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                Business Plan on Strawberry Farming

Submission letter

23 June, 2011.


Department of Finance and Banking

University of Rajshahi

Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Subject: Submission of new business plan on Strawberry farming.

Dear Sir,

It is a matter of limitless pleasure for us to have the opportunity to submit our Group E
Business plan on Strawberry cultivation as a part of our academic activities.

We have put in our maximum team effort in this group assignment. We show our
uttermost gratitude for the opportunity you gave us to implement our creativity and
analytical thinking skills that will help us in building future career.

We therefore would like to place this project plan to you for your kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

_________________________________                    ______________________________

Marzia Akhter                                                Unmesh Ray Himel

(7674)                                                        (7633)

_________________________________                    ______________________________

Md. Rauful Islam                                    Syed Shasuddha

(7634)                                              (7639)

_________________________________                    ______________________________

Siadur Rahaman (7642)
Contents Table

Executive summary                              1
Introduction                                   1-2
The opportunities and threats                  3-4
The product Description                        4-5
Market Analysis                                5-8
Industry analysis                              8-9
Competition Analysis                           9-10
Marketing plan                                 10-13
Management team                                13
Manufacturing process                          13-14
Pro forma of financial plan                    14-17
Conclusion                                     18

Executive Summary:

Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is an important fruit crop and its commercial production is
possible in temperate and sub tropical areas of Bangladesh. The country’s weather proved
suitable for strawberry farming although this delicious fruit is normally produced in
countries having cold weather, particularly in the West.

A thorough market research, industry and competitor analysis has been done. We did the
market research through doing survey (sample size 50). We found the growth rate of
market demand is 42.85%

Our target markets are:

      Super shops (upper class and upper middle class)
      Fruit Market of Bannai and Gulshan
      Fruit Market of Bogra and Rajshahi

We are starting our business in 1.2 bigha land in the first year. From 1.2 bigha, we can
get 2200 kg strawberries in a season. But for many reasons (natural calamity and
diseases) .it might happen that we lose some fruits. So we narrow down our target to
1825 kg by which we can capture 4.25% share of the market.

Our pricing strategy will be market penetration. We will charge a price which is lower
than the market price. Our cost par kg is 125 taka, so even if we charge 500 tk, our profit
margin will be very high.
Initial investment will need 1,291000 tk.5 partners will initially invest in the
business180740 tk each and for the rest we will seek for loan (30%) with a yearly interest
rate of 9.5% for 3 years.

 In the management team,2 partner will work in the field along with two more worker.
Another 2 partner will be responsible for packaging. The rest 2 will be doing the
distribution and marketing along with 2 more worker under them and 1 van driver will be
appointed for transportation.

We will buy a land of 1.2 bigha in, Bogra.In the 3rd year we will go for expansion and for
that we will take lease of 1 more bigha land for 3 years.

1. Introduction

Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is an important fruit crop and its commercial production is
possible in temperate and sub tropical areas of Bangladesh. The country’s weather proved
suitable for strawberry farming although this delicious fruit is normally produced in
countries having cold weather, particularly in the West.

History of strawberry:

Professor Dr. M Monzur Hossain is the pioneer of strawberry cultivation in Bangladesh.
In the early 1990s, Dr Manzur was in Japan, having his PhD, when Quamruzzaman
joined him in a one-year training session. After finishing of their training, they together
planned the cultivation of the strawberry in Bangladesh.

In 1996 at the time of returning home, Manzur brought along eight varieties of saplings
and Quamruzzaman collected six varieties from Japan and America. But none of them
sustained in Bangladeshi environment. But they do not give up.

They started doing experiment on it and at last Manzur developed some new varieties
through tissue cultures at his Botany department’s Plant Breeding and Gene Engineering
Laboratory, while Quamruzzaman did the same in Natore. After five years of research, in
2003, three varieties yielded encouraging results. Out of the three, the ‘RU-3? and

2. Opportunity

      Current demand 55 tones par year, we grow half of the demand locally
      Yearly turnover Tk1100000 cr.
      country’s weather proved suitable for strawberry farming.

      It is in the introduction stage .Market demand is increasing significantly
      Slowly but strawberry market is spreading outside of Dhaka.
      Imported strawberries can be replaced by the locally produced strawberries.
      After meting local demand, foreign exchanges can be earned through doing
      Strawberry business falls into SME’s category. Present government is giving
       many subsidies on SMEs to promote the growth of GDP.

3. Product Description

Our product is Strawberry which is a sweet fleshy red fruit. Strawberry belongs to the
family Rosaceous. It is a low perennial herb with many runners and bearing white
flowers followed by edible fruits having many small achene’s scattered on the surface of
an enlarged red pulpy berry. This is the only fruit which carries seeds on the surface.
Garden strawberries are a common kind of strawberry cultivated worldwide and is a well-
known fruit mostly in western countries. Various usage of strawberry in addition to being
consumed fresh is:

      Strawberries can be frozen, made into preserves, as well as dried and used in such
       things as cereal bars.
      Strawberries are a popular addition to dairy products, as in strawberry flavored ice
       cream, milkshakes, smoothies and yogurts.
      Strawberries are also used to prepare pie, juice, jam etc.

Strawberry also has a high nutrition value.

      One cup (144 g) of strawberries contains approximately 45 calories and is an
       excellent source of vitamin C and K.

      Creating value to the market:

Whenever someone starts a business that will prosper only if, it creates any value to its
target market. Value to the customers:

We will try to serve them in a better way. So that customer can get 100% satisfaction.

      Augmented product (extra offer):

For marketing we are offering not only the product but also many things like free recipe
with every packet, showing cooking processes at superstores and many more. We will
continuously come up with this kind of different offers so that we can grab and hold our
potential customer.

      Distribution channel:
We are going to distribute the strawberry to the superstores and other fruit markets by our
own people. We are not involving any third party in our business for distribution. So
distribution will be heavily monitored by us.

      Quality:

At Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) we took a short course on how to
start a strawberry business and that made us able to chose best strawberry seeds and plant
it in a proper way and fertilize it in such a way that best kind of strawberry will be seen in
the plants

4. Market Analysis

Market of strawberry in Bangladesh is growing now. The stage of this strawberry
industry is growing very fast. To analyze the market we need to determine few things.
These things are

      Growth rate
      Target Market and justification
      Target market size
      Market segment
      Market Survey

   a. Growth Rate:

  Strawberry is a growing industry of Bangladesh; we analyzed the market and observed
that in 2009 the market demand for strawberry was 40 tons.

 And next year it went up to 55 tons. From these we can calculate the growth rate of
strawberry in Bangladeshi market.

Growth rate = Changes in demand from previous year/demand of last year

= (55-40) tons/40tons

= 37.75%, so the market has grown by 37.75%.

b. Target Market and Justification:

Firstly our target market will be northern part of the country. Our main target is to cover
all the outlets of super shop and Agora, shopno, Nandan and Naz garden (4**** hotel).

We have chosen Bogra as our plant because Bogra is the door of northern part of country.
From bogra to Dhaka transportation cost will be minimum and here we have available
place for expansion our business.
Our second target market is to cover some special place of Dhaka.

        Super shops (upper class and upper middle class)

ÿ        Agora(9 outlets)

ÿ       Shopno(among 41 outlets ,we will target only 10-15)

ÿ       Lavender(2 outlet)

ÿ       Nandan(4 outlets)

        Sense berry and touch&take (local super of Bogra)

        Fruit Market of Bannai and Gulshan
        Fruit market of Bogra

As par 1991 Bangladesh census, Gulshan had a population of 281,337. Many of Dhaka’s
richest reside here. 21.59% of residents are occupied with commerce while 40.92% are
service professionals. Average literacy rate of the area is 59.7% for people over the age
of 7 against the national average of 32.4%.

Most of the foreign diplomatic missions in Bangladesh area are located in Gulshan or
Baridhara Diplomatic zone.

All international brand stores like Move pick, Baskin –Robins, Coffee World, Roll
Express, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, Westin Hotels are there in Guslhan.

c. Target Market size

Strawberry growers and traders in Bangladesh are expecting Tk11 cr. in annual turnover,
as they go into its first-ever commercial cultivation in 2006.

Rajshahi University professor Dr. Manzur Hossain, who developed the fruit nearly a
decade ago, expects nearly 25 tones of output from about 8.5 acres of land in 45 districts
until April.

“The initial commercial production will meet 50 percent of the gross annual demand for
the fruit. At present, the demand for the fruit stands at 55 tons,” said Hossain, also the
general secretary of Bangladesh Strawberry Farmers Association, which monitors the
fruit’s cultivation in the country.

So the market demand for strawberry in Bangladesh is 55 tones (1 ton=1000kg, 55
tones=55,000 kg).As we are just starting, we will do the cultivation in a land of 1.2 bigha
size only. Per bigha land we can plant 5000 seeds. In other words, 1.2 bigha land has a
capacity of 6000 strawberry plant.

Each strawberry plant bears around 300 to 350 grams of fruit.

So, we can harvest 1800 kg (6000*300gm) to 2100kg (6000*350gm) of strawberries
from one bigha land in a season. By doing this we can capture 3.6% to 4.2% of the
market share.

As we are producing for the first time, we do not have any experience and it might
happen that some trees will not give fruits or fruits are not properly grown. Natural
calamity (rain, storm) can also harm some trees. So we might loss some of our fruits.

Suppose 1000 seeds/plants are unproductive. Then:

5000*300 gm = 1,500 kg

5000*350 gm = 1,750 kg

Thus we are narrowing down our target market size from 3% (1,500 kg)-3.5% (1,750), on
average 3.25% (1625kg).

X% of 50,000kg=1500

So, x = 3%

X% of 50,000 kg= 1,750 kg

So, x = 3.5%

(3.5%+3%)/2 = 3.25% (Target Market share)

3.25% of 55000 kg= 1,625 kg (Target Market Size)

d. Market Survey:

               Nandan             Swapno            Lavender         Banani local fruit
1.Daily sale   6to8 kg            1.2to4 kg         2to3kg           approximately 7 kg
2.Price        700to800 tk        700to800 tk       600to700 tk      around1000to1200 local
3.Buying price Didn’t mention     Around 500 taka 20% less than      They said their buying price
                                                  their selling      800 to 900 taka. I think it is
                                                  prince ( 450-      fake price. It would around 450
                                                  500)               taka because quality is bad
                                                                     than the super shop.
4. sources     NW(j)4, kamal      Emrul Kayes       1.Md. Atiar      Not availabale
                Ataturk                               Rahman
                Avenue,North    Supervisor &
                Avenue Gulashan manager               cultivator
                Dhaka 1212
                Tile: 9862637,                        041491
                88850049            Mob: 01974-
                                    163015            2.Murad

We conducted a survey among our main target market that is foreigners and superstores
of Dhaka city. This is a very good indication for our strawberry industry. In near future
demand of strawberry will increase significantly.

5. Industry Analysis

Commercial production of strawberry has started in the year 2006 in Bangladesh and
currently there is a demand of 55 tons of strawberry in Bangladesh. Currently local
producers are growing only 28 tons which is only half of the total demand. And the rest
half is being imported from other countries. So there is good scope available for local
producer to grab the market and supply according to the demand. Observing the market
scope many local farmers have already started and planning to start growing strawberry
at a large scale. This is good news, because if production increases than we will not have
to import strawberry in future. But there is another factor that should be taken into
consideration. If our local production rate increases like this, in future this will exceed the
industry demand growth rate. So, there will be, excess supply in the industry compare to
the demand although there is a shortage now. To get rid of this problem, we have to
increase the usage of strawberry along with fresh consumption. For this, please see our
extension plan.

From the survey of other producers of strawberry in the local market, we found their year
to year growth and by taking average we found the industry average which is 37.755%.

6. Competitor Analysis

After producing strawberry our first challenge will be the competition in the market. We
have both direct and indirect competitors in the market. There are a lot of competitors
already in the market who are producing and marketing strawberry in Bangladesh for last
few years. These are our direct competitors. Among all direct competitors existing in the
market, we have identified our main competitors and below there is a brief description
about our main direct competitors.

A.R. Enterprise:
This farm is located at kaliakawr in Gazipur. They have started strawberry farming from
the year 2004 and farming on approximately 7 bigha of land with an annual production of
around 14000 kg and daily production of around 80 kg.

Their main competitive advantages are:

       Low transportation cost, ability to supply strawberry at a faster rate as the farm is
        located close to Dhaka.
       Ability to sell at a lower price as they have achieved economics of scale.

King Sons Farm:

This farm is located in Maymenshing. They are faming strawberry from the year 2009 on
4 bigha of land. Their annual production is around 7500 kg with a daily production of
around 40 kg. In this farm 5 workers are working now under a manager. There
production cost is around Tk210 and selling price is around Tk400 for per kg of
strawberry. They supply strawberry in different super shops of Dhaka city along with
retail fruit markets. Some of their competitive advantages are:

       Low labor cost
       Comparatively competitive selling price.

Garden Fresh Strawberry:

This farm is located in Ashuliya, Dhaka. They are faming strawberry from 2009 on 1
Bigha of land. There annual production is around 2000 kg with a daily production of 13
kg.Low transportation cost as the farm is very close to Dhaka.

       Strong connection with buyers.


7. Marketing Plan

Marketing is a process by which companies create value for customers and build strong
customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return also it helps to
grow customers by delivering satisfaction. For our strawberry we will go for traditional
marketing processes as well as few innovative promotional activities will be doing by us.
Our brand will be created later on but before creating a brand image we have to let our
target people know about the features and benefits of this very famous foreign but locally
grown fruit “Strawberry”.

In Bangladesh, strawberry farming has been started for couple of years and its growing
almost every year. Fruit is always a good thing to have. But there are other farms in the
strawberry industry so our marketing plan programs should be done by keeping that in
mind. Our marketing plan consists of few steps and those steps are described elaborately

Step-1: Situation Analysis

Before entering any market we have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of that
market. Though strawberry market is new in Bangladesh still we have competitors. So
the advantages and disadvantages are:

Advantages        -   Our quality is better than the competitor.

-         Our distribution is stronger

-         Our packaging is better

    -penetration pricing strategy.

Disadvantages - Small farmers have started growing strawberries

-         Few people still think foreign strawberries are of better quality.

-         We have to grow strawberry for a particular span of time (September-March)

Rest months of the year we will be sitting idle.

Step-2: Key Planning Decision

      1. Advertising objective: Our objective for advertising will be to provide our
         customers fresh, locally grown, well-packed, tasty strawberries which are cheaper
         than imported strawberries but have the same quality and taste.
      2. Target Audience: Target audience for our advertisement will be-

-         Superstores (Swapno, Agora, Lavender, Nandan)

-         Foreigners.

-         High and middle income people of Banani, Gulshan, Baridhara area.

      1. Competitive advantage:

-We will promote our strawberries along with the numerous benefits it has, we will
promote the attributes rather than the product.

- The quality of our strawberry is better than the competitors.
- Also the packaging of our strawberry is going to be better and different than the
competitors. Present strawberry farms in Bangladesh provide their product in a plastic
packet which is not that much strong. We are introducing a new packaging for strawberry
and that is fruit-baskets and the picture is shown above. Though this packaging will cost
only 1.5 taka more than of those plastic packets but the benefits of these baskets are not
unknown to the customers. These baskets look very attractive and strong. Also these
baskets can be re-used..

   1. Product Image :

   Personality and benefits:

The personalities of Strawberry are:

      Strawberries are high in Vitamin C & K. Vitamin K is very rare, so or strawberry
       can provide people this rare vitamin very easily and we all know vitamin C can
       prevent numbers of infectious diseases.
      Research shows that if one heart patient can eat 8-10 strawberries, his blood
       pressure can significantly decrease.

There are lot more benefits of the great berry, Strawberry. We will use these personalities
and benefits to promote our product to the target market. Showing these attributes to the
customer can be one of our main and strong marketing strategies as no farm ever did this.

1: Product differentiation:

We are always trying to add value to the customer by differentiating our product from
competitor’s product in a unique way.

   2. Product Positioning

We know the development of strawberry has been done in Bangladesh. Now the stage for
the market is Introduction. We know during introduction stage Marketing programs has
to be done more.

Step-3: Tactics and the Media Strategy

The tactics of our advertisement of Strawberry are:

   1. News paper
2.    TV
3.    poster
4.    Decorated shelves in the super store.

Step-4: Creative Strategy
Creative strategy includes two things. Firstly what is the message we are trying to deliver
to our target market, it’s more like a “Specific Slogan” for our product. Secondly what is
main concern of our product that will attract our customers to frequently buy our

      The Message: the message or the slogan for our strawberry can be:

“Real Juicy & Tasty Strawberries for YOU!”

Step-5: Pricing Strategy (market penetration)

As we have stated earlier that we have done a market as well as a competitor analysis, we
analyzed that industry average price for per kg strawberry is 716.67 taka. We have found
that our cost of goods sold per kg is 123taka and we are selling at a rate of 500taka/kg.
Our selling price will be a lot less than the competitors. This pricing strategy is called
Market Penetration. We are asking for low price to grab the target market.


Packaging will be done in such a manner so that it will create value to our product. We
will first separate the strawberries according to its size, color and weight. Three kinds of
Packaging will be there.

One for the big sizes which will be delivered to super shops. One for small sizes only and
the other one will be mixed of both sizes. Packaging will be done on the basis of
customer demand (small, big and medium sizes).

Each package will contain 250 gm of strawberries. A green basket full of fresh & red
strawberries with our firm’s name and pictures will also create the brand image gradually.

Each green plastic basket will cost 2 tk and the wrapper with the name and picture printed
on it will cost 1.5 tk. So the total cost of par packaging will be a total of 3.50 tk.


Our Distribution strategy should be our competitive advantage. We will keep the
distribution channel very simple. As this is a start-up business, no distribution agents will
be used primarily as it will increase the cost.

Before harvesting, distributor will contact with the fruit shops and super-shops to know
the demand of that day (which branch of super-shops will need what amount of
strawberries).They will do it on a daily basis. As strawberry is an extremely perishable
fruit, it is necessary to deliver the fruit as soon as possible. So all contracts (how many kg
to which outlet) should be done before.. Then strawberries will be collected from the firm
in plastic crates. We will use the public transportation to take those fruit crates from the
firm to Dhaka location (where we will do the packaging).

2 people will be responsible for the packaging. Then these packets will be delivered
through the marketing people& distributor (4 people) to the destinations. We will use van
to distribute which will reduce our transportation cost.


Initially we do not need to store as we will distribute as soon as we will harvest based on
the demand. But gradually when we will expand in the upcoming years (3rd year of our
production), we will need storage system. Fruits can be stored in storage at 32 degree
Celsius up to 10 days if necessary.. For distant marketing, strawberry should be pre
cooled at 4 degree Celsius within 2 hours of harvesting and kept at the same temperature.
After pre cooling they will be shipped in refrigerated vans.

8. Management team

Ours is a partnership business. We are five people in the business.

Name of the partners:

1. Marzia Akther(Founder)

2. Unmesh Ray Himel

3. Md.Rauful Islam

4. Syed Shamsuddha

5. Saidur Rahman

9. Financial Projections

Initial investment:

Land                           67 decimal* 7178tk              800,000 tk
Van                            1*10,000 tk                     10,000 tk
Irrigation Pump                1*14000 tk                      14,000 tk
Strawberry Seeds               6000*10tk                       60,000 tk
Fencing                        70,000 tk                       70,000 tk
Legal                          9,000 tk                        9,000 tk
Insurance                       7000tk                         7000 tk
House For Labor                 200,000tk                      200,000 tk
Organic Herbicides              5000 tk                        5,000 tk
Training Expense                2 person*3000tk             6000 tk
Cash in hand for other          Labor                       90,000 tk
expenses(first months labor     cost:,15000tk*2=30,000 tk*3
salary, electricity, gas bill   months=90,000 tk
payment and other day to day
Electricity, gas and other                                     20000

Total Investment                                               1,291,500 Tk


We will buy 67 decimals or 1.2 bigha of land in Bogra,matidali village. It will cost us
800,000 tk. We will buy the land instead of taking lease like other competitors because
we have done a thorough market and industry analysis. We have found that in
Bangladesh strawberry has a potential market and in near future it will be possible to
export it in other countries of the world. So if we have our own land then we can produce
at least a fixed amount of output even if we can not go for expansion. We don’t have to
be worried about the lease period or lease renew or lease contract cancellation for which
many competitors’ business may get harm. So owning of land is a competitive advantage
of ours over the competitors.

Cash in hand & Total Initial Investment

Initial Investment is now of 1201,500 taka. We need some cash in hand to operate day to
day activity and for first three months salary, electricity, gas, water and other expenses. If
we keep cash in hand for about 90,000 tk then our initial investment end up with an an
amount of 1,291,500 tk.

Funding Source:

Each of us (5 partners) will invest 180740 tk each. For The rest of 30% taka, we will seek
for bank loan at an interest rate of 9.5%. So we are financing our business with a
combination of equity and debt financing. Equity 70% and debt 30%. As strawberry
businesses falls under small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it has the opportunity to get
a bank loan. The present government is giving many facilities for these SMEs to achieve
higher GDP growth rate. Strawberry production is in the introduction stage and earlier we
have already discussed that it has many opportunities to grow in Bangladesh. It can also
go for exporting after meeting the local demand. So growth in this sector means growth
in GDP for which banks are giving loans to promote these kinds of businesses.
5 members* 180740 tk = 903700 lakh taka

Initial investment- equity financing= 1,291,500-903,000 =387800

X% of 1,291,500=387800 lakh

So, x = 30%

We will seek for bank loan of 387800 tk (30% debt) for 3 years at an interest rate of 9.5%

In the 3rd year, when we will go for expansion, we will go for lease which is also a form
of financing. We will take lease of 2 more bigha of land at an expense of 15,000 tk per
year per bigha.

Annual Production

Year 1 = 1625 kg

Year 2 = 2000 kg

Year 3 = 3500 kg (extension of production by taking lease 1 bigha of land)

Year 4 = 4000 kg (using full capacity of 2 bigha land)

Break Even Point Analysis:

Our initial investment will be 1291,500 taka. Total fixed cost is 1,021,500 tk. Total
variable cost 230,700 taka So if we produce 1625 kg in the first year then out variable
cost par unit or par kg is 142 taka. We have set price at 500 tk par kg. If we calculate the
break even point in term of unit of out put then we get at 2853 kg, it will reach the break
even(no loss-no profit).In term of sales volume it is taka 1021499.716.This quantity or
volume of sales will be reached at 2 years 5 months. So, after 2 years 5 months, our
business will start earning profit.

Break Even analysis(volume and sales)

Fixed Cost                taka
Land                      800,000
Van                       10,000
Irrigation Pump           14,000
Fencing                   70,000
Legal Expense             9,000
Insurance                 7000
House for labor           200,000
Training Expense          6,000
Pipeline set up           4,000
Piping for water          40,000              Qb= Break Even
salaries                  30,000              quantity
water                     3,000
gas                       4,000
Total Fixed Cost          1,197000            Cost
Variable Cost                                 vc=variable cost par
seeds                     60,000              unit)kg)
sales salaries            15,000              p=price par
Electricity               9,200               unit(kg)
Packaging                 24,500
                                              S*=Break even point
Transportation            76,000
Mulching                  15,000              (sales taka)
Fertilizer                8,000               VC=Total variable cost
Digging                   5,000               S=total sales
Soil Leveling             25,000
Total variable Cost       237,700
Variable Cost par
unit(kg)                  147
                                              Risk Factors
Price per unit(kg)        500
                                              Whenever there is a business,
                                              unconditionally there will be few risks.
                                              When we started planning for farming
Qb=FC/p+vc                2869.4              strawberry, few certain risks we could
                          or 2869 kg          assume are:
S*=Fc/1-VC/S              1434700
                                                     Rotten Behavior: Strawberry is very
                                                      perishable in nature, it gets rotten
Break even at            2.445428571                  very easily, so if we cannot deliver
                         2 years 5                    them properly, they will be rotten
                         months.                      and our production will be
                                                      hampered, so this characteristic of
      strawberry is going to be a risk factor for our business.
    Taste of the fruit: Bangladesh is a country for very sweet & juicy fruits like
      Mango, Litchi, Jackfruit, etc. Bangladeshi people love sweet fruits more than sour
      tasted fruits. Though strawberry is very juicy and sweet, it has slightly sour taste,
      which Bangladeshi people may not like very much.
    Small farmers: Small farmers of Bangladesh have also started producing
      strawberries in their fields and that may significantly decrease the price of per Kg
      strawberry as they are not aware of the market..

10. Conclusion:
To outrage any present Keeping all uncertainties in to our mind, our company had
already over estimated every possible threat that should have been taken into
account. By considering every possible threat we wish to keep up quality control
to perform regular research upon our strawberry plant. In addition, our profit
margin is a perfect encouragement for future expansion. Gradually after the first
3years of our business operation we would definitely like to go for further
expansion (industrial usage of strawberry and export). Provided if things act into
our behalf we would possibly stretch our product line (strawberry juice, jam).

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