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					Ivan Arrieta
CCDE 110 N
CEE Essay # 3
1 July 2009

                                   “Under Graded Argumentative Essay”

        There was this class, CCDE 110N where I learn numerous things but the most important one,

was to revise my essays. I had to pass true certain steps in order to succeed at the end, and be able to

have a good essay. Revision in my opinion makes the writer to have a better sense of what people want

and like to read. For me revision is real important because every time you revise your paper is

something you can improve in order to be more clear and specific, making it easier for the people to

read it. There where to sources in this summer which help me at the time I had to write the essays, the

book “80 readings for composition” and the essays I made during the summer. I believe those two

things where really important at the time I learn how to write an essay making easier for a better

focusing development and clarity at my papers. Revision is and will be the most important think on what

I’m goanna pay attention at the time I wrote my essays, because in my opinion is important for having a

good base for continuing my next level of English. No matter what in the future I’ll do draft by draft until

I get with the one I really like, since writing a paper is about to have bunch of rough drafts and revisions.

        “Monkey see, Monkey do” this is an essay wrote it by Susan Scarbek in the book “80 readings

for composition” was really interesting to me because of the connection it makes with the writer. I’ll say

this essay was the one that most help to understand better what does people want and how to been

more clear at the time of writing a paper.”Monkey say, Monkey do” was an essay were I learned that

most of the times people fall in the mistake of trying to change their word but most of the times they

could be right , just pay attention in who you want to attract and do it accord to it. Most of the times we

were are thinking in what is the teacher going to say, but the important is that you feel comfortable and

why not check word because check is important for a good development of a paper just take care in not
fall in to making it and habit. This is the why I believe revision is a good, and was one o the good thinks I

learned in class.

        Another fact that helps in this class the most was that we had to turn in the essays by the end of

the class on Wednesdays, giving us enough time to check our paper having better performance at the

time we wrote our papers. Also we were always working on class and writing learning how to make a

paragraph making it easier at the time we had turn those in. The part where I had most trouble and that

in my opinion made a really good change was the part of changing words and classes. Also a think that I

was always doing is revision since most of my papers I didn’t passes there when I really understand that

maybe if I had revised more than twice, as I was doing it maybe everything could be different at the time

I turn those in.

        At last, the thing that I really enjoy was the part of writing and on what we think we liked. Share

with people our issue on what we were going to be talking was really interesting because I was able to

see what people likes and that in my opinion was really good for all of us in the class. I also believe that

working on an issue we are interested is easier for the writer to write a better paper and have success.

I’ll always remember this summer since it was really interesting and fun to work at this class, even when

I thought I was going to be boring since I don’t like anything related with languages.

        In conclusion: Revision on my opinion is important as I say in this paper because of its

connection of having a good paper or not. I believe that also when is boring and hard to revise it real

important at the time you write since make it easier for the people to read it.

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