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					Streetworks and Traffic Updates

Traffic Updates 05 October 2012
(As per the information received from the activities’ promoters)

Current Street and Road Works (moderate to severe disruption)

Grange Road and Hunters Road – In footways and carriageway
Temporary traffic signals may be in place if necessary while SGN’s contractors are replacing the
gas mains. Estimated end date is 12 October.

Frimley Road - From outside 1a to 113 & and from outside 2 to 120
Southern Gas Network (SGN) are replacing the old cast iron main and associated service pipes by
new plastic ones. Works have now commenced and will last until 23 January 2013.

Clarence Street/Eden Street
Southern Gas Networks’ contractors, Morrison, are completing the Clarence Street/Eden Street
gas mains replacement at their junction (outside HSBC). The bus stop outside HSBC will be
suspended and replaced by a temporary bus stop (outside UniQlo) for the duration of the works.
Completion date 19 October.

Queens Road
Due to a burst water main, Queens Road is closed between the junctions of Crescent Road and
Kingston Hill. It should be re-opened on the afternoon of Sunday the 7th of October

Union Street - Number 9 to the junction with Eden Street
Council’s contractors have commenced repaving works on the footway. Works will continue until 8

New Malden
Grayham Crescent – whole road
Southern Gas Network (SGN) are replacing the old cast iron main and associated service pipes by
new plastic ones. Works have commenced and will be completed on 11 October.

South Lane – from Potters Grove to Eton Avenue and South Lane West
Southern Gas Networks’ contractors are undertaking gas mains replacement work until February
2013 in the footway. On Monday, South Lane West and South Lane, from outside 27 to its
junction with Potters Grove.

Ewell Road
Thames Water’s contractors (Cappagh) are installing 2 new water connections to the new
development on the site of Surbiton Hospital. The works should now been completed on Sunday
the 7th of October.
Ewell Road
Willmott-Dixon (contractors for the developers of the site of Surbiton Hospital) are repaving the
footways outside and opposite the site. These works are expected to be completed mid-

Ewell Road – junction of Lenelby Road
Council contractors needs to relocate/widen pedestrian island; works start on Sunday the 7th of
October for 2 weeks.

Red Lion Road outside number 2
Two-way temporary traffic signals from 22 October for 15 days to allow Thames Water to connect
water sewers and build two manhole covers for new development.

Surbiton Hill Road
Surbiton Hill Road is closed at its junction with Maple Road while Southern Gas Networks fix a
leaking pipe. Signed diversion in place until completion of the works (Saturday the 6th of October)

Planned Works about to start (moderate to severe disruption expected)

Cox Lane (outside number 2)
Two-way temporary traffic signals for 5 days from 16 October to enable Thames Water to connect
a new water supply to property.

Gosbury Hill
Damaged area of the carriageway will be resurfaced by the Council’s contractors on the 8 th of
October. Access to properties on Gosbury Hill will be maintained during the closure of the road.

Hook Road (between Gladstone Road to Hook Roundabout)
Lane closure for carriageway repairs to be carried on in the morning on Sunday 7 October.

Clarence Street (junction with Richmond Road)
Lane closure for one day on Sunday 7 October for works to be carried out on the central island.

New Malden
Franks Avenue - From junction with South Lane to outside 74 Franks Avenue.
From 17 September to 23 January Southern Gas Network (SGN) are replacing the old cast iron
main and associated service pipes by new plastic ones.
It may be necessary to control traffic with Temporary Traffic Signals at times.

Grayham Road – whole road
From 1 October to 1 December Southern Gas Network (SGN) are replacing the old cast iron main
and associated service pipes by new plastic ones.
Grayham Road will be one-way only (Northbound lane closed between South Lane and Kingston

High Street – Various Locations
Council’s contractors needs to repair part of the carriageway. Works are planned to proceed on
the 9th and 10th of October, between 20:00 and 22:00 pm.

Claremont Road - Across Claremont road and into Frensham House and across Claremont Road
into Ferndown
New mains connection and abandonment of old main, part of the Southern Gas Networks’ mains
replacement programme. 2 weeks works starting on the1st of October. POSTPONED because of
emergency works have been completed on Surbiton Hill Road, new dates to be confirmed).

Red Routes
Closure of Bridge Road Roundabout while Transport for London’s contractors resurface the
carriageway. Signed diversion will be in place. From the 1st to the 10th of October, night works
only (from 21:00 to 5:00).

For information about all other road works and street works in London, please visit:

London's Register of Road Works (Londonworks)

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