Between Two Options Husnul Khitmah

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					Between Two Options: Husnul Khitmah
Or Su'ul Khitmah
A Sheikh hafizhullah ever told: Somebody showed me a photo. When I saw the photo, it turns out it was
a picture of a woman
full of makeup, white and beautiful. Dressed but naked. So I rebuked him and said: "Fear Allah! Why did
you show this picture to me?! Do not you fear God? "Then he said:" Not at all. I showed it to you to tell
you, that you see it is the woman in the picture on this one! "
I noticed he showed another photo. Turns out it was a picture of a woman whose face was blackened.
All parts of the body starting to get dark. He was killed by her own husband. And charity is the last in this
world khamr drink in one hand and a smoke in the other hand.
I finally figured out that he was one of the singers are very popular during his lifetime. May Allah protect
us from being like that.
Very much difference between the woman with a neighbor girl. Absolutely, he was my neighbor in an
environment in which I live. His father was a pious. Never leave the prayer in the mosque though. She
was 24 years old.
He is very happy with his work as a teacher, although the teaching away from his home. He and some of
his friends used to go to his place aboard a car they had rented. They go together and pulangpun
Before the month of Ramadan in 1424 H, family shocked by the spoken word. He told them - before the
month of Ramadan: "If I die, do not you mourn me, because I gave up everything I'm doing this for God,
because I teach science."
He always comes out wearing a hijab that covers the entire body from head to toe. Before his death, he
had asked his father to take him to participate Friday prayers. So the ayahpun take, and it happened in
the middle of the month of Ramadan.
Two days after that Friday. Precisely on Monday, 15 Ramadan 1424 H, he came out of his house in a
state of fasting, and the last thing he did was to wake one of his friends to pray Fajr.
Along the way the car into work, he reads the Quran in a low voice, and when he meninggalpun, Mushaf
was still in his hand! He had an accident and died, and he died in such circumstances.
He died on Monday in the month of Ramadan. Just like he was born on a Monday in the month of
Ramadan anyway!
He died after performing the dawn prayer. He did not sleep after dawn to read the Qur'an until it was
time to work.
He died after he preached that day to invite friends to pray.
He died and the Qur'an in his hand.
He died, and when they pulled his body out of the vehicle, they said: "By Allah, our armpits out of the
car and placed in the ambulance, no slightest scars or bruises on his body!"
He was always wearing pants behind the veil that covered her body, and said: "If God destined me to
die, so no one can see auratku. If Allaah ordained I die, then no one can see auratku. "
(Sheikh who told me was crying, and then continue the story):
He died just as he had dreamed. His father almost crazy to hear of his death. When he saw me come in
to deliver condolence to him, he hugged me. And in front of many people, he wept and said: "This is my
most dutiful, O Muhammad!"
Congratulations to her with all of the Qur'an that he read, his parents keberbaktiannya, preaching,
fasting, and death in the month of Ramadan, may Allah have mercy on him.
Berbekallah immediately, because
Nothing is accompanied in the grave than what was ever done
If you are busy with something,
So do not busy in addition to what Allaah blessed
In the absence of accompanying an after death
Into the grave than what he resume practicing
Remember it was only a guest in the family
Drop by for a while, and then after that he must go

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