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									    Lead- in: Questions
   Who are they?
   What do you know about them?
    For what are they famous?
 They all devoted themselves to their fields
and contributed a lot to the world. They are
             Amazing People.

• Some amazing people have changed
  our world for the better through
  their thoughts and actions.
• Look at the pictures below and
  discuss the achievements of the
  following amazing people .
• Then say more that you know about
  Mother Teresa won a Nobel Peace Prize
for her work among the poor people of India.

                    She is one of the
                   greatest women in
                    world, who made
                   great contributions
                     the peace of the
.She was born on 27 August, 1910 in what
is now Skopje, Macedonia, and was loved
and worshipped (崇拜)in India. She was
given the highest honor as Gandi by the
government of India.
It is reported that after she died, about 400
important figures including queen ,
presidents, prime ministers and the former
First Lady Hillary Clinton came to pay
Final tribute(尊敬 )to her.
Bill Gates started Microsoft, the biggest
   technology company in the world.
                    He is chairman of
                  Corporation and the
                    worldwide leader
                in software, services and
                      solutions that
               help people and businesses
                       realize their
                      full potential.
He offers many jobs for
people. It is said that he employs more
than 55000 people in 85 countries and
regions. He and his wife set up a
foundation(基金会) focusing on improving
  global health. He is also the richest man
  in the world-worth and estimated(估
  价)$40 billion in 1997 according to
  Forbes (福布斯)magazine
Beethoven was one of the greatest
     composers of all time.
                 He was born on 17
                 December,1770 in
                Bonn. He carried on
                 the tradition and
                 became one of the
                  world’s greatest
During his life he created many beautiful
 famous works. But there are hundreds
   of Beethoven works which, until now,
  have been available only to scholars (学
  者)and specialists. Though he couldn’t
   hear anything any more at the age of
    45, he still continued to work for his
  music, and he successfully finished the
     ninth and tenth symphony at last.
Zhang Heng invented the first tool in history for reporting

                Zhang Heng was a famous
                man of letters and scientist
               in the East Han Dynasty in
                 the Chinese history. He
                  invented the armillary
                      sphere and the
               seismograph, or Di Dong Yi
               (Earth Motion Instrument)
               for measuring earthquakes.

• 1.Do you think these people have made useful
  changes to the way we live today?

• 2.Which of these people’s achievements have the
  largest effect on our lives today?

• 3.Do you have a hero/heroine? What are things he or
  she has done that make you feel that this person is
        Group Discussion:

• What are the common characteristics these
  four people share?

• What can we learn from them? Are they
  your heroes/heroines?

• Write a short passage about your hero or
  heroine. (100 words or so)

Read the passage B in the Workbook. (Page

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