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									Where Can You Cut Extra Calories?

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service

Little Extras Add UP!

Those Melt-able Calories
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Regular butter and margarine has 112 calories per tablespoon Use reduced fat tub or liquid margarine Fat free alternatives – jelly, jam or apple butter

Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing
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100 calories and 10 grams of fat per tablespoon Use less or a reduced fat version Mix half and half with plain yogurt Stretch with vinegar or mustard Eliminate entirely

Cut the sugary drinks
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140 calories per 12 oz. can Substitute diet drinks or water with lemon Use less sugar in tea or substitute artificial sweetener – possible 773 calories saved

Use low fat or non-fat dairy products
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Shred reduced fat cheese Use reduced fat or nonfat milk Substitute non-fat or reduced fat cream cheese, sour cream or cottage cheese

Handling Desserts and Fried Food
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Have for special occasions Keep out of the house Enjoy in moderation and don’t feel guilty when you do eat

Take Away Message
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Eat less of high fat foods Substitute reduced fat or non-fat items Try sugar substitutes if desired Keep the temptations out of sight but when you eat them enjoy them in moderation

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