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					Ride the Light Rail to the...                            Welcome to the 7th Annual Statewide APDA
           7 ANNUAL                                      Conference. Break out your Hawaiian shirts
                                                         and shorts, and join the professionals from
                                                         across Arizona who will gather at the beautiful
   ARIZONA PUBLIC                                        Tempe Mission Palms for this program unlike
                                                         any other in the country. See you there!
    ASSOCIATION                                                CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

    CONFERENCE                                             Pre-Conference
                                                           Wednesday, June 17, 8:45 a.m. – 12:00 noon
                      at the
                                                           Wednesday, June 17, 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                                           Thursday, June 18, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                                           Friday, June 19, 9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

   Tempe Mission Palms Resort                              Friday, June 19, 1:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
     & Conference Center
     60 East Fifth Street, Tempe, 85281                                 CLE INFORMATION
               480-894-1400                                Up to 18 Hours of Continuing Legal Education credit,
                                                           including up to 14.75 Hours CLE – Ethics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The “Mill Avenue” light rail station is just northwest
of the Mission Palms, across Mill Avenue.                    Rooms also available, just down the street,
                                                             at the
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A limited number of rooms are available at $84 per
night plus tax and hospitality fee ($10.95)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                          Courtyard Tempe Downtown
                                                               601 South Ash Avenue (at Fifth Street)
                                                                         Tempe, AZ 85281
                                                                   480-966-2800, 1-800-321-2211
      Conference Registration
                                                           Ask for the AZ Public Defender’s discounted rate of
      Deadline May 27, 2009                                $84 per night. See Conference Information Page (last
        Register Early - Space is Limited                  page) for “group codes” to book your room on-line.
    Conference Spotlight                                    FEATURED PRESENTATIONS

                                     APDA proudly         Ethics at the Movies
                                     presents, as a
                                  Special CLE Event       Protecting your Personal Information and Client
                                   for Wednesday’s        Case Data
                                    opening plenary
                                        session,          Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component
                                          The             Method of Criminal Defense Investigation
                                  Investigations of
                                    Dr. Henry Lee.        A Closer Look at Dr. Henry Lee’s Investigations

                                                          The Anthrax Letters and the Forensic
                                                          Investigation of American Scientists
Dr. Henry Lee is one of the world’s leading forensic
investigators. Over the past 40 years, he has             Burn Evidence in Child Abuse Cases
authored or co-authored 30 books and assisted in
the investigation of over 6,000 cases including war
crimes in Bosnia and Croatia. He has worked on            Thursday
most of the high-profile forensic investigations of
                                                          Supervision that Reduces Crime and
the last quarter-century including Laci Peterson,
                                                          Recidivism, Evidence Based Practices, and
O.J. Simpson, Jon Benet Ramsey, President Bill            Reducing Revocations to Jail and Prison
Clinton / Monica Lewinsky, the Vincent Foster
suicide, Elizabeth Smart, as well as the re-              Police Procedures and the Use of Force: The
investigations of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping,          Problems
the Sam Sheppard case, and the JFK
assassination. Join us at the start of the conference     This is Your Brain on Meth
on Wednesday afternoon for a glimpse into the
fascinating world of forensics as seen through the        The National Academy of Science Report, the
eyes of Dr. Henry Lee.                                    Courts, and the Forensic Sciences

▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓                          Invisible Wounds: Recovering from the Effects
                                                          of Combat
.                                                         Forensic Audio & Video Evidence Analysis and

                                                          An Insider’s Perspective on Re-Entry

                                                          Arizona v. Gant: My Journey to the United
                                                          States Supreme Court

                                                          Autoerotism Death Investigations
        Darryl Hunt & Mark Rabil
                                                          A Perspective from Inside the Jail
They’re back after last year’s captivating movie
presentation of The Trials of Darryl Hunt. Darryl will    Padilla v. Kentucky: Advising Non-Citizen on
be presenting a course (#54) on the difficult             Deportation Consequences
transition faced by those looking to regain a
productive life following incarceration. Darryl is also   Friday
going to have a table set up to sell his DVD for $20.
All proceeds from sales will go to those who turn to      How Client Relations and Communications
“The Darryl Hunt Project” for help in re-entering         Have Changed Due to Technology
society. Stop by and say “hi.”
                                                          Forensic Blood Stain Pattern Analysis

                                                          Eye-Witness Identification: Memory, Field ID
                                                          Procedures, and Actual Cases
    ~        ~~ ~           ~~~
    Those sensitive to air conditioning may wish to       How to Create a Balance between Your
    bring an additional layer(s) to keep warm.            Personal and Professional Lives
══════════════════                                      ***********************************************************
On Wednesday night, join us as we…                      After classes on Thursday, walk over to

        “LIGHT RAIL
        NIGHT AWAY”

                                                        Gordon Biersch, on the northwest corner
                                                            of Mill Avenue and Fifth Street

                                                                                  ...for an encore
                                                                                  performance by
                                                                                  The Gotes
APDA will be selling all-day passes ($2.50) for
you to ride the Valley’s new light rail system. The
train picks up and drops off behind the Mission         Head over for Happy Hour and stick around until
Palms across Mill Avenue. Grab a Light Rail             6:30 p.m. and party to the music of     The Gotes,
Destination Guide at the Conference Central table       Pima County’s rockin’ Public Defender band.
and jump on the train after your last class.
There are dozens of restaurants, night clubs,
sights, and shopping venues within a short
walking distance of the train stations including:
                                                             Environmentally Friendly Values
Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill at Chase Field,
                                                                          APDA is always looking for ways to
Majerle’s Sports Grill, Stoudemire’s,
                                                                          make our conference more
The Old Spaghetti Factory, Hanny’s,
                                                                          environmentally friendly. This year
Seamus McCaffrey’s Irish Pub, Durant’s,
                                                                          we are focusing on reusable
Sonoma’s, George and Dragon Restaurant,
                                                                          resources and are taking aim at
and Alice Cooper's Town
                                                                          eliminating the thousands of paper
                                                                          and plastic containers
For a complete list, go to:
                                                                          used for beverages.
                                                                          To further this goal,
                                                                          APDA will be selling
                                                      travel mugs for use at the conference
The last train of the night leaves the NW Phoenix
                                                      and throughout the year. They can be
station at 11:00 pm and arrives back at the
                                                      used for cold or hot beverages. They retail for $16.95
Mission Palms at 11:45 pm.
                                                      but we’re selling them for $5. There’s a cold
═════════════════                                     beverage tumbler for $5 as well. APDA
                                                                    will also be selling an extra-
                                                                    large multi-purpose tote bag
                                                                    perfect for commuting to
                                                                    work, the grocery store, or
                                                                    the beach. The slate-blue
        CONFERENCE PARKING                                          bag ($20 retail) will sell for $5. The pens
Parking is available around the perimeter of the      we bought for this year are also in line with our goal of
hotel and in the four-story, red-brick Public         minimizing waste. They are brand new, but were
Parking Garage (117 East Fifth Street) 200’ east      otherwise destined for the dump as they have
of, and across the street from, the front entrance    misspellings or cosmetic blemishes. Make sure you
of the Mission Palms. Bring your parking stub to      stop by to pick up and befriend an unwanted pen from
the Conference Central table for validation.          the Pen Pound at the registration tables.
                                                         5. FILL IN COURSE SELECTIONS BELOW:
REGISTRATION (Please complete sections 1-5)
                                                         ►►Wednesday, June 17, Pre-Conference

                                                             8:45-10:15 PCC Courses 1 - 10             #_____
1. INFORMATION:                                              10:30-12:00 PCC Courses 11 - 20           #_____

                                                         ►►Wednesday, June 17, Conference
Office:________________________________Bar # ________
                                                             1:30          Welcome
                                                             1:45-3:15     ”Dr. Henry Lee”             #__1__
                                                             3:30-5:00     Courses 2 - 18              #_____
                                                             5:00          Light Rail the Night Away
City,State,Zip: ______________________________________

Phone #:_____________E-mail:_______________________
______________________________________________           ►►Thursday, June 18, Conference
                                                             9:00-10:30    Courses 19 - 36           #_____
2. REGISTRATION FEES:                                        10:45-12:00   Courses 37 - 51           #_____
                                                             12:00-1:15    Awards Luncheon
A. Pre-Conference Registration 3 hrs. CLE                    1:15-1:30     Course 52                 #_____
   (in addition to Conference registration fee)              1:45-3:15     Courses 53 - 69           #_____
         PD Employees                         $20 ___        3:30-5:00     Courses 70 - 86           #_____
         Everyone Else                        $30 ___        5:00          Social Hour at Gordon Biersch
                                                             6:30          The Gotes at Gordon Biersch
B. Conference Registration 3 days/12 hrs CLE
   PD Employees                        $130___
   or: Wed $30__ Thurs $70__ Fri $30__
                                                         ►► Friday, June 19, Conference

   Contract Attorneys / Non-Attys       $195___              9:00-10:30 Courses 87 - 99                #_____
   or: Wed $45__ Thurs $105__ Fri $45__                      10:45-12:15 Courses 100 - 112             #_____
                                                             12:15 p.m. Adjourn
   Private Attorneys                    $295___
   or: Wed $75__ Thurs $145__ Fri $75__                  ►► Friday, June 19, Post-Conference
C. Post-Conference Registration 3 hrs. CLE                   1:30-3:00 POC Course 1 - 2                #____
   (in addition to Conference registration fee)              3:15-4:45 POC Course 3                    #____
         Everyone                             $20 ___
_____________________________________________            No obligation survey: Are you interested in
                                                         purchasing ($2.50) an all-day light rail pass?
3. ATTENDING AWARDS LUNCHEON? (Thurs)                     _____ yes _____ no
PD Employees/Faculty (free)           yes ___ no ___
All Others ($30)                      yes ___ no ___
  ___ (please check if vegetarian meal requested)          Please send your payment to:
_____________________________________                      APDA, c/o Max Bessler
                                                           Office of the Legal Defender – Maricopa County
4. PAYMENT (check payable to APDA):                        222 North Central Avenue, Suite 8100
                                                           Phoenix, AZ 85004
Pre-Conference Registration                 $______
                                                           Registration questions? Call Max at 602-506-8802
Conference Registration                     $______
Post-Conference Registration ($20)          $______
Thursday Awards Luncheon ($30)              $______
                                                           > Bring a copy of this completed form with you to the
                                                           conference as a reminder of the courses you selected
Late Fee (additional)
                                                           > Late registrations without the late fee will be
  $50 - postmarked May 28 - June 10         $______
  $100 - After June 10, walk-in             $______
                                                           > Incomplete registration and course selection forms
                                                           will not be accepted. APDA reserves the right to
                                                           limit registrations
TOTAL…………… … … … ……… $_______                              > All listed course times are approximate. Some
                                                           courses may be cancelled, and there may be changes
                                                           in course availability and/or faculty based upon
                                                           registration results
                                                                  7TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                              -- PRE-CONFERENCE COURSES --
                                Write selected course #s on Registration page.

Course #     WEDNESDAY JUNE 17, 2009, 8:45– 10:15                                     Speakers

PCC - 1      FEATURED PROGRAM: Ethics at the Movies - Part I (ETHICS)                 Larry Cohen
             FEATURED PROGRAM: Protecting your Personal Information and Client
PCC - 2                                                                               Chuck Brokschmidt
             Case Data: Cyber-Security Awareness for Work and Home

PCC - 3      The Personality Behind the Pen: Forensic Handwriting Analysis            Treyce d’Gabriel
PCC - 4      Sex Crimes 101, Part I: For Attorneys New to Sex Crimes Litigation       Kirk Nurmi, Jerald Schreck

             New Certification as Child Welfare Law Specialist & New Standards for
PCC - 5                                                                               Bill Owsley
             Children's Attorneys and GAL’s.
                                                                                      Lisa Christianson, Herman Joseph,
PCC - 6      Mitigation Practices In Capital Cases                                    Anna Gadberry, Heather Susoreny,
                                                                                      Linda Thomas
PCC - 7      Brain Injury and Your Client                                             Ann Tarpy

PCC - 8      Mental Health: Guilty Except Insane                                      Jennifer Rock, Leo Masursky
                                                                                      Michael Grommes,
PCC - 9      The Forensic Aspects of Blood Testing in DUI Cases
                                                                                      Chester Flaxmayer
PCC - 10     Intro to DNA                                                             Tim Agan, Tom Glow

Course #     WEDNESDAY JUNE 17, 2009, 10:30 – 12:00                                   Speakers

PCC - 11     FEATURED PROGRAM: Ethics at the Movies - Part II (ETHICS)                Larry Cohen
             FEATURED PROGRAM: Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component
PCC - 12                                                                              Brandon Perron
             Method of Criminal Defense Investigation
PCC - 13     Sex Crimes 101, Part II: For Attorneys New to Sex Crimes Litigation      Kirk Nurmi, Jerald Schreck

PCC - 14     Expert Mental Health Testimony: Boon or Boondoggle?                      Dr. John DiBacco

PCC - 15     Corpus/Rule 20 Issues and Motions                                        Tyler Harrison, Susan Corey

PCC - 16     Mexican Nationals Facing the Death Penalty                               Michael Terribile, Christopher Dupont

PCC - 17     Cross Examination of Motive, Bias, and Prejudice                         Jennifer Willmott, Russ Born

PCC - 18     Stress Reduction through Meditation (non-CLE)                            Ted Czukor

PCC - 19     The Computer Hard Drive and the Discovery Process                        Lonnie Dworkin

             The Growing Problem of Mental Health Treatment for Veterans:
PCC - 20                                                                              Jennifer Patrick
             New Challenges and Unmet Needs

          WEDNESDAY LUNCH BUFFET will be available at the Mission Palms Grill for $14.95, including a
          beverage, payable at the restaurant. Other salad and sandwich options are in the $9 - $12 range.
          This on-site option is ideal for everyone arriving early, especially those attending the Pre-Conference
          classes. Please remember that the Wednesday afternoon session with Dr. Henry Lee will start
          promptly at 1:30 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom.
                                                      SEVENTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                                   CONFERENCE COURSES
 All courses are general registration and are open to everyone. Please select courses you are interested in
      regardless of your area of practice, level of experience, or job description. You will find limited course
         designations (e.g. SS - Support Staff, PAR/MIT - Paralegal/Mitigation) throughout the schedule.

NOTE: Courses without “capital” in the course title may still qualify as relevant Capital Defense training
pursuant to Rule 6.8 depending upon the issues and facts in your cases.

                          .Write selected course #s on Registration page.

Course #   WEDNESDAY JUNE 17, 2009, 1:45-3:15                                     Speakers
   1       “The Investigations of Dr. Henry Lee”                                  Dr. Henry Lee

Course #   WEDNESDAY JUNE 17, 2009, 3:30 – 5:00                                   Speakers
           FEATURED PROGRAM: A Closer Look at Dr. Henry Lee’s
   2                                                                              Dr. Henry Lee
           FEATURED PROGRAM: The Anthrax Letters and the Forensic
   3                                                                              Dr. Paul Keim
           Investigation of American Scientists

   4       FEATURED PROGRAM: Burn Evidence in Child Abuse Cases                   Dr. Mark Matthews
           When the Cop at the Press Conference says the 8-year-old Shot His
                                                                                  Ron Wood, Benjamin Brewer,
   5       Father: The Ethics of Defending Youth in a Media-Focused Case
                                                                                  Mara Siegel
           A Discussion of Recent Patient-Oriented Case Law: “Is it Just Me, or
   6       Do I Pretty Much Act the Same Way as My Clients Who Are Ordered into   Edie Lucero, Kathryn Petroff
           Involuntary Treatment?” (MH)
                                                                                  Jill Evans, Emily Daines,
   7       Effective Appellate and Rule 32 Advocacy
                                                                                  Chuck Krull
           Brady v. Maryland for Impeachment and Credibility Attacks on
   8                                                                              Johnny Gutherie
           Police Officers

   9       Terry Stops                                                            Lori Lefferts

   10      Capital Case Law Update                                                Jennifer Garcia

   11      Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder                                        Judge Linda Chezem

   12      Teach Your Children Well: the Criminal Justice System and You (SS)     Jennifer Willmott, Russ Born

   13      DUI Pre-trial Motions                                                  Stephen Barnard
           The Time is Now: Learn How to Use of PowerPoint in the Courtroom
   14                                                                             Joseph St Louis
           (bring your laptop to class) (ETHICS – Technology)

   15      Nuts & Bolts of Basic Immigration Issues                               Margarita Silva

   16      New Lawyer Do’s and Don’ts (ETHICS)                                    Vanessa Smith, Jennifer Rock

           Preparing your Client for Psycho-sexual Evaluations and/or Risk
   17                                                                             Kristi Riggins, Mary Beth Mitchell

                                                                                  John Taradash, Alicia Dominguez,
                                                                                  Peter Rosales, Darlene O’Brien,
   18      The Science of Eyewitness Identification
                                                                                  Stephanie Conlon, Jeff Kirchler,
                                                                                  Kathy Pezdek, Ph.D.
Course #   THURSDAY JUNE 18, 2009, 9:00 – 10:30                                     Speakers
           FEATURED PROGRAM: Supervision that Reduces Crime and
  19       Recidivism, Evidence Based Practices, and Reducing Revocations           Hon. Ron Reinstein, Kathy Waters
           to Jail and Prison
           FEATURED PROGRAM: Police Procedures and the Use of Force:
  20                                                                                Tim Williams
           The Problems
  21       FEATURED PROGRAM: This is Your Brain on Meth                             Dr. Jim Stoehr

  22       Crime Scene Reconstruction: Analyzing What Really Happened               Lawrence Renner
           The Defense Theme in Murder Cases
  23                                                                                Rick Lougee, Dan Cooper
           (and how it relates to the defense of all cases)
  24       Sex Offenders and Polygraphs                                             Peter Whitney, Doug Passon

  25       Grand Jury / Remand Issues                                               David Kephart, Vanessa Smith

  26       Racial Disparity Claims in Capital Cases                                 Mark Rabil

  27       How to Avoid a Bar Complaint (ETHICS)                                    Karen Clark
                                                                                    Maria Dodge, Tom Garrison,
  28       Defending Your Client in a Technological World
                                                                                    David Lieb
  29       Plea Negotiations and Immigration Consequences                           Margo Cowan, Kara Hartzler

  30       Public Record Requests on Police Departments and Other Agencies          Michael Bloom, Robert Kavanagh

  31       Search and Seizure Case Law Update                                       Kristen Curry, Natalee Segal

  32       Voir Dire: A Practical and Helpful Rating Method                         Carissa Jakobe
           Assessment of Response Styles in Psych Testing –
  33                                                                                Dr. Janet Perry
           From Truth to Malingering
  34       Forensic Issues in Physical Child Abuse                                  Dr. Daniel Brown

  35       Restoration to Competency Case Processing Overview (MIT/PAR)             Erin Cohen

  36       Stress Reduction for Support Staff                                       Cynthia Bowkley

Course #   THURSDAY JUNE 18, 2009, 10:45 – 12:00                                    Speakers
           FEATURED PROGRAM: The NAS Report, the Courts, and
  37                                                                                Michael Saks
           the Forensic Sciences
           FEATURED PROGRAM: Invisible Wounds: Recovering from the Effects
  38                                                                                Cynthia Boyd
           of Combat
           FEATURED PROGRAM: Forensic Audio & Video Evidence Analysis &
  39                                                                                Michael Jones
  40       Jury instruction Update 2009                                             Terry Bublik, Brent Graham
  41       Forensic Science and the Criminal Justice System for Support Staff       Dr. Daniel Brown

  42       Nuts & Bolts of Conducting Pre-Trial Interviews                          Morton Rivkind, Michelle Mullinax

  43       Recent Updates in Dependency Law                                         Joe Shanahan, Jason Van Doren

  44       The Unique Issues in Representing Native American Juveniles              Ian Pettycrew

  45       Appeals of Sex Crimes                                                    Tennie Martin
  46       The Effect of DUI Convictions on Professionals & Professional Licenses   Kathleen Carey, Joe Saienni

  47       Border Patrol Stops Away From the Border                                 Dan Terrell, Margo Cowan
                                                                                    Michael Politi, Emily Hart,
  48       Survival Skills for New Defenders (ETHICS)
                                                                                    Matthew Marner
                                                                                    Daniella De La Torre,
  49       Justification and Self-Defense
                                                                                    Christopher Dupont
           Trauma and its Impact on Development: Focusing on Recognizing and
  50                                                                                Judith Becker, Ph.D.
           Assessing its Symptoms
  51       Ninja Rule 11: It’s Your Sword and Your Shield                           Vikki Liles
                               Annual Awards Luncheon
                              12:00 – 1:15 Grand Ballroom

Course #   THURSDAY JUNE 18, 2009, 1:15 – 1:30                                      Speakers

  52       The Issues We Face                                                       TBD

Course #   THURSDAY JUNE 18, 2009, 1:45 – 3:15                                      Speakers

           FEATURED PROGRAM: The National Academy of Science (NAS)
  53                                                                                Carol Henderson
           Report on Forensics

           FEATURED PROGRAM: Arizona v. Gant: My Journey to the United
  54                                                                                Thomas Jacobs, Robert McWhirter
           States Supreme Court

                                                                                    Darryl Hunt,
  55       FEATURED PROGRAM: Re-entry from an Insider’s Perspective
                                                                                    Pamela Peoples-Joyner

  56       Advanced Immigration Issues in Criminal Cases                            Kara Hartzler

  57       Effective Communications Skills for Support Staff                        Laura Lou Ridgeway

  58       Computer Forensics and Evidence                                          Phil Alexander

  59       Accessing Public Behavioral Health Services for Your Client              Dr. Sara Saleck

  60       Youthful Sex Offenders: Why They are Not Pedophiles                      Dr. Judith Becker

           An Exciting Guide to Human Behavior: In the Courtroom, At Work and
  61                                                                                Armand Casanova, Celeste Cogley
           At Home – REAL COLORS, Part I (SS)

  62       Representing Veterans: Understanding PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury     Cynthia Boyd Ph.D.

  63       Bad Blood: From the Vein to the Lab in DUI Cases                         James Nesci

  64       SMI: Police Crisis Intervention Training and Training First Responders   Linda C. Smith, Tom Gussie

  65       Sex Trials: Can You Love Your Kids Too Much?                             Walter Palser

           What Your Colleagues, Judges, and Clients See in You
  66                                                                                Cynthia Bowkley
           That You Might Not (ETHICS)

  67       Restitution Issues in Juvenile and Adult Cases                           Melissa Puett, Elisa Donnadieu

  68       The Moment of Truth: Facts and Myths about Polygraphs                    Laura Perry, Joe Perry

                                                                                    Ed Hall, Cathy Whalen,
  69       Rule 11 Basics
                                                                                    Dr. John Walker
Course #   THURSDAY JUNE 18, 2009, 3:30 – 5:00                                      Speakers

  70       FEATURED PROGRAM: Autoerotism -- Death Investigations                    Paul Carroll

           FEATURED PROGRAM: A Perspective from Inside the Jail: Who Are
                                                                                    Michael White, Ph.D., Billy Little,
  71       the People Being Arrested? What are their Issues and What Can Be
                                                                                    David Choate
           Done to Help Them?
           FEATURED PROGRAM: Padilla v. Kentucky: Advising Non-Citizens on
  72                                                                                Dr. G. Jack Chin
           Deportation Consequences

                                                                                    Dr. Patricia Johnson
  73       Mitigation Issues: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder
                                                                                    Dr. John Toma

           An Exciting Guide to Human Behavior: In the Courtroom, At Work and At
  74                                                                                Armand Casanova, Celeste Cogley
           Home – REAL COLORS Part II (SS)

  75       The Science Behind Forensics                                             Mark Tallan, Kim Stout, Tim Agan

           Best for Babies; How to Effectively Advocate for Young Children in the
  76                                                                                Jennifer Jordan, Becky Ruffner
           Child Welfare System

  77       The Truth about Juvenile Voluntary Confessions                           Dr. John Hollebeck

  78       Mere Presence: Drug Courier Profiles                                     Kyle Ipson

  79       Nuts & Bolts of Making a Record for Appeal                               Tennie Martin, Kerri Chamberlin

  80       Gathering Mitigation for Mexican Nationals and IQ Testing                Francisco C. Gómez, Jr., Ph.D.

  81       Objections                                                               Bret Huggins, Peter Rosales

                                                                                    Therese Wagner, Rania Khoury,
  82       Sex Offender Probation Across Arizona
                                                                                    Erin Cacciatore

  83       Understanding and Responding to Bar Complaints (ETHICS)                  Karen Clark
                                                                                    John Taradash, Alicia Dominguez,
  84       Preparing and Litigating The Eyewitness ID Case                          Peter Rosales, Jeff Kirchler,
                                                                                    Stephanie Conlon
                                                                                    Matt Green, Henry Jacobs,
  85       Phlebotomy Challenges in DUI Cases
                                                                                    Jim Charnesky

  86       4 Strategies To Increase Productivity and Eliminate Clutter              Renée Belisle

Course #   FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009, 9:00 – 10:30                                       Speakers
                                                                                    Lonnie Dworkin, James Leonard,
           FEATURED PROGRAM: How Client Relations and Communications                Slade Lawson, Mark Nermyr,
  87                                                                                Dave Fuller, Scott Halverson,
           Have Changed Due to Technology (ETHICS)
                                                                                    Matt Schwartzstein

  88       FEATURED PROGRAM: Forensic Blood Stain Pattern Analysis                  Lawrence Renner

  89       Research with WESTLAW (ETHICS)                                           Gretchen Carlson

           Civil Actions That Affect Your Mentally Ill Client: Guardianships,
  90                                                                                Nora Greer
           Power of Attorney, and Conservatorships
                                                                                    Dan Lowrance, Michael Terribile,
  91       State Bar Professionalism Course (8:30 am - 12:45 pm)
                                                                                    Robert Hubbard
  92       Effectively Dealing with Change for Support Staff, Part I                Janay Church
     93      Substance Exposed Newborns                                        Dr. Susan Stevens

                                                                               Lisa Perez, Amy Thomas,
     94      Information Security and the Destruction of Documents
                                                                               Lisa Maxwell

     95      Murder Dismissed: A Vehicular Case Study in Teamwork              Jay Brown, Armand Casanova

             The Ethics of Assisted Suicide:                                   Dale Baich, Treasure VanDreumel,
     96                                                                        Bob Storrs
             Representing the Capital Client Who Wants to Die (ETHICS)

     97      Rocket-Docket Redux: Fast-Track Ethics Revisited (ETHICS)         James O'Haver

     98      Defending Against Mandatory Pre-Adjudication DNA Submissions      Julie Levitt-Guren

     99      MVD Policies, Practices, and Records                              Richard Schweinsburg

 Course #    FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009, 10:45 – 12:15                               Speakers
             FEATURED PROGRAM: Eye-witness Identification: Memory,
    100                                                                        Paul Carroll
             Field ID Procedures, Actual Cases
             FEATURED PROGRAM: How to Create a Balance Between Your
    101                                                                        Alisa Gray, Jim Fassold
             Personal and Professional Lives (ETHICS)
                                                                               Dan Lowrance, Michael Terribile,
    102      State Bar Professionalism Course (ends at 12:45)
                                                                               Robert Hubbard
    103      Crawford Issues in Domestic Violence Cases and Business Records   John Tatz, Joy Bertrand

    104      Education Law and Issues with a Child Welfare Focus               Terry Martin
                                                                               Jeff Van Norman, Candace Kent,
    105      Going Out on Your Own
                                                                               Michael Ryan, Kristen Curry

    106      Arizona State Retirement System                                   Frances Dyer
                                                                               Judy Huddleston, David Lieb,
    107      Juvenile Ethics (ETHICS)
                                                                               Ian Pettycrew, Suzanne Sanchez

    108      Death Penalty Ethics: Perspectives from the Trenches (ETHICS)     Panel
                                                                               Susan Kettlewell, Dan DeRienzo,
    109      The Ethical Issues Facing Public Defenders (ETHICS)
                                                                               Craig Williams
    110      Effectively Dealing with Change for Support Staff, Part II        Janay Church

    111      Ignition Interlocks                                               Michael Roth, Rodney Thomas
                                                                               Garrett Simpson, Frances Gray,
    112      Litigation on Title 13 / Title 36 Overlap Issues                  Fredrica Strumpf

                            -- POST-CONFERENCE COURSES --
                                 Write selected course #s on Registration page.
  #       FRIDAY JUNE 19, 2009, 1:30 – 4:45                                     Speakers

POC - 1   DOC Time Comp (1:30 - 3:00)                                           Cynthia Aydlett, Stephen Morris

POC - 2   Ethics (1:30 - 3:00)                                                  Donna Elm

POC - 3   Mitigation at the Movies (3:15 - 4:45)                                Doug Passon
                                                     7TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE INFORMATION
ATTIRE Very casual. It will be 115 degrees outside with sub-artic A/C temperatures inside. Dress

LOCATION Tempe Mission Palms Hotel & Conference Center, 60 East Fifth Street, Tempe, AZ, 85281,
480-894-1400, (located one-half block east of Mill Avenue).

REGISTRATION Opens 7:30 a.m. each day.

CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST Opens in the courtyard at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday for those registering for
Pre-Conference classes, and at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday and Friday.

BREAK STATIONS The two Break Stations in the courtyard will be open from 1:15 - 5:00 p.m. on
Wednesday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, and 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon on Friday. They also will be
open on Wednesday morning for those registered to attend the Pre-Conference courses. The Break
Stations will be closed during the lunch hour each day, and at various times throughout the conference for
cleaning and restocking. It’s likely that lines will get backed-up during breaks. Remember that the Break
Stations are open most of the day -- not just at designated break times.

language interpretation, and assistive listening devices are available upon 72-hours’ advance notice, by
calling the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office’s ADA Coordinator at 602-506-7711, x38203.

AWARDS LUNCHEON Noon until 1:15 p.m. on Thursday, June 18. The cost of the lunch is included in
the registration fee for Public Defender office employees and all faculty members -- $30 for all others.
Vegetarian meal requests must be noted on the registration form.

PARKING Please carpool and arrive early to park in close proximity to the conference. Free valet
parking is available at 1) the front entrance of the Mission Palms, which is located on Fifth Street just east of
Mill Avenue, and 2) the east parking lot entrance to the Mission Palms. On Wednesday and Thursday
afternoon, allow yourself additional time to park and register. Self-parking is available around the perimeter
of the hotel, in the 2-hour surface lot located directly west of the Mission Palms, and in the four-story, red-
brick parking garage at 117 East Fifth Street, which is 200’ east of, and across the street from, the front
entrance of the Mission Palms. Bring your parking stub to the Conference Central table for validation.

ACCOMODATIONS The Mission Palms has a limited number of rooms available at the rate of $84 plus
tax and a hospitality fee of $10.95. We have negotiated a discounted rate with The Courtyard Tempe
Downtown by Marriott, 601 South Ash (approximately 2 blocks west of the Mission Palms), 800-321-2211 or
480-966-2800. Make sure to mention you are with AZ Public Defenders to receive the discounted rate of
$84 per night. The link to the Marriott is
downtown/. Use group code “apdapda” for a room with a king-size bed, and “apdapdb” for queen beds.
LIGHT RAIL The Valley’s new Light Rail service runs directly behind the Mission Palms. There is a stop
at the Mill Avenue Station, which is less than a one-minute walk from the west arcade exit of the Mission
Palms courtyard. All-day passes are $2.50 and can be purchased from vending terminals at the station.
APDA will also be selling all-day passes at the Conference Central table on Wednesday. Please help us
estimate the number of light rail passes needed by indicating “yes” or “no” (no obligation) to the survey as to
your interest in purchasing one.

CLE COMPLIANCE REMINDER Please remember to sign in each day of the conference. The sign-in
sheets are used for verification of attendance for State Bar CLE compliance audits. You should keep a
copy of the CLE Certificate and conference materials for your records.

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