Survey on Near Field Communication Technology by pptfiles


									Vishal Bhatnagar
 Michael Jewitt
Karan Kampani
   Greg Maag
   Tim Suffel
   What is NFC?
   How does NFC work?
   How is NFC different from Bluetooth?
   Current Applications
   Future Applications
   Challenges with Security
   Challenges in the Market
   Near Field Communications
   Communication Protocol between 2 devices
   Short range
       Max of 4 inches
   Low Power
   Successor to RFID
       Uses Magnetic Induction
       Creates Radio-Wave Field
   “Sharing, pairing, and transaction” [1]
   Short Range Wireless Technology
       Typically requires a distance of 4 cm or less
       Operates at 13.56 MHz
       Transfer rates of 106 kbits/s to 848 kbits/s
   Initiator Device
       Has a power source
       Provides an electromagnetic field that powers
        the target device
   Target Device (or Tag)
       Can be in the form of tags, stickers, key fobs, or
       Uses electromagnetic field to transfer small
        amounts of data to the initiator device
   Both initiator and target device have a power
   Communicate by alternately generating their
    own fields
   Two devices communicate to each other by
    trading roles of initiator and target
   Both short range communication technologies
   NFC has a slower transfer rate
   NFC does not require pairing of devices
               NFC         Bluetooth
  Range        < 4 cm      ~10 m (class
Frequency     13.56 MHz    2.4-2.5 GHz

 Bit Rate     848 kbit/s   2.1 Mbit/s

Set-up time    < 0.1 s         < 6s
   Scan mobile device
    to make purchases
       Movie tickets
       Soda
       Etc…
   Checking purchases
       Entry into a theater
       Get information from
        NFC enabled poster.
   What is it?
       An application
        developed for the
        Android platform
       Enables payment for
        items with cell phone
   How it works
       Swipe phone near
        NFC-equipped pin pad
       accept the transaction
   New version of game [3]
       Angry Birds Magic
         Nokia C7
       Will use NFC
         People can connect to other
         Unlock higher levels by
          bumping phones
   Works like foursquare but using NFC tags at
    different locations.
   Started by a German company called servtag
Transportation and
   Easily integrated
    into all public
    transport systems
   Use the phone to
    use train ticket
   Car rentals
   Unlock and start
    your car
   Opening of home
   Countries like
    Norway aiming for
    nationwide NFC
    transport ticketing
    standard [4]
   Governments, employers and other institutions
    use contactless identity cards
   Initially planned for university and school use
   Security of national ID cards and passport
    information strengthened with biometric
   NFC tags provide medical professionals with
    information about treatments for a patient
   Keep a track of doctors and nurses who have
    checked in with a patient
   Remote monitoring of health from home
    (patients discharged earlier than normal)
    reducing healthcare costs [5]
   Information tags on an object provide detailed
    information about it
   NFC can fall victim to
     Eavesdropping can be
      achieved from distances of up
      to 10 m[7]
   The Man-in-the Middle attack is
    deemed infeasible with NFC [6]
     Practically impossible for the          [6]

      attacker to get the RF field to align
     Incorrect alignment would cause a
      scrambling of the data
   Apps for mobile phone NFC
    payment can be spoofed by
    malicious apps that emulate the
    legitimate NFC apps[8]
       This is especially a problem on
   Stolen devices can be a security
    issue with electronic keys
   When apps use a password or
    PIN system it leaves amount of          [8]

    security up to the user[8]
       This can be bad when users re-use
        passwords or have weak
        passwords such as “password” or
   NFC chips not yet included
    in the Apple iPhone
   Support from software
    developers and the
    merchant community[9]
   Cost of hardware for NFC
    chip readers
       Costs several hundred dollars    [10]

        per reader and retailers would
        need one per register[10]
   NFC is an exciting new short range mobile
   There are many great potential uses
       Makes transactions easier
       Help with transportation and access
       Interact with surroundings
   NFC still requires more security protection
   May soon revolutionize the way we use our
    mobile devices
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