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Bing™ Travel: The decision engine for travelers
Consumers can make important travel purchasing decisions on Bing™ Travel with flight search, hotel search, review airline ticket deals and cheap flights, and review travel destinations. People can also access a rich travel experience directly in the Bing search engine results pages through instant answers for: • Flight status updates • • • Flight deals from origination or destination markets Airfare predictions and 90-day lowest prices Hotel travel deals

Bing has your Travel Audience
It’s still early, but we expect Bing to build on the Live Search audience of over 69 million who spent 26% more dollars online than the average internet users.1 • 41% of visitors purchased travel online in the last six months. • • 23% of visitors searched online for a flight and booked in the same month. 49% more likely than the internet average to have rented a car online in the last month.2

The Bing Travel Experience
Bing Travel is a decision engine that provides innovative travel answers within the Bing search experience allowing consumers to make smarter, faster, more informed travel decisions. Consumers can easily access Bing Travel from the or the homepage. Bing Travel brings together the best of both worlds: MSN Travel and Live Search Farecast consolidated into one property under the Bing brand which combines best of breed editorial and travel shopping features.

Get started today
Advertise where your consumers are making important travel purchasing decisions on Bing Travel. Work with your Microsoft Advertising Account Team to maximize your online advertising campaigns and drive immediate results with Bing and Bing Travel. You can also learn more about expanding your reach with Bing at http://

Sources: 1 Nielsen Online Q4 2008 Referral Effectiveness Summary. 2 MSN/Windows Live @Plan Spring 2009.

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