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									Dir Sir/

I'm writer for bloggs , web sites , data entry , Translator , MS Word typing , excel data entry and
researcher too

My Basic Skills is :

1- Ease of writing on the computer.

2- Basically I am a researcher on the Internet.

3- Speedily typing 30 - 50 WPM.

4- An excel good data entry & editing.

5- skill to deal with all forms of information media.

6- Work under Deadlines Or Pressure.

I can work it for $50 per 10 articles , you will receive the complete work within 1 working day ,
Followed by reports on what has been accomplished.
in case of long-term price will be reduced more than that and you will see my dealings good if you
accept this offer.

I do the same job before , Implementation is not difficult . its very doable .straightforward and
Compatible with the possibilities of my experience . Let's not waste any time.

I would be very pleased to work with you , We will deal for a long time if you want.


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