Montage Project Grading Rubric

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					      Montage Project Grading Rubric
      Group Members:
      Project Title:

        Criteria               Beginner (1 or 2)                   Developing (3)                    Accomplished (4)                      Exemplary (5)
Camera Angles            Little forethought to proper      Camera angles change with            Proper use of camera angle to       Camera angles chosen
                         camera angle evident by few       varying success. Some shots          produce the best viewpoint and      heighten dramatic
                         camera angle variance.            missing but for the most part, the   area needed for the intended        visualization of the story. A
                                                           angles chosen convey the film        purposes. A good collection of      good balance between
                                                           idea.                                varying shots throughout the        subjective, objective, and
                                                                                                film.                               point-of-view shots evident.
Storyboards & Pitch      Difficult to see development of   Character direction evident,         Identify all camera movements,      Excellent visuals and
                         story, obvious holes in story     evidence of preplanning the          camera shots, important visual      explanations that creatively
                         development, little thought       necessary shot sequences. Still      effects, sound to the scene. Each   demonstrate the full
                         toward camera angle. Missing      developing a sense of how each       frame is properly labeled with      development of the film.
                         or incomplete pitch.              shot should progress from one to     shot number and angle
                                                           another. Pitch completed.            viewpoint.

Juxtaposition            Little to no use of metaphor,     Some thought evident in use of       The selection of images and         The juxtaposition, symbols,
                         symbols, juxtaposition, and       juxtaposition in film. Varying       sound and how they are ordered      metaphors, and symbols used
                         motifs in the film.               success in its application.          creates a separate third idea.      create an intriguing theme as
                                                                                                                                    the film unfolds.
Montage                  No theme apparent throughout      Images selected fit properly with    Visual images selectively cut       The collection of different
                         the montage; poor choice in       choice of music. Order of shots      create a common purpose             visual images creates a
                         music to support visuals.         conveys a message with varying       apparent to the audience            definite emotional impact on
                                                           success.                             throughout the film.                the audience as the film
                                                                                                                                    explores a defined theme.



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