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									J ul y 2 01 0                                                             Volume 1 Issue 2

                                                                                                         Special points of

TRiO Advocate                                                                                        Save The Date!

                                                                                                     SWASAP Cookbook!
President’s Report                                                                                   Randy Scott’s Article
                             strategies and best           SWASAP has proven that
                             practices as we continue to   TRiO Works and we will                    State Pages
                             be a leader in the            continue to provide
                             advancement of the TRiO       students a pathway toward
                             community. I would like       a postsecondary education.
                             to express my sincere
                             thanks to the Board for       I’m proud to represent the               Upcoming Meetings:
                             its outstanding work and      members of SWASAP and                    SWASAP Board Meeting
                             commitment.                   look forward to seeing you               August 12-13
                                                           in the near future.
                             We have been charged
                             with a number of              Keep doing your great
                             assignments from COE          work!
          Barry Lofton       Board Chair, Deborah
                             Northcross. We will
                                                           Best Wishes,
                             certainly meet these
Dear SWASAPians,             challenges as we share the
                             common goal of assisting      Barry Lofton                                  Inside this issue:
The SWASAP Board of          students as they pursue
Directors have been very     their dreams.                                                         Talent Show News!          2
busy sharing and executing
                                                                                                   Secretary’s Update         2
2010 Annual Conference—Save the Date!                                                              SWASAP Cookbook            3
The annual                   within easy walking           be found on the                         Ron’s gumbo                4
conference for the           distance to shops             SWASAP website.
Southwest                    and galleries.                                                        Scholarship Committee      5
Association of                                             Online registration
Student Assistance           The conference will           will again be done                      UB Student Campaign        5
Programs will be             have exciting                 through c-vent and
November 7-10,               speakers and                  the site should be                      LASAP & ODSA News          6
2010                         workshops for all             ready to go soon. Be
in beautiful                 TRiO Professionals.           sure to make this                       TASSSP News                7
Albuquerque, New             Please put the date           great event. If you
Mexico.                      on your calendar and          have any questions,                     ELI News                   8
                             plan to attend. You           please call or email
We will be staying at        will be glad you did!         Deborah Evers at                        Hot Fun in the Summer...   8
the exquisite Hyatt          We will also be in            405.744.4214 or
Regency in the heart         need of excellent                         Teriki’s Trivia            9
of Albuquerque. It is        workshop
the only four                presenters, so if this        Publications and Technology Committee:
diamond hotel in             is you, please refer
downtown                     to the call for               Ron Abel, Karin Brown—Editor in Chief, Brina Ford, Teriki Hicks,
                                                           Randy Scott, James Spigner, Katrina Walley and Kris Simpson, - Chair.
Albuquerque. It is           proposals that can
                                                           If you have newsworthy items to share with your regional association,
                                                           please send them to us!
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     SWASAP Conference Talent Show for COE Fair Share & Fun
         Are you a great singer? Do     this year
         you play an instrument?        SPECTACULAR!!!
         How about the Spoken           If you have any questions
         Word? Do you have a talent     or would like to request a
         that you’d like to show off?   sign up form, please do not
                                        hesitate to contact me.
         November 8, 2010
         Hyatt Regency Hotel            Sandra Reyes-Garcia,
         Albuquerque, NM                M.A.M - Conference
                                        Talent Show Chair
         $311.00 was raised for Fair    TRiO Student Support
         Share in 2009, can we top      Services
         that?? Last Year’s show        Clovis Community
         was GREAT… Let’s make
                                        Clovis, NM 88101

                     From the Desk of the SWASAP Secretary...
                     It is with sincere mixed        amazing, determined          looking forward to
                     emotions that I write this      and inspirational            bridging the gap
                     update for the TRiO             individuals from             between the advising
                     Advocate. Effective June        students, parents, and       center and the Student
                     21, 2010, I am longer           colleagues.                  Support Services
                     employed with the ENMU                                       Program on campus.
SWASAP Secretary
                     -Portales Upward Bound          I have been honored to
  Susan Cramp        Program. The current            serve as the Treasurer for   Please note, I plan
                     SWASAP By-Laws will             two years, the President-    continue to pay
                     allow me to continue to         Elect and President of       membership in
                     serve SWASAP; however,          NMWTASAP. I have also        NMWTASAP and SWASAP
                     given the nature of my          been honored to serve        and make fair share
                     new position, I will be         as the SWASAP Regional       contributions to COE. As
                     unable to continue my           Secretary for 1.5 years.     an SSS Alumni, I know the
                     term as SWASAP                                               work, dedication and
                     Secretary. Therefore, I am      The mission and purpose      sacrifice that TRiO
                     respectfully resigning as       of Upward Bound is the       Programs and Staff
                     SWASAP Secretary. I will        heart and soul of my         make. My
                     still assist President Lofton   personal (and social         accomplishments are a
                     in preparation for the          and political) beliefs       result of the support I
                     August SWASAP Board             and I have met and           received from TRiO. I AM
                     Meeting.                        worked with some of my       TRiO and TRiO WORKS!
                                                     best friends! However, I
                      I have resigned as the         am looking forward to        Thank you for allowing
                     Director of Upward              the Director of Advising     me to serve SWASAP. I
                     Bound and have                  Position as an               am entirely grateful for
                     accepted the Director of        opportunity for              your support,
                     the Advising Center for         professional growth. I       encouragement and
                     Eastern New Mexico              love advising! I will also   camaraderie.
                     University. The last 13         be able to continue
                     years working with              working with TRiO            Yours in TRiO,
                     Upward Bound, I have            eligible students in the     Susan Cramp
                     met some of the most            advising center and am
Page 3                                                        Volume 1 Issue 2

    Are you a SWASAP Facebook friend? Check it out!


         Do you have a succulent specialty to share with your fellow

    The SWASAP Publications Committee is now requesting your finest

   Plans are in the works to create and develop a SWASAP
 Cookbook to raise funds at this year’s SWASAP Conference in
                      Albuquerque, NM!

                   Please share one of your favorite:
                            ~Side Dishes~
                          ~Special Sauces~

                And make your unique recipe famous!
Please submit all recipes, as well as suggestions and ideas, to:
         Katrina Walley at

 Our goal is to have each of the five SWASAP states submit 30
               recipes to contribute to our project!
    We have already received a couple of submissions from
    Louisiana ~ please see page 4 for a sneak peak and an
              example of what we need submitted.
This project will not be possible without the help of all dedicated
   SWASAP members! Please submit your recipes TODAY!
    Page 4                      TRiO Advocate

              Louisiana Seafood Gumbo ~ Submitted by Ron Abel
2 -3 lbs. shrimp tails with shells on (if your shrimp have heads attached, which is better for stock, use 5 lbs.)
4 - 5 gumbo crabs (if not available, use another can of crab meat)
1 tin canned crab meat (lump, white, or claw)
1 large can of diced tomatoes
2 ribs of celery
1 medium onion
1 bell pepper (I leave this out for my family because they don't like peppers)
1 cup oil
2 cups of all-purpose flour
1 1/2 gallons water
1 - 2 lbs of chopped okra (frozen works well)
2 bay leaves
1 tbs. gumbo file' (optional if you are not able to get it - it is dried, ground sassafras leaves)
1 1/2 tbs. liquid crab boil
2 tbs. salt
(Note -- you can use 3 tbs. of powdered crab boil instead of salt and liquid crab boil)

    In a 10 - 12 quart stock pot, put in water and crab boil/salt. Bring to a boil. Add defrosted shrimp and gumbo
crabs - bring the water back to a boil. Turn water off as soon as it boils again. Cover pot and let shrimp and crabs sit
for 5 minutes. Remove shrimp and crabs from the seafood stock you just made and let them cool -- do not discard
the liquid from the boil -- this is the critical element in your gumbo! Bring the stock up to a simmering boil.

     While the shrimp/crab is cooking/cooling, rough chop onion, bell pepper, and celery. In a heavy skillet (preferably
cast iron), sauté' the onion, pepper, and celery in 1 tbs. of oil. When the veggies are soft, add to the stock pot of
simmering liquid. Also, add the canned chopped tomatoes, the canned crab meat, and bay leaves. Do not clean the
skillet -- you will use it later to make your roux.

    Peel the shrimp as soon as you get the chance. Large tails can be cut into smaller pieces if you desire. Do not add
to the stock until the last minute.

      With the stock cooking away with the veggies, you will now make a roux to thicken the stock. Using the cast iron
or other heavy skillet, put in one cup of oil and one cup of all-purpose flour. Using a metal spatula, cook the roux until
it is a dark color - about the color of a dark paper bag. Darkness of roux is an individual thing. You can make it darker
for a stronger tasting gumbo. Do not let the roux burn or you will have to start over.

    When the roux is almost as dark as you want it, it is time to add the okra to the stock. Finish the roux to the
desired darkness. Then, spoonful by spoonful, add the hot roux to the hot stock. This will thicken the gumbo. Add as
much as desired. If you don't use it all, you will have a thinner gumbo. This is how some people like it.

    Finally, after the thickness is how you like it, add the shrimp and the gumbo crabs back to the pot. Sprinkle with
the gumbo file' as you serve it over rice.
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                                           TRiO Gives Back!

                     Scholarship Committee Update
                    The scholarship             board meeting in            to serve on this
                    committee is happy to       Albuquerque. After          committee and all
                    report that 105             board approval Directors    members are working
                    applications were           of the scholarship          hard to ensure a
                    received by the June        recipients will be          successful competition.
                    15th deadline. The          notified and asked to
                    applications have been      provide verification of     Respectfully,
                    sent out to all members     college enrollment for
                    of the scholarship          the Fall 2010               2010 SWASAP
                    committee for the           semester. Once              Scholarship Committee
                    reading/scoring             verification is received
                    process. The                an official letter and      Brina Ford
                    scholarship committee       check will be sent to the   Chair
                    will submit the slate to    program director for        SE Educational Talent
                    the board for approval      dispersal to the            Search
                    at the August SWASAP        student. It is an honor     Durant, OK 74701

              Upward Bound Students Launch Anti-Bullying Campaign
Several news outlets recently visited the OSU-Oklahoma City campus to witness the beginning of a
local anti-bullying movement. To combat the rise of bullying, OSU-OKC’s Upward Bound students
are “standing up for the silent.”

Every summer, students participating in the OSU-OKC Upward Bound program attend a six-week
summer session on campus. This year’s focus was an anti-bullying initiative titled “Stand for the

Upward Bound is a federally funded TRIO program that aims to assist high school students in
achieving a college education. For more information, contact Francie Moss, OSU-OKC UB Director at
(405) 945-8626 or

To see NewOK’s story, visit To see NewsOK's story, visit

To see FOX 25’s story, visit

KOCO's story:

                                               TRiO Works!
Page 6                           TRiO Advocate

    AASAP News
    Logo                             Website                         Conference

    AASAP is happy to                AASAP is proud to have          The annual AASAP
    present our new logo.            our new website up and          conference will be held
                                                                     October 10-12 in Little
                                                                     Rock at the Embassy Suites

                                     This new design gives us
                                                                                                           AASAP Annual
                                     an updated look while the                                              Conference
                                     new webmaster service                                                  Oct. 10—12
                                     allows an AASAP
                                     representative to change                                           TRIO: Working to
                                                                                                        Unlock Educational
                                     the information as
                                                                     We look forward to seeing          Potential Through
                                     needed..                                                            Shared Alliances
                                                                     you there!

                                    ODSA News
                                          With summer in full         received her Ph.D. in         organization, the greater
                                      swing, things are definitely    Clinical Psychology from      impact we’ll have in the
                                      heating up for TRiO             the University of Memphis     lives of our students. With
                                      programs across the great       and completed her             that in mind, we are
                                      state of Oklahoma. We are       psychology residency at       striving to reach even
                                      very proud to report that       the University of Texas       greater heights in the
                                      as of this writing, ODSA        Health Science Center in      coming year. Plans are in
                                      has reached 126% of our         San Antonio before            full swing for the 2010 Fall
                                      Fair Share! This is a direct    returning home to UCO         Summit, 2010-2011 ODSA
                                      result of the hard work         where she currently serves    Emerging Leaders class,
                                      and dedication of many          on the Student Counseling     TRiO Day 2011, and the
                                      passionate members of           Center staff. Dr. Reeves      2011 Spring Conference,
                                      our association. Thank you      carries on the tradition of   among many other
                                      to all who played a role in     inspiration that we’ve        important state and
                                      making this happen! The         come to expect from our       regional events. In the
                                      celebration for this year’s     TRiO Achievers as she         words of Gordon B.
                                      success won’t last long,        works tirelessly to make a    Hinckley, “You will come
                                      however, as we are              positive impact in each       to know that what
                                      already underway with           and every life she touches.   appears today to be a
                                      plans for the 2010-2011         Once again, we are            sacrifice will prove instead
                                      Fair Share campaign.            extremely proud to            to be the greatest
                                                                      recognize her on all of her   investment that you will
                                          ODSA is extremely           success.                      ever make.” On behalf of
                                      honored to recognize Dr.                                      ODSA, keep making those
                                      Tamara Reeves as our               Lastly, things are going   investments and have a
                                      2010 TRiO Achiever. Dr.         very well as we make          great summer SWASAP!
   Dr . Ta mar a R e e ve s           Reeves is a former Ronald       preparations for several
ODS A 2 01 0 TR iO Ac h ie ver        McNair Scholar and              important events in our       Loral Henck
                                      graduate of the University      organization. As we know,     ODSA President
                                      of Central Oklahoma. She        the stronger we are as an
 Page 7                                                                                              Volume 1 Issue 2

                            College Access Challenge Grants Awarded in Louisiana

                            The Louisiana Association of Student Assistance Programs (LASAP) is proud to announce that 10
                            Educational Talent Search programs in Louisiana have been awarded the College Access
                            Challenge Grant (CACG). They include: Southern University at New Orleans, COPE, Dillard,
                            University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2), Southern University at Shreveport, Southeastern
                            University (2), University of Louisiana at Monroe, and Southern University at Baton Rouge.

                            The College Access Challenge Grant program was designed to foster partnerships among
                            various governmental agencies and philanthropic organizations to increase the number of low-
                            income students who are given an opportunity to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.
                            Grants are two years and funded at $15,000 a year for services rendered.

                            We are optimistic that this grant program will continue the mission of all TRIO programs to serve
                            qualified students who want an opportunity to attend college and graduate.

                            Rhonda Robinson—LASAP President

      In the state of Texas, there is a    institute/). Known for their
 buzz about this year’s Student            innovative and unique leadership
 Leadership Conference. It will be         programming, both organizations
 held on the campus of Texas State         are also experienced in working
 University – San Marcos on August         with TRiO programs. These                         And still, there is MORE! We
 2-4, 2010. Properly titled,               organizations genuinely care about            will be piloting a ―Best Practices‖
 ―Refining the Leader Within‖, the         the future of our students and will           track for Talent Search Directors.
 conference will meet students where       strive to teach them to further               The track will be led by season
 they are in the leadership continuum      explore and cultivate the leadership          TRiO professionals. It will focus
 to further build their skills. Under      abilities they possess. There                 on TS program current and future
 the leadership of Ray Cordero,            missions speak for themselves.                program design, service delivery,
 Betsy, Haddad, and Keylan Morgan                                                        recruitment strategies, and student
 of Texas State University – San               In addition to the innovative             participation enhancement.
 Marcos TRiO Programs, this is a           programming attendees will receive,
 conference that you will NOT want         students will have the opportunity                Registration is open and spaces
 to miss.                                  to compete for over $5,000 in                 are going fast. After almost three
                                           scholarships! We would like to                weeks of open registration, we have
      The TASSSP Student                   send special thanks to Rachel                 already surpassed the 100 student
 Leadership Conference will be             Benson of the University of Texas             mark! We are indeed excited about
 facilitated by Texas State                Arlington for assuming the duty of            what this conference has in store.
 University’s own Hip Hop Congress         Scholarship Chair. We are very
 (              excited about scholarships this year             For more information about the
 HipHopCongress.html) and the              as we will award the new                      2010 TASSSP Student Leadership
 John Bend Shepperd Leadership             established Eddie Anaya Memorial              Conference, please contact Keylan
 Institute of The University of Texas      Scholarship and the Oscar G.                  Morgan at
 of the Permian Basin (http://             Hernandez Leadership Award to                 512-245-3838 or via e-mail at               very deserving students.            
    Page 8                  TRiO Advocate

    SWASAP       ELI News
 Association    The 2010 SWASAP ELI Class has been given the assignment to develop a standardized ‘fact
                book’ for each state association to use when highlighting the success’ of TRiO projects in
                their respective state. This is our first attempt at this and we need your help.
        Your    Listed below are links for each program. Please click on the link below for your program(s)
                to complete the survey:
is requested    Educational Opportunity Center Survey:
      in this   Educational Talent Search Survey:    
                Ronald E. McNair Survey:             
  important     Student Support Services Survey:     
  endeavor!     Upward Bound Survey:                 
                Upward Bound Math/Science Survey:    
       Grant    Veteran’s Upward Bound:              
                The SWASAP Board believes that collecting this data is vital to ensuring that policy and
 this may be    decision makers see the positive effects of TRiO in our communities, states, and the region.
  important     The data will be collected and compared to state and national statistics. Information needs to
  and useful    be collected as soon as possible, so that we can compile and format the data into a ‘fact
                book’ to have completed by the November 2010 SWASAP Annual Conference. Each year,
information!    we encounter criticism of and opposition to TRiO by policy makers who have not taken the
  Encourage     time to look at the information and successes of our programs. This tool will again be
                utilized to extinguish the negative perceptions of TRiO and demonstrate that we are the
                leader in college access and a vital component in getting low income and first generation
directors on    college students through the academic pipeline.
                If you have any questions regarding your survey, please contact Teriki Hicks,
 campus and
                or Jeff Kahlden, Teriki and Jeff are the ELI Co-Chairs and are leading
in your state   the class with this major project.
 to complete
                If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact SWASAP President Barry
 the surveys
                Lofton, at 405-974-3603 or
                                                              Hot Fun In the Summer Time!!!
                                                                         by Randy ―you can call me TRiO‖ Scott

 2010 SWASAP ELI Participants:              Most of us are familiar with a song by Sly & the Family Stone titled, Hot Fun In
                                            the Summer Time.
      Mary Kate Snow – AR
     Ernesto Velazquez – AR                 Colleges and schools are out for the summer. The warm weather and occasional
       Tracie Thomas – LA                   thunderstorms are in the air.
      Shanea’ Morrison - LA
       Alicia Salizar – NM                  For some people, summer is an opportunity to get ahead in one’s education in
        James Rupp – OK                     school or perhaps obtaining much needed life learning skills. You be the judge.
     Jeronda Robinson – OK
                                            Summer days are filled with family vacations and students looking for summer
       Trissi Johnson – TX
                                            jobs. And then, there are some people who have jobs, but wish they were on
                                            vacation in their happy place in their minds. (Smile) - continued on next page
Hot Fun In the Summer Time!!! —continued from page 8                                                   Volume 1 Issue 2

  As for me…it’s my time to       reading and, of course, writing   you enjoyed this summer and
  use comp or vacation time       this article.                     the summers yet to come.
  wisely. Spending these re-                                        Take time to smell the roses
  laxed summer days with my       The past month I have focused     in your life! Breathe some
  wife of 35 wonderful years      on my work and planning pro-      fresh air, get out and do
  is immeasurable! By the         jects for the upcoming school     something you enjoy. Read
  way, over the years I have      year in Education Talent          the Bible or a few good                    If you think
  found that she is much          Search.                           books. Reading or meditat-                 education is
  smarter and patient than I.                                       ing at your favorite place be              expensive, try
                                  I have made time for myself as    it the park, beach or lake, or
  The bottom line…I am for-       well. Fishing is one of my        perhaps your own backyard.                 ignorance.
  tunate God blessed me with      favorite summer past times        Bar-b-cuing with family or
  a wonderful wife. There is      and I definitely have put aside   friends sounds good to me!                 ~Author
  nothing better than us          time for that. There is some-                                                Unknown
  spending time at Sea World      thing about fishing that puts a   So keep the faith and never
  with our sons and their         smile on my face and eases my     give up! Finish what you
  wives, in addition to our six   mind. It also gives me a          started. Remember, someone
  wonderful grandchildren, for    chance to reflect on my rela-     is always watching you at
  three glorious days straight!   tionship with the Heavenly        your best!
  In addition, summer days        Father.
  allow me to spend much                                            Big Brother on the Street,
  needed time with my             No matter what your summer                                 
  mother, catching up on my       past time may involve – I hope    Randy Scott*
                                                                                                                TRiO Works!

  Teriki’s Trivia                                                                     Across
                                                                                      2. administration that created TRiO
                                                                                      3. "The War on __________"
                                                                                      5. last name of "Father of TRiO"
                                                                                      6. "Legs and ______"
                                                                                      9. ____________ Opportunity Centers
                                                                                      12. last name of SWASAP Pres-Elect
                                                                                      13. last name of SWASAP President
                                                                                      15. type of UB program
                                                                                      17. COE Newsletter

                                                                                      1. Texas' State Association
                                                                                      4. last name of SWASAP Immediate Past
                                                                                      7. Council for Opportunity in ___________
                                                                                      8. SWASAP membership fees in US dollars
                                                                                      9. funded through Dept. of ___
                                                                                      10. last name of SWASAP Treasurer
                                                                                      11. New Mexico's State Association
                                                                                      14. number of states in SWASAP region
                                                                                      16. Fair _______

                                                                                       Teriki. Subject your email: Teriki’s Trivia
                                                                                       first to email all the correct answers to
                                                                                       Advocate”! To collect your prize be the
                                                                                        See the next edition of “The TRiO
                                                                                       Trivia Answers:

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