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       November 2008

                                                                     Wilson Wealth

       Dear Maurice,                                                     Article Links
       Let me start by welcoming our newest clients Nasheika,            Obama, The Election, & Wealth
       Patricia, Steve, Theresa, Alondra, and Terrance to the Wilson     Real Estate not all Doom and Gloom
       Wealth family.  A lot has happened since our last monthly         During Bear Markets Search for Value
       newsletter.  First things first I have to inform everyone that    Wealth Resolutions
       we will have to discontinue the  Client Spotlight feature due
                                                                         Wealthy Eating visits Dr. Oz's Site
       to state regulations.  Turns out this counts as a testimonial
                                                                         My List
       and we are not allowed to use them in our communications. 
                                                                         Quick Links
       In the News!
       On a higher note I was recently featured in a local newspaper,
       the Charlotte Post.  For more info please visit the "News &        
       Events" page on the company's website.
       Website is Back Online
       Speacking of websites, the company website is back online
       after going through some changes.  I invite you to please visit
       the site and send me feedback (positive or constructive) on
       how I can improve the experience. 

       Obama, the Election, and Wealth Distribution                                                   
                                Now that the presidency has been decided I feel free to comment on
                                one issue of this election that I thought was mishandled due to
                                the ubiquitous hyperbole that comes with politics.  The issue of wealth
                                distribution, or more appropriately the issue of wealth re-distribution,
                                piqued my interest due to the fact that few politicians truly
                                understand the stock market. 
       For if politicians understood the stock market they would know that the greatest distributor
       of wealth in the world is--the stock market--not taxes.  Yes taxes can and have taken money
       from one income bracket and filled government coiffeurs, but it is not immediately turned
       over to another income bracket.  The government is not remotely this efficient (remember
       how long it took to get your stimulus check?).
       The Stock Market is the Greatest Distributor of Wealth
       Periodically, yet consistently, throughout history the stock market forces the "haves" to sell
       their assets to the "have nots".  For example, since 2003 many well to do investors hoarded
       high flying shares of Bank of America, Apple, Google, and so forth.  As the economy
       deteriorated the owners of these shares wanted to protect their gains and therefore sold
       these assets at a discount to their true value. 

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       As a result people who couldn't afford Bank of America at $43/share in November 2007 may
       find it especially attractive--and affordable--at $20/share this November.  This is unheard of
       in the broader economy.  Even with a recession gripping the world you will not find BMWs,
       Mercedes, or diamond rings discounted by 50% or more.  Items may be reduced somewhat, but
       not below their basic or intrinsic value--yet this is precisely what happens in the stock market
       throughout history. 
       Gas, Bank of America, and $1,000 dollars
       Thus every 10 years or so the stock market essentially gives away great assets at firehouse
       prices.  In fact it has occurred twice this decade.  The beneficiary of these insane prices are
       the have nots.  Those who lacked either the money or timing to buy stocks in the last bull
       market are now given a golden opportunity to buy more stocks per dollar than in years past. 
       For example 10 years ago $1,000 would fetch you 31 shares of Bank of America, on November
       7, 2008 that same $1,000 gets you roughly 50 shares.  By comparison $1,000 equaled 1000
       gallons of gas in 1998 vs. 333 gallons today.  
       Where will you put your money?
       Please keep in mind that this newsletter is meant to give a broad over view of our current
       investment strategy, for more information about your account please call me immediately,
       we have a 24/7 phone policy for your convenience. 

       Real Estate:  It's not all Doom and Gloom
       Contrary to what you believe people are still buying homes, hear what Charlotte, NC realtor
       Meeka Clay has to say.....

       What do you do?  I am a Charlotte Realtor® focused on maximizing every transaction for my
       clients and educating consumers on affordable housing.  I am focused on educating all
       consumers seeking Grant Programs and Special Financing options that make housing
       affordable. We host a home buyer seminar twice a month to share this knowledge. I work
       hard to provide value added services to my clients before, during, and after every real estate
       transaction. Finally, I am very interested in concentrating on affordable products and
       financing for people who desire to be homeowners.

       Does your legal background help?  Yes, being a trained and licensed attorney allows me to
       assist with both the negotiating and contracting process.

       What is your opinion of the current environment?  Charlotte is a GREAT real estate market.
       The current market has created great opportunities for buyers.  Slowdowns are forcing
       builders to give deals and many grant programs are offered now.

       What type of programs?  NACA-Neighborhood Assistance Corp of America, NC Housing
       Finance, Mecklenburg County Housing Partnership, and United Family Services

       Do you work with Sellers?  Yes I do, in fact I advertise that Sellers are willing to assist Buyers
       with through participation with Grant Programs and Non-profit programs.

       Is this a good time to be a luxury home buyer?  Yes.  Excellent opportunities are present,
       builders are listening and providing more incentives. More square footage for the money. 
       More upgrades and customization available.  Builders are also offering perks such as golf
       memberships, and dining club memberships
       Why did you come into this profession when the industry was cooling off?  I am a licensed
       practicing attorney, but I sell real estate because I love it!  Coming in on the downside
       allowed me to focus on the fundamentals of this business which I believe start with long term

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       customer care.
       How do you execute long term customer care?  I provide house warming or going away
       parties, online coupons for home improvement projects, and home improvement newsletters. 
       I send out the HUD statement at tax time.  I provide my clients with after-care services, such
       as articles about how you can pay your house off in 10 years for free, and contacts with
       financial vendors.  I also host a website that leverages my relationship with other service
       providers who share my vision for customer service.
       How may people reach you?  M.J.Clay, Esq, Broker/ Realtor, Carod Properties, LLC
       Ph: 704-277-6509  mjclay@carodproperties.com   www.mjclay.com
       The views and opinions of Meeka Clay are not necessarily the views of Wilson Wealth
       Management Group, please consult with your financial advisor or realtor before acting on
       any information from this article.  Not intended as advice.

       The Classroom - During Bear Markets Search for Value
       Whether we are mid way through a bear market or at the early stages of a multi-year
       depression now is the time to start looking for value in the stock market.  By now you may
       have heard the term "value stocks" or "growth stocks".  Ironically and confusingly you'll find
       some stocks listed as both growth and value, this is due to Wall Street's moving target
       definition of value.  I have a more concrete definition:  Value stocks are companies with
       strong long term fundamentals that have been forgotten in the face of transitory short term
       Now lets apply this definition to the real economy.  Banks, real estate, and energy are at the
       forefront of a short term event--the 2008 global recession.  Be that as it may, it goes without
       saying that the banking industry must succeed if we are to have an economic recovery.  With
       a great degree of certainty we know that in the future our kids will want homes and that their
       kids will place an increasing demand on finite energy sources. 
       So what does this mean?  The poster children for what ails the 2008 economy today are the
       value stocks of tomorrow.  So how do you capture this value without getting burned?  I believe
       exchange traded funds (ETFs) are the way to go.  If you remember my plea from last month's
       "The Classroom" I urged you to "focus on groups" not stocks.  By investing in many companies
       across a sector or industry you get exposure to potentially higher gains without the dangers of
       single stock risk.

       Educational purposes only please consult with Wilson Wealth Management before
       implementing any investment strategy based on the information presented.

       Wealth Resolutions
                             This month we will do double time and complete resolutions #7 & #8. 
                             #7:  Create a Home Information Management System
       Quick where is your will?  The IRS is coming to audit you this year where are your last seven
       tax returns?  These are a few of the documents you need to have stored in your home
       information management system.  This isn't nearly as difficult as it may sound.  Go to Staples
       or Office Max and buy a portable file cabinet on your way out pick up the legal sized folders
       and labeling materials you'll need to file your documents.  When you get home pull out seven
       folders.  Label the folders as follows:  Legal, Taxes, Credit, Warranties, Auto, Insurance, and
       Investments.  In the Legal folder place your will, power of attorney, and other legal
       documents.  Place similar information in the proper folders as needed.  Now you have
       information at your fingertips, more importantly this info will help a surviving spouse or child
       handle the difficult transition that may occur when you pass.

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       #8:  Create an Emergency Package
       An emergency package goes hand in hand with your information management system.  In fact
       your emergency package is merely a digital back-up of all your pertinent information held in a
       fire proof container.  This back up should be held on a DVD or multiple CDs.  This will allow
       you to quickly get information out of your home in the event of hurricane, flood, or fire. 

       Wealthy Eating - Dr. Oz's Website
                                  If you've been with me since January then you know we are trying to
                                  eat healthy to reduce medical costs which can deplete our wealth--
                                  especially in advanced age. 
                                  In a search for more information on prior eating I decided to check
       out Dr. Oz's website.  Dr. Oz is one-half of the popular duo behind the book "You the Owner's
       Manual" a easy to read book about how to care for your body.  Many of you will also recognize
       Dr. Oz  from Oprah.
       For more information on Dr. Oz's healthy eating tips visit his site: 

       My List

                     1. "My List" is a combination of My Space, iTunes, and Amazon's listmania.  I
                        simply couldn't have a list purely of music or books.  What about the
                        interesting article on MSN or Kiplinger's?  Or the video on You Tube? 


                    1. Movie of the Month:  Ken Burns' Mark Twain Special 
           2. Music of the Month:  Flamenco Sketches by Miles Davis andTuesday Wonderland by
              Esbjörn Svensson
           3. Episode/Show of the Month:  CBS Sunday Morning  you should DVR or TiVO this show
              every weekend, it's a nice mix of pop culture, front page news, and "I didn't know that"
              information...and it'll make you smarter at dinner parties.

       In Closing...
       Year end reviews will take place in the December-January time period.  I will send out
       individual notices in the upcoming weeks, please start checking your calendar now for
       available times. 

       Maurice Wilson
       Private Wealth Advisor
       Wilson Wealth Management Group, LLC

       Wilson Wealth Management Group is a financial planning and investment management firm
       created to provide direction, clarity, and understanding for those who want to build wealth. 
       Our status as an objective independently owned firm allows us to develop creative solutions
       to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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