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									    Andersen, Dowling, Edison, Hale, Henry, Jefferson, Lind, Lucy Laney
  North, Northeast, Pratt, Roosevelt, South & Waite Park | FALL 2012

                                 Minneapolis Community Education

Adult Enrichment

LOOK FOR: Cardio Kung Fu   n   Great Grains   n   Minnesota Votes   n   Personal Archiving   n   Zumba

  mce                                             A program of the Minneapolis Public Schools
                                                  A program of the Minneapolis Public Schools
                       Register online at www.mplscommunityed.com
Table of Contents
                Inside this issue:                                                                                                  locations
                                                                                                                                    All area codes are 612
                Academic Enrichment/Languages ................................................................ 3-8
                Adults 55+ ................................................................................................. 8-18   andersen
                                                                                                                                    2727 10th Ave. S.
                Computers & Technology .........................................................................27-30
                Consumer & Business/Real Estate ...........................................................31-34
                                                                                                                                    3900 W. River Pkwy.
                Cooking ...................................................................................................35-37    668.4444
                Exercise & Fitness/Sports & Recreation ....................................................40-43                    700 22nd Ave. NE
                Swimming ......................................................................................................44   290.9835
                Health & Wellness .........................................................................................45       Hale
                Yoga & Mind/Body ..................................................................................46-49            1220 E. 54th St.
                Hobby & Leisure ......................................................................................49-50
                Home Improvement/Gardening ...............................................................50-51                     Henry
                                                                                                                                    4320 Newton Ave. N
                Dance/Music & Performing Arts ..............................................................52-56
                Personal Growth ......................................................................................57-58
                Trips, Tours & Special Events ..........................................................................59
                                                                                                                                    1200 W. 26th St.
                Lifelong Learing Plan/Community Education Locations ...........................60-61                                668.2740
                Registration Information & Forms ............................................................62-63
                                                                                                                                    5025 Bryant Ave. N
                      Take Community Education classes from                                                                         lucy laney
                      the comfort of your home or office with                                                                       3333 Penn Ave. N

                                                                                                                                    1500 James Ave. N.

                      ed2go is a virtual classroom that is open 24 hours a day, 7                                                   2955 Hayes St. NE
                    days a week. Each class meets for 6 weeks and is conducted
                       entirely over the Internet. You’ll find classes in language,                                                 66 Malcolm Ave. SE
                          writing, editing, computers, creating web pages, web                                                      668.1100

                     programming, investing, financial planning, digital photog-                                                    Roosevelt
                                                                                                                                    4029 28th Ave. S
                     raphy, personal enrichment, grant writing, planning a small
                      business, and much more! New classes begin each month.
                             Log on at www.ed2go.com/mplscommed                                                                     3131 19th Ave. S
                        for the complete class list and registration information.
                                                                                                                                    Waite Park
                     for more information, contact Richard at 612.668.4326                                                          1800 34th Ave. NE
                           or email richard.peterson@mpls.k12.mn.us                                                                 668.1590

      2        fall 2012              Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                           Academic Enrichment
                                                                                  Deaf Culture
                                                                                  Discover the unique history, values,
                                                                                  and language of the Deaf community.
                                                                                  Discuss cochlear implant, Deaf
                                                                                  education, jobs, sports, and more.
                                                                                  The perfect complement to any sign
                                                                                  language class.
                                                                                    Jefferson           4 Wednesdays
                                                                                    September 26        6:30-8:30 pm

                                                                                  Inside Presidential Debates
                                                                                  Debating is an essential part of our
                                                                                  electoral and political system, as
                                                                                  it allows politicians with opposing
                                                                                  viewpoints to argue the merits
                                                                                  of their ideas in a public forum
Expand Your Horizons                                                              so voters can make an informed
                                                                                  decision about who to vote for. At
african americans in                     american Indians                         least, that’s the theory. In reality,
america: 1492 to Present                 Through Video                            debating politics in America can
The course will examine the myth         Do you enjoy watching movies and         be farcical, ironic, clueless, and
of the West and how that myth            then talking about them? Join us         pedantic. It can also be really fun.
has defined America’s image of           in taking a look at American Indian      In this class you will take a light-
itself. We will examine the alliance     history and culture by watching and      hearted look at election year political
between Native Americans and             discussing video presentations. The      debates and strategies employed by
African Americans and the glaring        first class will be determined by the    candidates to use debates to their
omission of people of color in the       instructor, but students will decide     advantage. Instructor: Nick Gazett.
formation of the national myth.          what subjects we cover in classes          Roosevelt           2 Mondays
We will contrast the omission of         after that. Besides taking a purely        October 29          6:30-8:30 pm
African Americans with the reality       historical view, many of the available
of the African American experience       videos also concern Indians in the
in America from 1492 until the           modern (i.e., today’s) world.            Register Today!
present by examining the lives             Henry              7 Mondays           Register now and make sure
and experiences of real African            October 8          6:30-9:00 pm        you get into your favorite
Americans who made a way out of                               $45                 classes! We’re online at:
no way during the past 520 years and                                              www.mplscommunityed.com.
helped to build the United States of     Constitutional
America. This is a participatory class   Debates & You
for everyone.                            History and current events show            Which Class level
  Henry             6 Wednesdays         that the Constitution is an evolving       Should I Take?
  October 10        6:30-8:30 pm         document. Many people who love
                    $40                                                             Community Education classes are
                                         the Constitution have different            organized by levels, 1 through 5.
                                         interpretations of its provisions          If you are new to a subject or it
Discounts                                and their views impact the direction       has been a number of years since
Metropolitan Health Plan and             of Constitutional growth over              you last studied, start with a class
UCARE members may deduct                 time. Join filmmaker and writer,           followed by “1.” If you’ve taken
$15 per class or trip.                   Matt Ehling, for a lively discussion       a Community Education class
                                         about the Constitution, current            recently, proceed to the next level.
                                         events and the role of citizens. The       Classes do not follow a standard
                                                                                    curriculum, so a Level 2 class at
                                         documentary film Intent: Searching
                                                                                    one site may differ from Level 2
                                         for Meaning in the Constitution will       at another. If you have questions,
                                         be shown.                                  please call the class site directly
                                           Roosevelt          1 Wednesday           (See page 61 for list of sites).
                                           October 3          7:00-9:00 pm

www.mplscommunityed.com                                Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment       fall 2012
Academics                                                                                    Write It: Story, Blog, Journal
                                                                                             Whether you choose to do your
                                                                                             writing in the form of a short story,
                                                                                             personal essay, blog, poetry or journal,
                                                                                             join other writers for inspiration,
                                                                                             suggestions or editing support. New
                                                                                             and experienced writers welcome.
                                                                                             This class will combine lessons in
                                                                                             developing skills for people who bring
                                                                                             a paper and pen to class or those who
                                                                                             bring a laptop or tablet computer.
                                                                                             The writing skills cross over the
                                                                                             technology gap with no preferences.
                                                                                               North               6 Tuesdays
                                                                                               October 2           6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                                               No class Oct 16     $40

                                                                                             Writing: Creative Writing
        Minnesota Votes: an                       Rig Veda: The World’s                      Explore creative writing in a playful,
        Introduction to Voting                    Oldest Spiritual Text                      supportive environment. For both
        “Minnesota Votes” is a workshop           The Rig Veda is the world’s oldest         beginners and those with a little
        designed as an engaging, hands-on         spiritual text, written down in Sanskrit   more experience writing is a practice.
        presentation. In addition to simulating   around 1,500 BC. Richard Peterson          Like exercise we must do it regularly if
        a day at the polls—from registration      will present some of the Veda’s            we want to improve. Yet sometimes
        to placing your ballot in the ballot      history, the arrangement of the            as writers we feel stuck. Each week
        counter—it will also cover the            text, who wrote it and the spiritual       we will generate new writing from a
        importance of civic engagement and        message of the text. Some of the           variety of different writing prompts.
        ways to get involved in the elections     verses will be read in class and their     This class will look at different writing
        process. The workshop also includes an    meaning will be made clear.                techniques along with providing
        explanation of the two constitutional       South               1 Thursday           encouragement and feedback to
        amendments that will be on the              November 1          7:00-9:00 pm         help you grow as a writer.
        November 2012 ballot in Minnesota.                              $15                    Northeast           6 Tuesdays
        Sponsored by the Minnesota Secretary                                                   September 25        6:30-8:30 pm
        of State’s Office and the local unit of                                                                    $46
                                                  Somali Culture
        the League of Women Voters. Pre-          Enhance your knowledge of one of the
        regstration is required.                  largest new immigrant communities
                                                                                             Writing for the Rest of Us
                                                                                             Come and join us for writing time!
            Pratt            1 Monday             in the Twin Cities. This informative,
            October 1        7:00-8:00 pm                                                    Here is an opportunity for you to
                                                  interactive class will provide you with
                             Free                                                            write and inspire each other to write
                                                  information and insights into the
                                                                                             weekly. Instructor will have writing
                                                  culture, history and demographics of
                                                                                             exercises to help students build their
        Perspectives on                           the Somali people living in Minnesota.
                                                                                             writing skills. This will be a creative
        U.S. foreign Policy                         Henry               2 Mondays
                                                                                             class to inspire and support each
        Foreign policy consists of the legal,       November 12         6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                        $21                  other; it will not be critique-based.
        diplomatic, military, political, and
        economic actions undertaken by a                                                       Waite Park          4 Saturdays
                                                                                               October 6           10 am-12 pm
        country for the purpose of advancing      The american Western:                                            $33/$20 Srs.
        some interest or objective abroad.        from an african american
        You will explore the background           Perspective
        on important foreign policy issues        Learn about the American Western
        through class lectures, readings,         from an African-American perspective
        and multimedia that will expose           through film clips, discussion and
        you to foreign policy issues and          short films. Popcorn will be available.
        challenges. Instructor: Nick Gazett.
                                                    North               3 Tuesdays
            Roosevelt        6 Wednesdays           October 9           6:00-9:00 pm
            September 26     6:30-8:00 pm                               $33

   4    fall 2012       Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
Writing: How To                           Writing: Poetry & lyrical              Writing: Using Humor
Publish Your Book                         Lyric and poetry writing can be very   in a Story
Authors can publish for less,             similar and easily go hand in hand.    Humor in a story balances out
promote and sell worldwide. A             Explore different ways to express      pain, breaks the tension, reveals
major key is to first self-publish.       yourself through different types of    the storyteller’s vulnerability, and
Agents and publishers troll author        poetry such as imagery writing, free   unites performer and audience in
blogs and websites looking for titles     verse and lyricism.                    a cathartic emotional connection.
that fit their specifications. Learn        Pratt            8 Thursdays         If humor is such a vital storytelling
about every stage of self-publishing.       September 27     6:30-8:00 pm        tool, why does it feel so difficult to
Receive an extensive resource                                $46                 create sometimes—and how do
packet to assist you throughout                                                  we incorporate it into a story that’s
the process. Instructor Sybil Smith       Writing: Telling Your                  serious, dramatic, or just not innately
is owner of The Ebook Publishers,         Personal Story                         funny? This interactive workshop will
Smith House Publishing Consultants.       Do you have a story to tell? In this   dissect types and sources of humor,
  Roosevelt          1 Tuesday            workshop, we’ll begin by generating    and give participants practice in a
  October 2          6:30-8:30 pm         material using a simple technique of   range of methods to “funny up”
                     $15                  spontaneous writing, then examine      sections of their stories—finished,
                                          writings of published authors and      unfinished or just begun. Taught by
Writing: How To                           discuss how to add sensory detail.     local writer, actor, and storyteller
Publish Your Ebook                        Students will keep a notebook,         Amy Salloway.
It is predicted that ebooks will          to help shape the material with          Jefferson          1 Wednesday
outsell traditional books by              characters and dialogue to create a      November 14        6:00-9:00 pm
                                          short story. It can be based on your                        $19
2016. The popularity of ebooks is
soaring—good news for the author          life experiences or entirely made
and small publisher. Find out how to      up. All levels of writers welcome.     Want to Teach?
turn your manuscript into an ebook.       You don’t have to already be a         If you have knowledge, ideas
Topics include royalty rates, costs,      writer; just show up with a pen and    or passions that you would like
processes, formats, promotion,            a notebook and a willingness to find   to share with others, consider
sales, and the latest in e-reader         your own words.                        teaching a community education
devices, software, and technology.          Henry            6 Wednesdays        class. Call us at 612.668.3939
Instructor Sybil Smith is owner of          October 10       6:30-8:30 pm        or visit mplscommunityed.com
The Ebook Publishers, Smith House                            $40                 for more information.
Publishing Consultants.
  Roosevelt          1 Tuesday
  October 23         6:30-8:30 pm

Writing: Memoir & Narrative
Writing about your own life can be
rewarding and satisfying. This all-
levels class includes exercises and
discussions on finding the heart of
your personal story, deciding what
needs to be told, compressing time,
honoring your specific voice, and
adding humor to the stories that are
hard to write. Bring a notebook and
pen for in-class writing time. Taught
by local writer, actor, and storyteller
Amy Salloway.
  Jefferson          6 Wednesdays
  September 26       7:00-9:00 pm

There are no classes on
November 22 or 23.

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Languages                                                                                  french 1
                                                                                           Going on a trip to France or do you
                                                                                           just want to have fun learning a
                                                                                           new language? You will learn basic
                                                                                           phrases and grammar in a relaxed
                                                                                           atmosphere. Emphasis will be on
                                                                                           verbal interaction and pronunciation
                                                                                           while exploring culture along the
                                                                                           way. Instructor: Krista Moyer.
                                                                                             Roosevelt          6 Mondays
                                                                                             September 24       7:05-9:00 pm

                                                                                           french 2
                                                                                           For students who have taken beginning

        languages                                  Chinese 2: Mandarin
                                                   Work on your skills and increase
                                                   your knowledge of this ancient
                                                                                           French or have an elementary
                                                                                           knowledge of the language.
                                                                                             Roosevelt          10 Tuesdays
                                                   language. Students should have            September 25       6:30-8:30 pm
        Chinese 1: Mandarin
                                                   taken Chinese 1 or speak some             No class Nov 6, 20 $70
        Learn some Mandarin! We will
                                                   Chinese. Instructor: Li Hua Sung.
        cover basics of the sounds, tones,                                                   Northeast          8 Tuesdays
        characters, and concepts of the              Northeast         6 Thursdays
                                                     October 4         6:30-8:30 pm          September 25       7:30-8:50 pm
        language. You will learn how to                                $50                                      $58
        introduce yourself to speak and
        use common and polite greetings,
                                                   farsi 1                                 french 3: Conversation
        phrases, numbers, language skills
                                                   Enjoy an introduction to the poetic     This course will focus on developing
        for your upcoming trip and more.
                                                   language of Farsi, the official         spoken competence of the concepts
        As language cannot be separated
                                                   language of Iran and Afghanistan.       learned in French 1 and 2. We will
        from culture, you will certainly learn
                                                   Learn about basic, everyday spoken      primarily work on becoming fluent
        some aspects of Chinese culture and
                                                   Farsi including days, greetings, and    in the usage of the present and
        thought in this class.
                                                   practical conversation. You will also   past tenses. You will acquire a
            Northeast           6 Wednesdays                                               large vocabulary through student
            October 3           6:30-8:30 pm       learn how to write the alphabet and
                                                   say simple sentences. This is a great   presentations, authentic texts and
                                                   class for those who would like an       debates in class. Class is taught
            Hale                5 Thursdays        introduction to this Indo-European      primarily in French. Instructor: Krista
            October 25          6:00-8:30 pm       language. Instructor: Kumars Toosi.     Moyer.
            No class Nov 22     $40                                                          Roosevelt          10 Wednesdays
                                                     Pratt             6 Saturdays
                                                     September 29      9:00-10:15 am         September 26       6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                       $40                   No class Nov 21    $70
            Which Class level
            Should I Take?                         french 1                                french: Basic Refresher
            Community Education classes are        Learn French the fun way! Learning      This course is designed as a grammar
            organized by levels, 1 through 5.      a new language does not have to         refresher for people who have
            If you are new to a subject or it      be intimidating or tedious. This        previously studied French. It will
            has been a number of years since       class is designed for beginners with    cover the concepts of French 1 and 2
            you last studied, start with a class   emphasis on verbal interactions and     at an accelerated pace. Grammatical
            followed by “1.” If you’ve taken                                               concepts covered will be present
                                                   pronunciation. We will use props,
            a Community Education class                                                    tense regular and irregular verbs, the
            recently, proceed to the next level.
                                                   games, food and more! Instructor:
                                                   Ann Marie.                              two major past tenses, and additional
            Classes do not follow a standard                                               basics of French sentence structure.
            curriculum, so a Level 2 class at        Northeast         8 Tuesdays
                                                     September 25      6:00-7:20 pm
                                                                                           Some emphasis will also be given
            one site may differ from Level 2
            at another. If you have questions,                         $58                 on pronunciation improvement.
            please call the class site directly                                            Instructor: Krista Moyer.
            (See page 61 for list of sites).       Register online with a VISA or            Roosevelt          6 Mondays
                                                   MasterCard on our secure site:            September 24       5:30-7:00 pm
                                                   www.mplscommunityed.com.                                     $37

   6    fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
Italian 1                                    Sign language (aSl) 1
Gain basic skills in the most beautiful      This course is designed for people
language in the world! This course will      who have little or no knowledge
introduce you to the fundamentals of         of American Sign Language (ASL).
Italian grammar, vocabulary, usage           Material covered will include
and culture. Focus will be placed on         conversational vocabulary, finger
everyday conversations and phrases           spelling, grammatical principles and
necessary for travel. A perfect course       syntax. Information related to Deaf
for anyone considering more in-              culture will also be provided.
depth study or planning a trip to Italy.       Pratt            6 Mondays
  Pratt                6 Tuesdays              September 24     7:00-9:00 pm
  September 25         7:00-8:30 pm                             $52
                                               Jefferson        7 Tuesdays
                                               September 25     6:30-8:30 pm
Italian 2                                                       $59
This class is a continuation of Italian 1.
Perfect for those who have taken a             Edison           6 Wednesdays
beginning class and want to work               September 26     6:00-8:00 pm
on their skills.                                                $52

  Pratt                6 Wednesdays
                                                                                    Spanish 2
  September 26         7:00-8:30 pm          Somali language & Culture              Continue to build your confidence in
                       $46                   This class will offer students an      speaking and writing Spanish. You
                                             introduction to conversational         will be introduced to the preterit,
                                             Somali and a look at Somali culture.   or simple past tense of verbs, and
Polish 1
                                                                                    irregular verbs. Focus is on increasing
Immerse yourself in the basics of the          Andersen         6 Saturdays
                                               October 13       10:30 am-12:30 pm   vocabulary skills, speaking and
Polish language, culture, traditions
                                                                $46                 writing. Class is taught primarily
and grammar. Instructor: Elizabeth
                                                                                    in Spanish. Prerequisite: Students
                                                                                    should be able to conjugate regular
  Waite Park           8 Wednesdays          Spanish 1
                                                                                    AR/ER/IR verbs.
  September 26         5:45-7:15 pm          Immerse yourself in the basics
                       $58                   of Spanish language. Listen              Northeast          8 Mondays
                                                                                      September 24       7:30-8:50 pm
                                             with understanding and create                               $58
Polish 2                                     sentences while learning grammar
Join us in this very fun class where         and vocabulary. Handouts included.       Jefferson          8 Tuesdays
you will continue to expand your               Northeast        8 Mondays             September 25       7:30-9:00 pm
                                               September 24     6:00-7:20 pm                             $59
knowledge of the Polish language
and culture. Instructor: Elizabeth                              $58
                                                                                      Roosevelt          6 Wednesdays
Suszynski.                                     Roosevelt        6 Mondays             September 26       5:30-7:00 pm
  Northeast            8 Thursdays             September 24     7:05-8:35 pm          No class Oct 31    $37
  September 27         7:30-9:00 pm                             $37
                                               Jefferson        8 Tuesdays
                                                                                    Spanish 3: Conversation
                                               September 25     6:00-7:30 pm        Looking for a chance to develop
Polish 3: Conversation                                          $59                 your Spanish speaking skills?
For students who have taken                                                         Come to our conversation class!
beginning Polish or have an                                                         Learn intermediate grammar,
                                               Edison           6 Wednesdays
elementary knowledge of the                                                         vocabulary and sentence structure
                                               September 26     6:30-8:30 pm
language. The class is also for                                 $46                 while discussing interesting topics
people who speak Polish and want                                                    primarily in Spanish under the
a chance to work on their skills.                                                   guidance of a fluent speaker.
                                               Jefferson        8 Thursdays
Instructor: Elizabeth Suszynski.               September 27     6:00-7:30 pm          Roosevelt          6 Wednesdays
  Northeast            8 Thursdays                              $59                   September 26       7:05-8:30 pm
  September 27         5:45-7:15 pm                                                   No class Oct 31    $37
                       $58                     South            7 Thursdays
                                               September 27     6:30-8:30 pm          Jefferson          8 Thursdays
There are no classes on                                         $52                   September 27       7:30-9:00 pm
November 22 or 23.                                                                                       $59

www.mplscommunityed.com                                  Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Languages/Adults 55+
                   Spanish: Refresher
                   Did you take Spanish in high school
                   or college or learn beginning to
                   intermediate Spanish in another
                   setting? Enjoy an exciting experience
                   while reviewing the Spanish you
                   once knew. Designed as a refresher
                   for participants who have had basic
                   previous exposure to Spanish.
                   Handouts included. Instructor:
                   Maria-Elena Zumarraga.
                       Roosevelt         6 Mondays
                       September 24      5:30-7:00 pm
                       No class Oct 31   $37

                                                            adults 55+
                   Practice your Spanish in an informal            Classes in this section are priced at the senior rate.
                   setting. Native English speakers              UCare & MHP discounts may be applied to these classes.
                   will assist native Spanish speakers
                   in learning English. This will also
                   give you a chance to practice your       500 Card Social                           acting Improvisation 1
                   Spanish. This class is free, but a       Exercise your mind and take on            Find your individual path to
                   $5 materials fee is payable to the       your friends in a fun game of 500.        spontaneity! There is no prerequisite
                   instructor the first day of class.       Group meets the 2nd Monday of             for this class and you don’t have to
                   Registration required; please call       the month. Please call Susan at           be outgoing or “funny.” Come one,
                   612.668.4215.                            612.605.2512 for more information         come all and enjoy participating in a
                       Andersen          14 Saturdays       and to pre-register. Held at River        creatively safe environment where
                       September 8       10 am-12:30 pm     Village, 2919 Randolph St. NE.            you will be valued for just being you!
                       No class Nov 24   Free                 River Village       Mondays             Meets at the Brave New Workshop,
                                                              September 10       3:00-4:30 pm         2605 Hennepin Ave.
                                                                                 $1 at door
                   Discounts                                                                            Jefferson          7 Wednesdays
                   Metropolitan Health Plan and                                                         September 26       10 am-12 pm
                   UCARE members may deduct                 a Brief History                                                $34
                   $15 per class or trip.                   of afghanistan
                                                            Afghanistan’s strategic location along    acting Improvisation 2
                                                            the land routes between the Indian        Further explore the concepts of
                                                            subcontinent, Iran, and central Asia      improvisation through games and
                                                            has enticed conquerors throughout         scene work in this advanced class.
                                                            history. Its high mountains, although     Work on your spontaneity and increase
                                                            hindering unity, enabled hill tribes to   your self confidence in a fun and safe
                                                            preserve their independence in the        environment. Meets at the Brave New
                                                            face of numerous invasions. Come          Workshop, 2605 Hennepin Ave.
                                                            learn more about this unique and            Jefferson          7 Tuesdays
                                                            important country’s history from            September 25       10 am-12 pm
                                                            Hugh Tyndall. Call 612.668.2740                                $34
                                                            to register. Meets at The Kenwood
                                                            Apartments, 825 Summit Ave.               acting Improvisation 3
                                                              Jefferson          1 Saturday           For seasoned improvisational actors
                                                              September 22       11 am-12 pm          who want to continue developing their
                                                                                 Free                 technique with a community of fun
                                                                                                      and creative people. Meets at the Brave
                                                            Register Today!                           New Workshop, 2605 Hennepin Ave.
                                                            Register online with a VISA or              Jefferson          7 Mondays
                                                            MasterCard on our secure site:              September 24       10 am-12 pm
                                                            www.mplscommunityed.com                                        $34

        8         fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                   Adults 55+
aging in the Workforce
Join us for this interactive workshop
about the challenges of aging and
ageism in today’s workplace. Some
people want to retire and can’t;
some people want to work and can’t.                   UCare for Seniors members:
Misunderstanding and tensions may               Discounts are limited to one discount per year
exist between people of different                      for UCare for Seniors members.
generations who work together.
                                            This change is a result of guidelines issued by the Centers for
We’ll discuss the important issues         Medicare & Medicaid Services, the federal agency that regulates
as well as ideas and strategies for             this and other Medicare Advantage plans nationwide.
addressing aging in the workforce.
Presenter: Sally Brown-Convener
from the Twin Cities branch of
the National Gray Panthers. Call
612.668.1100 to register.
  Pratt             1 Wednesday
                                        Defensive Driving 55+
  October 3         6:30-8:00 pm
                                                                                Defensive Driving:
                                                                                4-Hour Refresher Class
                                                                                After the initial 8-hour course,
Bingo Social: Northeast                                                         you only need this 4-hour course
Meet your friends and neighbors                                                 every three years to renew the 10%
and play a few rounds of Bingo.                                                 discount on your auto insurance.
After Bingo is over, there will be a                                            Review your driving skills, current
coffee social until 4:00 pm. Group                                              laws and gain tips on defensive
meets the 4th Tuesday of the month.                                             driving. Discount certificate given
Please call Susan at 612.605.2512 for                                           upon completion. There will be a
more information. Held at River                                                 break so feel free to bring a bag
Village, 2919 Randolph St. NE.                                                  lunch or a snack.
  River Village     Tuesdays                                                      Waite Park       1 Thursday
  September 25      2:00-3:00 pm                                                  September 27     10 am-2:30 pm
                    $1 at door                                                                     $16

Bingo Social: Southside                 Defensive Driving:                        Roosevelt        1 Monday
Meet with friends and neighbors to      8-Hour Initial Class                      October 15       4:10-8:10 pm
play a few fun rounds of Bingo. Light   Drivers 55+ can save 10-percent
refreshments will be served from        on auto insurance by taking this          Roosevelt        1 Monday
11:00-11:15 am, and then the game       class. After the initial eight hour       October 22       4:10-8:10 pm
of Bingo will commence. There will      course, you need a four hour course                        $16
be fun prizes, but no cash will be      every three years to renew the
awarded as a prize. Socials are held    discount. Review your driving skills,     Pratt            1 Friday
the last Thursday of the month.         current laws and gain safety tips.        November 2       9 am-1 pm
Meet at McRae Park, 906 E. 47th St.     Discount certificate is given upon
  Hale              3 Thursdays         completion. No discounts.                 Northeast        1 Saturday
  September 27      11 am-12:30 pm        Roosevelt         2 Mondays             November 3       9:30 am-1:30 pm
                    $2 at door            October 1         4:10-8:10 pm                           $16
Book Club at Waite Park                                                           Henry            1 Wednesday
Book Club meets the 3rd Monday            Waite Park        1 Tue & Thu           November 7       4:30-8:30 pm
                                          October 23        10 am-2:30 pm                          $16
of every month. September’s book
is The Confession by John Grisham.                                                Waite Park       1 Thursday
Call Rita at 612.788.7587 for more        Henry             1 Mon & Wed           November 15      10 am-2:30 pm
information.                              November 12       4:30-8:30 pm                           $16
  Waite Park        Mondays                                 $18
  September 17      1:00-3:00 pm

www.mplscommunityed.com                           Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Adults 55+                                           Computer Basics 1
                                                     Get a hands-on introduction to
                                                     computers and the internet. We
                                                                                                   Exploring Poetry
                                                                                                   Take a little time and join this interactive
                                                                                                   class to (re)discover the joy of poetry!
                                                     will start with how to turn on the            Bring your favorite poems to share.
                                                     computer, use a mouse and browse              Kate Donahue will provide background
                                                     the internet. The rest of the class will      for poems presented and discussed,
                                                     focus on how to stay connected to             and will introduce various poems and
                                                     friends and family via e-mail and social      poets through audio and visual means.
                                                     networking sites. Class taught on Mac           Pratt                 6 Tuesdays
                                                     computers. Led by Dan Byhre.                    September 25          10:00-11:00 am
                                                       Jefferson            6 Wednesdays                                   $25
                                                       September 26         5:30-7:00 pm
                                                                            $30                    foreign Policy
                                                                                                   Issues Discussion
                                                     Computer Basics 2                             Through the nationwide Great
                                                     Continue developing your computer             Decisions program, learn more about
                                                     skills in this hands-on class. Class taught   vital foreign policy issues facing our
         Bridge Club                                 on Mac computers. Led by Dan Byhre.           country. Sessions feature lectures and
         Join us the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the        Jefferson            6 Wednesdays           lively discussions with local college
         month for an afternoon of competitive         September 26         7:00-8:30 pm           professors and guest speakers.
         bridge. New players are welcome;                                   $30
                                                                                                   Topics include: “Exit from Afghanistan
         basic bridge experience is desirable.                                                     and Iraq,” “Energy Geopolitics,”
         Pre-registration is required; call JoAnne   Drawing for Pleasure:                         “Indonesia,” and “State of the Oceans.”
         at 612.338.2592 to register. Meets at       2D Mixed Media                                Sponsored by Friends of the Washburn
         Audubon Park, 1320 29th Ave. NE.            Create a masterpiece! Each week,              Library and Walker Place, respectively.
             Audubon Park      Tuesdays              students will receive open-ended              To register, call 612.668.4828.
             September 11      12:00-3:00 pm         assignments to challenge their skills
                               Free                  and stretch their creative muscles in         Washburn Library, 5244 Lyndale Ave. S.
                                                     this studio-format class. Assignments           Roosevelt             4 Tuesdays
         Computers: absolutely                       are loosely tied to one or more                 October 2             1:00-2:30 pm
         Terrified of Computers?                     established/master artists to give                                    Free
         This introductory class will answer         students exposure to different work
         your questions and give you hands-          styles and the history of art. Instruction    Walker Place, 3701 Bryant Ave. S.
         on experience with computers.               focuses on the work each student                Roosevelt             4 Thursdays
         Learn basic computer concepts while         brings to class. Students are expected          October 4             2:00-3:30 pm
         working on Mac computers. Students          to work on weekly assignments in                                      Free
         will also be introduced to Internet and     preparation for the next class. Previous
         Email Basics.                               experience with instructor John Catron
                                                                                                   Health Care for Seniors
                                                     is encouraged. Basic supplies included
             Waite Park        4 Saturdays                                                         Are you or a loved one turning 65?
             September 29      10 am-12 pm           in class fee. Class held at Webber Park,
                                                                                                   How do the government programs
                               $30/$20 Srs.          4400 Dupont Ave. N.
                                                                                                   work? What are parts A, B, C and
                                                       Lind                 5 Mondays              D? What gets covered and what
                                                       September 24         10 am-12 pm
         Computers: The Very Basics                                         $36
                                                                                                   doesn’t, when to sign up and what
         This class will show you how to use the                                                   does it mean to you? Long term care,
         computer, mouse, keyboard, monitor,                                                       nursing homes, the government
         printer, create documents, organize         Discounts                                     spend down and the Partnership Act
         your workspace, use email, view and         Metropolitan Health Plan and                  will also be discussed. There will also
                                                     UCARE members may deduct                      be discussion about how the new
         send photos, surf the internet, and
                                                     $15 per class or trip.
         much more. This class is geared for                                                       Affordable Health Care for America
         adults who have not used computers                                                        Act affects seniors. Get information
         before or who need reinforcement in                                                       and the resources needed to help
         its use and enjoyment. Class held at                                                      you make your decisions. This is a
         Webber Park, 4400 Dupont Ave. N.                                                          free class, but you must pre-register.
             Lind              4 Wednesdays                                                          Henry                 1 Monday
             October 3         10:30 am-12 pm                                                        October 15            6:00-7:30 pm
                               $27                                                                                         Free

   10    fall 2012        Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                             Adults 55+
JOY Group for adults 55+
Join us once per month for a potluck
luncheon, discussion presentation
on various topics of interest, and
a chance to meet others in the
community. Blood Pressure Check
clinic also offered 12:00-12:30 pm by
an Outreach Nurse from Southeast
Seniors, a Living at Home Block
Nurse Program. Call 612.668.1100 for
more information and specific dates.
  Pratt               1 Wednesday
  October 24          12:30-2:00 pm

lunch & Classic
Movie Special
Join friends at Pepito’s Parkway
                                           Medicare aBCs & Ds                         Minneapolis History: from
Theater for lunch at 11 am followed
                                           Are you prepared to make decisions         Downtown to Tangletown
by a screening of a classic film at noon
                                           regarding your Medicare coverage           Local historian Tom Balcom will
the third Thursday of each month.
                                           when you turn 65? This class is            discuss early Minneapolis history
See To Catch A Thief on September
                                           taught by Linda Walker, a licensed         along the Minneapolis riverfront and
20, Annie Get Your Gun on October 25,
                                           social worker, who will present            how the city grew and developed its
Roman Holiday on November 15 and A
                                           unbiased information on which              south Minneapolis neighborhoods
Christmas Carol on December 20. The
                                           medical services are covered by            and parks. Tangletown will be the
cost is $12.95/person (does not include
                                           Medicare; premiums, co-insurance           featured neighborhood. Learn about
tip and beverage). Bring a friend for
                                           and deductibles; when and how              the winding streets and impressive
free! Hosted by poet and comedian,
                                           to enroll; supplemental insurance          houses of the neighborhood originally
John Flynn. Pre-register by mail or by
                                           policies; and Medicare Part D.             known as Washburn Park. Find
calling 612.668.3767 and pay for your
                                           Instructor: Linda Walker.                  out about such landmarks as the
meal at Pepito’s. Please do not send
                                             Roosevelt          1 Monday              Washburn Water Tower, the Harry
money with your registration. Meet at
                                             October 15         6:30-8:30 pm          Wild Jones House, Minnehaha Creek
Pepito’s, 4814 Chicago Ave. S.
                                                                $3                    and Parkway and the Washburn
  Hale                4 Thursdays
                                                                                      Memorial Orphan Asylum (formerly
  September 20        11 am-1:30 pm        To receive a copy of Community
                      $12.95/Person                                                   on the site of Ramsey School). To
                                           Education’s Lifelong Learning
                                                                                      register, call 612.668.4828. Class co-
                                           for Adults 55+ brochure, call
                                                                                      sponsored by and held at Washburn
Register now and make sure                 612.668.4828. We have dozens
                                                                                      Library, 5244 Lyndale Ave. S.
you get into your favorite                 of classes, travelogues, wellness
                                                                                         Roosevelt          2 Tuesdays
classes! We’re online at:                  talks and day trips for those
                                                                                         September 18       1:00-2:30 pm
www.mplscommunityed.com.                   55+ and over.                                                    Free

                                           Intergenerational Volunteer Opportunities
                                           Children and adults 50 and over have the potential to be special friends.
                                           Older adults contribute their wisdom, experience, and perspective to the
                                           relationship, while children bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Would
                                           you like to be that special adult in a child’s life—providing friendship, being
                                           a role model, and helping her/him to learn?
                                           Intergenerational volunteers work just a few hours a week in Minneapolis
                                           Public Schools, helping students with math or reading, offering
                                           encouragement and support, sharing hobbies or life experience. Training
                                           is provided and flexible schedules are available.
                                           Call us today at 612.668.3885.

www.mplscommunityed.com                                 Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment         fall 2012
Adults 55+/Armchair Travel   arm Chair Travel                                                                        Seniors On-the-Go
                                                                                                                     at Waite Park
                                                                                                                     This ongoing social group is thriving
                             NORTHEaST MINNEaPOlIS                      SOUTH MINNEaPOlIS                            and welcomes new members. Groups
                             River Village, 2919 Randolph St. NE.       Hosmer Community library,                    go on special trips once a month or
                                                                        36th St., & 4th Ave. S.                      plan events here at Waite Park. Those
                             Please pre-register by calling
                                                                        Please pre-register by calling               interested in planning or attending
                             Susan at 612.605.2512. Suggested
                                                                        612.668.2740. Suggested                      activities/events, please call Rita at
                             donation of $2 at the door.
                                                                        donation of $2 at the door.                  612.788.7587 for more information.
                                                                                                                       Waite Park        Monthly
                                                                        Murder in Siberia
                                                                        Join Lyall Schwarzkopf as he describes
                                                                        the murder of Russia’s last Czar and         Streetcar Era of
                                                                        his family, visits small Siberian villages   the Twin Cities
                                                                        and Lake Bikal (the largest freshwater       Find out the story of the Twin City
                                                                        lake in the world), shows the rise of the    Rapid Transit Company from its
                                                                        Russian Orthodox Church, and gives a         earliest days, through its heyday in
                                                                        short history of the country.                the years before and immediately
                                                                          Hosmer Library       1 Tuesday             after World War I. Discover the
                                                                          October 16           1:00-2:30 pm          reasons it eventually surrendered
                             Mongolia                                                                                to the automobile. Learn about
                             Mongolia is a land of wide open                                                         the geography of the Twin Cities
                             spaces. Join Lyall as he describes         Vietnam & the Philippines
                                                                                                                     streetcar system as well as its
                             the open landscape, the Mongolian          With Mike Smith as our guide, we will
                                                                                                                     history, operations, economics
                             people, and shows how they live in         cross into northern Vietnam through
                                                                                                                     and the rebirth of light rail. To
                             tent-like structures called “Gers.”        a remote border crossing from Laos,
                                                                                                                     register, call 612.668.4828. Class co-
                             He will also discuss the national          then travel down through the country
                                                                                                                     sponsored by and held at Washburn
                             celebration of horseracing, wrestling      on public transportation having many
                                                                                                                     Library, 5244 Lyndale Ave. S.
                             and archery, and provide a short           adventures along the way. Next, we’ll
                                                                        head to the Philippines for two weeks          Roosevelt         1 Tuesday
                             history of the country.                                                                   October 30        1:00-2:30 pm
                                                                        of exploration. Get ready for stunning                           Free
                               River Village        1 Monday
                                                                        photographs and amazing stories.
                               September 24         2:00-3:30 pm
                                                                          Hosmer Library       1 Tuesday
                                                                          November 20          1:00-2:30 pm          U.S., India & Pakistan:
                             a Tour of Great Britain                                                                 allies/adversaries
                             Join Gil D. on an exciting tour of                                                      The bumpy relationship between
                                                                        SOUTHEaST MINNEaPOlIS
                             Great Britain, through photographs.                                                     the U.S., India and Pakistan has
                             Visit London and its famous sites          Van Cleve Park, 901 15th Ave. SE             existed since the colony of India
                             and landmarks. Enjoy a tour of the         Free parking available at park.              achieved independence in 1947.
                             English countryside with stops at          Program is free. Please pre-register         Many believe that moderating the
                             Winsor Castle, Brighton and Bath.          by calling 612.668.1100.                     enmity between India and Pakistan
                               River Village        1 Monday                                                         is the key to a successful U.S. policy
                               October 22           2:00-3:30 pm        Indonesia                                    in Afghanistan. Hugh Tyndall will
                                                                        Travel to the islands of Bali, Lombok,       follow the history of these two
                             a Journey to the Holy land                 and Java where you will learn about          nuclear armed nations from India’s
                             Exploring the past, present and            the many diverse people and customs.         days as Britain’s most important
                             the people of Galilee, Bethlehem,          See the Hindu temples on the beautiful       colony through independence, the
                             Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Larry          island of Bali and the bustling streets      horrors of partition, three wars, and
                             will not only show you the sites,          of Yogyakarta. You will get a feeling        the complex and difficult situation
                             but significant people and the             for the difference between the three         which has emerged between the
                             significance of these places in biblical   islands as we bring Indonesia closer to      U.S. and Pakistan. To register, call
                             history.                                   home. Presenter: Karen Moeller. Co-          612.668.4828. Class co-sponsored
                                                                        sponsored by Van Cleve Park Seniors.         by and held at Nokomis Library, 5100
                               River Village        1 Monday
                                                                                                                     34th Ave. S.
                               November 26          2:00-3:30 pm          Pratt                1 Thursday
                                                                          October 25           10:00-11:00 am          Roosevelt         4 Wednesdays
                                                                                                                       October 24        10:30 am-12 pm

        12              fall 2012              Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                          55+ Fitness
                                                                                  Strength & Balance
                                                                                  This class incorporates various
                                                                                  exercises to increase your physical
                                                                                  stability, flexibility, and strength.
                                                                                  Various equipment will be used
                                                                                  including stretch bands, weights
                                                                                  and more. Taught by Mary Mather,
                                                                                  a certified Silver Sneakers instructor
                                                                                  and personal trainer. Meet at McRae
                                                                                  Park, 906 E. 47th St.
                                                                                    Hale                6 Thursdays
                                                                                    October 25          1:00-1:45 pm
                                                                                    No class Nov 22     $30

                                                                                  Stretch & Balance
                                                                                  Gain flexibility, strength and better
                                                                                  balance through low-impact
                                                                                  conditioning and stretches in this
                                                                                  class for stretchers of all abilities.
                                                                                  Individual adaptation will be provided
                                                                                  so you may work at your own pace.
                                                                                  Please wear comfortable clothes and
                                                                                  bring a floor mat. This is not a physical
55+ fitness                                                                       therapy class; if you have concerns,
                                                                                  please consult a medical doctor.
                                                                                  Taught by licensed instructor, Ann-
Enhancefitness                            Meditation & Self-Healing               Marie L. Sign up for both classes and
Improve your stability, bone              Meditation improves your mind,          receive a $5 discount. Call 612.668.1590
density, endurance, coordination          body, and spirit. Practice meditation   to register with the discount.
and mental sharpness. Focused             techniques including breathing,
                                                                                    Waite Park          8 Wednesdays
exercises work on stretching,             chanting and more. Learn                  September 26        1:00-2:00 pm
flexibility, balance, low impact          techniques to improve your physical                           $32
aerobics, and strength training. A        health through healing too. This
Certified fitness instructor will offer   class is conducted in a comfortable       Waite Park          4 Mondays
personal attention while you work         setting. Taught by Lorry Alexander.       October 22          1:00-2:00 pm
to improve your overall health and                                                                      $20
                                            Hale              6 Wednesdays
well-being. Offered in collaboration        October 24        3:45-4:30 pm
with UCare. No charge for UCare             No class Nov 21   $30                 Tai Chi Basics
for Seniors members. Students                                                     This ancient Chinese art will keep
can attend either/both Tuesday or         Seniors Staying fit!                    you healthy by improving your range
Thursday. Pre-register by calling:        Stay fit with easy chair aerobics and   of motion with gentle movements
612.668.2051. Two sections offered.       simple standing, low impact moves       and breathing exercises. Learn
                                          in this energetic and fun class. Do     White Crane spreads its wings, Wave
Bremer Way, 3232 Fremont Ave. N.                                                  hands like clouds, Wild horse flicks it’s
                                          what you can, no matter your fitness
  Lind               10 Tue & Thu         level. Enjoy resistance training and    mane, Needle at the sea bottom, and
  September 25       12:45-1:45 pm                                                other sections of the 24 Short form.
                                          stretching to music. Improve your
                                          posture, bone density, balance and      Everyone is welcome! Bring a pair of
                                          joint mobility, and activate smiling    soft-soled shoes to wear or stocking
Shingle Creek Commons,                    muscles! Certified instructor: Sara     feet to keep the floors clean; no
4600 Humboldt Ave. N.                     Tufvesson-Doure.                        outdoor shoes or boots please. Call
  Lind               10 Tue & Thu           Pratt             8 Tuesdays
                                                                                  612.333.8635 for directions. Classes are
  September 25       2:00-3:00 pm           September 25      8:30-9:30 am        held at the Movement Arts Center, 2211
                     $20                    No class Nov 6    $30                 E. Franklin Ave.
                                                                                    South               7 Fridays
Register online with a VISA or              Pratt             8 Thursdays           October 5           10:30-11:30 am
MasterCard on our secure site:              September 27      8:30-9:30 am                              $24
www.mplscommunityed.com                                       $30

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment        fall 2012
55+ Fitness/55+ Health Talks
                           Pratt Social &
                           Health Talks
                                                                                                              Yoga: Gentle 1
                                                                                                              Discover the healing and
                                                                                                              transforming power of gentle yoga.
                                                                                                              This class will focus on moving with
                           To register, call 612.668.1100.                                                    breath in a restorative format as
                                                                                                              well as incorporate meditation to
                           Co-sponsored with Southeast Seniors, a
                                                                                                              enhance peace of mind. Simple
                           Living at Home Block Nurse Program.
                                                                                                              props such as a chair can be used
                                                                                                              as means of support, which may
                           foot Care: Take a Step in                                                          improve your experience and
                           the Right Direction                                                                comfort. Be prepared to breathe,
                           Learn simple steps for keeping                                                     move, and discover new things
                           your feet healthy for a lifetime                                                   about yourself. Students should
                           of mobility. Michael Bowen, RN,                                                    bring a yoga mat, a towel and a
                           Healing Touch Practitioner will                                                    bottle of water. Wear loose-fitting
                           discuss potential foot problems and       Tai Chi 2                                clothing that allows you to move
                           solutions, selecting shoes, diabetes      This Chinese-style Yoga can be done      comfortably. Meet at Webber Park,
                           foot care tips, and the power of          seated or standing. Five gentle          4400 Dupont Ave. N.
                           healing touch foot massage.               movements, are used along with             Lind               8 Wednesdays
                               Pratt             1 Friday            breath work, self-applied massage          September 26       10:30-11:30 am
                               November 2        2:00-3:00 pm        and mindful visualization. Many                               $30
                                                 $5                  positive health benefits can be
                                                                     felt immediately, and it is safe         Yoga: Gentle 1—Mixed level
                           The Benefits of laughter/                 and tolerable, even for those with       Gentle yoga promotes good health.
                           Power of laughter                         arthritis or other chronic conditions.   The benefits include increased
                           Laughter is "The Best Medicine."          Taught by Jean Jentz, a physical         flexibility, circulation, relaxation,
                           Come join us as we learn the art of       therapist. Meets in the Pates Hall,      and muscle strength. The instructor
                           relaxation and experience genuine         lower level of the Our Lady of Peace     will adapt movements for differing
                           belly laughing simultaneously while       Church, 5426 12th Ave. S.                ability levels. This class is conducted
                           discovering ways to have fun! No            Hale              9 Mondays            in a comfortable setting. Class held
                           acting or comedy training is required,      October 1         9:45-10:45 am        at the Kenwood Apartments, 825
                           just come prepared to laugh and                               $38                  Summit Ave.
                           experience fun! Class is free but                                                    Jefferson          6 Saturdays
                           you must register. Instructor: Barb       Tai Chi & Qi Gong                          September 29       10:00-11:00 am
                           Smith. Co-sponsored by Van Cleve          Improve flexibility and balance                               $25
                           Park Seniors. Held at Van Cleve Park,     using Sun Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong
                           901 15th Ave. SE, Mpls.                   exercises. Originally developed          Yoga: Vinyasa Slow flow
                               Pratt             1 Thursday          for people with arthritis, this          Slow Flow Vinyasa is a style of yoga
                               November 29       10:00-11:00 am      program can be used by young             that places emphasis on movement
                                                 Free                people and older adults alike.           in coordination with breath. Learn
                                                                     Learn a 12 movement form to              about proper alignment in asana
                                                                     gain better control of your health       (pose) and the use of breath
                                                                     and improve your quality of life.        (pranayama). Move through sun
                                                                     We’ll explore advanced moves and         salutations and hold basic asana
                                                                     other Tai Chi forms if time permits.     (poses) for a longer period of time.
                                                                     Pre-registration required for the        Majority of poses are done standing
                                                                     Practice Sessions.                       or lying on a yoga mat. Must be
                                                                       Waite Park        6 Tuesdays           able to get up and down from
                                                                       September 25      1:00-2:30 pm         floor position easily. No experience
                                                                                         $33                  necessary. Meet at Webber Park,
                                                                                                              4400 Dupont Ave. N.
                                                                     Practice Sessions                          Lind               8 Wednesdays
                                                                       Waite Park        4 Saturdays            September 26       12:00-1:00 pm
                                                                       October 6         10:00-11:30 am                            $30

        14               fall 2012           Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                            55+ Health & Wellness Talks
North Community Health Chats
Bremer Way Condominiums,                  Spices & Herbs for
3232 Fremont Ave. N.                      Healthy Cooking
                                          Seasoning with herbs and spices
To register, call 612.668.2051.           can be a healthy, low-sodium way to
Suggested donation of $1 at door.         enhance the flavor of most dishes.
Blood pressure screenings available       Join this discussion to learn about
from 1-1:30 pm.                           what spices combine with which
                                          foods to help you enjoy a tastier and
Sponsored by Minneapolis Community        healthier meal at home.
Education & Bremer Way.                     Bremer Way         1 Monday
                                            November 12        1:30-2:30 pm
Joint Replacement:
What to Expect
Have you thought about joint                 Shingle Creek Commons Programs
replacement or been told that you
may need it someday? Separating fact         Shingle Creek Commons, 4600 Humboldt Ave. N.
from fiction can be challenging. Learn       Please pre-register by calling 612.668.2051.
about the latest techniques used in          Sponsored by Minneapolis Community Education & Shingle Creek Commons.
surgery and what to expect during
recovery from a health professional.
  Bremer Way         1 Monday                Think Positive, Breathe
  September 10       1:30-2:30 pm            Deeply, Be Healthy
                                             Our thoughts and breathing
Milestones in MN History:                    patterns can directly influence our
                                             physical health. Join Kayla Leiser,
1960s—Tumultuous Times
                                             Exercise Physiologist, to learn
Historian Iric Nathanson will make
                                             some tips about redirecting your
history come alive as he discusses
                                             thoughts to experience more joy
the death of John F. Kennedy and
                                             and peace in your life. She will
its devastating effect on our country.
                                             also share and have you practice
He will also discuss Minnesota’s
                                             some breathing techniques used to
own Hubert Humphrey as a major
                                             calm your mind and enhance your
player in National politics. While
                                             physical well-being.
the Vietnam War heats up as does
the backlash at home, there is a               Shingle Creek      1 Thursday
corresponding massive transition in            October 4          10:00-11:00 am      Writing with Wendy: Tea,
                                                                  $1 at door          Cookies & Creative Writing
popular culture. Civil rights and anti-
war protests define this complicated                                                  In this casual gathering, we will share
                                             Cooking & Eating Healthy                 contemporary relevant poetry and
decade. Join us for this journey
                                             Made Simple                              do some simple writing exercises.
through a key part of history and its
                                             Join us to learn more about foods        You can participate as a writer or
impact on life today.
                                             that are affordable, nutritious, tasty   a listener. Please bring a notebook
  Bremer Way         1 Monday                and easy to prepare when you are
  October 8          1:30-2:30 pm                                                     or journal and a writing tool of
                                             cooking for one or two. A staff          your choice. All levels of writers
                                             member from Eastside Food Co-op,         welcome! Feel free to bring your
                                             will discuss purchasing and preparing    curiosity. This class is underwritten
                                             a variety of foods. Learn what to do     in part by a grant to Wendy Brown-
                                             so you don’t end up with food you        Baez, fiscal year 2012 recipient of
                                             can’t use up. Enjoy samples of some      an Artist Initiative grant from the
                                             tasty and healthy foods.                 Minnesota State Arts Board.
                                               Shingle Creek      1 Thursday            Shingle Creek       4 Mondays
                                               November 15        10:00-11:00 am        October 15          1:00-3:00 pm
                                                                  $1 at door                                $5

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment           fall 2012
55+ Health & Wellness Talks
                          Coffee Talks
                                                                   Senior Social & Health Talks
                                                                   Holy Trinity lutheran Church,
                                                                   2730 E. 31st St., 2nd floor Community Room
                          Sabathani Community Center
                                                                   Please pre-register by calling 612.668.3767.
                          310 E. 38th St., Room 106
                                                                   Suggested donation of $1 at door.
                          Sponsored by Minneapolis Public
                          Schools Community Education              Sponsored by Longfellow/Seward Healthy Seniors, Minneapolis Community
                          and Sabathani Senior Center.             Education and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

                          Sessions are free. To register,          When Do I Stop Driving?                     aging Well… from the
                          call 612.821.2306.                       Driving demands quick reaction time         Perspective of Those Who are
                                                                   and fast decision-making. Deciding          Lori Campbell, Gerontologist, M.S. and
                          Stay financially fit                     when it is time to stop driving can be      founder of Generation Age Potential
                          Learn about staying on top of your       difficult, but dealing with the issue       (Gen AP) will speak on five themes
                          finances. Presenter Suzy Wheeler         early-on can help ease the transition.      that centenarians have identified as
                          is an Education Specialist with          A speaker from the Alzheimer’s              helping them to maintain health and
                          Family Means/Consumer Credit             Association will help us approach this      function into old age. Learn to be your
                          Counseling Service, a non-profit         tough but important topic.                  own creative force to age well and live
                          financial counseling agency. She will      Trinity             1 Tuesday             to your life/health potential.
                          discuss personal budgeting, making         September 18        10:30-11:30 am          Trinity            1 Tuesday
                          a spending plan that works for you                                                     November 20        10:30-11:30 am
                          and tips for living within your means.   Genealogy Can Be fun!
                              Sabathani        1 Thursday          Dr. Stephanie Branson will assist you in
                                                                                                               Holiday Celebration
                              September 13     10:30-11:30 am      finding your roots, as well as leaving a
                                                                                                               Celebrate the season with old
                                                                   trace of yourself for future generations.
                                                                                                               friends and new! Enjoy a musical
                                                                   Basic methods for online and snail-mail
                          Brown Bag analysis of                                                                performance, lunch and door prizes.
                                                                   searches will be explained, and you will
                          Medications & Supplements                                                              Trinity            1 Tuesday
                                                                   have the opportunity to begin your
                          Pharmacy students from the                                                             December 18        10:30-11:30 am
                          University of MN will provide an         own family tree.
                          analysis of your medications and           Trinity             1 Tuesday             There are no classes on
                          supplements. Bring your medications        October 16          10:30-11:30 am        November 22 or 23.
                          and supplements in a bag or a list of
                          your prescriptions, over the counter
                          drugs and vitamin supplements for
                          your personal assessment. You will
                          also receive information on how to
                          correctly dispose of unused or expired
                          medications. Call 612.821.2306 to
                          schedule your appointment.
                              Sabathani        1 Thursday
                              October 11       10 am-12 pm

                          Demystifying Hearing
                          loss & Hearing aids
                          Is it getting hard for you to hear the
                          television or ringing phone? Do you
                          need friends and family to speak
                          louder? Learn more about hearing
                          loss and resources available to help
                          you hear better from Mary Bauer,
                          Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant
                          with the State of Minnesota.
                              Sabathani        1 Thursday
                              November 8       10:30-11:30 am

        16              fall 2012          Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                             55+ Health Talks/Trips & Tours
Wellness at                              55+ Trips & Tours
River Village                            To register, call 612.668.4828. No senior discounts.
River Village,
                                         a Christmas Carol at
2919 Randolph St. NE
                                         the Guthrie Theater
Call 612.605.2512 to register.           This perennial favorite continues
Sessions are $1 at the door.             the Guthrie’s holiday tradition for
                                         the 38th year. Reserved seats are
Sponsored by River Village &             on the side of the theater. Transpor-
Minneapolis Community Education.         tation is on your own. Meet at the
                                         Guthrie Theater, 818 2nd St. South.
living Greener                             1 Thursday          November 29
Learn about reducing toxic                 12:45-3:30 pm       $23
chemicals in your home and making
an effective and environmentally         appomattox at the
friendly all purpose cleaner. Find out   Guthrie Theater                             astronomy Under
about the latest guidelines on what      This new play bridges the final week        the Night Sky
can be recycled and how you can          of the Civil War in 1865 in Appomat-        Join astronomer Paul Fusco on a
reduce junk mail. Speaker is Angie       tox, Virginia—as Robert E. Lee and          journey through the late winter sky.
Timmons, Environmental Educator          Ulysses S. Grant attempt to set the         Peer through a powerful telescope
with Hennepin County.                    country on a hopeful course—with            to view deep sky objects and fall
  River Village     1 Monday             the American civil rights movement          constellations. Bring your digital
  September 10      2:00-3:00 pm         and the 1965 death of protestor             camera and take a photo through
                                         Jimmie Lee Jackson, confronting             a telescope. Rain date: Friday,
Joint Replacement                        the fact that the root cause of the         November 16. Refreshments
Have you thought about joint             Civil War was still an issue that di-       provided. Pre-registration is required.
replacement or been told you may         vided the American soul 100 years           Transportation is on your own. Meets
need it someday? Separating fact         later. Reserved seats are on the side       at North Mississippi Regional Park, 4900
from fiction and the past from           of the theater. Transportation is on        Mississippi Ct., (49th Ave. N. and I-94).
present advancements can be              your own. Meet at the Guthrie The-            Lind                1 Wednesday
challenging. A Physical Therapist and    ater, 818 2nd St. S.                          November 14         6:30-9:00 pm
a Social Worker from Extendicare                                                                           $5
                                           1 Wednesday         October 31
will provide you with information          12:45-3:30 pm       $17
about what’s available today and                                                     Catch Me if You Can
what to expect with recovery.            art in Nature                               at the Orpheum
  River Village     1 Monday             Design your own work of art                 Based on the hit film, this enter-
  October 8         2:00-3:00 pm         using natural materials. Join a             taining Broadway musical tells the
                                         naturalist to gather materials from         story of a teenager who runs away
The Mind-Body Connection                 forest and prairie, then fashion a          in search of the glamorous life. With
Stress plays a large role in illness     creation under the guidance of              nothing more than his boyish charm,
and personal well-being. Learn           an art educator. Refreshments               a big imagination and millions of dol-
how you can decrease your stress         provided. Pre-registration is required.     lars in forged checks, he successfully
and practice simple relaxation skills    Transportation is on your own. Meets        poses as a pilot, a doctor and a law-
that you can use on your own.            at North Mississippi Regional Park, 4900    yer—living the high life and winning
Instructor: Mary Ann Schoenberger        Mississippi Ct., (49th Ave. N. and I-94).   the girl of his dreams. But when his
from Volunteers of America.                                                          lies catch the attention of the FBI,
                                           Lind                1 Tuesday
                                           October 23          10 am-12 pm           something unexpected is found. Re-
  River Village     1 Monday
  November 12       2:00-3:00 pm                               $5                    served seats are toward the back on
                                                                                     the main floor. Transportation is on
Register Today!                                                                      your own. Meet in the lobby of the
                                                                                     Orpheum Theatre, 910 Hennepin Ave.
Register now and make sure
                                                                                       1 Saturday          December 15
you get into your favorite
                                                                                       1:45-4:30 pm        $32
classes! We’re online at:

www.mplscommunityed.com                             Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment             fall 2012
55+ Trips & Tours
                fall Colors Taylors falls
                Boat Cruise
                Enjoy the fall colors onboard an au-
                                                            Holiday Dinner at lake
                                                            Nokomis Community Center
                                                            Come and enjoy a festive holiday din-
                                                                                                      Concerts at
                                                                                                      River Village
                thentic paddlewheel river boat. The         ner. Doors open at 12 pm for punch
                river boat pilot will point out unique      and social. A delicious meal will be      River Village,
                rock formations and highlight the his-      followed by entertainment from the        2919 Randolph St. NE
                tory of the St. Croix River Valley. A de-   Minneapolis Southside Singers. Com-
                licious on-board lunch features baked       plete the afternoon with a drawing        These concerts are free. For more
                chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw,         for fun door prizes. Co-sponsored by      information, please call Susan at
                baked beans, rolls, brownie and bever-      and held at Lake Nokomis Community        612.605.2512.
                age. Stop at Pleasant Valley Apple Or-      Center, 2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy.
                chard on the way home. Price includes         1 Thursday         December 13
                coach bus transportation, boat tour,                                                  Concert 1: lynn Brownell
                                                              12:00-2:15 pm      $8
                lunch, tax and gratuity.                                                              Ly n n B r o w n e l l w a s b o r n i n
                                                                                                      Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the age
                    1 Friday          October 5             long Day’s Journey into                   of four she began playing piano by
                    9 am-4 pm         $47                   Night at the Guthrie                      ear and singing. She was in chorus
                                                            This Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-       and choirs for 11 years, including All-
                GPS for adults                              winning family drama is considered        City Chorus in elementary school.
                Learn how to use a hand-held GPS            one of the greatest plays written by      In 1980, Lynn began to perform
                unit for finding your way. We’ll discuss    an American playwright. Like most         professionally in the Twin Cities, and
                how GPS operates and different ways         American families, the Tyrones have       did so until relocating to New York
                it can be used, then hit the trail for      experienced highs and lows in life—       in 1999 to continue performing for 7
                some hands-on experience. Dress for         from fame and financial success to        years. She is currently performing in
                the outdoors: we won’t necessarily be       illness and loss. Yet in the course of    the Twin Cities and around the world.
                on the trail! Refreshments provided.        one day in their seaside Connecticut
                                                                                                        River Village       1 Friday
                Transportation is on your own. Pre-         home, their familial bond begins to         September 14        2:00-3:00 pm
                registration is required. Meet at           unravel, and the family members con-
                North Mississippi Regional Park, 4900       front their demons in a final effort to
                Mississippi Ct., (49th Ave. N. and I-94).   save their family. Reserved seats are     Concert 2:
                    1 Tuesday         November 27           on the side of the theater. Transpor-     James Kellerman
                    10 am-12 pm       $5                    tation is on your own. Meet at the        James creates a lively and interactive
                                                            Guthrie Theater, 818 2nd St. S.           show. The performance features a
                                                                                                      professional sound system perfect
                                                              1 Wednesday        January 30
                                                              12:45-3:30 pm      $17                  for most room sizes. As a “one
                                                                                                      man band,” James has invested
                                                            Stories of the                            in creating the highest quality
                    Pick-up points for                                                                recorded background tracks, using
                                                            Mississippi River
                    adults 55+ Trips:                       Join Three Rivers Park Historian,         only acoustic live performers (no
                                                            Bill Walker, as he takes you on a         synthesizers). When James adds his
                    Dowling School
                                                            journey through time. Listen to a         32 years of professional performing
                    3900 W. River Pkwy.
                                                            fascinating talk on how the river         experience on clarinet, sax, flute, and
                    Hawthorne Transit Station               connected people and impacted             vocals, people immediately begin
                    31 N. 9th St.                           their lives before railroads and roads    singing along, tapping toes and
                                                            were developed. Then, take a stroll       dancing to the music.
                    Northeast Middle School                                                             River Village       1 Friday
                                                            along the river and search for hints
                    2955 Hayes Street NE                                                                October 5           2:00-3:00 pm
                                                            of those who used the river in past
                    Olson Middle School                     centuries. Refreshments provided.
                    1607 51st Ave. N                        Pre-registration is required.             Concert 3:
                                                            Transportation is on your own.            North Suburban Chorus
                    Parker Skyview Highrise                 Meet at North Mississippi Regional        Join us as the North Suburban
                    1815 Central Ave. NE                    Park, 4900 Mississippi Ct., (49th Ave.    Chorus of Roseville entertains us
                                                            N. and I-94).                             with songs.
                    Windom School
                    5821 Wentworth Ave. S                     1 Tuesday          September 25           River Village       1 Friday
                                                              10 am-12 pm        $5                     November 9          2:00-3:00 pm

     18        fall 2012          Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                    Painting: Oil Painting 1
                                                                                    This class is for the artist who
                                                                                    already has drawing experience,
                                                                                    and feels ready for “the next level.”
                                                                                    Class covers value, color theory,
                                                                                    composition and perspective. In
                                                                                    this studio class, the instructor
                                                                                    encourages interaction and input
                                                                                    among students. Follow where
                                                                                    your own creative problem-solving
                                                                                    skills lead. Supplies are needed for
                                                                                    classes, please call site or see list
                                                                                      South              5 Thursdays

arts                                       Minneapolis Institute of art:              October 4          6:00-8:30 pm
                                           five Important Questions                                      $54
                                           When you go to a museum do you
Calligraphy 1                              sometimes look at a piece of art         Painting: Watercolor 1
Learn the art of beautiful lettering!      and wonder what makes it art, and        A fun and fluid medium, watercolor
We will study informal Italic for          why is the piece in the museum?          can bring about light and colorful
creating cards, invitations and            Minneapolis Community Education          paintings. Using demonstrations
gifts. Judith Michalski has been a         is sponsoring this class at the          to show examples of different
lettering artist 30+ years and has         Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA)      watercolor techniques, you will
taught for 10 years. She has taken         to help a viewer “unpack” and make       learn the foundation skills needed
classes from master calligraphers,         meaning of a work of art. Mary           for working with watercolors.
including Donald Jackson, who is the       Jo Thompson will lead the group          Techniques include: layering colors,
calligrapher to HRH Elizabeth II and       through an invigorating exploration      painting wet on wet, creating detail
is currently hand lettering the bible      with five easy questions. Then, the      and texture, creating contrast and
for St. John’s University. Instructor      group will together create a shared      using masking fluid. Students will
collects a $19 supply fee.                 response to the art. Class meets in      create several paintings by the end
  South              6 Thursdays           the lobby at the MIA, 2400 3rd Ave. S.   of this class. Instructor: Beth Rapatz.
  September 27       6:45-8:45 pm            Edison            1 Thursday             Edison             4 Wednesdays
                     $46                     October 11        6:30-8:30 pm           September 26       7:00-9:00 pm
                                                               $5                                        $40
Drawing 1
Express yourself through drawing!          Mosaics                                  Painting: Watercolor 1 & 2
Learn the fundamentals of drawing,         Create a decorative bird bath,           This is a fun and relaxed class
explore line qualities, compositional      mirror, table, serving tray, flower      where watercolor painters come
arrangement, shading and high-             pot or other item of your choosing.      together to paint. You will learn
lighting. You’ll render drawings from      Teacher will show examples, get          about color, basic visual elements
observation and imagination, using         you started on a project during          and composition while critiques and
various drawing tools. Supplies are        the first class, and provide a list      discussion provide added insight on
needed for first class, please call site   of supplies for you to purchase          ways to improve your art. Beginning
or see list online.                        ($30 more or less depending on           and experienced students are
  South              5 Tuesdays            the project you choose). Some            welcome. Bring a student water
  September 25       6:00-8:30 pm          supplies are available for purchase      color set, watercolor pad, brush
                     $54                   from instructor. The instructor is       and a plastic container for water.
                                           Margaret Hest.                           Instructor: Deb Monaghan.
Drawing: Cartooning                          South             4 Wednesdays           Roosevelt          6 Tuesdays
Do you like the funnies? Do you have         October 24        7:00-9:00 pm           September 25       7:00-9:00 pm
                                                               $40                                       $46
ideas for your own characters? Learn
how to draw cartoons with cartoon
artist Ed Gunyo.                           Register Today!
  Hale               2 Thursdays           Register now and make sure you get into your favorite classes!
  November 1         6:00-7:30 pm          We’re online at: www.mplscommunityed.com.

www.mplscommunityed.com                                Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment        fall 2012
Arts                                                                                     Stained Glass 1
                                                                                         Learn the basic techniques of
                                                                                         making stained glass projects. The
                                                                                         first night of class will be discussion
                                                                                         of tool and pattern selection for
                                                                                         class projects. Bring notebook and
                                                                                         pen to first class. Instructor: Rita
                                                                                           Northeast          5 Mondays
                                                                                           October 8          6:30-8:30 pm

                                                                                         Stained Glass 1
                                                                                         Make a panel using a design from
                                                                                         the choice of patterns available at
      Pottery 1                               Pottery: Wheel Throwing 1
                                                                                         the studio. Panels are constructed
      Introduction to methods of hand         Learn how to throw stoneware and
                                                                                         using the copper foil technique.
      building, throwing pots on the          glazing techniques. Individual and
                                                                                         Tools needed: glass cutter, grozing
      wheel, glazing and firing. Limited      group instruction provided. Students
                                                                                         pliers, running pliers, safety glasses,
      wheel time. No open studio time.        will be called to pick up their finished
                                                                                         soldering iron, plus iron holder. Tool
      Bring an old hand towel. Price          pieces 1-2 weeks after the last class.
                                                                                         kit available for $120. Additional
      includes a supply fee.                  The fee includes most supply fees.
                                                                                         supplies are needed each week
        Waite Park        7 Mondays           Wear old clothes and bring a towel
                                                                                         (est. cost: $80). Please purchase
        September 24      6:30-8:30 pm        or apron. Wheels are electric or kick.
                                                                                         tool kit and glass prior to first night
                          $75/$55 Srs.        Taught by David Olson. No discounts.
                                                                                         of class. Call 612.721.9553 for more
                                                South               6 Thursdays
        Waite Park        7 Tuesdays                                                     information. Instructors: John and
                                                September 27        7:00-9:00 pm
        September 25      12:30-2:30 pm
                                                No class Nov 1      $70
                                                                                         Sandy Zoi. Meets at Glass Endeavors,
        No class Nov 6    $75/$55 Srs.                                                   2716 E. 31st St.
                                                                                           Roosevelt          4 Tuesdays
                                              Printmaking: Block                           October 2          6:00-8:30 pm
      Pottery Studio
                                              Linoleum and woodcut printing may                               $35
      This is an open studio to adults
                                              be done with a minimal collection of
      wishing to explore the possibilities
                                              tools and supplies, and the results
      of clay. No teaching provided. There                                               Stained Glass 2:
                                              are simple yet elegant. Here’s an
      are 10 wheels and lots of table space                                              Making a leaded Window
                                              opportunity to design and print your
      for those wishing to create in the                                                 Learn how to construct stained glass
                                              own work of art on greeting cards.
      ancient ways. Price includes 12.5                                                  windows using lead came and zinc.
                                              Please come to the first class with
      lbs of clay, glazes and firing. Wear                                               We discuss reinforcement using
                                              some ideas on what you want to
      old clothes and bring a towel or                                                   re-bar and appropriate designs
                                              print. Instructor: Mag Hest.
      apron. No work taller than 12". No                                                 for leaded windows. You will need
      discounts.                                South               2 Wednesdays
                                                                                         an 80 watt or greater soldering
                                                November 7          7:00-9:00 pm
        South             6 Tuesdays                                $25                  iron, lead cutter, glass cutting and
        September 25      7:00-9:00 pm                                                   breaking tools and glass supplies for
        No class Oct 30   $70                                                            your window. Call 612.721.9553 for
                                              Printmaking:                               more information. Instructors: John
                                              Screenprinting & Woodblock                 and Sandy Zoi. Participants need
      Discounts                               Create your own designs and                to have completed Stained Glass
      Metropolitan Health Plan and            transfer them to paper, fabric and/        1 before taking this class. Meets at
      UCARE members may deduct                or clothing through the process
      $15 per class or trip.                                                             Glass Endeavors, 2716 E. 31st St.
                                              of screenprinting. $6 materials fee
                                                                                           Roosevelt          4 Saturdays
                                              included in cost of class.                   October 6          10:30 am-1 pm
                                                Jefferson           6 Tuesdays                                $35
                                                September 25        6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                    $49                  Register now and make sure
                                                                                         you get into your favorite
                                                Jefferson           6 Thursdays
                                                September 27        6:30–8:30 pm
                                                                                         classes! We’re online at:
                                                                    $49                  www.mplscommunityed.com.

 20   fall 2012      Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                   Learn how to use flash technology
                                                                                   in this hands on class. Try out
                                                                                   advanced flash equipment on and
                                                                                   off your camera, courtesy of West
                                                                                   Photo. Ideal for students who want
                                                                                   to expand their flash photography
                                                                                   knowledge and skills. Please bring
                                                                                   your digital SLR camera and manual
                                                                                   to class. Instructor: Kyle Krohn.
                                                                                     Jefferson         4 Wednesdays
                                                                                     September 26      7:00-9:00 pm

Photography                                                                        High School Senior Portraits
                                                                                   For the photographer interested
                                                                                   in the High School Senior portrait
Capturing fall Colors                     Digital SlR 1 with Projects              market. This class will cover the
Learn how to take stunning fall color     Learn to improve the composition         ins and outs of High School Senior
photographs! Subjects covered will        and quality of your photographs          photography. Instructor: Gil Dignen.
include the use of filters, tripods       in this introductory class. We will        Jefferson         3 Thursdays
and other accessories to create           cover the fundamentals of SLR              November 29       7:00-9:00 pm
stunning fall photos. This will be a      photography including: ASA/ISO,                              $37
hands on outdoor class. Bring your        f-stops, speed settings, accessories
SLR camera and manual to class.           and how to achieve fantastic             light Painting
Rain Date: October 6. Instructor:         photographs. This class includes         Get imaginative with your photography
Gil Dignen. Class meets at the Lake       additional project time. Bring your      and add a new technique to your
Harriet Bandshell, 4135 W. Lake Harriet   digital SLR camera and manual to         repertoire. Discover this newest trend
Pkwy.                                     class. Instructor: Gil Dignen.           in photography and use creative
  Jefferson          1 Saturday             Jefferson         5 Tuesdays           lighting to produce unique images and
  September 29       12:00-4:00 pm          September 25      7:00-9:00 pm         effects. Instructor: Gil Dignen.
                     $27                                      $54
                                                                                     Jefferson         3 Wednesdays
                                                                                     November 28       7:00-9:00 pm
                                            Jefferson         5 Thursdays
Digital SlR 1                                                                                          $37
                                            September 27      7:00-9:00 pm
Learn to improve the composition                              $54
and quality of your photographs                                                    low light & Motion
in this introductory class. We will         Henry             6 Mondays            Techniques
cover the fundamentals of SLR               October 22        6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                                   Use the fundamentals of digital
photography including: ASA/ISO,                                                    photography to insure great results
f-stops, speed settings, accessories                                               in difficult lighting, and when
and how to achieve fantastic              eBay & Product Photography               movement would otherwise blur
photographs. Bring your digital SLR       Whether you want photos for selling      the photo. Techniques covered
camera and manual to class.               items online, or are considering         in this course will be useful for
  Edison             4 Thursdays          commercial work in this field, you       photography of sport and dance,
  September 27       7:00-9:00 pm         will learn how to utilize your digital   indoor or evening events, pets and
                     $45                  SLR camera to yield impressive           children, wedding receptions, and
                                          product photography. Gain hands          any number of other possibilities.
  Jefferson          2 Saturdays          on experience using low budget and
  October 6          10 am-2 pm                                                    Bring your digital camera and
                                          professional set-ups, digital editing,   manual to class. Instructor: Gil
                                          and media management. Instructor:        Dignen.
  Jefferson          2 Saturdays          Gil Dignen. Bring your SLR camera          Jefferson         4 Wednesdays
  November 3         10 am-2 pm           to class. Meets at West Photo, 21          October 24        7:00-9:00 pm
                      $45                 University Ave N.E.                                          $45
                                            Jefferson         1 Saturday
There are no classes                                                               Register for classes online at:
                                            October 20        12:00-4:00 pm
November 22 and 23.                                           $27                  www.mplscommunityed.com.

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment       fall 2012
                 Night Photography
                 Learn how to take stunning night
                 photographs of buildings, skylines
                                                          Shooting at the Best
                                                          locations in Town
                                                          Discover the 10 best locations around
                 and flowing traffic. You will have       town to shoot amazing photographs.
                 the chance to apply your new             Learn tips and tricks for each site and
                 knowledge on a class outing. Bring       get hands on experience outdoors on
                 your Digital SLR camera to class.        location in Minneapolis. Instructor:
                 Instructor: Joe Leitschuh.               Allison Faricy.
                     Jefferson        2 Tuesdays            Jefferson          4 Thursdays
                     October 30       7:00-9:00 pm          September 27       7:00-9:00 pm
                                      $27                                      $45

                 Outdoor Portraiture                      SlR: advanced features
                 A class designed for those who           These classes will review the
                 want professional looking outdoor        advanced features of Canon and
                 portraiture of families, children and    Nikon SLR cameras. Choose the
                 high school seniors. Emphasis will be    section for the make of SLR camera
                 placed on the use of reflectors and
                 flashes to create the professional
                                                          you own. Subjects include: slow
                                                          sync photography, first and second        Crafts
                 portrait look outdoors. Instructor:      curtain sync, low light settings, use
                 Gil Dignen.                              of lenses and accessories.                Bathsalts
                     Jefferson        4 Wednesdays                                                  Bathsalts are fun and easy to make,
                     September 26     7:00-9:00 pm        Canon SLR                                 soothing to the skin, and fragrant
                                      $45                 Instructor: Gil Dignen.                   aromatherapy for the soul. You will
                                                            Jefferson          3 Tuesdays           go home with a bottle of bathsalts
                                                            November 27        7:00-9:00 pm         you can use at home or give away as
                 Photographing Children
                                                                               $37                  a personal gift. Instructor collects a
                 Taking photographs of children
                                                                                                    $6 supply fee.
                 is one of the most rewarding yet         Nikon SLR
                 challenging types of photography.                                                    Northeast         1 Monday
                                                          Instructor: Kyle Krohn.                     November 26       6:30-9:00 pm
                 This class will teach strategies for
                                                            Jefferson          3 Tuesdays                               $15
                 capturing stunning portraits of            November 27        7:00-9:00 pm
                 children as well as provide practical                         $37
                 tips and hints for how to capture                                                  Crochet 1
                 and hold the child’s attention,                                                    Learn to crochet basic stitches and
                 creative posing and interesting          Studio lighting 1                         start a small project. Bring one skein
                 point of view shooting. Instructor:      Get a taste for the wide array of         of bulky yarn and a 10 mm/size P
                 Joe Leitschuh.                           studio lighting techniques that can       crochet hook. Instructor: Ranisha
                                                          help you achieve a professional           Robinson.
                     Jefferson        4 Thursdays
                                                          look on your portraits and group
                     September 27     7:00-9:00 pm                                                    Jefferson         6 Wednesdays
                                      $45                 photographs. Ideal for those who            September 26      6:30-8:00 pm
                                                          want to move beyond basic flash                               $34
                                                          photography. Instructor collects a
                                                          $4 materials fee the first night of
                                                                                                    Crochet 1 & 2
                                                          class. Instructor: Gil Dignen.Jefferson
                                                                                                    Enjoy making your own creation in a
                                                          Saturday class meets at instructor’s
                                                                                                    comfortable environment. Students
                                                          studio, 1620 Central Ave. NE.
                                                                                                    should bring yarn and a crochet hook
                                                            Jefferson          2 Thursdays          and come with an idea for a project.
                                                            November 1         7:00-9:00 pm
                                                                                                    Instructor: Jennifer Willey.
                                                                                                      Roosevelt         4 Mondays
                                                            Pratt              2 Saturdays            September 24      6:30-8:30 pm
                                                            November 10        8:30 am-12:30 pm                         $30
                                                                                                    Register now and make sure
                                                            Jefferson          1 Saturday
                                                            November 17        12:00-4:00 pm
                                                                                                    you get into your favorite
                                                                               $27                  classes! We’re online at:

     22         fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
Crochet 3: Doilies & More               Embroidery: Basic Bead                   face & Body Products:
Create beautiful doilies and more       In this class, you will learn some of    Homemade
and learn the basics of using           the basic bead embroidery stitches       Create your own lotions, facial
cotton thread and steel crochet         including couching and use in            toners, and more. Course will
hooks. Pattern types featured will      needlepoint. By the end of the class,    include a small take home project
include round table doilies and         you will have completed a simple         and handouts to create more skin
filet (mesh) crochet which you will     beaded sampler to take home for          specialties. Additional supply fee of
work on to finished projects. Starter   display and future reference. Bring      $6 to be paid to instructor in class.
materials including crochet cotton      an embroidery hoop, material,            Instructor: Jessica Werman.
and steel hooks will be provided.       needle and wool thread to class if         Pratt               1 Monday
Tuition includes a $5 materials fee.    you have them or purchase a kit            October 22          6:30-9:00 pm
Instructor: Mary Kealy-Falk.            from the instructor for $20.                                   $15
  Roosevelt         2 Mondays             South             2 Wednesdays
  October 8         7:00-9:00 pm          November 7        7:00-8:30 pm         There are no classes
                    $30/$17.50 Srs.                         $19                  November 22 or 23.

Embroidery: Basic Stitches
Embellish your fabric using some
of the basic embroidery stitches
                                          Crochet: Special Techniques
including; straight stitches, satin,      These crochet classes are designed for the student who knows the basic
long-and-short, and backstitch.           stitches (chain, single, and double) and would like to focus on a specific
We’ll also cover some of the fancier      crocheting skill. Bring any hook between a 3.0 mm to a 4.5 mm and at
stitches such as couching and French      least 2 colors of regular-weight yarn to class. Instructor is Holly Day. Take
knots. By the end of this class you       any three Crochet: Special Techniques classes for the reduced price of $47.
will have completed a simple stitch       Call 612.668.4326 to register with the discount.
sampler to take home for display
and future reference. An embroidery                                               filet Crocheting
hoop, material, needle and wool                                                   What would your average Victorian-
thread are required. Take all three                                               era house have been without
embroidery classes for the discounted                                             decorative filet crocheted items? We’ll
price of $47. Call 612.668.4326 to                                                go over the basics of filet crochet, as
register with the discount.                                                       well as discuss how to create your
  South             2 Wednesdays                                                  own patterns for individualizing
  October 3         7:00-8:30 pm                                                  projects. The instructor will also bring
                    $19                                                           extra hooks to lend.
                                                                                    South               2 Thursdays
Embroidery: Basic Crewel                                                            October 25          7:00-8:30 pm
Holly Day will teach you some of the                                                                    $19
basic crewel embroidery stitches          afghan Squares
including straight, padded, long-and-     Create three simple squares that        flowers
short, as well as more sophisticated      can be used over and over again to      Add a crocheted flower to your hat,
stitches like turkey, spider web,         create an infinite number and size      purse, your collar or just about
and colonial knot. By the end of the      of afghan blankets.                     anywhere you think it would look
class, you will have completed a             South             2 Thursdays        nice. In this class, we will go through
simple crewel sampler to take home           September 27      7:00-8:30 pm       the steps of making different styles
for display and future reference.                              $19                of flowers.
Bring an embroidery hoop, material,
                                                                                    South               2 Thursdays
needle and wool thread to class if
                                          Decorative Tapestry Basics                November 8          7:00-8:30 pm
you have them or purchase a kit from                                                                    $19
                                          Add simple geometric shapes to
the instructor for $15.
                                          create more elaborate detail on
  South             2 Wednesdays          your crocheted items.                   Register online with a VISA or
  October 17        7:00-8:30 pm                                                  MasterCard on our secure site:
                    $19                      South             2 Thursdays
                                             October 11        7:00-8:30 pm       www.mplscommunityed.com.
                                                               $19                It’s quick and easy!
Register for classes online at:

www.mplscommunityed.com                             Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment         fall 2012
Crafts                                                                                 Knitting 1: Scarf or Cowl
                                                                                       Enjoy the satisfaction and relaxation
                                                                                       of knitting in this class for beginners
                                                                                       and those who want a refresher.
                                                                                       Bring a set of needles (size 6 or 7)
                                                                                       and a skein of worsted-weight yarn.
                                                                                       Instructor: Deb Cutts.
                                                                                         Roosevelt          3 Tuesdays
                                                                                         September 25       6:15-8:15 pm

                                                                                       Knitting 2: Socks
                                                                                       For those who have taken Knitting
                                                                                       1 class or who already know the
                                                                                       basic knit and purl stitches. Make
      felting: Beads & Jewelry                Henna (filigree) &                       a pair of socks that you can wear
      Roll up your sleeves and learn a        Herbs for Hair                           proudly or give as a gift. Leave with
      variety of wet felting techniques!      Experience this unique, hands-on         instructions that will make it possible
      With a little soapy water, transform    opportunity to practice an ancient       to continue knitting socks. Bring a
      colorful wool fibers into beads and     art form. Find out how to buy,           ball of DK-weight yarn and size 4 or
      pendants to use in jewelry and          prepare and apply henna to your          5 double-pointed needles (prefer
      accessories. Learn to layer colors,     skin and hair. Learn about the           wood or bamboo). Instructor: Deb
      shape, coil and embellish your          difference between black henna and       Cutts. Class will be held at Fire Roast
      felted creations for add fun. You’ll    natural henna. Wear casual clothing.     Cafe, 3800 37th Ave. S.
      also make a cuff-style bracelet         Instructor collects an $8 materials        Roosevelt          3 Tuesdays
      complete with a felted button           fee. Instructor: Victoria Welch.           October 16         6:15-8:15 pm
      closure. Instructor collects a $12                                                                    $25
                                                 Roosevelt        1 Monday
      supply fee for all your fibers and         October 22       6:30-9:00 pm
      supplies. Bring to class: 3 old hand                        $18                  Knitting 3: Hats & Purses
      towels and a plastic bag to carry                                                Take your knitting talents to the
      home wet items. No discounts.           Knit, Craft & Chat                       next level while learning how to use
         South            1 Wednesday         Enjoy a relaxing night with fellow       circular needles. In Knitting 3 you
         November 7       6:00-9:15 pm        crafters. Start a new project or         will design either a hat or a purse
                          $20                 finish an old one. For beginners or      which will provide you the skills
                                              experts. The instructor has over 30      to knit other projects on circular
                                              years of teaching experience. Pre-       needles at home. Students should
      felting: Pouches & Bags
                                              registration is required.                have prior knowledge of knitting
      Felt a pouch or bag to hold small
                                                                                       and purling. Bring worsted weight
      gifts, your phone, glasses, jewelry        Waite Park       Wednesdays
                                                 September 19     6:30-8:30 pm         yarn and size 7 or 8 circular needles
      or other treasures. No knitting or
                                                                  Donation             that are 16'' long. Instructor: Deb
      sewing, learn the fascinating art of
                                                                                       Cutts. Class will be held at Fire Roast
      seamless wet felting. Add texture
                                                                                       Cafe, 3800 37th Ave. S.
      and color to your pouch with a          Knitting 1
      variety of surface embellishments.                                                 Roosevelt          3 Wednesdays
                                              Knitting is not only a productive
                                                                                         October 17         6:15-8:15 pm
      A felted closure will keep your         talent, but a useful one. Learn a                             $25
      treasures safe inside. Instructor       little about the history of the art,
      collects a $20 supply fee for all       materials, equipment and patterns,
      fibers and supplies. Bring 3 old hand   their cost and where to find them.
      towels, a pair of sharp scissors, and   The practicum will show you how to
      a plastic bag to carry home wet         cast on and off, knit, purl, increase,
      items and an apron (optional—           and decrease. Projects will be simple
      waterproof or cloth). No discounts.     items in garter and stockinette (knit)
         South            1 Wednesday         stitches. Instructor collects a $10
         October 3        6:00-9:15 pm        supply fee at first class.
                          $20                    Henry            2 Wednesdays
                                                 October 10       6:30-8:30 pm

 24   fall 2012       Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                          Picture framing                           Quilting Basics
                                          Do you have a picture, print, or          Get ready for your quilting project in
                                          piece of low-relief sculpture that        this two week class. Learn shopping
                                          you wish to display? We will deal         tips, the vocabulary of quilting
                                          with conventional framing, shadow         and discover the latest in quilting
                                          boxes or stands with emphasis on          equipment.There will also be some
                                          tasteful and individual displays.         “hands on” learning so bring your
                                          The works brought to class will           sewing machine.
                                          determine the specific curriculum           Northeast         2 Mondays
                                          but we intend to cover simple               October 15        6:30-8:30 pm
                                          frame making and finishing, matting                           $23
                                          or floating and preparation for
lip Balm: all Natural                     hanging. Bring a picture, a print or      Sewing 1
Homemade                                  a piece of low-relief sculpture to the    Learn basic sewing skills by working
Know exactly what you are putting         first class. You must purchase your       on a simple project chosen by the
on your precious lips with your own       own supplies.                             instructor, Kathleen Koch. Please
homemade, all natural lip balms.            Henry             4 Wednesdays          bring your own machine and scissors.
Better than the store bought kind, it       October 10        6:30-9:00 pm          Price includes basic materials.
is perfect for yourself or a great gift                       $35                     Northeast         6 Tuesdays
idea. The class includes a take home                                                  October 2         6:00-8:00 pm
project. Some take home supplies          Register for classes online at                                $60
will be available in class. Supply fee    www.mplscommunityed.com
of $6 to be collected by instructor
at beginning of class. Instructor:
Jessica Werman.
  Pratt              1 Monday
                                            Sewing Challenges
  November 19        6:30-8:30 pm
                                            These classes are designed for the individual who has basic sewing skills
                                            but would like to focus on those tricky areas. You can use one of our
                                            Brothers sewing machines or bring your own (Pattern Basics doesn’t
Origami                                     require a sewing machine). Most supplies will be furnished. Instructor is
This class is for absolute beginners        Sue Bartell. Take all three Sewing Challenges classes for the discounted price
to the Japanese art of Origami paper        of $57. Call 612.668.4326 to register for both classes with discount.
folding, where you will learn to make
boxes and other useful containers           Pattern Basics                          Zippers Two Ways
out of a variety of papers, just in         In order to purchase fabric, supplies   Problem with sewing in those
time for the Holidays. We’ll create         (notions), lay out a pattern and cut    zippers? Students will learn two
folded bags, stand alone containers,        successfully, you must know how         different techniques for zipper
single-piece construction square            to choose and read the pattern of       installation: a centered zipper and
boxes and more, all suitable for            your choice. Students may bring a       a lapped zipper.
gift-giving. Instructor collects a $5       pattern they own or learn from a          South              2 Tuesdays
materials fee.                              pattern the instructor has selected.      October 2          6:30-8:30 pm
  Henry              1 Wednesday            This class is demonstration only                             $26
  December 5         6:30-8:30 pm           with plenty of handouts.
                                               South             1 Tuesday          Collars & Cuffs
                                               September 25      6:30-8:30 pm       What are the techniques used that
Discounts                                                        $15
Metropolitan Health Plan and                                                        produce profession-looking results?
UCARE members may deduct                                                            This is one of those areas where
$15 per class or trip.                                                              it’s so important to be able to read
                                                                                    a pattern and know the shortcuts.
                                                                                      South              2 Tuesdays
                                                                                      October 23         6:30-8:30 pm

                                                                                    There are no classes
                                                                                    November 22 or 23.

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment        fall 2012
Crafts                                            Sewing: Recycled
                                                  Sweater Mittens
                                                  What’s funky, fun super warm
                                                                                          Tatted lace 2:
                                                                                          Basics with Rings
                                                                                          For those who have learned or know
                                                  and almost waterproof? Woolen           how to perform the double stitch,
                                                  Mittens! Learn how to use recycled,     picots, joins and adding beads, we
                                                  shrunken sweaters to make these         will take it to the next level and add
                                                  great (and inexpensive) mittens.        closure for rings. We will do motifs
                                                  You can use one of our Brothers         for mobiles, snowflakes, trims and
                                                  sewing machines or bring your own.      more complex jewelry. Instructor
                                                  Most supplies will be furnished.        collects $10 supply fee at class.
                                                  Instructor: Sue Bartell.                  Henry             1 Monday
                                                    South             2 Thursdays           October 29        6:30-8:30 pm
                                                    September 27      6:30-8:30 pm                            $15
                                                                      $26/$18 Srs.
                                                                                          Victorian Needle Book
                                                  Soapmaking: all Natural                 & Scissor Case
                                                  Homemade Bar Soap                       You will complete a small, felt-lined
                                                  Experience the fusion of essential      book for holding sewing needles
                                                  oils and soothing coconut the old       as well as a matching padded case
      Sewing: flaxseed-filled                     fashioned, cold process lye soap
      Spa Pillow                                                                          for a set of small sewing scissors,
                                                  way. Wear old clothing with long        based on a design in common use
      Make these popular relaxation               sleeves, long pants, toe covered
      pillows for a fraction of boutique                                                  in the Victorian era—the perfect
                                                  shoes, eye protection (eye glasses      gift for the seamstress in your life.
      shop prices. Pamper yourself or             acceptable) and rubber gloves.
      make to give as gifts. You can use one                                              A pattern will be sent home as well
                                                  Students will create one batch          as a cross stitch monogram chart for
      of our Brothers sewing machines or          of soap in class to be divided and
      bring your own. Most supplies will                                                  those wishing to monogram their
                                                  taken home. Supply cost of $10 to be    projects. Some basic knowledge
      be furnished. Instructor: Sue Bartell.      collected by instructor at beginning    of hand-sewing is helpful, but not
         South              2 Thursdays           of class. Instructor: Jessica Werman.   necessary. Instructor: Holly Day.
         November 8         6:30-8:30 pm
                                                    Pratt             1 Monday              Pratt             1 Tuesday
                            $28/$18 Srs.
                                                    November 5        6:00-9:00 pm          November 13       6:30-9:00 pm
                                                                      $26                                     $20
      Polar fleece Dog Coats                      Tatted lace 1:
      Keep your loyal companion warm on
                                                                                          Wood Carving
                                                  Basics with Chains                      The craft of wood carving has
      winter outings! We will sew a polar         Tatted lace is among the finest         been around since ancient times.
      fleece dog coat in extra small through      and most unusual forms of the           It can be used to create beautiful
      extra large sizes to accommodate            lace making traditions. It is easily    objects or to make something
      most four-legged friends. Students          portable and can be done in spur-       for everyday use. The instructor,
      will need to determine the weight,          of-the-moment situations. It can be     Carl Swanson, has carved in both
      height and breed (if known) so we           used for decorating clothing, linens,   Scandinavian and Ozark style for
      can provide a suitable pattern for          greeting cards, handbags, and many      30 years. Class will cover designing
      your dog. You can use one of our            other things. We will learn how to      your own pattern (or use a pattern
      Brothers sewing machines or bring           do the basic double stitch, picots,     provided by instructor), choosing
      your own. Students will need to             joins, and add beads to chains for      wood, sharpening tools, carving
      purchase polar fleece for the second        simple jewelry. Instructor collects     simple figures and many finishing
      class. Instructor: Sue Bartell. Take this   $10 supply fee at class. Take both      techniques that will include paints/
      class with Sewing Challenges: Pattern       Tatted Lace 1 & 2 for the discounted    washes and sealents. Dress for
      Basics (page 25) for the discounted         price of $21. Call 612.668.1922 to      mess. The instructor collects a $4
      price of $31. Call 612.668.4326 to          register with the discount.             supply fee the first night of class.
      register with the discount.
                                                    Henry             1 Monday              South             5 Tuesdays
         South              2 Thursdays             October 22        6:30-8:30 pm          October 2         6:30-8:30 pm
         October 18         6:30-8:30 pm                              $15                   No class Oct 16   $40
                            $24/$15 Srs.

      There are no classes                        Register now and make sure you get into your favorite classes!
      November 22 or 23.                          We’re online at: www.mplscommunityed.com.

 26   fall 2012        Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                          Computers & Technology
                                                                                    Microsoft Office OneNote:
                                                                                    an Electronic Knowledge
                                                                                    Many of us carry a notebook or
                                                                                    notepad to take notes for business,
                                                                                    school, or personal projects, but can
                                                                                    you easily find—and decipher—the
                                                                                    information you need? Is it convenient
                                                                                    to share your notes with others?
                                                                                    Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
                                                                                    is an easy-to-use note-taking and
                                                                                    information-management program
                                                                                    where you can capture ideas and
                                                                                    information in electronic form. Learn
                                                                                    about creating Notebooks and Pages,
                                                                                    formatting text and adding Tags,
                                                                                    adding shapes and pictures. Link to
                                                                                    Outlook Tasks, sharing and accessing
                                                                                    online, linking notes and using unfiled
Computers & Technology                                                              notes. Instructor: Mike Reis.
                                                                                      South              1 Thursday
                                                                                      November 8         6:00-9:00 pm
Blogging 1                                  iPad/iPhone                                                  $22
Blogging, and the act of writing, can       Learn about using all of the features
propel a business to the next level, be     of your iOS device (iPhone or
an outlet for an individual journey or      iPad—any model). iPhone 4/4s            Outlook 2007
be used to document experiences as          owners will learn: how to use Siri      In corporate circles, the desktop
funny or intense as they come. Learn        (4s only), location-based reminders,    e-mail client is often Outlook. It’s
how to start and maintain a blog,           iCloud, mirroring and a variety of      easy to use, smarter and plays
then discover how to take it to the         applications. Other iPhones and         better with other software. Learn
next level with PR and monetizing           iPads will learn about: Air Sync        how to send Emails, attachments
strategies from a blogger who has           (no more plugging your device           and the proper etiquette of email.
done just that.                             in to sync it), notifications, app      Add contacts, create a signature,
  Henry               5 Mondays             switching, purchasing apps and          easily search Outlook and creating
  October 8           6:30-8:30 pm          making in-app purchases. Also find      appointments/meetings. Add Flags
                      $50                   out about available data plans and      to remind you about upcoming
                                            limits, setting custom ringtones        events and customizing Outlook.
                                            and vibrations, restrictions, and       The second class will cover creating
Blogging: Build Your Brand
                                            customizing your security settings      Tasks, Reports and Rules to help
Join Leo Bogee, Founder of Foodcart
                                            to help recover your device if it is    get you organized. Archive your old
Media, for this Social Media strategies
                                            lost or stolen. Bring your iPhone/      emails and add Journals to record
class on utilizing blogging technology
                                            iPad to class. Instructor: Mike Reis.   your time spent on projects. Adding
to build your business and brand.
                                                                                    multiple email addresses and linking
Whether you’re looking to gain                South             1 Wednesday
                                              November 7        6:00-9:00 pm        your calendar to other services/
authority in your niche and strengthen
                                                                $22                 devices. Instructor: Mike Reis.
your brand, or to find a way to connect
with new customers, a blog can be an                                                  South              2 Thursdays
                                            Discounts                                 October 25         6:00-9:00 pm
integral part of an overall search engine   Metropolitan Health Plan and                                 $35
strategy. Learn how to monetize             UCARE members may deduct
your services and business, increase        $15 per class or trip.
traffic to your website or brand and
engage with potential followers and
customers. Bring a laptop or a tablet
device to class if you have one.
  Roosevelt           2 Tuesdays
  November 27         6:30-8:30 pm

www.mplscommunityed.com                                 Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment       fall 2012
Computers & Technology                                                                                 Web Page Design:
                                                                                                       Dreamweaver 1
                                                                                                       Dreamweaver is a professional-
                                                                                                       level website design program.
                                                                                                       Create simple, multipage web sites
                                                                                                       with page headers, menus, text
                                                                                                       and pictures, and learn how to
                                                                                                       link to other pages and websites.
                                                                                                       Prerequisite: a good working
                                                                                                       knowledge of computers and
                                                                                                       thorough familiarity with using the
                                                                                                       Internet. Instructor: Eric Bivens.
                                                                                                         Jefferson         4 Tuesdays
                                                                                                         September 25      7:00-9:00 pm

                                                                                                       Websites: SmugMug
                                                                                                       for Photographers 1
                                                                                                       Smug Mug is the #1 photographer’s
                                                                                                       website for storing, sharing and
                                                                                                       selling your photos. Learn how to set
                                                                                                       up your Smug Mug site that includes
                                                                                                       features such as watermarking,
                                                                                                       selling downloads and prints, and
                                                                                                       creating galleries of photos. It’s
                                                              Photoshop 1 (CS5)                        fun, easy and a must have for your
                         Mac Classes                          Even great digital photos need           photography business!
                                                              processing to look their best and
                                                                                                         Jefferson         2 Tuesdays
                     Computers: absolutely                    marginal photos can often be rescued       October 23        7:00-9:00 pm
                     Terrified of Computers?                  thanks to the magic of Photoshop!                            $27
                     Tackle your fear of computers            Areas of class focus include color
                     with this painless introduction to       correction, cropping, teeth whitening,     Jefferson         2 Thursdays
                     computers. Perfect for the absolute      sharpening and blurring. We’ll also        November 1        7:00-9:00 pm
                                                              cover file management issues. Bring                          $27
                     beginner, this class provides an
                     overview of parts, programs, and         removable media to save your work.
                     possibilities using Mac computers.       Instructor: Chris Field.                 Websites: SmugMug
                         Hale             3 Thursdays           Jefferson         4 Thursdays          for Photographers 2
                         October 25       6:00-7:30 pm          September 27      7:00-9:00 pm         Take your Smug Mug photo website
                                          $28                                     $45                  to the next level. Learn how to set
                                                                                                       up a professional-looking website
                     Microsoft Office: Word,                  Photoshop 2 (CS5)                        with a custom look and feel. Set
                     Excel & PowerPoint 1                     If you have already taken Photoshop 1    your own prices, offer discount
                     Learn to use Microsoft Word, Excel       (CS5) or have familiarity with the       coupons and more.
                     and Power Point. Upon completion         Photoshop workspace, tools and             Jefferson         2 Tuesdays
                     of course, student should have a         techniques and want to expand              December 4        7:00-9:00 pm
                                                              your knowledge, this class will delve                        $27
                     good working knowledge of the
                     programs at a level that will allow      deeper into its endless creative
                     them to function as a general user       possibilities! We will explore
                     of Word processing, spreadsheets         the special effects of layering,
                     and presentations.                       Photomerge, transformation,
                         Waite Park       6 Mondays           typography and others to help
                         September 24      6:30-8:30 pm       you advance photography into the
                                          $40                 realm of art! Instructor: Chris Field.
                                                                Jefferson         4 Thursdays
                         Waite Park       6 Saturdays           October 25        7:00-9:00 pm
                         September 29     12:30-2:30 pm                           $45

       28           fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                       Computers & Technology
  PC/Windows Classes

access 1
Access is a data storage (database)
program that can store an almost
unlimited amount of information.
Access is similar to Excel but has many
more data analysis and management
tools. It also has several tools to help
automate a lot of what is done. Learn
how to use an Access database, sort/
filter, create Tables and Queries.
Version 2007. Taught by Mike Reis.         Computer animation 1                     Excel 2
Take both Access 1 & 2 classes at          A positive and encouraging place for     Learn how to change formatting,
South for the discounted price of          beginning animators to scan their own    enter and change data, do basic
$60. Call 612.668.4326 to register         characters, color, rig, and animate      math formulas as well as other tasks
with discount.                             or use characters supplied in the        for the home user. Version 2007.
  South               2 Wednesdays         Anime Studio software. Critiques and     Taught by Mike Reis.
  September 26        6:00-9:00 pm         discussion will provide feedback on        South            1 Thursday
                      $35                  improving your animations. Instructor      October 4        6:00-9:00 pm
                                           Todd Peterson has extensive                                 $22
access 2                                   experience in computer animation and
Become familiar with advanced              has made several films, one of which     Excel 3
features of the Access database            appeared in a festival in California.    Learn how to create headers and
program, including the automated             South              5 Wednesdays        footers, sort/filter data, work with
tools. Learn how to create Drop-             October 3          7:00-9:00 pm        multiple spreadsheets, charts and
                                                                $52                 create totals with formulas. Version
Down Menus, link tables, create
Forms/Reports/Macros. Version                                                       2007. Taught by Mike Reis.
2007. Taught by Mike Reis.                 Computers 1                                South            1 Thursday
  South               2 Wednesdays         We will start with turning on the          October 11       6:00-9:00 pm
  October 10          6:00-9:00 pm         computer to learning the basics of                          $22
                      $35                  the operating system, the utilities,
                                           the menus, and working the mouse.        Excel 4
Business Tools for Beginners               Learn how to create, open, save and      Learn to do advanced searches,
Sharpen your computer skills to land       move files around. There will also be    sort and organize data into levels,
that job or to advance in your current     an introduction to Microsoft Word        do advanced formulas and charting
position. Learn how to create basic        and Excel, and email and internet        such as dynamic charts using pivot
flyers, brochures, forms, templates        basics. Taught by Richard Peterson.      tables. Version 2007. Taught by
and other common documents using             South              2 Thursdays         Mike Reis.
Microsoft. You will leave feeling            September 27       7:00-9:00 pm
                                                                                      South            1 Thursday
comfortable navigating through                                                        October 18       6:00-9:00 pm
Word 2010, Excel and PowerPoint                                                                        $22
to format basic documents. Basic           Excel 1
computer skills required.                  Excel is a data entry (spreadsheet)
  Henry               3 Wednesdays         program that you can use to track
  October 10          6:30-8:30 pm         and store information. Excel is
                      $28                  similar to a blank sheet of paper
                                           but has boxes (cells) where you can
If you have knowledge, ideas               easily organize your information.
or passions that you would like            You can create budgets, to do lists,
to share with others, consider             inventory and much more. Version
teaching a community education             2007. Taught by Mike Reis.
class. Call us at 612.668.3939               South              1 Thursday
or visit mplscommunityed.com                 September 27       6:00-9:00 pm
for more information.                                           $22

www.mplscommunityed.com                                  Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment    fall 2012
Computers & Technology                                                                               Photoshop (CS5)
                                                                                                     Photoshop is the gold-standard
                                                                                                     among graphics and photo editing
                                                                                                     programs. Learn to utilize the various
                                                                                                     tools in Photoshop to touch up,
                                                                                                     manipulate, and create images. Topics
                                                                                                     include layering, applying filters,
                                                                                                     and best-practices for publishing.
                                                                                                     Instructor is Pat Katzenmaier.
                                                                                                       South               4 Thursdays
                                                                                                       October 4           7:00-9:00 pm

                                                                                                     PowerPoint 2007
                                                                                                     Companies use PowerPoint to create
                                                                                                     an electronic version of a slide show,
                     Microsoft Word 2007 Series                                                      filling in information slide-by-slide,
                                                                                                     adding photos, charts, texts and
                     Our classes are designed to let you customize your own learning path,           notes. The first class will cover all
                     picking and choosing the Microsoft Word topics you need most. Classes           these topics including how to change
                     are taught on PC/Windows computers. Version 2007. Instructor is Pat             backgrounds, themes, add videos
                     Katzenmaier. Take any three Microsoft Word Series classes for the reduced       and sounds as well as animations and
                     price of $50. Call 612.668.4326 to register with discount.                      transitions. The second class will cover
                                                                                                     adding Headers/Footers and creating
                     Getting Started                        Document formatting 2                    Outlines and Handouts. Add Action
                     In today’s workforce and even          Set up columns, add page numbers         Buttons, rehearsing and recording
                     in the home communication              and create headers and footers.          (automating) your presentation
                     environment, Microsoft Word is a       Practice inserting clip art and other    and narrating, and creating custom
                     “must” to know. Explore Word’s         graphics. Create a watermark to          bullets and templates. Version 2007.
                     menus, toolbars and task panes to      display behind your text. Work           Instructor: Mike Reis.
                     create, open, edit, print and save     with section breaks to format              South               2 Wednesdays
                     your documents. Understand basic       one portion of your document               October 24          6:30-8:30 pm
                     formatting techniques and use          differently from other portions.                               $31
                     valuable spelling/grammar tools.       Apply a theme to your document
                         South            1 Tuesday         to help you create a uniform and         Web Editing: HTMl
                         October 9        6:00-9:00 pm      professional look.                       Create simple web pages with
                                          $22                 South              1 Tuesday           hyperlinks, graphics and colors.
                                                              October 30         6:00-9:00 pm        Using HTML format, write pages
                     Document formatting 1                                       $22
                                                                                                     and publish them on the web. Learn
                     Learn formatting techniques you can                                             about domain names, web hosts
                     use to make your Word documents        Document formatting 3                    and search engine listings. This class
                     more readable and visually pleasing.   Word offers many tools that can          is suitable for creating a basic small
                     Learn how to apply different fonts,    enhance the look of your long            business website.
                     sizes and other text styles, align     documents and make them easier             Henry               4 Wednesdays
                     your text, indent paragraphs and       to navigate and read. Work with the        November 7          6:30-8:30 pm
                     use tabs. Adjust the spacing of        Document Information Panel. Learn          No class Nov 21     $42
                     words, paragraphs and pages and        about inserting, changing, displaying,
                     create lists.                          positioning and customizing headers,
                         South            1 Tuesday         footers and endnotes. Work with
                         October 23       6:00-9:00 pm      Word’s Outline features to look/
                                          $22               change the formatting of your long
                                                            document easily.
                    Register online with a VISA or            South              1 Tuesday
                    MasterCard on our secure site:            November 6         6:00-9:00 pm
                    www.mplscommunityed.com.                                     $22

       30           fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                        Consumer & Business
                                                                                  financial Tips for Two-Somes
                                                                                  Wanda Walker knows that when
                                                                                  love is in the air, people sometimes
                                                                                  forget about everyday finances.
                                                                                  This informative workshop will give
                                                                                  you seven sure-fire tips to help you
                                                                                  and your sweetheart address the
                                                                                  financial aspects of your relationship.
                                                                                  Learn new strategies to assist with
                                                                                  financial goal setting, uncover your
                                                                                  personal money style and learn
                                                                                  what communication strategies
                                                                                  will help you talk about money
                                                                                  with your significant other. Identify
                                                                                  communication gaps and strategies
                                                                                  to work effectively together to build
                                                                                  a financially secure future.
                                                                                    Roosevelt          1 Tuesday
                                                                                    October 2          6:00-8:00 pm

Consumer & Business                                                               find Your Business:
are You Ready to                         Budgeting Wisely in                      Self-Employed Passion
Start a Small Business?                  Today’s Economy                          Successful business people agree
Gain a comprehensive overview of         Take time to figure out your budget.     that passions coupled with drive are
starting a small business. Examine       Learn how to slash spending,             the key factors needed to maintain a
the risks, headaches and potential       establish a good credit rating and       prosperous small business. Finding
rewards. Discuss the development         create a strong savings plan. This       what your passion is will help you
process, sources of financing and        class will also cover bankruptcy,        grow a solid business built with
business ownership alternatives          consumer credit agencies,                confidence and persistence. Learn
as well as available resources. The      budgeting and runaway spending.          how to start and grow your business
instructor is a counselor with SCORE,      Jefferson          2 Thursdays         the old-fashioned way using your
Counselors to America’s Small              October 4          7:00-8:30 pm        unique passions. Taught by Barbara
Business. Instructor: Ed Hennen.                              $18                 Smith, the Money Whisperer.
  Roosevelt         1 Monday                                                        Hale               1 Thursday
  October 15        7:00-9:00 pm                                                    November 15        6:00-8:30 pm
                                         Can I Retire?
                    $15                                                                                $15
                                         This class is intended to give you a
                                         retirement "check-in" and determine
Budgeting:                               how prepared you are for your            Getting Started in
10 Steps to Budgeting                    retirement. Our goal is to help you      the Music Business
This workshop will help you define a     understand your retirement options       Learn how to navigate the music
budget, when and why you should          and then be able to take action on       business from an industry professional.
create a budget, how to create           the necessary items to make your         By examining the structure of the
categories with limits for spending,     retirement a reality. This class will    industry and how to use media and
and how to eventually incorporate        cover the topics of investment           social networking, you will learn
savings into a budget. Discover ways     management, retirement savings           the skills needed to get started as a
to track and assess personal income      plans, cash reserves, cash flow,         working musical artist.
and expenses. Tips on avoiding           pensions, employee benefits, Social        Henry              6 Wednesdays
overspending will also be discussed.     Security, Medicare, health insurance       October 10         6:00-7:00 pm
Instructor is the Education Specialist   and more.                                                     $25
from the City-County Federal Credit        Waite Park         1 Wednesday
Union.                                     September 26       6:30-8:30 pm        Register Today!
  South             1 Wednesday                               $15                 Register now and make sure
  October 17        5:30-6:30 pm                                                  you get into your favorite
                    $15                  There are no classes                     classes! We’re online at:
                                         November 22 or 23.                       www.mplscommunityed.com.

www.mplscommunityed.com                                Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Consumer                                                                                    Insurance Coverage:
                                                                                            Understanding It
                                                                                            How much do you understand
                                                                                            the coverage you currently have?
                                                                                            How can you save money on
                                                                                            your insurance premium? Is your
                                                                                            diamond ring fully covered by your
                                                                                            homeowners insurance? What
                                                                                            makes insurance rates go up and
                                                                                            why would one carrier not accept
                                                                                            you but another one will after a
                                                                                            couple tickets on your record? This
       Healthcare Directives                       How to Sell on eBay 2                    is a free class but you must register.
       Most people don’t consider the              Creating a business on eBay is one         Henry               1 Wednesday
       possibility of being too sick to make       of the most cost-efficient ways to         October 17          7:00-8:30 pm
       decisions regarding their health care,      create extra income. If you know the                           Free
       but planning for that possibility is a      basics of selling on eBay, discover
       wise choice. This presentation offers       the advanced steps to creating           Insurance: long-Term Care
       information on why it is important to       income. Learn about the eBay store,      Long term care needs may play
       plan ahead, issues to consider and how      developing a product niche and           a big role in our lives. There are
       to complete a Health Care Directive.        marketing and selling strategies. This   many options and decisions when
       Forms are provided so participants can      will be a presentation class but there   planning through care needs and
       complete and execute a Health Care          will also be a question and answer       insurance to cover these needs.
       Directive during the class. Instructor:     session for your particular situation.   We will cover all your options and
       Linda Walker.                               Instructor: Mary Kealy-Falk.             educate you to be able to make
           Roosevelt         1 Monday                Roosevelt         1 Monday
                                                                                            the right decision for you and your
           October 29        6:30-8:00 pm            October 29        7:00-9:00 pm         family.
                             $3                                        $15                    Waite Park          1 Monday
                                                                                              September 24        6:30-8:30 pm
       How to Become a Community                   How to Shop the Co-Op
       Education Teacher                           Shopping at the co-op is different
                                                                                            Interview Techniques
       If you have knowledge, ideas or             than at a large grocery store. This
                                                                                            Being an interviewer is just as
       passions that you wish to share with        class will discuss the ins and outs
                                                                                            intimidating as interviewing
       others, this is a great opportunity         of co-op shopping. You will learn
                                                                                            someone. In today’s business world,
       for you. Find out what it is like to        how to accurately read labels,
                                                                                            it can take interviewing for months
       be our partner and teach at Henry           including the differences between
                                                                                            before you land a job. On the flip side,
       Community Education, how to get             “Natural” and “Organic” foods.
                                                                                            it can take companies interviewing
       started and what it pays. This is a free    Learn about bulk food bins and
                                                                                            20+ candidates to find the right
       class but you must register.                if it’s worth the hassle and when
                                                                                            one for the job. This class will help
           Henry             1 Monday              you should buy organic or grass-
                                                                                            candidates fine-tune their interview
           October 3         7:30-8:30 pm          fed products. Learn about fresh
                                                                                            skills, polish their answers and be
                             Free                  or frozen vegetables and why
                                                                                            ready for the difficult questions in
                                                   and when it is important to buy
                                                                                            addition to helping those conducting
       How to Sell on eBay 1                       local. After this class, participants
                                                                                            the interviews.
       If you’ve thought about selling on          will have valuable information to
                                                   maximize their food budget, buy            Lucy Laney          2 Thursdays
       eBay but don’t know where to start,                                                    November 1          6:30-8:30 pm
       this course will teach you the basics.      wholesome, healthy food and eat
       Learn how to recognize saleable             well. Instructor: Andrew Litchy.
       items, create “features and benefits”         Roosevelt         1 Wednesday
       listings, take simple photos and price        November 7        6:30-8:00 pm
       your items for profit. We will create
       and post a listing step by step in class.
       Instructor: Mary Kealy-Falk.                Register now and make sure
           Roosevelt         1 Monday              you get into your favorite
           October 22        7:00-9:00 pm          classes! We’re online at:
                             $15                   www.mplscommunityed.com.

  32   fall 2012        Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                               Consumer/Real Estate
Investment alternatives:
ETfs & REITs
This class will help you gain a little more
control over your investments. Learn
about various web sites for gathering
investment information. Discover
different investment possibilities
besides Stocks, Bonds and Mutual
Funds. We will discuss differences
between traditional investments and
ETFs (Exchange-traded Funds) and
                                              Real Estate                               Community land Trust:
                                                                                        an affordable Home
                                                                                        Ownership Option
REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).        an Essential Guide to                     Learn about the City of Lakes
Kirk Roggensack worked 17 years on            Buying Your Home                          Community Land Trust (CLCLT)
a trading floor. Take both Investment         Want to get the best deal on your         and permanently affordable home
Alternative Investment classes for the        home? Not sure what direction to go       ownership options and opportunities
reduced price of $25. Call 612.668.4326       first? After taking this class you will   in Minneapolis. The CLCLT will provide
to register with the discount.                know how to get the best financing,       a variety of training opportunities
  South                1 Tuesday
                                              access government grants, and             and other services to first-time
  October 9            6:30-8:30 pm           obtain first time buyer programs.         homeowners and can provide crucial
                       $15                    Learn how to avoid the lemons             support if you face unexpected home
                                              and save thousands. Avoid the             repairs or financial problems. This is a
                                              three mistakes most people make           free class but you must register.
Investment alternatives:
                                              when buying a home. Instructor
MlPs & Options                                                                            Henry               1 Monday
                                              will walk you through step by step
This class continues our discussion                                                       October 22          7:00-8:00 pm
                                              the best process for going about                                Free
of newer investments other than
                                              maximizing your money and having
Stock, Bonds and Mutual funds.
                                              the lifestyle you want. Instructor:
This class will concentrate on the                                                      Selling a Home
                                              Chris Gemlo. Henry’s class will
differences between traditional                                                         in Today’s Market
                                              include information from an ITA
investments and MLPs (Master                                                            Discuss all aspects of selling a
                                              Certified Home Inspector.
Limited Partnerships) and Options.                                                      home in today’s market including
                                                Edison             1 Thursday
Kirk Roggensack worked 17 years on                                                      how to prepare a home for sale,
                                                September 27       6:30-9:00 pm
a trading floor and he will give you                               $15                  Truth-in-Housing inspections and
his perspective on some new ideas                                                       how to arrive at fair market value.
and pitfalls to avoid.                          Pratt              1 Tuesday            Instructor: George Bodnia.
  South                1 Tuesday                October 9          6:30-9:00 pm           Roosevelt           1 Tuesday
  October 16           6:30-8:30 pm                                $15                    October 9           7:00-9:00 pm
                       $15                                                                                    $15
                                                Henry              2 Wednesdays
                                                November 7         6:30-9:00 pm
Managing Elderly loved                                             $21                  Selling a Home
Ones’ Business affairs                                                                  Using the Internet
As our loved ones age, managing                 Jefferson          1 Tuesday            In this class you will learn how the
daily responsibilities such as bills and        November 13        6:30-9:00 pm
                                                                                        Internet has enabled real estate
necessary house repairs become                                                          sellers to sell homes for an average
more difficult. An illness can even                                                     savings of $8,000 less than the
make them impossible. Recognize               Buying a Home in                          traditional commission. Compare
warning signs and learn how to                Today’s Market                            the options available for a seller,
simplify the process of managing              Become informed before beginning          look at free and low cost resources
your loved ones’ business affairs.            to look for your dream home.              for pricing and paperwork, and
Class will also cover ways to handle          Review financing, tax advantages,         getting flat fee professional
the situations leading from a death,          Truth-in-Housing inspections and          assistance for only the parts a seller
if unfortunately the loved one were           other important information.              doesn’t want to do for themselves.
to pass away. Instructor: Peter               Instructor: George Bodnia.                Instructor: Al Hepp.
Brower, MSW LICSW.                              Roosevelt          1 Tuesday              Roosevelt           1 Tuesday
  Jefferson            1 Wednesday              October 16         7:00-9:00 pm           October 2           6:00-8:00 pm
  October 10           7:00-9:00 pm                                $15                                        $15

www.mplscommunityed.com                                 Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment           fall 2012
Business & Consumer                                        Social Media Strategies
                                                           for Small Business
                                                           Join Leo Bogee, Founder and CEO of
                                                                                                   Turn Your Passion Profitable
                                                                                                   Could your idea, hobby, or talent be
                                                                                                   a business, a career, or profitable
                                                           Foodcart Media, for this seminar on     side job? Receive feedback and
                                                           developing a social media strategy      test marketing on the customer
                                                           for your small business. Learn          response to your idea. Begin to
                                                           how to navigate your social media       organize what needs to happen
                                                           strategy, how to build community        to take the next step to becoming
                                                           through social media and how to         an active business. Be prepared to
                                                           find your champions to drive your       discuss your idea, hobby, or talent,
                  Marketing Your Business                  strategy and lastly how to drive your   and bring pictures or examples of
                  With a limited Budget                    brand to increase customer loyalty.     your work, if possible. The instructor
                  How do you market your business          Instructor recommends bringing          has turned three ideas into
                  without spending a small fortune?        a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, notebook,       businesses that have grossed over
                  You will learn ways to budget for        folder and Smartphone.                  $10 million in revenue. Instructor:
                  your marketing, evaluate your              Roosevelt         2 Tuesdays          Albert Hepp.
                  marketing efforts, build a marketing       September 25      6:30-8:00 pm          Roosevelt         1 Tuesday
                  plan, and find unique methods of                             $20                   November 13       6:00-8:00 pm
                  no-cost/ low-cost marketing.                                                                         $15
                      Hale             1 Thursday          Social Security:
                      December 6       6:00-8:00 pm        Understanding It                        Unique Ways to Stretch
                                                           Will Social Security be there for me?   Your Money Wisely
                                                           How much can I expect to receive?       Are you finding that there is more
                  Money Management:                        When should I apply for Social          month and less money to cover
                  finding Your Way to                      Security? Learn about: FRA=Full         expenses? In this class, we will look
                  financial freedom                        Retirement Age; File & Suspend;         at possible ways to increase your
                  Over two weeks you will learn            Spousal Benefits; Gain insight as       income or decrease your expenses
                  enough about income, savings,            to when might be the best time          with innovative ideas. The handouts
                  budgeting, expenses, loans, interest     for your to take your benefit, and      are furnished, just come prepared
                  rates, credit counseling, dealing        more. This is a free class but you      to acquire some new methods
                  with bankers and more to allow you       must register.                          of budgeting. Taught by Barbara
                  to begin down the road to financial        Henry             1 Monday            Smith, the Money Whisperer
                  freedom. The class will end with           October 22        6:00-7:30 pm          Hale              1 Thursday
                  a quick review and you will begin                            Free                  November 8        6:00-8:30 pm
                  creating a plan for retirement and                                                                   $15
                  setting goals for the future.            Starting a Home-Based
                      Henry            2 Mondays           Coaching Business                       Wills: Prepare Your Own
                      October 29       7:00-9:00 pm        Are you the person people turn to       Course provides all forms,
                                       $21                                                         instructions, witnesses and notaries
                                                           for help? As a coach, your role is
                                                           to guide your clients in achieving      necessary to allow anyone, no
                  Photography: So You                      success in their quests. Coaching is    matter how rich or poor, to prepare
                  Want to be a Professional                a low-cost business easily ran from     and walk away with his/her own
                  Photographer?                            home. This is an interactive class.     simple will. A husband and wife
                  Learn what you need to know about        The handouts and supplies are           each need to register separately
                  the business end of photography          furnished; just bring your ideas for    and prepare separate wills. Included
                  before you leave your day job. This      the type of coaching business you       in fee are attorney costs of $18.
                  class will cover how to present          want to start. Taught by Barbara        Instructor: Attorney Michael Milo.
                  a business plan, acquire a tax ID        Smith, the Money Whisperer.             No discounts.
                  number, license and permit, sales tax      Hale              1 Thursday            Roosevelt         1 Wednesday
                  issues and how to set pricing for your     November 1        6:00-8:00 pm          October 3         6:30-9:00 pm
                  work. Guest lecturers will include a                         $15                                     $38
                  lawyer, a certified public accountant
                  (CPA) and an insurance expert.           Register Today!
                      Jefferson        3 Tuesdays          Register now and make sure you get into your favorite classes!
                      October 30       7:00-9:00 pm
                                                           We’re online at: www.mplscommunityed.com.

      34         fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                     Condiments 1
                                                                                     You no longer have to buy your
                                                                                     condiments from the store; they
                                                                                     are full of preservatives and way
                                                                                     too expensive. When you make
                                                                                     them at home you can save money
                                                                                     and use healthier ingredients. Learn
                                                                                     to prepare your own mayonnaise,
                                                                                     salad dressing, vinaigrette and
                                                                                     more. Bring containers to take your
                                                                                     creations home. Tuition includes a
                                                                                     $10 materials fee. Instructor: Walt
                                                                                       Roosevelt         1 Tuesday
                                                                                       October 23        5:30-8:30 pm
                                                                                                         $28/$19 Srs.

Cooking                                    Cajun vs. Creole
                                           Famed Louisiana chef John Folse
                                           once explained the difference             Condiments 2
                                           between Cajuns and Creoles is             In Condiments 2, you will learn
asian Cooking: The lighter
                                           that Cajuns eat in the kitchen and        to prepare your own ketchup,
Side of asian Cuisine
                                           Creoles eat in the dining room. In        mustard, pickles, peanut butter and
Class covers great methods of Asian
                                           this class we will start in the kitchen   more. Bring containers to take your
cooking. For current menu please
                                           whipping up Catfish Po-boys and           creations home. Tuition includes a
check the web site or call 612.668.1515.
                                           Crawfish Etouffee and finish in the       $10 materials fee. Instructor: Walt
Instructor collects a $10 supply fee.
                                           dining room with Tamarind-glazed          Pattinson.
Instructor: Li-Hua Sung.
                                           Pork with bourbon-molasses sweet            Roosevelt         1 Tuesday
  Northeast           1 Tuesday
                                           potatoes and a decadent Bananas             October 30        5:30-8:30 pm
  November 27         6:00-9:00 pm
                                                                                                         $28/$19 Srs.
                      $18                  Foster. You will also learn techniques
                                           including how to blacken meat,
                                           make a roux and to praise cayenne         Dairy & Gluten free flavors
asian Cooking:
                                           pepper as a magical seasoning.            Living gluten and dairy free doesn’t
Vegetarian-Style Cooking
                                           Tuition includes a $15 materials fee.     have to mean rice and beans every
Prepare a vegetarian Asian meal.
                                           Instructor: Harvey Rupert.                day. Join us as we kick up the
For current menu information
                                             Roosevelt          1 Wednesday          culinary heat on a gluten and dairy
please check the web site or call
                                             December 5         6:00-8:30 pm         free lifestyle. Learn to prepare
612.668.1515. Instructor collects a $10                         $33/$24 Srs.         edamame hummus, black bean and
supply fee. Instructor: Li-Hua Sung.
                                                                                     sweet potato enchiladas with mole,
  Northeast           1 Tuesday                                                      soba noodles with spicy Thai peanut
  December 4          6:00-9:00 pm         Caribbean Cuisine
                                           Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of          sauce, roasted vegetable soup with
                                           African, American Indian, European,       sun-dried tomato pesto and maple-
                                           East Indian and Chinese cuisines          walnut baked apples for desert.
Biscotti                                                                             Tuition includes a $15 materials fee.
                                           which gives it such complex flavors.
Create biscotti using almonds,                                                       Instructor: Andrea Bolger.
                                           In this class, you will learn how to
pistachio nuts, dried fruits and                                                       Roosevelt         1 Tuesday
                                           make jerk-curry chicken, jerk burgers
cinnamon. Enjoy your biscotti                                                          December 11       5:30-8:30 pm
                                           and a jerk-rundown (vegetable
plain or drizzled with chocolate.                                                                        $33/$24 Srs.
                                           stew made with cream of coconut).
Tuition includes a $10 materials fee.
                                           Use pineapples, coconut, sweet
Instructor: Laurel Severson.
                                           potatoes, molasses and ginger to
  Roosevelt           1 Monday             add spice and depth to dishes such as
  October 15          5:30-8:30 pm
                                           coconut shrimp, Caribbean coleslaw
                      $28/$19 Srs.
                                           and pineapple-pecan upside down
                                           cake. Tuition includes a $15 materials
Register online with a VISA or
                                           fee. Instructor: Harvey Rupert.
MasterCard on our secure site:
www.mplscommunityed.com.                     Roosevelt          1 Monday
It’s quick and easy!                         December 10        6:00-8:30 pm
                                                                $33/$24 Srs.

www.mplscommunityed.com                                 Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
       Adaptable as an appetizer, main course,
       snack or dessert, fondue is always a
                                                   Great Grains
                                                   A great source of fiber and nutrients,
                                                   grains are a perfect addition to a
                                                                                            Infusing Olive Oil
                                                                                            Learn to create your own custom
                                                                                            flavored bread dipping oil, salad
       hit. Create fondues from around the         wholesome diet. Get more grains in       dressing, or general use cooking
       world: traditional cheese, Swiss, beef      your menus with these recipes: quinoa    oil. We’ll discuss when to use extra
       bourguignon, crab, blue cheese and          tabbouleh, tomato-spinach soup with      virgin olive oil versus regular, hot
       tempura. Dunk fruit, cake or brownies       polenta croutons, fruited wild rice      process versus cold process, and
       into dessert fondues including              salad, chocolate nugget orange flax      more. Take home “mix and match”
       flavored chocolate and butterscotch.        coffeecake and Irish oatmeal cake.       flavor and cooking ideas, plus, we’ll
       Tuition includes a $13 materials fee.       Tuition includes a $15 materials fee.    do some bread dipping in class!
       Instructor: Laurel Severson.                Instructor: Andrea Bolger.               Bring your own olive oil and one or
          Roosevelt          1 Monday                 Roosevelt          1 Tuesday          more jars to create some fun flavors;
          October 1          5:30-8:30 pm             December 4         5:30-8:30 pm       we’ll provide the “flavorings.”
                             $31/$22 Srs.                                $33/$24 Srs.       Instructor collects a $6 supply fee.
                                                                                              Northeast          1 Wednesday
                                                                                              November 28        6:30-9:00 pm

       Eat local Minnesota Series                                                                                $15

       We are pleased to present the Fall 2012 installment of our Eat Local                 Krumkake, Pizzelle,
       Minnesota Series. Cooking instructor Andrea Bolger will introduce you                Sandbakkelse & Rosettes
       to a variety of dishes that transform harvest produce into gourmet fare.             Want to make famous international
       Tuition includes a $15 materials fee. Register for all 3 classes in the series       cookies like you see in upscale pastry
       and receive a $10 discount off the total class fee. Call 612.668.4828 to             shops? Practice making scrumptious
       register with discount.                                                              treats like Norwegian Krumkakes,
                                                                                            anise flavored Pizzelles, almond
                                                 Pumpkins                                   Sandbakkelse made in mini tart pans
                                                 This squash variety is incredibly          and fragile, deep-fried Rosettes.
                                                 easy to grow in your own backyard.         You will work with unique baking
                                                 Now you can do more than just              tools and find out where each of
                                                 jack-o-lanterns! In this class you         them can be purchased. Sample the
                                                 will learn to prepare pumpkin              treats in class and bring containers
                                                 chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin            to take home your baked goods.
                                                 cornbread, tunisian pumpkin soup,          Tuition includes a $13 materials fee.
                                                 creamy pumpkin cheesecake and              Instructor: Laurel Severson.
                                                 pumpkin ravioli.                             Roosevelt          1 Wednesday
                                                   Roosevelt          1 Tuesday               November 28        5:30-8:30 pm
                                                   October 9          5:30-8:30 pm                               $31/$22 Srs.
                                                                      $33/$24 Srs.
                                                 Root Vegetables                            This Norwegian delicacy is a holiday
                                                 Once known as lowly food for their         favorite. Master the fine points of
       apples                                    storage spot in the cellar, root           making, baking, and storing dough.
       Minnesota’s varieties of apple crops      vegetables are seeing a rebirth            Make a number of authentic recipes
       will surprise you! We claim fame to       among foodies as healthy natural           using real potatoes and a quick version
       creating the Honeycrisp, Fireside         starches full of vitamins and minerals.    made with instant potatoes. Help
       and Haralson apples among others.         Learn to prepare baked parsnip             prepare several traditional fillings
       In this class you will learn to prepare   fries with rosemary, morning glory         and then sample your fresh-baked
       a variety of apples and pears with        breakfast cake, Mexican-spiced             goods. Bring a container to take
       cranberry-currant dressing, a new age     roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips,       home finished lefse dough to bake
       Waldorf Salad, beet & apple puree,        mashed root vegetable medley with          for Thanksgiving or other occasions.
       an apple galette and cinnamon apple       caramelized onions and ground              Tuition includes a $10 materials fee.
       walnut torte.                             turkey Shepherd’s Pie.                     Instructor: Laurel Severson.
          Roosevelt          1 Tuesday             Roosevelt          1 Tuesday               Roosevelt          1 Monday
          September 25       5:30-8:30 pm          November 27        5:30-8:30 pm            November 5         5:30-8:30 pm
                             $33/$24 Srs.                             $33/$24 Srs.                               $28/$19 Srs.

  36   fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
Paella is a Spanish rice and saffron dish
with (or without) seafood. Explore
Paella’s history, the traditional as well
as modern kitchen preparations and
its ingredients, traditional and eclectic.
Bring containers to take samples
home. Tuition includes a $15 materials
fee. Instructor: Walt Pattinson.
  Roosevelt            1 Tuesday
  October 2            5:30-8:30 pm
                       $33/$24 Srs.

Learn how to make linguine, lasagna
and angel-hair pasta. Explore using
different types of flour and creating        family                                    family fun & learning Night
                                                                                       All families are invited to join
                                                                                       us at Andersen for supper, fun
flavored pastas. Make basic marinara
and alfredo sauces to accompany              These classes are for Adults and          and learning, usually on the 2nd
your creations. If you have a pasta          Children. Parents are expected to         Thursday of the month. A variety of
machine, feel free to bring it to class.     stay and participate in the class.        activities will take place for parents
Bring containers to bring samples                                                      and children together as well as
home. Tuition includes a $12 materials                                                 separate groups. Cosponsored by
fee. Instructor: Walt Pattinson.             4H at Northeast                           the Family Resource Center and
                                             The Northeast 4H club meets two           Andersen School. Call 612.668.4215
  Roosevelt            1 Tuesday
  October 16           5:30-8:30 pm
                                             Monday evenings per month during          for information and to pre-register.
                       $30/$21 Srs.          the school year. Children and families
                                                                                         Andersen          3 Thursdays
                                             work together on fun projects and field     September 13      6:00-7:30 pm
                                             trips. For more information, contact                          Free
Side Dishes for                              Robin Sauerwine at 612.751.5124.
Holiday Gatherings
                                               Northeast           Mondays             farsi 1 (Grades 2-5)
Impress family and friends with new
twists on old holiday standbys. In this                                                Explore learning a new language
class you will prepare Thanksgiving          Dance & Music for Parents                 together with your child! You will be
potatoes, fresh cranberry-apple              & Tots (ages 2½-3½)                       introduced to basic, everyday spoken
relish, roasted root vegetables with         Parents and children will have fun        Farsi including days, greetings, and
pear glaze, maple butternut bisque           exploring the different ways we           more. You will also learn how to
and holiday cranberry nut bourbon            move our bodies to musical rhythms.       write letters of the alphabet and
cake. Tuition includes a $15 materials       We will develop coordination and          say simple sentences in Farsi. Class
fee. Instructor: Andrea Bolger.              motor skills and begin to use our         fee is for one parent and one child.
  Roosevelt            1 Tuesday             imaginations. Come prepared to            Instructor: Kumars Toosi.
  November 13          5:30-8:30 pm          have lots of fun!                           Pratt             4 Saturdays
                       $33/$24 Srs.            Waite Park         8 Saturdays            September 29      10:30-11:30 am
                                               October 6          2:25-2:55 pm                             $24/Family
Southern Classics
On our journey through the soulful                                                     Gingerbread House
                                             Discounts                                 Workshop (all ages)
south, we will start with cornbread          Metropolitan Health Plan and
and sweet potatoes with honey and            UCARE members may deduct                  Create a delicious work of art using
pecan maple glazes. Next, prepare            $15 per class or trip.                    graham crackers and yummy treats
chicken and waffles with bourbon                                                       galore! All supplies, as well as the
glaze, smothered pork with sweet-                                                      magic frosting, are provided. Enjoy
potato gravy and finish with dessert.                                                  holiday music and light refreshments
Tuition includes a $15 materials fee.                                                  too. Taught by Anna Sonmore-
Instructor: Harvey Rupert.                                                             Costello, Gingerbread Master.
  Roosevelt            1 Wednesday                                                       Hale              1 Saturday
  December 12          6:00-8:30 pm                                                      December 8        10:00-11:30 am
                       $33/$24 Srs.                                                                        $10/House

www.mplscommunityed.com                                    Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Family/Parenting                                                                                  Holiday Gifts (all ages)
                                                                                                  Have fun creating holiday ornaments
                                                                                                  and gifts to celebrate the season.
                                                                                                  Make chocolates, crystal stars,
                                                                                                  ornaments, and more.
                                                                                                    Hale               1 Saturday
                                                                                                    December 8         1:00-2:30 pm

                                                                                                  HOME Plus Program
                                                                                                  The University of Minnesota is
                                                                                                  continuing its partnership with
                                                                                                  Minneapolis Parks and Recreation to

               Parenting                                                                          offer a fun program this fall. HOME
                                                                                                  Plus is a family-focused research
                                                                                                  study that includes a program for
               These classes are for adults only. Please do not bring children.                   parents and children (Ages 8-12)
                                                                                                  that promotes eating and cooking
                   Cloth Diapering 101                    Star Trek for Dinner:                   healthy foods together as a family.
                   Learn how easy using cloth diapers     a Parents’ Guide for                    We ask that you carefully consider
                   can be. You will learn about the       Sharing american History                your family’s schedule for a once per
                   different types of cloth diapers       Sometimes a take-out pizza and an       month commitment from September
                   available, how to use the different    old 60s sci-fi show is an ideal way     2012 through June 2013 because your
                   styles of diapers, and all of the      to spend time together as a family      attendance at the sessions is very
                   benefits of using cloth. This class    and stimulate lively discussions        important. For more information and
                   is great for anyone who cares for      about American democracy. The           to enroll, call Sarah at 612.624.2610.
                   a child in diapers or is expecting a   original Star Trek holds a unique         Waite Park         Wednesdays
                   child. Instructor: Andie Whitaker.     position in popular culture in that       September 12       6:00-8:00 pm
                     Pratt             1 Saturday         it includes the values and beliefs of                        Free
                     November 10       10:00-11:30 am     Americans born during the Great
                                       $15                Depression who came of age on
                                                                                                  Super Saturdays at
                                                          the battle fronts and home front of
                                                                                                  andersen (Grades K-8)
                   Positive Co-Parenting                  World War II. Bring a notebook for
                                                                                                  Your family resource for learning
                   Through Divorce                        jotting down ideas. A folder with
                                                                                                  and fun! A variety of enrichment
                   Research shows that it is not the      handouts will be provided to each
                                                                                                  activities (mostly free) are offered
                   divorce itself that is so damaging     participant. Participants are invited
                                                                                                  for school-age youth. Call to have a
                   to children, rather, it’s the on-      to come individually or as a couple.
                                                                                                  complete listing mailed to you.
                   going conflict and interruption in       South             2 Tuesdays
                                                                                                    Andersen           9 Saturdays
                   parenting that creates distress.         October 16        6:45-8:45 pm
                                                                                                    October 6          10 am-12:30 pm
                   The ability of parents living apart                        $22
                                                                                                    No class Oct 20,   Varied
                   to work together in a co-operative                                               Nov 24
                   manner has direct impact on how
                   well and how quickly children                                                  Zumba (Grades K-5)
                   adjust to their new circumstance                                               Spend time with your family and get
                   and return to normal levels of                                                 a great fitness workout! A certified
                   functioning. In this class you will                                            Zumba instructor will lead parents
                   learn to establish strategies for                                              and their children through simple
                   keeping your children out of                                                   steps to fun Latin dance music. A
                   "the middle" and improve your                                                  family can include up to 2 adults
                   communication skills within your                                               and 3 children. Children must be
                   new family dynamic. Instructor:                                                accompanied by their parent. Wear
                   Wanda Walker.                                                                  comfortable clothes and light weight
                     Roosevelt         1 Wednesday                                                tennis shoes and bring water.
                     October 3         6:00-8:00 pm
                                       $15                                                          Pratt              3 Saturdays
                                                                                                    October 27         8:45-9:45 am

     38       fall 2012          Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                      Youth & Teen
Ballet, Hip Hop & Modern
Dance foundations (ages 5-6)
This class features the foundations
of ballet, hip hop, and modern
dance. Each week, we will use our
imaginations and a range of dance
movements. The class ends with a
small performance.
  Waite Park          8 Saturdays
  October 6           3:50-4:35 pm

Creative Dance, Movement
& Stories (ages 3½-4½)
This class is a great introduction to
dance, movement and imagination.
It will focus on a variety of ways we
can move our bodies. Each week,
dance movements will be explored
by using a children’s story.               Teen                                   Drivers Education
                                                                                  Classroom Training
                                                                                  Classroom instruction is open to
  Waite Park          8 Saturdays
  October 6           3:00-3:45 pm         aCT & SaT Test                         any high school-aged student 14
                      $28                  Preparation Courses                    years and older (14 year olds cannot
                                           High school students prepare           get their permit until they turn 15).
                                           for the ACT or SAT/PSAT College        Students will be issued a yellow
Dance: Tap & Ballet (ages 4-6)
                                           entrance exams. Learn the              30-hour classroom completion
You’re never too young to be a star.
                                           structure of the exam and test         card; the instructor will provide
This class is a great introduction
                                           taking strategies. Focus on specific   more details on obtaining the blue
to tap and ballet. There will be a
                                           skills needed such as mathematics,     card required for the permit test
performance for parents at the end
                                           reading comprehension, principles      and Behind the Wheel scheduling
of the session. Instructor: Jill Hogan.
                                           of grammar and science reasoning.      options. No discounts.
  Andersen            6 Saturdays
  October 13          1:00-1:45 pm
                                           Each course meets 12 hours. Offered      Edison            3 Mon-Thu
                      $24                  in cooperation with Advantage            October 1         3:15-6:15 pm
                                           Educational Programs. All class                            $125
                                           materials included in tuition fee.
Red Cross Babysitting                      Take both prep classes for $210.
                                                                                    South             3 Mon-Thu
Do you plan to care for younger kids?                                               October 1         3:15-6:15 pm
                                           Call 612.668.4326 to register with                         $125
This American Red Cross program            multiclass discount. Reduced fee
with recently upgraded curriculum,         scholarships are also available for      Roosevelt         3 Mon-Thu
helps you to become a good baby            students in financial hardship or on     October 29        3:30-6:00 pm
sitter. Training covers safety, basic      free/reduced lunch. Please call Jean                       $125
care, emergencies, leadership, and         at 612.668.4325 for information.
professionalism. Those who attend                                                   South             3 Mon-Thu
all sessions will receive a certificate    ACT Test Preparation                     November 5        3:15-6:15 pm
of completion. Fee includes the cost                                                                  $125
                                             South             4 Wednesdays
of a textbook and CD. You must               October 24        5:45-8:45 pm         South             3 Mon-Thu
attend the full six hours to receive                           $120                 November 26       3:15-6:15 pm
your certificate. There will be a break;                                                              $125
bring a bag lunch or snack. Taught by      SAT/PSAT Test Preparation
Silvia Zavaleta-Ihme.
                                             South             4 Wednesdays       Register online with a VISA or
  Hale                1 Saturday             September 19      5:45-8:45 pm       MasterCard on our secure site:
  December 8          8:30 am-2:30 pm                          $120               www.mplscommunityed.com.

www.mplscommunityed.com                             Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment       fall 2012
Exercise & Fitness                                                                            Capoeira
                                                                                              This martial art is also a cultural and
                                                                                              artistic expression of the people
                                                                                              of Brazil. Learn movements that
                                                                                              are highly gymnastic and involve
                                                                                              strategy and physical control. This
                                                                                              class is taught by members of the
                                                                                              Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Association.
                                                                                              Both adults and youth are welcome.
                                                                                              However, if you are under 16, please
                                                                                              ask your parent or guardian to
                                                                                              register you for this class. Meets at
                                                                                              the ABCapoeira Studio, 2948 Chicago

                 Exercise & fitness                                                           Ave. S.
                                                                                                Jefferson          8 Mon & Wed
                                                                                                September 24       5:00-6:00 pm
                 aerobics: low Impact &                 Bodyshaping/Bodybuilding
                 Strength Training                      Bodyshaping/Bodybuilding is a
                 This user-friendly class with easy-    system of strength training and
                 to-follow choreography will raise      flexibility exercises that combine    Cardio Kickboxing
                 your metabolism and is great for       the best elements from free weights   What makes Cardio Kickboxing so
                 fat burning. We will also work on      and yoga. Enjoy a high-energy         much fun is taking self-defense
                 abdomen and gluts with strength        workout with fun and lively music!    techniques like jabbing, kicking,
                 training for upper body and            Bring indoor athletic shoes and a     punching and blocking and adding
                 back support. Bring a mat and          water bottle. Weights provided or     high-energy music. Say good-bye to
                 hand weights. Avoid the hassle         bring your own.                       boring workouts and gain valuable
                 of big clubs, lockers, people you                                            skills while quickly getting in shape.
                                                        Instructor: Connie Balcom
                 don't know. Join the Waite Park                                              Offered in cooperation with Griffin
                                                          Pratt              8 Mondays        Martial Arts. No discounts. Classes
                 neighborhood class where folks are       September 24       8:00-9:15 am
                 friendly, the atmosphere is calm and                                         are held at 3401 Boardman Street
                                                                             $50/$38 Srs.
                 workouts are beneficial. Instructor:                                         (34th Ave & 55th St).
                 Diane Penn.                              Pratt              8 Wednesdays       Roosevelt          5 Mon & Wed
                                                          September 26       8:00-9:15 am       September 24       6:30-7:15 pm
                     Waite Park     9 Mondays
                                                                             $50/$38 Srs.                          $45
                     September 24   5:30-6:30 pm
                                                                                                Roosevelt          5 Mon & Wed
                                                          Pratt              8 Fridays
                                                                                                September 24       8:00-8:45 pm
                     Waite Park     9 Wednesdays          September 28       8:00-9:15 am
                     September 26   5:30-6:30 pm                             $50/$38 Srs.
                                                                                                Roosevelt          5 Tue & Thu
                     Waite Park     9 Saturdays         Instructor: Kristin Keller              September 25       6:30-7:15 pm
                     September 29   8:30-9:30 am          Pratt              8 Saturdays
                                    $48                   September 29       9:00-10:30 am
                                                                                                Roosevelt          5 Tue & Thu
                                                                             $52/$40 Srs.
                                                                                                September 25       8:00-8:45 pm
                 There are no classes on                                                                           $45
                 November 22 or 23.                     Instructor: Eva Ondrus
                                                          Pratt              8 Thursdays      2 Students for the Price of 1
                 Discounts                                September 27       6:00-7:30 pm
                 Metropolitan Health Plan and                                                   Roosevelt          5 Saturdays
                                                                             $52/$40 Srs.
                                                                                                September 29       8:00-9:00 am
                 UCARE members may deduct
                 $15 per class or trip.
                                                        Instructor: Sandi Stein
                                                          Pratt              8 Mondays
                                                          September 24       5:30-7:00 pm
                                                                             $52/$40 Srs.     Register Today!
                                                                                              Register now and make sure
                                                          Pratt              8 Wednesdays     you get into your favorite
                                                          September 26       5:30-7:00 pm     classes! We’re online at:
                                                                             $52/$40 Srs.     www.mplscommunityed.com.

     40         fall 2012       Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                             Exercise/Sports & Recreation
Cardio Kung fu: aerobics,
Kicks, Yoga & Kung fu forms                 Sports & Recreation
By offering a combination of
exercise disciplines, participants will                                              Golf 1 & 2
gain the benefit of aerobic activity                                                 Participate in a great class for beginner
strength training and flexibility,                                                   and intermediate golfers who want
focus and stamina. Be prepared for                                                   to improve their skills. Includes golf
a great workout! Wear comfortable                                                    history, types of clubs, rules and
clothing and athletic shoes. Bring a                                                 etiquette. Practice putting, chipping,
yoga mat (recommended but not                                                        pitching and full-length shots. Please
required) sweat towel and water in                                                   bring #3, #5, #7 & #9 irons and a putter.
an enclosed container.                                                               Instructor: T Skelly.
                                                                                       Northeast           6 Wednesdays
  South               7 Wednesdays          Badminton: adult Co-ed                     October 3           7:00-8:00 pm
  September 26        6:15-7:15 pm          Excellent conditioning without                                 $35
                      $35                   stressing muscles or joints. Improve
                                            all aspects of your game, including      Ice Skating 1
Exercise: Gutbusters, Stretch               serves, hits, and net-play.              Winter will soon be here. Did
& Balance—Mixed level                         Pratt              6 Thursdays         you somehow make it through
Improve strength, balance and                 September 27       7:45-8:45 pm        childhood without learning how to
flexibility through intensive body-                              $35
                                                                                     ice skate? Learn how to skate in this
comprehensive exercises, balance                                                     low-pressure class outside of the
and stretch work; adaptable for             floorball: adult Co-ed                   gaze of expert skaters. Sharpen your
beginning through advanced                  Join the Northeast Floorball group       skills so you can skate anywhere.
levels. Bring a Yoga mat and wear           for ages 18 and up. Floorball, a type    Bring your own skates or borrow
comfortable clothes. Taught by              of floor hockey, is an indoor team       a pair of ours. Meets at Victory
Ann-Marie.                                  sport, fun, fast, safe and requires      Memorial Ice Arena, 1900 42nd Ave. N.
  Northeast           4 Wednesdays          only shorts, t-shirt and indoor court
                                                                                       Henry               8 Sundays
  October 24          6:45-8:00 pm          shoes. The group plays pick up             October 21          4:00-5:00 pm
                      $30                   games so bring both light- and dark-                           $38
                                            colored shirts. Sticks are available
Exercise: Slow & Easy                       to borrow and we have nets. All          Volleyball: Power
Slow-paced, stretch and bend                levels of players are welcome.           For players skilled in power volleyball
exercises for persons who cannot            Come on out and learn the game           techniques who enjoy competitive
tolerate strenuous exercise. This           and have some fun. A nightly             games. Participants set up the net
class is for people of all ages and sizes   donation is taken at the door.           themselves. Instruction/lockers not
and those who haven’t exercised in          For further information, contact         provided. Not suitable for beginners.
a long time. No matter what shape           Minneapolis Floorball on Facebook.       No team registration.
you are in, appropriate exercise is           Northeast          8 Mondays
                                                                                       Jefferson           8 Tuesdays
beneficial. Wear loose fitting clothes        September 24       7:00-9:00 pm
                                                                                       September 25        7:00-9:00 pm
and rubber soled shoes.                                                                                    $22
  Henry               10 Mondays              Northeast          8 Thursdays
  September 24        5:30-6:00 pm                                                     Jefferson           8 Thursdays
                                              September 27       7:00-9:00 pm
                      $23                                                              September 27        7:00-9:00 pm
  Henry               10 Wednesdays
  September 26        5:30-6:00 pm          Golf 1
  No class Nov 21     $23                   This class is for beginning golfers
                                            who want to improve their skills.
                                            Includes golf history, types of clubs,
Want to Teach?                              rules and etiquette. Practice putting,
If you have knowledge, ideas                chipping, pitching and full-length
or passions that you would like             shots. Bring clubs if you have them.
to share with others, consider              Instructor: T. Skelly.
teaching a community education                Roosevelt          6 Mondays
class. Call us at 612.668.3939                September 24       7:00-8:00 pm
or visit mplscommunityed.com                                     $35
for more information.

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment           fall 2012
Exercise & Fitness                                                                                   Northside Running Club
                                                                                                     Are you a runner? Do you live in
                                                                                                     North Minneapolis? Do you like the
                                                                                                     idea of building community while
                                                                                                     getting healthy? If you answered
                                                                                                     yes to any of these questions, then
                                                                                                     this running club just might be a
                                                                                                     great fit for you. Our idea is to bring
                                                                                                     together neighbors to run and train
                                                                                                     together. We'll come together for
                                                                                                     a group meeting to brainstorm and
                                                                                                     discuss future activities including:
                                                                                                     regular weekly or bi-weekly runs,
                                                                                                     pairing up for mid-week runs and
                                                                                                     race training. This is a free class but
                                                                                                     you must register.
                                                                                                       Henry               1 Wednesday
                                                                                                       September 26        6:00-7:00 pm

                                                                                                     Pilates 1
                                                                                                     Pilates is a system of movements that
                 fitness Center                             Hoop Dance                               originated from the rehabilitative
                 Use cardiovascular and weight              Remember the hula hoop? You can          and conditioning methods of
                 machines (circuit training) in a fitness   do so much more with it than you         Joseph H. Pilates. The exercises are
                 center setting. After orientation,         think! This beginning/intermediate       designed to strengthen the 'core
                 participants can come in to work out       class will cover the basic "tricks" of   muscles' of the body, improve
                 at anytime during the hours listed.        hoop dance and work on opening           posture, increase awareness of
                     Andersen            16 Wednesdays      up the potential of each student to      breath and develop stability and
                     September 5         5:30-7:00 pm       let go, flow, and freestyle in their     balance. Wear comfortable exercise
                                         $16                own way. This is a great way to          clothing and bring a yoga mat.
                                                            work out and tighten that core while       Pratt               8 Tuesdays
                     Andersen            14 Saturdays       having a blast doing it. Hoops will be     September 25        4:45-6:00 pm
                     September 8         9:00-10:30 am
                                                            provided for use during class.                                 $45
                     No class Nov 24     $14
                                                              Jefferson         7 Thursdays
                                                              September 27      5:45-6:45 pm           Jefferson           8 Thursdays
                     Andersen            15 Mondays
                                                                                $39                    September 27        7:15-8:15 pm
                     September 10        5:30-7:00 pm
                                                            Hula Hoop Boot Camp                        Edison              8 Wednesdays
                                                            Learn all the moves and techniques         September 26        5:30-6:30 pm
                     Which Class level                      taught in a long term class in one                             $37
                     Should I Take?                         fun and empowering morning
                     Community Education classes are        workshop. We will start with basic       Poi Spinning
                     organized by levels, 1 through 5.      waist-hooping and move on through        Poi spinning resembles martial arts and
                     If you are new to a subject or it      off the body moves and dance             rhythmic gymnastics. It is an incredible
                     has been a number of years since       combinations. Wear comfortable           exercise that will increase physical
                     you last studied, start with a class   work-out clothing and bring a water      strength, enhance energy, improve
                     followed by “1.” If you’ve taken
                                                            bottle. Suitable for beginners or        dexterity and help you feel more
                     a Community Education class
                                                            those who want to polish up their        happy and alive! Instructor: Steve
                     recently, proceed to the next level.
                     Classes do not follow a standard       skills. Adult-sized hula hoops will be   Poreda (Mr. Fun) of Mystik Toyz. For
                     curriculum, so a Level 2 class at      provided. Instructor: Koren Walsh.       adults and youth. No discounts.
                     one site may differ from Level 2         Pratt             1 Saturday             Jefferson           7 Thursdays
                     at another. If you have questions,       November 17       8:30 am-12:30 pm       September 27        7:30-9:00 pm
                     please call the class site directly                        $20                                        $48
                     (See page 61 for list of sites).
                                                            There are no classes Thursday, November 22 or Friday, November 23.

     42         fall 2012          Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                           Exercise & Fitness
Strength Training                         Weight Training
for fitness                               Get in shape in the Northeast Fitness
This class is individualized for people   Center. Learn weight training
of all ages and sizes, especially those   techniques and develop a weight
who haven't exercised in a long time      training program. Work with a fitness
or otherwise should take it easy,         instructor on Tuesdays and work on
by an instructor with many years of       your skills on Thursdays.
experience. If you are looking for a        Northeast          8 Tue & Thu
group-centered workout, this is not         September 27       7:00-8:20 pm
it. Regular strength training helps to                         $36
reduce body fat, increase lean muscle,
burn calories more efficiently, build                                               Zumba: Exercise to
                                          Weight Training:
bone density, and boost stamina and                                                 latin Music
                                          Open Sessions
energy. For best results, sign up for                                               Zumba is a fun, effective, easy-to-learn
                                          Stay in shape at the Northeast Fitness
two classes per week. Cost includes                                                 workout that uses the principles of
                                          Center! Weight room open session
$5 fee for machine maintenance in                                                   fitness interval training to maximize
                                          provides extra workout time for your
the Henry Fitness Center.                                                           caloric output, fat burning and total
                                          personal weight training program.
  Henry              10 Mondays
                                                                                    body toning. Inspired by traditional
                                            Northeast          8 Mon & Wed          cumbia, salsa, samba and merengue
  September 24       6:15-7:15 pm           September 24       6:30-7:40 pm
                     $50                                                            music and paired with international
                                                                                    dance steps, Zumba translates to
  Henry              10 Wednesdays          Northeast          8 Fridays            “move fast and have fun.” It creates
  September 26       6:15-7:15 pm           September 28       6:00-7:20 pm         a fitness program that motivates
  No class Nov 21    $50                                       $15                  you to get in shape in a dance party
                                                                                    atmosphere. Bring a small towel and
Walking for fitness                         Northeast          4 Saturdays          water to class.
Walking is an easy exercise that not        October 20         10:45 am-12 pm
                                                               $10                    Northeast           8 Mondays
only helps in weight loss but can                                                     September 24        6:00-7:00 pm
reduce the risk of heart disease,                                                                         $42
improve heart function and muscle         Whole Body Workout:
tone and lower blood pressure,            Dumbbells, Exercise Bands                   Roosevelt           7 Mondays
cholesterol, risk of stroke and risk      & Stability Balls                           September 24        7:00-8:00 pm
of injury. Registration required.                                                                         $38
                                          This workout is designed to
Roosevelt walkers need to purchase        strengthen, develop and tone all            Jefferson           8 Tuesdays
a Walker badge for $5.                    major muscles groups. Equipment             September 25        7:00-8:00 pm
  Henry              10 Mon & Wed         will be provided. Students will learn                           $42
  September 24       5:30-8:30 pm         a routine that will include a cardio
  No walk Nov 21     Free                 warm-up, strength training, core            Edison              8 Wednesdays
                                          exercises, and stretching. Bring a          September 26        5:30-6:30 pm
  Roosevelt          12 Mon/Tue/Wed                                                                       $42
                                          sweat towel and water. Water must
  September 24       5:30-8:00 pm
  No walk Oct 31,    $5/Year              be in an enclosed container. Class is       Jefferson           8 Wednesdays
  Nov 6, 20, 21                           for beginners to intermediate fitness       September 26        7:00-8:00 pm
                                          levels. Instructor is Robin Lewis.                              $42
  Northeast          7 Mon/Wed/Fri        Register for both classes for the
  September 24       5:45-6:45 pm         reduced price of $60. Call 612.668.4326     South               7 Thursdays
  No walk Feb 24     Free                 to register with the discount.              September 27        7:30-8:30 pm
  Edison             8 Wed & Thu            South              7 Tuesdays
  September 26       5:45-7:30 pm           September 25       6:15-7:15 pm           Pratt               8 Thursdays
                     Free                                      $38                    September 27        7:30-8:30 pm
                                            South              7 Thursdays
If you have knowledge, ideas                September 27       6:15-7:15 pm           Pratt               4 Saturdays
or passions that you would like                                $38                    September 29        8:45-9:45 am
to share with others, consider                                                                            $26
teaching a community education            Register now and make sure
class. Call us at 612.668.3939            you get into your favorite                  Henry               8 Mondays
or visit mplscommunityed.com              classes! We’re online at:                   October 1           6:15-7:15 pm
for more information.                     www.mplscommunityed.com.                                        $42

www.mplscommunityed.com                                Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment        fall 2012
       Swimming                                 Swimming at Northeast
       at Dowling                               Participants with shoulder length hair must wear a swim cap. A cleansing
                                                shower is required before entering the pool. Shower shoes are recommended.
       The Dowling pool is a warm,              Times listed are “in water” times. Please arrive 10 minutes early to change.
       therapeutic pool. A cleansing shower     Swim passes are available for purchase. Individual and Family swims are $3
       is required before entering the pool.    at the door. Call 612.668.1515 for more information.
       Shower shoes are recommended.
       Times listed are “in water” times.       adult & family Open Swim                   Swimming Basics (ages 4 ½-6)
       Changing room door will open 10          An open swim period for adults and         For children who are new to the water.
       minutes before class. Park in back       families. A family can include up to 2     Learn the basics of water safety and
       lot and enter through door #21. Call     adults and 4 children. An adult must       swimming. Bring life jackets.
       612.668.4444 for more information.       be in the water with their children.         Northeast          6 Mondays
                                                  Northeast          8 Wednesdays            October 1          7:00-7:30 pm
       adult Water Exercise                       September 26       6:00-7:00 pm                               $25
       Exercise and stretch for 45 minutes                           $21 Swim Pass
       in a warm therapeutic pool with                                                     Swimming 1
                                                  Northeast          7 Fridays
       Paul, an experienced instructor.                                                    Youth will learn swimming basics
                                                  September 28       6:15-7:15 pm
       No senior discount.                                           $21 Swim Pass         and work on improving their skills in
           Dowling           12 Mondays                                                    a small group. There will be no more
           September 24      4:25-5:15 pm         Northeast          4 Saturdays           than a 7-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.
                             $58                  October 20         10:30-11:35 am        Kids will progress according to their
                                                                     $10 Swim Pass         abilities.
           Dowling           12 Mondays
           September 24      5:20-6:10 pm                                                  Ages 5-7
                             $58                adult lap Swim
                                                                                             Northeast          6 Mondays
                                                A lap swimming period for adults.            October 1          7:30-8:00 pm
           Dowling           10 Wednesdays        Northeast          8 Thursdays                                $25
           September 26      4:25-5:15 pm         September 27       8:00-9:00 pm
           No class Oct 17   $50                                     $21 Swim Pass
           or Nov 21                                                                       Ages 8-15
                                                  Northeast          7 Fridays               Northeast          6 Mondays
           Dowling           10 Wednesdays        September 28       7:30-8:30 pm            October 1          8:00-8:30 pm
           September 26      5:20-6:10 pm                            $21 Swim Pass                              $25
           No class Oct 17   $50
           or Nov 21                              Northeast          4 Saturdays
                                                  October 20         9:30-10:30 am         Swimnastics
                                                                     $10 Swim Pass         Water exercise helps increase and
       family Swim                                                                         maintain range of motion, flexibility,
       Families can enjoy the warm,
                                                                                           and strength while it tones and slims.
       Dowling pool during this                 adult Swim lessons
                                                                                           It is beneficial for those with aching
       unstructured family swim time.           For beginning to intermediate adult
                                                                                           muscles and backs. Swimming skills
       Class is designed for infants and        swimmers. We will start by getting
                                                                                           not required. Shower shoes are
       children up to 9 years old and their     everyone comfortable in the water
                                                                                           recommended. Instructor: A. Marzolf.
       caregivers. Children are under the       and progress to more advanced work
                                                in small group and individual settings.      Northeast          8 Tuesdays
       supervision of their caregivers.
                                                                                             September 25       7:00-7:45 pm
           Dowling           10 Mondays           Northeast          4 Saturdays                                $38
           September 24      6:30-7:15 pm         October 20         11:45 am-12:45 pm
                             $28/Person                              $25                     Northeast          8 Tuesdays
                                                                                             September 25       7:45-8:30 pm
           Dowling           8 Wednesdays       aqua Zumba                                                      $38
           September 26      6:30-7:15 pm
                                                Every class feels like a party! You
           No class Oct 17   $22/Person
           or Nov 21                            don’t even have to know how to               Northeast          8 Thursdays
                                                dance—just move your body and                September 27       6:30-7:15 pm
                                                follow the instructor’s lead. It’s easy!                        $38
                                                We guarantee you will have a blast!
                                                  Northeast          8 Tuesdays              Northeast          8 Thursdays
                                                  September 25       6:30-7:00 pm            September 27       7:15-8:00 pm
                                                                     $42                                        $38

  44   fall 2012        Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                             Health & Wellness
                                          falling into Healthy living                 Massage for Couples:
                                          Being healthy is much more than             Shoulder Massage
                                          counting calories and working out.          You are massaging the shoulders
                                          Get tips on how to pre-plan meals,          of someone you love and you can
                                          track food, easy ways to squeeze            feel the tension melting away. As
                                          exercise in and other healthy tips          you breathe deep you feel your
                                          from Jen Emmert who has lost and            confidence grow by the minute.
                                          maintained a 100-pound weight loss          Accepting guidance from the
                                          over 5 years without diets or pills.        experienced workshop leader, you
                                            Henry               1 Wednesday           are finding a new connection with
                                            November 7          6:30-8:30 pm          your spouse. One person should
                                                                $15                   register but both should attend.
                                                                                        North               2 Tuesdays
                                          first aid                                     September 25        6:30-8:30 pm
                                          This American Heart Association                                   $30/Couple
                                          certified class teaches students critical

Health &                                  skills to respond to and manage an
                                          emergency in the first few minutes
                                          until emergency medical services
                                                                                      Naturopathic Wellness
                                                                                      Naturopathic Medicine is a natural
                                                                                      approach to health and healing that
Wellness                                  (EMS) arrives. You will learn: how
                                          to treat bleeding, sprains, broken
                                                                                      recognizes the integrity of the whole
                                                                                      person. In this class you will learn
                                          bones, shock, diabetic emergencies,         time tested Naturopathic techniques
CPR: adult, Infant & Child                seizures, stroke and other first aid        of how to create and apply a castor
with aED Training                         emergencies. Bring current CPR card         oil pack, skin brushing and use of
This class is American Heart              to class. Instructor: Tim Smith. You        seeds in the diet. Learn several
Association certified. Learn simple       may elect to purchase instructional         hydrotherapy techniques, breathing
and appropriate ways to intervene in      book directly from instructor the day       techniques and some information
breathing and cardiac emergencies         of class for $15. You must arrive on        about how the body works and
for adults, children and infants.         time. Roosevelt class is held at Lake       how these practices can improve
Ample practice in CPR and choking         Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E.           wellness. Students should wear
management will be provided in this       Minnehaha Pkwy.                             loose fitting clothing. Supplies will be
updated American Heart Association          Edison              1 Thursday            provided. Instructor: Andrew Litchy.
class. Training in the use of an AED        October 11          6:00-9:00 pm
(Automated External Defibrillator)                                                      Roosevelt           1 Tuesday
                                                                                        October 2           6:30-8:30 pm
will be included. Please come early,
certificates of completion cannot           Roosevelt           1 Saturday
be issued unless you are present for        October 20          1:30-3:30 pm
the entire class. You may elect to                              $40                   Using Essential Oils:
purchase instructional book directly                                                  It's a Toxic World!
from instructor the day of class for      Massage for Couples:                        This class will give you an opportunity
$15. Roosevelt class is held at Lake      Chinese Massage                             to see all the everyday hazards in
Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E.         Learn massage techniques to help            our homes, schools, and workplace
Minnehaha Pkwy. Register for both         relax and renew friends and family.         that most of us don’t recognize
CPR and First Aid classes for the         Class includes tips for giving a great      as “dangerous” to our health.
reduced price of $75. Call 612.668.4828   back rub, soothing tired hands and          Learn how to use essential oils to
to register with the discount.            feet, and basic acupressure points.         combat toxicity and go “green.”
  Edison             1 Wednesday          Bring a pillow, and blanket or yoga         You will also be able to sample
  October 10         6:00-9:00 pm         mat. Wear loose clothing, and               essential oil “green” products and
                     $50                  have clean/trimmed fingernails.             receive simple recipes to make your
                                          Instructors Leah Fifield & Elizabeth        own cleaning and personal care
  Roosevelt          1 Saturday                                                       products.
                                          Williams are trained in both massage
  October 20         10:00-1:00 pm
                                          and acupuncture. One person                   Waite Park          1 Thursday
                                          should register but both should               October 25          6:30-8:30 pm
                                          attend. No discounts.                                             $15
Register online with a VISA or
MasterCard on our secure site:              South               1 Tuesday
                                            November 13         7:00-9:00 pm          There are no classes on
                                                                $20/Couple            November 22 or 23.

www.mplscommunityed.com                                Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment          fall 2012
Yoga & Mind/Body                                                                               Meditation: loving Kindness
                                                                                               Buddhist Meditation
                                                                                               This course teaches the traditional
                                                                                               meditation technique of Loving
                                                                                               Kindness and Samatha Vipassana,
                                                                                               aka Concentration and Insight.
                                                                                               This meditation is non-religious,
                                                                                               and emphasizes on how your mind
                                                                                               works, joy, and happiness in your
                                                                                               daily life. Classes will include group
                                                                                               meditation, and time for questions
                                                                                               and discussion. Common difficulties
                                                                                               with meditation such as a very active
                                                                                               mind, or difficulty paying attention
                                                                                               will be clearly discussed. Instructor:
                                                                                               Andrew Litchy.
                                                                                                 Roosevelt           6 Mondays
                                                                                                 September 24        5:30-6:30 pm

               Yoga & Mind/Body                                                                                      $28

                                                                                               Peruvian Chakra Clearing
               Energy Medicine:                         Meditation 1                           Learn a simple and powerful
               Deep Relaxation                          This comprehensive beginning           method of clearing and recharging
               Learn two techniques that are great      class will introduce the student to    your energy systems. Instructor
               for insomnia, restless legs, and         numerous meditation techniques,        Gail Behrens learned from Peruvian
               other discomfort, while bringing         but focus upon methods taught          Shaman Americo Yabar.
               you into a deep sense of safety and      in the world’s oldest spiritual          Northeast           1 Wednesday
               peace of mind. Wear comfortable          texts, such as the Rig Veda and          October 24          6:30-9:00 pm
               clothing and bring a heavily padded      the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. There                          $18
               mat. Instructor Natalie Becklund has     will be ample time for practice and
               studied with master healer Donna         discussion. Wear loose clothing and    Reiki 1
               Eden.                                    bring a cushion or pillow. Taught by   Reiki is an ancient form of healing that
                   Northeast        1 Monday            Richard Peterson.                      originated in Tibet and India. The Reiki
                   October 22       6:30-8:30 pm          South             3 Thursdays        practitioner uses certain techniques
                                    $15                   October 11        7:00-9:00 pm       for restoring and balancing the natural
                                                                            $28                life force energy with a person’s body
               Energy Medicine:                                                                or themselves. It is a holistic, hands-
               Nip an Illness in the Bud                Meditation:                            on or hands-off healing system that
               Get help if you are starting to feel     Be, Breathe, Blossom                   works with the body, mind and spirit.
               sick. Often you can reverse an illness   This class will include the practice   Bring a yoga mat or blanket.
               at the onset with a couple of well       of Isha Kriya, a simple but powerful     Pratt               2 Thursdays
               chosen energy techniques. These          guided meditation that can be            November 8          7:00-9:00 pm
                                                        practiced daily at home. You will                            $26
               self help techniques can be used at
               home taking 5-20 minutes. Bring a        improve your clarity, health, inner
               heavily padded mat.                      peace and joy. There will also be      Tai Chi 1: Wu form
                   Northeast        1 Monday            presentations on healthy diet,         Known as the “moving meditation,”
                   November 5       6:30-8:30 pm        yoga, and understanding the            Tai Chi is a series of slow, controlled
                                    $15                 body and mind through yoga.            movements that develop strength,
                                                        Taught by volunteers from the Isha     balance, posture, and calm. Wu Form
               If you have knowledge, ideas             Foundation.                            promotes health by circulating and
               or passions that you would like            Hale              5 Thursdays        balancing the Vital Energy within and
               to share with others, consider             October 25        6:45-8:00 pm       is especially good for healing joint
               teaching a community education             No class Nov 22   $29                and back pain and releasing stress.
               class. Call us at 612.668.3939                                                    Jefferson           8 Wednesdays
               or visit mplscommunityed.com              There are no classes on                 September 26        6:00-7:30 pm
               for more information.                     November 22 or 23.                                          $46

     46       fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                      Yoga & Mind/Body
Tai Chi 2: Wu form                       Tai Chi Easy                              Yoga 1
For more experienced Wu Form             Here’s a simplified version of Tai Chi/   Everyone can benefit from doing
students who wish to continue            Qi Gong that builds vitality of mind,     Yoga. Yoga is great for stress
building their strength, balancing       body, and spirit through gentle           reduction. It builds strength,
their energy, and de-stressing.          movement, focused breathing, self-        flexibility, balance, and improves
Instruction will begin with advanced     applied massage, and mindfulness.         overall health. No previous
Wu style postures and move ahead         Increase your energy, immunity,           experience with Yoga is necessary
rapidly.                                 and mental focus while getting            for this class. Wear comfortable
  Jefferson         8 Wednesdays         stress-relief and exercise benefits       clothing and bring your own Yoga
  September 26      7:30-9:00 pm         as well. Safe even if you have a          mat. Mats will be available if
                    $46                  health condition—led by a physical        you don’t have one. Everyone is
                                         therapist. Instructor: Jean Jentz.        welcome. Taught by Ruth Davini.
Tai Chi Basics:                            Roosevelt          6 Mondays              Hale              4 Thursdays
Yang Style Short form                      September 24       5:30-6:30 pm           November 8        6:30-7:30 pm
                                                              $30                    No class Nov 22   $24
This ancient Chinese art will keep
you healthy by improving your range
of motion with gentle movements          Tai Chi & Qi Gong 1                       Yoga by Candlelight
and breathing exercises. Learn           Improve flexibility and balance           An invigorating and gentle vinyasa
White Crane spreads its wings, Wave      using Sun style Tai Chi and Qi Gong       yoga practice done by special
hands like clouds, Wild horse flicks     exercises. Originally developed for       lighting similar to candlelight.
it’s mane, Needle at the sea bottom,     people with arthritis, this program can   Unwind, breathe deeply, and be
and other sections of the 24 Short       be used by young people and older         restored.
form. Everyone welcome! Bring            adults. Learn a 12 movement form            Edison            6 Thursdays
a pair of soft soled shoes to wear       to gain better control of your health       September 27      7:30-8:30 pm
or stocking feet to keep the floors      and improve your quality of life. We’ll                       $35
clean, no outdoor shoes or boots         explore advanced moves and other
please. Class held at the Movement       tai chi forms if time permits.            Yoga for abs
Arts Center, 2211 East Franklin Ave.       Edison             6 Wednesdays         Learn basic anatomy and poses
Call 612.333.8635 for directions.          September 26       7:00-8:30 pm         that will strengthen your abdominal
  South             7 Wednesdays                              $37                  muscles and core. We will also work
  October 3         7:30-8:30 pm                                                   on breathing techniques as we end
                    $32/$24 Srs.         Register now and make sure                each class. Instructor: Nancy Vala.
                                         you get into your favorite                  Pratt             8 Wednesdays
Tai Chi Chuan 1                          classes! We’re online at:                   September 26      7:30-8:45 pm
One of the great benefits of Tai Chi     www.mplscommunityed.com.                                      $45
Chuan is its efficiency. Learn how to
relax into health in just 10 minutes a
day and have fun doing it. Instructor
Jed Bonniwell has practiced for over
15 years.
  Northeast         6 Tuesdays
  October 2         6:30-7:30 pm

Tai Chi Chuan 2
Students will learn the next series
of movements of the Yang Short
(Cheng Man Ching) Form. This class
is for students who have already
taken the level 1 class from Jed
Bonniwell or have practiced the
Cheng Man Ching form before.
  Northeast         6 Tuesdays
  October 2         7:45-8:45 pm

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment     fall 2012
Yoga & Mind/Body                                           Yoga: Gentle 2
                                                           Continue to develop your practice.
                                                           Students need to have taken a Yoga
                                                                                                        Yoga: Hatha—
                                                                                                        Himalayan Tradition
                                                                                                        Come learn Hatha Yoga in the
                                                           1 class or have experience practicing        Himalayan tradition. Bring a yoga
                                                           poses. Please bring a mat. Tina              mat and wear clothing you can move
                                                           Starjash is a certified Yoga instructor.     in. Do not eat 2 hours before class.
                                                             Dowling              7 Mondays               Northeast           7 Tuesdays
                                                             September 24         7:05-8:00 pm            September 25        6:15-7:45 pm
                                                                                  $49                                         $47

                                                           Yoga: Gentle fitness                         Yoga: Hatha—Gentle
                                                           This vinyasa-based class is user friendly,   Enjoy a great experience for people
                                                           invigorating, and athletic. Fitness Yoga     just beginning yoga or who have some
                                                           is an excellent source of cross training     physical limitations. It is also a good
                                                           for any individual. This class promotes      class for those who want to continue
                                                           flexibility, vitality, muscle tone and       yoga practice without the push toward
                                                           muscular strength. No experience             advanced poses. Emphasis is placed
                                                           required. Please bring your own              on use of props and alternate poses
                                                           exercise mat and wear loose fitting          to accommodate all bodies. Includes
               Yoga: fitness—Mixed level                   clothes. Instructor: Jody Bee.               form, breath work and relaxation.
               This is an active, flowing style yoga         Roosevelt            12 Wednesdays         Wear comfortable clothing and bring
               class that is user friendly, invigorating     September 26         6:30-7:30 am          a mat. Instructor: Cynthia Houtz.
               and athletic. Improve your strength,                               $58                     Roosevelt           7 Wednesdays
               stamina and flexibility. Bring a mat                                                       September 26        6:30-7:45 pm
               and refrain from eating 2 hours prior to    Yoga: Gentle Modified                          No class Oct 31     $38
               class. Wear loose or stretchy clothing.     Enjoy a slow paced practice with
                   Henry             8 Wednesdays          many modifications and adaptations           Yoga: Kundalini
                   September 26      6:15-7:30 pm          to suit you, including practicing on         Kundalini yoga includes movements
                                                           or with a chair if needed. Explore           and postures for strengthening,
                   Jefferson         8 Thursdays           connecting gentle movements with             opening and healing the mind and
                   September 27      5:30-6:30 pm          your breath to enhance physical and          body. You’ll also learn breathing
                                     $45                   mental wellbeing. Simple meditation          techniques to relax, restore and
                                                           techniques are incorporated into the         energize. For all fitness levels.
                   Edison            6 Thursdays           class to improve concentration and             Pratt               6 Thursdays
                   September 27      6:30-7:30 pm          mental well-being. Bring a blanket or          September 27        7:00-8:15 pm
                                                           yoga mat to class. Refrain from eating                             $37
                                                           1 hour before class.
               Yoga: Gentle 1                                                                             Pratt               6 Saturdays
                                                             Henry                8 Wednesdays
               Focus on relaxation, meditation               September 26         7:45-8:45 pm
                                                                                                          September 29        10:30-11:45 am
               & gentle stretches. This is a great                                                                            $45
               way to relax and wind down at the
               end of the day. Please bring a yoga                                                      Yoga: Power 1
               mat. Tina Starjash is a certified Yoga      Yoga: Hatha 1
                                                                                                        Experience a vinyasa-based class for
               Instructor.                                 We will explore yoga by breaking
                                                                                                        anyone who knows the value of a
                                                           down each pose. You will become
                   Dowling           7 Mondays                                                          strong core. Our bodies and minds
                                                           familiar with alignment and safe
                   September 24      6:00-6:55 pm                                                       work more efficiently when we have
                                     $49                   modifications for classic poses.
                                                                                                        strong core muscles. Power Yoga
                                                           Wear comfortable clothes and bring
                                                                                                        promotes flexibility, vitality, strength
                   Jefferson         8 Tuesdays            a yoga mat or blanket Do not eat 2
                                                                                                        of body, and strength of mind. Get
                   September 25      5:45-6:45 pm          hours prior to class.
                                     $45                                                                a sensational workout for the body
                                                             Dowling              7 Mondays
                                                                                                        and the mind! Please bring your own
                                                             September 24         6:00-7:15 pm
                   Pratt             8 Saturdays                                  $49
                                                                                                        exercise mat and wear loose fitting
                   November 29       9:00-10:15 am                                                      clothes. Instructor: Jody Bee.
                                     $45                     Pratt                6 Mondays               Roosevelt           6 Tuesdays
                                                             October 8            6:30-7:30 pm            September 25        6:30-7:30 pm
               There are no classes                                               $36                                         $34
               November 22 or 23.

     48       fall 2012          Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                              Yoga/Hobby & Leisure
Yoga: Power 1.5
Take your Power Yoga practice to
the next level on your own terms.
                                          Hobby & leisure
Please bring your own exercise                                                         Dog Obedience 1
mat and wear loose fitting clothes.                                                    (14 Weeks+)
Instructor: Jody Bee.                                                                  Dogs learn lines of communication
  Roosevelt          6 Thursdays                                                       in order to better understand their
  September 27       6:30-7:30 pm                                                      humans through positive repetition
                     $34                                                               training. A dog must be muzzled if
                                                                                       there is any chance that he/she could
Yoga: Prenatal                                                                         become aggressive. Please bring dog
Prepare your body and mind for                                                         in a buckle collar and on a 6-foot nylon
the birthing process. Maintain                                                         or leather leash. You must bring your
flexibility, vitality, strength of body                                                current Rabies and DHLP vaccination
and calmness of mind during and                                                        certificates the first night of class.
after pregnancy. All levels of yoga                                                    Handlers must be 15 years or older.
practitioners are welcome. Wear                                                        Instructor: Darryl Cooper.
loose clothing and bring a yoga mat.      antique or Junk?                               Roosevelt           6 Tuesdays
  Northeast          8 Mondays            Is that old thing in your attic a valuable     September 25        6:30-7:15 pm
  September 24       6:00-7:30 pm         antique, a piece of junk, or something                             $34
                     $52                  in between the two? Find out what
                                          items are hot and what items are             Dog Obedience 1
  Roosevelt          6 Thursdays          not. Get tips on the best way to sell        (6 Months+)
  September 27       7:35-8:30 pm
                                          antiques in the age of eBay. Bring           Learn to understand your dog
                                          3-4 collectibles for a free estimated        while helping your dog learn basic
                                          evaluation from antique expert Diane         obedience and social rules: sitting,
Yoga: Vinyasa 1                           Jensen. Evaluations are not given on         heeling and obeying other commands.
Vinyasa yoga emphasizes breath            coins, stamps or jewelry.                    Modify inconvenient behavior like
and movement to build internal              Roosevelt            1 Wednesday           chewing, house breaking and other
heat. In this class you will flow from      October 3            6:30-9:00 pm          problems and teach your dog to be
pose to pose creating strength and                               $18                   a well-mannered family pet. Do not
flexibility, purifying the body, and                                                   bring dogs to first class. No children
calming the mind. Please bring a                                                       under age 15.
                                          Car Care for the Winter
yoga mat to class.
                                          Join Ed Gunyo and learn how to prepare         Northeast           8 Wednesdays
  South              7 Wednesdays         your car for winter driving. He will give      September 26        7:00-8:00 pm
  September 26       7:30-8:45 pm                                                                            $34
                                          you tips for talking to your mechanic
                                          and getting the most from your money
                                          when it comes to car repairs.                Dog Obedience 2
Yoga: Vinyasa Slow flow                     Hale                 1 Thursday            Advance to more complex obedience
Vinyasa Slow Flow is a style of yoga        September 27         6:00-7:30 pm          work with your dog.
that places emphasis on movement                                 $15
                                                                                         Northeast           6 Wednesdays
in coordination with breath. You                                                         September 26        8:00-9:00 pm
will focus on breathing, balance,                                                                            $34
                                          Car Repair Basics
strength, movement and flexibility.
                                          Join us in this hands-on class taught by
For beginners and those with some
                                          ASC Certified Mechanic Curtis Franks.        Dog Obedience:
experience. Bring a yoga mat, towel
                                          Learn the basics of auto mechanics           Puppy to 6 Months
and bottle of water. Wear loose-
                                          including checking and changing              Learn bonding methods, house
fitting or stretchy clothing that
                                          fluids, electrical maintenance and           training, breaking to leash, socializing
allows you to move comfortably.
                                          fuses, detailing to keep rust at bay,        and nutrition/health care needs. Bring
  North              8 Tuesdays           and changing tires. Learn a new skill
  September 25       7:00-8:00 pm
                                                                                       puppy on first night with a soft buckle
                                          each class. Some time will be given          collar. Do not feed puppy 2 hours prior
                                          for students to practice what they           to class. No children under age 15.
Register now and make sure                learned on their own cars.                   Instructor: Marilyn Jamison.
you get into your favorite                  Roosevelt            6 Tuesdays              Northeast           8 Wednesdays
classes! We’re online at:                   September 25         6:00-8:00 pm            September 26        6:30-7:00 pm
www.mplscommunityed.com.                                         $60                                         $22

www.mplscommunityed.com                                 Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment          fall 2012
              Gardening                                                                            Genealogy: Climbing
                                                                                                   Your family Tree
                                                                                                   Find out some of the fun and new
              african Violets                                                                      ways to track down your ancestors.
              Discover how easy it is to grow                                                      Genealogy can range from a part
              African Violets and learn the best                                                   time hobby to a full time profession.
              growing conditions for violets. In                                                   We’ll examine various techniques
              class you will repot a violet, groom                                                 and where to find information and
              plants and put up starter leaves for                                                 family data. Explore your roots!
              new plants. Bring a problem violet                                                     Waite Park         1 Thursday
              for help on its care. Participants will                                                November 1         6:30-8:30 pm
              receive growing materials to take                                                                         $15
              home. Instructor: Mary Kealy-Falk.
                  Roosevelt        1 Monday                                                        Personal archiving:
                  October 1        7:00-9:00 pm                                                    Digital Records &
                                                                                                   audiovisual Materials
                                                                                                   Many see the digital age as bringing
              Bulb Culture:                                                                        an opportunity to leave a richer legacy
              Indoors & Outdoors                        Growing & Cooking                          for future generations. Monica Howell
              Learn how to create your own              With Herbs                                 will share information about the best
              ultimate spring display by planting       Take the mystery out of growing and        practices for organizing their digital
              bulbs now! Find out how to properly       cooking with herbs like thyme, sage,       records and audiovisual materials,
              prepare the soil and plant the            rosemary, cilantro, basil, tarragon        preserving them and making them
              bulbs, how to achieve the longest         and dill. Taste the flavors and discover   accessible for the future. Paper-based
              succession of bloom, and how to           the role of these flavors when added       and non-digital audiovisual materials
              force bulbs indoors. You will plant       to everyday or special dishes and          will not be discussed.
              a bulb to take with you. Taught by        cuisines. Grow herbs in your indoor          South              1 Wednesday
              horticulturist John Macy.                 or outdoor “kitchen garden” for a            October 10         6:45-8:45 pm
                  Hale             1 Thursday           ready, fresh supply of these powerful                           $15
                  September 27     6:00-7:30 pm         little ingredients.
                                   $15                                                               Jefferson          1 Tuesday
                                                          Roosevelt           1 Wednesday            November 13        7:00-9:00 pm
                                                          October 10          6:00-8:00 pm                              $15
              fall Garden & Yard                                              $15
                                                                                                   Reupholstery Workshop
              There is a lot that still can be done     Home Composting                            Learn to repair and/or replace
              in the garden to prepare plants for       Workshop                                   cushions, springs and upholstery
              winter and to plan for the following      In this workshop you will learn            at your own pace. Bring your chair,
              spring. It is an excellent time to        the benefits and basics of home            a tack hammer, scissors, tape
              divide and move perennials, and           composting: how to build a compost         measure and pliers to the first class.
              to consider adding more plants            bin, how to maintain it, and how to        No couches or recliners.
              with fall and winter interest to your     use finished compost. Together we
                                                                                                     Edison             8 Wednesdays
              landscape. Learn the best mulch to        will build a simple compost bin, and         September 26       6:00-9:00 pm
              use on your plants to protect them        you will be given the designs to take                           $110
              for the winter, and how and when          home and replicate. Instructor:
              to clean up the garden beds.              Sarah Halvorson-Fried.                       Edison             8 Thursdays
                  Roosevelt        1 Wednesday            Pratt               1 Saturday             September 27       6:00-9:00 pm
                  October 3        6:00-8:00 pm           October 6           9:30 am-12 pm                             $110
                                   $15                                        $15

                         Teaching Community Education Classes
                   If you have knowledge, ideas or passions that you would like to
                  share with others, consider teaching a community education class.
                     For more information, call 612.668.3939 or visit our website
                                      at mplscommunityed.com.

    50       fall 2012        Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                        Home Improvement
Home Improvement                                                                 Soldering Copper Tubing
                                                                                 Join handyman for all seasons, Paul
                                                                                 Schwartz, and learn how to work
                                                                                 with, and solder, copper tubing.
                                        Glass Block Window                       You will learn about copper tubes,
                                        Panel Basics                             steel piping, valves and fittings, their
                                        Learn the uses for glass block and       nomenclature, how to identify and
                                        about the tools needed to install        join them together. You will also
                                        glass block panels in your basement      learn the techniques of soldering/
                                        or bathroom windows. Instructor:         sweating copper tubing by doing
                                        John Neiss.                              a hands on application in class.
                                          Roosevelt          1 Tuesday           Soldering equipment & techniques
                                          October 9          7:00-9:00 pm        will be demonstrated.
                                                                                   Roosevelt           1 Tuesday
                                                                                   November 13         6:00-8:30 pm
                                        Hardwood floor Refinishing                                     $18
                                        Know exactly what to do before
                                        beginning to refinish a hardwood         Window Repair &
                                        floor. You will learn about equipment,   Weatherization
                                        sandpapers and the process of            Focus on do-it-yourself techniques
                                        sanding and finishing. Instructor        for stopping air infiltration,
                                        provides tips on avoiding gouging        repairing sash cords, reglazing,
Electrical Wiring & Repairs
                                        and what to look for in the finished     double-glazing and painting. Gain
Learn electrical theory and
                                        project. Instructor: Kadee Macey.        up-to-date information on the
safety procedures for working
around electricity. Designed for          Roosevelt          1 Tuesday           cost effectiveness of repairing,
                                          October 9          6:00-8:30 pm        retrofitting and replacing windows.
homeowners or those who want                                 $18
to learn to do basic home electrical                                             Instructor: Jack Bethke.
wiring repairs for themselves. Learn                                               Roosevelt           1 Tuesday
about the different types of tools      Home Repairs Basics                        October 9           6:30-9:00 pm
needed, wire, circuit breakers, light   Get a start on troubleshooting minor                           $18
switches and wall receptacles and       repairs around your home. Learn
how to replace them. There will be      how to make basic repairs such           Woodworking 1
a “hands on” application for each       as sinks, faucets, tubs, toilets and     Learn the basics of woodworking
student to wire three different types   electrical items. Learn what tools to    and fabrication techniques. Cover
of circuits and how to test them.       use for various types of repair work.    the safe use of all shop equipment,
Please bring pliers and a screwdriver   This class includes demonstrations       hand and small power tools.
to class. Taught by Paul Schwartz.      and hands-on applications. Learn a       Instructions and demonstrations will
                                        new skill each class. Instructor: Paul   be provided each week on different
  South             2 Wednesdays
  November 7        6:30-9:00 pm        Schwartz.                                tools and equipment. All supplies and
                    $28                   Roosevelt          3 Tuesdays          materials are provided for projects.
                                          November 27        6:00-8:30 pm        Instructor: Paul Schwartz.
framing a Non                                                                      Roosevelt           6 Tuesdays
load Bearing Wall                                                                  September 25        6:00-8:30 pm
Want to build a wall in your existing   Millwork: Crown                                                $60
home? Learn the steps to plan and       Molding & More
                                        Molding and millwork can add the         Discounts
build a wall from an experienced                                                 Metropolitan Health Plan and
carpenter as he demonstrates the        perfect finishing touch to floors or
                                                                                 UCARE members may deduct
process of framing a wall. Special      around windows, doors, ceiling,
                                                                                 $15 per class or trip.
attention will be given to building     cabinets and built-ins. Get step by
a wall in a basement. Basic tool        step instruction on how to choose,
knowledge and some carpentry            prepare and install all types of
skills are required. Instructor:        molding and millwork in your home.
Harvey Winje.                           Instructor: Harvey Winje.
  Roosevelt         1 Tuesday             Roosevelt          1 Tuesday
  October 9         6:30-9:00 pm          October 16         6:30-9:00 pm
                    $18                                      $18

www.mplscommunityed.com                               Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Dance                                                                                     Belly Dance 1
                                                                                          For students with little or no belly
                                                                                          dance experience. Improve flexibility,
                                                                                          creativity, control and grace in a
                                                                                          comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere.
                                                                                          Dress in workout clothes or dance
                                                                                          wear. Dance barefoot or wear soft
                                                                                          sandals or ballet slippers. Bring a scarf
                                                                                          to accent hip movements.
                                                                                            Edison              8 Thursdays
                                                                                            September 27        7:45-9:00 pm

                                                                                          Belly Dance 2

      Dance                                     Ballet 1
                                                Looking for a more rewarding form
                                                of exercise that involves moving to
                                                                                          For students who have some previous
                                                                                          experience with Belly Dance. Improve
                                                                                          flexibility, creativity, control and
      african Dance: Traditional                music? Come join us on Saturday           grace in a comfortable and enjoyable
      Learn traditional dances and              mornings as we stretch and bend our       atmosphere. Dress comfortably in
      songs from West Africa. Each class        bodies to gently acquire the steps of     workout clothes or dance wear.
      begins with warm-up exercises             this art form called ballet. This class   Dance barefoot or wear soft sandals
      that condition the body for the           will improve your posture, as well as     or ballet slippers. Bring a scarf to
      rigors of this form of dance by           your overall body sense.                  accent hip movements.
      developing strength, aerobic                Waite Park         8 Saturdays            Pratt               8 Wednesdays
      stamina, coordination, flexibility, and     September 29       10:00-11:30 am         September 26        6:15-7:30 pm
      rhythmic awareness. No discounts.                              $50                                        $45
      Instructor: Fatawu Sayibu.
                                                  Waite Park         8 Saturdays            Edison              8 Thursdays
        Jefferson          7 Thursdays            September 29       11:45-1:15 pm          September 27        6:10-7:40 pm
        October 4          6:00-7:00 pm                              $50                                        $58
                                                                                            Hale                5 Thursdays
                                                Ballroom Dance 1                            October 25          6:30-8:00 pm
      appalachian Clogging                      Learn a dance repertoire that makes         No class Nov 22     $36
      Traditional Appalachian clogging is       it easy to get out on the dance floor.
      fun as either solo or group dance, as     This class will cover the Fox Trot,
      well as great exercise! You'll learn                                                Belly Dance: Choreography 1
                                                Waltz, Swing, Rumba and more.
      the basic steps, listening skills, how                                              Learn Belly Dance choreography
                                                Register with a partner.
      to improvise with foot percussion,                                                  from entrance to exit. This class
                                                  Jefferson          6 Wednesdays         will explore the finer points of
      and more. Students should wear              September 26       7:00-9:00 pm
      comfortable, smooth-soled shoes                                $46
                                                                                          choreography including how to
      (leather is best) that will slide on a                                              pick music, what props to use, and a
      wooden floor. Instructor: Rina Rossi                                                variety of movements to create Belly
                                                Ballroom Dance & Swing 1 & 2              Dance pieces.
        Pratt              6 Tuesdays
                                                Join us for a sampling of big band
        September 25       7:45-9:00 pm                                                     Pratt               8 Tuesdays
                           $36                  dance classics. Get a taste of Swing,       September 25        6:00-7:15 pm
                                                Tango, Fox Trot and Waltz in this non-      No class Nov. 6     $45
      Discounts                                 competitive atmosphere. Instructors
      Metropolitan Health Plan and              will provide basic steps for beginners
      UCARE members may deduct                  and advanced movement for those
      $15 per class or trip.                    with previous experience. Come
                                                independently or with a partner.
                                                  Roosevelt          6 Wednesdays
                                                  September 26       6:30-7:30 pm

                                                  Roosevelt          5 Wednesdays
                                                  November 7         6:30-7:30 pm
                                                  No class Nov 21    $27

 52   fall 2012       Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
Belly Dance: Tribal fusion                                                         Salsa Dance 1
Build upon and sharpen your dance                                                  Add some spice to your dance life!
skills by isolating movements through                                              Salsa is the most popular nightclub
drills, layering and stage presence.                                               Latin dance. The class begins with
Prerequisite: intermediate to advanced                                             the basic rhythm, steps and turn
level Belly dance. Instructor: Jennifer                                            combinations. Wear rubber sole shoes,
Roden (Sabine).                                                                    soft sandals or dance in socks. Come
  Pratt              8 Wednesdays                                                  independently or with a partner.
  September 26       7:45-9:00 pm                                                    North              8 Tuesdays
                     $45                                                             October 1          6:15-7:15 pm
Belly Dance: Veil Workout
Condition your arms and upper body                                                 Swing Dance 1
through the graceful movement of                                                   Show off your skills on the dance
the veil. Learn belly dance moves                                                  floor by learning the basics of swing
and learn to use the veil with these                                               dance. Lead, follow, and develop a
moves. Please bring a three-yard                                                   tool box of improvisation skills and
piece of chiffon or silk to use as your                                            fun moves. Register by yourself or
veil. The instructor will have veils                                               as a couple.
available for class use. Instructor:      Hip Hop Dance 1
                                                                                     Northeast          5 Tuesdays
Nancy Mikrut.                             Learn the energetic art of hip hop         October 2          6:30-7:30 pm
                                          consisting of fluid, yet rhythmic                             $27
  Pratt              8 Saturdays
  September 29       11 am-12:15 pm
                                          music and movement. Sessions
                     $45                  will consist of weekly routines to
                                          popular tracks, group work, short        Swing Dance 2
                                          combinations, and choreography.          Improve your skills in leading and
Belly Dance Work Out                      No experience necessary; this course     following, learn fun new moves,
Jump start your body while learning       will be geared towards beginners.        rhythmic variations and improvisation.
this fun and beautiful dance! Learn                                                Pre-requisite: experience with at least
                                            South              6 Tuesdays
foundation steps, shoulder shimmy,                                                 three Swing dance patterns or have
                                            September 25       7:30-8:45 pm
isolation and more. Dazzle your                                $36                 taken a beginning Swing dance class.
friends as you perform the dance                                                   Register with a partner.
or mix these moves into your salsa          Henry              8 Mondays             Northeast          5 Tuesdays
and other social dance.                     October 1          7:30-8:30 pm          October 2          7:30-8:30 pm
  Northeast          4 Saturdays                               $38                                      $27
  October 20         9:30-10:30 am
                     $26                    North              8 Tuesdays
                                            October 2          7:30-8:30 pm        Tap Dance 1
                                                               $38                 You will be introduced to basic steps
Bollywood: Contemporary                                                            and tap routines suitable for beginners
Indian Dance                              latin Dance 1 & 2                        and those with little experience. Join
Would you like to learn a little          Discover the rhythm inside you! Join     us for great exercise and the fun of
Bollywood or workout to some great        us for a sampling of sizzling Latin      tap! Instructor: Devon Novy.
Bhangra? Boost your energy and            dance classics in a non-competitive        Pratt              8 Mondays
move to the beat while you burn fat       atmosphere. Your taste of Latin            September 24       6:30-7:30 pm
and build cardiovascular endurance                                                                      $38/$26 Srs.
                                          dance includes the Merengue, Salsa,
in a fun and exciting way. Instructor:    Rumba and Cha Cha. Instructors will        Pratt              7 Saturdays
Roberta Webb.                             provide basic steps for beginners          September 29       10:00-11:00 am
  Pratt              8 Tuesdays           and advanced movement for those                               $36/$24 Srs.
  September 25       7:30-8:45 pm         with previous experience. Come
  No class Nov 6     $45
                                          independently or with a partner.         Tap Dance 2
                                            Roosevelt          5 Wednesdays        Add tap steps and combinations to
Register Today!                             September 26       7:45-8:45 pm
                                                                                   improve your technique, articulation
Register now and make sure                                                         and rhythm. Instructor: Devon Novy.
you get into your favorite                  Roosevelt          5 Wednesdays          Pratt              7 Saturdays
classes! We’re online at:                   November 7         7:35-8:35 pm          September 29       11:15-12:15 pm
www.mplscommunityed.com.                    No class Nov 21    $27                                      $36/$24 Srs.

www.mplscommunityed.com                                 Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Music & Performance                                                                                   acting & Theater 2
                                                                                                      This class is for those who have
                                                                                                      taken acting classes in the past and
                                                                                                      would like to go deeper into scene
                                                                                                      and monologue work. While still
                                                                                                      incorporating the joy of theater as
                                                                                                      in Acting and Theater 1, the focus in
                                                                                                      this class will be on memorizing and
                                                                                                      performing written work.
                                                                                                        Henry              8 Wednesdays
                                                                                                        September 26       7:00-8:30 pm

                                                                                                      auditioning for
                                                                                                      Community Theater
                                                                                                      Get practical tips on how to navigate
                                                                                                      the audition process, from resumes/
                                                                                                      headshots/cold readings to preparing
                                                                                                      and presenting a monologue and

                  Music & Performance
                                                                                                      taking direction. Learn to set yourself
                                                                                                      apart (in a good way) at a “cattle
                                                                                                      call” audition while treating the
                  acting 1                                  acting: Scene Study &                     audition as a showcase. Develop
                  Are you ready to spark your               Developing a Character                    tools to deal with problem actors
                  imagination, build confidence and         Learn how to go above and beyond          and unresponsive or rude directors.
                  express yourself? Learn the basics        the normal rehearsal process to           Find out how to handle not getting
                  of acting, create fun characters          create a memorable character              cast—and why sometimes it’s the
                  and bring scenes and monologues           onstage. We will analyze how              best thing that could happen.
                  to life. In this class you will perform   dialect, subtext, and character             Henry              2 Wednesdays
                  scenes from upcoming local shows.         development all go into creating a          October 17         7:00-9:00 pm
                  Talented local professional actors        role. Wear comfortable clothing and                            $21
                  will help guide and perform with          be prepared to move. Instructor:
                  you. Instructor: Jody Bee.                Noreen Brandt.                            Blues Piano: Using Chords
                      Roosevelt        6 Tuesdays             Pratt              4 Mondays            & Playing by Ear
                      September 25     7:45-9:00 pm           October 1          7:00-9:00 pm         Come prepared to have a good
                                       $35                                       $30                  time at this hands-on workshop.
                                                                                                      Class is for beginners or anyone
                  acting: Improvisation 2                   acting & Theater 1                        wanting to play by ear. No previous
                  If you have taken improv classes in       Whether you love acting, you’ve           experience is necessary. Learn notes
                  the past, then you have the base          been away from acting for too long,       on piano, blues, fingering, chords on
                  to work on. Often there are not           or are just wondering what all the        a keyboard. Play bass-lines and learn
                  many options to get on stage and          fuss is all about anyway, this class is   three styles of music and rhythm
                  do long-form scenes, work on your         designed to meet the needs of every       without taking years of lessons.
                  characters, and have a coach. This        level. Using basic acting exercises,      Instructor collects a $20 materials
                  class will be a workshop for people       scene work and monologues, you            fee for a CD and workbook day of
                  who want to experience the fun            can learn about or re-visit the world     class. Instructor: Charley Wyser.
                  of improvising scene work. Class is       of theater and performance in a low         Roosevelt          1 Wednesday
                  taught by Jim DeSimone, a veteran         pressure and fun environment.               October 24         7:00-9:00 pm
                  improv performer and teacher in                                                                          $15
                                                              Henry              8 Mondays
                  Chicago and Minneapolis. The class          October 1          7:00-8:30 pm
                  will focus on scene work, edits,                               $40
                  characters, and forms. Prerequisite:
                  Improv 1 or an equivalent class.          Want to Teach?
                      Henry            8 Wednesdays         If you have knowledge, ideas or passions that you would like to share
                      September 26     7:00-8:30 pm         with others, consider teaching a community education class. Call us at
                                       $40                  612.668.3939 or visit mplscommunityed.com for more information.

      54         fall 2012        Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                      Music & Performance
                                        Community Band: Seward                  Didgeridoo Workshop
                                        Amateur musicians are welcome           Join longtime Didgeridoo enthusiast
                                        to join the Seward Concert Band,        Russ Mattson and learn the basic
                                        a wind ensemble made up of              playing techniques of this fascinating
                                        community members of all ages. No       musical instrument. Bring your own
                                        auditions, challenging music for all    or call South Community Education
                                        levels. A suggested annual donation     at 612.668.4326 to reserve a didg.
                                        of $80 ($40/semester) is payable        for this workshop.
                                        to the band. Meets Thursdays in           South              1 Wednesday
                                        the Band Room at Roosevelt from           October 3          7:00-9:00 pm
                                        right after Labor Day through early                          $15
                                        June, with a few different concerts
                                        scheduled throughout the year. Visit    Drumming: african
                                        www.sewardconcertband.org for           Awaken the beat within! Learn the
                                        more details.                           fundamentals of Djembe drum
                                          Roosevelt          Thursdays          technique and timing by exploring
                                          September 13       7:00-9:00 pm       dynamic rhythms from Ghana and
                                          No practice Nov 11 $80/Year           beyond. Drums are available to use
Comedy: Stand-up
Intrigued by the idea of trying                                                 in class. For students of all ages and
your hand at stand-up comedy?           Community Choir: Camden                 skill levels. No discounts. Instructor:
Learn inside tips from a popular        Treat yourself to a joyful hour         Fatawu Sayibu.
area comedian. After seeing some        each week singing pop, classical          Jefferson          7 Wednesdays
examples of comedy routines, you        and a cappella choral music with          October 3          6:00-7:00 pm
will learn about writing material,      friends and neighbors. It’s good for                         $42
microphone techniques, getting          your voice and good for your soul!
ready for open stages, and where to     All are welcome—all voice parts,        Drumming: Pan-african
go to actually appear on open stage     men and women, experienced              Drumming together promotes a
(optional). Instructor Dean Johnson     singers to novices. Performance         great sense of harmony and well-
has performed at many area comedy       opportunities, friendships and          being, engages all of the brain and
clubs and is a founding member of       lots of laughter included. Late         helps to unify mind and spirit, and
the Minnesota Comedy Club.              registration by phone at pro-rated      with good rhythms and vibrations,
  South             2 Tuesdays
                                        fee. Meets at Luther Memorial           actually promote healing. All levels
  October 23        7:00-9:00 pm        Lutheran Church, 3751 Sheridan Ave      are welcome and encouraged. Bring
                    $22                 N., 55412                               your own Djembe or rent one in class
                                          Henry             10 Mondays          for $5 (please call 612.668.4326 in
                                          September 10      7:15-8:15 pm        advance). Come and learn Traditional
Community Band:                                             $70
Calhoun Isles                                                                   African rhythms and how to get
Play a standard repertoire of                                                   good sounds from your instrument.
marches, overtures, show tunes,         Community Choir:                        Taught by Brian Van Tassel who has
and other concert band music,           Prospect Park                           apprenticed with a Djembe Master
and perform at various places           If you like to sing in a fun, relaxed   from Guinea for many years.
throughout the year. No registration    environment, come join the                South              5 Thursdays
is required through the Community       Prospect Park Community Choir.            October 4          7:00-9:00 pm
Education Department. Member            We are a mixed choir that sings a                            $45
dues are payable to CICB. Find out if   wide variety of music from classical,
the band is accepting new members       to pop to international. No auditions
by calling 612.668.2740 or visiting     required. For more information call
www.calhounislesband.org                612.929.5364. Rehearsals are held
  Jefferson         Tuesdays
                                        at Prospect Park United Methodist
  Ongoing           7:00-9:00 pm        Church, 22 Orlin Ave. SE (corner of
                                        Malcolm & Orlin across from Pratt
Register Today!                         School).
                                          Pratt             Tuesdays
Register online with a VISA or            September 11      7:00-9:00 pm
MasterCard on our secure site:                              $55

www.mplscommunityed.com                             Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment       fall 2012
Music & Performance                                                                                 Music Jam
                                                                                                    Have you ever wanted to play with
                                                                                                    other musicians but haven't had
                                                                                                    the resources? This class will be a
                                                                                                    fun jam for intermediate musicians
                                                                                                    of portable instruments such as
                                                                                                    guitars, hand drums, harmonicas,
                                                                                                    etc. Our instructor Josh will lead
                                                                                                    the ensemble to create a repertoire
                                                                                                    of accessible songs. Instrument
                                                                                                    required, singers welcome.
                                                                                                      Henry               6 Wednesdays
                                                                                                      October 10          8:00-9:00 pm

                                                                                                    Songwriting 1
                                                                                                    Do you write songs and would like to
                                                                                                    connect to a songwriting community?
                                                                                                    This course will provide information
                                                                                                    on local resources to network with
                  Guitar 1                                 Guitar 2
                                                                                                    other songwriters. Learn about
                  Learn how to play your favorite          The next step for those who took
                                                                                                    songwriting organizations, workshop
                  songs using basic guitar technique.      Guitar 1 or who already know basic
                                                                                                    opportunities, recording studios and
                  Gain basic tablature and chord chart     chords; strumming and flat picking.
                                                                                                    places to perform your original music.
                  reading skills. By learning chords       Bring a guitar and flat pick to class.
                                                                                                    We will also explore the evolution of
                  and scales, we will approach the           Edison            6 Wednesdays         a song. Experience a “song critique”
                  guitar using a practical method.           September 26      7:30-8:30 pm
                                                                                                    the second evening. Bring a song
                  Bring an acoustic or electric guitar,                        $25
                                                                                                    to perform for the group to review.
                  a pick, and a love for music. Edison
                                                             Roosevelt         6 Mondays            Instructor: Mary Kealy-Falk.
                  students will be contacted about
                                                             November 5        6:30-7:30 pm           Roosevelt           2 Tuesdays
                  book purchase.
                                                                               $25                    September 25        7:00-9:00 pm
                      Roosevelt        6 Mondays                                                                          $20
                      September 24     6:30-7:30 pm          Roosevelt         6 Mondays
                                       $25                   November 5        7:35-8:35 pm
                                                                               $25                  Ukulele
                      Roosevelt        6 Mondays                                                    The Ukulele is easy to carry, relatively
                      September 24     7:35-8:35 pm                                                 inexpensive and not difficult to learn.
                                       $25                 Jazz appreciation
                                                                                                    It is really fun, and now enjoying great
                                                           What distinguishes jazz music
                                                                                                    popularity. Twin cities entertainer
                      Edison           6 Wednesdays        from other musical art forms?
                      September 26     6:30-7:30 pm                                                 Dean Johnson will show you how
                                                           Discern three musical elements
                                       $25                                                          to tune the thing, how to play the
                                                           that make up the essence of jazz
                                                                                                    Blues and how three simple chords
                                                           through feeling, stomping and
                      Henry            6 Wednesdays                                                 will accompany hundreds of songs.
                      October 10       7:00-8:00 pm        guided listening. Utilizing your new
                                                                                                    Bring your Ukulele to class.
                                       $25                 knowledge, explore some of the
                                                                                                      South               3 Tuesdays
                                                           rich jazz catalog through listening to
                                                                                                      November 6          7:00-9:00 pm
                  Discounts                                and learning about great artists who                           $28
                  Metropolitan Health Plan and             created the distinct sounds of jazz
                  UCARE members may deduct                 music. This is a great opportunity
                  $15 per class or trip.                   for beginning or more experienced
                                                           listeners to broaden their musical
                                                           palette and explore which artists
                                                           really “speak” to them. Instructor:
                                                           Jonathan Feulner.
                                                             Roosevelt         1 Tuesday
                                                             October 2         7:00-8:30 pm

      56         fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                             Personal Development
                                                                                      Discovering Your Self
                                                                                      Writing Expressively
                                                                                      Become a better friend to your
                                                                                      “Self-with-a-capital-S” and live more
                                                                                      consciously. Instead of forming
                                                                                      proper sentences and compelling
                                                                                      stories for others to read, Expressive
                                                                                      Writing is creating a glorious mess
                                                                                      on paper to see what it has to tell
                                                                                      only you. The paper is a safe place
                                                                                      to speak your mind, indulge your
                                                                                      daydreams, deal with holiday stress,
                                                                                      tend your broken heart, claim your
                                                                                      strength, face your fears, and make
                                                                                      peace with what is. Through a series

Personal Development                                                                  of uncomplicated exercises, you will
                                                                                      follow paths you know and some
                                                                                      you don’t. Please bring to class: a
Clothes Power: Effectively                Dare to Dream &                             notebook and pen.
Manage Your Image                         find Your Purpose                             Henry               5 Mondays
Long before we actually speak, our        You are never too young or too old            October 22          6:30-8:30 pm
appearance communicates to others         to unearth your passion and go for                                $35
for us. In this course, you will learn    your dreams. This class is for you if you
how your clothing impacts you, your       are: interested in reinventing yourself     Manage Your Clutter,
image, and others. It will review         regardless of age or profession, ready      Manage Your life
the Universal Effects of Clothing         to take action steps in making your         This class is not what you expect
and introduce the 12 Wardrobe and         dreams a reality, interested in turning     but it is exactly what you need.
Image Strategies. The course will         your gifts/talents into a stream of         Living with clutter can have negative
be based on interactive learning,         income, or just seeking a positive          impacts on your health and well-
discussions, and demonstrations.          change in their life! Author/Speaker/       being, so we will use life coaching
Optional course booklets will be          Singer Christine Free will be your          principles and activities so you will
available for purchase for $20.           coach in this process. She is known         get clearer about your values, your
  South              4 Wednesdays         in the community for her work as            vision for your space and learn a few
  October 10         6:45-8:45 pm         an educator, singer/songwriter and          tools and strategies that will help
                     $34                  speaker along with being an owner           you make choices about what you
                                          of a publishing company.                    want to keep and what you should
Couples Conquering Conflict                 Lucy Laney          5 Thursdays           get rid of. Instructor is Michelle Hoff.
& Creating Closeness                        October 18          6:30-8:30 pm            Henry               2 Wednesdays
                                                                $35                     October 17          6:30-8:30 pm
Learn strategies to create a satisfying
relationship, reduce conflict, develop                                                                      $21
closeness, and build a lasting            Dealing with Caregiver Stress
connection. All couples are welcome;      Are you a frustrated caregiver? Have        Mind Mapping: The
Please register as one person but         you been left with the duties of
                                                                                      Visual Thinking Process
attend as a couple. Taught by Jill        looking after a loved one? Caregivers
                                                                                      Once you master this technique you
Hansen, MA, LAMFT.                        taking care of chronically ill parents,
                                                                                      will be able to establish and plan
                                          loved ones or friends will get
  Hale               5 Thursdays                                                      future projects with ease, fun, and
                                          information on care management
  October 25         6:30-8:00 pm                                                     comfort. An interactive, lively class
  No class Nov 22    $33/Couple           and how to handle difficulties during
                                                                                      limited to six students. Supplies are
                                          the transition. Class is free but you
                                                                                      furnished, just bring your ideas to
If you have knowledge, ideas              must register.
                                                                                      map! Taught by Barbara Smith, the
or passions that you would like             North               1 Tuesday             Money Whisperer.
to share with others, consider              October 9           6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                Free                    Hale                1 Thursday
teaching a community education                                                          October 25          6:00-8:00 pm
class. Call us at 612.668.3939              Henry               1 Wednesday                                 $15
or visit mplscommunityed.com                November 14         6:30-8:30 pm          There are no classes
for more information.                                           Free                  November 22 or 23.

www.mplscommunityed.com                                 Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment         fall 2012
Personal Development                                                                                Question Your Thinking
                                                                                                    & Change Your life
                                                                                                    The Work of Byron Katie is a simple
                                                                                                    technique that asks four questions
                                                                                                    and turns our stressful thoughts
                                                                                                    around. It’s easy to do on your
                                                                                                    own or with another person. Byron
                                                                                                    Katie has worked with thousands
                                                                                                    of people and has published several
                                                                                                    books on doing The Work. It would
                                                                                                    be helpful to watch Byron Katie on
                                                                                                    YouTube or her website, TheWork.
                   Personal Development Series                                                      com before the first class. Be
                                                                                                    prepared to see positive changes in
                   Join Wanda Walker, 20 year veteran of the personal development field,            your relationships, finances, career
                   as she guides you through a series of workshops designed to improve              and peace of mind.
                   your mental health and well being. Bring a friend, partner or colleague            Henry             2 Wednesdays
                   and learn how best to communicate to others with varying personalities.            November 7        6:30-8:30 pm
                   Register for all 3 classes in the series for the reduced price of $60. Call                          $21
                   612.668.4828 to register with discount.
                                                                                                    Take a look at the
                   Improving Coping Skills:                Personal Communication                   funnier Side of life
                   Who Moved my Cheese?                    Improvement: Real Colors                 This class is a light approach to
                   Although change is happening            Have you ever wondered why               having fun. What makes you laugh?
                   everywhere, most people don’t think     another person does not view a           Humor basically is comprised of
                   about change itself. The purpose of     situation as you do or approaches        three components: wit, mirth and
                   this workshop is to help individuals    things differently than you do? Real     laughter. In this class you will find
                   take a closer look at change and gain   Colors is a personality instrument       humor-from basic laughing to using
                   the skills to help them face change     used to help understand personality      games and visuals. Come prepared
                   with less stress and more success.      and working styles. Learn about the      to chuckle, hoot and snort as you
                   This interactive workshop based on      strengths, joys, needs and values        discover your comical side.
                   Dr. Spencer Johnson’s simple story      of people in each of the other color       Hale              1 Saturday
                   includes a video, active discussion     groups and discover ways to more           December 8        10 am-12 pm
                   and interactive exercises.              effectively interact with those around                       $15
                       Roosevelt        1 Tuesday          you. Tuition includes a $25 materials
                       October 30       6:00-8:00 pm       fee for course workbook.                 Tapping Our Energetic
                                        $15                  Roosevelt          1 Tuesday           Soul (TOES)
                                                             November 13        6:00-9:00 pm        Learn how to identify the negative
                   Register Today!                                              $40
                                                                                                    forces and circumstances in your
                   Register online with a VISA or                                                   life which influence your current
                   MasterCard on our secure site:          Stress Management                        thinking and attitude, then employ
                   www.mplscommunityed.com.                Skills Training                          positive strategies to use perceived
                                                           Whether it’s testy teenagers, parental   hardships as a high powered fuel to
                                                           disagreements, sibling squabbles or      propel you toward optimum energy
                                                           co-worker conundrums, stress can         levels. TOES requires no expensive
                                                           wreak havoc on your health and           books or videos, no follow-up
                                                           well-being. Strategies learned in this   seminars, just a few, two-hour
                                                           workshop will help increase your         experiences guaranteed to work for
                                                           awareness of personal stressors          you. See your life as an exciting and
                                                           and stress reactions, and enhance        enriching journey, a journey that
                                                           your ability to control the stressors    begins with a strong foundation
                                                           in your life.                            of straight forward, balancing and
                                                             Roosevelt          1 Tuesday           beautiful TOES.
                                                             October 16         6:00-8:00 pm          Henry             2 Wednesdays
                                                                                $15                   November 7        6:30-8:30 pm

      58          fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                         Trips, Tours & Special Events
Trips, Tours & Special Events
albertville Premium Outlets              Minneapolis Institute
Join us in a trip to the Albertville     of arts Tours
Premium Outlets to get your Holiday      The wonderful world of art is just
shopping in high gear. Albertville       around the corner! Minneapolis
Premium Outlets features more            Community Education is sponsoring
than 100 stores and discounted           a series of tours at the Minneapolis
prices, plus you will also receive a     Institute of Arts (MIA) throughout
coupon booklet. We will board a          the year. A focus guide from the
bus and leave Henry at 9 am, shop        Institute will show you the treasures
from about 10 am-1:30 pm and return      in each collection and give you
around 2:30 pm. Bring a lunch or         a chance to ask questions. Our
plan on eating at the mall. Meet in      Fall tour highlights the Institute’s
the parking lot at Henry High, 4320      Period Rooms. Compare a Chinese
Newton Ave. N.                           reception room with a Victorian
  Henry             1 Saturday           drawing room decorated with
  December 1        9 am-2:30 pm         Chinese-inspired wallpaper.
                    $20                  American, European, and Asian
                                         period rooms invite you to step back
Bird Watching by the                     in time in to experience how people
Mississippi River                        lived. Guided tour runs from 6:30-       Pratt Pancake Breakfast
Spend two mornings this autumn           7:30 pm. Participants may choose         & Neighborhood Yard Sale
learning how to identify birds along     to meet for refreshments following       Come meet neighbors and friends
the Mississippi River flyway during      the tour in the museum coffee shop       at this annual Pancake Breakfast
the height of fall migration. This       from 7:30-8:30 pm. Meet in the lobby     and neighborhood yard sale in
class will take place in woodlands       at the MIA, 2400 3rd Ave. S.             historic Prospect Park! Breakfast
overlooking the Mississippi River          Edison             1 Thursday          is served from 8:30-10:30 am. Cost
and focus on identifying groups            October 4          6:30-8:30 pm        is $5 Adults, $4 Seniors, $2 Children
of birds such as hawks, warblers,                             $5                  under 12 years. Call 612.668.1100 for
and sparrows. You will build your                                                 more information. Held in the Pratt
identification skills via observation    Minneapolis Pioneers                     Community School parking lot, 66
and note-taking. Bring good walking      & Soldiers Cemetery                      Malcolm Ave. SE.
shoes, binoculars and field guides, if   Walking Tour                               Pratt               1 Saturday
you have them, and writing/drawing       Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers          September 15        8:30 am-12:30 pm
materials for both note taking and       (formerly Layman’s), located at the                            Varied
sketching. Meet in the Dowling           intersection of Cedar Avenue and
Parking lot, 3900 W. River Pkwy.         Lake Street, is the oldest existing      Stone arch Bridge
  Dowling           2 Saturdays          cemetery in Minneapolis and the only     Guided Tour
  September 29      8:00-10:00 am        cemetery in Minnesota listed on the      We will stroll along and around
                    $24                  National Register of Historic Sites.     the landmark Stone Arch Bridge
                                         Tour leader, Sue Hunter Weir, will       in Minneapolis as we enjoy views
                                         give an overview of the cemetery’s       of Saint Anthony Falls and the
                                         history and tell stories about some      Mississippi River. Rain date is
                                         of the fascinating people who are        October 13. Meet in the parking lot
                                         buried there. Wear comfy shoes.          at Mill Ruins Park, 103 Portland Ave. S.
                                         Meets rain or shine. No discounts.         Henry               1 Saturday
                                         Meet at the caretaker’s cottage in the     October 6           10 am-12 pm
                                         middle of the cemetary. Enter through                          $10
                                         the Cedar Avenue gates and park
                                         along the roadway in the cemetery.       Register Today!
                                           South              1 Saturday          Register now and make sure
                                           October 6          10:00-12:00 am
                                                                                  you get into your favorite
                                                                                  classes! We’re online at:

www.mplscommunityed.com                                Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment      fall 2012
Lifelong Learning Plan   Enrich & balance your life with a
                         Personal Lifelong Learning Plan
                                                                                                          Minneapolis Community Education
                                                                                                          provides an opportunity to forge

                                                                                          mce             a partnership to create a lifelong
                                                                                                          learning plan for your mind, body,
                                                                                                          spirit and community involvement.
                                                                                          As your partner, Community Education provides
                                                                                          resources that help you set goals and balance
                                                                                          your lifestyle.

                                                                                          Let Community Education help you define goals
                                                                                          and provide resources for creating your lifelong
                                                                                          learning plan. Browse through this brochure or go
                                                                                          to www.mplscommunityed.com and get started
                                                                                          on your lifelong learning plan today!

                                                                                                                  Build Community
                                                                                                                   Engaging in something beyond your
                                                Energize Your Mind                                                 immediate self is key for a well-
                                                Whatever your age, keeping your                                    balanced life. Share your talents,
                                                mind actively engaged is one of the                                meet your neighbors, or work to
                                                most important things you can do                                   improve our schools. Being involved
                                                to ensure a lifetime of good living.                               builds community and gives you a
                                                Exercise your mind with adult                                      sense of belonging. You can teach
                                                enrichment courses. Our classes           Community Education classes, volunteer at a neighborhood
                                                range from computers to cooking,          school, or serve on a civic board. Your involvement will make
                         from languages to financial planning and much more.              your neighborhood and your city a better place to live.

                               Personal Goal: ________________________________                  Personal Goal: ________________________________

                               Classes/activities that will help me meet this goal:             Classes/activities that will help me meet this goal:
                               ____________________________________________                     ____________________________________________
                               ____________________________________________                     ____________________________________________
                               ____________________________________________                     ____________________________________________

                                                Activate Your Body                                                Spark Your Spirit
                                                Keeping your body fit with regular                                We draw strength and well-being from
                                                exercise will benefit your health and                             the spiritual part of our lives. When
                                                balance your life. Half the battle is                             your spirit is stretched thin or ignored,
                                                making the commitment. Take a                                     you are not able to live life to its fullest.
                                                Pilates class, learn to dance, play                               Discovering new inspiration through
                                                golf or lift weights. See the differ-                             painting, yoga, or meditation will help
                                                ence moving your body can make.                                   you feel renewed and inspired.

                               Personal Goal: ________________________________                  Personal Goal: ________________________________

                               Classes/activities that will help me meet this goal:             Classes/activities that will help me meet this goal:
                               ____________________________________________                     ____________________________________________
                               ____________________________________________                     ____________________________________________
                               ____________________________________________                     ____________________________________________

                                  Minneapolis Community Education                       Building Community Through Learning & Partnering

       60           fall 2012         Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
Community Education adult Enrichment Class locations
                                                                          7. lind Community Ed.
                         7                                                5025 Bryant Ave. N
                                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55430
                                                                          Adults 55+ Coordinator: Linda Snyder
                    5                                                     612.668.2051
                                                                          8. lucy laney Community Ed.
              8                                10                         3333 Penn Ave. N
                                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55412
                                                                          Coordinator: Kevin Czmowski
                                      3                                   612.668.1922
                     9                                                    9. North High Community Ed.
                                                                          1515 James Ave. N
                                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55411
                                                                          Coordinator: Beth Lasley
                                                       11                 10. Northeast Community Ed.
                                                                          2955 Hayes St. NE
                         6        1                                       Minneapolis, MN 55418
                                                                          Coordinator: David Warnest
                                          13                              David.Warnest@mpls.k12.mn.us

                                                                          11. Pratt Community Ed.
                                                                          66 Malcolm Ave. SE
                                               12      2                  Minneapolis, MN 55414
                                                                          Coordinator: Jan Thurn

                                                                          12. Roosevelt Community Ed.
                                      4                                   4029 28th Ave. S.
                                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55406
                                                                          Adults 55+ Coordinator:
                                                                          Patty Hastreiter 612.668.4828
1. andersen Community Ed.         4. Hale Community Ed.                   Adult Programs Coordinator:
2727 10th Ave. S.                 1220 E. 54th St.                        Jessica Ruth 612.668.4828
Minneapolis, MN 55407             Minneapolis, MN 55417                   Jessica.Ruth@mpls.k12.mn.us
Coordinator: Marija Nicholson     Coordinator: Anna Sonmore-Costello
612.668.4215                      612.668.3767                            13. South Community Ed.
Marija.Nicholson@mpls.k12.mn.us   Anna.Sonmore-Costello@mpls.k12.mn.us    3131 19th Ave. S.
                                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55407
2. Dowling Community Ed.          5. Henry Community Ed.                  Coordinator: Jean Dutcher
3900 W. River Pkwy.               4320 Newton Ave. N                      612.668.4326
Minneapolis, MN 55406             Minneapolis, MN 55412                   Jean.Dutcher@mpls.k12.mn.us
Coordinator: Amy Meissner         Coordinator: Kevin Czmowski
612.668.4444                      612.668.1922                            14. Waite Park Community Ed.
Amy.Meissner@mpls.k12.mn.us       Kevin.Czmowski@mpls.k12.mn.us           1800 34th Ave. NE
                                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55418
3. Edison Community Ed.           6. Jefferson Community Ed.
                                  1200 W. 26th St.                        Enter #2 door facing 34th Ave. For disability
700 22nd Ave. NE
                                  Minneapolis, MN 55405                   access accomodations, please call site.
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Coordinator: Deb Clark            Coordinator: Leah Robinson              Coordinator: Sandi McDonald
612.290.9835                      612.668.2740                            612.668.1590
Deb.Clark@mpls.k12.mn.us          Leah.Robinson@mpls.k12.mn.us            Sandi.McDonald@mpls.k12.mn.us

www.mplscommunityed.com                        Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment            fall 2012
Class Registration
                 Four Easy Ways to Register...
                                                               1. online                                  3. In Person
                                                               Using a Visa or Mastercard, go to          If you wish to register in person,
                                                               www.mplscommunityed.com.                   simply call sites for office hours.
                                                               Online registration begins August 27.
                                                                                                          4. By Mail
                                                               2. By Phone                                Mail-in registration begins immedi-
                                                               Visa and Mastercard payments               ately. Mail your registration form,
                                                               accepted during business hours.            check or money order, payable to
                                                                                                          Special School District #1 to the site
                                                               Most classes begin the week of
                                                                                                          offering the class; see page 61 for
                                                               September 24. Register Today!
                                                                                                          a list of sites.

                          Minneapolis Community Education adult Enrichment Registration Form
                      Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
                      Address: _____________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ________________________
                      Daytime Phone: (______)______________________              Evening Phone: (______)________________________
                      E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________________

                                    Class Title                   Start Date      Start Time           location                Price

                                          MHP/UCare Discount ($15/class): ID#: _______________________________            -
                                                  other Discounts (please specify): _______________________________       -
                                                                                                             Total Due:   $
                      Payment Information:               Check Enclosed          Charge My:        Visa         MasterCard
                      Make checks payable to Special School District #1.
                      Card Number: ___________ - ___________ - ___________ - ___________                      Exp. Date: _____/______

                          Minneapolis Community Education adult Enrichment Registration Form
                      Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
                      Address: _____________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ________________________
                      Daytime Phone: (______)______________________              Evening Phone: (______)________________________
                      E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________________

                                    Class Title                   Start Date      Start Time           location                Price

                                          MHP/UCare Discount ($15/class): ID#: _______________________________            -
                                                  other Discounts (please specify): _______________________________       -
                                                                                                             Total Due:   $
                      Payment Information:               Check Enclosed          Charge My:        Visa         MasterCard
                      Make checks payable to Special School District #1.
                      Card Number: ___________ - ___________ - ___________ - ___________                      Exp. Date: _____/_______

     62         fall 2012      Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment
                                                                                                                   Community Education Information
Registration                            lifelong learning…
Information                             It doesn’t begin with kindergarten and it doesn’t end with a diploma.
                                        Maybe Community Education can help you with the learning you
first Come, first Served                need for what’s next in your life!
Registrations are posted in the
order received until the class
is filled. Register early! Many
classes fill quickly.

To take a discount on a class,
you must call the site offering
the class to register.

If you are 62 or older, receive
Social Security Assistance,
Unemployment Compensation,
or MFIP, you pay half fee for
most classes. For some classes,
youth 17 or under may receive
a discount of 50% when they
register and attend with an
adult. Supply fees are not
discounted. Metropolitan
Health Plan and UCare members
may deduct $15 per class.               Minneapolis kids                       adult Education
                                        612.668.3890                           612.668.3800
                                        Providing care for children in         Programs to help improve
                                        grades kindergarten through 6          academic and language skills.
                                        before and after school, on release
UCare for Seniors Members:              days and during the summer.
Senior discount policies have                                                  adult Enrichment
changed effective January 2009.                                                612.668.3939
Please see page 9 for details.
                                        Youth Development/
                                        Youth Services                         Providing evening and daytime
                                                                               recreation, enrichment, and
Refunds                                 612.668.3939                           academic programs for adults
Refunds (minus a $5 processing          Programs for youth in grades
fee) are given if you call and
                                                                               of all ages and interests.
                                        kindergarten through 12 that
cancel at least three business days     provide positive life experiences,
before the class starts. Full refunds                                          lifelong learning
                                        help build self-esteem, and            for adults 55+
are given if we cancel a class.         increase citizenship, academic
                                        and career skills.                     612.668.4828
Confirmations                                                                  Enriching the lives of adults 55+
After registering, assume you
                                        after School                           through educational, social and
are in the class unless you hear
                                                                               intergenerational opportunities.
from us.                                Programs for Youth
Disability access                       612.668.3939                           Disability access Services
612.668.4325                            Providing enrichment, recreation
Call Community Education                and academic programs for youth        612.668.4325
Access Services to request              in grades kindergarten through 8.      Providing accommodations
accommodations for successful                                                  needed by adults and children
participation in classes and            Summer Programs                        with disabilities for effective
programs.                               for Youth                              participation in Community
                                                                               Education programs.
Weather Hot line                        612.668.3939
612.668.1129                            Providing day and evening
Community Education may be              enrichment, recreation and
closed due to inclement weather.        academic programs for youth in
If you have questions about             kindergarten through grade 12.
closings, please call.

www.mplscommunityed.com                             Minneapolis Community Education Adult Enrichment    fall 2012
Minneapolis Community Education                                        NON-PROFIT ORG.
Davis Center, 1250 W. Broadway Ave.                                       U.S. POSTAGE
Minneapolis, MN 55411                                                          PAID
                                                                         Twin Cities, MN
                                                                        Permit No. 93079

                                       OR CURRENT RESIDENT

 Celebrate the Colors
 and Flavors of Fall…
 Looking for some new ideas for making the most of             Board of Education
 the fall season? Explore these and many more classes              Jenny Arneson
                                                                     Carla Bates
 in this brochure or online at mplscommunityed.com:
                                                                      Jill Davis
                                                                     Kim Ellison
                                                                  Rebecca Gagnon
   ∂ Imagine the delectable fragrance of Minnesota                Richard Mammen
         apples cooking in your kitchen. Learn some new          Alberto Monserrate
         recipes using locally grown seasonal produce in          Hussein Samatar
         our Eat Local Minnesota series. › Page 36
   ∂ Capture the vivid hues of the changing leaves                 of Schools
         in a Watercolor or Oil Painting class. › Page 19         Bernadeia Johnson

   ∂ Discover the history and excitement of the                   Director of
         majestic Mississippi River on the Stone Arch         Community Education
         Bridge Guided Tour. › Page 59                               Jack Tamble

   ∂ Take breathtaking photographs capturing the                  Special School
         glory of the autumn landscape in our Capturing            District No. l
         Fall Colors photography class. › Page 21            MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                                Minneapolis, Minnesota
   ∂ Explore the seasonal migration patterns of                  An Equal Opportunity
         the birds along the river with Bird Watching               School District
         by the Mississippi River. › Page 59                            2012

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