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Business Related Interviews by toossyynn


									Business Interviews
Business interview is a formal scheduled meeting by an employer or an interviewer to
assess an individual or an interviewee on the grounds to really know if they could both
run a business together. This is what I considered the simplest definition and as it is,
many of us are going through it almost on a daily basis. Interviews on business issues
could be between buyer and seller, employer and employee, creditors and directors and
even most times between managers and wholesalers in the market. It is always aimed at
getting vital information that needs proper management for the healthy running of the
business. There are several ways we see things but most times we missed them, for some
people it’s a very big deal to do a manager to a ‘MERE’ seller interview as most people
call it but the truth is that in many businesses only the manager or the director with his
experience knows what he wants for the smooth movement of the business, there is
nothing wrong with him doing a one on one interview with any lowly rated individual as
long as that is where the answers to his questions lies. This modern day, many huge and
multi national organizations buy the services of recruiting firms to usher in new
productive and qualified workers into their business for them but this exercise still hasn’t
solved the aging challenges of staff inefficiency and effectiveness. This is a clear
indication to that fact that says ‘seeing is believing’. If you are one of the many
employees who give all in the hands of recruiting firms, you might be leaving out the
golden hands off your reputable organization as this will keep you spending-on till you
finally employ the good hands for that job because advertising alone is an expense. For
every one who could afford the services of a recruiting agent, you should be capable of
getting one of your best hands to the interview venues for assessment at least for
credibility sake. There is nothing wrong in hiring the recruiters but you have to keep your
eyes on them, corruption is every where and it is just like checking the handiwork of your
accountant and internal auditor by dragging an external or independent auditor into your
accounting affairs. Stay alert always because you never know where weakness on your
business could emanate from, you need to keep your business healthy. A marketing
manager once told me that if not for his ‘leaving the office to the field (approach)’ to
assess the performances of his subordinates, he wouldn’t have known that his worker are
not doing enough on follow up and that they have been diverting the communication
funds given by the company to always track customers to personal purse for their own
benefits. He corrected this and even changed some personnel, this quickly reflected in
their business health, he told me. Get it right, division of labor is very fantastic for proper
running of task but proper supervision must not be absent in putting things in place. If
you want the best for your business always get to the root of every issues that is
impending or marring the growth and progress of your company, start conducting extra-
ordinary meeting with those salient departments in your business, asking the departments
head all that you need to know, stop believing they are professionals, we are all humans,
they might not read every situations well, don’t forget that is the reason they are writing
you reports, be practically minded on the job respect the paper works but build on the
actions. Interview is all about assessment, don’t get it twisted do interview for your
workers to know if you need to switch or swap them on different portfolios. It could only
get better when your action as the inquisitor speaks better than voice or paper works, get
going to the root to keep your business fit.

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