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									                                                                            Strands of Technology

Strand 1: Wave Theory

Dec. 7 1850 to Dec. 7, 1910 …Alvin Toffler's theory that there are three era or waves of technology that have developed over time.
Agriculture, Industrial and Informational Era

                                                                                                                                                                  Oct. 25,
                                                                                                                                       Dec. 23,                     zing-
                            June 27,                                              6,1870                                                1983                    space.stsci
                            1729 The                    Nov. 2,                   Pneumatic                 June 6,                   Personal                  .edu/resou
                            First                       1790 First                Subway.                   1976,                    Computer                   rces/explo
   From                     Newspaper                   US Patent.                http://www                Super                          .                     rations/gr
  10,000                    http://en.w                 http://ww                 .columbia.                Computer.                http://www                 oundup/le
  A.D. to                   ikipedia.or                 w.uspto.go                edu/~brenn                http://en.               .computerh                  sson/scop
  1850.                     g/wiki/Pen                  v/news/pr                 an/beach/c                wikipedia.                      es/hubble/
 Agricultur                 nsylvania_                  /2001/01-                       org/wiki/C               story/1980                  index.php
  e Age                     Gazette                     33.jsp                    ml                        ray-1                      90.htm

                May 31,                   Oct. 28,                   Second                    Dec 2,                      Third                     1988
                  1700                    1752 The                   Wave:                     1939                        Wave:                   Graphic
                 People                   First                      Industrial                Digital                   Informati                   User
                  used                    Lightning                  Age. 1850                 Computer                     onal                  Interface,
                wooden                    Rod, 1752                  to 1970                   .                          Era1980                 http://en.w
                plows to                  Lightning                                            http://www                 to 2010                 ikipedia.or
              plant their                 Rod.http:/                                           .computer                                          g/wiki/App
                 crops.                   /www.idea                                                                           le_Comput
                Children                                                   Testpage/Z                                         er,_Inc._v.
               learned at                 /history/in                                          3-                                                 _Microsoft
              home or in                  ventions/li                                          Computer-                                          _Corporati
              a one room                  ghtningrod                                           1939.htm                                               on
                 school                   .htm
Strand 2: Technology
Key advances and technological innovations for each decade. Reference for all during this era:

 1900-1909 :
 1901 The                        1920-1929:                          1940-1949:
 First Radio                         1921-                          1941-The 1st                   1960-1969:
 Receiver.                       Artificial life                      computer                       1962-                      1980-1989:
 1903 -                          begins -- the                      controlled by                   Computer                     1983-The                     2000-2009:
 William                          first robot                         software.                   video game.                   Apple Lisa                   2002-virtual
 Coolidge                         built.1924-                        1942- The                     1967-hand                     Invented.                     keyboard.
 invents                          Notebooks                             first                         held                      1989- High                   2004-deliver
 ductile                          with spiral                        electronic                    calculator.                   Definition                   medication
 tungsten used                     bindings                            digital                     1968-RAM                     Television                        by
 in lightbulbs.                    invented.                         computer.                    was invented.                  Invented.                   soundwaves.

                   1910-1919:                       1930-1939:                      1950-1959:                    1970-1979:                   1990-1999:
                  1916- Radio                        1930-the                          1956-                         1973-                    1990-WWW
                      tuners                          analog                         Computer                       ethernet                   & Internet.
                    invented.                       computer.                        hard disk                     invented.                   1996-Web
                    1918- The                      1934 the first                   used. 1959-                   1975-ink je                 TV Invented.
                  superheterod                         tape                         Microchip                       printer.
                    yne radio                       recording.                       invented.
Strand 3: Strand 3: Work

Business and corporate philosophies and innovations by decade. Reference for all during this era

                                                        1940-1949:                   Silicone
 1900-1909:                   1920-1929:                   1945-                      breast                                             200-2009:
    1901                       1920-The                   Atomic                    implants.                  1980-1989:                  2001-
  Compact                     tommy gun                    Bomb                     1965-The                   1981-IBM-                 Artificial
 and Modern                    patented.                 invented.                   compact                       PC                      Liver.
   Vacuum                        1923-                     1946-                   disk. 1969-                  invented.                  2004-
   Cleaner.                     Traffic                 Microwave                       The                       1988-                   Adidas
  1902- Air                      Signal                    Oven                      artificial                  Prozac                    shoes
 Conditioner.                  Invented.                 invented.                    heart.                    invented                 invented.

                1910-1919:                 1930-1939:                1950-1959:                   1970-1979:                1990-1999:
                 1911-1st                  1930-Scoth                 1953-The                     1971-The                  1993-The
                  electric                   Tape.                   Black Box-                      food                     Pentium
                  ignition                                               flight                    processor                 Processor
                automobile.                                            recorder.                   and VCR                   invented
                   1916-                                                 1956-                     invented
                 stainless                                            correction
                    steel.                                              tape for
Strand 4: Education
Important theories of learning and instruction by decade.
1900- The
Pencil and
Paper was
19/magazine/cl                          1930-1939:
assroom-                                 1930-The
technology.htm                           Overhead
l1905-Albert                           Projector used                       1950-1959:
Einstein                              by the military.                       1950-1st
published the                         http://www.ny                       computer used                         1970-1979:                        1990-1999:
Theory of                                         for instruction.                      1970-CAI.                        1991-Gardner
Relativity.http:/                     ractive/2010/0                      1957-Reading                          1977-First                        identified 8
/inventors.abou                       9/19/magazine                         Accelerator                       Microcomputer                      intelligences.                         /classroom-                       http://www.ti                       shttp://www.ti                    http://www.tim
htm                                          ml                           melines/56403                       melines/56403                      elines/56403

                    1920-1929:                             1940-1949:                         1960-1969:                         1980-1989:                        2000-Present:
                    1921-Jean                               1940-The                              1960-                         1987-Gange's                       2000-Online
                    Piaget He has                          Mimeograph                          University                          Original                           distance
                    identified four                         produced                         Time-Sharing.                         Theory.                           learning.
                    stages of                                 copies.                            1966- J.                      http://www.tim                     http://www.tim
                    cognitive                            http://www.ny                         Brunner's                        
                    development.                                        theory of                       elines/56403                       elines/56403
                    1925- John                           ractive/2010/0                        Discovery
                    Dewey's theory                       9/19/magazine                         Learning.
                    of learning and                        /classroom-                       http://www.ti
                    experiences .                               ml                           melines/56403
                    New York
                    Board of
                    designed the
                    radio to send
                    lesson to
                    schools with a
Strand 5: Society and Culture

Events that determined the thinking of each decade. Reference for all during this era:

                                                                                                1962-Dow                   1980-1989:                        2000-
  1900-1909:                                                                                   Corp invents                  1987-3-D                       Present:
     1901-                       1920-1929:                                                       silicone                 video game                     2002-Phone
    Double-                       1923-The                     1940-1949:                          breast                       and                           tooth
 edged safety                     television                   1940-Pabst                        implants.                  disposable                     invented.
 razor. 1907-                   invented and                    invents the                     1965-soft                  contact lens.                  2005-online
     Color                      frozen Foods                   jeep. 1943-                        contact                  1988-digital                  video sharing
 photography                         were                         LSD is                           lenses                   cell phones                     through
   invented.                       invented                    discovered.                       invented.                   invented.                     YouTube.

                1910-1919:                      1930-1939:                     1950-1959:                     1970-1979:                   1990-1999:
                    1910-                      1933-Stereo                       1950-The                     1979- Cell                     1991-the
                  Thomas                          Records                       first credit                    phones                        digital
                 Edison the                    invented and                    card. 1954-                     invented.                    answering
                first talking                  Hollingshead                         Oral                                                     machine
                   motion                         builds a                    contraceptive                                                 invented.
                   picture.                    movie theater                    s invented.                                                1988-viagra
                    1913-                          in his                                                                                   invented.
                Ecstacy was                      driveway.

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