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					Examples Dead People Su'ul Khotimah
Told that a Muslim man being held hostage. He became a servant two clergy, and he was a Hafiz
(memorized AI-Quran). When he was reading the Quran, two clergy were thrilled and cried, and
eventually both ma ¬ suk Islam. But Muslims Christians can strap it rnasuk religion. It was said to him,
"Go back the first embrace your religion (Islam), all the better". But he did not return to Islam, and died
in a state of Christians can.
Let us pray to Allah Ta'ala that dianuge ¬ rahi Husnul Khitmah.
Ats-Sofyan Tsauri said: "I saw a man holding a cloth middle Ka'bah while saying" O Allah, save! Rescue ".
Then I said: "O my brother! What is it de ¬ you? ".
He replied: "We are four Muslims bersauda ¬ ra, then died three people among us. All three died in a
state of heresy. I am now only one, but I do not know how ¬ circumstances where I will shut my life ".
Ibn Jawzi never told that he was per ¬ ever seen someone who was seriously ill. Then ¬ dian pain got
worse, so he perverted. When in a state of severe pain he was saying "God has Mengu ¬ bah fate with
calamities ¬ given him. If he gave me heaven paradise though, it is not sufficient to replace the suffering
that I feel ".
She could not bear the trials that made him feel miserable and can not BERSA ¬ bar. We seek refuge in
Allah (from it).
Sources: Tales Su'ul Khotimah, Mansur ibn Nasir al-'Awaji

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