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					Dear Client/ nordtomme

I'm writer for blog’s , web sites , data entry , Translator , MS Word typing , excel data entry and
researcher too

" I don't have any experience with but i can work with it "

My Basic Skills is :

1- Ease of writing on the computer.

2- Basically I am a researcher on the Internet.

3- Speedily typing 30 - 50 WPM.

4- An excel good data entry & editing.

5- skill to deal with all forms of information media.

6- Fluent in an American English Language.

7- Have the technique to deal with Web pages and search

8- Work under Deadlines Or Pressure.
I can work it for $3/hr , you will receive the complete work within 2 working days , Followed by
reports on what has been accomplished.

Work will also been introduced in the requirements.

you should hire me for this project and you will see my dealings good if you accept this offer

Implementation is not difficult . its very doable . straightforward and Compatible with the
possibilities of my experience . Let's not waste any time.

I would be very pleased to work with you sir , We will deal for a long time if you want.

warm regards,

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