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					Restructuring the Ship Repairing Zone of Perama Greece
Invest in New Opportunities and High Technology Projects
                 NEW Technologies
Unsinkable Floating Truss Platform

  Wind - River - Tidal - Wave
    Turbine Generators
           •     Themistoklis Andrew Andrikopoulos – Inventor of the NEW Technologies
           •     Physics & Electronic Engineering, Manchester University, 1976
           •     President – Managing Director of ΑΤΙΟ Group
               Session 3: Advances in Green Shipbuilding
                 MarineTech Summit-2011
Unsinkable Floating Truss Platform
    is based on the concept of Truss System-
                 Technology with
   Articulated Joints (AJOT) that provide extra
strength-elasticity to the Truss-Space Frame and
make Assembly-Disassembly of individual truss
                  members a very
           fast easy and safe operation
comprises individually buoyant water-tight truss members
           which are interconnected with AJOT
Members can be tubes, hydrofoils or other shapes to match
                      each application
UNFLOP can float free in deep waters and keep the same geographic
position using a GPS Dynamic Positioning System or be moored to the

   seabed in more shallow waters using loose or taught lines (TLP)
Mooring can be from multiple points of
       UNFLOP if necessary
For the tourist industries UNFLOP provides options
              for application in all kinds
                      of possible ...........
               ..........or IMPOSSIBLE cases!!!

   UNFLOP can create NEW CONDITIONS for the high-end
tourist market worldwide by providing UNLIMITED application
  options in MANY near-shore locations and bring prosperity
                where it seams not possible
                                   (and NOT ONLY!!)
Such developments though would need IMMEDIATE
  SUPPORT from all Responsible Authorities and
                    SMART INVESTORS.....
........with first INVESTOR question:
  «...How much?...What is the ROI??»
…..and first INNOVATOR answer: «its not much…........ It
should be like opening the BAR in any
good location on land................»........
 With such view UNFLOP can be the most wanted..«Floating
                     Real Estate»

Why is UNFLOP Stable in Waves??
Waves can slide-by the hydro dynamically shaped
tubes through the open space between them and the
up-down buoyancy effects cancel each other out
and cannot influence the overall system INERTIA

Why is UNFLOP Unsinkable??
A 200x200m UNFLOP would comprise some 10.000
individually buoyant tubes weighing around 7.000 t.
and more than 4.000 tubes must loose buoyancy for
UNFLOP to be in any danger of sinking!!!

...even if it’s bombed... UNFLOP does NOT…FLOP!!
Marine Renewable Energy Sources Integrated Applications

UNFLOP is a most suitable floating structure
  for supporting WWT-PWT technology of
 Wind-Tidal-Wave Generators and operating
          in open ocean conditions
 The concept of Wing & Paddle Wheel Turbine utilizes both fluid dynamics force
components Drag AND Lift, to convert the kinetic energy of any fluid to rotational-
mechanical energy while also minimising any parts of those forces opposing the
turbine rotation
This way efficiencies can be much higher and long term overall product costs much
lower than those of other known technologies

This is one WWT prototype Wind Turbine in Wind Tunnel tests at the
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) fluid mechanics
Each Wing-Paddle comprises individual Airfoils-Fins that can turn by a
reselected angle on their own axis within fixed-preselected limits, using the
fluid flow to reach two terminal positions, one best suited to absorb energy
from Drag forces while minimising any opposing Lift forces and the other best
suited to absorb energy from Lift forces while minimizing any opposing Drag
forces. It’s like wind opening-closing doors depending on the direction it hits
them, or Wind-Surfers standing on the frame and turning their individual sails
in the best positions to harvest more wind energy as they move up or down-
Each Wing-Paddle comprises individual Airfoils-Hydrofoils that can turn
by a preselected angle on their own axis within preselected limits, using
the fluid flow to reach two terminal positions, one best suited to absorb
energy from Drag forces while minimising any opposing Lift forces and
the other best suited to absorb energy from Lift forces while minimizing
                         any opposing Drag forces
 WWT-PWT products are based on modular multi-section
design with independent Airfoils-Hydrofoils in each section
                    Size 100x100m MARESINAP

          Estimated possibilities of Power Generation

Up to 50 units WWT-Wind Turbines each 100 kW at 15m/s wind speed – 4
sections 5m high with 5m Rotor Diameter and 30 m height from platform

Up to 10 units PWT Wave Turbines each 500 kW max – 20 sections 5m
long with 5 m Rotor Diameter and 100m total length

Up to 50 units PWT Tidal Turbines each 200 kW at 4m/s water speed – 4
sections 5m high with 5 m Rotor Diameter at useful depth from platform

  Total power output estimated up to 20 MW
Existing technology Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines can also
          be supported on MARESINAP-UNFLOP
                  Size 200x200m MARESINAP

          Estimated possibilities of Power Generation
• Possibility for up to 200 units WWT Wind Generators each 100 kW with 5
  m Rotor and 60 m height from platform level
• Possibility for up to 50 units of PWT Wave Generators each 100-400 kW
• The possibility for installing PWT Tidal Generators cannot yet be

Total power output estimate up to 40 MW

…Even if it’ s bombed…...

...UNFLOP does NOT... FLOP !!
What about this 2002 technology of the
 4 leg Deepwater Horizon which was
bought for 560 mil USD and was rented
     by BP for 500 k USD per day
Unfortunately it is SINKABLE..
Deepwater Horizon sunk and destroyed the riser that spilled
     the oil because it lost 2 of its 4 legs from the fire

All these «column-stabilized semi-submersible» floating rigs,
as also Alexander L. Kielland that took 123 people down with
it March 1980 in the North Sea, have the same problem, they
     sink as soon as they loose even ONE of their 4-5 legs

Would it not be safer to have the 10.000 UNFLOP 200x200m
                           legs ??
                  And one more thing….
*We are now 7 billion humans on Earth....
*By 2050 we will be 10 billion.....
*And by 2080 maybe some more........
*The sea-side real estate will soon be gone....

*Is it possible to have ON-sea real estate?
             like.. UNFLOP
  The «Floating Real Estate»?

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