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Youth Recovery


									Because patience, A Youth Recovery from
Paralyzed ..
A wound specialist physician named Dr. in Riyadh. Khalid Al spokesman tells about himself and his
friend. Here's his story, during college he had a friend cadet. In every case he has a lot of advantages
over other friends. Besides good heart, this young man is also very diligent prayers night and never
negligent in the five daily prayers.
This young man graduated with satisfactorily. Of course she was eager delight. But no one could have
guessed the course of destiny. One day this young man stricken with influenza disease, and since then
became weak physically susceptible to various diseases. Until due to complications of the disease are
diverse, he became paralyzed. His body no longer able to be moved at all. All the doctors told Dr.Khalid
handle, if possible cure for the young man around 10% only.
At Dr.Khalid visited with her in the hospital, she saw him helpless on his bed. Dr.Khalaid came to comfort
him. However Subhanallah, what he got quite the contrary, it is a bright young faces away from overcast
grief. On the face of it clearly reflected the light and sparkle of faith.
"Thank God, I was in a state of good health. I pray to Allah Subhanahu wa Taa'ala wish you a speedy
recovery. "Said Dr.Khalid the conversation. To her surprise he replied, "Thank you for your prayers.
Sesunggunya brother, maybe now God is punishing me for failing to memorize the Qur'an. God is testing
me, so I quickly finish my recitation. Really this is a favor that no measure. "
Dr.Kahlid stunned to hear the answer to that is amazing. HOW might be so severe ordeal being
experienced by youth is considered as a blessing? This really is an invaluable new lesson for him that he
was worthless before him.
Dr.kahlid reminded of the words of the Prophet sallallaahu A'laihi Wassallam: "It's amazing the case of a
believer. Throughout its case containing goodness. It is only there on the believer. When he blessed
kesengangan he was grateful, then good for him iti. And when he struck sorrow, he patiently and
steadfastly face, then it is good for him. "(Reported by Muslim)
Honestly Dr.Kahalid extremely admire the young man's fortitude. A few weeks later he membesuk
friend, cousin of the young man said, "Try to move your legs, lift your legs up." Young man replied, "I
really was ashamed to God to heal in a hurry. If it's the best cure for God, I am thankful. However, if God
does not give me the cure just so I did not go to places where immoral I was grateful. Allah knows the
best for me.
Allahu Akbar, how the sentence was very thrilling. After the incident Dr.khalid master's program to take
out of town. A few months after that he came back and the first thing she remembered was young
friend. In his mind he thought, "At least this time she was lying on top of her bed, when she was
everywhere she was stretchered must."
Apparently according to the young man's friends had already moved into the preparation for a natural
treatment. At Dr.Khalid him, he was sitting in a wheelchair. Dr.Khalid glad to see it up many times he
gave thanks.
The young man with spontaneous deliver unexpected news "Thank God, I have completed reading the
Qur'an." She said excitedly. "Good Heavens" squealing Dr.Khalid amazed. Every time she visited with her
wisdom always gets increasingly strengthen his faith.
Not long ago, Dr.Khalid back out of town for four months. And during that time also he never met a very
brave young man's best friend. Until his return, he accepted the fact that very difficult to accept by the
human mind. However, for the One, the Exalted, is not impossible. Instead of just pain, bones that have
been destroyed can be turned back into a complete human being.
At the time Dr.Khalid mushalla praying in the hospital. Suddenly he heard the greeting someone, "Abu
Muhammad!" Reflex sight he turned in front of him stunned. He did not say a word mapu. True, Wallahi
(By Allah-red) standing in front of him is a young man that had paralyzed his friend. But in front of him
now he can go back to normal and sound. Allahu Akbar, real faith who can come up with a miracle.
Spontaneity, Dr. Khalid cry. First she was crying with emotion and grace of God will be happy for his
friend's recovery. Both he cried to himself that had been negligent for-pleasure ingratitude.
Apparently, the gift to his friend not just limited to that. He was a delegate Malik Su'ud University
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to study master's degree. "Dr. Khalid is what I received this will be
disastrous for me if I had not grateful. "He told Dr.Khalid.
After seven years, the young man visited Dr. Khalid grandfather back in order to deliver the diseased
liver. And Subhanallah, he has become a major!
Dr.Khalid back shed tears. He prayed to God that the young man was always in favor and always
unchanged in the faith and Islam. Indeed Allah is Hearing and grant the petition of any servants.
(Umm Faros, from the custody of God to His servants the righteous; Khalid Abu Salih)

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