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									Dispute Ends; Hemsley Buried in El Paso

You may recall that Sherman Hemsley passed away on July 24 after battling lung cancer,
and there was a challenge to his estate.

On the surface it would seem as though there was no grounds for a dispute. The actor
had executed a last will before he passed away naming Flora Enchinton as the heir to his
estate. She was also to serve as executrix according to his wishes.

It should be noted that people close to the situation suggest that Hemsley did not leave
behind an extraordinary financial legacy considering the fact that he was a very
successful actor.

The person who brought forth the challenge is named Richard Thornton. He approached
the court claiming that he was the brother of Sherman Hemsley.

The El Paso, Texas probate court judge who presided over the case ordered DNA testing.
The fact is that Thornton is indeed the half-brother of the deceased actor.

However, the last will did not mention Thornton. The judge ultimately found that this
will was valid and after months of waiting Enchinton was finally empowered to arrange
for the final services and burial of her longtime close friend.

Sherman Hemsley actually had a life before entering the acting profession. He was a
postal worker in Philadelphia while he studied the dramatic arts at night, and he also
served honorably in the United States military.

As a result of his military service, he was given full military honors during the final
service, and he is buried in Fort Bliss National Cemetery. This cemetery is located in El
Paso, which is the city that Hemsley called home for many years.

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