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					Due to Flirt Wolves
Living asleep in the arms of a silent night gripping. World soluble in solitude away from the glamor and
beauty. The darkness had enveloped the houses attached to each other. Terlelaplah all of what is in the
world and this vast horizon. Unless, that moonlight memintalkan threads that can illuminate the nature
persada, and the breeze that spread throughout the body to leave the warmth and enjoyment.
In the dark night, was the night continued without interruption, and even through the first half of the
night, Just slip in a padded mattress. A smile plastered on his lips. Happiness widened his eyes. She
hopes to go to sleep but never could!! Heart and mind busy thinking Rabab, a pretty good-looking girl.
Where hearts are lured to other than Allah is plumbed bed full of joy and pleasure, but in eternal
torment and sorrow and grief that lasts.
Do you know, who are fair? Who Rabab?! And how did he know?!! Adil was a teenager the young of the
present generation are negligent, defected from the right path and tread the path of guidance and
misguidance and destruction. Like most teenagers depraved, he's just busy affair mejeng and seduce
women, and hunt them in the snare-jeratnya the seduction of words, phrases longing, love letters and
sweet speech, either by phone, while at the mall, or at the door -the school doors.
Many are poor innocent girl had been caught in a trap-jeratnya through propaganda under the guise of
love and that she intends to marry him and be his best man in a covered roof of happiness, love and
harmony, ie an ark Mahligai household. To the extent that when he withdrew and could hold her, she
was immediately pounced on him like a wild wolf lunge toward the poor goat.
If he had been able to satisfy his lust, grabbed the girl's chastity and honor, and sari-sari drank, he went
away leaving him to cry the blues mixed with regret. She was only able to chew pain of shame,
humiliation and reproach. He hopes to replace his blood cries tears in exchange for restored dignity and
honor torn stained. However, it is impossible that it will happen!
While Adil, if completed enjoys a prey, he rushed for another prey. And so on ... In these days, thinking
about a troubled her gorgeous prey, a female cat named Rabab benign, whom he knew through a phone
call. Rabab is a girl whose innocent fathers and gentleness. Easily and quickly, seduction-sweet nothings
and words of love instantly thrilled him. For a long time, communications and telephone conversations
between the two of them continued, and the Fair started memperdayainya through words sweet, gentle
and beautiful, and he promised to marry her and Rabab settle down with him.
So fast prey into a trap. Rabab has captivated the hearts and love him. He believes Adil is a young man's
dream, her future and her life partner. He did not know that Justice is a wolf who likes to break a
promise and a ferret were lazy. He's just waiting for the right time to pounce.
Beginning, their relationship to the extent sayings love over the phone. After that, a slight increase on
the smile and look at each other in front of the door where Rabab college faculty or in one of the mall.
Then increased when Rabab come up with Adil in a luxury car.
At any time, Adil met at the door of the faculty Rabab, his father always remember her only up to the
front door and then leaving school without convincing if he entered the classroom. Rabab waiting when
his father left and went out to meet his girlfriend who was waiting for him in a quiet place that is not far
from campus. He had come up in a car with Adil. Both then talk to each other and share a laugh. By
driving a car, they drive around until almost time Dhuhr.
Ahead of time back in college, Adil took it back to the college. If his father had arrived, Rabab get out to
him, and as if he had spent the time to learn! The father is a moron that does not know what happened
while she was gone!
For a long while, all went according to this scenario. However, Adil not satisfied with the duration of
time spent with Rabab in the car along with all the laughter, whispers, and others. She wanted to be
alone with him at his apartment to be devoured him and grabbed him what he wanted. He was sick and
tired with laughter, kisses and soft words. When Adil feel Rabab had believed him and felt confident that
he was serious about wanting to marry her and no malice against him, and his heart was so strongly
attracted to him, then one day, Adil invited him to come to his private apartment within 15 Km of the
campus Rabab, arguing Rabab see that cage beautiful bride to be occupied once married, and that she
could give input related to the size and change the decor too beautiful apartment furnishings that will
be his most amazing. Also, in order that they can both talk about details of the suit, the contract
together, wedding receptions and all its trappings.
However, Rabab balked at it. Throughout his life, he had never been alone with a stranger in his house.
Up here, Adil feel prey would be separated from jeratnya, and that all of what has been built and
designed for months about failed and crashed in the eye pejaman. Instantly, his brow furrowed and his
face was moping. While pretending to be angry and emotional, she said, "Do not you trust me, O
Rabab?!! Do you mengiraku including a herd of wolves who would pounce on a girl and grabbed her
holiness, and then they go away and leave? I swear to you that I mean a good and noble goal! I only
intend to marry, to be best man and together Mahligai build a happy home. "
Under pressure and constant pressure Fair, as well as the influence of the sweet words and the oath
that is so strong, the poor end up Rabab also agreed to go to his apartment with Adil. He promised to do
so the next day, and Adil was agreed.
That night, Just sit and think, reflect, strategize and organize what will be done tomorrow with Rabab?!!
How he could slowly until the desired anything from her?!! This opportunity has been there in front of
his eyes, and may not be repeated for the second time! Happiness has widened his eyes, his heart was
dancing a flowery welcome awaited time in the morning.
Long he would not go to sleep and thinking while lying on his bed. When he wanted to sleep, her eyes
closed and did not want any drowsiness instantly vanished.
When the Fair was frustrated mocked drowsiness his eyelids, he jumped out of bed and went to his
window that looked onto the street. He began contemplating the vast expanse of sky and said to the
beautiful moon. Haltingly, he said, "Hey rembulanku radiant! Now is the time you hide and sunset. Faces
Rabab emit rays and light. We do not need you anymore after tonight! "
Adil is a reckless man and like to brag. Flames and embers of lust being menggelorakannya passion was
playing tricks. Just not thinking with his mind or obey the call and guidance goodness in his heart. He has
controlled my friends ugly and that her away with them in error. Plus more neglect of his parents to give
him a good education, even though they gave him all the facilities toys and pleasure, even though it was
All of it made his mind is only focused on the lust and pleasure that diobralnya into the hearts of the
women were ignorant and deluded! To the extent that he ignores all the smells of education as a fiery
temperament and syahwatnya blindly ....
That night, Just noticed at the last minute, and as if it were like the hours and days that stand in
between him and the time packing up with Rabab, the fruit of her very pretty. Then she whispered
words into her heart, "I feel kurancang strategies would reap success and I will be able to rake mangsaku
very valuable! Rabab is missing my dream I was looking for this ... Amboi .... how he was charming, he is
so beautiful! "
Then he laughed out loud, he said, "However, he is very stupid! Indeed, he was so stupid as to think the
wolf is a wild and crazy love him. Delusions and mirages that lie has blinded his sight and eyes. He can
not know what is hidden and veiled in the hearts of Justice that harbored contempt and abomination.
Instead, he lost in the sweet words to her dream home Mahligai false, like all men who wear fashion
glory. In fact, the fact he was no more a ferret full guile and wolves are lazy. "
Indeed, he was so stupid as to think there are men willing to marry a woman he knew through
telephone conversations. No way a man receives this kind of woman to be his wife. Because he knew
that the woman previously-phone-must have known many men than himself. Because people are so
young at the time, so at the time must have been too old.
That morning, Just woke up from his sleep. He was rushed to wash his face to ward off sleepiness and to
keep him late from time with Rabab. Quickly, she wore clothes that look elegant, and driving luxury cars.
He immediately pancal gas and driving wheel until the car was speeding jetted splitting wave currents
carry Fair to reach the wings of lust and love.
Now ... Just have to next time college schedule has been made between him and Rabab, the fruit of his
heart that has tarnished honor and prestige of a respectable family with this contemptible meetings.
Adil began to notice the smell of food in the morning and the girls with a thief in order to briefly look at
and see the Rabab.
After a few long minutes, Rabab appeared to him. Wide smile which precedes the fragrant perfume.
While hand carrying red roses. Rabab opened the car door and without awkward right up next to her
lover. The car was across the street from the front to go through the sign-rambunya set freely. The car
kept going on the track. After a while, the two lovers were up to the location of the apartment. Rabab
stairs step closer bath apartment with a she-goat being dragged into a slaughterhouse where
Both sat, was a feeling of love swirling in their hearts after the arrow has imprinted a strong romance
between the two. Rabab is not a manicured gem who always drank cider faith, glory and sanctity. In
fact, it is a misfortune kemolekannya him after he reveals a beautiful scarf that had covered her face.
Lovers, Fair and Rabab sitting on a couch that was in the apartment. Both are whispered words of love
and romance and the arrows alternately plugged others. At first, Rabab look carefully. He tried his best
to control their feelings and emotions, because he knew that it was the greatest loss and hers only if she
can not control her feelings explosive.
However, over time and the influence of sweet words into his ear injected Fair, the resistance was too
weak to face her feelings. He's really starting to get carried away the burning feeling like most girls who
play with fire, approached slander, and together with foreign men. She thinks she's able to control your
emotions and feelings. He felt sure would be able to keep himself mired in the valley was humiliating
and sin. But what may be in addition to himself and his girlfriend still demonized as a third party!
No doubt, he will be aware of a fact that is so painful and very bitter doom. He really has lost control of
himself and his feelings. He had surrendered to the surge of lust and syahwatnya. As a result, he had lost
something of its proudest!
Real, Rabab started to feel the control that had been torn from his grip. He really could not help control
his emotions and feelings of his heart! At guard and swayed by passion and feeling that, even without
conscious Rabab and feel has submitted himself to a wolf is ferocious. Adil was immediately grabbed
virginity and purity, and can reap the fruits "unclean" with him, after they lost in the grip of a wolf a
despicable and contemptible.
Rabab then came out of keterbuaiannya and moved from dreams and sleep, but he found before him a
very painful reality. "I have lost the most precious thing I have." In fact, he really has lost everything ...
pride, honor and sanctity.
Immediately, she was crying, screaming and moaning. However, Adil soon calm anxiety, relieve grief and
facilitate business. Adil said to him, "What's all this crying?! What prompted all this fear and grief?! You
are my love ... my wife ... and my life partner ... I'll be asking you to marry in the coming weeks. Then we
got married and living together, with no one knew what had happened between us. I swear to you
about it! "
For the umpteenth time, Rabab beguiled by sweet words, promises and oath-sworn beauty that is so
convincing. He really believed in him and his words. Gradually, her anxiety began to subside, and her
sobs ceased. He felt resigned to the sad reality is, though very sorry and scared of what will happen
Here, Adil said to him, "Now, I'm going to buy food, syrup and fruit to eat while we discuss the details of
the ceremony, wedding reception and furnished apartments, O 'my wife' a pretty good-looking!!??"
Rabab was also concluded that stupid smile that knows no sanctity, smiling woman who has been
deprived of his embarrassment by sin and even seemed so happy with her beautiful atmosphere. He
said to the Fair, "You should not be late. I want to go back to school before my father arrived mid-
afternoon. "
Adil promised him not to late time. Then he said good-bye to him, then locked the apartment door and
hurried away. With haste, Just out of the house. He climbed into the luxury car and immediately
swerved and drove with incredible speed! He is very eager to get back to Rabab quickly so as not to
anxiety and fear of being alone in her apartment, and that he could berasyik masyuk with him for a
much longer time, and also to repeat her mistakes with her a second time while Rabab believe that he
would propose to her in recent weeks.
In the midst of Adil drove frantically pounding accompanied by the deafening music, the dancing and
drunken happy for what he has diteguk of prey beautiful this morning, he suddenly broke through a
narrow lane and a very dangerous corner which resulted speeding car being crashed into another car on
the road. Spontaneity, due to severe body shakes that terrible incident that had the attention of people
passing by. Adil out of his car in a state of frantic and panic. Traffic police came to investigate the
incident. Once they detect the scene, evident by how they actually happened. Police investigators said
the Fair, "Why did you car was driving at high speed?! Without doubt, among which is solely responsible
for this tragic incident! "
Then he told me to hold back and held in custody behind bars until thoroughly procession of law relating
to the incident. Instantly, Adil was immediately kelenger. How his heart preoccupied with Rabab and
how he went back to college?!! Moreover, he had been locked in the apartment. He began to imagine
the disaster that would befall if Rabab's father arrived on campus and did not find Rabab there.
He was pleading and begging the police to release even a single hour to his business very important and
after that the police can be captivating as they please. However, the words and the petition was blowing
like the wind. Police remained adamant on its stance. He asked the police to patrol (patrol) to bring
Justice to the detainees.
While Rabab had to await the arrival of Justice, but Justice turned out very late. Anxiety began over her
and doubt began to haunt him. He oversaw the hands of the clock from time to time. Imagined in both
eyelids and his glorious image reverie was waiting at the door of the campus to take him home as
He thought about the problem of confusion. He does not know what will be done? Also how did he take
a stand? Moreover, the apartment door locked. She does not have a duplicate key to get out and
unravel the veil against his sins and wickedness, which if known to him, surely he would slit-nyanyatnya
into several pieces and will throw it into the jungle as prey to the wild beasts, to bury the disgrace and
reproach, as well as the solution of the sin that will not be forgiven by the people, and as well as a cure
for incurable wounds. Wound was self-esteem, honor and glory.
Rabab sitting on an overstuffed chair, but as if he were sitting on thorns and puncture needle, because
so nervous and scared that would happen to him. By then, he hopes if the Earth were torn beneath his
feet to swallow all time! Rabab walked to the apartment door and sat next to him while waiting for the
full fair patiently, but it was no use.
He looked at the watch on his wrist attached. He also saw there is only a little of the arrival of his father
to pick him up from the campus. Instantly, she was shaking and trembling with fear all joints that will
slap his ribs. The heart pounding. His chest felt tight. He felt suffocated. Then he began circling the room
like a snake around his apartment in a nest in a state of siege fire and wanted a way out.
He kept thinking about his fate and contemplate her shame in the presence of fathers, family and
friends are done with sin when it is known they were fair. He still did not find a solution although it has
long been thought and reflection, in addition to covering his face with the palms of her hands, her eyes
streaming with tears, and sobbed and mingled fear and anxiety ...
Adil was stranded behind prison bars almost suffocating breath. The flow of hot blood began to boil in
his head .... He did not know what would be done to save the Rabab of her dilemma?? He sat in a state
of worry. He did not know whether he is in fantasy or reality! In himself, he began to think about how to
overcome this daunting!
After much thought, there was an idea that infiltrate the brain after draining all the hard work ... That is,
he had to call one of his friends who had a duplicate key made Rabab apartment framed in it, and asked
him to save him from his dilemma and immediately drove to the campus as soon as possible .
Finally, he asked for permission to the traffic police, and they were allowed to call several times to get
back into place afterwards in custody.
Fair rushed to the phone and immediately picked up the phone. He punched some numbers and soon
there came a voice in his ear saying, "Hello, with whom?" With a trembling voice, Fair said, "Hi Hamid,
I'm your friend Adil. Listen to me carefully and understand what I was saying to you .. "Then he connect
his words," I want you to work on an important matter for the rescue and save a girl who was with me ...
Adil tells the theme of discussion to his friend, Hamid, once briefly and said, "Right now, I want you to go
to the apartment and drove her to the campus immediately before his father arrived. I was afraid that if
he did not find her daughter were at the gates of the campus, then uncovered and expose this problem.
Hamid said, "Where are you now, O fair?"
Adil said, "I am now being held in jail traffic because my car hit another car ... I can not tell you details of
the incident over the phone. I hope you get going and do what you kukabarkan before its too late ... "
Hamid said, "I immediately set out to implement what have you preach to me. Believe fully and be quiet
about it. "
And, the talk had ended up there. Hamid has not had time to shut the phone down until her saliva
begins to flow to be able to have fun with her. Haltingly he said in his heart, "While the Fair has fun with
her, why I did not come to have fun with it anyway? He had to agree on that?!! If he rejects it, then I will
not threaten to take him to the campus. As a result, he will be late for his father and terbongkarlah
secret?!! At that moment, he would give up and submit to the orders ... "
Then he said again to himself, "Amboi, precious booty and the game is so easy! Quickly, Hamid drove to
the apartment Adil, he dreamed of having nasty with the beautiful girl and dreamed she would enjoy
her charms. However, cautioned all that will happen. Who knew she rejected his advances, and that was
when he had to use force to rape her! Importantly, prey so easily is not wasted either done by him was
consensual or forced. Because of that, he took it in his pocket dagger to scare the prey if at any time he
refused to give her what she wants. "
Adil Hamid drove to the apartment at high speed, while the sun burned his back by his lust for the girl
who can hook it is very expensive! When he had arrived at the apartment, he wiped sweat from his
brow and halting breath was panting.
To give a signal to the girl in the apartment, Hamid had knocked on the apartment door with a knock-
knock light, which was heard in both Rabab eardrums as loud blows that away from him all fear,
restlessness and anxiety. Because he believes the knocker is fair to return to campus before his father
arrived. Then Hamid opened the door and pushed. He was so obsessed to see a very pretty girl and
imagined himself doing humiliation and sin with him.
However, what shocked and horrified mixed Hamid poignant moment to see things that could eliminate
the reasonable and logical soundness and flying hearts and minds! And suppose he never saw it!!
Indeed, Hamid saw her sister, Rabab was sitting in the apartment! Apparently, Rabab aka sister's
boyfriend and lover Adil had asked her in the apartment!
Rabab gasped with shock. Apparently Hamid, eldest brother was standing in front of him. What made
him come here now! How could Hamid know he was in this apartment?!! Did Hamid know he was selling
pride and honor to the Fair this morning?!! Instantly, his eyes looked dim. His mouth was silenced
because of worry and unfettered by fear. He felt a terrible explosion that ejects heat to the walls of the
head in front of eyes glare brother who has lost his mind. He could feel the high tone of voice Hamid
while yelling in his face like crazy after the fire of jealousy burst from his eyes. Hamid said, "What have
you done, my bitch that tarnished the honor, dignity and prestige of us?"
Rabab was shaking like a feather buffeted by strong winds, while shame is a red his face! Hamid did not
need to ask him about what makes him stray into these apartments! Adil had told him by telephone that
he was her boyfriend, and that Equitable had taken virginity and purity.
Hamid started looking at him with a fiery and scary as a prelude madness. Then she grabbed a wavy
black hair Rabab and push firmly until Rabab fell to the ground. Rabab up and clinging to her sister after
tassel dress fell down before him and begged the state, while her tears fell upon her cheeks. She was
pleading to Hamid in a low voice and sobbing, "Give pity and mercy, O Hamid. I promise you will not to
repeat such acts in my life ... The blood froze in his face, Hamid replied saying, "Now and then it all
happens, you just say the word. Indeed, death is better for us than life. You defame us and our faces
smeared with disgrace and kehinaanmu in the midst of society, my bitch ... "
Up here, Hamid issued a knife he was carrying under her clothes. He held it high up, and plunged it into
his chest and stabbed his sister with a penetrating stab his solar plexus. Rabab emit echoing screams
that made the walls shake apartment. Then he followed with consecutive punctures tearing his bowels,
to kill him and turn off the dark tempestuous love relationship in his heart and eliminate the shame and
reproach with him!! In repeatedly, punctures were hammered into the body of sin-stained Rabab. She
was screaming and asking for help ... that screams divorce scatters heart. Yet the screaming had Merada
slowly, until Rabab fell into a frozen corpse covered in fresh blood and reddish color, without the sweat
and winked. Rabab Hamid had been killed, her own brother in retaliation for pride and honor that
Up here, Hamid remained standing on the frozen carcass, was hands covered in blood. He shouted and
said, "Now ... dead humiliation and disgrace it!! Now ... it's been buried reproach! "Then he sat down on
the sofa closest to Beris-tirahat and breathe the breath of breath ... When he was lying on the couch, he
suddenly heard the sound of a key in the door moving and heard his friend, Adil calling, "Rabab .... My
love ... This I have come back to you ... "
Adil arrival to the apartment when it was an unexpected, because he should still stuck in valet. However,
the traffic section he met a policeman who has a close relationship with him. The police is trying to
remove it from the prisoner's bail money. Once out of the valet, the Fair rushed to her apartment to see
if Rabab still be in it. Or friend, Hamid has brought him to the campus. Hearing sounds fair, simultaneous
fires raging jealousy in the hearts of Hamid. Deftly, he immediately jumped up, grabbed the knife and
hid behind the door. Adil has not fully come into the apartment and stretched his back to the door, until
Hamid jumped from behind and threw him to the ground and held his chest and thrust his knife into the
face Fair.
Adil was struck by this scene. She screamed and begged piteously, saying, "Hamid, what happened to
you?! What has happen to you?! Why did you stab a knife to me while I was a friend, a friend and a
partner of your life? "
Hamid shouted and said, "Look at that body. Indeed he is a dead Rabab, lover. I've killed her with my
hands. Do you know who this Rabab, O Fair? He is a brother and sister from the biological mother and
father! She is the sister you've stripped dignity, chastity and honor. I should kill you, O fair, like I had
killed him, so that crime and disgrace this disappears as your deaths!
Then he lowered the knife and plunged it into the chest repeatedly direct Adil screaming, and pleading
for help, but it was no use!! Blood from the body SQUIRTS Adil, and he tried to fight his best. However,
he gave up on the subject and butchers hand and once his friend, Hamid. Without stopping was
hammered by Hamid prick up her confidence that the Fair has been killed and a corpse that froze and
did not move!
At that moment, standing on the carcass Adil Hamid bathed in fresh blood, and then he laughed out
loud and said, "Now, I have replied esteem and honor you, O savage hound ..." Then he slammed his
tired and weary on one of the overstuffed furniture that is nearby and he lay lying on it.
For a while, Hamid in these conditions. Then he struck the door of the apartment was broken into and
he saw a group of police entered. Police immediately said, "Do not move from your position, and do not
try to fight or flee. This house was surrounded by police. "
Hamid knew that there was no point to resist and deny it. Bodies and blood smeared the ground, as well
as clothes and hands were covered in blood as a witness to what had happened. Hamid surrender to
what is happening. She was very still, and one of the policemen approached him and handcuffed his
hands, without any resistance from her.
Police interrogated him, and then they packed up to leave the apartment and headed for the
headquarters. The police officer asked, "What happened?! We received information from one of his
lawyer-occupied apartment buildings on the existence of a man and a woman in one of the apartments
and the sound of screams and ask for help from the woman. Then we came to rescue her, but it turns
out we came late and after it all happened ... "
Hamid answered with coldness and relaxed, "This is my best friend just, and it was my sister Rabab. Adil
took him to the apartment this morning and claimed the honor on consensual and mutual agreement,
and then I had to kill them to get rid of humiliation, reproach and disgrace with. Well, now I'm in front of
you, then please you to treat me as you please! "
Hamid escorted to police headquarters, and the investigation was completed. He has admitted all of
what he has done, and its files have been moved to the Institute for Court verdict which is comparable
to the actions. Finally, the court passes a death sentence against him.
On a morning daily newspaper published the load on the front pages (headline) news executions against
Hamid, and tell all the gory details of the heartbreaking tragedy that ...
Thus unraveling veil against grief is troubling. Such a terrible tragedy it was ending with the murder of
three lives at once: Fair, Rabab and Hamid. The cause is a fad over the phone, sweet seduction, words of
love, lust solicitation obey blindly, and neglect by both parents to give her daughter a good education
and instead believe it excessively. Thus, the fruit of seduction it entailed the loss of honor, the killing of
human life, as well as the exposure of reproach, humiliation and disgrace. (See: Al-Hatif Qatilat, by Abul
Qa'qa 'Muhammad ibn Salih ibn Ishaq al-Shai'ari)
So, take it (the incident) as a lesson, O men who have a.

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