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CGOC 3Q - Ramstein.doc - afcgoc


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									                 Company Grade Officers’ Council
             Quarterly Activity Report & Awards package

Base Name: Ramstein Air Base/Kaiserslautern Military Community                                   2012 Q2
 CGOC President:                   Capt Brandon Sanders
 CGOC Advisor:                     Gen Sharpy                                                    2011 Q3
 Webpage Address:                  https://ice.usafe.af.mil/sites/KMC_CGOC/default.aspx
 Facebook page Address:            www.facebook.com/kmccgoc
 Date of Elections:                March 2012

 When do you have normal meetings?                           Every third Thursday of month
 How many CGOs attend your regular meetings?                 25-30

 CGOs             Professional           Community                       Base     Recruiting /    Social
Assigned                                                 Fundraising
                  Development              Service                      Support    Retention     Activities
    #         A        P     H       A      P        H   A       $         A           A         A       P
  800         3       85     255     3      37   180     4      2.1K       4           2         5      250

 Professional Development:

 - Quarterbacked “out with the old in with the new” mentoring session; 24 CGOs mentored 6
   USAFA/ROTC cadets from AFs Ops prgm; taught best practices of followership and leadership--
   empowered future strategic thinkers of the AF

 - Solicited USAFEs #1 Battle Field Commander for monthly meeting; invited Col John Shapland,
   435th Air Ground Operations Wing commanders; spoke to 26 attending CGOs on “Bottom Up/Top
   Down” Leadership--paved way for CGOS to have successful careers in AF

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    -   Spearheaded 3 tier informative briefing; developed comprehensive power point on the
        development board process, officer assignments and Airman Development Plans to 31 attending
        CGOs--officer assignments now vectored

Community Service:

    -   Service Before Self Ethos; prepped dinner for USO warrior dinner--11 CGOs Volunteered 3 hrs-
        -serviced 35 wounded warriors with home cooked meal

    -   Selfless. Ran 24 hour relay run for community charity; 11 CGOs amassing 178 miles cumulative
        raising over $1K in funds--contributed to $100K in donation to local fisher house

-       Outreach; 15+ CGOs participated in a critical drive to help those affected by radiation poisoning
        of the Chernobyl disaster, Belarus--eight hundred lbs of clothing and non-perishable donated


-       Implemented monthly raffle drawings; raised $50 in ticket sales during professional development
        meetings--supplemented $4K Council funds

-       Safety First! Organized “Wing Man” Bus Trip; provided transportation for 40 CGOs attending
        cultural wine fest-- raised $850 towards the creation and purchase of Ramstein CGOC coins

-       Hosted CGOC Golf Tournament; yielded 5 teams of 20 pers-- raised $660 in preparation for HS
        scholarship award money

-       Set-up food booth in support of Rockin’ (July) 4th event; bolstered camaraderie throughout the
        base--raised $470


-       Launched CGO recruitment program; adhoc to RAB Base Intro; conducted 12 CGO Recon &
        Surveillance operations w/5 POCS--recruited 24 CGO newcomers to the Council and enabled
        smooth transition to EURASIA

-       Initiated exhaustive FB Rollout; targeted 746 CGOs across 3 wings & 2 Major Commands;
        increased membership by 53% /30+ New “likes”--streamlined upcoming events and Command
        and Control

Base Support:

    -   Supplemented 86 Airlift FTAC Mission; coordinated with 2 FTAC classes; 19 CGOs delivered
        Professional Development training to 80 First Term Airman--aided in transitioning Airmen from
        a training environment to their first duty station

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      -   Piloted AF wide Program at RAB; hosted 6 USAFA/ROTC Cadets during “Operation Air Force”
          Summer Program; exposed cadets to AF Operations and true work flow processes-- Nailed
          CSAF’s intent

      -   KMC CGOC supported the Stiggy’s Dogs initiative which raised $600+--enabled training
          sessions for sheltered dogs to be transformed into individually trained Psychiatric Service
          Animals for our military veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic
          Brain Injury

  -       POW/MIA Remembrance Week for the installation; donated $40 of funds to support the
          escorting of Capt (Ret) Guy Gruters to Ramstein AB--spoke and participated in remembrance
          events for POW/MIAs

  Social Activities:

  -       Piloted 3 Inter-AFSC Networking sessions; 65 CGOs across 20+ AFSCs interaction--boosted job

  -       Force enablers; Hosted 12 “Thirsty Thursday” socials w/Belgian Support Unit--120
          CGOs/”Thursdite” attendees--built critical NATO partnerships

  -       Launched TGIF Campaign; hosted 3 “1st Friday” bashes 60+ CGO attendees--enhanced
          networking w/senior leadership across 3 wings

  -       Community Based Org; organized two wine/beer festival trips across two major cities—solicited
          40 CGOs amid wing ORE---enhanced community relations among CGOs and local nationals

  -       Foot Prints cover RAB; 11 CGOs participated in Viking Challenge 178 miles Ran--raised $1.1K
          towards Fisher House

Spread the Word
  Best Practices:

  -Bad Durkheim Wine Festival; CGOC bus trip provided safe transport for 40 CGOs to a cultural
    event in the local area. Trip provided $850 in funds towards the CGOC, as well as invaluable
    opportunity to network with fellow CGOs in a social setting.

  -Facebook recruiting; increased members on Facebook page help CGOs share information informally
    while still receiving updates from CGOC council. Photos and event planning interconnects CGOs.
    Page also helps incoming CGOs connect to the CGOC immediately to receive information.

  News articles, press releases, or base announcements (hyperlinks):
  - www.facebook.com/kmccgoc

  Photos (hyperlinks and captions/descriptions):

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** To add information to this document without changing the formatting, double-click the yellow highlighted areas to
select the underlined region then type your information. These steps should delete the yellow highlight marks and
underline while maintaining the paragraph formats. **

 Fill in your base/council information
  -- Be sure to include the name of your base within the first blue section divider. It is often (mistakenly) left blank.
  -- Date of Elections is the date on which the current CGOC was elected.
  -- Provide an accurate count of CGOs assigned to your base.

 Fill in the appropriate quarter for which the report is being written.
  -- Ex: 2011 Q3 (for 3rd Quarter of 2011)

 Statistics:
  -- Legend
     -- A - Activities; Total count of activities sponsored by your CGOC for the given category
     -- P - People; Total number of CGO-attendees at all activities for the given category
     -- H - Hours; Total sum of man-hours: People*Hours (summed for each activity in the given category)
     -- $ - Money raised; Total amount collected for future CGOC activities/projects, charity donation, etc.
  -- Provide numbers only; enter 0 when no activity was accomplished in a given category.
  -- Round amount of money down to nearest whole dollar.

 Accomplishments:
  -- Only include accomplishments that occurred or culminated in this reporting period.
  -- All accomplishments should be a reflection of what CGOs did on behalf of the CGOC.
  -- Provide as many bullet-style comments (per category). Be descriptive. These detailed bullets should generally be
     longer than one line. The emphasis should be on describing the actions, results, and impacts, of your CGOC’s
  -- Community service hours may be counted when your CGOC sponsors, advertises, or executes an event to which CGOs
     dedicated time and energy. Do not include time and energy devoted by individual CGOs to events that are not
     accomplished primarily as a CGOC project (i.e. the project is the primary responsibility of another organization like
     AADD). Of course, if the CGOC recruits volunteers to fully staff the AADD following an event, this activity could be
     counted as a CGOC activity. Use your best judgment.
  -- No double-dipping; again, if an event could be considered both community service or base support and/or fundraising,
     use your best judgment to determine which category is best suited for the given activities. Bottom line: do not account
     for activities in more than one category. If necessary, provides clarifying comments in the “Advisories/Comments…”
  -- No limit to the number of bullets in a given section

 Spread the Word:
  -- Provide details regarding best practices that may be useful to other councils. What you do, why you do it, and how it
     has helped your council are important in this section.
  -- When providing photos, please provide a description of the activity, people, etc. In your description, refer to the photo
     by the filename, so descriptions can be associated with the correct photos.

 Advisories/Comments/Questions/Suggestions/Other:
  -- Direct these notes toward your Regional and Air Force CGO Councils.
  -- Indicate special circumstances occurring at your base that limit the ability of your CGOC to be more active. This could
     include recent elections/council changeover, base inspections, deployment/ops tempo, or other events. Perhaps your
     CGOC faces some unique limitations or restrictions.

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