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									                          SelectQuote Fleeces Kansas
   The reputation management firm SelectQuote has hired has done quite a job. They created a
new site,, solely to publicize cherry picked reviews. Content was
created, originally by RepMan003, though this name has been changed to something more
   They also brought a case against me in the National Arbitration Forum, in the failed attempt to
take this domain. I decided I could not risk further legal action or spend more time defending
against Select Quote. I took all my content down for a couple of months. During my hiatus,
SelectQuote managed to secure tax breaks from Kansas totaling around $5,000,000 just to move
1 mile.
   We will never know if SelectQuote could have gotten such a sweetheart deal without such a
well orchestrated disinformation campaign. If the people of Kansas would have rejected the deal
if dissent had not been silenced. What we do know is that singling out a company like
SelectQuote to receive special tax treatment does not serve Kansas.
   While this is but one site in the vast internet, before I took content down for a few months it
was reaching people searching for SelectQuote. It only makes sense to do some due diligence on
a firm before handing them money. My story ought to give a good starting point for some hard
   SelectQuote only has to move one mile, putting their new Kansas office right on the state
line. While I believe lower taxes lead to increased investment, why only this company, which is
headquartered in San Francisco?

   This is not a man building a company through hard work, it is a rich man bellying up to the
trough in a way the little guy can’t. This will not cause more people to relocate to Kansas, and
will line coffers in far away San Francisco.
   What if SelectQuote decides to move back over the state line once the tax breaks end? This
would be in character. Recall that I improved answer rate from less than 50% to over 85% after
taking over the call center software. I pitched the project to do this to executives, I did the
programming, and I ran it once it was in production. That is a fair chunk of change that I got for
   What did this get me? When my daughter was threatened, and a co-worker treated it as a joke,
I wrote a few strong words. SelectQuote not only called the police to haul me away, they did not
cooperate when I gave them the names of witness and other means to verify my
story. Doubtless, exposing Michelle Tan as a liar would inconvenience SelectQuote. She was
rewarded with more time working from home, and a contract for her spouse following the
   Would the average Midwesterner allow girls to be hurt just because to stop it would lead to
   I recall when I was growing up in St. Louis reading a story about someone who was
intentionally spreading AIDS to young girls. I don't remember all the details, I think they were
under age, but maybe he was too, because nothing was being done. This was before spreading
HIV intentionally was a crime. He had an infected an incredible number of girls.
   What I do remember is that one day he was stopped the major intersection, on a busy street, in
broad daylight. Someone walked up and shot him dead.
   Well, it must have been the Invisible Man. Because it seems to spite the many potential
witnesses no one decided to come forward. Either that, or Midwesterners don't find killing
girls to be funny. You might think something values would be universal, but I'm telling you that
is not the case.
   I'm not suggesting that we need to abolish trial by jury just yet. Nor am I saying you can just
run around shooting people willy-nilly. What I am saying is there are people in SelectQuote who
do not share the values of the average Kansan.
   Not only are there those at SelectQuote who would threaten a little girl, they treated this
situation as a joke. There is even indirect evidence that they actually did cause my daughter
harm by using their influence with the San Francisco police to have evidence destroyed, and get
some false testimony created. That situation was so dirty, it never saw the light of a courtroom,
but Abby was affected until my wife and I won.

        Jong (right) given work at SelectQuote following my objection to Min's threats.

  After all this SelectQuote then turned around and rewarded this person. So the attitude from
top management is very clear. Not only are they fine with hurting children, they glorify it, and
encourage others to do the same by bestowing gifts upon the guilty.
  There are many other companies Kansans could spend their money upon. These other
companies could also invest and bring more jobs to Kansas. This 1 mile move will not cause
anyone to relocate to Kansas. The company does not hold the sorts of values you would want to
import to Kansas. For many reasons offering this deal to SelectQuote is a major mistake.

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