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STIMULATE 9 Scientific and Technological Information


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									Scientific and Technological Information Management
in Universities and Libraries: an Active Training
Environment (Edition 9) - STIMULATE 9

 Summary of the Contents of the
The program offered a stimulating learning environment
  to information professionals in the following areas:
 Role of library as carrier of scientific communication
 Web design, HTML and XML
 Presentation of information in a scientific environment
 Scientometrics and Informetrics
 Elementary statistics for effective library and
  Information services and management.
 Indexing non-text materials
 Open source software (e.g. Greenstone and ABCD)
 Information retrieval/searching
 Copyright
Suggestions to Improve the
Organization of the Program
   Longtime interval between lectures
    within the same subject
       Provide blocked schedule

   Diversify the choice of library visit
       Include more information resource centers,
        archives and museums
Strong Points of the Organization of
the Program
 Administrative   matters
   Efficient program schedule
   Choice of lecturers

 General   learning environment
   Well-equipped lecture rooms, availability
    of wireless network
   Accommodation
Best Components of the Program
Academic Contents
 Library   visits

 Free   and Open Source Software
Not So Good Components of the
Program Academic Contents
  None.   All the topics are relevant
Recommendations for the
Management to Home Institutes
    Encourage the use of Free and Open Source
     Software e.g. ABCD and Greenstone

    Develop Institutional Repositories and Digital

    Empower us to deliver the knowledge and skills
     learned through echo seminar and conferences,
     trainings to other information professional and
     end users
STIMULATE 9 Participants
Group E-mail : stimulate9@yahoogroups.com
Face book : stimulate9
LIST OF PARTICIPANTS:                          Malekani, Andrew Watson - Tanzania Manyerere,
Alayon, Stephen - Philippines                  Juliana - Tanzania Ramadhani, Zaina -
Melike, Amelework Wube - Ethiopia              Tanzania
Biryabarema, Judith - Uganda                   Siyoum, Eyerusalem Tesfaye - Ethiopia
Cab, Nhyrma Fe - Philippines                   Tekelemariam, Kalayu - Ethiopia
Gill, Bernadette - Seychelles                  Thottapali, Yunus - India
Kengne, Naoussi Carine Christelle - Cameroon   Tran, Thi Hoang Hanh - Viet Nam
Khatun, Momena - Bangladesh                    Tripathi, Sneha - India
Kitwe, Yahya - Uganda                          Yap, Joseph - Philippines
Kulisooma, Ezerea - Uganda                     Zengenene, Dydimus - Zimbabwe

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