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"Stock Footage - Preparing Videos For Online Libraries","These days, film developers
use stock footage videos instead of shooting brand new ones to lessen the costs of
production. With some savvy in videography and the knowledge of technicalities,
you can earn plenty by selling your video footage online.

From television commercials and web-based advertising to films and documentaries,
stock videos are high in demand. Cost effectiveness is the fuel that drives the
popularity of stock footage in the entertainment industry. buying stock footage is
basically a cheaper and more convenient option as compared to hiring a team to get
the required shots. due to the reasonable pricing, most film developers choose this
viable option for cost-constrained projects.

If you have a Canon or Nikon and a flair for videography, you can earn money by
uploading videos to online sites. in order to give your footage that consultant look,
audio, lighting and lenses will also be necessary. To capture the movement with
perfection, learn about alternative camera moves like panning and tilting. Using
manual focus is always better than using auto focus as it ensures proper framing of
shots. Alongside, some editing expertise will do wonders for your footage. This
part, however will not be tough due to the quality editing software available in the

Shoot a video with your camera and prepare it using an editing software. Besides
enabling people to store stock footage in digital format, science has provided a
selection of compressing software and lightning quick broadband Internet to pave
way for easy uploading, purchasing and downloading of the video. Once you are
through with the editing, submit it to a stock footage website. If they like it, your
footage gets approval and is displayed on the website.

Every time your footage is downloaded, you receive a percentage of the sale price
which varies from one site to another. It all sounds so simple but requires a bit of
effort. First of all you have to decide on the video you need to film. Remember that
the Internet is full of some of the best quality videos from around the world. To give
your footage a selling quotient, you must shoot it keeping the view of the video's
usage and its demand in the industry. Another important thing is figuring out what is
selling these days.

Spending some time on the stock footage offering web portals will give you a fair
concept of what most libraries are offering footage buyers. Additionally, you can
also check out the types and quality and style of the videos that are making rounds
on the web these days. Making videos that are great for alternative purposes, you
can increase the chances of these being downloaded more often. Your footage will
continue to earn you money as long as it's featured on a stock footage website.

Another important aspect is shooting in full HD resolution video. While you are
researching on the varieties of videos, make it a point to browse examples of an <a
target=""_new"" rel=""nofollow"" href="""">HD
footage</a>, you have to be aware of that the development is in the demand for
HD footage. You can upload your videos straight to the websites or send DVDs in
relation to the preferences of the stock footage libraries. When the library uploads
your video, you can login to add meta data to it. As with file formats, libraries
sometimes receive most of the formats but it is better that you use Mpeg4 which is
the most suitable one. Who knows, your footage may end up in the next


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