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									    What is Reputation Marketing & How Can I
        Get a 5 Star Online Reputation?

Would you buy a product or service if they had bad reviews? Probably not. You don’t want to receive the same
experience as they had. You want a great experience, so you are going to look for a business with a lot of
consistent positive reviews. With everyone going online for recommendations, reputation is everything.
Creating a 5 Star Online Reputation can be the difference between your phone ringing and not.
Reputation Management vs. Reputation Marketing?
Reputation Management does not get your phone ringing. Management is a defensive position. If you need to
manage your reputation, then it must mean something is wrong and
there are negative reviews about you online. Marketing, on the other
hand, is a very offensive posture. The online marketing game has

The 4 Big Game Changers Every Business
Needs to Know!
Game Changer #1:
When you search for any type of company in any city in the world,
one of the first things you see is a business’ reputation! Right there in
front of you!

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Would you want to go to a dentist with a score of 50%? If you did not know about this score and was looking for
directions to your dentist, how would you feel? You now see what a bad reputation they have with 10 customer
reviews and a poor score of 50%. Are you going to second guess your decision to go to this dentist? What about
Your customers? Are bad reviews making them second guess working with you?

Game Changer #2:
Customer reviews are a Major factor in almost every type of Online Marketing. Bad reviews show up in Google
Maps, your Google Plus business page and they even will show up on your Google Pay-Per-Click.

Your customer reviews show up in website rankings, organic rankings, and directory listings such as Yelp, City
Search, Yahoo and Yellow Pages! Everywhere you turn online, reviews follow you around!

Game Changer # 3:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Local Marketing DOES NOT
WORK ANYMORE! If you have bad
reviews! You can spend a lot of time
and money getting your website ranked
number one in the search results, or
pay for potential customers to click on
your advertisements, but if you have
bad reviews or no reviews at all, people
will skip right over your listing.
Online Marketing has now flipped! Before you can start on SEO or PPC campaigns, you need to create a 5 Star
reputation first!

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Game Changer # 4:
With a 5 Star Online Reputation, positive reviews send you prequalified, presold customers, because buyers
trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Reviews can be incredibly bad for you if they are bad, but
they can also be incredibly good for you if they are good!

    72% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much
       As Personal Recommendations

Would you rather have create a marketing plan where people don’t know you, don’t like you and are always
worried if your price is too high? Or would you rather have a marketing plan, where people know you, like you,
trust you and be referred to you? Of course you want to create a referral plan. Now with online marketing, you
can create a referral plan because customers trust opinions online!

As you can see from the Nielsen’s survey, people trust online reviews more than they do editorial newspaper
content of advertisements!

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Why Reputation is Vital to a Business?
Consumers look up an average of 10 reviews before making a decision.
So without at least 10 5 Star reviews, your business is not credible! If
potential customers only trust 10 reviews then this is the difference
between your phone ringing and your competition’s phone ringing.

How to Create a Reputation Marketing Strategy
If you want to dominate your market, than it’s all about Reputation Marketing. Positioning your company as the
market leader in front of thousands of buyers is simple with a 5 Star
Reputation! In order to start your reputation marketing strategy you
need to first understand your reputation. Do you know what your
reputation online is? Do you know what people are saying? We are not
only building a 5 Star Reputation, but we help leverage and market it!
Through our online Reputation Report, you can find out what people are
saying about you online in seconds. Simply enter your phone number
and our system searches the net for reviews about your business. Visit Arrivait Reputation Marketing to check
out your reputation score.

Four Types of Reputation:
Bad Reputation
    -   People are staying away from your business and you could be losing customers.

No Reputation
    -   Just as bad as a bad reputation, your listings are getting skipped over and your phone is not ringing.

Good Reputation
    -   You have a good score, but don’t have the necessary 10 reviews that customers look for!

5 Star Reputation
    -   Your phone is ringing and you are the goto business in your market!

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Reputation Marketing Strategy
We want to help you create a reputation marketing culture within your business. It is not just enough to fix
things, but we want to be proactive to make sure everyone in your business is on the same page. Everyone
needs to be motivated by one thing, doing a great job for your customers.

Four Step Reputation Marketing Strategy:
    1. Develop Your 5 Star Reputation
    2. Market Your 5 Star Reputation
    3. Manage Your 5 Star Reputation
    4. Create a Reputation Marketing Culture
Develop Your 5 Star Reputation
There are a number of ways to develop your 5 Star Reputation. We have found that one of the best ways is with
professionally designed review postcards. We design these for our clients, who send them out to their
customers and the customers love to give 5 star reviews. We also put together business or appointment
reminder cards to give to customers and show them where they can leave reviews. Another strategy is using
specially designed email templates that will motivate your customers to not only read but to take action.
                 Our biggest insider strategy we use is to create a private review page for our customers. This
                 allows us and our customers to know about reviews before they are posted online and the
                 damage is done. All of your marketing materials funnel your customers to our private review
                 page, where we receive them and post only the good ones online. Any reviews that are not
                 good get sent to you in a private email making sure you can address them before they get
posted online!
Why can’t you collect them and post them yourself? The directory sites record IP addresses and will delete
reviews if they are posted by the same IP number. Our system collects them and posts them throughout the
different directory locations under different IP addresses.

Market Your 5 Star Reputation
Now that you have 5 Star Reputation, you need to market it to           Video Review Marketing
potential customers and clients. There are a number of                  Website Marketing
strategies we take to market your new 5 Star Reputation. One            Social Media Marketing
of the best ways to market reviews is with video reviews.
                                                                        Email Marketing
Capturing video reviews from your customers are a really
powerful way to increase your trust and covert into leads easily.       Local Maps Marketing
Adding your 5 Star reviews to your website is a great way to            Sales Marketing
increase your social proof. People surfing the web are now
bypassing most of your website and just looking for

                            Chris Rivait | P: 289-619-3848 | E: Chris@Arrivait.com
                       Arrivait Marketing & Consulting | Arrivait.com | Reputation Report
testimonials. Finding them on your website helps to increases your authority. Posting your 5 star reviews on
your social media platforms helps spread the word about your business. Having a 5 Star Reputation can be very
powerful when people search for your type of business, such as Dallas Dentists. If your business is in the top
listings, potential customers will skip over anyone without a 5 Star Reputation and reviews.
As you can see, the marketing possibilities are really endless when you have a 5 Star Reputation. More people
want to buy from you because you have delivered the social proof and authority customers are searching for.

Manage Your 5 Star Reputation
Managing your 5 Star Reputation is a continuous process. Many people believe using Google Alerts is good
enough to monitor any news about their business, but if people are not using your name in their review on your
listing than it will not show up in the alert. Our private review system monitors all the important sites your
business is listed on and know every single day who is posting on them. We alert you when reviews are posted
so you can follow up with them as soon as possible.
Every two weeks we publish a report for our clients to see how their reputation is increasing online. In your
personal report, we show you both the good and bad reviews that have come in. Sharing this report with your
staff can help them know how they are doing and where improvements need to come.
Our system also posts reviews based on the locations of your business. Every business location has a separate
and individual business listing. We monitor each location and let you know if one location is getting poor
Having our Private Review system setup for you means that only the 5 Star reviews are being posted online and
this helps mitigate the negative effects of bad ones.

             Reputation is everything!
Don’t let reviews hold your business hostage. If you are ready to take your business reviews into your own
hands, please call me at 289-619-3848 or email me at chris@arrivait.com and get started creating a 5 Star Online

                            Chris Rivait | P: 289-619-3848 | E: Chris@Arrivait.com
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