housing and you didn’t even know it was in
your constitution did you? And so we (…) the anti-donation clause because we put that particular amendment in our
constitution. And while I’m at it, I brought my constitution, and one of the things that just aggravates me about
printing this, you think this is right don’t you? And I bet… the election law and come to find out, the federal
government trumped on our constitution and it doesn’t count.

Question: How will your fiscal policy be applied to the state’s budget problems? With specific reference to taxation
vs. services like the rail runner and the size of government, state employees and state programs.

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 4, 18.45,5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well, fiscal policy, let me tell you what. Beginning with the rail runner there was no plan, there was
no cost benefit analysis. And anybody who has half a brain who could sit down and figure out that this is going to
cost us a lot of money and we were not going to have the resources to pay for it. Of course, in 2003 we were
promised that we would not need to go to the regional area and ask for more taxes and of course you all passed those
just last year. And did you know that as we increased those taxes our projections were wrong again? And so we
don’t have enough money to cover the operating expenses, which they told you was 24 million dollars but its not, its
50. That’s what we are dealing with. And so when you have a governor who comes in who is much more interested
in making a name than serving the citizens and doesn’t want to actually present a plan, you got a problem. And so
let’s talk fiscal policy, ok we have taxes that are meant to provide enough revenue to provide those services that
cannot be provided any other way to the citizens of New Mexico. Today, right now we have revenue potential of
about 4.6 billion dollars, we have a budget coming on Monday of 5.3 billion dollars. They are going to raise your
taxes. It makes me so mad I can hardly see straight. And on top of that, when I look at that tax policy, it is
convoluted, it is complicated, and it is designed to carve out certain groups of people to have benefits while others
carry the burden. Taxes should be low, broad, fair, equitable, and easy to administer. They are not, you should spend
as a business person more than 1% of your gross revenue in an entire month for all your taxes in a whole year. And I
assure you, I am gonna bet every single one of my colleagues sitting here spends way more than that. It is not that
complicated. When it comes to services let me tell you the other ugly secret that will not happen here. FTE’s will
have two bodies.

Question: Can you explain your philosophy on individual rights when they interact with the authority of the state

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 4, 23.51, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: What a great question and it’s the one that you need to pay the most attention to. I believe that the
greatest form of empowerment is individual responsibility. Starting from that perspective: You should own your
home, your land. If you are able to and you live in an area where you have a well, you have water rights that belong
to you and should not be taken away. We are doing that and part of the reason that we are taking away water rights
is because we have folks who come from the other side of the Mississippi who use Eastern water law rather than
Western water law, very different. People’s lively hoods, their historic family home are based on that personal type
of property right. You also have a property right to be responsible unto yourself. So let’s think about the property
right of the job if you are a government employee. Should that be a property right?...

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 5, 0.00, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: …The rest of us in the private sector do not think about jobs as a property right. In our state it is and
you need to think about the difference and what is the interplay. So, let me go back to the very basic concept,
individual responsibility is the greatest form of empowerment and that includes those things that should be yours:
Your home, your personal property, your personal safety, those are yours and we should not tread on them. You
know I just came back from the east coast, it was very interesting. We don’t think about what’s happening in New
Jersey or New York. It never occurred to me that individual businesses in those large towers had no property rights.
They have no right to alter their property, they may have no right to put a sign out, they have no right to have an
antenna. I didn’t know that. So be careful what you ask for.

Question: What do you think about New Mexico’s current water policy? Specifically the recent lawsuit that
questions the constitutionality of the domestic well statute, which requires the state to issue a domestic well permit
to all those who apply.

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 5, 13.25, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: … The water companies. And I know how complicated these issues are but if you don’t have
demonstrated water for a 40 year plan or a 100 year plan that you may actually limit development. And the last thing
we want is to limit development that actually creates business, we may want to limit population. This is not a
particularly easy question. So I want to go back very quickly to agriculture vs. domestic use of water and I think
that’s where a lot of our policy problems come into play. Because the truth, the truth is that Albuquerque and Santa
Fe, yall don’t use very much water but in agriculture we use a lot of water. What is the value? And I am going to
come down on the side that agriculture is very important. So can we find ways within our water policy to make more
sense, to make better use or better beneficial use of water. Let’s take a look at the dairy industry, which is water
intensive. One of the things that has already happened if you’re not aware. That our dairies are recycling water at
least 6 times. At least 6 times for every turn and sterilizing the water for beneficial use. Those are some things that
we can do. In ground irrigation makes a huge difference, and so could we create additional incentives for that type
of in ground activity. And what can we do with Elephant Butte Lake? I bring that up because 19% of all of our
evaporation is the top of Elephant Butte Lake. So, it’s just another tid-bit so there are a lot of policies here but I
think that we have to look at water in terms of not only(…). Can we provide water for our population, is there water
to drink? And then is there to move our state forward? It is a complicated movement. And I thank you for that (…)

Question: The tax lightning issue is stil unresolved after the regular legislative session. As governor how will you
handle this grossly unfair, unequal tax? Do you think only executive action will work?

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 5, 18.00,5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well, I was there, and we are too…. There are a couple of assumptions that were made that had
contributed to the problem. First off is, the problem is that our sensors today already have a true and correct
assessment of your property. There is no standard across the state and it’s not true and correct. The way the law was
written was, you will be capped at a three percent increase at the sale if it is true and correct. But it’s not true and
correct, because we don’t know. So here is the solution: The solution is standards across the state for our sensors,
first and foremost. And by the way tax lightning is only hitting Albuquerque. That is partly because we have more
houses, more activity. It really isn’t hitting the other communities yet. It creates an inequity with a neighborhood
that you have to recognize and that inequity is, is if you have held/owned your house for twenty years and Mr. (…)
comes in and buys a house. And you started out with the same amount of taxes and now his is going to double. How
is that fair, but how does that actually help your neighborhood? It doesn’t. So our ability to evaluate property needs
to change. There needs to be a greater standard, a standard that is used across the state. By the way other states
actually have these standards. So for example you could do property evaluation based on types of services that are
being provided at the property, the size of the property, certain outhouses, and you would think all of this, or in
houses whichever, all of this actually exists but it does not. So we actually can get our arms around this, we simply
have to choose to do so. But because we have pulled our tax system so much they’re very reluctant to actually hurt
the counties because we pulled all of the other taxes away from the counties.

Question: Will you get rid of the EIB and other outlaw rogue appointed boards? [video missing]

Question: What do you plan to do about the unfunded pension and benefits liability?

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 7, 04.28, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: …military retirement is your(..) You know I have to agree with Pete Domenici that we’ve made a
promise in our pension, and you have to honor that promise. And I would fight just as hard if the military retirement
were altered. So, are we helpless? We are not. So, proaactivley we need to raise the requirement, we still have 20
and 25 year pension plans. Most businesses require 35 years of service today. So that’s one of the first things we can
do. The second thing we can do, as a legislature, in particular we can start making the contributions we should have
started making 8 years ago. I sat on the commission to actually fund the ERB to bring it to solvency. I saw the plan
and my colleagues chose the worst of it and then we didn’t fund it. How can you look at your citizens in the face
knowing that that actually happened. So I think Doug Turner is also right. We have to go from defined benefit to
defined contribution. But again you need to start making those changes more slowly but as when people come into
the system that is where you need to make those changes and we need to start now with a comprehensive plan. But
we have an obligation, we need to meet it.

Question: Should the rail runner be discontinued and should other failed state programs continue to be funded?

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 7, 9.08, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: I am not a fan of the rail runner. The reason I am not a fan is because it was very clear from the
beginning how much it was gonna cost us. Having sat on the floor while they argued that we would not need to
widen I-25 because we were going to put the rail runner in. And have y’all seen that construction? I just thought I
would check that. And so we were supposed to spending (…) 400 million dollars we are (…) close to 1 billion
dollars. But the contract, you know the governor and the (…) needs to pay attention to the contract. It is bleeding us
dry. It actually in my opinion steps on the authority of the appropriating responsibility of the legislature. Because the
contract actually tells us how much money we have to put in for safety upgrades. Reading the details is really
important. So, do I think we have a way out? You know I’m gonna tell you what, there are a lot of people who really
love this rail runner but it’s 50 million dollars a year, that’s what it’s costing us. Could we do better by actually
using a small one… throughout our state? You know we are a huge state and the one thing that we (…) need is
connectivity. And so all’s we’ve connected is Belen to Santa Fe. Another way to actually solve this problem,
because what they are going to argue to you is, “well my job’s in Santa Fe, it’s department of transportation or tax
and revenue.” Well ladies and gentleman you know what we can move those departments. And so just I am looking
into numbers…, I just don’t know how we can come out of this. But here is the really bad news, if we sell it today
we will not get a nickel on the dollar. That’s your access and that just kills me.

Comment from Janice:

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 8, 3.39,5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: Take a lifeline. I want to offer a different perspective on the spaceport. You know we do some really
terrible things sometimes, but sometimes in spite of you, the private market, free enterprise comes to the rescue. And
so the spaceport, I promise you … from Richardson Branson, ever. We don’t have a contract at (…). My toilet paper
is worth more. But what we do have is an emerging industry that is looking at some orbital satellites and they have
no place to launch, they are going to (…) right this minute. Private industry can do this, it is an opportunity that is
unique to New Mexico and I hope that we are smart enough to deal with the debt that we have created but also be
open to the opportunity because it would be a dramatic change for our state. The office of operational and
responsive space command at Kirtland air force base actually meets this capability today, right now.

Question: Red or Green

[Tea Party GOP Debate, part 8, 5.39, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: That green stuff is only hotter if you don’t get Chimayo chile. I like red.
 [Roundhouse Speech, .20, assessed 4/20/12]
Arnold-Jones: There will be any number of bills introduced this session that will serve as a distraction to the only
business that we should be focused on, which is the budget. And by the way that term budget means estimating
revenue and adjusting expenses so you don’t overdraw the checkbook. Do you all do this in your home? (Ya) Well
so should we. So what do you call a financial plan that says we will spend more than 600 million dollars than we
will take in? How about irresponsible? Yes. Because of our failure to budget, the legislature must first repair the
2010 budget before we can do anything else and we can’t touch the 2011 budget until we have made solvent 2010.
That is what a balanced budget means. So budget first, budget only. And it will take every bit of time we have
available to fix the 6 million dollar mismatch between spending and revenue. I asked the leaders in each chamber to
immediately throw out everything that is not connected with the budget. Because you know what will happen if we
don’t? There will be a series of special sessions on your dime. We need to do the job today, we need to do it now.
[Roundhouse Speech, 1.50, assessed 4/20/12]
Arnold-Jones: Second, reduce spending first. What a concept. We must streamline government and we all know
there are legitimate ways to do it. But that effort is blocked by the draconian process we used to create the budget in
the first place. Relying once again on the governor’s cabinet secretaries to bring forward the budgetary
recommendations will only result in the same thing you have seen for the past seven years. And you all know this, if
you keep doing the same thing over and over, why on earth do you expect a different result? We gotta do something
different. So let me tell you what I think we can do, and you know what we are all in this together so you can help. I
believe we can change the process and I am asking you to call on our legislative leaders in the senate and in the
house to suspend any other hearing and use our current committee process to actually find the waste in government.
And here is a really simple way to handle it. We can divide up all the state agencies among all those committees, we
can put every state employee’s name in a hat, draw out fifty names and ask those state employees to come and tell us
where the waste is. If we listen, I promise you they will tell us. We are not helpless in this, we can do this. And I
know you are getting cold so let me tell you about the last thing we can do.
[Roundhouse Speech, 3.19, assessed 4/20/12]
Arnold-Jones: And that’s transparency. Don’t you think its kind of silly that I have to bring a webcam to the
legislature so you know what’s going on. Its time for us to embrace the citizens of the state, you have a right to
participate in your own well being. The only way you can participate is by having access to your state government. I
encourage you to channel your anger and frustrations in active thoughts, active words, active deeds and share it
every time you have a chance with your elected representative. And I promise if you bring those specific ideas we
are going to listen, we are going to listen, we have no choice. Now I am going to have to go in because the session is
going to start. I do want to remind you that I am running for governor because there are positives… that make a
difference in the lives of all New Mexicans and I just thank you so much for taking time away from your work to
participate today. I know that there are many groups here and I would like to offer the podium to others because I
know you all have something to say and I am going to stand here and listen as long as I can. Thank you
[Lincoln County Tea Party Debate, 0.00, 03/06/10]

Question: How would you support small business in New Mexico? Specifically: tax breaks, health insurance, and
unemployment fraud.

[Lincoln County Tea Party Debate, 1.50, 03/06/10]

Arnold-Jones: That is a great question and there are so many things that we can do. So let’s start with, if you’re a
small business person, let’s make filing your taxes simple and easy. Right now, for most of you who file business
taxes it takes a significant portion of your revenue. It should never take more than 1% of one month’s revenue to file
your taxes. And yall know it takes time to file your taxes. So that is the standard, but I can tell you that many
businesses are spending an enormous amount of money. Let me give you your doctors as an example. We actually
reduced the taxes on our doctors and created Column M. Now for most physicians who are not a hospital employee
it costs them upwards of 6,000 dollars a month to comply. That is just ridiculous. So we need to think about what we
are doing and take those kinds of systems off of your back… and again I will go back to if you are in the
construction industry or any other type of construction or service industry where there are permits needed. It should
be simple, in fact, most of the perfunctory permits where there’s safety regulations you should be able to file them
online. They should not be arbitrary, you should know. And the governor gets to set that tone.

Question: What do you look for in the people you will appoint to your administration?

[Lincoln County Tea Party Debate, 12.46, 03/06/10]

Arnold-Jones: The people that we bring into the government that are going to be the cabinet secretaries must above
all be competent. They must be prepared to do the job, they have to have the skill set. But there are a few things that
they also have to have: They have to have enough personal fortitude to always behave ethically, and my standard is
high. And in that standard they also have to have the courage to disagree with me. That is the only way that it is
going to work and I am going to point out how you have suffered by the number of yes people that have been in this
administration. The individuals that I bring in in this point also have to understand that government is an integrated
whole, that nothing acts in a vacuum any longer. We are not in silos. If you do not understand that, then you cannot
come and work for me. So let me tell you how this has affected your life: The IT official, information technology
officials in our state, the progenitors of the share program have cost you a ton of money. Some of you who work for
the state have not received checks because of it. The bottom line, the person put in charge was a political hack and
had no idea how to roll out a system. And as a system administrator I can tell you when you decide to roll out a
whole thing all at once and you decide one size fits all, it’s almost guaranteed it won’t work, and it didn’t. That’s
what happens when you put political hacks in positions of in the cabinet that are going to affect your life.

Question: Do you support abstinence as a curriculum in our schools?

[Lincoln County Tea Party Debate, 14.58, 03/06/10]

Arnold-Jones: I’ll give (…) short in a long answer. Yes, and you know the concept that your body is a temple, that if
you damage it in any way it’s with you for the rest of your life. It’s a part of the program. Our children are missing
that message and it is hurting their lives. Yes.

Question: Are you in favor of state sovereignty now? If so, why? If not, why?

[Lincoln County Tea Party Debate, 18.02, 03/06/10]

Arnold-Jones: State’s are sovereign. The constitution says that those powers not specifically delegated to federal
government is reserved to the state. So how do we apply that? Well, let me tell you how your state has been held
hostage. You want Medicaid dollars? It is a three to one match it’s pretty tempting. Well when you take that three to
one match then the federal government can tell you exactly what kind of benefits you’re going to offer, how you’re
going to do it. And I’m sorry my colleagues in Santa Fe have drunk the Kool-Aid, they don’t understand that there
may be something better than that three to one match and it may be in our own hands. State sovereignty is one of the
ways that helps us to start delineating these problems. So here are some other unfunded mandates that have been
imposed by the federal government and again with a hook: many of the title 1 programs, the free and reduced lunch
programs. You lost your school system the moment we took it. You want to fix it? You have to take it back. So let
me just tell you that as we do this, while I believe in state’s rights, what makes our nation great is 50 states that stand

Question: Closing Statements. 90 seconds

[Lincoln County Tea Party Debate, 29.27, 03/06/10]

Arnold-Jones: Before I close I just want to thank and also make you aware the democrats in particular are very
interested in this and Mr. Beam is in the back filming this again today. It’s nice to see you. As governor I will
conduct business in the open and I will convince the legislature to do the same, I will concentrate on fiscal
responsibility and doing the people’s business. As governor I will lead our state to a revitalized, robust economy. An
efficient, effective service oriented government free of pay-to-play corruption. An educational system that is among
the best in the nation and an energy policy that will make New Mexico the leading energy exporter of the nation. So
the question for you is: who can beat Diane Denish? So here are some things to think about: you need a candidate
that sets the ethical standard by which all are judged, but remember the governor doesn’t get to prosecute crime.
You need a candidate that inspires trust and respect. The governor and the lt. governor have led by threat and
intimidation. I say enough. A candidate that all New Mexicans republican, democrat or independent believe will
govern fairly, openly, and honestly. A candidate with a record that New Mexicans trust. I am that candidate, I ask
for your support and your vote June 1 st and November 2nd. I am Janice Arnold-Jones for governor.
[KRQE TV Interview, .00, 3/19/10]
Mike Powers: There are five candidates running on the republican side of the ledger. Running for governor of New
Mexico this year, joining us this evening is one of them, Janice Arnold-Jones. Who is a New Mexico Representative
from Albuquerque. Thank you Janice for being with us this evening.
Arnold-Jones: Oh it’s a privilege thank you.
Powers: Tell us why should you be running? What do you bring to the table?
[KRQE TV Interview, .24, 3/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Oh well a lot. But succinctly it’s time to move from the state of potential to the state of success and
prosperity. If you are a New Mexican you know we have talked about this for years. It’s time to do it.
Powers: Alright so specifically, get away from the old sytem of running the state.
Arnold-Jones: Not only the way old system but the old way of looking at things. And so I am ready for us to change
our economy. Our economy is very much government based. When we change our economy to a private sector
economy that is robust much of what we all say: oh we could be, we should be, will be. And its time to do that.
Powers: The thing you talk about on the campaign trail is your four E’s. Those are important to you.
Arnold-Jones: They are. Economy, Ethics, Education, and Energy. In order to have a robust economy we have got
to deal with this issue of ethics. People have got to be able to come into our state and understand they will not be
shaken down, they will not be impeded by anything that is outside of the regulations, we have got to change how
way we behave. Our educational venue, as you know, we are now dead last in the nation in math, science, and
engineering. Our children deserve better than that. But the businesses that we want to flourish here are dependant
upon that knowledge base. And last energy, you know we should be the largest exporter of energy in the nation and
we still have communities that have no electricity, how do we rectify that, how do we resolve that, those are things
that I want to work on. And while we are resolving the infrastructure for our own communities, I believe that we can
export more energy than any other state in the union
Powers: Of course there has been a lot of talk about openness in government. And most people think that that is just
talk and wont go through with that. If you are elected and there is a scandal in the governors office. How do you
handle that? Can you be honest and forthright with a situation like that?
[KRQE TV Interview, 2.22, 3/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: As you know, I am the one that took the webcam to the legislature because I believe the citizens do
understand. And so if we mess up, I can assure you that we will be out front. Hiding it does not ever help any
situation. It breeds distrust. And the one thing that we are suffering from right this minute is lack of trust. So, you
will find me if we mess up, I will be the first one out there to tell you, we made a mistake.
Powers: Of course you have been right there in the middle of the budget battle in the Roundhouse up in Santa Fe.
Gov. Richardson some of his favorite projects include the Railrunner, Spaceport America, and the film industry. Of
course the state has helped get their footing on the ground here. Is there a criteria for you on projects that are similar,
that money from the tax payer should be used?
 [KRQE TV Interview, 3.12, 3/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: You know I do. Some of the infrastructure projects are very appropriate for the taxpayer to be
involved in. And the question is, can private industry come in and afford to do the build out. But I do have a bottom
line, that the tax payer has to be treated like a stock holder. And currently, the taxpayer is being treated like the only
risk taker. I want to change that equation so you are a stockholder.
Powers: So does that mean these projects have to make money for you to back them?
Arnold-Jones: They have to either make money or there has to be a compelling reason, a compelling value that
makes it possible for us to do this. And ya I do.
Powers: Only a few seconds left. How have you enjoyed the campaign trail, how has that been?
[KRQE TV Interview, 3.51, 3/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Oh I love it, I love it. You know, our citizens are so smart, our talents are just amazing. And there is
this contrast of what we have, and what we don’t have. But even in the places where we don’t have electricity, we
don’t have water, what we do have is the heart and passion in this state that’s unique. It’s New Mexico, I just love it.
Powers: Janice Arnold-Jones, thanks so much for being with us today?
Arnold-Jones: It’s a privilege thank you.
[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 8:56, 04/08/10]

Jim Villanucci: So you used to work in radio?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 8:56, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: I did.

Jim: Did you like it?

Arnold-Jones: I did, it was really fun. I was in sales for KGU radio in Honolulu and I was on the air at WRFC radio
in Athens, Georgia.

Jim: Radio is fun… Most of the time

Arnold-Jones: It is

Jim: most of the time. So now you’re in the legislature doing a lot of good work and everybody likes you up there.
Why not stay? You gave up your seat right?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 09:27, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: If you are in the House of Representatives you run every two years, you cannot run for two seats, so
yes I gave up my seat. But not my seat, it’s the people’s seat. And there is going to be a wonderful, brand new
legislator, Conrad James. He will bring new life to the legislature. I think it’s important to make those changes. But
there is a frustration in serving in the legislature. And I have loved every minute being there. I’ve loved the fights,
I’ve loved the progress, but the progress is extremely slow. And I think I have things to offer to the state of New
Mexico and I would like to move them along a little more quickly.

Jim: What qualifications do you have that the other candidates may not have?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 10:07, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well I think the things that we share you know, I have a strong business background, certainly
community service. But the thing that makes me entirely different is that I have served in the state legislature and
that eight years of service, understanding how the legislative arm works, how the budget process works…

Jim: You can’t run a government like a business, you must have some other skill set?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 10:07, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well absolutely and I think you were right: saying that you are going to run government like a
business is probably a misstatement.

Jim: You can’t fire these people. They don’t fear the governor.

Arnold-Jones: No. Well it depends on which part you’re talking about. From the policy making side that is a
deliberative activity, that means you have to be willing to engage in conversation, in debate and you have to be
willing to entertain lots of different perspectives. And from that we create the policy. Once the policy is created, it’s
the governor’s job to implement and make sure that the policies work well and at the same time that the state works

Jim: But you can’t go up there with a bat?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 11:22, 04/08/10]
Arnold-Jones: Probably an unpopular decision, people don’t like getting beat up. They don’t like being threatened,
which is what has happened under this administration.

Jim: Then it gets worse.

Arnold-Jones: It does. You know, when you operate under fear you are less productive.

Jim: Talk about the budget. How are you better able to get a handle on this than the others.

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 11.39, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well, first off having a background in business I understand that revenue and expenditures have a
relationship. If you don’t have enough revenue, if you don’t have enough money coming in you can’t spend it. And
we have just a disconnect at the state level about that. And so I think several of us think about budgets in that way.
The difference is, is understanding how the budgetary process works, where the budgets are and where the
components are in state government, who you need to talk to. And remember state government is a bureaucracy. It’s
my opinion that a bureaucracy is going to defend itself harder than almost anything else that you will …
Jim: That is what they do first.

Arnold-Jones: That’s right, it’s to defend itself. And my job is to open and to change it. That’s right

Jim: Do you think we can revive oil and gas?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 12.23, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Yes. But I think it’s going to be very difficult. We have been especially hard on the oil and gas
industries. The Pit Rule has literally been a killer. We have lost rigs, we don’t have permits, people are closing out
there wells. And this is, when I think about it in terms of the budget, that was well over 20% of our revenue. And we
have said you’re not welcome. We have literally hung out the not welcome sign. Now competition is going to make
it even more challenging to bring that industry back. New York, Pennsylvania, and Alabama are now producing
natural gas for less money than we can get it out of the ground.

Jim: We had a rancher that was killed on the border. What are your thoughts on that and how should we react to this

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 13.11, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: You should be furious, I’m furious. In fact, I did call the governor and asked him to send the National
Guard to the border and to take several other steps. This was a known issue. The community of Lordsburg, Hidalgo
County, (…) they have been talking about this for years. The fact that our border patrol, our state police and our
sheriff’s cannot communicate effectively to overcome the Mexican drug runners is really frightening. And to know
that they have tools and radios that override what we are doing means that we are sending our guys down there with
a water balloon and they have a bazooka. And it is a dangerous situation. Sending the National Guard in was the
right thing to do. Making sure just last week, they put in a new repeater to improve cell phone coverage to hopefully
enhance our 911 coverage. Would that have saved Mr. France’s life? I don’t know. But I know that those are things
that citizens should expect and it should have been there.

Jim: What do you think of the rail runner?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 14.13, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: I think it’s really expensive.

Jim: No kidding. Are we stuck with it?
Arnold-Jones: You know, you’re not stuck with anything. Here are the strikes against the rail runner: it is old
technology, it is heavy diesel, it does not have a very conducive schedule, we passed a tax here to help fund it, the
tax is producing a third less than what we expected, there are additional costs to the rail runner. There comes a point
which, even though you have sunk assets which is what we have, you may have to say I’m sorry we can’t keep
running this. You can’t keep underwriting it. You know in public transportation whether it’s a road or whether it’s
the rail runner, you know we are all participating in but you have to look at the return and the return right now, today
is very difficult for anybody to swallow and the taxes are not keeping up with it.
Jim: We have a Rasmussen poll that shows you further back from Doug Turner and Alan Weh. What do you think
about that?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 15.17, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: You know I think the poll. Well the way I read the poll and the cross tabs is that we are all within
range. We are all within about 5 points.

Jim: Do you think the republican candidate is going to win this?

Arnold-Jones: Yes I do. I do.

Jim: I do too. And so anyone of you can win this:

Arnold-Jones: At this moment it looks like anyone of us can win that. And the question for your listeners and the
republicans in the primary is who can best beat, who is best positioned to beat Diane Denish. But don’t leave out the
next step is, is who can help lead this state out of the mess that we are in.

Jim: Is it your belief that all five candidates are staying in?

Arnold-Jones: Yes it is.

Jim: Ya me to. Alright we will continue if you have questions for Janice Arnold-Jones governor candidate.
Jim: You go Christine Whitman coming into town?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 17.59, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: I do. Very excited

Jim: Former New Jersey governor. Your campaign manager is from Jersey. You had a fundraiser there. What is the
Jersey connection?

Arnold-Jones: The Jersey connection is my campaign manager, Steve Kush was the political director for Chris
Christie’s campaign. And the interesting piece about that is they brought him on board because Corzine was going to
outspend Christie by 5 to 1 which he did, and Steve Kush’s job was to win which he did.

Jim: Good guy to have around.

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely.

Question: I am wondering if you voted to give money to the train, the plane, the 500 people that Richardson hired
and if you were involved in the sanctuary city and the contract with the EI, the Indian casinos. Because we could use
casino’s in New Mexico outside of the Indian Reservations

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 19.07, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well we’ll start with the last one first. The compact for the casinos happened before I became a
legislator, so I had nothing to do with that. The plane, the train, and the 500 I’m gonna guess exempt employees, you
know those are all budget pieces. The first year that I was elected is when the money was appropriated for the train
and for the plane. I did not support those. And it was a really interesting discussion on the floor because the plane
was kind of stuck into the budget so that was not particularly visible. But on the train we were trying to get a plan
trying to figure out if it could pay for itself, does it make any sense. And we got back, trust us. And so most of the
plans for the train actually happened after the money was appropriated. That kind of legislation is really troubling to
me, I think the citizens have a right to know what we are going to do and how we are going to do it before we vote
on it.

Jim: The governor’s big ideas: the train, the movie industry, the spaceport. Are any of these going to pan out?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 20.10, 04/08/2010]

Arnold-Jones: The one that I think has a chance of panning out is the spaceport and it isn’t going to be space travel.
What is going to happen in my opinion, is there is a tremendous need today for an ability to launch in the
commercial sector. But the DOD also needs to have a place to launch. Especially low orbit satellites. This is an ideal
place. So I would call that payload and I think that the private sector is actually going to come in and use the
spaceport. And I would sum up that, with saying that while I was not happy with many of these initiatives. This one
you know, even a blind squirrel finds some nuts and this one belongs to the governor and he did okay.

Jim: Ted you’re on with Janice Arnold-Jones

Ted: What’s your opinion of math and science in this state?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 21.07, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well Ted great question, thank you so much. Right now we are in trouble. When I was first elected
our students were performing at the level of 49th in the nation in math, science and engineering. And today we are
now dead last. So there are some very specific things that have to be done. We need to retool our colleges of
education. It needs to be important to every New Mexican everyday. That is the most important job of the governor,
is to talk about education, to set the vision. Everyday, not just one year. Everyday. But there are some other things
that we can also do. We need to deploy and use our internet capabilities much more readily. The resources for math
and science instruction that are available today on the internet are just astounding. If you’ve not taken a virtual
chemistry class I encourage you to do so. It is very cool, you get to blow stuff. And if you were just in a regular
chemistry class you would just be limited to a single experiment. That part’s very exciting. But there are other
approaches. With the use of the internet we are probably going to be able to reduce the size of our schools, reduce
the amount of school busing. At the same time, we need to open things up. We need to encourage more private
education. We need to encourage more charter schools and you know we have a robust home schooling community
that deserves a lot more support. I think we’re supporting, the home schoolers are serving about 60,000 students.
And they are doing a remarkable job. So no one answer, other than you have to make the commitment you have to
say that it is important. And I believe that our children are smart and we need to not only take us to the moon but we
need to go beyond and the only way will get there is if we overcome and conquer math, science and engineering.

Jim: How long do you think it will be until there is wifi everywhere in the country?

Arnold-Jones: When do I think that will happen? Within probably, everywhere, 20 years.

Jim: 20 years?

Arnold-Jones:For everywhere. But if you’re talking about cities in town another 5 years

Jim: Mike you’re on 770 go ahead.

Mike: Thanks for letting me call and listen to Janice Arnold-Jones. I spoke to you about a year ago about the issue of
group homes in neighborhoods and I know that’s a city issue. But I do know that people all over are having this
Jim: Ok I’m going to put you on hold for a second so you can give us your number. Group homes?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 23.44, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Group homes actually Mike and I apologize I think I did try to call you back. You have just identified
a serious issue for the state of New Mexico. And the problem is that we have different regulations at the state level
and at the city level. We also have a fair housing law. What is happening in our city is because we have this
disparity companies are coming in from out of state, setting up group homes and there are not enough regulations
and oversight to make sure that the homes are safe. And so the home over on Hilton is a really good example. Why
would you put adults in a home for their developmentally disabled that have bars on the window so they can’t get
out. That’s crazy. And what’s worse is we are allowing because of some of these variances between the state law,
the city law, and the federal law, it is really overrunning some of our neighborhoods. A very significant problem,
Mike it’s not off my radar.

Jim: Caller you’re on the air.

Mark: Hello Mrs. Jones. I wanted your opinion on why this state is second in the nation in terms of violence?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 24.56, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Mark I think that’s a great question… and we’re number two. Is it? I would have to answer that
question with another question. Do we really think that violence is the answer? You know the domestic violence
numbers are frightening and I’m going to look around at the two men in the room. And so somewhere along the line
we have a disconnect that it is okay to beat up your wife, beat up your children and that’s not to say it’s just guys
who do that but predominantly…

Jim: A lot of it is substance abuse.

Arnold-Jones:It is substance abuse, and

Jim: Cultural

Arnold-Jones:But the cultural piece, the part of us that says it’s okay and then there’s the justice piece. When we
finally get somebody who has engaged in this type of violence to court, our courts tend to say well you must have
made a mistake you need another chance. Well how many other chances should you have? Is it that we are not
enforcing a consequence immediately and I think perhaps it is.

Jim: We will continue with Janice shortly… Paul you’re on 770 hello

Paul: I have two questions: Would you pass similar laws to Oklahoma’s regarding illegal aliens that solved their
illegal problem and saved their state? The second is would you work to put our highway funds from fuel back into a
highway fund different from the general fund so that our roads and bridges are supposed to be build like they should
be? That way we don’t have to go through the legislature every time a bridge gets rebuilt.

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 39.30, 04/08/10]

 Arnold-Jones:Two great questions Paul. With regard to the highway fund you know I think that when we tell the
citizens that we are going to tax them and if we impose an earmark which that is. That you should always honor that
statement that the money is going to go for its intended purpose. When it was referred back to the general fund we
could do all kinds of things with it but the worst thing that happened is we didn’t maintain our roads. And so I’m a
fan and I intend to go down that particular path because roads are important.

Jim: Now in Oklahoma an illegal immigrant can’t get any government i.d. or assistance and the illegal aliens have
left Oklahoma.
Arnold-Jones:There you go. You know when you open up the state and you know and it makes me cringe when I
think about the hospitals on our border in Deming, they are overwhelmed with dealing with illegal aliens who have
no care but they need help. And according to our laws of course they go to the emergency room and we provide
help. At what point do you say we need to take care of our own. I believe that you should be in our country legally.
That means that if you’re here legally then you are entitled to a driver’s license and to those services. Now we have
a problem and I have not seen the Oklahoma legislation. I know that this is a difficult problem but we cannot
continue down this path and because Paul mentioned it I’m going to go look at that Oklahoma legislation.

Jim: Stephanie you’re on the line.

Stephanie: I currently work in the film industry. I would like to get your opinion on the film industry.
[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 41.29, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Sarah thank you, I actually am sort of a product of the film industry. Having had a production
company in California for awhile. I am not a fan of the current tax rebates. Those are not tax credits they are tax
rebates. It’s a 25% credit against expenses and I believe that when you have a value if you simply give it away you
don’t actually continue on to have the type of business that you want.

Jim: We can attract them for less.

Arnold-Jones:Absolutely. And more importantly I wished we had actually put this in as a production venue. So
rather then having the drive by films that we actually had producers and production houses in the state of New
Mexico who are keeping the pipeline full. Because you know I love film and it is a great industry but as we look at
the impact of what we’ve done. And it’s more complicated than just the 25% credit against taxes. We’ve done some
other things that actually run counter to the industry itself. For example: we have purchased a ton of equipment and
placed it at all of our universities. The filmmakers can come in and use that equipment for free. We put people out of
business. You know I would rather our folks rent the equipment and keep it up to date. There is going to come a
point that free equipment, we’re not maintaining it, and it will not have the latest bell and whistle and we won’t be
competitive at that point.

Jim: So who would play you in a movie?

Arnold-Jones:Who should play me in a movie?

Jim: Ya you’re a famous governor one day. Like Helen Hunt

Arnold-Jones:Oh it would have to be somebody much younger than me. I like Helen Hunt and Reese Witherspoon,
but you know who I really like? Sandra Bullock.

Jim: She’s having a rough couple of weeks. Caller you’re on the line.

Caller: When you look at the subsidy funded train to Albuquerque and the film industry and the fact that the state
had to pay Hewlett Packard to relocate. Do you think this is a good use of public sector funds and what is your
philosophy on interaction on public sector and private sector?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 43.51, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Patrick that is a great question that I am glad you are thinking about that. I am actually not a fan of the
type of economic development that provides so many incentives and so much money that a new company cannot
sustain itself. When I say that is, giving especially start up, too much money in the beginning may prevent them
from becoming a strong company. I am interested in sustained business, sustained industry. Our history of economic
development with some of the companies that we have attracted is absolutely abysmal. They’re gone, they are not
here and I hope we don’t repeat that with Hewlett Packard. And so I will go back to that concept of if you fell off the
rate cart eventually you don’t have any value to sell. We have a lot to offer in the state of New Mexico and there are
good business reasons for companies to locate here.
Jim: Dave you’re on 770.

Dave: What would you do as governor that Arizona is experiencing in Nogales. I haven’t been through Nogales in
two years.

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 45.11, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Dave I think we are actually experiencing some of the same problems. I think that we have to secure
our borders. I have asked the governor and I appreciated that he was willing to send the national guard down to
Hidalgo County. In addition to the national guard there is technology to help secure the border. But you have to
make a commitment that our border belongs to us and it is the right thing to secure it. People’s property are being
destroyed, their lives are being threatened. And we simply have to make a commitment to secure the border. And
that means doing so even if the federal government chooses not to or says that we can’t, this is our state.

Jim: Alright we will have a quick break… So absentee is May 4 th early voting is May 16th?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 47.56, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Right

Jim: What do you think the turn out is going to be? 105,000 is what I hear.

Arnold-Jones: I think probably not comparable to what happened in 2008 so you need to go back and look at 2006.
That’s probably what you’re going to have to…

Jim: Can anybody win this 5 way thing? 30% probably wins it.

Arnold-Jones:Well probably but I intend to win it.

Jim: So what’s your plan? You going up on TV or radio?

Arnold-Jones:I am the epidemy of my (…) I am the frugal candidate. I am going to touch…

Jim: Do you have a good ground game going on?

Arnold-Jones:I have a great ground game. And you know whether we make it to television or not: You know times
are tight. People are squeezed in their own budgets. Why would I want to run a campaign that is just over the top.
And so I intend to run a frugal campaign and still touch you and convince you that I will best serve your needs as
your governor.

Jim: Ya. Joe you’re on 770 go ahead

Joe: The state of New Mexico has put us in debt. We can’t do anything until we get rid of the democrats. What is
your opinion on that?

Jim: You have the power of the veto. Are we going to pick up seats?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 49.29, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Well thankfully the republican party has 27 candidates running for the House of Representatives right
now. We have multiple candidates for governor, lt. governor, we also have candidates for secretary of state and
attorney general, for the auditors position. And in the past you know the republicans we need to kick ourselves a
little bit because we didn’t encourage people to step up and run. We’re doing it and I think that we’re gonna see
some significant changes, especially in the House of Representatives.

Jim: Joe you’re on 770 go ahead.
Joe: My question is about the penal system: We are overcrowded, we are second in crime in the nation as a state,
King Richardson, I guess, thought that people would stop committing crimes. And my other question is about
drilling natural gas and building refineries. I think it’s essential to get our fiscal responsibility back in check, we
need natural gas and oil. It makes money. What were your ideas on that?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 50.48, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Alright, well let’s start with the correction system. And I may have to disagree with you a little bit.
Our counties and our city jails are overcrowded. At the state level we have empty beds, which I find to be
remarkable. And at the state level we are releasing prisoners at an accelerated rate. Partly as a cost savings measure
and you have to ask if that’s a smart thing to do in this economy. What are these newly released individuals going to

Jim: Are these non-violent?

Arnold-Jones:Mostly non-violent. But again jobs are very tight. Is this the time to do an early release programs. So
we are doing that. And the next question that I ask and as governor I will be asking is if we have open beds in our
prisons shouldn’t we be offering to help out the counties and the cities. Can’t we work that out so that we relieve the
overcrowding. For refineries, you know I am a private sector advocate and if the oil and gas industry can find a way
to make it make sense to build another refinery I’m going to make sure that they have every opportunity and that
we’re encouraging them and not getting in the way.

Jim: Alight, one more hour with Janice Arnold-Jones stay tuned… Janice Arnold-Jones is our guest, she’s running
for governor. We have been together for six hours with Janice. Six hours with these people.

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.10. 40, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:You love us don’t you?

Jim: Oh yeah. It’s good radio. It’s important, I don’t want the profile of this election to be to low.

Arnold-Jones:Thank you, I think so too. We have a chance to change the direction of our state and it’s probably
gonna happen June 1st.

Jim: So I’m giving you like $50,000 worth of air time so you can talk to the people.

Arnold-Jones:Thank you

Jim: I do what I can. Bob you’re on the radio.

Bob: This is Bob from Rio Rancho. I wanted to speak about the impact of the film companies coming into New
Mexico. How will that impact, with the invention of digital companies, it seems that companies will lean toward
digital companies instead of wardrobes and catering services.
Jim: I don’t think you can get away from actors.

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.11.56, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:You know I think there’s going to be a mix. I think you are going to see really high quality, new types
of animation, like Avatar, but you would still have really good story telling told by real people.

Jim: I guess the big money is in voice overs.

Arnold-Jones:Voice over is good.

Jim: Renee you’re on 770 go ahead.
Renee: You were a representative correct?


Renee: Why didn’t you blow the whistle on all of the corruption while you were up there?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.11.56, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Renee I actually, thank you that’s a great question, and much to my frustration we were blowing the
whistle. We were screaming, we were…

Jim: You were trying to put webcams everywhere right?

Arnold-Jones:Right, we were fighting you know. The really awful stuff would come up on the floor about two
o’clock in the morning and there was no press there to tell the story. One of the reasons I took the webcam to the
legislature was because there was not other way to get it out. And because I am a republican and in the minority and
we are so far in the minority that we can be ignored. That is what happened. And so it wasn’t for lack of effort and if
you would like to go and look at my website you know the work I did on the regional housing authority, in particular
was an example of trying to dig in and overcome some of the kind of crazy things that we were doing. And that
regional housing authority still has not been resolved and you are simply out of pocket because of it.

Jim: Go ahead caller.

Caller: I was wondering if you would consider bringing back truant officers?

Arnold-Jones: Okay truant officers. How about a law on baggy pants?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.14.23, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: A law and you know I could do a law on baggy pants, they are really unattractive. You know the
truant officer issue, we actually do have truant officers. And the children who are truant, the ones that you really
have to worry about, are the ones that are staying at home taking care of their younger siblings. And they are the
ones who are truly losing out, there are other’s ones who are checking out. That is a different problem. And you
know, I know too many parents who says “you know I took my child to school and they simply cut school and I
didn’t know and the school didn’t let me know” that’s sort of a different problem and I think you have to approach it
differently. When children are checking out of school as well as dropping out, we are not engaging them, so if they
are not going to succeed where they are let them go. Lets have some vocational training, let them take their GED’s
earlier, get them into the community colleges earlier and engage them. And at the very least, if you think it is a
criminal issue where we need direct supervision, our parks need a lot of help and I think we could do sort of like a
CCC program for some of our young people who are not engaged in education.

Jim: One more before the break. Bill you’re on 770 go ahead.

Bill: I have a question for representative Janice Arnold-Jones. My question is how important is it to have legislative
experience when going into the governor’s position?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, , 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Wow Bill great question thank you. You know I personally, since I have that experience. I think it’s
really important. The legislative process is actually pretty complicated. Having a working understanding of how the
budget is put together, how the agencies deliver services, and where the bureaucracy is going to put up barriers helps
you be productive the very first day. And if you don’t know those things, you know, you’re probably going to be
sabotaged. And what I would say, you know there are a lot of people who would say that they haven’t had any
Jim: This is the only job that people apply for and brag that they don’t have any experience.

Arnold-Jones:And that’s pretty strange isn’t it. Or maybe it’s, what they really mean to say is they haven’t been
elected. Well there’s a couple of us who are running who have been elected. But there are some of us running who
have certainly been involved in politics. And so which one is it? But I think having the experience of actually
working in the legislature, going through the deliberation, weighing whether or not policy is good gives me a leg up

Jim: We will catch up when we get back… We’re back with Janice Arnold-Jones candidate for governor. We were
talking about experience. Do you think Alan Weh is getting an easy pass for his time as chairman?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.19.19, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:So far in the debates that I have heard and the forums absolutely. You know when Alan Weh was the
chairman we had an absolutely abysmal record of actually not only not winning elections but losing. We lost two
congressional seats.

Jim: We were losing 70- 29 right?

Arnold-Jones:These were huge losses. You know the fact that we lost seats in the house, lost seats in the senate. You
know I believe when you are the party chair that is part of your responsibility. Whether you had the Obama tsunami
or not. I believe that is part of that political office.

Jim: Roy you’re on 770 go ahead

Roy: Ms. Arnold-Jones how do you plan on coordinating with an attorneys general office if there is no republican
there and what can a republican do to hammer down the idea that we are going to track down the corruption?
[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.20.43, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Well you know I have given this a lot of thought. Matt Chandler is running as a republican for the
office of attorney general and I certainly hope that he is successful but in the case that he is not I have good
relationships with the existing attorney general. But I am sorely disappointed in his record of prosecuting the
corruption... Actually, Matt says it correctly: there is more prosecution done in New York for the State of New
Mexico than in the State of New Mexico. So I have looked at things like a special prosecutor to go after some of
these issues. And there are issues. You know as the governor you get to do certain things. Only within a certain
range can you appoint a special prosecutor. But the one thing that the governor gets to do is to talk about it
everyday, every minute to make sure that Jim Vilanucci knows that I know. Yes…

Jim: Just get the word out to me and we’ll get business done down here.


Jim: Kay you’re on

Kay: I heard you were against abortion?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.21.47, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Yes ma’am.

Kay: Where do you stand on that when it’s rape, incest, and life of the mother?

Arnold-Jones:You know Kay. Through the years I have thought ok, and I know having dealt with victims of sexual
assault, how difficult this is. But I, over the years have changed my mind about those two instances. I actually know
too many people now who were the product of rape and incest. Those lives are valuable. And the only exception that
I take is, you know there are compelling reasons for a woman to not support the birth of a child especially when
there are other children involved. And that is the only exception I take.

Jim: Only if you’re gonna die right?


Jim: Caller you’re on 770.

Caller: My call is about education. I noticed a lack of apprenticeships here. Is something going to happen about this
in this?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.23.13, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:(…) that is a good question. We have some programs that are similar, especially in our construction
industries. But in France, I think you correctly identified it, that you make it pretty simple. You go out, you work,
there is a credit for the employer and our programs are almost always much more complicated and take a lot more
paperwork. I think the trick is to provide the opportunity and cut the paperwork.

Jim: Dave you’re on 770 go ahead

Dave: Hello, I want to say hello to the future governor. We need a highway in some of the rural areas. We need a
vital highway from Cuba all the way to Chama. It would open up a lot of jobs, open up a lot of territory to occupy.
What do you think?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.24.33, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Well Dave I agree with you that when we are constructing roads and highways more people are
working. We’re gonna face several challenges: the federal money for our highways is diminishing almost to nothing.
So when we talk about highways they will be fewer and farther between. I am particularly focused however on roads
and making sure that with our smaller communities that they have decent roads to get where they need to go. Is it
gonna be a highway? I’m not sure we’re gonna get to a highway as the first step but focusing on roads I think will

Jim: You’re big on telecommuting right?

Arnold-Jones:I am. I like telecommuting. And by in large you can do an awful lot of work in that environment but
there are sometimes where you just have to be there.

Jim: You can run for governor without being in your office.

Arnold-Jones:That’s true. I can be on the road and telecommute.

Jim: That was a joke… Jim you’re on with 770.

Caller: Good afternoon Janice. I want you to complete the following sentence: When I become governor I will
repeal: over to you

Jim: Is it easy to repeal a existing law?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.25.52, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Not as easy as you would think. And there are some laws…

Jim: Are there law you would like to repeal?
Arnold-Jones:Oh absolutely.

Jim: With the pit rule or what?

Arnold-Jones:Well the pit rule is regulatory and we could actually go in legislatively and change that but that’s not a
repeal action. The sanitary projects act always gives me cause. And I don’t like the way that particular law is setup.
There are a number of places that I think we could repeal. And its just going out of my head but there are some
things that we really don’t need to be doing. But repeal is very difficult.

Jim: Ok let’s take a break… Bob you’re on 770 go ahead.

Bob: I’m getting hungry listening to you guys talk about food. I called earlier about the film industry and I will
email Ms. Jones a follow up on that. I have another question though: I am so concerned about our relationship with
Mexico. We have a lot of Mexicans, and African-Americans, and Latino’s. I would like to be protected by the castle
doctrine. Would you support that on your platform?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.40.16, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:You know I am a supporter of the castle doctrine but that really impacts your home and the problems
that we are facing on the border are derived in poverty. But the drug cartels are truly a threat. They are
overwhelming the Mexican government, they are overwhelming our law enforcement agencies and we have to stand
up and deal with it.
Jim: R.W. you’re on the line.

R.W.: Rick Perry recently refused money from the federal government. I was wanting to know if you would join the
lawsuit against Obama’s healthcare?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.40.54, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:You know the, a good question

Jim: Is that a stunt or what? Will that ever happen?

Arnold-Jones:Oh no this is very serious. The AG’s have filed a case. I just saw a document from the House caucus
asking if we wanted to help ask our AG to sign on. But here’s the problem with the healthcare bill as it’s coming
down. The unfunded mandates, this is just kind of a cursory guess, is about 80 million dollars a year to this state.
Now we’re already…

Jim: Now here’s my point. We have the labs and air force bases. Is it really in the best interest of this state to pick a
fight with the federal government over which funding we are receiving?

Arnold-Jones:I think it depends on which fight you’re picking you know part: Our government exists to kind of
redistribute the tax base to make sure that our government is working. What I think people are upset about is: when
we have the stick and carrot kind of deal. So in medicare and Medicaid we made very expensive decisions because
we have a 3 to 1 match. Well what would happen if we did away with that 3 to 1 match and provided for ourselves?
Would we provide better services, would the cost go up, would the cost go down? You know but we don’t know
because we are terrified to look at some other way of doing it other than taking the federal match. There are federal
matching dollars and when you take for example the title 1 dollars. You give away much of the control of your
schools to the federal government. And I think that’s what they are talking about.

Jim: George you’re on 770.

George: Ms. Arnold-Jones I am very impressed listening to you today… It just seems the last administration looked
foolish, how serious are you about balancing the budget?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.43.26, 04/08/10]
Arnold-Jones: George I’m glad you said that. You know I happen to be a rules person. I believe in our constitution.
Our constitution requires a balanced budget. That means you have to drill down and deal with the issues of revenue
vs expenditure. When the constitution says it will be a balanced budget, the governor is responsible for making sure
that we are in balance. And any budget is a ceiling. It doesn’t mean you have to spend that much but that’s all you
get. And the governor is the chief executive and you have an awful lot to say about that. And I agree, when you
ignore decent reasonable business practices, you know I run a business too and I have to project what our revenue is
going to be. And I better be darn close because otherwise people lose their jobs and then the revenue is off and then
people get really mad at you. Well that’s what’s happened here and there’s no excuse because we knew. We knew.

Jim: What happens to your business if you get elected?

Arnold-Jones: What happens to my business? You know I am on a leave of absence right now and I have constant

Jim: Are you gonna?

Arnold-Jones: At that point then I would have to resign. I would.

Jim: Chris you’re on the line. I know New Mexico is number 1 in revenues from the federal government and I know
that can’t last forever. We can balance the budget if we declare a state of emergency before things get worse and
then drill and refine oil here. I think the natural gas should be taken advantage of. One thing you said about
decriminalizing prisoners.

Jim: Okay you’re all over the place here. Energy, natural gas, what could we do more?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.45.51, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones: Well of course but again I want to call attention to the fact that natural gas is going to be severely
challenged because as we have squeezed them out of business, the rest of the country has started drilling and it’s
easier to get to. It’s going to be a challenge. So I would challenge that call and say you know we need to look at
private industry. That’s why we’re out of wack. What he said is exactly right. We have too many federal dollars and
when you have too many government sector jobs they don’t contribute the same way a private sector job contributes
to the revenue stream of the state. And I say we need to get out of the way, make sure that regulation is pulled back,
that permits are easy, that it does not take a lot time out of your business day to do business. And I would like to go
one step further: on the state taxes. We should redesign our state tax policy so at most as a business you shouldn’t
have to spend more than eight hours doing your taxes. It should not take that much out of your income stream.

Jim: Okay we will be back for the final segment with Janice Arnold-Jones in 90 seconds… Rick you are on 770 go

Rick: Thanks for taking my call. Under the Richardson administration a lot of the juvenile justice has become so
treatment oriented it really doesn’t have any teeth anymore. How do you plan to change the way juvenile crime is
dealt with in New Mexico?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.49.10, 04/08/10]

Arnold-Jones:Rick you know I believe that treatment is important but I think consequences early are as important or
more important. You know if we teach our young people that they can get away with it, then they will get away with
it. And how many times do you want that? And I think it is compounding the problem with regards to juvenile
justice. That’s not to say that there are some kids who truly need some help.

Jim: We have about two minutes left and this is the last time we will get to visit with you before the election. Any
last thoughts?

[Jim Villanucci KKOB-770, 1.49.44, 04/08/10]
Arnold-Jones: Oh absolutely. I want to be your governor. You know I am the only candidate out there that not only
has brought business experience but I have key legislative experience. We are going to go into a challenging period
of not having enough money. In fact we are broke. And that’s probably the most exciting prospect as your governor.
We are going to have to set some priorities. You know the state of New Mexico for years has said we are going to be
everything to everybody. But you know and I know we can’t do that. So it’s important to have the dialogue, the
deliberation, that helps us establish what are the most important things that we are going to do in this state and then
do them. And you know when we do that our economy will become stronger and I’m hoping that in that deliberation
that we will look at making sure we have a private sector economy that will help us flourish. That is how we are
going to create jobs and people will have an opportunity to stay in our state or should they choose to leave that they
will be able to come back to something. That means that we have to get the regulation under control, it has to be
easy. Can’t do that until we get the ethics under control. And lying, cheating, pay to play, threatening people, it’s
gotta go. It’s time. As your governor if that’s the way you’re gonna behave you’re not going to work for me.

Jim: Thank you and good luck

Arnold-Jones: Thank you
[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, .11, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: Can you hear me now? Yes? Good. Alright since I served in the legislature I am going to give you a
different perspective. One of the problems you have in Dona Ana County is you are cut off from the rest of the state
and you don’t know what’s happening. You have very powerful representatives already serving in the legislature.
And so one of the problems you are seeing in Dona Ana county in particular is you have big needs. Albuquerque
also has big needs. It’s just a different kind of need. And the problem we have in our state and we are working
especially on infrastructure issues is we have huge geography. So those water systems really take a lot of money, a
lot time and a lot of pipe. And so if it looks like it’s not being fairly distributed, and so I’m going to specifically
address the capital outlay system. We can do ever so much better. I personally believe that in our state we should not
just distribute capital outlay based off of your representation. Because I think that one of the problems I think we
need to deal with: the number of communities that do not have a water system, the number of communities that do
not have electricity. And I think those are shared things and I think if we talked about it we would all say …those
are pretty reasonable priorities. But the way it is right now, you have absolutely no visibility of what is happening.
So what I will tell you is, that there was a lot of money put into the sewer system in this community. Absolutely
needed… it was not enough. But unless you could see what is going on in the budget with the state you don’t want
to know that. But we can do better.

Question: What can you do on a state level so that you can ensure that people like us get insurance?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 5.44, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: First off, I see your tears and I am so sorry. To lose a baby, no matter when, my prayers, I am so sorry
and it is not enough. I don’t know what’s going on in the southern part of the state… I’m not sure what the answer is
but I have made an observation. And there is something wrong in Dona Ana county, in Otero county, when citizens
are being turned away for ... And it is not the first report that I have heard but the results are as horrific. And in the
rest of the state, we are stretched and stretched medically. But mostly across the state if there is an emergency
situation. Like this man, you are not turned away for any reason. And so as the governor the first thing is to take a
call like this and tell you that this is not the system that is set up. Why the response…? I don’t know but I know we
have to get to the bottom of it. And the thing that was really troubling the other day was, I got another call from a
lady in Tularosa who has kidneys fail she had... and had a four month year old baby and they told her that she
needed to give up 6 months worth of the only earnings that she had if she wanted to get care or needed to go to
another state. The answer is there are programs. Clearly something is wrong here and I will be glad to set you up
with one of the… at New Mexico State University…

Question: I would like for you to give me example on some issues: The governors most politically corrupt
individual, health care is very crucial, what do you think about drug testing for representatives?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 15.20, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: Can you hear me now?... Well you know I have a front row seat, and to say that it is corrupt is
certainly an understatement. Let me start back with what I will do differently…You know I think that if you are…
for state government. If you are elected you should be satisfied with the salary that you are given just to begin with.
I also believe that if you are going to work in government and you are going to receive an appointment, you should
be competent to do the job. Well I just described two things that did not happen in the entire eight years that I have
served. So let me just tell you what I got this weekend, I was up in Clayton and Cimarron. In three different
locations I was asked exactly the same question: When you’re governor and we need to talk with you about the
construction industries division, will it cost us 4,000 dollars to get ten minutes of your time. Three different places,
you know that’s just wrong. And you know and as your governor that is not how I will operate. If you work for me
and you operate that way you’re fired. Because you know what, it’s your government and you should not ever be
hijacked ever. And the truth is since 2003 if you wanted to see the governor it came with a cost. You better have a
checkbook. You know we just have to change the mind set. This great state,... they are tired of the bullying, they are
tired of being compromised. We’re going to change that.

Question: I would like you to address the following topics: Cap and tax, national health care, wilderness issues here
in New Mexico, and immigration.
Moderator: Let’s do Cap and Tax and national health care first then come back to wilderness and immigration.

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 20.14, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: A health care bill that was just passed. First off let me just go back: would you all vote for something
that Nancy Pelosi says you’ll know what’s in it after you pass it. (No) As a legislator I was so offended. So
offended, but for our state if this bill is fully implemented, the costs per year will be an additional 880 million
dollars. By the way we are 600 million dollars short on the budget and I assure you in August we are going to go
back in for a special session. This is on top of. Not only will you be driving small businesses away from providing
medical care but there is no place to go. And one of the things that has happened in our state, and I will just throw
this out for you to think about, it is the 3 to 1 match in medicare and Medicaid. You know what? They’re holding us
hostage. Do you know if it would be better if we gave up 3 to 1 match and actually determined our own future? You
know we might actually have better health care. We could look at tort report, and we could look at medical
malpractice and we could look at making sure that we were incentivizing the doctors, and the physician assistants,
and the nurses getting out of college. Instead, they are leaving our state. I think we need to take steps… and let the
federal government do their thing. I was a little bit discouraged. I signed on to a letter with all of my colleagues in
the house of representatives asking the AG to join the law suit. And I got a note that said today “well you know
interest in this is waning” Excuse me.

Question: The other two were about immigration and wilderness please.

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 23.59, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: First off, I am grateful for what Arizona did. I am grateful for what Governor Brewer… being the
legislator that I am, the first thing I did was read the bill. And you know what I would like to tell you,… we could
simply lift Arizona’s bill and put it in New Mexico but we can’t. The reason we can’t, Arizona does not give drivers
licenses to undocumented illegal immigrants. Also they implement and enforce the use of the I-9 EVerify process
for employers, we do not. If you want to make sure that your state is safe and that we have border security, we can
be very much like Arizona. Because all they have done is actually put into place under the trespass code the federal
law. That’s all they did. That was all they did. And… the most interesting part but I think that if we are not serious
about border security and immigration and also how do we deal with workers. We do have a worker issue… Well
you know what? I am tired of waiting for the fed. And so as your governor we’re gonna figure out a way to get this
done. We need to work. But we need to know that your not a narco trafficker and that you’re going to shoot our
citizens. That’s what we need to know.
Question: What would you do to stop the wilderness bill as the governor of this state?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 33.02, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: Both Pete and Doug… so let me give you another piece it’s missing. This is a federal casing. It
impacts the welfare of this state. You know, one of the reasons we have the tax structure we have is because there is
so much federal land in our state. It is not off the tax rolls. Every time we build a train or we do a wilderness area,
that land comes off the tax rolls. I know that sounds like it’s not important. But it alters the face of the state. So
here’s what I would do as governor, I would hire my friend Doug here because, you need a really good PR guy. You
are gonna have to do a lot of PR and so you have to work the congressional delegation, you have to work the
legislature in the state of New Mexico. But you don’t have to stop there. We have a number of (…) that would
actually help us take this fight, because we are not alone. There are 13 western states that the federal government is
simply walking in and taking their land, taking it off the tax roll. And I believe that… when the governors came
together that was important but we not only need the governors we’re gonna need the legislators too. And so we
need to wage a very specific PR campaign to make sure the representatives understand what the issue is. And I want
to underscore the fact that you have so much federal land impact the health and welfare of our state from a revenue

Question: As a Hispanic voter I wanted to know if you would pass a similar bill as the one in Arizona. And how
would you make us feel that it was for us rather than at us?
[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 36.59, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: You know this was a national security issue. And it grieves me that we would pick on any sector of
our population and so I think the first answer to the question is implementation. It has to be fair across the board.
When we’re talking about the Arizona law. Let me just give you a couple examples: If you are legally in this
country, legally in this state you have a broken taillight and you are stopped. Tell me the first two questions you are
going to be asked?... And registration. If you don’t have those two things don’t you think there is reason… to ask the
next question. And so the point is are you being fair and equitable. And treating everybody the same regardless of
the stop and I think that’s partly the point. And so if we are profiling or making one sector of our population feel as
if they have being targeted. And I think we have some really significant communication issues in addition to
implementation. And so that would be the first place that I would go. And so I want to just go back, just very
quickly, just remind you about how the drivers licenses came about in our state and another thing we could do to fix
it. So, I was there and the argument was: the reason that we will give driver’s licenses to illegals is so they would
buy insurance. And the problem is… there is nobody following up after the 30 day insurance lapses, nobody follows
up. So you know and I don’t know if that is reverse racial profiling in some way but I think it is a matter of mind set
yet again and I think you probably want to be safe as well.

The criminal system and criminal justice system is growing. The legislature is ratcheting up the sentence but our
state is broke. How are you going to solve prison overcrowding, prison and parole officers are overworked?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 41.29, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: Those are interesting questions but it’s not quite right. And I ask these questions too. So today right
now in our state prison system there are 500 empty beds. How do you explain that How is it that we have these 500
empty beds but our county and city jails are overflowing. There in lies the problem. And what your product is, is
multiple layers. So it’s a very good question. So first off we need to enforce the laws that we have on the books. So
now we have to talk about the judiciary. If the judiciary fails to do its job then we’re not safe, if they do their job we
may have overcrowding. Unfortunately I have to tell you I don’t think we’re doing the job. Now when we’re talking
the local level I’m gonna trust…and there is a separation between what is a local crime, a local penalty versus a state
penalty. But what I am seeing and what it is happening today because we are broke is we are letting people out of
prison and the prison beds are empty. So could we look at maybe the Arizona model? I know some people like the
sheriff,… but at the end of the day as your governor the one thing that will I look at for laws is they have to be
enforced otherwise they just don’t mean anything. If you are taking somebody’s liberty and somebody’s right and
we have said that is against the law then I have to hold you to account that is against the law…

Question: If you are elected what will you do to prevent people from coming here illegally? What will you do about
people who are already here?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 50.12, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: You know this is a serious question and I keep getting off track because the security, the national
security component actually goes both ways. Not only what is coming into our state but what has gone through New
Mexico out through Mexico to another country… because it is very serious. So I believe first and foremost in
locking down the border. I think you have to have secure borders. There’s lots of technological ways to do it, but
you have to have the will to actually close the border. You know when you go to another country we don’t treat it
like we do here. It is very laidback, laissez-faire. You know this is serious stuff. Again following the law. But there
are a couple of other things that we’ve got to talk about and you were right this is not a simple issue. And so let’s
talk about illegals who are here who had their child in this country. Now by all of our current laws, that child is a US
citizen. You know the other term is anchor baby. What are we going to do? Now I can make an argument that we
need more babies. I’ll tell you what we don’t have enough children in our country. But do you want to split families?
Okay so how are we going to do that because I want to pose that question back to you. Because that is by far the
hardest question there very is. Now there is another way to approach this. One of the things that bothers me about
the number of illegals and undocumented in the State of New Mexico, across the board is how much money is being
shipped out of our state. And I think we actually have to look at what do we do to…
Question: What will you do when granted the power of governor under the constitution of the State of New Mexico
Article 18?

Arnold-Jones: Which one? I can give you Article 4 Section 16 it’s really important to me but I don’t remember
Article 18 either. I just don’t remember, would you help us?

Question: Article 18 makes you commander of the national guard.

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 53.58, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: There are 3 or 5 articles in that constitution and I appreciate you for reminding us which one that us.
But you know the national guard was designed to do a number of different things. But it is your largest force for first
response in disasters. That is why we have the national guard. Its second purpose was to defend. And if you look at
many of our wildfires many of our threats. The first people on the scene were your national guard and were your
citizen soldiers. And I feel grateful and so I would be just like that. Before we release them to do another service for
the country, im gonna look enough … at does our state need that more than our country does. And please know that
I believe (…) to our country. But the governor’s job is to take care of and protect the state of New Mexico first and
foremost. And that’s my criteria for deploying the national guard.

Question: One thing that really bothers me is the oil reserves and gas reserves in New Mexico. What will you do to
allow drilling of these reserves?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 57.35, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: I’m up okay. It’s a great question. It allows me to talk about some things that have me very
concerned. So the pit rule in it of itself has caused cost production to go up in our state. Now we have another
problem that is affecting our natural gas industry. Natural gas can now be extracted from New York, Pennsylvania,
Alabama at a dollar thirty-five an MCF. Because of the pit rule the best our guys are doing is two seventy-five and
they have to do transportation. Let me just put this in context for you. Oil and natural gas has provided between 20
and 40% of all the revenue for the state’s budget. We are in so much trouble but because of competition we may not
get back that one piece of natural gas. Now I want to go back and talk about cap and trade because this is all kind of
put together. The cap and trade bill, in my opinion, is meant to drive oil and gas out of the state. Just hands down,
that’s what I believe it is supposed to do. We’re gonna fund some little people. But we are also lacking one thing
that you are being sold which really bothers me. Wind and solar both require rare metals. I like wind and solar just
fine. Where are we mining those rare metals right now? But we have it right here. Why are we not mining those rare
metals? It is part of our natural resource. If we are so hell bent on having a green economy which isn’t quite ready to
go, why would we actually undo the very work we have been trying to do. So I say we need to open it up.

Question: You talked a lot about what government can do for us. I would like to know what you are going to do to
leave us alone? There are too many regulations and I want to know which ones you are going to get rid of. What is
your role as governor to resist nationalization?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 1.07.11, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: Actually there’s a lot of things that we can get rid of. So let me just go through this perspective.
There are a number of reports that are sent to Santa Fe every year by businesses and other entities. No body ever
looks at the report. They are going to check, but nobody looks. If you have a compliance report and nobody reads
this, you probably don’t need to do it. So that’s the very safest way to start. The next thing (…) to look at taxes. Our
tax system has been obliterated over the last eight years. We no longer have a tax policy. Taxes should be from a
policy perspective low, broad, fair, equitable, easy to administer, easy to understand. They no longer are that way in
this state. But one of the things that I am going to pursue is a limit on how much time a small business, say a
business center producing under 5 million dollars, how much time they spend filing their taxes. And I think eight
hours in a quarter is probably a good measure. So I believe quantifying and measuring to make sure that what we’re
doing makes some sense. Now I do want to kind of step where Pete was going, because some of this just makes me
just a little crazy. So let’s talk about the New Mexico environment department. They make me really mad a lot. And
one of the things that they have done is too much regulation. Why would the New Mexico environment department
be interested or sticking its nose in to a USDA loan program for a water company? That’s a financial instrument and
yet they have done that. You know and so there is an appropriateness. So let’s talk about some regulations that will
make you feel real hot. Arsenic, Pete hit it right on the head, you know in our state we have probably more active
arsenic because of our volcanic mountains. Naturally occurring. Anybody know how many people died in this state
from arsenic poisoning? Anybody that’s gotten sick? Exempted measurement without any positive results from your

Question: This is about the tenth amendment

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 1.12.21, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: The governor has a couple of primary duties. The first one is to assure the safety and welfare of the
citizens of this state. The part of this that is often over looked is the other responsibility and that is to make sure
there is adequate food supply within your own state. That is a really big question and our food is being driven out of
our state and our agricultural communities are being affected. So understand these two go with care and so we need
to think about those two things. The second thing is we talked about it already: the Medicare/Medicaid match. We
have a lot of strings with the federal government. Are you ready to start letting go of some of those ties? I am. Every
time we get 3 to 1 Medicare/Medicaid match I know we couldn’t do better if we… devised our own system. What
about Title 1… and Title 9 dollars for our education system? With that comes strings. What about the race to the top
and the armament? There are a lot of strings. So what are you going to do? Because you know it was going to be the
citizens. I am telling you what I am willing to do. I am willing to say we are probably going to be better off looking
at and standing on our own two feet. This is not going to be a fast process so I will start once I make sure you are
safe and that there is adequate food. We are going to secure the border, we are also probably going to stand against
the health care bill. And I am willing to stand against the federal government. And here is what I know about the
federal government, you know they may come and get me. It’s probably going to take them 18 months. That’s okay.

Question: Are you willing to sue the government based on our constitutional rights related to health care? Will you
enact voter id?
[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 1.14.24, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: Yes and Yes

Question: How long will it take you to reduce the government?

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 1.16.31, 05/04/10]

Arnold-Jones: Numbers, number, numbers. During the last special session, here’s what I know: We looked the
budget, there were 4,329 vacancies. Of that, at least 3,000 were funded. There was (…) to pay for it. So first and
foremost, if there is enough to eat there needs to be a body very simple. The truth is that with that number, right now
government has already been promised. So what about the next step? You know there are economies of scale, there
is technology that can make us better but there are places where you need to grow government a little bit. So let me
give you an example:… that’s also known as the labor department. That is the one department that right now, it is
under attack. There are a lot of people looking for benefits that we promised in unemployment. It has 156 vacancies.
What kind of management is that? We have a couple of other places where there are serious problems and so just to
say we are going to use a great, one broad brush stroke to fix this, no. The juvenile justice part of CYSD is really in
trouble and I think we may have to grow that. Now, are there are other places that can be pulled back. In fact I was
just talking with somebody with in the department of agriculture the organic food commission… has never been
funded. So what are we going to do with that? And I am not suggesting that we actually do anything there. There is a
whole raft of boards and commissions that are merely observe and report. Well quite frankly if you are a observe
and report board that means that once a year you do a (…) publication. That volunteers can do that. So there are lots
of ways to slice this.

Closing Comments: you have two minutes.

[Las Cruces Tea Party Debate, 1.20.08, 05/04/10]
Arnold-Jones: Thank you so much for sitting right here to have this discussion. You know I believe that our
government is only a portion of what makes New Mexico great. You are what makes New Mexico great. If you
want the government to be helpful you have to be part of it. I am an advocate of open government, I am an advocate
for open public discussion. Because you know what the issues we are facing with, every single one that you brought
up is complex. It’s not as simple as any one of us sitting in Santa Fe and say “ Ill just… Dona Ana county, they’ll
just love it if I do this to them” you know what it doesn’t work anymore. As your governor, just as I have done as a
legislator I have made sure that there are constituent meetings, there is an open dialogue on a regular basis. That is
the only way that we are going to create policy that we all agree on. Because let me tell you what, the best thing
about running for governor right now, we’re broke. Did I mention that, we’re broke? Because we are broke we have
this unique opportunity to, as a state, decide what is important to do. Because we can’t do everything. That dialogue
I want to have, and I want to lead us in that direction. Because I have a vision just like everybody else has for this
state. But that vision is a way for our children to succeed, an economy that has been changed. I believe we should be
the largest energy exporters in the nation. We’re going to have to have a conversation, we do not have the
infrastructure to accomplish that. We don’t have the electric grid. Why not? It’s partly because your government
failed to make (…) decision that considered what you were doing. And that goes likewise for communication. When
you have a big state it makes sense to communicate. When we have an economy like that, businesses will flourish
because they will be able to compete with other states, because the start ups will be less expensive. I would like to
be your governor thanks so much.
[Fighting the Monster, .18, 5/13/10]

Narrarator: New Mexico is a monster of bureaucracy and corruption. Only one candidate has had the courage to
fight the monster. That person is Janice Arnold-Jones
[Fighting the Monster, .18, 5/13/10]
Arnold-Jones: We have serious issues to solve, but the truth is our first priority must be cleaning up corruption or we
won’t have much chance to fix anything else.
Narrator: Don’t believe the promises, believe the record. Vote Janice Arnold-Jones for governor
[Hatchet Man, .08, 5/19/10]
Hatchet Man: And we have the final guest of the evening is on there. Hello you’re on live with the Hatchet man.
[Hatchet Man, .08, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Brother Craig, this is Janice Arnold Jones calling from New Mexico.
Hatchetman: How are you doing tonight?
Arnold-Jones: I am so much better than I deserve thank you very much.
Hatchetman: HA. That is becoming one of my favorite sayings… I had the opportunity to meet you at the state
convention and you were just a delightful person and I am excited because you are the real deal.
[Hatchet Man, 1.18, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well thank you so much and we are so excited about what you are doing. You know and this
conversation must go clear across our nation. If we the voters do not understand what the people stand for or what
the issues are, how on earth are we going to take our government back.
Hatchetman: I was at a conference this morning and Mayor Giuliani was there speaking of technology and the
power of it. He was chiding President Obama for saying there was too much technology and its almost like white
noise and you need to block it out. Rudy was taking the opposite position. He was saying we need more
information… Go ahead and introduce yourself and get your message out, tell us conservatives why we should vote
for you to run against Denish for governor.
[Hatchet Man, 2.40, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well I would say, I am going to start with a little background but I want to get back to technology
because it is such an important component. But for you listeners who may not know me: I am a navy wife, my
husband served for 23 years. So, as a navy wife you become rather adept at creating or recreating yourself on a
regular basis. And so during that time I have been in various businesses, opened businesses of my own as we have
been traveling. And currently you know I am a mom, I am a soccer coach, and I’m a state legislator, and I manage a
business in Albuquerque all at the same time. And it is a privilege to serve in our legislature, one of the little known
facts is New Mexico has one of the few remaining citizen legislatures. And that is we are not paid for our services,
we serve because it is our duty. And I must tell you it is a privilege beyond words
Hatchetman: And you know lately I have been learning about the founding fathers. They did not intend for it to be a
career and you did this part time. You would have to do something in another capacity to make a living. It seems
like the less people there are in the state house the more freedom the rest of us have.
[Hatchet Man, 4.16, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well im going to tell you, if we cant do it one way, lets do it another way. You know last year in
2009 I tried to make sure that the voters could be in the statehouse. So contrary to some of our standard practices I
took a webcam to my committees. Because my constituents were furious they did not have access to the process.
And you know we were one of three states in the union that did not provide any access whatsoever. Now I have to
tell you that the leadership was a little angry with me because I took these little tools in and from my seat webcast
the committee and my, my, my what I learned. You know I had a little chat feature on there and I know you know
about this. One time we were listening to a bill on water and a man chatted in and said “This guy’s lying” and I’m
going oh my. And so I sent a little note back that says tell me why and tell me the question you would have me ask
so that I can illuminate the fact that we are getting misinformation. It changed the whole discussion.
Hatchetman: Wow, nothing like sunlight, greatest disinfectant ever.
[Hatchet Man, 5.37, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well and nothing like the citizens participating in their own government. You know you can go to a
capital or to Washington and impose policy on people but it will be an imposed policy. Really good policy comes
from the ground up and then we all respect it and we all live with it because it’s right. But when you try to create it
from afar and you don’t know the details you serve no one.
Hatchetman: Exactly it seems like they are serving themselves. Do legislators in New Mexico have income
reporting. The changes in income before you go in as compared to what your income is after. What is the situation
over there? I know on the federal level the ranges are so broad it makes them useless.
[Hatchet Man, 6.40, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: We have a little work yet to do. Every year I do file a disclosure statement. But for the average
citizen to see whether or not my income has made a moderate progression as if anybody would if you were working
or did I make quantum leaps, very hard for them to dig that out. Because the process we use is not particularly
transparent. I know that you were talking to my friend Senator Diana Duran earlier and one of the really funny
things about our state is you know we have two national laboratories in our state, plus White Sands Missile Range,
plus a large intel facility within the state of New Mexico. But the campaign finance reporting are almost laughable,
the system barely works. And if you really wanted to dig in and find out where the money is coming from and where
its going to, very difficult. And yet those systems and processes exist elsewhere in the world, in the state, just not in
Hatchetman: Right and I know ethics and sunshine has been one of your issues.
Arnold-Jones: Absolutely
Hatchetman: What about educating folks. It is harder to pull the wool over their eyes if they are educated. I know
you have taken strong stances on education and of course my folks know by now by pet peeve is how do you we get
to the place where the principal is the CEO of his own school instead of a government employee who has to please
the bureaucracy. How do we get to the point where he is pleasing a customer?
[Hatchet Man, 8.28, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well Brother Craig, I think times are moving very quickly and the one positive here is: Our children
are so smart, you know they get it, they understand it, and do not underestimate them. As it comes to our school
systems if we continue to deny them access to knowledge they are going to go around the school system. And it’s
going to happen very quickly, so if we don’t, as the adults here, if we don’t figure out a way to provide access to
knowledge the school system that you see today just may simply fail to exist and that may be a very good thing. You
were talking earlier about the president saying that we had too much technology, too much internet. My, My, My.
You know knowledge sets you free. And there is no other statement but our children are smart enough to understand
that. So the next question for me is what are we doing to integrate the best curriculum into our classrooms? What
happens in a state when you don’t have enough math teachers or enough qualified science teachers? Do you just sit
there and hold your children down? Which is a little bit what we’ve done in our state. Or do we find ways to access
knowledge through this wonderful tool that is available to us? Did you know MIT offers something called MIT open
course ware? Absolutely free if you’re interested.
Hatchetman: Wow, we are going to look into that. You know your stuff. You are like our last caller because you are
a business woman correct?
[Hatchet Man, 10.08, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: I am
Hatchetman: I have read a little about the success you have had, would you like to share? And I really respect
business people because that is where the rubber meets the road.
Arnold-Jones: Well you know and certainly those business processes come to bare in the state legislature. But I am
really pleased to have run an audio and video production company that lasted for over twenty years. And of course it
was started in San Diego because my husband was stationed in San Diego and we continued on. But as the years
progressed and we had children I have been managing a business in Albuquerque. We are department of energy
contractors doing rather sophisticated things that require a hard, significant background in mathematics. And I am
afraid that I won’t be able to find a single New Mexico student to fill that slot. So, and when I tell you this story you
know this is a bit of a common story unfortunately across our states. But it’s a national security issue because our
children are competing not just within our own state or across our nation. They are today competing with India and
China. And when I think about the form of competition that we have with India turning out almost 100,000
engineers a year and double that in China. And I believe we are producing 10,000 engineers a year in the United
States. We are in trouble. We have to change that dynamic.
Hatchetman: Absolutely and I like what you said earlier about the system fading away because our students will go
around it and some of them, they have a thirst for knowledge.
[Hatchet Man, 12.16, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: You know that is the one thing that keeps me going, is they are hungry. And you know when I see
students failing and you know there are lots of reasons why our students are failing. You know and of course if a
child fails to learn to read, and let me just tell you learning to read by third grade if our children are not reading in
first grade they are going to struggle. So there is no doubt that we have to hit that mark first. And there is no putting
this off. But if we fail to educate them, if we fail to provide access to knowledge they know when they are not
competitive, you don’t even have to tell them.
Hatchetman: Yes, you are absolutely right.
Arnold-Jones: And when they check out because they are bored out of their minds it’s time for some new ways to
go after things. You know there is a whole group of students that truly are self directed. And we warehouse them in
high school. Now there are lots of reasons to stay in high school. But if we are warehousing students or simply doing
like the dual credit programs, you know if you were truly shortening your lifespan in college, so if you do two years
of work while you’re in high school then you should only have to do two more years of work in college and be set
free. But if you’re in high school and you are able to do the work and you haven’t graduated maybe it’s time that we
let you go. You can succeed
Hatchetman: Yes I am in 100% agreement with you. Now we are up against the clock, we have about four minutes
left of streaming, so if you would like to stick around with us after we stop streaming people will be able to
download that. So while we are still streaming what is your primary goal for governor that you would like to get out
and how can people contact your campaign?
[Hatchet Man, 14.19, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well of course, I have a website it is and that is Janice and then the
word for The phone number for the campaign office is 505.884.4238. And you know running for
governor is such a privilege so let me just give you the highlights. Our economy is broken, we have too many
government sector jobs, it is choking us, add to that an unpredictable, arbitrary, taxation and regulatory climate in
our state, we are not competitive any longer. So as governor I am going to make sure the entire whole world knows
what assets New Mexico brings to the table and we have got to change our climate. But I have to tell you what
Brother Craig we have an ethics problem here. And if our first priority isn’t cleaning up corruption, I fear we will
not get much else accomplished. I have a mind set and I will tell every listener, anybody who comes my way, I
believe the government should be transparently accountable to the people at all times. I believe in operating in the
open, that is what I will do. And anyone who is willing to do the people’s business but is afraid to do it in the open,
they shouldn’t be doing the people’s business. Now of course we have already talked about education.
[Hatchet Man, 15.45, 5/19/10]
but I do want to tell you the wonderful part about New Mexico: and that is energy. We can and should be the largest
energy exporter in the nation. And when I say energy, I do mean energy. Whether it’s coal, oil, or gas, wind, solar,
biomass, geothermal or nuclear, we have it all. And we have all the mining resources and those elements in our
ground. Our problem is we can’t get it out of our state. The state government has to find a way to get out of the way
to build out the infrastructure to get our resources to market. And while I am talking about those resources, I would
like your listeners to know that New Mexico is the 7th largest dairy producer in the nation. We need to get our
agricultural products to the state line as well. I would love to be the governor of this state, I am working hard. The
citizens in this state deserve more, we deserve to go from a state of potential to the state of success. Lets go there.
That’s, area code 505.884.4238
Hatchetman: Wow you are fantastic. You got all that in and we are in our last 90 seconds.
Arnold-Jones: 90 seconds. Well it’s those governor forums I have been on.
Hatchetman: Now I would like to ask you one more question. The immigration issue. Your state is bordering
Mexico and the big issue in Arizona, the poverty pimps are trying to portray it as something racist when it is not.
This is not a racist nation, Barack Obama would not have been elected if we were. Now getting rid of the race card
what is the big issue now with implementing a common sense law and a national security issue?
[Hatchet Man, 18.14, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well I would say, you got me unless you really want to give away your country. And so Brother
Craig I will tell you I have read the Arizona law, it is 17 pages, it’s a great read. It’s a restatement of the federal law,
something we should have been doing. So for us citizens, we need to get active, we have to have a border. And as
you know Brother Craig, good fences really and truly make good neighbors. We don’t have a border right now for
the state of New Mexico. And its not just our neighbors to the south. We have people coming from all over the
world who are crossing our borders illegally, and you know what their intentions are not good. Honorable people
from all countries cross the border and they do so with respect for the nation they are visiting. Coming into our
country illegally is disrespectful.
Hatchetman: You know the president says people are afraid of people asking “where’s your paperwork”?...
[Hatchet Man, 19.30, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Now Brother Craig I have to tell you what, that statement is the one thing that just, it just frosts my
butt. You know if you have a broken tail light, which is the requirement of the Arizona law, you have to have done
something criminal. And it actually has to be something more serious than a broken taillight, but let’s start there.
And you are pulled over, the police officer is going to ask you two questions: and the first question is: where is your
drivers license, and the second question is where is your registration and proof of insurance. Now if you can’t
produce either of those documents they have now not only the right but the authority to go further. But I’m telling
you what. Do you think your driver’s license you’re your registration is papers?
Hatchetman; Yes
Arnold-Jones: Every single person in this nation should have those papers. So to suggest that this is some Nazi ploy
to take away your rights, when in fact it is here to preserve your rights, just floors me.
Hatchetman: All it is, is a play for votes. I am so happy that we have people like you championing that.
[Hatchet Man, 20.52, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well you know Brother Craig in our state we have some serious problems. And you know I was in
the legislature when the law was passed that issued people drivers licenses to illegals in our state. And the argument
was so remarkable on the floor. The argument was that if we provided drivers licenses people in our state who were
here illegally would buy insurance. Now I have to tell you, I was there and I don’t really buy that argument. I do
have a little small (…) by the base of the sandia mountains. But nonetheless, you know one of the worst parts about
that statement was, ok so now the insurances lapses. What systems, what technology systems are going to help you
figure out when that policy lapsed so you can go enforce the fact they are supposed to have insurance. And the
answer is: there is no system. Your getting me riled up here Brother Craig.
Hatchetman: That’s a good thing. I don’t want to be the only one swinging a hatchet. I bring it and I sling it. But we
need someone in Santa Fe who can bring it and sling it. You get a gold star
[Hatchet Man, 22.07, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well thank you. Well you know, the Arizona law and I have to say thank you Arizona, and Governor
Brewer for signing the bill. When people read the bill you will find that the onus of this law is actually on the state
employers. And it says in that law that a rebuttal defense to accidently hiring someone who is here illegally and not
authorized to work is the E-verify program. Now federal laws says that if you are hiring folks you are supposed to
use the I-9 which verifies that you here legally and you are legally able to work and that you will double check that
by using the E-verify system. This is federal law that Arizona law that they put into their trespassing statute. In my
state, in the state of New Mexico I am surprised at the number of employers who have never heard of I-9 or E-
verify. (WOW) So there are many things that we can do, we have the power to fix this. But Arizona, they drew a
line in the sand. If the state of New Mexico does not stand up for itself every criminal in the world is going to pass
through my state. That is unacceptable.
Hatchetman: You know what happens when an area tightens up a law and the neighbor fails to tighten up the law?
That traffic merely re-routes itself.
Arnold-Jones: Well and our surrounding states have to very large extent already done that. Although Arizona has
done so much more publicly than any other state. And speaking about technology, and Brother Craig …you got me
spun up here, do you have a few minutes and I will tell you about the situation…
Hatchetman: Go ahead
[Hatchet Man, 24.02, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well you know, we lost a rancher down in what we call our boot heel area, that’s the southwestern
corner of New Mexico. And a murder actually occurred on the Arizona side of the border. When I think about the
threat to our citizens in New Mexico, part of the problem is again our infrastructure. We have no 911 service in our
boot heel.(WOW)… Yes, it is a real problem. But the one thing that I learned from the 911 attack on the twin towers
was that our first responders need to be able to communicate, and I worked very hard to make sure that we set up
our law so that our first responders including our sheriff, our border patrol, and our national guard could actually
talk with one other. But in the boot heel there was no connectivity. There was not enough radio communication
support for those three entities to talk. And here is the real rub, our law enforcement communities are limited in their
radio frequencies. Do you think the Mexican drug cartel has limited radio frequency issues? (doubt it) They do not.
But this is not only a state issue, this is a federal issue. And you know what, the FCC needs to get off their butt and
deal with this issue. Because it is costing us lives. I see the drugs running up the western side of our state into the
center of the state of New Mexico… We now have generations of families hooked on some very serious drugs.
Gotta pull back the covers and see where the problems are.
Hatchetman: Serious issues. So like I told the other guests, we are going to be praying for you. Anything I can do for
you, if you need a hatchet slung a round, I not only sling that hatchet, I be grinning while im slinging.
[Hatchet Man, 26.14, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well, I would say if we can take on the federal government a little bit and I’ll take any help we can
get to clean up the corruption in this state. You know it’s almost as if…Maybe we they just didn’t know that other
states do not operate in this corrupt manner. In fact the corruption is so great in our state right now it also makes us
un-competitive. It costs more money to do business here because if you don’t know somebody and you don’t pay
them off you may not get to go to work here… we could do so much better
Hatchetman: That’s the whole problem with stateism right now. Which is why there are so many people arguing for
limited government. If you just get the government out of it you have a better chance of having a meritocracy
instead of having to pay someone off. You are absolutely right
[Hatchet Man, 27.11, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: Well you know one of the underbellies of the governor Richardson administration was his targeted
tax incentives. And you know it had been highly touted. Our tax system has gone from low, broad, fair and equitable
in our state to very vertical, that means fewer people are paying more taxes and then we have targeted tax incentives.
And let me decode this just a little bit, within a particular industry, lets pick the solar industry, company xyz is the
governors friend, so they get a targeted tax incentive. But all the rest of the alphabet that’s left they didn’t get a
targeted tax incentive. Excuse me? What kind of policy is that? You know the American people are willing to
compete, they want to compete, they just want a level playing field.
Hatchetman: And once you have less competition then they can raise prices.
Arnold-Jones: Exactly.
Hatchetman: Sounds like a lose lose.
Arnold-Jones: It was a lose lose. But you know, we as citizens of this great country we are not helpless we just have
to pay attention, and stand up and take it back. Our country, our state.
Hatchetman: amen and that’s what we are trying to do. We are going to give your phone number out again and that’s So visit that, donate or volunteer and call the number to volunteer and folks usually donate
through your website is that correct?
[Hatchet Man, 28.56, 5/19/10]
Arnold-Jones: That is correct.
Hatchetman: Ok any final parts?
Arnold-Jones: Brother Craig I’ll tell you we have you posted on my website now. And it has just been such a
pleasure to talk with you. And I am praying for you. I want you to be strong, I want you to sling that hatchet because
we have a big job in front of us. But we can do it. (Amen) Together.
Hatchetman: Amen all of us together we can do it. And that is so kind and I appreciate that. I not only appreciate
your time because I know its crunch time but I also appreciate your kind words. It means a lot.
Arnold-Jones: Brother Craig it has been a privilege. God bless you and I hope to see you very soon.
Hatchetman: Ok and god bless you too. Have a good night.
Arnold-Jones: Goodnight.
[KOAT-TV interview, .22, uploaded 5/25/10]
Comment: If she gets the top spot: What will her top priority be?
[KOAT-TV interview, .22, uploaded 5/25/10]
Arnold-Jones: Surely the economy and our jobs has to be top priority. There are going to be a number of steps to
improve our economy. But that has to be the focus.
Comment: What is the state’s main challenge and how will you fix it?
[KOAT-TV interview, .42, uploaded 5/25/10]
Arnold-Jones: We don’t have a private sector economy and because of that its like dominoes. Because we don’t
have a strong enough private sector economy, our budget is decreasing when there is increasing needs. We add more
taxes that drives away the private sector economy.
Part 4 of 8

[KOB-TV Debate, Part 4 of 8, 6.09, 5/27/10]

Question: Why should voters Republican and Democrat trust you as the governor of New Mexico?

[KOB-TV Debate, Part 4 of 8, 6.09, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: You know I have served in your legislature for 8 years. If that is a career I missed the pay part
because it is a citizen legislature. And you know it was a privilege to do that. The reputation, the record that I have is
being open, honest, and fair. I listen, I seek out information, and I will invite you right this minute, I have held a
constituent meeting every Saturday morning for the last couple of years 9:00 Southwest Secondary Learning Center
because it is so important to make sure that policy is developed for the people, not imposed on the people. And I
have a record of making sure that we follow those details. You know taking that webcam to the state legislature was
really a hoot. One of the times we were in the tax committee talking about a water bill, I had a little chat feature on
there and a guy chatted in and said “that guy’s lying”. And you know there are a lot of people who lie to us up there.
And so I chatted back, so what is he lying about, how come and what question can I ask? My goodness, it changed
the entire course of a piece of legislation, and it was for the better. Operating in the open truly is a mind set. I have
that mind set, but I also have a standard of ethics that our state government is crying for. It started when I was in
soccer, it is in the work that I do today and ethics makes a level playing field. You know our state employees have
truly been abused by this administration. I know that they hunger for a different way of working and I believe that
for democrats, as well as independents, they are looking for it.

Part 5 of 8

Question: What do you think is good border policy?

[KOB-TV Debate Part 5 of 8 of 8, 5.26, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: When the president calls, I would say Mr. President let’s start please by you respecting our country.
You know, our country is a country of laws. And when you go to another country and respect their laws but come
home to our country and disrespect our laws and refuse to enforce them what am I to think. So Mr. President here
are the things that need to be done in this state, and you need to do this now, this is a federal issue. Secure the
border, that means your job is to provide the border patrol, if it has to be my job that I provide the national guard I
promise you New Mexico will step up to the plate and we’ll fund it. We also need to make sure that the
communications systems are adequate. So that our guys, whether they’re the border patrol, the sheriffs department,
the national guard are not being out runned and out gunned because the drug cartels have radio frequencies that so
far exceed our own, putting our own people at risk. We have the technology today, right now Mr. President, to
secure the border, do you need help? Our citizens stand ready today to be a neighborhood watch, please ask us. And
Mr. President, it is your job to create and enforce a guest worker program, when is that going to happen. If you
refuse to do it, than as governor of this state I will do it and I will close the borders and you know Mr. President if
you don’t like it I’m real sorry, but my job as governor is to protect this state.

Part 6 of 8

Question: Do you think New Mexico has an attitude problem? Do you think New Mexico has an inferiority

[KOB-TV Debate, Part 6 of 8, 3.38, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: Since I have served, the education budget has increased by a billion dollars. The number of students
we served has increased by 3,200, the number of adult employees has increased by 5,400. When I was first elected
we were 49th in math, science, and engineering. Now we are 50th. Yes, we have an attitudinal problem. And that
attitudinal problem is really maybe not where you think it is. One of our problems is, in the south valley of
Albuquerque where parents, especially Hispanic parents do not feel welcome in their schools. And so they don’t ask
questions and they don’t push their children because there is no one to give them the support. I resent that in the
harshest terms. Our kids are smart, and I don’t care where they go to school they are being systematically denied to
knowledge. We simply have to turn this on its head. You know the way that we have taught for years and years, and
I’m looking at our audience, most of us went to classrooms where we had a lecture type of format and there were
five rows of six desks. You know, times have changed. We have taught our children to learn in different ways. Right
now our children have to be able to read not in third grade, that is totally unacceptable, if a child is not reading by
first grade if you don’t recognize that you have a problem, you have a problem. And we need to remediate them. But
to be able to offer access to curriculum, if we don’t have it I promise you it is available today on the internet. We
need to get it to our students today, our kids deserve it.

Part 7 of 8-Closing Statements

[KOB-TV Debate, Part 7 of 8, 8.41, 5/27/10]

Arnold-Jones: You know our state has been denied the opportunity to progress. Some days I’m not even sure it’s
the 20th century. But in the last 40 years we have been trapped in a system of not only government but politics that
has denied us opportunity after opportunity. I moved here in 1963 because this was the state of potential. Well it
hasn’t changed. It is still the state of potential. I am ready to move on, I am ready to move to the state of excellence,
the state of success. So I am here to apply for the job of governor, and you know some parts of this job are not very
sexy but here are the things that I am gonna do. Because there are some processes that don’t work in your state
government. How many of you would like to go to the motor vehicle department and not spend a half a day there.
Basic systems that do not work in state government, we can fix those things. But you know those basic systems,
some of those backward thinking thought processes has actually crippled our economy. We are no longer
competitive among the states that surround us. We have held back business, we make it so expensive to do business
that business is leaving the state. Currently we are…
[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man, Part 1 of 8, .59, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Welcome to Adam vs the man. Now if you cant tell, this is not Adam, this is Janice. And it is my
privilege to sit in for Adam Kokesh who is in Farmington NM this evening with the BBC filming a project on star
navigation. And I can hardly wait to see what the ending of this is because right now in the middle of it I am not sure
exactly what he is filming, but I know that he is looking at a sky that is just amazing. So, I am Janice Arnold-Jones, I
actually host another show on KIVA 1550 Am earlier in the day and perhaps a little gentler than Adam. But I want
to remind you that we all stand and fight where we stand and we may do it differently but it is important that you do
it. You have to stand up and fight not only for what you believe but for our way of life and for our government. It’s
the only way that it works. So I was thinking about what can we talk about on a Friday night and there are so many
choices and I kinda thought I would go back over and let me just catch everybody up. Adam was running for
congress when I was running for governor, neither one of us made it out of the primary. Didn’t matter that we were
probably the best qualified candidates. Stop laughing Mike haha. Stop laughing. But the truth is that our system
doesn’t always take the best qualified candidates, it doesn’t quite work that way. Which is why do I say no matter
what happens you have got to stand and fight. But I was going over some notes of some of my presentations, and
here we are four days before the election and im thinking about what the candidates need to be talking about, and so
before I tell you what they [candidates] need to be talking about let me just let you know that Tracy is in the control
booth. Everybody say hi to Tracy and were thankful because this is your maiden voyage, is that right? First time
Tracy by yourself? (yes) ya your doing great, doing great, you are wonderful. We have a gaggle, usually Adam does
this pretty much by himself. I like to have a conversation so im going to invite you to call in right now. The phone
numbers are locally 265-1550 or toll free 877-437-6119 you may also email me at I have
friends in the studio and husband because he is not looking at me. So John please say hello (hello) try that again
John (hello), Kim Hillard is also in the studio(hi), Denise and Mike Myer are over there just say hello (hello). And
we are going to have a conversation. And we are going to talk a little about election stuff and then towards the end
of the program we are going to talk about your favorite election films, and I have several but I just thought I would
throw that out there. So I went back and looked at some of the ideas that had I presented in the primary. And here
we are four days from the election and what is most disturbing is we are not talking about any of these subjects. We
are talking about from the democratic side how anybody who has a republican moniker is going to privatize social
security, whether they ever uttered that or not that’s what they’re doing. And on the republican side we are talking
about job killing taxes. Now we may not like taxes but I have never seen a tax kill anybody yet and it is just a
mantra. And so what does it mean, its kind of like saying were going to have bold change, no, no no, we are going to
have hope and change, no, no, we are going to have changey, change. So far the words no longer mean anything so I
wanted to throw out the ten things that I wanted to talk about as governor and see if this piques your interest at all.
But the ten things I thought we needed to do in our state. And this was my top ten, you can put them in any order
that you want, but what a governor needed to do. Now I know that many of you are not in the state of NM but I
suspect, having just talked to friends not only in Kansas but also Kentucky. And in Kentucky it was really funny,
their top issue is nepotism. We just passed legislated anti-nepotism in our state. Just go figure. So here is my top ten:
Governors do not create jobs but establish the tone for which economic development and job development can be
fostered, a large and intrusive government acts as a barrier to entry for new business coming to New Mexico it also
provides a deterrent for existing business to expand or exist in New Mexico, is this sounding familiar, a culture of
corruption provides an excuse for businesses to go anywhere but New Mexico, without a safe and secure border
businesses will not locate in New Mexico, immigration should be pursued and it is welcome but only if adherence to
existing federal and state laws occur and our borders are secured first and foremost, business expansion and
development will not occur unless we provide the best education opportunities to the children of the employees of
the businesses wanting to locate in our state. I have worked on something called project 2012 for about 4 years and
it’s a pretty good beginning. Now, I just talked with a gentleman from Maine, and an interesting, interesting mantra,
and I talked to a friend in Nevada last week. So in Nevada they are only 48 th in education in the nation and come to
find out in Maine they are 49th, we are 49th, excuse me. Wait, wait, wait do you think that this might be misdirection.
Now I have lots of numbers to look at and I don’t think Maine is quite that bad, I am certain that the state of New
Mexico for all of its money, for all of the money that we put into education that we are not getting the return that we
should be getting on it. And let me, for those of you who are not from New Mexico, let me just paint this picture for
you. About 63% of the states total budget goes to education, and we are somewhere around 49th or 50th in the nation
in almost any and every measure of education. OK so here’s the last three items in what a governor should be
talking about: Businesses will be motivated to locate in a state where taxes are equitable, low, easy to administer,
and easy to file. Just imagine a streamline tax system that would require less than 8 hours per quarter to file. It could
happen and that should be a top priority. Business will not be motivated to move to New Mexico or increase their
employment here if they believe one industry is being treated in a more favorable manner relative to any other
industry. The film industry is better treated than any other businesses. And last businesses will not locate or expand
in New Mexico unless they know that their dealings with the state are fair, equitable, and transparent. Now I just ran
through ten items that by any measure sound pretty simple. Simple Mike, Mike is laughing, not so simple(amazingly
simple) but in the campaign trail have you heard any of these issues really addressed? You know what is really sad
is across the nation issues like this, its in the details that makes a difference. So when it comes to Tuesday, you know
I must tell you, I have already made up my mind as to who I am going to vote for governor but even that person is
not addressing what I think we need to talk about. And in many states, many states, have the balanced budget
requirement just like New Mexico and they are not talking about the painful, painful cuts that are going to be
necessary. And the only way you get to those painful cuts, to set those priorities, is to talk about it, to allow people
kick and scream and you get comfortable with it because you know you have to do this, you have to do this. But the
time where we use the campaign to have that discussion we didn’t do it. So now we have 60 days before we have to
legislate, almost not enough time to create a new government and also have the discussion. Kim you’re grimacing as
I say this:

Kim: We’ve needed the discussion but we haven’t had it. How are we going to know what the people really believe
in? I’m going to solve problems, I’m going to create new jobs but no details, no particulars just like you said.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man p1, 10.19, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: I know, I know and so you know we are going to make some choices but across the nation, let me just
ask you, I actually listened to the national news tonight and every single one of them said just about what we were
saying right now. But this group sitting in this room right this minute along with Adam Kokesh we were talking
about it in March, in March and it didn’t stick. What’s wrong? So we have to take a break but please know that this
truly, truly is a discussion, I like to have a discussion, I want you to call in. If you think this is just an obtuse topic
you can call and tell me that. The phone number is area code 505-265-1550 or toll free 877-437-6119 you may also
email us at and this is am1550KIVA more positive talk radio and this is Janice Arnold-Jones
sitting in for Adam Kokesh on Adam vs the man.

Part 2 of 8

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 2 of 8, .28, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Ah manipulation, manipulation say its not so. This is Janice Arnold Jones sitting in for Adam
Kokesch on Adam vs the Man. This is 1550 KIVA more positive talk radio and we are going to go immediately to
Don. Hey Don this is Janice, thanks for calling. Don are you there? We seem to be stuck for just a second, we are
trying to get Don from Albuquerque… Ok got it, one more time, Don… Don? Ok try the next line it is ringing on
the second line, and we are going to get the technical difficulties worked out. Line one here we go Don??
Paul: No this is not Don this is a new caller.
[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 2 of 8, 1.36, assessed 4/12/12]
Arnold-Jones: this is a new caller, we seem to have lost Don. New caller to tell me your name(Paul) Hi Paul how are
you doing thank you so much for calling. I don’t look much like Adam but I sure have a tremendous amount of
respect for him. What’s on your mind tonight?
Paul: You can change it to Adam and the woman tonight. What’s on my mind is political stuff, you know it really is
frustrating every year when you see all of the negative ethics. Then all of the sudden they send you all the stuff in
the mail and they are calling you for your opinion but why don’t they tell us what they can do and how they are
going to fix all of the things they say they want to do.

Arnold-Jones: Paul I just fell in love with you. How that is probably the most important question that any voter can
ask a candidate, is how do you plan to do that?

Paul: Ya, just tell us what your plans are. Tell us what you think you can do and how you are going to do it.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 2 of 8, 2.32, assessed 4/12/12]
Arnold-Jones: And you know what, I would probably cut a candidate a lot of slack for if they say this is how im
going to do it and when they get there and they said it really didn’t go that way. I just want to know how you think. I
would be so happy with that would you?

Paul: Right and don’t tell me that this one did that wrong they did that wrong. Who cares? I don’t care what
somebody did in the past, we are for the present. Tell us what you plan to do and how you are going to do it. Its
simple (absolutely) they raise millions of dollars to do this and then they tell us nothing. They end up slinging mud
at each other and its like ughh. Its so frustrating…
[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 2 of 8, 3.13, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely, now Paul are you calling from New Mexico (Yes maam im here in Albuquerque). In
Albuquerque. Ok so let me ask you a question here. It is very clear to me that if we as the voters don’t speak up this
just isn’t going to change, so what would you like to hear, and either pick the congressional race or the gubernatorial
race, either one. What would you like to hear, what details you would like to hear from them

Paul: they keep saying education is this education is that. Well ok I agree, education is terrible out here. We need to
change things and we need to limit what government is in the education thing. Government keeps throwing
regulations at these, excuse me, all of our schools. And they keep throwing more paperwork for them, so what they
do, they hire more high price administrators to get the feedback paperwork back to the government and what does it

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 2 of 8, 4.14, assessed 4/12/12]
Arnold-Jones: So far we are not getting any results and with 63% of our budget going to education I actually expect
a lot different outcome, and yet they are, as an entity, and I have to tell you since I was in the legislature, the attitude
toward parents who home schooled, who have taken the ultimate step, is to treat them almost like criminals.

Paul: And that is terrible. (It is)

Part 3 of 8

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 3 of 8, .32, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Oh, got you by the balls, and out of that entire list, what was left off is, we got redistricting coming
up. And I tell you what, you ain’t seen anybody until they got you by the ‘ovares’, that’s a little bit different, its an
inside joke. This is Janice Arnold jones, I am sitting in for Adam Kokesch on Adam vs the man. And we are just
honored to be sitting in for Adam this evening talking politics, talking about our country and we are gonna go right
back to Don. Don your still with us..

Don: I am Janice, and I was talking about the little storage box I wanted to put on my property. So we were talking
about how they wanted us to put enough landscaping on our property that it would essentially erase enough parking
that I wouldn’t be able to build my structure. And it was pretty bleak for awhile. The third try at zoning we got a
delightful person, I don’t remember his name, we got a real human being. And we took pictures of the property and
he said that is pretty nice and we said we like to keep it right, he looks at and he says I think it would be pretty good
if you just put a couple plants on the eastside of the building there. This is the kind of thing that, what happens if we
didn’t keep trying or he wasn’t there? We would have gotten blown out, my contractor wouldn’t have gotten the
work, I wouldn’t have been able to build my storage for my equipment, and everything would have stopped. It was
only through perseverance and maybe good fortune that we were able to resolve the landscaping issue. There were
numerous issues, the fire dept wanted us to put in a sprinkler system, there were a lot of markings that various
departments wanted us to put on it. It was an intricate negotiation for three months to get a permit to put a 1500
square foot rectangular box on my property. I bet you, I don’t live there, but I bet you that in Beijing or Hong Kong
or any other country where their economies are raging if you want to put a 1500 square foot box on your property
you could do it today.

Arnold-Jones: well it depends on where you are, im sure that could happen but the point that you have brought up is
that nobody should not have to go through what you went through. It should not be the luck of the draw.
Don: Exactly. It turned out to be a nice real human being type person who resolved the landscaping issue. But I am
dealing with another issue where I want to put up a tower and of course people don’t want to put up towers in their
own back yard. In this case I want to put up a tower on a mountain top here in NM. This has been in a contentious
situation for the last 6 years. This tower is on Mt. Taylor which is a tribal cultural property.

Arnold-Jones: I was just about to say that it might be on Mt. Taylor. And you know that’s not all that land is tribal
property, but I bet you already know that.

Don: Oh sure, its not tribal property, it is forest service. But it is considered a tribal/cultural property because the
local tribes have claimed it as such.

Arnold-Jones: We made it a significantly cultural land. Just so you know.

Don: And I respect that. So we have made, my associate is the owner of the radio stations in Grants, and we are
trying to improve the service out there. The wonderful people of the Aqeuma pueblo and Laguna Pueblo have
written to the director of the forest service here in Albuquerque their affirmative support of this project saying it is a
valuable community service. No decision. (How long has it been?) Formally for the last four years and informally
for a year or two before that. And I bet you that doesn’t happen in China. Now here is the thing, you try to move
forward in business in this country and you hit these obstacles. Ranging from how you have to design your building
and accommodate people and in this new health care bill you have to set aside set space for employees to operate a
breast pump. There are so many details, some of them are onerous like the new health care regulation that businesses
have to supply the government with information on every transaction over $600 in a year with anybody.

Arnold-Jones: you don’t like that 1099 regulation? (not too much). Oh come on, it just sucks the profits right out of
the business.
Don: I know and the thing is that so many of these rules are adverse to small business because the large companies
can implement automated processes to accommodate this and it becomes a microscopic fraction of their operating
cost. For me, to have my wife Martha sit down and pore over all of our records to generate 1099’s for this makes it
very difficult for us as a small business. So it is adverse to small business law, where as companies like GE can deal
with it and life goes on.
[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 3 of 8, 6.19, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well you know, and unfortunately this is where we are trying to balance the field. If you have lots of
money already this is easy to overcome, if you are struggling to get to the playing field it is an incredible barrier.

Don: It is, and to go back to our original conversation, what I want to hear from candidates is that I intend to cut
down the obstacles to your moving forward in your business and your personal life rather than increasing the
number of regulations and obstacles to get on with your life and get things accomplished. All of things are well

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 3 of 8, 7.02, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well Don you know what I think you are talking about and we almost never talk about it, and im
going to get this short because believe it or not we have two other folks holding here. The governor still has to not
only lead, the governor has to manage. And part of that leadership is managing those departments and setting the
boundaries for acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior and practices and they have not done that.

Don: The governor only has a certain amount of power but the governor and as you know having flirted with the
idea of actually running for the office. The governor has a tremendous amount of influence(absolutely). And that’s
where I would like to hear candidates say I will do my best to make things go smoothly for you as a person and as an
independently operated business. Janice im glad you are on the air, carry on. You have big shoes to fill.

Arnold-Jones: Yes sir. Don thanks so much for calling, we appreciate it. Bye bye. Paul thank you so much for
holding and I am so sorry that our fast fingers just kind of ruined it. Thanks for calling back.
Paul: Don’t even worry about it. The one comment I was talking about and wanted to finish and he has led me on to
something else and I will do it quickly. The real small town I group in Michigan, when I group we had something
like 700 students in our high school there was one principal and one superintendant and each one had an assistant for
700. Now there is something like 4 or 500 students there is a superintendant, an assistant, a business manager and
each one of them has an assistant and principle and an assistant principal, each one of them has an assistant, and
there is also an athletic director. And 300 students less, it just doesn’t make sense. Government is decreasing and
what are we getting for it? That is my point about all the bureaucracy that the money is going to pay for all of these
administrators and what are they doing?

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 3 of 8, 9.16, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: So let me put the shoe on the other foot here. One of the things I heard as a legislator was, my
constituents wanted more accountability from education. And because there was this convoluted series of steps to
create accountability which it didn’t. There was no other way to manage it. So do you think we could find
accountability in a new way that wouldn’t require this expansion of government?

Paul: I think so. Get back to basics. The accountability is if the students are graduating and moving on to higher
education. Rather than dropping out and getting a GED when they finally get smart. Graduate more. There is your
accountability right there.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 3 of 8, 10.12, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know that kind of begs a couple of other questions so let me throw a couple other ideas at you.
So under our current system in many of our public high schools we are warehousing our juniors and seniors. If they
took either their GED or their ACT’s and they could pass them, why not let them go, let them go on to school rather
than warehousing them.

Paul: I agree. Now one other thing that Don was saying earlier. I live in the southwest side and when I moved here
there was no sidewalks on part of the road leading to my church, which is close, and I use a wheelchair okay? So I
have to wheel from my house to the church but part of it I was out in the road.

Arnold-Jones: Hey Paul I gotta go take another break, do you want to stay over through the break?(sure) Already
thanks so much. Wow great conversations, this is Janice Arnold Jones, I am sitting in for Adam Kokesch on Adam
vs the Man, it is a conversation give us a call 265.1550 toll free 877.437.6119 and you are listening to 1550am
KIVA more positive talk radio.

Part 4 of 8

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 4 of 8, .25, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Oh and if you love this country you will stand and fight where you are. You cannot disengage. This is
Janice Arnold Jones and I am sitting in for Adam Kokesch, Adam vs the man. Adam is in Farmington doing a
documentary with the BBC on im guessing celestial navigation, but im not sure. Anyway we are enjoying having
this discussion and we are going go right back to Paul and then to Bill. Paul there you go.

Paul: So long story short, no sidewalks.

Arnold-Jones: I have to ask you a question.., the south valley had the most powerful legislators for almost 20 years,
and how is it you didn’t have any sidewalks? How did that happen?

Paul: we had some sidewalks but they weren’t complete. Like Don was saying I had to call this one and the next one
and the next one. I called 311 to find out who to talk to. And nobody knew who to talk but they gave me this one
and this one. I finally got a hold of Elaine from Ken Sanchez’s office and she really did a job. Within less than 6
months of moving in here I got a sidewalk where there wasn’t one before.
Arnold-Jones: Wow. But you know the good news is, there are truly good public servants out there, that would like
to do a good job but they just get pooped on.
Paul: Elaine from Ken Sanchez’s office came out to see where it was and I said I was trying to save money by not
using my car to go short distances and I want to get the exercise, and I use a wheelchair, this is less than a quarter
mile away from my church. I don’t want to take my car down there, that’s crazy, I want the exercise. I was in the
road and its funny because it was 30 mph one way and 35 mph the other way and nobody pays attention, but that’s
another matter.

Arnold-Jones: I’ll match you streets. I live near Pennsylvania we have 30, 25, 30, 35, 25 within about a half a mile.

Paul: And nobody obeys them

Arnold-Jones: Except when they need to increase revenue.

Paul: I got sidewalks, they are not concrete they are blacktop. I said that’s fine I don’t care at least im off the road.
So now im working with Elaine to get another patch so I can roll up to the Walmart market that’s a mile a way and a
mile isn’t far for me. I don’t want to be in the road when im going up there.

Arnold-Jones: I don’t blame you.

Paul: take some of that money and put it in a sidewalk. Anyway it’s a pleasure talking to you I know you have
others. I enjoyed listening to you earlier. And I know Frank, hes a good friend of mine.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 4 of 8, 3.57, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Oh no kidding, well we need to get him back from Kentucky. Paul thank you so much for calling in
we appreciate it. Take care goodnight. Bill thank you so much for holding for Adam vs the man. This isn’t Adam
this is Janice and I am just honored to be sitting in for him.
Bill: Well I actually spoke to you this afternoon. I got turned on to you when Adams show was in the 3.0 spot.

Arnold-Jones: Well I thought maybe, I don’t have very many Bills that call in so I was wondering if that was Bill.

Bill: Ya Im a regular caller into Adams show when I can. I really enjoy his show. (he’s amazing isn’t he?) ya he is.
You know it seems like you are continuing a lot of what you were talking about earlier this afternoon. And I hve
been thinking an often lot about our politicians giving us these bumper sticker slogans like we talked about this
afternoon.(yup) But the problem is too that any politician, no matter their stated governing philosophy or ideas to
really do something they have to suffer through a grenade. It seems that our society expects things that are
absolutely unrealistic through government and our candidates seem to go along with that just to get elected. So we
have a problem on both sides not just our politics but in what our citizenry thinks our government should be able or
shouldn’t be able to do.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 4 of 8, 5.34, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: I agree and you know having been there. And it really was a privilege to be in the legislature but I am
looking at candidates today, right now and honest to goodness Bill they are gonna go up there, they are not well
informed candidates. Yet they are going to govern, and they have no idea what they are going to do. They don’t
even have a foundation from which to kind of launch. So they are going to be told what to do. Boy that bothers me.
Commentary: People tend to forget that candidates are just people. They are not special people they are just people.

Bill: I am a person that speaks to people a lot because I am a service plumber. So I am business to business, house
to house and I meet a lot of different people. I seem to hear two schools of thought from people: you get people who
are lamenting that there are ought to be a law to solve something, then there is the other group of people, business
owners or private individuals that seem to think that the government is in the way of everything even if they caused
their own problem, the government caused the problem or the government got in the way, not discounting your
earlier caller that problems with the government building his building. But a lot of people blame the government for
their own incompetence. This is coming from a small business owner.
[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 4 of 8, 6.55, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely, I would say its like the businesses who are whining because they are not succeeding, but
if you ask them what they did to plan to get there and what steps they took, that didn’t exist either. You know?

Bill: Absolutely, we don’t have accountability from the government, or really in private or business. Its missing
almost entirely from our society and I don’t know how to solve that.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 4 of 8, 7.21, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well and I will go back, and I think the concept of individual responsibility and I am going to guess
that you are part of the generation that I grew up in. And I think we were just starting to lose that but the generation,
that proceeding us, known as the greatest generation, really understand individual responsibility. And if we are
going to rescue our own country somewhere along the line we have to stand up and say I am responsible for that and
no one else.

Bill: Well I am in the generation between you and Adam. I am the next generation after you.

Arnold-Jones: oh oh your just a kid Bill. Can you hold on through the break I sure would like to continue this.(ya)
Alrighty thanks so much, this is Janice Arnold Jones, and I am sitting in for Adam Kokesch on Adam vs the Man,
this is 1550am KIVA more positive talk radio it’s a conversation please give us a call.

Part 5 of 8

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 5 of 8, .32, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: I am having too much fun, this is Janice Arnold Jones, and I am trying to fill some very big shoes for
Adam Kokesch. This is Adam vs the man, Adam is in Farmington filming a documentary for the BBC. And before
we go back to Bill on the phone I want to give a shout to T.J. Thompson from Indiana. We were talking about
exactly that, what are you gonna do, are you gonna light the fuse? And he says you mentioned the important thing is
that we fight, and I agree. I am standing and fighting in Indiana against one of the biggest threats to American liberty
presently in Washington D.C. Mike Pence. Many people instantly say Mike Pence, isn’t he the conservative chosen
one? Absolutely not. He is living proof that hardly any difference exists between democrats and republicans. Many
people speak of obama and his assaults on liberty. But Mike Pence has proven that he to is imminent threat to the
US constitution. And to address your caller Paul, I have written a plan that details exactly how, that’s in uppercase,
exactly how, I will approach issues in our nation at Paul that is for your and here is a candidate T.J. Thomas who is the libertarian candidate in Indiana’s 6 th
district. Way to go and we appreciate that you were listening. Going back to the phone, Bill thanks for holding(NO
problem) ok so I have a question for you… I lost bill. Bill dial back in, I do apologize and we are just trying to get it
right but I have a big question for you. So when we get Bill back we are going to talk about how is it that in his
generation he gets individual responsibility. What we can do to light a fire under his generation and the next
generation. Or is it that our generation didnt raise our kids incorrectly? Is that what happened?

Comment: sometimes a swift kick in the backside is a good step forward.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 5 of 8, 2.50, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: I think we got Bill back, Bill is that you?(Yes) That’s alright, but I wanted to ask you a question, you
are my sons generation but you seem to have caught on to individual responsibility. And I don’t think its such hard
of a concepts and I don’t think you think its so hard. Where did we go wrong and what can we do to enlighten your
generation and your children’s generation? What can we do?

Bill: well even if we start doing the right things now it took us several generation’s to get here and its gonna take us
several generations to get back. Lets be realistic. But my father didn’t put up with some of the excuses that children
are allowed these days. Even if I had a teacher that gave me a hard time in school, you run into some bad teachers
but I was never relieved of my responsibility. I would ask my dad for an allowance and he said you get three hops
and a cot your part of this family, you work toward the welfare of this family. I had serious chores and serious
contribution toward the welfare of the family until I was thirteen and I was working when I was fourteen. We don’t
do that, we coddle our children now. They are in their mid twenties or thirties before they have the level of
responsibility that I had when I was in my teens.

Arnold-Jones: I would say that we are getting lots of head nods in the studio, that you are correct.

Bill: when I go to parent teacher conferences with my children the teachers are just waiting for me to lay into them
because as our society we say it is the problem with the education system but our society is expecting the education
system to take over responsibility that should be ours as parents. And historically that every society that has reached
the level of prosperity as us has gone through a time like this, and some of them never get it turned around. We

Arnold-Jones: Mike go ahead and jump right in there

Mike: do you think part of the issue is that failure is something if you are involved in any type of business enterprise
at the very beginning especially if you are quite young, there is a curve. There is always a learning process that goes
with it. But in the educational process there is the stigma that you cant fail, but I have always believed that in failure
sometimes come a learning process that you are not doing things the way they should be done and you need to
rectify that situation.

Bill: Absolutely I believe that is a problem , not only in our school but in our country. We have the idea that
Americans are always right and were never wrong and we cant progress as a society if we don’t realize that. And
we seem to be unable to handle things not going our way. I crashed and burned my first business and im glad I did. I
think you have to go through those kind of failures, I think you have to be exposed to those kind of situations. Were
protecting our children and weve been doing it since the greatest generation, they came back from world war 2 and
they wanted to give their children better and that generation wanted it be even more lax and give their kids a better
life and commercial America wanted us to keep buying so we could have a better life and here we are.

Comment: And the parents did not want their children to go through the same problems they did.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 5 of 8, 6.48, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: But in the middle of all that we truly did forget that failure is often the very best teacher. And even in
the industry that I work in we rejoice when we mistakes only because in the industry I am in, because you are a step
closer to actually solving the problem. But if you try to take, say, a physics course in high school and you fail you
are absolutely punished. And the lesson that our kids are learning is don’t try rather than try harder. And I don’t
know how to quite fix that dichotomy, Bill do you have an idea on that?

Bill: Well you know what, as upset as we are about it one of the best things we could do is go through the financial
crises we are going through today. Because people are having to learn tough lessons that the way we were living
doesn’t work. A lot of people want to blame it on the government.. the pundits love to talk about this back and forth
constantly. But I know a lot of business owners and a lot of people that are learning that the lifestyle we were living
doesn’t work. And frankly another depression would make us tough as nails as much as we don’t want to go through
that, its nasty tasting medicine. The long run, this recession is good in the long run for us

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 5 of 8, 8.08, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: I want to go right back to where I started Bill, Im first gonna ask you when are you going to run for
office( I would never pass the vetting process). But here is the problem, we have to set some priorities and through
this campaign we have not talked about the nastiness that we are going to face. And it takes time to actually kinda
come to grips with what you have to and we have thrown it all away. Sorry Kim I interrupted you (That’s ok, go
ahead) OK Bill go ahead.
Bill: The biggest problems we have to fix right now, we talk about: we have problems with jobs, we have problems
with the economy, we have problems in too much spending. This time around I have been successful with my
business and reaching the goals I want to I have learned. On the surface I am a plumber, people think that’s what I
do for a living, ya that’s the product I sell, but underlying that has to be a lot of business processes in place, the
numbers have to be right and how I conduct my business is what makes me successful. Not the fact that im a
plumber. In government we have to fix our underlying process or the rest doesn’t matter. Process is boring, its not
exciting to talk about on the campaign trail, its not inspiring and its not what people want to hear.

Arnold-Jones: I sure do like you

Bill: but its whats going to make or break a business in business

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 5 of 8, 9.44, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely, did you know that there is no place in the current New Mexico state government to look
at process, no place to make that correction, no place to hold it accountable. Did you know that?

Bill: I do, and you know what there is a pretty decent program, it’s a little complicated for small business owners,
it’s a pretty good program it’s a quality New Mexico program based on the principles of process management. I
think anybody in a certain level of government should be required to go through the course.

Arnold-Jones: I don’t disagree with you. I mean it could be the ISO 9000 the 6 Sigma because its all kind of the
same concept but nonetheless you know process is important and process can cost you a lot of money if it’s a lousy

Bill: Absolutely, well I believe that a great idea that is improperly executed with a bad plan and a plan process will
lose to poor idea that is properly executed almost every single time

Arnold-Jones: I offer you VHS vs. beta video tape. And that’s literally what happened, beta was always the better
format but that’s exactly what happened. Bill I have to take a break, your choice, would you like to stay with us?

Bill: I will not be able to stay on the program but I enjoyed talking to you

Arnold-Jones: I wanted to say I sure do appreciate the call. You have a really good one, thanks so much, bye bye.
Awesome caller this is Janice Arnold Jones, I am sitting in for Adam Kokesch, adam vs the man, this is a
conversation please give us a call 265.1550 or toll free 877.437.6119 this is am 1550 KIVA more positive talk radio.

Part 6 of 8

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 6 of 8, .32, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely and a little more honoring of the constitution. This is Janice Arnold Jones I am sitting in
for Adam Kokesch, this is Adam vs the Man and it’s a privilege to be here. We have been talking about some of the
election processes and I have been lamenting that many of the candidates that are going to be elected on Tuesday
have yet to address, ever address, some of the real problems that we are facing. And since I have time to talk about
it, I am going to talk one more time about our election season in the state New Mexico. Now some of you who are
hearing this do not have an election season. We have an election season. Our election season, season, runs 28 days
in the primary election in Bernalillo county alone it costs $80 per ballot because we have an election season. Paid
for, born by, the voters and I thought, you know, I am the only one who is unhappy about this. I am making an
economic argument, although I will make the argument that if you vote a month before the election which is
November 2nd you might miss some very important information, but my friend Kim Hillard found a wonderful piece
written by Linda Chavez about not voting early and it was so good that I am going to share that with you now. This
is Linda Chavez, and Linda Chavez, and I should just quickly tell you where she is from, she is the chairman of the
center for equal opportunity and the author of Betrayal: How union bosses shake down their members and corrupt
American politics. So Linda says, “nearly one in four voters will have cast their ballot before election day, but I
won’t be one of them. Nothing but grave illness could keep me from the polls on November 2nd. I have never
missed voting in the general election since 1968, and in all those years I voted absentee only once when my job took
me out of town on Election Day. If I sound a bit self righteous on the subject, it’s because I am. I don’t believe that
the trend toward early voting, embraced by both republicans and democrats is a good thing. It eliminates an
important public exercise of civic duty, one that helps build a sense of community and responsibility. Election day is
the only time citizens come together in their communities in one place at one time to engage in an important civic
activity. When I go to the polls on Tuesday I will see my neighbors, meet political volunteers and judge for myself
how well election officials are handling their duties. Since this is a non-presidential year the lines probably won’t be
long at my polling place. For the last year and a half the tea party movement has rallied Americans around the cause
of bring fiscal responsibility… I would say we are right back here. Hillsboro elementary school in Lautham county
Virginia, but I have stood in plenty of lines at the polling place in other years in other places its not always
convenient or comfortable, especially during inclement weather but I have always believed that the least I could do
as an American is to show up and vote. There is something special about entering the polling booth. Even though
curtains are now gone as is the old lever you used to pull to mark your ballot. Now there are computer screens. But
not in New Mexico, we have paper ballots, but that’s another story. That make it seem more like visiting an ATM.
But no matter what the technology there is still that important moment of truth when you make a decision that really
matters. There have been times when I found the decision difficult. Like the first time I voted for a republican,
Ronald Reagan. Or cast a vote for someone I thought was simply the lesser of two unappealing candidates. But at
least I could rest assured when I cast my vote that everyone else there on that day had access to same information on
the candidate as I did, even if they didn’t avail themselves of it. But that isn’t the case when voters cast their ballots
over the course of several days or even weeks. Much can happen in the waning days of an election especially in tight
races. New information about a candidate can come to light. A candidate may do or say something foolish or
desperate which cast doubts on his or her character. Some outside event can alter the stakes in an election, but if you
have already ballot your vote you wont be able to take this information into account. In this election alone I have
seen Alaska republican senate nominee Joe Miller admit this week that he lied to federal investigators about his use
of government computers for political purposes. The admission has made it far more likely that the incumbent,
Senator Lisa Merkowski, who lost the republican primary to Miller, and is running as a write in candidate may win
the election. But Alaska is one of 32 states and the District of Columbia that allows early voting. So Alaskans who
have already voted will not have the opportunity to weigh this new information. The majority, the major argument in
favor of early voting was that the added convenience would encourage more Americans to vote. The United States
has notoriously poor voter participation. Only 62% of eligible voters turned out in 2008 and even fewer in 2006,
about 40%. And in New Mexico as we have done early voting our percentage of increase is absolutely zero. The
availability of early voting in many states has done little to improve voter participation which is still lower than they
were in the early 60’s when voter registration laws were tighter and absentee ballots were more difficult to obtain.
Those who tend to vote early are the very people who would vote on Election Day, namely older voters. Choosing
our elected officials is the most important thing we do as Americans. Is it really too much to ask that we set aside a
few minutes every two years to go to the polls and ask for our vote.” Early voting, so I will take a poll here in the
room, Kim you have been a presiding judge. Mike you were actually at the polls. (Correct) and so was there a lot of
activity today in early voting?

Mike: I was actually working at the warehouse today so I wasn’t at any of the polls but I have worked some of the
polls this week. Primarily in the south valley. And voter activity has been moderate to light. At least in the places I
was at.

Kim: The one that my wife went to today it actually was filling up with lines outside the door. So more people
wanting to vote but it is late in the election.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 6 of 8, 7.20, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well this is late in the early voting scheme you know and I appreciate convenience, I do, but 28 days
at this cost, this is crazy. And the discussion we had with Daniel Ivy Soto yesterday on my show, who is the former
director of the bureau of elections he says that this just doesn’t make any sense.

Kim: How many more people vote now, in terms of peoples?

Arnold-Jones: None. It has not improved and the reason that we have extended this voting period was to improve
voter participation but is hasn’t happened.
Mike: No it really hasn’t and I think the process is a little cumbersome given the length of time that everyone has to
be involved in it.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 6 of 8, 8.06, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: So for those of you listening around the country I would be interested to know if you have a 28 day
voting cycle or what your voting cycle is. I know it differs clear across the country. But I have tell you what in a
small state that’s a big state like NM, 28 days is outrageous. And I think Linda Chavez was exactly correct, what
you know 28 days out versus what you know 7 days out or 4 days out of an election, two very different sets of

Kim: And Linda grew up in NM. Most people may not know that but she did

Mike: The one thing you have to keep in mind now is that the ballot is pretty long this year. I would say that the
average person I have watched at the poll has taken somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. So especially if they do
all the judges, constitutional amendments, bonds and things of that nature it takes a good element of time to prepare
yourself to vote things.

Kim: Even if you studied it ahead of time and go in it still takes a good amount of time to go through it.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 6 of 8, 9.20, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely. So what is the consensus here? Shorten this time. If I were going back to the legislature
that is exactly the kind of bill I would be putting in, because it just doesn’t make sense. 5 million dollars for a
primary election, 5 million dollars for the general election? Please?

Kim: With the state that the finances are in in this state and what it’s going to be. I think they need to look at this as
a way of cost cutting methods. You have to pay people that normally don’t work to come in a do those jobs and now
is not the time to increase costs.

Part 7 of 8

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 7 of 8, .16, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Darkness! We have to lighten this up, and we are going to go immediately to your favorite political
election movie. And the only thing the movie has to have in it is some connection to the election. I am looking at
political election movies, those grossing the most at the box office. And I am just so pleased to see that one of my
favorite movies is number two. But I would like to hear from you, what is your favorite political election movie?

Kim: The candidate. With Robert Redford. I like that.

Arnold-Jones: I would say that we was kind of blindsided then. He had a moment in there where he said, and you
will have to help me with the line, where he said something like( What do we do now) That’s exactly what he said
“what do we do now.”

Mike: That’s quite apropos given the current environment

Kim: That’s the difference between running for office and what you do when you get into office.

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely. And one that is under recognized that I like is Who Shot Liberty Valence (Another
Jimmy Stewart)Absolutely, and it was a great movie, and the underlying theme of that movie was perception is
reality. Sometimes it’s a good perception and sometimes not.

Kim: Remember at the end of the movie where the train conductor comes up and says nothing is too good for the
man who shot liberty valence.
Arnold-Jones: That’s right. And then he said you print the legend, you print the legend. Which other one do you
like? (Dave) I like Dave too, Dave is the number two grossing election movie so far.

Comment: And Winnie and the Pooh

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 7 of 8, 2.16, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Winnie and the Pooh? Do tell me about the theme of the story ( I cant go there this time of night) but
you can say anything you want. What about you Mike? (The candidate) The candidate, alright so let me throw a
couple of other names, maybe this will jog your memory. I am a real fan of the American President with Michael
Douglas, I really like that movie. Although I always thought it was a parody on Bill Clinton, I always did, but I just
thought it was a great movie. Oh and the American President is the number three grossing political movie. Number
four: I love this one too, The Distinguished Gentleman with Eddie Murphy. I mean talk about tongue in cheek.
Congressman Dick Dodge, do you remember “Congressman Dick Dodge, yes, were gonna do the dick the dick and
the dodge” or the dodge and the dick… I remember, it was a great line, it was a great movie.(How much do these
things gross anyway) Let me see, the Manchurian candidate… the 2004 version 65 almost 66 million, Dave, which
is a 1993 movie, grossed 63 million, The American President, from 1995, boy 1995 can that be? Is 60 million.

Comment: That’s about what costs to run a good race in which state for which candidate

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 7 of 8, 4.02, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: I would say TJ is on the line from Indiana. TJ thank you so much for calling… Tell me what is your
favorite political movie?

TJ: I am sure some people will jump on me given the stars recent actions and comments and it’s a Sean Penn movie
called All the Kings Men.

Arnold-Jones: that’s a good one too

TJ: And part of it in a sense with my election campaign I can relate to it, he is just an average Joe that they scoop up
and have him run for governor for the state of Louisiana. Its kind of based on the story of Huey Long from the 30’s
and 40’s and some of it I can relate to and Sean Penn’s performance was one of the best of his career.

Arnold-Jones: Wow and you know I’m looking at what it grossed at the box office, and unfortunate. But I think your
right it was really an excellent performance. But I think the reality is TJ, there are people like that in office. That’s
the truth.

TJ: There is, and it kinda shows the transition you were speaking to earlier of you have this genuine guy who is
manipulated easy because he looks to the ones that are there when he says what do I do now. And instead of trying
to make their own trail he follows the ones who were before him, and that’s why we keep falling into the same ditch
over and over again to use Obama’s analogy about a ditch.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 7 of 8, 5.41, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Oh boy that one is another thing that is going clear across the country. Its kind of like the social
security issue. So TJ you are running for congress, what made you step up to run?

TJ: The main inspiration was when I was sitting around with my buddies having a conversation about politics. It was
a realization I had at that moment that was what good am I doing here with my friends being an armchair politician.
Saying that I know what would solve these problems. Why don’t I stop talking and start doing something and make
this happen if I believe that these are the best things.

Arnold-Jones: So tell us how your race is progressing?
TJ: Its interesting, the last three weeks have been perhaps the most vibrant as far as recognition and media presence.
I actually started doing this in 2009 and there is this one website run by CBS in Indiana on and they
have where you can click approve or oppose for the three candidates in the race and right now im at 90% support so
we will see if that translates into the voting booth.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 7 of 8, 7.09, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: So regardless of the outcome, in my opinion, the reason that you are running is the most honorable
reason for running, which is you have an obligation to make where you live better. Do you think the discussion that
you have held has changed any of the rest of the discussion?

TJ: I hope. I would like to think the discussion that I have brought to the people will change the tone. Given that
more people have paid more attention to what I have to say because of the stark contrast in age. Mike Pence is in his
early 50’s, the democratic candidates are roughly in the same area. And im half their age and that immediately gets
me attention its kind of like the look a dog gets when he hears a high noise, you kind of cock your head back and say
whats going on over here? I hope that the message that im pointing out there and I know its going to sound like what
everyone preaches but like with the email you said earlier I give specifics on how im going to to do this. That creates
a demand among the voters from here on out of give me specifics, show me how you do this or I’m not going to vote
for you. Especially with the young crowd like with Obama they could relate to him he’s a young guy he is playing
basketball, he has the blackberries like the rest of us. That was the main thing that attracted my age group and I hope
that my age group will look at me and says he is our age and he puts specifics out there lets demand it from

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 7 of 8, 9.00, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Now TJ this is a bit of a double edged sword. I believe that the reason you put out specifics is that it’s
a way for the electorate to understand how you think about things. But the reality is in the political arena you cant
think about everything. And the backside of that sword is that it could be used to hang you because things didn’t
turn out exactly as you envisioned it because you didn’t have enough pieces of information. Could you forgive
yourself a little bit it if didn’t go work out exactly as you described it?

TJ: I think I could because as with anything in life nobody’s perfect. Your caller or someone in studio mention we
learn from our mistakes. If we look at JCPenny who started the department stores, he failed his first three times
when he started his own business and he learned from his mistakes how to be successful. If that is the case with me
if I am unsuccessful this time I will dust myself off do a little hindsight where everything is 20-20 and try again.
And the most important thing with this is the fact that I have a 6 year old son. If failure comes my way as it
inevitably will, no one wins forever, but I can use it as a teaching moment for him as well and the other kids like my
nieces and nephews and everybody else. I can use it as a teaching moment as you don’t always have to be first place
but you can still keep trying to be first place and there is no shame in that as long as you try your hardest every time
and you don’t always have to be the winner. If you put out there and you give everything you have that’s all that
anybody can ask from you.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 7 of 8, 10.52, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: And you know, Mike is going to make a comment, we have to go to break but I want to get through
this one point, that the electorate also has to become sophisticated enough that when we put out our thoughts what
you are doing is demonstrating how you think. But you are supposed to be agile and it may not be 100% as you
envisioned it and we have to understand that. TJ thank you so much for calling we appreciate it. This is Janice
Arnold Jones with Adam vs the man, standing in for Adam Kokesch it is a privilege. This is am 1550KIVA more
positive talk radio.

Part 8 of 8

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 8 of 8, .36, assessed 4/12/12]
Arnold-Jones: Wherever you are, that is where you stand, that is where you fight. If you believe in this country,
wherever you stand, you make your stand. And we are talking on a much lighter note so we have a few minutes to
talk about movies and elections and we are talking about political election type movies. We have hit a couple of the
really common ones. We really like Dave, I like Dave, I like the American President. But what about some of the
lesser knowns.(Bulworth). Bulworth, who starred in that, do you remember? You don’t remember. Ok lets look it
up, we’re looking it up. Bulworth, let me see, Warren Beatty, Halle Berry there you go. What was the story line in
that movie. Do you remember?

Kim: He started acting, in order to appeal to a different group, he started acting completely different. If I recall there
was one episode where he was dressed sort of like in the hood, with a boombox as he was running for office. It was
a funny movie and it was great to see the contrasts between what he did to run as compared to the baby kissing that
goes on.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 8 of 8, 1.58, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: What about Head of State vs Man of the Year? Never heard of it. Head of State was a, starred Chris
Rock film and Man of the Year was a Robin Williams film. And believe it or not Head of State was a 2003 film and
Man of the Year was a 2006 film. What about Speechless? That was a cutie, do you remember who that is? I want to
say Michael Keaton and Beetlejuice, what’s her name, what’s the actresses name in Beetlejuice? Beetlejuice,
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.(that would be Winona Ryder) No Geena Davis(both of them) Your right Winona Ryder
was in Beetlejuice. Your right, exactly right. And Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeve was in this. And actually
that movie ran through supposedly NM. Which is where they met and the balloons were out there in the middle of
nowhere. Which leads us down to Swing Vote, I didn’t like that movie did you? Ya we didn’t like that. All the
Kings Men was a better movie than the box office says. The War Room that was kind of a depressing movie. Do
you remember who was in the War Room? And the war room, this is not, you know, crisis central, this is the war
room as in a political campaign. And I’m not even sure I could tell you who was in that movie. So there you go. So
that leads me back to some of the older ones that are not listed here. But I kind of pulled up some of the really all
time political films: So, Politics 1931. Do you remember that one? Marie Dressler is a landlord widow who’s
campaign against the incumbent mayor’s corruption by the speakeasy owning gangster is assisted when all the
married women in town go on strike against their husbands by refusing to do house work or perform their wifely
duties. (Was that a talking movie?) 1931… How about the Dark Horse 1932? Nobody’s seen that. What about the
Great McGinty? About a bum that is manipulated by a corrupt political machine all the way up the line to the
governor of a state. This sounds like a familiar theme. How about, oh this is a good one, Abe Lincoln in Illinois? It
was a good movie. And what about Meet John Doe? ( I love that movie)… with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwick.
Now we have left out a huge one, a big one, Citizen Cane. Ya it was a big one, starred Joseph Cotton. A big, big
picture.(mentions Rosebud) How about the Farmers Daughter in 1947? Who was in that? I have a cheat sheet so I
know. Your getting close Loretta Young and Charles Bickford. It focuses on a young Swedish American woman,
Ms. Young, who leaves the family farm to go to the big city to earn an education but is bilked out of her money on
the way and finds herself working as a maid to a US senator Joseph Cotton again. And during a rally for him she
speaks up for immigrants and is thrust popularly into running as well. How about State of the Union with Spencer
Tracy? Some other good ones, and of course guess who else was in that movie, if there’s Spencer Tracy who must
there be? Katherine Hepburn that’s right, and Angela Lansbury. And Angela Lansbury was running the republican
political machine, she was the brains. And then there was All the Kings Men, which is the premake of the Sean Penn
All the Kings Men. How about the Last Hurrah?

Kim: Now that was Spencer Tracy, they ask him at the end of the movie, I believe he is on his death bed, if he
would do anything different, and he says not a damn bit.

[am1550KIVA Adam vs the man Part 8 of 8, 6.32, assessed 4/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: There you go, and of course this leaves off with The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence. I really like that
movie, I really like Jimmy Stewarts role ( and John Wayne was good) John Wayne was really good. Anyway, so
have we resolved any of the country’s problems other than you can’t give, up you have to keep fighting, and you
have to have a little levity once in a while. Tracy what do you think? (and Winnie the Pooh) And Winnie the Pooh.
(V for Vendetta) Oh your right, absolutely, good one. Anyway it has been a privilege to sit in for Adam Kokesch. I
think Adam will be back next week, is that right? And we will get to hear about his being a star, and I’m sure he.. he
is a rising star, a very, very talented passionate man and it is a privilege to sit in for him. This is Adam Kokesch vs
the Man, Janice Arnold Jones sitting in for Adam Kokesch you are on am 1550 KIVA we specialize in more positive
talk radio. You can email us at Or please go to Adam’s website,
And this is Janice Arnold and in the studio is John Jones, Kim Hillard, Mike Myer, and in the studio producing is
Tracy, we so appreciate it and Baloo the dog, we love you. Yall goodnight, keep standing, keep fighting.
[Janice Arnold Jones outdoor interview, .04, 7/25/11]

Rob: The first question I will ask is why run for congress?
[Janice Arnold Jones outdoor interview, .04, 7/25/11]
Arnold-Jones: I am so glad you asked that question. You know Rob. Our country is in trouble. And it’s a funny
feeling when you know you’re prepared, you cant sit back and not stand up and fight for this country. And so going
to congress there are some issues not the least of which is the debt. We don’t have an energy policy, our tax system
is crumbling. I can fight. I am prepared to fight. And more importantly I am prepared to fight for the state of New
Mexico which has some very unique problems.
Rob: Dan Lewis is going to be running against you and as far as I know someone else could throw their hat in the
ring. What distinguishes you from Dan or any other possible opponent?
[Janice Arnold Jones outdoor interview, .42, 7/25/11]
Arnold-Jones: You know, I think it is the breadth of my experience. You know I was privileged to serve in the
legislature for eight years and that is serving with 70 people is probably a little closer to serving with 435 people.
But the breadth of my background, my work background having been all over the country and understanding very
clearly what the labs and our military bases mean to the state of New Mexico. And also what the tax policy and the
burden of federal land is to a state like New Mexico. And so I think that puts me in a very unique position.
Rob: Now the House of Representatives is voting for cut, cap and balance. Do you support that?
[Janice Arnold Jones outdoor interview, 1.24, 7/25/11]
Arnold-Jones: I have to tell I have not read the legislation and you probably know that I like to do that before I say
how I am going vote. But is it time to cut? Yes. Is it time to cap the debt? Absolutely. And balanced budget? Please
. You know you balance your budget, legislatures in most of the states are supposed to have a balanced budget so
why is the federal government exempt. For those foundational principals, Im for that.
Rob: Are you a fiscal conservative, what about for social issues, where do you stand on those things?
[Janice Arnold Jones outdoor interview, 2.00, 7/25/11]
Arnold-Jones: You know to the very largest extent possible I think the government should stay out of your life. But I
am a socialist conservative as well. Do I believe that life is precious, absolutely, from birth to death, I am absolutely
adamant that life is precious. And that is one of the things that makes our country different and great.
Rob: Last question for you: do you think that there is a feeling in this country right now that maybe social issues
should take a back seat to more pressing fiscal issues?
[Janice Arnold Jones outdoor interview, 2.30, 7/25/11]
Arnold-Jones: Yes. Absolutely, right now we are in peril of losing our country, losing our country, because we have
been fiscally irresponsible. And so there are some priorities and right now the priority needs to be getting our
financial house in order.
Rob: Ok. Janice Arnold-Jones thank you very much
Intro: You all have one minute for opening statements.

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 8.03, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: You can yell at me and throw everything I don’t have a vote this coming session so let’s have a
discussion. You know from a tax policy perspective this is terrible policy. However it is not irrecoverable, I have
always thought that the definitions were way to narrow. The media is expanding exponentially and unfortunately
we’ve kind of limited some pieces of it. Now as a business manager myself the 25% credit against expenses, there
are no taxes involved, a little hard to swallow. So is there some middle ground? I think there is. I absolutely think
and you’re looking at me like there are no taxes. There are no taxes involved. It is a credit against expenses, and that
is where the tax policy gets to be a problem. So let’s see if we can find some middle ground that sustains an
industry. I would really like to see a really strong production model.

Question: The film program has expensive reporting requirements and every film that receives a rebate is audited. If
we are going to do this for the film industry, should we require more reporting and accountability from other
industries as well? You will have thirty seconds.

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 13.37, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: Since we’re talking about the credits against expenses and the auctioning requirements.
Representative Kentai is correct, you cannot see those audits. However, increasing more audits, you know increasing
bureaucracy is not going to help this. What we have to do is simplify the process. So if we were actually talking
about a tax that could be audited, you could actually simplify the amount of resources spent by each film production
entity significantly. Simplify, simplify

Question: The rebate is not capped right now. Governor Martinez has proposed capping the problem. We don’t
know how much we will be refunding year to year. Should we cap the program? You have thirty seconds.

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 15.44, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: I don’t like the first come first serve aspect of it because it really cuts out New Mexico filmmakers. I
don’t like that part. The other side is, the mantra will be, we need to put money into education. Where is the money
coming from? And so at some point you have to have a very realistic view of your budget. And I am hesitant to say
put a cap on it, but if it means pulling 50 million out of education what do you choose?

If twenty other states have programs that are more generous than ours and we are still attracting business, why
should we not cut it a little bit?

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 17.53, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: That’s kind of an interesting way to ask that question. You know, twenty other states have a program
like this and I wont tell you I... the time this came up in 2003. There comes a point which, you cannot sell off of the
rate cart. And that is the race that you are proposing. It’s keeping up with all of the other states. At some point we
have to sell the value in the state of New Mexico and not worry what everybody else is doing. I have so much faith
in the talent in this state that I don’t care if Wisconsin gives 40%, we have a better film climate, and that’s what we
have to sell and we will still get the jobs.

Question: We have a serious budget deficit in this state and we know that we have to make some cuts. If we don’t
cut this program, where would you suggest we cut?

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 23.41, 09/01/11]
Arnold-Jones: It’s kind of scary. Brian I think we might agree. And here is the problem you know our tax code is
just, it looks like swiss cheese. It is time to pull back all of the incentives, reduce the gross receipts tax, and then
very selectively, marginally target what we are doing so that we have some bonafide results. Everybody wins,
including every single small business owner in here.

Question: There has been reference to a tax expenditure budget. (including rebate programs) We do not have this in
New Mexico. Would you support a tax expenditure budget?

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 26.22, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: For all businesses predictability is really important. I looked at the tax expenditure report. It’s 29
pages. Do you think we might have a lot of credit? I can only imagine how much money we are spending chasing
the credit, keeping track of what you’re doing. Simplification would actually help us sustain this business rather than
you chasing the actual…you need to production.

Question: What could we do to promote the industry that doesn’t cost money?

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 28.47, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: You know that’s a really tough one. Because we have provided schools, training, we have provided
free equipment, we have provided free locations, we have provided free money and the 25% credit against expenses.
There are not too many other places to go. That being said the one place that I would look if I was going to expand
any place, is access to New Mexico filmmakers who are being bypassed.

Question: How would you define a successful program? What proportion of revenue to cost would make it worth it
to you?

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 31.16, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: You know, the way I define a successful program is not that parameter. Success to me: are production
companies that are so successful that they are able to provide benefits, that are able to fill their own pipeline without
relying on the state, that to me defines success, a successful production environment. And that includes making sure
that we expand that definition. Not just to film but to every form of media that is available. It is changing so rapidly,
and that production environment that’s where you’re rooted right here in the state of New Mexico is what I consider

Questions from the audience: There have been problems with building programs in other states. How does New
Mexico protect itself from those same pitfalls?

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 36.53, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: I have to echo what Representative Kentai says: The number of calls that I have from New Mexicans
who lost out because another transplant with a P.O. Box was selected over them. And they reported (…) of New
Mexicans and the more complicated we make it the easier for this type of abuse to take place. So there are a number
of things that we still have to do to clean it out.

Question: What do you propose to replace 10,000 jobs and 250 businesses when the film industry evaporates in New

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 39.39, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: You know I have to quote my friend Eric Whit and he was on KOB reminding us that there are about
3,000 jobs, and so this number 10,000, lets be real. But what bothers me and let’s get back kind of the (…) that’s
happening. The number of individuals who have been, when they finish a project, go to unemployment. It’s a little
frightening. And so for me success again is sustained employment with benefits. And that 10,000 number just
doesn’t cut it, it doesn’t get there.
Question: Should economic incentives be used to stimulate emerging businesses emerging high growth industries
rather than flat or sunset businesses like film location production?

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 42.08, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: Well, the economic development track record is not particularly good in our state. We have a number
of high tech companies that have located in Mesa Del Sol, they are not there anymore. And so is this as worthy an
industry as any other one, you bet it is. But again I am gonna go back to that model, how much and for how long
should your industry be sustained by the tax payer. You know I go to McDonalds and I pay a buck for a cup of
coffee, this industry pays 75 cents. We gotta find the middle road.

Question: The money to make movies, to pay employees and vendors, comes from outside the state. Even if New
Mexico were to give 30 cents of every dollar, wouldn’t New Mexico still benefit from the 70 cents left behind? You
have one minute

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 44.26, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: You know anytime you have economic activity it’s a good thing. And if we have such robust activity
you have to then ask, why do we need such a subsidy? And that becomes that chicken and an egg theory. And so we
are really debating at what level are we going to do this. Do we benefit from the money that comes from out of
state? Of course we do. Do I think it is going to dry up and blow away? I don’t. Because the people in this room are
creating a vibrant community and the reason that people are going to come here has everything to do with your
talent and much less to do with some of the benefit we’re offering. And I want to go back to one of the film loan
programs that we have. Has anybody in this room actually been able to get one of the film loans? And see that really
bothers me. And so there are some structural things that we we still need to do. And so it’s not just about the rebate,
it’s about the whole program.

Closing Statements: One minute

[Motion Picture Association of New Mexico, 51.45, 09/01/11]

Arnold-Jones: You know having been in this industry for a number of years in California it’s very interesting that
we are coming full circle. The bottom line here is: productions are going to go where they need to go so what are we
selling? Are we gonna sell off the rate cart? You know, if we sell off the rate cart, you sell yourselves down the
river. Then we deserve the reputation that we do have in Los Angeles which is, go to New Mexico it’s easy money.
You know it’s not good enough. The other side is, there is a fairness issue, you know there are a number of other
industries and I’m not going to quibble with the fact that we may have 3,000 people working sustained positions. I
am grateful. But, what about the other industries that are trying to get a leg up? The 25% credit against expenses,
that’s what it is. It’s a credit against expenses, isn’t fair.
 [Tea Party Meet and Greet, .07, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: Thank you so much for hosting this Laurie. Thank you for all of your hard work. Kathy and Jim it is
an honor to be here. And you know I have such an important message I have to be very careful that I make sure you
get exactly what I am saying. And so I am going to use this music stand and we are going to talk about something
very important. And I just I can’t thank you enough for being here because if you’re not sure, the balance of our
country is hanging by your vote. Are you caught in a desperate economic situation with no control, are you suffering
from a real estate market that has trapped you in your own home, have you or a loved one lost a job, lost a business,
are you struggling to make ends meet, put food on the table, or put gas in your car? Are you wondering how this
nation can pay for Obamacare, foreign aid, green industry, bailouts, stimulus, social services for illegals, border
wars, foreign wars, interest payments to China and Japan when you cannot even pay your own bills? Are you
wondering why after decades of never ending rhetoric we still have not achieved energy independence or can use
our own natural resources? Now do these questions sound like cheap lies from a late night television infomercial?
Any recognition there? Well the sad thing is, is they’re not. They are the questions of the day. I am Janice Arnold-
Jones and I am running for congress in the first congressional district and I am inviting you today to join me in the
fight, in the work to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. I am prepared to serve you. I am
an air force war orphan, a graduate of Albuquerque High School, a navy wife of 36 years. Where is John? He is right
there, hi sweetie, and we have two kids. Commitment to God, family, and country, is my middle name.
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 2.30, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: I have been in small business and large business. And I know what it is like to worry about overhead,
payroll, inventory, benefits and layoffs. I know what it means to the people who take the risk to build the enterprises
that build the wealth that enable us to create jobs that make our economy work. As former speaker of the house Tip
O’neill once said “if you want a masters in public policy you should go to Harvard. If you would like a P.H.D. in
politics go to New Mexico.” ... I served 8 years in the New Mexico state legislature. And I have the legislative
experience, the triumphs, and the battlescars to show for my service. I made a difference on issues of transparency,
budget accountability and the sacred responsibility to use tax payer dollars wisely. I helped to kill the bills that
weren’t right. And I never gave up fighting for the principles of right action: limited government, limited spending,
and open door law making. I am running for congress because my diverse business experience and extensive travels
have prepared me to defend this nation. We need to defend it because we are facing a menace to our freedom, our
independence, and to the sovereignty of this state. Because our state and nation are being crushed by the weight of
debt and a congress refusing to do its job. Because we are being held hostage by a leader who bows in disgrace to
other nations. A leader who has become an American apologist. I am running for congress because we are being
held back by an ineffective president who has succeeded in nothing but creating more debt, more social programs,
and who alters, changes, and suspends law by executive order. I am running for congress because the current
congress has failed to pass a budget in over 900 days, and because congress has surrendered our representative vote
to a super committee of 12. I hope you outraged. I am running for congress because there are millions without jobs,
no hope of jobs, millions who have lost their life savings in the 2008 wall street debacle and the real estate fiasco
that is emptying our homes, our neighborhoods, and our business’. Millions paying for the entitlements of other
millions who pay nothing and have no skid in the American game. Billions spent hourly on interest payments to
other nations. We are now a debtor nation. I am running for congress because I am your neighbor. Because our
beloved nation is spiraling toward socialism. Because we are drowning in worthless paper currency and economic
lure where other nations are growing stronger while we grow weaker. Because we have been denied our own
resources, our own initiative, our own inventions, our own technology. I am running for congress because I believe
in the American people. I believe in America’s ability to face the truth and find a solution. I believe America can
meet every challenge and come out stronger on the other side. I believe in American ingenuity, American
innovation, American grit, and the American get her done attitude. I believe in the spirit of the American people
who always give a hand up to anyone willing to help themselves. I believe in the constitution. I believe that our
founding fathers wrote the amazing words of the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights
and that they were indeed endowed with wisdom and vision by our creator.
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, youtube, 7.27, uploaded 11/21/11]
I am running for congress because I have a plan, I have a plan to bring New Mexico to the forefront of energy
decision. Ask me, I have a plan to make the case for New Mexico. Ask me. I have a plan to balance the budget, limit
spending and establish fair taxation for all. Ask me. I am running for congress because I am prepared to fight. I will
enter the fray and get big government out of our lives and out of the way. I am prepared to go to the very heart of
government to fight for and defend the average American, the average New Mexico business from being ambushed
by regulatory agencies that wreak havoc on our economy. I am ready to listen, I am ready to work. I am prepared by
my life experiences to represent you in Washington D.C. I will strive with you for the soul of our nation. You know,
in the summer of 1787 it was hot, it was humid, it was miserable. The framers of our constitution knew their labor
would serve the millions yet to be born as they crafted our nation. The result: a representative republic stable and
resilient provided that we the people, we the people are willing to work to honor and preserve its constitutional
foundation. So I ask you, Billy what would you do without freedom? Laurie who will you be without freedom? Jim
is our American legacy worth fighting for? (…) is the work of our founding fathers worth defending? So lets make
an oath together. Let us make an oath to work tirelessly for as long it takes to restore America to the land of liberty,
the land of enterprise, the land of opportunity. Let us once again bend to the task before us pledging to preserve our
nation under god as the shining beacon of freedom and opportunity. 2012 is coming… we cannot afford to lose and
there is not much time. Join me, join me now, join me in the battle for our republic. Send me to Washington. Thank
Question 1: What can a congressman do to help jobs in New Mexico?
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, youtube, 10.38, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: Actually a number of things, first and foremost,… (…) a good question. So let me describe the
problem. Our state gave up its economy about 1940 or so. And I say that because this state has been a service to our
nation for that long. We have come to the service and security of our nation. The price was our economy. Knowing
that, so there are a couple things that we need to do, whoever goes to congress right now must make the case for
New Mexico. They must make sure that congress, that the rest of the nation understands what it is that we do in New
Mexico that is so vital to our national security, it is often lost in translation. And very quickly we are the nation’s
test bed and I intend to defend that. That’s step one. Step two is I intend to start whittling away to return federal
property back to the state. Any time a state is so consumed with federal property you lose your economy. If you ever
wondered why Texas is making more jobs than we have it’s because we 34.6% federal property in our state and they
have 4% and it really doesn’t take a whole lot to think about this and that’s not to say that I want to give up our great
business, that’s not my point, but some of our businesses are really stuck. And the third piece is regulatory. And so
you will have a part in this and so will I. So here is the measure: anytime there is a regulatory question, and I like
every single one of you, I believe in preserving, protecting our land, our air, being good stewards of what we have
been given by our creator, that is our job. But when a regulatory entity is holding you hostage until you don’t have
any more money, that’s wrong. So I think anytime there is a regulatory permit issue there is a time limit. If the
business does what they need to do and the government can’t get their stuff together then the business needs to go
ahead. And I think we need to get on with it. We cannot be delayed by process. And I don’t mean to be cavalier
about it, there is a balance, but that is part of the problem. And you know in that is, in New Mexico making more
new businesses your government can throw a lot of money at it. They can throw money at like Solyndra, we almost
did that for the Talapia deal, I kid you not we could have had that, we could have had Solyndra. But those are sort of
the answers and I wish they were quick answers but they are not. So what do you think Jim?
Jim: Well the regulations are terrible in a lot of areas. And I think there was something that you were working on
that I introduced in the next session. There are these rare earth elements in New Mexico that china is no longer
shipping us and they are strategic to the US and New Mexico in particular. But we need to change our mining laws
just a little bit. Could you elaborate on how that needs to be done?...
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 14.03, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: But what Jim is saying is correct. So I know that rare earth elements or rare earth metals is not
something that we talk about all the time. The reason that Solyndra is such an interesting example is here is a
renewable energy company that the department of energy thought that they know how to start a business, don’t even
get me going, anyway all of their component parts require rare earth metals. China, we are 100% dependant upon
China for those rare earth metals. And so now we have Solyndra who is making these…, interesting about this is
they always marketed their product at a rate less than what it cost them to make it. Those of you… in business know
this aint gonna work. But those rare earth elements are part of… telephones, they are part of a TV screen, they are
part of our weapon system. And the state of New Mexico has 13% of the worlds deposits of rare earth metals and we
don’t touch a one of ‘em. We are talking about jobs, can we do this? Has the technology for mining changed in such
a way that we can mine them efficiently and conserve our environment, you bet. So, we need job’s, that would be a
good place to start. And by the way, I just as a (…) policy, I think anytime our nation is dependant upon anything,
for anything that is critical we have got to change that picture. Yes Richard?
Richard: Are these rare earth minerals on federal land, state land, privately owned?
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 15.24, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: A little bit of everything. Tribal land, Federal land, some private property. And the bulk of it, its
actually all through New Mexico, the higher deposits are in the Bullion Mountains… The highest deposits.
Richard: So what is the regulatory scheme because of all of these competing jurisdictions?
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 16.05, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: Well depending on where the jurisdiction is, first off you have to decide what you want to do. And
our governor is remarkably capable of actually changing this dynamic and she has done a pretty good job so far. The
other thing is we have to get companies who have the technology to mine it to come here. And we have a don’t
touch New Mexico sign on every border, we have to change that. That is probably the biggest thing… do you have
any idea Cathy about how do we get that shingle changed to open for business? Because were not there yet.
Comment: We did pass a bill in a special session to give 5% preference to in state businesses that will help a lot.
Arnold-Jones: But we don’t have very many in state mining businesses that have the expertise to actually extract the
rare earth metals. Which is a bit of a challenge and it is slightly different.
Richard: Is this underground mining, hard rock mining, is it soft mining like coal or is it strip mining?
Arnold-Jones: It’s actually a combination of all of those. It often times, the rare earth metals are formed as the
result… to other mining activities. Not always but often times. And so its not a particularly simple process to extract
Comment: So its not necessarily the mining it’s the milling, that the regulatory has been aimed at?
Arnold-Jones: Yes…And the smelting, your right, and the smelting that’s exactly right,... Smelting. Because there
are a number of different processes it takes to actually pull those items out. And what is interesting about rare earth
elements is that they actually exist in combination so you may be going after one but you may get three. And
hopefully we (…)be effective and efficient
Comment: Janice at the risk of being ignorant, list some of these rare earth elements.
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 18.00, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: Oh I knew you were going to tell me that. I hardly can even say that. They are the last seventeen
items on the periodic table. The last seventeen on the right side…
Comment: The ones we didn’t bother to remember. Those exact ones huh?
Comment: They all end in –ium
Comment: For those of us who are really old they weren’t on the periodic table when we learned them
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 18.30, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: So there are seventeen of them and you know the reason that we have cell phones and plasma
televisions is because somebody was smart enough, I’m gonna bet somebody in one of our laboratories, to use these
rare earth elements… and now China is kicking our butts.
Comment: One of the issues with the mines is often you have to take these metals out of state to process these
metals. Are we going to be building the processing facilities here or is it going to be out of state, because I don’t
know of anywhere in the country?
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, youtube, 19.15, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: No place in our country are we mining rare earth metals. No place, and there are other deposits. Just
our state has been blessed with the majority of the deposits. We don’t have the only ones, but we have the majority
and the highest concentration. And the challenge about rare earth elements is there are not large deposits in any
place and they are pretty dispersed because of what they are. And so there really are some challenges.
Comment: Do they show up in veins or is it like underground deposit like uranium?
Arnold-Jones: What I find is they are closer to the surface and they’re like clumps. Not veins more like
clumps.(Nodes) Good. Ya more like that. Yes, any other questions?
Comment: Janice you have two tea party groups here and the tea party is very much in favor of the balanced budget
amendment. How do you feel about that? You know the congress has passed laws about balancing the budget and
congress is very good about forgetting their own laws.
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, youtube, 20.24, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: Yes the last time that was done was 1978, signed by Jimmy Carter put into effect in 1981 and
nobody paid attention. So here’s the deal, I say you balance the budget and you don’t wait for a balanced budget
amendment. I think it’s a great thing that you don’t have to wait to do the right thing. And Kathy and Jim and I…
were in a balanced budget state. You do it, you don’t put it off and you know part of being a pain in the butt on the
legislative floor is to make that fight every time, every time ad nauseum. And I’ll do that.
Comment: Well how do you get there? How do you do get to that point, because it is hard to agree on things. Just
getting with other tea party groups in the state we get together and we talk and its difficult to agree on things. How
do you get there? And we are in such need for that, how do you get there?
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 21.19, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: (…) that is a great question and so I have a perspective. First off, trust in a relationship. Why should
you do anything I ask you to do, if you don’t know that what I’m saying is true and if you can trust me to behave in
a certain way. Trust is huge and in our congress we don’t have that. And so having that face to face relationship is
first and most important. The second thing, when you have trust even in congress this is a process. So if you are
representing the state of Maine and I am going to you and saying I need for you to do certain things because it is in
my states interests, it really helps if you are convinced that I understand what is in your interests. And then let me go
back to our founding fathers, they were not talking about compromise, they were talking about agreement. It’s hard
and it takes work and know that we may not get there the first time but I am willing to do the work. And it’s really 1
to 1 to 1 work to make it happen. And I don’t know if you sum that up as leadership but I do…. Other questions?
Commentary: What’s really bothering me is the Muslims coming to this country. They are turning it into a cancer,
like an internal cancer. They have their own lawyers, they have their own doctors and they are putting everyone one
of them on welfare and disability. And once they are on disability they are eligible for welfare. And they are literally
bleeding this country from the inside out along with the Mexicans and the south Americans, and nobody seems to
care. I cant even get the FBI involved, I called em.
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 23.21, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: So you’ve brought up an excellent point. And two things: Do we believe in freedom of religion in
our country, freedom of religion, not from, of, and we do. So that raises a couple of issues but its not just the
Muslims and its not just the Hispanics. It is the fact that we, that would be we, us the people have created some…
that simply make no sense. And it’s time to simplify. It is time I believe you know that if you are able bodied that
you should not avail yourself of these particular services. And yet I know the other side of this is even if you are
Muslim, even if you are in our nation illegally and there should be no illegal visitation by the way. But… I know
who we are. And if you are in a traffic accident and your hurt we are going to make sure you get taken care of, that’s
who we are and I don’t want to change that. But I do resent someone else getting help before you do. You are an
American. At what point do you say America first? And right now is the time I believe to say America first.
Comment: Congress gives the state department money, the state department then doles out money to foreign aid and
the UN. Like we are borrowing money from China and sending it to foreign aid which makes no sense. Maybe im
just old school. As a congresswoman will you look at the state departments budget and maybe put some caveats? I
don’t even know if that’s possible
 [Tea Party Meet and Greet, 25.22, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: Oh you bet. Congress is in charge of their budget. And you know this is where we are off track. And
when I mention that the president is executing via executive order it should make your blood boil. Our founding
fathers created three branches of government for a reason. And the executive is given free reign to implement what
congress has bestowed in the budget within those parameters. Congress sets the policy, and so you bet we have a say
on the state department. And it’s time to step up and say excuse me. And when the president issues an executive
order that trumps law created by congress, congress should be howling and I don’t understand why they’re not.
Except that I actually believe that there are congressman, congresswomen standing up and saying that and your just
not hearing it, and you should be frightened.
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 26.17, uploaded 11/21/11]
And with regard to foreign aid, so we are going to have to make some serious cuts. We have a deficit of 1.5 trillion a
year. And you know when your deficit is added to your debt every year, so its probably time to pull back that
foreign aid. I think we’ve got some countries that have been on foreign aid for over fifty years. And again I’m going
to go back to that other statement you know sometimes you have clean up your own house. Sometimes it has to be
America first and I think long term foreign aid should be off the table. But I am a fervent believer that when your
friends are in trouble and I will give you an example: When Japan was hit by the earthquake and the tsunami I think
you help your friends. And that is the standard. All the way in the back, I’m sorry, you had a question. Or did we
talk over it?
Comment: Just a moment ago, this is more philosophical. United nations agenda 21, sustainable
growth/development is just seeping through the country in Santa Fe County. How do we deal with that?
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 27.22, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: Ok so let me introduce you to my opponent … my opponent, who I believe will be my opponent on
the democratic side, has been the city level(…) of agenda 21 make no mistake about it and that would be Marty
Chavez. Who was the executive director of (…) and you know at the end of the day that is a taking of private
property and I just cant say it in any other nice terms. You know there are some elements that are okey dokey but at
the end of the day it is about taking your private property, and I am against that.
Comment: How do we educate people, its more like an underground movement that no one is aware of. How do we
educate the public?
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 28.16, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: You know I think you are doing it by your emails, by your discussion you know. And I, so let me put
Rita on the spot, have you had agenda 21 come to your council meetings yet?
Rita: Not as such. We have had one councilor who is very in favor of green building.
Arnold-Jones: And here is the problem… I don’t know anything that is 100% bad, I just don’t know that, but as a
policy the agenda 21 is really intent to tell you how you can live on your property and will take your property. And I
just don’t think Americans need that, I think you are Americans because you can make that decision.
Comment: But gee Janice you get to pay the taxes on it
Arnold-Jones: …I’m going to raise my hand and say I don’t like that. Rita
Rita: I heard on the news that a lot of Chinese ladies were coming to the US to have their babies. You know an
anchor baby. This is interesting from a country with upward financial ability When do you say enough on sheer
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 29.38, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: You know I had not heard about the Chinese. So the anchor baby policy is, its fraught with problems.
…But I had not heard of Chinese women in particular coming here. Because I do believe that China has … I know
why and I reject that. I reject the notion that the state of Idaho is considering selling fifty square miles of its land to
China as a sovereign entity because they’re cash strapped. You know, Ya had you not seen that, ya go back and look
at the government … And so you know at what point do we stand up and we say enough and America first.
Comment: The Canadians at our North Border are generally of like mind. The city of Edmonton has its own water
system, and suddenly its going to be owned by a foreign owner. However the Mexican government is absolutely
volatile and its going to consume the border states.
[Tea Party Meet and Greet, 31.03, uploaded 11/21/11]
Arnold-Jones: And here is one of the problems with our commerce clause. And I do not profess to be an expert on
commerce clause. But I think there is something fundamentally wrong when in the name of a commerce clause that
we lose our water rights to entities owned by foreign governments, that we lose our land to entities owned by foreign
governments. I just think that’s wrong
[New Mexico in Focus, 0.00, 12/16/11]
Matt Grubbs: We have been talking about fundraising so let’s start there. As you look at the overall numbers just in
CD1 democrats have a sizeable lead. On the republican side the money has not come out yet. Do you think they are
waiting for a Jon Barela to come out?
[New Mexico in Focus, .43, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: I think that there is some waiting, Jon is a good friend, and he has a criteria for getting into the race.
But republicans like to make sure they invest their money well and so until the field that they feel is set they will
probably stay on the sidelines.
Grubbs: Do you imagine that the money discrepancy will continue through the coming months or do you think it
will tighten up?
Arnold-Jones: I think that it will tighten up. There is one thing that the republicans will do, we want to take the
congressional seat back. We intend to send a republican to congress and so once the field is settled you will see a lot
of support to take that action
Grubbs: You mentioned Jon Barela, a friend, if he’s in are you out?
Arnold-Jones: No and you know when Martin Heinrich decided to vacate his seat my first call went to Jon Barela
and Jon and I talked and talked. And in June Jon was for many, many reasons unable to make a decision, and I put
my hat in the ring at that time. I am in to win this seat.
Grubbs: As you look at what your seeing, he is up in Santa Fe, as you look at what your seeing coming from Santa
Fe particularly with jobs. Are you seeing enough of a jobs plan coming from governor Martinez.
Arnold-Jones: You know, with all do respect, the governor is not going to make any jobs, she isn’t. But she is doing
a terrific work in taking care of the obstacles to making jobs. She is pulling back on some of the regulations. I have
already witnessed some of the pullback on some of the compliance issues, and when I say compliance, I mean
paperwork. We have rules that literally choke of risk taking. And in order to start a business you have to be willing
to take a risk but when 20% of your potential revenue is consumed by compliance and paperwork, hard to take that
step. She is doing a very good job in that arena.
Grubbs: When you talk about taking risks, do you mean starting a business or growing business or just big money
from big business?
[New Mexico in Focus, 2.48, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Well no, it’s funny that people say: What are you going to do about jobs? Well the truth is, as a
congresswoman I can’t do anything about jobs. But I can make sure that we don’t add additional burden to people,
even like yourself, who may believe that you can apply your resources and make a profit. And to say that we are
going to do anything but to create jobs that make your life miserable is silly. And so that’s what we have to do, we
have to pull back regulations, we have to make every regulation, every piece of paper that we request truly has a
purpose. And its purpose cannot just be to make another government job.
Grubbs: Is there a point where you have to be careful not to pull those regulations back too much?
[New Mexico in Focus, 3.37, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Oh absolutely. You know, and I actually have a sort of a formula of the cost of compliance versus the
benefit of policy. And there should always be a benefit for that policy and it should be in relationship to the act of
compliance and neither one should be out of balance. To say that we don’t benefit by the fact that we have clean
water in our country, of course not, those are good regulations. But when you force on a business, and lets use our
tax code. They would love to spend less than 8 hours a year filing their taxes, I don’t know of any business that can
do that. So different measures.
Grubbs: So one of the primary examples is the San Juan generating station, obviously this is not in the first
congressional district but it does lay out that conflict of what is good regulation, what is bad regulation and what
should be thrown out all together, what is your read on that?
[New Mexico in Focus, 4.40, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Well I think you nailed it. And there is one other piece: what is too much testing? Over the years for
the clean air regulations our ability to test has improved exponentially. But there is no relationship to the health
outcomes, there should be a one to one relationship. But I also feel for PNM that owns this company. The PRC has
said they can spend 86 million dollars to improve this plant, but the EPA has come back in and said you shall invest
another 345 million to 700 million on a plant with no hope of recovery. How do they make it work, how do they
make the numbers work?
Grubbs: When you look at NM relationship to Washington overall. We have benefited from the Domenici’s and that
the Bingamans. Even with our last go round with congress people and that seniority we have gotten a lot of money
from Washington but it is hard to say we are getting to much money from Washington. What do you feel about that
relationship, how is NM doing?
[New Mexico in Focus, 5.46, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: NM is in a very unique position. And let me start by reminding you that our state sacrificed for this
nation’s security way back in the 1940’s, and as a result we gave up much of our economy. And so we have, by all
measure a federal economy, and you know very well we have a 3 to 1 match. For every dollar we send to
Washington three come back. It’s important right now that whoever represents NM, stand up and make the case for
what we do. It is often unseen. Now let me give you an example: we have airspace, we are able to test things that no
one other state can test. It is important that whoever represents this district, and I would be honored to do that, can
tell that story and explain why its important. Because the service NM provides to our nation for national defense,
national security and many other things is something that nobody else can do right now. And is that to say were not
going to take an economic hit when the budget hits come. We are.
Grubbs: I think its safe to say that everyone will.
Arnold-Jones: We are small and when you have that 3 to 1 ratio it makes us a remarkable target. And so it will take
the entire delegation to make sure that the rest of the nation understands what we contribute.
Grubbs: New Mexico’s delegation has done a pretty good job of cooperating with each other. Its not often that you
see republicans and democrats especially the ones that we have had reach across the aisle and toward each other.
That’s a key component, how do you work with somebody else with very different views, like a senator Udall.
[New Mexico in Focus, 7.27, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Well like anything, just like what you are doing here Matt, first you take the time to get to know
somebody. And you develop trust, you develop a relationship. Senator Udall needs to know what I know, but he also
needs to know that I care about his issues. And in that when I bring something to him and ask him to support
something that I am doing he will do so because he trusts my word. That does not happen overnight and that does
not happen just because you are elected.
Grubbs: So there you are talking to Senator Udall and you get a phone call from John Boehner who says we need
you in line representative Arnold Jones. How do you draw that distinction between working with the NM delegation
and towing the line enough that people in the republican party will pay attention to you and give you seats on
committees you want?
[New Mexico in Focus, 8.18, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: And you know that is the toughest place to be. So there are two jobs for the representative from
Congressional District 1 and one is to always represent your district, always represent your state. But the job of
going to congress is to also look out for what’s best for the United States of America. And having been in a caucus
sometimes you are at odds with your leadership and what you have to do is when you’re at odds tell them honestly,
tell them where you stand. And don’t just give in just because they are your leader, but because there are legitimate
reasons not to. Of course, when you are in a caucus it really helps to be a part of the team but you cant always and
you need to have the courage to do that.
Grubbs: When you look at the power one congress person can have. Does it bother you going in having no
seniority? What committees would you be looking to get into and what could you do there?
[New Mexico in Focus, 9.22, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Well I would like to be on the armed services committee. And partly because, I don’t know if you
know, but I am a navy wife. And so my dad was in the air force and I have a real relationship with the military. I
have a great understanding of that mission but I was privileged to be a DOE contractor for 12 years. And
understanding how those two entities play in our state and what their role is internationally. I think I would be an
asset for the republicans on that committee. Natural resources, I would love to be on, because NM is now and will
be the leader in energy development in our nation, and I would love to tell people how and why were going to get
there. We have the resources, we have 13% of the words rare earth elements right here in NM. We ought to talk
about because I don’t want to be dependant on China for those elements. So I am very excited about those two
committees but like any member of congress where ever I am assigned I will serve and promise you I will ask
Grubbs: Places like Kirtland, places like Sandia, you kind of referenced those at least in passing. They are very
important assets here. You look at something like the Kirtland fuel spill, it needs to be cleaned up. Lay some blame
here, who’s fault is it that it has not been cleaned up?
[New Mexico in Focus, 10.45, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Well I think right now, as I understand the situation, it may be our own NM environment department.
There was a movement as the change of administrations happened there was a plan to go forward, and as the
administrations changed, as I understand, that it kind of got stuck. There is a plan to move forward, I know that the
folks at the base would like to start mitigating, that is, literally pumping out the fuel spill so that it doesn’t spread
any further. I understand that the test wells that have been drilled are showing that it is not spreading particularly
fast. But remember this spill started in 1990. And it started, and you know I wish we were always perfect, we’re not.
But they put some pipe in the ground on a gravel bed and it kind of eroded holes in the pipe. And there you are and
nobody knew it. Now, what’s exciting, and I look about the pipeline that’s proposed to come down through the
middle of the United States, our ability to through technology to identify a leak is almost instantaneous. So we can
do better.
Grubbs: Some more congressional district 1 issues, specifically Paseo and I-25. Should the federal government be
helping out there and matching some of the dollars set aside by Albuquerque?
[New Mexico in Focus, 12.03, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Oh sure, and you may not remember representative Teresa Zanetti had carried the bill to pull the
capital outlay to rework the Paseo Del Norte and gosh was that 2003 or 2004( it was awhile ago). It was. And there
were bills before that, money was set aside in the capital outlay fund and it was removed from the capital outlay
fund but it doesn’t change the fact that our major bottle neck is Paseo Del Norte and I-25. I will do everything that I
can in my power to make sure that we move forward and move forward quickly.
Grubbs: Another issue, the downs at Albuquerque, that is still playing out. Are you pleased with how that deal went
down? Do you think that contract was let fairly?
[New Mexico in Focus, 12.48, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: I was not pleased. I was not pleased when we did 30 year bonds for the Native American gaming
casinos. And here is my standard for when I do not think a contract is appropriate to let a contract for 25 years
without review, when it is tax payers dollars involved. And that is the first part that I do not particularly like about
this contract. Do I understand that they did go out to a bid process, I thought it was excessively short. My experience
in the DOE community is when our RFP’s are let 30 days is an exceptionally short turn around for such a large
contract. So those things are markers that make me nervous, I don’t have any other questions beyond that, but
enough to make me look.
Grubbs: One of the things I wanted to get to here is Dan Lewis is a pastor. And certainly God is a part of his politics.
Just sort of by default or by definition. Where do you stand, where does your faith play a role in your politics?
[New Mexico in Focus, 13.48, 12/16/11]
Arnold-Jones: Oh my goodness its everyday. I am a Christ follower I am a Christian. And I everyday wake up to a
little saying that says what do my actions and reactions say that I believe about Jesus Christ, and that is my standard
of behavior. But if you are a Christ follower then all of your behavior should be moderated by those rules that we
have been given. And so if I disagree with you, my first choice is not to yell at you, because that is contrary to my
beliefs. My first choice is to go to you, and the bible says in love, in kindness to tell you I do not agree with you.
Because yelling is never the first choice. So its everyday.
Grubbs: In Washington, it’s a particularly contentious environment, can you go there and keep that view? It has to
be tricky to not push that back.
Arnold-Jones: You know Matt, the reason that I think I would be such an excellent representative for NM in
Washington is that I work to agreement. And in order to get agreement, I understand that if we are choosing up
teams and pushing them up against the wall and simply throwing stuff in the middle, well chances are I’m in the
middle and I don’t like it. So I have to find a way to bring those two groups together. And it comes from trust, it
comes from relationship building, and it comes from helping people be able to count on what I have to say, and I
think we need a lot more bridge builders.
Grubbs: Janice Arnold Jones, thanks so much for joining us.
Arnold-Jones: Thank You
Part 1
[Conspiracy Brews, Part 1 of 2, 0.00, 3/31/12]
Arnold-Jones: And there is no doubt, and Dawkins brought this up as a former member of the school board, that
citizens advisory committees are difficult. Any advisory committee is difficult… you should have goals and I agree
but we asked the school board to actually create a place where we could go to have that discussion. Just to frank this
and I will shush because the judge is here: The presentation that we made lasted about ten minutes, and I say we that
would be Judge Walker.. and Kim, lasted about ten minutes. Im trying to think of the correct word.. the lectures
from the members of the school board lasted about 40 minutes. But it was very very bad.
KIM: As I said there were a couple that treated us fairly and they were cordial. So if you would, why don’t we start,
let them describe.
Judge Walker: speaks on meeting experience
Question: Are meetings recorded? Should be…
Gayland?: Speaks on meeting experience. Says he will take them to court.
Arnold-Jones: It is not about taking the school board to court… I apologize I have to leave in just a minute and I
apologize.. One of the things that Cathy Courts and also Paul Maez complained bitterly about isthere are a lot of
requests to APS. They were really only interested in entertaining requests or alliances with groups or individuals
who were interested in helping them in closing the achievement gap… Right, and without dialogue it was a difficult
piece because they still wont answer questions so and I think we ought to differ to them. And in all fairness I need to
take care of something before we go on. I need to introduce Zachary, Zachary please stand up. Because it is
important for this group, this is an open group. Zachary is a tracker for the democratic party. He is here because I am
running for congress. I think it is important for you to know that this is going to happen and if it impedes your
conversation for the near term I will not come because I want this conversation to go on. But you have a choice and
he is nice guy. It is an important discussion and I have absolutely no problems with it. I will give you the fore
scenario, we will have a several beers together before we end this campaign because he is a good guy but you need
to know and we have always been open about what we are doing and why we are doing this. I do think it is fair for
this group to have a say, I would like to make sure he is welcome here, and that you feel no reservations about what
you say.
KIM: That is why I said and repeated that we are an open group and all are welcome including flaming liberals. You
can come here and present your views.
Arnold-Jones: If you don’t mind, let me get back to what we need to do with APS. It was very clear in this meeting
that if we are going to make any changes and I don’t think there is any doubt that we share a common goal. And
Don maybe you can comment on this, I was truly astonished that any input was a nuisance, and we were told very
specifically that we needed to contact each and every school board member. And I will remind Paula that I have
called repeatedly to invite her to come... She is the representative from this area. So there are clearly something
terribly, terribly vacant... and the last thing they sugar coated this, the complaint about how much time it was going
to take a school board member and what a inquisition it was to listen to the general public.. and I was surprised
Comment: you should have told them if they were smarter you could have talked faster.
Arnold-Jones: I didn’t think about that.
Comments: Speaking on bilingual classes and achievement gap. Speaks about superintendant Winston Brooks and
Arnold-Jones: I believe that this action was to put this too bed and no other overture will be accepted because it was
dealt with… politically that was the way I read that… Your statement that we utterly failed, it was exceedingly
gracious, when they were in the face of tremendous probability.
Comment: This proves there is no venue for two way communication. Ched speaks about 1 st amendment and rights
to association. Ched speaks about bilingual ed and getting info out. Mentions that Janice is right about how board
deals with nuisance. School board is banning public officials speeches
Arnold-Jones: I appreciate your patience since I’m out of turn, but let us not forget that we still have an agency, an
institution here, that as bureaucracy will naturally extend itself as all bureaucracy’s do. We are asking something to
change that bureaucracy, one of the things that I think is important to remember is sometimes.. to put those
bureaucracies in the cross hairs. I was certainly chastised by school board member Esqobel because I personally
went down and asked to see an audit. It took me weeks to get to see this and then they had a convenient fire drill so
we did that in the car. I don’t know if you all remember that. From what I learned was that some of the regulations
that they say have been opposed by the state have prevented them from actually hiring qualified personnel in their
audit department that would allow you to put the processes in place to actually extract this information easily. That
was really frustrating to hear. And this is what they told me was we only have x amount of people, and I think at the
time they only had 8 people in the audit department. But the majority of those individuals were being paid around 11
and 13 dollars an hour. Now if you all have a CPA or now a bookkeeper that makes that… Are we focusing on the
right issues or are is the bureaucracy so flawed that it has to implode for it to change? And im going to pass that one
back to Jim, do you ever hear that discussion in the committees you sit on? You sit on finance
Jim: we don’t hear, that is below the level of what we hear. Discusses how each dollar is spent on each student.
Speaks about auditors.
Arnold-Jones: I think Jim just made my point. Two things: one is as we go to agencies and bureaucracies we have
to be cognizant of the fact that there is a cost to produce audits. As a business person when I am required to produce
audits, im telling you, it takes resources. And so we need to be cognizant of that. But at the end of the day the reason
I believe the school board is so reticent to having any discussion, is exactly what we said: they are not producing the
results the citizens are asking for. That’s it.
[University of New Mexico College Republicans, .01, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: So most of you I have talked with but I wanted to make sure that I’ve to answered your questions but
there is important things to talk about. So make no mistake I am Janice Arnold-Jones and I am running for the
House of Representatives, and I want your vote. Who is not registered here?... Just a reminder that going into this
primary season if you live out of state make sure you request your absentee ballot, and start now because if you want
a say in how your country is progressing you have a voice so just make sure you do that. I am running for the US
House of Representatives because we live in the greatest, most innovative, most caring nation in the history of the
world. And people say why are you running? And its real simple, I am determined that the blessings that we live by
the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be passed on to my children, that would be you guys,
and my grandchildren that I don’t have yet. And the problem is, all that we love is in grave jeopardy. Now my
husband John and I grew up in NM, we are your neighbors, we raised our children here, we are lobos. We both
graduated from the University of New Mexico. And for those of you who don’t know, I probably got my start in
policy and politics right here. I served on ASUNM as a student senator and then as the vice president of the student
body. Back when we did things a little bit differently, and we could actually make money... But we can talk about
that later. But suffice to say, I am very proud to be a citizen and a citizen legislator of the state of New Mexico. You
know we have everything we need right here, right now to create wealth and prosperity. We can bring NM to the
fore front of the great energy recovery, a recovery desperately needed by our nation, energy means jobs. New
Mexico has an established role in national defense, satellite communication and space, this means jobs. We have
everything we need, right here, right now to create a nuclear renaissance and this means jobs. In congress I will
work to address the crippling regulations. No one will work harder than I will, everyday in congress to address the
debt and the deficit. The tax code, the tax code must be reorganized it must be simple, fair, and easy to apply. I will
be relentless about petty spending. I will work to achieve a real energy policy for our nation. I have the legislative
experience, the triumphs, and the battle scars to show for my service. I did my on the job training on the battlefield
of the NM state legislature. I achieved transparency. As a member of the minority I worked hard to write and pass
fair legislation. I battled to prevent the siphoning of tax payer dollars from going where it wasn’t supposed to go.
And along the way I honed a very sensitive bs(..). Important skill. But when I’m in congress there is one job to do,
and that is to rebuild our economy and our republic. I refuse to leave you in the rubble... We have an important
question..: Opportunity and Freedom or European (..). Today is the day to stand up and be counted, today is the day
to join us in the fight to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity. I need your help, I need your
time, I need your talent, and if you have any money I need that to. Because we are not going to change things in
Washington unless you get involved. This is your country, it is a great country, and it can only be great if you
participate. So I would be honored… I would much rather have a discussion with you but today is the time, you have
to get involved. I would be honored to answer your questions… I am Janice Arnold Jones, send me to Washington.

Question 1: One of your biggest issues on your platform is energy?

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 5.34, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: In so many way I don’t want to make anybody’s eyes roll. So for those of you who don’t know. I
have been aligned with or worked with the energy industry for a number of years. For those of you that don’t know I
have been a DOE contractor for about 12 years. And it is all related to energy. But my service in the legislature
helped me see exactly how broad a role this will play. We have tremendous natural resources. Those resources
include: Oil and natural gas, we have wind and solar, we have geothermal but we also have something else that is
often not discussed, when we are talking about energy. And that is rare earth elements. Who knows what a rare earth
element is?..How many of you have cell phones? You better hope we have some rare earth elements because we
cant make cell phones without them. And here is the problem, China cut us off about two and half months ago from
using their rare earth elements. It just happens the state of NM has 15% of the worlds deposits of rare earth elements
right here in New Mexico. So have you heard about extracting any of those things, mining them, building an
industry around them? These are things we can do today, right now and it is not only vital for the communication
industry, its vital for national defense. And your television, it ain’t happening without it. So, and by the way the
glass part of most solar panels also contain rare earth elements. So, here is a burgeoning industry we need to get out
of the way and actually get with the program and be competitive. Now that is just one piece, it is a very small piece.
I mentioned a nuclear renaissance happening in South Eastern NM. How many of you have been through
Eunice?..How many of you actually know where Eunice is?... A very interesting thing happened and it started back
in 1999, so this is not new. An international company called LES was looking for a place to locate and we actually
make and manufacture enriched uranium in southeastern NM, in Eunice. Now, I wont go into the details but I
promise you that what they make at the end of the manufacturing process…and so you need to make sure you take
your chemistry and some engineering courses to know what I am talking about. We are doing that in NM. It took
until the second expansion for the US to even be able to purchase the rods that they were making because they were
fully subscribed outside of our nation. And I am going to bet that most of you have not even heard of LES or the
National Enrichment Facility. That is happening in Eunice, NM. They have invested well over 2 billion dollars out
in the middle of the desert because we have the technology and the knowhow. We are recruiting more exiting navy
personnel to come to southeastern NM because they have the training to actually do the work. The other things that
are happening in southeastern NM is international isotopes. There is a very small waste stream off of the National
Enrichment Facility, the waste stream can actually be captured to create medical product. A very interesting
program it’s called reconversion. Another 250 jobs after the facility is built. Oh by the way, speaking of energy, how
are you talking about (…), I’m talking about all these other things, because they don’t stand by themselves. Our
nation is dependant upon the rest world for medical isotopes. Right now, we produce 5% of our needs at the
University of Missouri. Because we have these other facilities it is appropriate, and I believe necessary for NM to
start leading the way in the development of a new medical isotope facility. Does anybody have any diagnostic tests?
Does anybody have older parents that need diagnostic tests?… We have the technology to do this. And I don’t want
you to think that there aren’t any medical isotopes being actually created and processed. And we actually have two
centrifuges here at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center but it only produces something called FA-
18. It’s a specific isotope for breast cancer research, so in terms of other diagnostic tests, not helpful. These are all
the things that we can and should be doing in the state of New Mexico. All of that is related to energy, so I’m going
to tie that back around to: How many of you have been north of Clovis. How many of you know where Clovis is?
So, there is another piece of energy that’s happening to our state called Tres Amigas. It will be the third national
interconnect. Which actually connects our grid together. That is actually being placed outside of Clovis because it
allows ERCOT which is all of Texas, FERC east and FERC west, these are the other two electrical grids that
actually come together at this point. There are so many other opportunities for us to actually expand jobs but also
increase the stability of our electrical grid and its right here in New Mexico. So we are energy and its time that we
start telling the rest of the nation this is what we do. We do a lot of other things too, its amazing what our state does.
But we really have the resources to step up and contribute to our nation. And that, I apologize, it was a very long
answer but it was a really good question.

Question 2: Especially us being younger. There is a supreme court battle right now that just finished up arguments.
They already voted on it and they are working on it their opinions… the president is probably shaking in his boots.
That bill as a whole has a huge impact on our generation. What do you think about the bill and what are some
measures you are eyeing?.. What is your opinion if justice Kennedy decides to repeal it or decides to uphold it?

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 12.28, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well I have a lot of opinions from inception to the ending. At the beginning and the end of the day
for me is the question, is health care a right? I would like to take a poll, is health care a right?(NO) I happen to be in
that position. I believe that healthcare is your responsibility. I believe that. Do I believe that there are people who
need us as neighbors and also as a nation to step up to provide that care, absolutely. If you have ever heard me
discuss (…) waivers in our state, I believe that. I believe that there are times where catastrophic care is not only
necessarily required but we as a community will come together to do that. This health care plan doesn’t talk about
that at all. I believe that the PPACA… patient protection and affordable care act, on the face of it looks
unconstitutional, on the face of it, I was absolutely horrified having been a legislator that any leader would say in
order for you to know what’s in the a bill you must pass it. You will never see me voting for a bill that I have not
read and I have a record of standing up to the leadership and it happened to me in the house of representatives here
when an amendment was brought in and no one had read, that it was clear that there was not time for me to read it. I
not only pitched a fit but I promise you I will do so. And you know it’s a hard stand but I don’t care how good a bill
it is if we are not allowed to do our job my vote is no. I wish we didn’t have to do it that way but you know what,
you are sending me to Washington to know what I am voting on. And so here is what was in PPACA? That was
truly troubling. It is the only piece of legislation that requires you to buy a product. It requires you to buy a product.
I got a call from a friend who is my age of different political persuasion, he says, ‘Why are you guys so mad about
this? You are required to buy a car if you want to get around any place if you live in the western United States.’ Are
any of you required to buy a car? Now if you buy a car do you require that you buy something else? Most states do
but its not a federal mandate. So the corollaries kind of fall apart there, do you think that’s a reasonable analogy?

Comment: They always bring up this you have to buy insurance if you have a car but you don’t have to buy
insurance to own a car, you have to buy insurance to operate it on public roads. There is a difference there than
having to buy something because its for the good of the nation… There is a conflict there.

Comment: Also I would like to chime in, driving is not a right it’s a privilege… In NM if your not driving a car or
not using it on a regular basis you have to sign an affidavit that says its not being driven on a regular basis. It’s a
little different from insurance.

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 14.40, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: As I was talking to this individual… he was a little bit angry about the fact that there are
conservatives who believe it is an individuals responsibility to take care of themselves, truly. I wish I had gotten
through to the question of: So what if in New York City we required everybody to buy a car? What do you think?..
For those of you who didn’t live on the eastern part of the country how is that for them? .. My daughter is in
Philadelphia right now and finding a parking place is probably one of the greatest challenges. But I think the govt is
off track when you require us to buy… The other pieces of the health care bill that I read that were really troubling
actually took action that I believe should have been stand alone legislation. I do not believe that a portion of the
proceeds of the sale of your home should have ever been in this bill. Even if you felt that was the best way to fund it
coming and from a funding formula, it was a really bad way to fund it. So all of those pieces combined together, I
sincerely hope that the supreme court will rule this bill unconstitutional and we need to start again. Because I don’t
believe that there is anyway to save PPACA as piece of legislation, even if you had read it all... I had actually read
the first 2400 pages, but after that, I don’t know if you remember they voted for the bill and added on an emotion
that was an amendment of over 400 pages would be added after the fact, I actually cannot discern what those
amendments were. That bothers me, that truly bothers me and when US citizens cannot easily and ably see what we
are voting on. I think that is the wrong move. I think this day in technology you have a right to know there is no
excuse for saying well you know you just couldn’t get there in time. There is no excuse… to hide pieces of
legislational action inside of the bill. I think they are gonna. I hope they are.

Question 3: Can you talk about your stance on capital gains, I know the presidential candidates have taken different
stances on specifically capital gains tax?... and what point those should be lowered?

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 18.25, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: Lets start with just tax policy. I actually like tax policy I sat on the tax committee for 8 years and my
position has changed dramatically. I believe that taxes should be low, broad, fair, easy to understand and easy to
apply. If it takes me more than about 3 sentences to explain a piece of tax policy to you what I have learned is
chances are you are gonna pay alot and somebody else someplace else is going to make out. It is a bad way to do
taxation and if ever there was a time to simplify our tax code this is the time. We have a very complex and
convoluted tax code that has made the capital gains cheap in some ways.. about 15% but at the end of the year that
rate will go up and help me… I think it goes to 35%, so where is your incentive to prosper. I don’t have any
problem leveling a tax rate across the board but when you are being penalized for being productive I think that is
wrong and I think we should find other ways to tax. One of the other things is the corporate for repatriating the
profits from over seas is the highest in nearly all of the world. And if your wondering why we are not rebuilding our
manufacturing industry its because the incentives and the advantage to return home has gone away. So I am looking
for low, broad, fair, easy to understand, easy to administer. You should not have to guess at the beginning of the
year what your tax burden is gonna be nor should you have to hire very high price lawyers or CPA’s to gain an
advantage. I believe the tax policy should level the playing field. And there are really interesting ways to do that.
And I intend to make that case in Congress. So, the people at IRS need to do their jobs, but I am very careful, I don’t
want to be flippant about the fact that our tax policy should be significantly simpler but we have in agencies that
simply are not as sufficiently staffed and the agencies that deal with immigration and naturalization is a very good
Q4: There has been a lot of stuff the past few weeks reports about a pretty large gender gap especially in the swing
states where women are voting less republican and more democratic. Is there a reason for that you think? Or what do
you think should be done about that or could be done about that?

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 21.40, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: I hope that’s not true... I am going to ask my colleagues here to help me answer that, so I am going to
take a guess, if that is starting to happen. I think there is a shift going on in our country. And part of the shift is, I am
tired of having people who are asking to be my representative who are passing out (...). and gentleman I do
apologize, but if you think you can win our vote on three simplistic positions, we are not there, and I want details.
Im guessing that would be part of it. And I don’t want to speak for everybody else. What do you think?
Comment: I don’t know what they think. I mean I live in a house with 56 other girls and I couldn’t tell you… I think
there are some of us who are opinionated and then there are some of us who are lazy… Im going to vote
conservative cause he is boring. That’s how I see it
Comment: Maybe im just cynical. I think a lot of it has to do with being in college and being with a good teacher.
Some of it is propaganda… There is a lot of media and lot of literature, that says you have to try harder and they see
the man trying to keep you down. It also has to do with college and education tends to be a little more liberal and
they tend to think from more of a minority perspective and they think the democratic party will give them an edge
but that’s not true. But that’s my opinion.

Comment: The talk that goes on about empowering women. People are leading the conversation believe that to be a
modern woman or a successful woman you really can’t have conservative values. Does that make sense?

Arnold-Jones: That makes sense.. Why would they think that? I have struggled with that… What I think they may
be saying is and I do know a lot of women who may respond to this who believe candidates in particular when they
say we are going to take care of you. And do you think as people women are lazier and do you really want
somebody else to make the decisions for you or do you think we are more vulnerable to that type of mentality to
which we will say yes to or “sure you can take care of me” What do you think?...
Comment: I don’t know, I agree with what your saying about you know… I don’t even know where to start with
this. With the traditional values and all that but its not the end all be all opinion. I do agree with the separate beers?
mentality. I think if we are capable of the same thing because we are capable of the same success but women do
think differently than men. But I do think it is easier for women to break down on health care. Its easy to say so if a
child comes in that is sick are you going to let him die. NO. Absolutely not but I think it does come down to
conservative values being that you don’t get something you don’t deserve and you earn what you have and its
sometimes hard for this gender to say no and the emotional side of it that a lot of democratic candidates play
towards, it’s the emotional side like are you going to do this to your neighbor, do you really not want them to have
the same things you have. I think that appeals to women a lot more. I don’t think that they don’t have say but I think
there is… right and wrong and grey areas are easier for women to fall in. They are more easily persuaded

Arnold-Jones: Ok so gentleman we have had our say but what do you think. Do tell us please.

Commentary: I think the democrats, and I have to give them props here actually, they have done a really good job at
formulating and coming up with their talking points. They know what works they know what doesn’t work and they
have done a good job with it. They know what to say and know what they want to hear. They go along with the
stereotypical, If you ask what stereotypical conservatives think men aren’t down with women, you know were racist.
They really want to stick it to the Republican party. I think there are groups they have done a better job than others
have. I think its funny because… generally they will say that we are for womens rights you guys aren’t, were for
other people rights you know. Were from New Mexico and we have the first Hispanic female governor and she is a
republican and a hardline conservative. There are so many things that fly in the face of what they say that I think that
more people buy into the talking points without actually looking at what the situation is. Because I think that
governor Martinez is a perfect example of this… Conservatives are the republican party and I hope that if we get
more things like her happening.. Like senator marco rubio people wont think republicans aren’t so evil… Of the two
sides I think the republican party is more diverse ideologically, I think that we are by far the more diverse than the
left is ideologically.

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 29.39, 4/3/12]
Arnold-Jones: So following that line of thought why do you think it may be more difficult for republicans especially
in New Mexico to get the message out?
Commentary: I think it really comes downs to talking points. They still write that we were tying to oppress African
Americans. They still write that this is the party that was doing that. They don’t buy hook line and sinker of social
welfare programs because we say you guys can do it, we’ll help you as a neighbor, we can help you get up there but
we think it is better, it is so much more rewarding when someone say look I did this myself with the help of my
neighbor. I think its too easy, the talking points are and I do think that’s what it comes down to… if they oppose this
program.. they don’t care about people and they throw it out there and people buy it…
Commentary: I think the conversation has to change, when you see hurt numbers of minorities especially feminists
when you think of radical women’s rights, you think of dreadlocks and yoga lady. If you just change the
conversation, that same person has a super strong personality and a super strong stance and you change the
conversation to: don’t you want to prove them all wrong don’t you want to do it yourself. If there conversation was
geared that way, I think the stereotype is republicans ‘no one can have my money, its for me and not for you.’ But if
you just change it to an empowering conversation instead of that way I think we would get a lot more young people
and a lot more radical feminists and a lot more minorities instead of how they say we believe you can do it. We
believe we can do it and you can do it yourself and you will feel better about it.

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 32.22, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: You just made me realize that there truly is a generational gap here. To me I would never have said
feminism is equated with dreadlocks, burning bras yes, but not dreadlocks... There is certainly a fundamental
conversation that has to go on in this country and there has been a period since the end of the second war where we
started to prosper and somewhere along the line we got off track and in our generosity, I think we have decided that
the government could make a better decision for people than the people themselves. And what I believe the result of
that perspective has been is disabling an entire generation of people, literally disabling them and I think you exactly
hit that this is… empowering, you have to make choices if you really want to take advantage of all of the
opportunities that are in this country and the easy way is to let someone else make the choice. But you can really can
just do amazing things if you will just make the choice and I think, I hope your generation is actually at that point
but I worry about the rhetoric, because it does sound like the government can make a better decision for you, we can
take care of you. And clearly you know, you all listened to all the discussion on contraception and I have to ask the
gentleman if all of that is passed and that becomes a rule, so what does that do to your sex life? If it so constrains a
woman. So, do you really want the government to go there? And it really is that fundamental… In the middle of all
of this there are some big issues facing this country. Let me go back to the stark reality. Honey we are in debt up to
our eyeballs. And to get out and to change the direction of our country it is going to take some very hard choices. So
what I want to know from you is, are you willing to sacrifice, when I sacrifice, to endure what it is going to take to
get our debt down, I’m not even saying eliminating it, but by 25% over the next five years. Are you willing to do
that? Cause its not going to be easy… We have more debt than we have GDP. So what kind of choices do you think
we should be making? Because I intend to go to congress and I am going to be looking at balancing the budget.
Right now a budget just passed the house, I know people cheered, I didn’t cheer. It was out of balance, and with the
debt at 3.1 trillion… That’s where it was last year but you know what with projections it’s still only 2.2 in revenue. I
did the math and it is not good. Why are we doing this? And is that an important question to you?… and I ask you
that because sometimes when you talk about big numbers like that in Washington it’s so far away its really like it’s
not real. But when you start adding up the taxes that are imposed on you, the limitations, it really does effect your

Comment: One issue that I have seen and politicians tend to stray away from is, being that the older generation is
more inclined to vote and social security I am probably not going to see any of that and I know Texas governor Rick
Perry he got really chastised for comparing social security to a ponzi scheme, that’s technically what it is. Politicians
don’t want to step on any toes there because a big portion of their voting pool are the beneficiaries of social security
right now.
Commentary: I personally say that anyone running for office who wants to do anything to social security whether is
right or wrong it is really risky to do that. For political reasons I think it is hard to get any change passed it is
difficult to do anything to social security or Medicare or anything like that because people are up in arms.
Commentary: I think using a word like ponzi scheme was the wrong way to do it. You have to be careful. He
shouldn’t have used such a strong word that’s how you get your talking points out there. If you are 85 and benefiting
from it you don’t want to equate it to something so negative. Its definitely a rhetoric issue. If republicans can hone
the message. I mean Marty left the city in financial ruin and his approval ratings are sky high. I think you have to
have a message and you make it good…

Commentary: it goes to show how hard to get rid of entitlement programs.

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 38.55, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: Do you see social security as an entitlement and something that I’m guessing you don’t think is
going to be there?...
Comment: What is the solution? What do you propose, since we are the only ones who want to do anything? What
are we saying?.. One idea that is reasonable is let’s phase it out. That is a simple answer to a complex process. I
mean our generation would take the pain from that. Ultimately if they phase it out as compared to an alternative. But
our generation is going to have to deal with so much if we stay on the pace we’re at. I started to worry about myself
and I started to worry about our kids that aren’t here yet and what they are going to deal with and the debt, I can’t
even fathom it. Most of us are on the lottery and we say we don’t have any debt, but really we do, we just don’t feel
it yet.

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 40.13, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: So as a group would you respond to candidates, on both sides of the aisle if we said ‘ok you are
under 40, plan now because in five years we are going to phase out the payroll deduction for social security?’

Discussion: If you’re under 25 you need to plan. I think it’s us weird millenials, quote unquote, they say were one of
the most delusional generations of all time. We move out later, we get our first job later, things like that and a lot of
other generations were preparing for retirement even though they have social security. Preparing more than our
generation even though we are more than likely not going to have it. I mean if you polled the campus and asked how
many people even the 23 year olds who are still hanging around, and asked how many were preparing retirement I
think it would be dangerously low. Honestly and I think that our generation I think they are delusional because it all
seems so far away, the debt seems far away, retirement is far away, and I don’t think there has been a education that
has given our generation the tools to realize that I start snow. I mean the numbers don’t lie when you look at if you
start planning for retirement now as compared to starting to plan for retirement at 40. We should have started
planning a couple years ago

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 42.03, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: You actually bring up kind of an interesting point and that’s saving… So, I don’t know if anyone is
saving money and it’s a good thing to start to do, but right now our government has actually made a tremendous dis-
incentive to savings. How many of you know how much money you are getting off your savings right now?… When
you look at the Fed do you think we should do something different about that? I am very troubled about the low
interest rate on saving. There is no incentive and how’s that helping to stabilize our economy. What do you think?

Commentary: First of all I want to respond to what you were saying and what was said earlier. To me social security
is a non-issue, if you dont pay into it you can cut it off and never get anything out of it and if you paid into it the
government should give you the money back. But the government said we are gonna stop paying into it and you will
get what you paid in… But the problem is selling the message. You have to create a national awareness about social
security and the dependency it has created. So you have to fight the entitlement system. How much entitlement
should we have? Little entitlement? Like tuition or larger entitlement like free health care for everybody which is the
biggest fallacy ever. You have to start form the bottom up and create a national awareness. Once there is a national
awareness about what entitlement and the level of dependency it creates, it is easier to sell the big reforms to people
than it is to sell them now. We say look we want to reform social security people are not receptive to the message…

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 44.16, 4/3/12]
Arnold-Jones: I think you are thinking ahead… If we were able to start an effective campaign, how many years do
you think it would take until we got to critical mass and we could really talk about the subject? (generation)

Commentary: I mean its about education... Like she said our generation doesn’t care enough to learn about it. There
is a very small percentage of the population that even has a clue of percentage rates of savings in general. I could tell
you that... 95% of people that are offered it don’t even know what that means, don’t know how to use or anything.
You cant expect our generation to take a step towards let go of social security if you don’t give them the tools to
understand it, and save them from themselves. In my opinion
Commentary: I think this generation is in total financial illiteracy. I mean our generation and our parents generation
are a generation of instant gratification and I want it now. I forgot what the rates were for people in debt who are
under 40 but its ridiculous and it goes a lot deeper than people realize.

Commentary: Im glad you brought that up because I wanted to say something about you addressing savings, I think
that starting with whoever is communicating their early 20’s in the early 90’s but I wasn’t aware before that we are
not saving anymore we are actually being incentivized to go into debt. And that is a whole… There is a common
acknowledgment…that you get a house, you get a car, you get everything you need and you may need to go into to
debt to for it and you’ll pay that off. I think there has been predatory lending practices that went into place in the 80s
and the 90’s… It created a big boom in the economy and you can look at the dow and you could see how out of
control it was in the 90’s. There is no incentive to save anymore because you can get it now. Because you can have
it now it has created a culture that I can have it now with no consequence. And that lack of consequence and that
lack of accountability is rearing its ugly head in the policies that people are starting to favor today. It goes back to
what you were saying about it being hard to make the right decision for women. Especially in the face of free health
care. We say you can have free health care, you can have free contraception, you can have free abortions and were
going to pay it for you. We are paving the way for your lack of accountability. You don’t have to save, you don’t
have to plan, you don’t have to educate yourself, you don’t have to do anything and the government will take care of
you. I think when you throw away the idea of saving you throw away the idea of work you throw all the rest of it
away to

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 47.56, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: So that leads me back to why this decision for congress is so important. And if I take your argument
to the extreme, before the close of this generation this country will not exist as my parents knew it. Is that acceptable
to you all?.. First off let me make a very important pitch. I need to go to congress, I am well prepared to be there, but
I can’t do it without you. A campaign takes 1 to 1 to 1 contact. And I think it is time that we made sure you are part
of the discussion because there are going to be decisions that are made... and your decision makers will hold back if
you don’t like it... You need to speak up and if what your saying is correct and I think you are. If you are unwilling
to accept where that discussion is going then we need to get you engaged right now. Right now.

Commentary: There is way too many people our age that, when you start talking about it they say they don’t want to
think about it right now. Its gonna come. Your gonna have to start thinking about it.

Commentary: This is purely my opinion. And if you think about how we got to this point where our generation is the
way we are. Our grandparents generation were motivating because they lived it everyday. A lot of them went
through some bad stuff where they realized they had to be saving. That kind of got passed on to our parents. Our
parents kind of experienced that and didn’t do a spending so they decided to be nice and spend on us… It feels like
to me that the republican party is lucky our age group doesn’t vote because our age group is spoiled and feels
entitled. We are more willing to accept a bigger government that takes care of us more. It is almost a good thing that
we don’t vote in more numbers. It is important for us as college republicans and politicians in general need to target
educating this generation because when our generation does start to vote we don’t have the tools to make an
informed decision because all they think about is the short term benefits to them… We received more privileges
from our families than any other generation... Our generation is kind of scary to me because when people start
voting in their thirties they are going to vote incorrectly because they do want things handed out they are used to
getting things now.

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 51.37, 4/3/12]
Arnold-Jones: So do you think it is possible if you get mobilized and energized that you could change the
discussion among your peers?

Commentary: Its really scary to think that one of our justices… would like the South African constitution instead of
the American constitution because our constitution is already flawed. When you have that kind of outlook coming
from a justice that is a little scary.

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 52.21, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: OK, So all of you have read the constitution. That’s encouraging. So all of your friends have read

Comment: I just don’t understand… you have randomly state mandated classes like New Mexico history instead of
actually giving you classes. There isn’t a class that gives you the tool to be an adult. We have health class to teach
you about STD’s and proper sexual health. But in turn if we are legislating classes now, how classes are benefiting
us as adults shouldn’t we have classes about fraud and about social security…

Arnold-Jones: Let me ask you a question: would you be willing… they require 15 minutes a day for self-esteem
training. Are you willing to give that up? I just want to know.
Comment: This is getting into education reform I guess but, a lot of what we learn isn’t accurate and extraneous. I
hate to sound super cynical but there are more important things to talk about... I’m not saying get rid of arts but is it
not more important or equally important to be a successful adult... I would like to learn to not be helplessArnold-
Jones: I actually have to take off here but I have one more question for you: the goal of your representative in
congress is not only represent what you think but to still make the decisions to defend this nation so I would like to
know from you what you expect from your representative?

Comment: Education. Transparency. Communication. To give it to our generation straight. If you gave it to us in
black and white we would be more impressed. Campaign issues like when you get to office, actions speak louder
than words. People say transparency but don’t do it. I don’t want to think you are just saying things to get the votes
How can we help?

[University of New Mexico College Republicans, 56.39, 4/3/12]

Arnold-Jones: You are a tremendous force right now. So, every campaign needs energy… there is the retail politics
its about knocking on doors… and actually doing the heavy lifting and that’s the perfect intersection during the
summer there is a lot of work to do before you get back to school. Because you know, right now your job is to go to
school. But in the summer and I hope that you will talk to Josh or Carmela… because we would really love to have
you come work with us. We are a volunteer driven campaign. We literally have been going door to door since last
august. And you know what I learned as a state legislator is that if you really want to find the solution, go to the
door. People understand and they will tell you the problem is and quite frankly, they will actually tell you how to fix
it, if you’ll just listen. And you know what they’re right because they have been there. So there is that part that you
can do. There is also clearly the policy discussion part. So let me invite you right this minute. For the last four and a
half years I have been hosting something called Conspiracy Brews and if you can just get up on Saturday morning..
you cannot know everything about your government. And what you learn in this discussion is that a lot of people
have very different opinions and experiences than you have. And in some areas they are very, very smart and in
there are other areas you will say well I don’t agree with that. But the wealth of knowledge that we share is really
remarkable and it has lifted other people up to go run for office because they had enough information and so every
Saturday I hope you will think about coming to the Southwest Secondary Learning Center. I don’t always get to
anymore but the conversation goes on with or without me and its really good for problem solving... So what I am
hoping that as college republicans that you will offer a venue on campus but even in town for the republicans
candidates to be there…We have a hard time making sure that there are people there that don’t have grey hair, that’s
the truth, or hair at all and we would like for you to come… we understand that for fundraisers you may say oh I
can’t go because its fifty dollars or whatever. If we invite you we invite you because we want you to be there... Your
perspective is important and the other side of it, us old folks, is we feel cut off because were not talking to you.. So
if were missing the message, if were missing the actual point that we need to be talking about, I need to talk to you. I
hope you will come and join us. We have a team meeting every Wednesday, you are so invited if you’re
interested… We would love to have you join us, we are laying out and actually starting to walk already. I know it
seems early. If you are interested in helping to build the campaign... All the people that help the campaign but at the
end of the day we still need to mobilize… talk to real people… And you are the best people to do this. Thank you so
much. I didn’t expect such a terrific discussion and I hope you invite me back.
 [Conspiracy Brews, 0.00, 4/14/12
Arnold-Jones: I am Janice Arnold Jones, I am running for the United States House of Representatives New Mexico
Congressional District 1 and make no mistake I want your vote…
Commentary: Ok I going to break rotation for a second because Janice has to go. Janice:
[Conspiracy Brews, .29, 4/14/12]
Arnold-Jones: Oh boy, I’m sorry I was late I have another meeting and I just hate missing these discussions so let
me jump in here. I have some very good friends who are democrats, and I respect them and I like them and several
of them have taken the time to call and say what is with you republicans that you don’t like the Patient Protection
and Affordability Care Act. Why don’t you like it? And from that point we had a very interesting discussion. And
one of the things that I had pointed that I believe it is unconstitutional and the argument begins with, the bill requires
you to buy a specific product. And the response from all three of the friends who engaged in this discussion was
“but you’re required to buy a car.” (No) And I said No. And they said “well of course you are, if you live in the
Western States you have to have a car to do anything and you have to buy a car”. And I said no you don’t, but you
do have to buy insurance. You can buy a car and not drive it, but if you choose to drive then you have to have
insurance. Which led into a really interesting discussion of what would happen if congress mandated that everybody
in this country over the age of eighteen buy a car? Now I’m just telling you my daughter lives in Philadelphia where
parking is at a premium, there would be howling, great howling. And we would say wait and she would say well the
government really should provide public transportation… I appreciate that in dense areas but look at the cost of, so
this is how the discussion went. After the discussion we finally got down to the core of the issues. And as it turns out
my three friends are all cancer survivors. They have all had cancer and if they lose their job or they actually transfer
insurance plans, under the current system they have no coverage. And that’s pretty dog gone frightening. So is there
a solution to that particular problem that is not PPACA, and the answer is yes, absolutely. But I had to go back, and I
made some notes, to make sure that I didn’t forget. Because I like to read the bill, those of me who know me I like to
read the bill. And in two places it says in the bill that if you are over 76 cancer care may be rationed. It says, oh there
are also other boards that will, if you are a cancer hospital, cancer hospitals will ration care based on age. I don’t
find that fair at all. I don’t find that at all fair. And so what we have is a problem in our discussion about the details.
I was listing all the things that I found to be unconstitutional including requiring everybody to buy insurance. And
one of the solutions I offered was maybe it is time to allow us to buy insurance across state lines. Do you all
remember why it was limited to various states? I will tell you, its a horrible thing. It was based on economic
development. You need to watch that… so that within each state the insurance entities actually had a captive
audience it had nothing to do with whether or not it was fiscally sound. And are we willing to give up that amount of
economic development in order provide access to insurance. But at the end of the day this discussion always gets
down to insurance. And with my three friends we never discussed health care, ever. We discussed insurance. And to
me the debate is over whether or not we are going to have access to health care. I see them as two different entities.
And I have to tell you , I have not resolved that part with my friends because they see them as one in the same. So I
bring up other points like do you realize that in this bill nopt only will it take proceeds from the sale of your home
and I am often told by my friend says that’s only if you have a million dollar house. Well no its not. Its if you house
sells for 200,000 or more. But who knows what the mean average selling price on a house in Albuquerque is? (225k)
There you go, so it pretty well hits everybody. And that is a 3.8% hit on every home sale. I don’t like that. But I also
don’t like that at the tax portion there are several places in this bill that it says a tax is not a tax. I find that to be
facetious. But then there is the piece that allows the federal government to tax your bank account without any
additional authorization. Its right there. So here we have this (…) solution that quite frankly makes more problems
in my mind. But I think your right, for each one of us here we have to find a way to talk with our counterparts, who
are facing the same problems that we are facing in ways that do not include budgets… I have to tell you if you all
are not certain my sister is a union steward for the teacher’s federation in the state of Washington and I have had…I
have had to discipline myself to make sure I don’t use buzzwords so that it stops the conversation. And so I am
going to throw out there you know we are not going to solve this problem if we do not have a dialogue with more
people about what is in this bill and what is really threatening us and we have to find a way to do this so that they
don’t shut down… I have a list(…) of all of the constitutional issues: So I am going to throw this out to you: how are
we going to change how we talk so that this information can be shared broadly?
Commentary: You said that a person who has got cancer and they are losing their insurance, how do they get taken
care of without this bill?
Arnold-Jones: Well one I think there are issues, but for me is, should we look at insurance laws? And I believe there
are ways to stop dropping people just because you are moving from employer to employer. If you were going to
engage in insurance then you insure the entire entity. Is that a harsh reality for that industry? Yes, but I think that
would be a better solution than this.
Commentary: Janice don’t you find it ironic that many of the people that support Obamacare including members of
the AARP, are going to be victims of the death panels that the democrats say don’t exist and the bill has a 12
member panel that is going to be making decisions on whether or not senior citizens get their health care funded, and
senior citizens are the ones voting for something that is going to hurt them.
[Conspiracy Brews, 7.56, 4/14/12]
Arnold-Jones: Ok so, here are some of the phrases in the bill that just troubled me: the government will impose a
prohibition on hospital expansion except the community may ask for a waiver. What does that mean? Sometimes,
and I think Judge Walker was hitting on it, sometimes too many laws is just flat too many laws. And instead of
making it easier, quite frankly we are building so many impediments to access the health care. I want to go back to
what my friends were concerned about. They want to be able to see a doctor, I want to be able to see a doctor. But
there is nothing in this program… it limits the amount of pay doctors can receive because their wages are literally
going to be stepped, its not their pay but what they can charge for services. I don’t know how you describe that as
anything other than, than deciding what doctors are going to be paid. So those are the things that really concern me
but... I do have solutions: One simple one is lets look at the insurance piece. Let us, maybe it is time to say in this
industry, your insurance people, can you make this, by if you sign somebody up and they… have cancer and you
have gone from your employer to now being retired. Should you lose your insurance just because that happened in
your life? And I think that is a different discussion. Should you be able to buy, should the insurance companies be
free to maximize their market by going across state lines, I think they should. I think there are other things to look at.
But at the end of the day: is health care free? And if you look at this bill one of the (…) parts is if you are here
illegally you will still get coverage. One of my friends did say “well why don’t we make anybody that enters the
country illegally prove that they have insurance.” I thought that was remarkable… I think there are simpler solutions
and as I look at this bill the fact that it is overwhelmingly complicated I think that’s a real disservice to America.
Commentary: This is the first federal bill about insurance. There has been no federal bill over insurance before this.
That is because the states regulate the insurance companies. Some better than others… In Obamacare they took a
half a billion dollars away from Medicare, they have supplemental insurance B and D and private insurance comes
in and I just turned 65 and I can wallpaper my house with all of the offers. I really don’t have a clue how they can
differentiate themselves for the same amount of money and say they can take care of everything. What does this
everything mean?
Commentary: The threshold of cancer survivors is dictated by income. It seems to be an artificially low number for
you to qualify. It also look like we are trying to compromise the for profit model of the industry. We are almost
asking them to accommodate us. We are disrupting their model. If we are just asking the federal govt. to pay them
their due or we pay it as individuals we are still playing the for profit game.
Commentary: If we allow the govt. to take care of it inefficiency will go through the roof.
Commentary: One doctor I met said we have to take the for profit model out of health care.
Commentary: Has anyone mentioned that the government will require to have their health care or the IRS will come
after you?
[Conspiracy Brews, 13.26, 4/14/12]
Arnold-Jones: Dolores you bring up probably the most troubling aspect of this bill: Not only does this piece of
legislation allow unauthorized access to your tax return by the government for this purpose, but it also couples that
with access to taking money from your bank account. I find that to be so frightening. Those are the mechanisms that
some point you as an individual still should have the right to make those decisions. But clearly this piece will take
that away.
[Tea Party Tax Day Rally, 0.00, 4/17/12]

Lt. Governor John Sanchez: We cannot afford to have another liberal democrat in the US senate, I support Heather
Wilson for the US senate and I am asking you to do the same. Lets win this election. There is also an important race
going on right here in CD1. I want my friend Janice Arnold-Jones to come up here. Janice is not only a friend of
mine, Janice has been a state legislator, Janice understands what it takes to fight. I am here today to say I support
Janice for congress. We need Janice in the US congress. We cant afford to have anymore liberal democrats
representing CD1. The key to the election is at CD1. I am asking you all to get behind Janice. I am publicly and
enthusiastically supporting my friend Janice. She understands what it takes to win. CD1 has historically been in the
hands of the republicans but the last couple cycles it has not been. Martin Heinrich has not only given up his seat in
congress but he is going to lose his senate race. Can you imagine the war on women they say that the republicans. It
is not true, today we have a patriot, a conservative, an American. Someone who is not only going to represent our
district but out country so I am proud to introduce the next congresswoman from

[Tea Party Tax Day Rally, 2.15, 4/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Lt. Governor Sanchez don’t go too far. I would like for you to acknowledge a statesman. We need
more of them. May I please present a fine statesman for the state of New Mexico, lieutenant governor John Sanchez.
What a great day. Commercial: I am Janice Arnold Jones. I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the
first congressional district and I want your vote. But ladies and gentleman in this sun splashed day that we have with
only mild winds we are so grateful. But we are here because we are blessed to live in the greatest, most innovative,
most caring nation in the history of the world. And every single one of us gathered here today knows what is at risk.
We are here because we believe that the blessings that we have lived by, the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness should be passed on to our children, our grandchildren, and this young mans children, right there.
That’s what this is about. And everything that we love, everything is in grave jeopardy. Now I want to tell you some
interesting stories. But I gotta give you the good news, and there is good news. New Mexico has everything it needs
right here, right now to create wealth and prosperity. We can bring New Mexico to the fore front of the great energy
recovery, which is not green, it is energy and you can’t even see it but you will soar high with it. Energy means jobs!
We have everything we need because we have an established role in national defense, satellite communication and
space, this means jobs. And we have a remarkable resource in southeastern New Mexico. We are on the fore front of
the nuclear renaissance in this nation. This means jobs.

[Tea Party Tax Day Rally, 4.37, 4/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: We must stand to eradicate the crippling regulations, the regulations that are literally choking off our
own economy. We have to stand and eradicate the debt and the deficit, the single greatest threat to our national
security. And because it is tax day, my favorite day, and I hope its your favorite day because I know that you look at
this as a privilege. Paying taxes is a privilege, until the point that the taxes are unfair. And I’m betting everyone in
this area now feels that our tax system is unfair. Is there anyone here who disagrees with me?(NO) And yet, let me
ask you, when its fair are you proud to pay your taxes, are you proud to support this country, and you are even
happier when everybody is in it with you, is that right? And that’s the problem, when we use our tax code to change
social behavior. When we use our tax code to pick winners and losers are you disheartened? I am, but we can do
better, it is time to simplify our tax code. And I don’t have to tell you anything more than it should be simple, fair
and easy to understand. Nothing more to it. Is that our tax code today?(NO) Not even. Now, the other side of taxes
and here is the real hard part. Ladies and gentleman The House of Representatives, last week, passed a new budget,
3.6 trillion dollars. I don’t know anybody who believes that we will take in more than 2.3 trillion dollars in revenue.
Can you run your house like that?(NO) What are we doing? Teresa said it exactly right, we have got to turn this
around, we have to straighten up our own house. And it starts with each one of us, each one of you we’ve got to
straighten up our house. And that means you have got to go to the polls.

[Tea Party Tax Day Rally, 6.54, 4/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: But spending. Ladies and gentlemen, we have got a spending problem. Newsflash we have a spending
problem and there is no way to fix it than to take it head on and I am willing to do that. But it is going to take your
support and your active engagement every step of the way.
[Tea Party Tax Day Rally, 7.15, 4/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: And let’s talk about one more thing that we can do for our nation. It is time for a real energy policy, a
policy that puts America first. America first in energy, and you know what, we are so innovative and so creative.
That what we know about energy and energy technology should be shared clear across the world. Why on earth
wouldn’t we want people around the world to have the quality of life that we have. Instead we are trying to make us,
I don’t know, cave dwellers? Is that what we want? It’s not what I want, it’s not what my kids want. You know we
are poised on the brink of an American tragedy. You know we can choose opportunity and freedom, you can choose
European style socialism, you can choose our declaration of independence and the bill of rights. And let’s just start
with the simple ones: you can choose freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, or you can
choose a government that chooses how religions will act, what the press will cover, and how you will get medical
care. What do you choose? I hope you choose America, I hope you choose the America that we read about in our
constitution. Because the only way we are going to keep it, if you stand up and get engaged. Are you with me?
Where are your constitutions? Who has them? In your pockets? Right there, right there, right there. That is the
standard. You know, let me just fuss about one thing. One of our chief justices recently said we should not look to
our constitution for guidance and when talking to other countries she said, you know, you need to look at South
Africa’s constitution. In my travels around the world one of the things that I found most remarkable about our
constitution is what other countries want to copy. You know what that is? It actually isn’t our bill of rights. It is that
three branches of government that are equal and in control. That balance one other, that actually make you resilient
to revolution. They copy the deliberate nature of our government. Deliberate as in deliberation. You know what it’s
worth keeping. It’s hard work, but I am ready to do it. Are you ready to do it?(YA) Alright! So in this great tax day,
I know it hurts a little bit, but lets straighten this (…) out until next year when we come back and we truly have a
celebration. On this tax day where we joyfully say I paid my taxes and so did everybody else. God bless you and
God bless America.
Part 1

[Torrance County Republican Forum, Part 1 of 2, 0.00, 5/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Now before I begin, I do want to introduce you to Zach. He is a very nice guy. He comes to
Conspiracy Brews, which is our Saturday morning discussion group that’s been going on for about (..) and a half
years. And I am determined that before the end of this election we will change his registration. For those of you who
do not know, I hope you can hear me, I have so much to talk to you about… today. I am Janice Arnold-Jones I am
running for the US House of Representatives and I want your vote. Ladies and gentleman I do not have to tell you
our nation is in trouble. No nation can survive without secure borders, energy independence, or the ability to feed its
people. No nation can survive when the job producers are taxed and regulated at levels that destroy incentive. No
nation survives when it is broke. The decisions that congress makes in the next two years will determine the very
survival of our American constitution and our way of life. Now just this week I was in Washington D.C. and I have
a few insights for you, and there is nothing like being on the ground. And so one of the great efforts taking place in
Washington right now is to have you change your focus. They are doing everything to get your attention from the
economy and our debt to gay marriage. Did they accomplish it? You bet. They are also attacking one of the most
interesting things, I want to tease this apart so you understand what’s happening. Attacking savings, savings. So how
does that happen?

[Torrance County Republican Forum, Part 1 of 2, 2.09, 5/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well let’s start with the buffet rule, although at my Saturday morning discussions they call it the
buffoon rule. You are only taxed on capital gains, if you have done something remarkable as a risk taker. You made
money and you saved it. And from those investments you are charged a second tax called capital gains, but it is at a
lower rate. No one pays capital gains who does not save money. And yet you are supposed to think that anyone who
pays capital gains is evil, is greedy. But what we know is that the very financial system that allows the risk takers to
have the cash flow to take yet another risk, to make another job. Is absolutely dependant on the people who save
their money and invest it in things like banks and other financial institutions. Keep your eye on the ball. Because
then there is another way that they are trying to change you focus. I am sure that you have heard: that all of our
children should go to college, and all of you parents who have thought maybe my child doesn’t want to go to college
or heaven forbid you don’t have enough money to send your child to college. Government will save you. Make sure
your child has 100,000 in debt, dollar debt when they graduate from college. What a great deal for our nation. It’s
wrong. Savings is important, it’s part of our foundation. And then here is the really sneaky one, oh this was in the
bowels of congress, I loved it. The looming tax on your 401k. Now what is a 401k? It’s savings, it is you planning
for you. You being responsible for you. And yet we are discussing penalizing the one thing that we know has
literally driven our nation, and we have got to get back to that foundation. And it is a very clear debate between
savings and intentionally plunging individuals into debt. And the moment you are plunged into that level of debt
then you become literally servile to the government. A mere servant. This is not the America that I want to live in.
But if that was not enough to change your focus there was a little bit more. I loved it. I loved listening to the
discussion on the war on women. Oh wait I have to take a poll. Ladies, how many of you feel that there is something
going on out there that is meant to harm you? Raise your hands, ladies, ladies anybody? You know what I (…) it
was across party lines. We’re all looking at each other going, “What are you talking about?” The war on women?
“What are you talking about?” Because a commentator misspoke and said something that most of us all thought was
outrageous. And it was rude. There is a war on women? But there is. And what I learned this week was that Emily’s
list, that stands for early money is like yeast. The democrats do have it right on that account, early money is like
yeast. That is a pact for women running on the democratic side of the ticket. They took out the domain name, they
bought the domain name war on women last October. Pretty interesting Do you think there might be an effort to
change your focus? I think there is. And I’m calling on you today to keep your eye on the ball. We’re in trouble, our
nation is in debt.

[Torrance County Republican Forum, Part 1 of 2, 6.17, 5/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: And the other underbelly that I listened to all week was the concept that no matter what we do, we
can’t balance the budget, it is not possible. And here are the numbers that they are talking about. If we leave every
entitlement program, and including social security, which by the way I don’t this is an entitlement program, I think I
put my money in that. It’s my program. If we leave all of those on the books and we remove all of the administrative
programs, and all of our national defense programs we can’t balance our budget. That was the discussion in
Washington D.C. this week. The job is huge and it’s going to be tough. And I have to tell you what, I do disagree
with our president. You know he was in a community college in Ohio about a week and a half ago. And he said that
right now we have two competing visions for our future and the choice could not be clearer. He goes on to say: Let
me say those folks, I think that’s probably you, those folks on the other side I am sure they are patriots, I am sure
they are sincere in terms of what they say, but they’re theory is I believe is wrong. So I have to ask you: is the
constitution wrong, is the American vision of hard work wrong, those who came to our country in the last 400 years
to achieve self determination though hard work and sacrifice, are they wrong? And the principle that we get to keep
what we earn through the fruits of our labor, are we wrong? You know what I have to tell you what I agree with Mitt
Romney on this one: If you want to know where President Obama’s vision leads, open your eyes because we have
been living it for at least the last 3 years. And the results very clearly, a collapsing economy, growing welfare roles,
bigger government, growing illiteracy, and no jobs. And let me very clearly tell you what is happening in
Albuquerque. Like it or not Albuquerque is a federal economy. Our contractors hold intellectual capital for the well
being of this nation. When congress failed to pass a budget, not one time, we are now on the 12th iteration.
Everyone who has a federal contract, may well still have that contract but the contracts are not funded. What’s that
mean in real people terms? It means if you are one of those contractors your employer goes to you and says “can
you use up all of your vacation, I need for you to use all of your sick time, shoot I can’t keep you on full time
anymore because they haven’t funded the contract. Will you go to project status?” Well at the end of the day what
has happened to our contractors, and this is our intellectual assets, our physicists, our engineers, our P.H.D’s, this is
happening. And so there are some people out there on project status they have not had a pay check in six months.
The moment they sever from their company the company loses the assets. None of us wants to lose that. The
moment they sever they will finally be able to take unemployment. You are not seeing these numbers in
Albuquerque. But I am telling you they are there and it is a direct consequence of congress’ failure to pass a budget.
It is time to get it done. And I am telling you what, with everything I just told you, it is not going to be without
sacrifice on our part. But we must defend our nation, we must do that. I don’t want to beleaguer this because I have
more good news for you.

Part 2

[Torrance County Republican Forum, Part 2 of 2, .42, 5/12/12]

Arnold-Jones: The discussion of the EPA, boy was that interesting. So, republicans and democrats, a lot of hand
wringing and I hope you’ll wring your hands too. The discussion about the EPA is not only it’s threat on our energy
industry, the current ruling in Las Vegas at the Lake… and John will fill you in on this. But you know we have a
damn in Story Lake up in Las Vegas. The dang damn is leaking. It has now created a wetlands. Now they can’t fix
the damn because there is a wetland that didn’t exist before. But I wanted to tell you about, and the frightening thing
and I hope maybe Judge Hannissey can enlighten us a little bit. But every single person I talked to about the EPA,
republican or democrat, lobbyist or staff person said “we can’t do anything with that, we can’t control them, they’re
their own thing. The supreme court has given them such power that we cant do anything about it.” Well that may be
true today, I want you to send me to Washington because you know what? I don’t believe it. I know that a
legislature’s first responsibility when there is an agency running amok is its primary tool. You don’t fund them, you
don’t give them money. Any time that we allow agencies to create enterprise agencies that are generating more
income just to sustain more government activity and it’s sustained by licenses and fees and penalties, without
oversight that is wrong. When we fund agencies, when any legislative body funds an agency it should be fully
funded, you should know. And if the agency comes back and says EHH!... We can’t figure out what to do because
you didn’t give us enough money. So we are going to arbitrarily enforce the law. You like that idea? I do not. Time
to make those changes. Ladies and gentleman we can do better, America can do better, New Mexico can do better.
Let me remind you we have everything we need right here, right now to create wealth and prosperity. We can bring
New Mexico to the forefront of a great energy recovery. A recovery our nation needs. Energy means jobs. New
Mexico has an established role in national defense, satellite communication and space. This means jobs. We are on
the cusp of the nuclear renaissance right here, right now. And this means jobs. Send me to Washington I will work
every day to address crippling regulations. No one will work harder than I will to address the debt and the deficit.
And our children deserve nothing less than to enter into their adulthood without this anchor around their necks. I
will be relentless about cutting spending and make no mistake it is time to simplify our tax code. And we need a real
energy policy, we can do this. Join me, join me today in the fight, in the work to secure the blessing of liberty to our
     self and our posterity. Today is the day to stand up and be counted. May God bless New Mexico and the United
     States of America. I am Janice Arnold-Jones send me to Washington.

Part 1
Jim: You’re running for the US congress and the US congress is completely dysfunctional in my opinion. How are you going
to get anything done? Why would you want to go over there?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 1.06, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Jim you are absolutely right, nothing is getting done, which is exactly why I have to go to Washington D.C.
And maybe it’s the difference between men and women I’m not sure but I know that first and fore most we have to talk to one
other and second off we have to decide that it is in the country’s best interest to do something. There is nothing that makes me
more upset than to talk to an elected representative who says “we’re not going to do anything right now because it will affect
the election.” In the meantime, I’m watching people losing their homes they have no jobs. And companies are going bankrupt
because the regulations are driving them out of business. That makes me mad.

Jim: It seems like we are almost Greece, and all anybody is concerned about is being reelected and placating to their base.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 2.00, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: And it is the base, that’s you and me who have to say enough, get me the best person who can go to work. And
it means talking and not just shouting or using platitudes. And I’d be glad to share some of the things that I heard when I was in

Jim: What were you doing there?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 2.19, 5/17/12]
Arnold-Jones: Well I am a congressional candidate so I was there to raise money.

Jim: Do they think this race is competitive?

Arnold-Jones: Yes. Yes they do. And the only person who so far doesn’t think that appears to be Karl Rove. But the recent
gallup poll has re-labeled New Mexico as a red state. I was glad to see that.

Jim: For this particular race or the presidential race?

Arnold-Jones: For the presidential race. And I believe that CD1, however CD1 goes will the state follow and I believe that we
are going to take CD1.

Jim: I hope so… Steven you’re on the line

Steven: We are hemorrhaging jobs in this state. Would you support the creation or the recreation of a tourism agency in the
Unites States?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 3.31, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Steven that is a great question. So as you know I am not a fan of expanding government. But I am a fan of
cutting those parts that you don’t need in favor of things that will be productive. And let me give you a couple of examples: the
department of education may have outlived its usefulness nationally. And so you may be able to make a trade but the one thing
I don’t want to do is expand it beyond where we are.

Jim: The department of education wasn’t formed until 1979, how did we get an education?

Arnold-Jones: I think we were very lucky

Jim: So looking at the spending and the debt. Which plan do you fall in line with? Simpson Bowles or Paul Ryan’s?
[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 6.13, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know I am a legislator but I like Paul Ryan’s plan. Is it perfect? It is not. But he gets extra Kudos because
the man put out a plan. Simpson Bowles I think is a very conservative way to approach our problems. Both plans, in my
opinion, do not address the debt quickly enough.
Jim: So the administration put together this panel to come up with a plan and just ignored it?

Arnold-Jones: Sounds like Governor Richardson to me. That’s exactly what happened is that they put all of this work in to this
plan and then literally the administration needed to champion the plan but they did not.

Caller: How can you compromise with the liberals? They are so far left.

Jim: Well don’t you think we have gone too far to the right?

Caller: Absolutely not.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 6.13, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well (...) and I think where you are going is the radical democrats truly believe that the government will make a
better decision for you than you will. As an American I reject that, I am an individualist.

Jim: This should not be partisan. It is plain and simple math…

Arnold-Jones: It’s just a problem and we need to work it.

Jim: …If we don’t cut now there will be nothing.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 8.32, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know when I was in Washington one of the discussions that was going on in the tunnels under the office
buildings was how bad the budget crisis is. And it was explained repeatedly in these terms: If we fund the entitlements required
by the supreme court plus social security and we eliminate all of the administrative expenses, all of the defense expenses. That
was everything else. We simply are not taking in enough money to do the first part. That’s how bad it is.

R.W.: You want to talk to these people. They want to re elect Obama for Christ sake. They need to be defeated. The
Democratic party is so corrupt you shouldn’t compromise with them.

Jim: Ok here is one thing that struck me. There is one presidential debate where they asked if anyone would go along with 90%
cuts to 10% tax increase and they all said they wouldn’t. That to me is the whole problem.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 10.26, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: So this brings us back to the debate of you want to go in and you want to get the whole loaf but it’s very clear
you won’t get the whole loaf.
Jim: Well you can’t

Arnold-Jones: And so is it only good if it’s perfect in whole loaf? Or are you willing to take a half a loaf now.

Jim: They wouldn’t even take 90% of a loaf.

Arnold-Jones: And they wouldn’t even take 90%. And so do we want to start solving the problem or do you want to just
continue growing the problem. I that’s kind of where this question comes from.

Caller: Janice call me about Group Homes in our neighborhoods.

Arnold-Jones: And you know he does bring up a good point. This group home issue in our neighborhoods is a huge issue and
impacts the safety of each of our neighborhoods.

Jim: Its not a federal issue is it?

Arnold-Jones: Well it is a fair housing issue.

Jim: Don you’re on

Caller: The congress isn’t at fault it has tried to come up with a budget and it is the senate and Obama that are getting in the

Jim: It’s Harry Reid. I think Harry Reid and Obama made a deal. Harry Reid won’t let anything at all go through.

Caller: The people themselves are going to have to pay for this.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 12.38, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: But for Senator Reid to hold the senate hostage and use procedure to keep from doing the nations business is
absolutely disgusting to me. And to that extent Don is exactly right. The house has done its job, the house has passed four
budgets and yet it gets to the senate and absolutely nothing happens. That was one of the other things that I heard while I was
in Washington, there would be absolutely no actions done before the election with regard to the EPA, there are a lot of issues
coming up. But to have your leader simply say because of an election we’re not going to do anything. I think leadership like
that should be fired.

Jim: Let’s take a break… Caller

Question: I think Janice could get in trouble when she leans too far to the Tea Party. What about our labs?

Jim: Are you going to fight for our bases and our labs and all of that?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 17.56, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know what and Gary I appreciate you bringing this up. I think I am uniquely qualified to go to Washington
to make the case for New Mexico. You’re exactly right, we have a federal economy whether we like it or not. But more
importantly, New Mexico does something very unique for our national security and it is absolutely vital that folks in
Washington understand what that job is. And that it does take money to do it. And right now the federal contracting base, in
Albuquerque in particular, is just aching because there is no budget and every time there is no budget those contracts while
they stay in place they are unfunded. So our unemployment is much higher than people think. So Gary you’re exactly right. But
I will go to Washington and I will make a case for New Mexico and I will make it form a position of knowledge.

Comment: Why do officials instead of saying cutting revenue they say cutting taxes. Is it a way to make cutting taxes seem

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 19.07, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Perhaps, you know, but to me taxes and revenue are both synonymous. That’s the truth. But when you are
looking at funding government, when you look at funding government then you have to have revenue. But if you are the funder
of that revenue you’re being taxed. So you’re right.

Comment: When someone says cutting taxes they say they like the sound of that. If someone says cutting revenue you may say
I don’t know if that’s good or not.

Arnold-Jones: I think you’re right.

Jim: Bill you’re on 770 go ahead:

Caller: I am wondering where you would cut the federal government? Knowing that social security, medicare, and defense are
three quarters of the federal budget and the rest of the federal government is a tiny sliver. Where would you cut?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 19.55, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well actually I am glad you brought up defense. Defense is only 19% of the budget, the lowest it has been since
1945, which is a remarkable story. And so where we are going to have to cut are in that administrative sliver. There are
entitlement programs that I understand that the supreme court says we can’t cut but they won’t be there if we don’t start finding
another way to approach it. So I am a real fan Bill of making sure that we keep our promises. And by the way I don’t view
Social Security as an entitlement program, I believe you paid for that. And so we have put that at risk with the payroll tax
deduction that we have done recently. It’s not being replenished. And so where do we start: You hate to go up and cut
anybody’s favorite program, some of the arts programs will probably be heavily hit. I do believe that the department of
education could be done away with. There are a number of agencies, and lets talk about the EPA. Let’s talk about the fact that
they are doing or performing functions that are performed by many other agencies and it is duplicative, so let’s cut there.

Jim: States have their own EPA’s now.

Arnold-Jones: Well they have their environment department and so why are we layering upon layer when we are truly need to
get the job done it should be done at the state level …
Caller: Do you support a flat tax or a fair tax?
[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 21.53, 5/17/12]
ARNOLD-JONES Two excellent questions so I believe the example Jim presented was actually presented when they had the
Simpson Bowles discussions, that’s where it happened and it was rejected right then and there. When it comes to taxation you
know I sat on the tax committee for eight years and I am a much greater fan of a flat tax. But I understand, and here is where
we get into revenue and to taxes, I understand that the government functions that we do want have to be sustainable and stable.
And so you have to have enough revenue sources to make sure that happens. So a single flat tax on a single piece is probably
not going to do it. So I would suggest to you that we need a couple of inputs, at least three to make it stable. And that’s what
we look for in our government is stable services. A stable government that can defend our nation.

Jim: Be right back… caller

Caller: I would like to know why your opponents always go after social security and medicare. And I don’t think it’s something
you’re giving me it’s something I put in. I asked why they don’t use E verify, both senators turned that down saying it is not
effective. I would like to get your opinion on that:

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 33.27, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Dave you just made my blood pressure go up but as a federal contractor we’ve been using E Verify for a
number of years. And all I can tell you is that if master card and Visa can figure out how to work the databases so can the
federal government. E Verify is not perfect but it is really a pretty good system. And to choose not to use it means that they
really do not honor our constitution, much less our economy. So why they get there, I don’t know. So let me just segway, and
let me remind you we are in the middle of a primary and while I may not have an opponent I need your vote. And you need to
go to the vote centers, we do have vote centers in here in Albuquerque in particular and you can vote down there anytime,
anyplace, any precinct and it is important but it’s exactly why you need to go and vote now. Because the democrats who are
running, truly Dave, truly are intent in my opinion on changing our nation and certainly changing our constitution.

Jim: Go ahead

Caller: I wanted to talk about the subject of a career politician. Correct me if I’m wrong but the pay is roughly 160,000 a year.

Arnold-Jones: It’s close

Caller: Would you be in favor to halve that amount and or term limits or something so to dis-incentivize the career politician
and make more of a civil servant situation?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 40.25, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Joe and you know, I would certainly think about it but having served in the state legislature as a citizen
legislator, where I took a leave of absence and I went without a pay check. And I’m grateful that I could do that. I have family
in Santa Fe so I could afford to do that. But going to Washington, just keep in mind, it’s an expensive place to live. And as a
woman who is going to go to Washington one of the things I am acutely aware of is the guys have showers and they do stay in
their offices but the shower facilities are very limited for the women. So that’s one thing to think about. But as you think about
career politicians and how bad they are, or can be bad you know the bulk of them are not that way but the one thing that I do
want to do and will not stand for is putting the staff in charge. You don’t get to fire them. But every time there is an election
you can fire a career politician I think it’s really important to keep that in mind. Because I don’t want the bureaucrats to
actually run the congress. Or the lobbyists.
Jim: Michael you’re on 770 go ahead:

Caller: Have you ever thought about creating jobs with natural resources specifically with New Mexico Natural Gas and
natural gas pumps at our stations? We could create so many jobs, they are doing this Oklahoma. Why are we not taking the
initiative to create these jobs and getting off foreign oil.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 1 of 3, 42.38, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Michael, yes I think about it all the time. I harp on our natural deposits of rare earth minerals that exist right
here in New Mexico. Something that every single cell phone needs and we are not mining it. China cut us off about two
months ago so the cost is going to skyrocket. But when it comes to natural gas, there are a number of issues and one I do
believe that we in order to make natural gas competitive those changes need to take place. In the state of New Mexico when
natural gas is below $2.00 an MCF, which is it’s normal measure, it is hard for our natural gas producers to be competitive.
One of the things that I am looking at in terms of natural gas across the country, it changes because it is so readily available and
so inexpensive. It is literally changing the chemical of the plastics in the industry. And we have none of that in the state of New
Mexico. And you should be saying why is that? And it is because our regulatory environment is so onerous companies don’t
want to come here. But you are absolutely right on, we are a natural gas rich state. And it is my intention when I go to
Washington is to make the regulations productive for the citizens of the state of New Mexico. And today they are not.

Jim: Ya you’re on

Caller: The tax increases take place immediately and the tax cuts take place over ten years and it affects congress who may say
they may not like it.

Arnold-Jones: That’s a fair point. Absolutely.

Jim: Matthew you’re on

Caller: Dwight Eishenhower tricked Republicans into building the highway system by saying he could transport nuclear
warheads across the country quickly. What would you do to help rebuild our infrastructure?

Arnold-Jones: Well Matthew, first off I have to correct your story, it was partly right. Matthew I have to correct your story
slightly. What Dwight Eisenhower did was to move an entire regiment from one coast to the other. But in order to do that there
had to be roads…

Jim: Highways were a part of national defense. Let’s take a break… Go ahead David

David: Janice you have my vote. It seems like you’re opponents go after the tea party and try to scare people with the tea party.
There have been good tea party groups in Rio Rancho, they know what they’re talking about, they do their research. What do
you think of the Tea Party?
Part 2

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, .12, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Dave I appreciate that, and you know the proof in the pudding is the tea party I think gets a very bad rap for
some people. These are real people who have said I ignored my government I cant anymore and now they are making a

Jim: You are on Steven.

Steven: I have a lot of questions. Heinrich never did anything to represent me or NM, we should have the cheapest energy than
any other nation, we should sell our excess oil and decrease our debt, no more foreign aid, lets start selling our lumber and turn
our national parks into something that produces, and our education system is lacking because it’s federal government run.

Jim: Steven you should run for office.
Arnold-Jones: Give me a call Steve I would be glad to coach you because I think you’re there.


Jim: Janice Arnold-Jones here. David you are on the line.

David: On your campaign emails I saw something that said we should hold father’s accountable for their children that reside
with their mothers and with rights comes responsibilities. With that responsibility, what should our right’s as fathers be?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 12.06, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well David we have had lots of conversations and so when I sent that email out I was thinking about you.
Because there are many fathers who create children and they walk off. That is not you. There are fathers like you who’s rights
have been abridged and I understand that but for those fathers who do not take raising their children seriously that’s who I am
talking about. There is a responsibility.

Jim: David you are on 770. Go ahead

David: I am happy about our prospects as a state, it could make us look pretty good in the future but I am scared to death of our
federal government. What do you consider as the nation’s biggest threat to it’s well being? And how will you focus on it when
you get to congress?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 13.16, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: David what a great question and hands down the debt is our greatest threat and it has been probably for 20
years. And what we have to do is make a concentrated effort to reduce that debt. Even a reduction of only 20% of that debt
would actually improve our position in terms of being a secure nation. As long as we are beholden to other nation’s I believe
we are vulnerable to a number of other types of actions against our country that none of us want.

Jim: Janice on the line if you want to call in real quick. Quick break… You’re on 770 go ahead

Caller: What can be done to improve our electrical grid system in New Mexico.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 16.35, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Herb thank you so much for that question. It goes back to an infrastructure question I wanted to talk about. Our
grid is aging and one of the things that is happening right now in New Mexico is the development of Tres Amigas interconnect,
it will be the third interconnect in our nation, it is a big deal. And that is the starting point for actually refining our grid. One of
the problems Herb that I believe we get mixed up on some types of infrastructure. But some of the large overhead transmission
lines which the EPA and the DOE says we’re going to have these transmission corridors. I do not believe is the right method
for transferring energy across our country. I think a finer grid that is not as exposed from space is a much better way to move
after this. And if I get to actually dream a little bit Herb, I would talk about direct current DC current vs AC. Which is a much
better way to transfer electricity across open spaces but that’s getting into the weeds a little bit.

Jim: Charlotte you’re on 770 go ahead

Charlotte: I had a question about getting out of debt, we are so far and the debt is so vast how are we going to do that?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 17.57, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know what Charlotte? First off it’s not going to be easy. It’s just like when you have run up your credit
card bills it’s painful to pay it off. But the first thing we have to do is make a commitment to start making those payments. We
don’t have, what we have to do is we have to stop spending. And when we stop that spending we have to apply it to the debt.
And we are going to have to make some choices. So instead of paying for, let me take foreign aid, a lot of people throw that
one out because it’s a good target. Unfortunately foreign aid is less than 1% of the total budget, that’s not going to get us there.
So we are going to have to look at many different ways to pull it down. And Charlotte when I think about this across board,
maybe we need to have a whole series of concerts this summer simply for Americans to say this is important and we’re gonna
go to these concerts and we’re going to contribute all of that money to reduce the debt and then we better by golly better do it.

Jim: You’re on with Janice

Caller: I am a father who is a victim of the court system. I am one of those fathers who refuses to walk away from my children.
There is female vs male and fathers vs mothers. Why aren’t they people? Why don’t they take people at their word? I have
been a victim of domestic violence(male caller) and we are looking at this wrong. I am against the violence against women act
because it doesn’t protect men.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 19.57, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know you make an excellent point. The reality is that it is about 10% of the males and for as long as I have
worked in rape counseling and sex assault I have known, since 1974, that about 10% of the victims actually were male. It is
absolutely a true phenomenon. But when we are looking at public policy and the discourse it is probably easier to say what
we’re doing but you’re right they are all people, you’re right.

Jim: Caller you’re on the line.

Caller: Two things: Elder abuse? I am talking about the legal system allowing lawyers and care providers to raid people’s
estates, and keep bills high on the elderly where only a small portion goes to the care of the elderly person. The rest of people’s
money goes to professionals. And when they are done with her money they are turning her back to the state.

Jim: We got the question. How would you solve that?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 21.39, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well there is a mindset and Joe I actually want to turn your question just a little bit because you are going to a
bigger issue. We have started to penalize savings. All of these individuals in this case have done their best to save but the state
is saying unless you are in debt or you are indigent we are not going to help you. So you are going to be penalized or punished
for saving and yet on the other side you are incentivized for going into debt. Have you ever wondered why we are 16 trillion
dollars in debt? And I think we actually have to turn that back around. It was horrifying to be in Washington and listen to
people talking about taxing people’s 401k’s. I was speechless. Because I think savings is a good thing. Without savings we
have no investors, we can’t grow our economy. Savings is a good thing.

Jim: We’ll be right back… David you’re on:

David: Recently the government has been incentivizing renewable energy programs. Some people say it should be increased,
some people say government should get out all together I was wondering what your perspective is on the whole spectrum?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 21.39, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: David thank you for the question. You know the renewable energy system is interesting. And I do believe that
there is role for the national laboratories, especially as it relates to defense. But once it has been developed I believe it needs to
go to the free market for further development. When I think about what happened at Solyndra I am just absolutely incensed.

But what I think about what we are doing in terms for energy for the real home user, so we have a 20% renewable portfolio
standard in the state of New Mexico. So tell me why as a citizen of the state of New Mexico with a very tight budget you really
want (…) your government to pay 28 cents a kilowatt hour for my energy when I can get coal fired energy for 4 cents. I don’t
understand what you’re asking me to do. But I know that 28 cents will be coming out of my kids lunch, and I just don’t
understand it. So I believe we should be pursuing the most cost effective energy as clean as we can possibly make it. But
energy is what makes us a great nation.

Jim: Tom you’re on with Janice go ahead.

Caller: Did you say China was going to cut us off and why? That doesn’t sound very friendly. What exactly are these

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 28.21, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Thank you for that question. You know it is the rare earth elements it’s the last 17 elements on your periodic
table. It is the elements or the components like magnets, it makes glass components on displays on your cell phones, it has
some of the pieces that actually create the fire starters for your grill. These are all kind of common items that rare earth
elements are used for. And in cutting them off they are actually driving the price up in the market. And so all of those things
that I just named you are going to see them becoming more expensive. But the companies in this country that use those pieces,
so for example: Anybody who does any type of communication that has a magnet as a component their costs have gone up over
200% in the last two months. People who have the squirrely, fluorescent light bulbs, the compact fluorescent light bulbs, in
those light bulbs are rare earth elements and they have gone up almost 1000% percent in the last two years. I think it is time
that we use our own natural resources and New Mexico is the recipient. We have 13% of the world’s deposits. I think we have
an industry that makes us independent.

Jim: Mary you’re on 770, hello.

Mary: I have a son that just got back from Iraq and Afghanistan and they are going back right after the election. The rare earth
elements that are in Afghanistan is given to China what is up with that?

Arnold-Jones: I don’t know the answer to that but there is a part that I left out in the discussion of rare earth elements or
minerals. And some of our warheads and weapons are absolutely dependant upon these elements.

Jim: Hi Tom you’re on.
Tom: 40% of domestic violence is female on male. Also, the CDC survey that was just taken this year said that 6.5% of males
between ages of 18 and 34 felt or predicted to be abused in 2012. What would you do to make the violence against women act
gender neutral?

Jim: Just make it gender neutral. Violence against people.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 31.43, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: But one of the problems with the particular act is it calls out, for example, Native American women and the
moment you start calling out special sub groups, anytime that you miss somebody they are left out. And I think you make an
excellent point that when we make laws it should be for all Americans, it’s a stronger law

Jim: We are here with Janice Arnold-Jones you can call in after the break… David you’re on 770 hello.

David: Hey Janice

Arnold-Jones: Hey

Caller: About federal land acquisition of New Mexican land. For what purpose I don’t remember. I heard the federal
government owns more than 50 Now article 1 section 8 clause 17 of the constitution says that the government can only acquire
land for bases, naval yards, and other useful buildings. How are they doing this? What’s going on with this process? Is our state
government complicit?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 42.21, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Well this is sort of an east of the Mississippi, west of the Mississippi issue. And the western states in the United
States still have a predominant problem with federally owned land. And they sold it to the western saying we will keep this but
we will give you PILT payment in lieu of taxes, which is entirely at the discretion of congress and the administration. But you
are onto something that I think is incredibly important. In our state we have about 35% federal land and then there’s tribal land
and state land. The land acquisition you are talking about was a proposed monument which would have yet again taking
property out of the tax and revenue system for the state of New Mexico for private enterprise in our state. And it is time for the
western states to start banding together to say enough we are taking our land back.

Jim: Quick break…Go ahead caller

James: What is your stance on legalization of marijuana and how do you think users should be penalized?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 48.00, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: James I have two thoughts on this: First off putting drug users in prison for a long time this is clearly stupid.
But when I start looking at legalizing drugs across the board I really have a problem. And I have a part of me that says gosh if I
just looked at this like alcohol we may be better off. But then I look at the impact some of these drugs has on our families and I
simply cannot go there.

Jim: You’re on with Janice go.

Caller: During the 80’s they cut the tax rate and increased the amount of dollars going to the federal government. The idea that
if can raise tax revenue by lowering tax rates.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 49.23, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know and I think it does one other thing. It actually restricts capital when you’re adding more taxes. The
capital that would be creating markets is restricted so you actually produce less. So reducing taxes is proven that it is a good
thing and it does increase our market.

Jim: Miguel you’re on with Janice.

Caller: How are you Janice?

Arnold-Jones: I’m good how are you?

Caller: There is a big party down here this weekend

Jim: Send her an invitation. Bob you’re on the line.

Bob: You have my vote but I you said something about DC transmission vs AC I have never heard anything about that.

Arnold-Jones: Alternating current vs direct current. That is what I meant.
Jim: You’re probably not gonna get to work on.
Arnold-Jones: Probably not but let me draw this out a little bit more. In Europe they are on a DC current standard and the
transmission so you have to take a converter when you go to Europe. It is a cleaner more effective, efficient way to actually
transfer and transmit current.

Jim: Janice you’re on with Janice go ahead.
Caller: Do you believe in amnesty for illegals already here and what will you do to make sure there is no fraud on the child
care credit, and are you in favor of closing the border?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 2 of 3, 51.31, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Wow a good set of questions. How much time do we have? 50 seconds. Ok lets start with the border. I think a
closed secure border is absolutely required. I think immigration must be reformed and part of that reform is a practical
approach. Do I think you should be rewarded in any way for breaking the law? No I do not. But I also know we don’t have the
money to ship everybody back. Which is what a lot of people talk about. So there has got to be another answer and I have
several that I think about. And you are welcome to call me we’ll talk offline 379-0972 is my cell phone, I think it’s an
important issue. The child care credit created by the I-10’s which is the federal ID numbers granted by IRS to illegals. Now
give me a break. And so we have people who are claiming as many as 27 children and they are getting that credit. Can you say
let us shoot ourselves in the foot a little bit more. It’s a little frustrating. So these are some of the things that I know that we can
fix and it really takes just common sense.
Part 3
Jim: Do you have thoughts on Sunland Park?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 3 of 3, 6.04, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Yes I do have some thoughts on it. And it still comes back to us. If we allow our elected officials to behave like
heathens, that there are no rules, this happens. And you can’t keep turning a blind eye when it’s wrong you have to stand up
and you gotta say it’s wrong. But looking at sunland park when I was serving in the legislature we knew things were not right
and it was really difficult to start getting even the attorney general to pay attention to it.

Comment: There had to be something going on before. It had to be corrupt prior to this?

Arnold-Jones: Absolutely and we would be offering capital outlay to Sunland Park for their infrastructure and then we would
come back and say where is it and we would never get an answer.
Jim: You’re on the air go ahead.
Caller: I was looking at higher education and I hope UNM teaches an unbiased balance approach to the history of New Mexico
because I hear that they are not.

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 3 of 3, 7.22, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: You know I don’t know if it’s part of the core curriculum. I think that’s exceptionally sad if that is. But we do
teach New Mexico history in our high schools and this is such a culturally and historically such a rich state so I’m right there
with you. But I do have a beef with the University of New Mexico for those required courses that also require labs. I think it is
just criminal that they allow too many students to go in those core courses and there’s not enough lab space.

Jim: Ken you are on

Ken: I had a question about lobbying for Sandia Labs. They say there are two ways to lobby: you can argue with seniority or
with technical knowledge. It seems you and Heather Wilson are the only ones with that knowledge and know how to work
across the aisle. What do you think about it?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 3 of 3, 8.24, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Thank you Ken. I share your opinion. I believe Heather Wilson is (…) in terms of the department of defense but
also the mission of Sandia National Labs as well as Los Alamos National Labs is absolutely vital. I actually saw a slightly
different part, I was doing some other mission pieces. And between the two of us I believe we actually have an idea of what we
are talking about and it’s important to tell this to Washington

Jim: Gary you’re up.

Gary: You have to take a pledge to uphold the oath of the constitution. Are you going to take any oaths to not raise taxes?

[Jim Vilanucci 770 KKOB, Part 3 of 3, 9.14, 5/17/12]

Arnold-Jones: Actually I know what he is talking about. So there are a plethora of pledges that come my way. I sign none of
them. The only person I will pledge to are my constituents. That’s my job and I sign no other pledges

Jim: I think it’s silly you are there to do the right thing. Ok so to help you out do you have a website or phone number.

Arnold-Jones: I do I have absolutely marvelous volunteers they are on the ground already. We have a
great time, I invite you to come and join our campaign and I invite you to support us financially. We are going to be standing
against a very different mindset I don’t care who wins in the democratic primary their mindset is very different. And… their
view is to change our nation and our constitution. If you like America as America representing rugged individualists, people
who are independent and innovative than I hope you will come with me


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