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       Worldlink-Now Yellow Pages Announces Gracie Gralike as Representative and Model

Worldlink-Now, an online based business directory, has announced their new Representative and
Model—Gracie Gralike. Worldlink-Now is aiming to be the world's largest online yellow pages business
directory with over 2.3 million hits and counting.

In working towards their goal to become the largest of online business directories, Worldlink-Now has
teamed with Gracie Gralike to bring their services to those looking to market a company online. Gracie
Gralike was announced the Representative and Model for Worldlink-Now, and has launched a sample
business listing to show the benefits of using Worldlink-Now’s directory services. Although her
involvement with the online business directory is yet to be announced, sources say that there is much to
come in 2013 from the pairing of Gracie Gralike and Worldlink-Now.

Worldlink-Now provides a unique way of marketing a company online, as the businesses listing with them
can select six of over 4700 categories where they think potential clients are most likely to search for them.
Beyond this wide range of categories, Worldlink-Now differs from other business directories by allowing
listings to combine several categories into one.

Worldlink-Now offers the ability to roll several categories into one so that multi-faceted brands or
companies can properly market themselves online. This is one of the main factors that influenced Gracie
Gralike to take on the role of their Representative and Model, as she herself is versatile. As an award-
winning and published artist that also works as a model and studies advertising, Gralike understands the
importance of combining several talents into one category, like the businesses that list on Worldlink-Now
are able to do. As their Representative and Model, Gralike looks forward to helping Worldlink-Now
expand and help even more companies market themselves online.

Worldlink-Now hopes to kick off the New Year by working with Gracie Gralike to achieve their goal—to
become the largest online business directory by providing high quality listings and a unique categorization
system to those looking to market their company. To stay updated on how Gracie Gralike’s
Representative and Model will affect the online business directory, or to list a business or company on
Worldlink-Now, visit today.

About Worldlink-Now Yellow Pages

Worldlink-Now Yellow Pages was established on December 1, 2011. We are bringing businesses together from
around the world for the services that they provide. We are based in the USA and aim to be your yellow pages in
every country, not just the USA. Our listings classify us as your local, national, and international world business
directory, including B2C and B2B advertising and marketing. For a national business listing, you are listed by
category instead of based on the city and state of your address. If you have a website without a local address, then
the national listing is also right for you. Worldlink-Now has a trademark in development, among many other ideas
dependant on number or business listings acquired, that are unique in the world among the yellow pages or
business directories. The ideas are designed to help promote every business listed on the website around the

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