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									The tragic end ... The end of The Opposite ...
When still in school, I lived with my parents in a nice environment. I always hear the prayers of my
mother when I got home and stay up all night wandering. Similarly, my father, he was always in a long
prayer. I wondered why my father prayed for so long, especially if the stinging winter bones.
I'm really surprised. Even until I said to myself: "How they temper ... every day so ... absolutely
I do not know that's where the happiness of the believers, and pray that the chosen people ... They got
up from his bed to bermunajat to Allah.Setelah undergo military training, I grew up as a mature young
man. But I am getting away from God. Though a variety of advice is always received and heard from
time to time.
After graduating from school, I was assigned to a city far away from my city. Introduction to my
coworkers made me somewhat lighter burden as alienated.
There, I did not hear again the voice reading the Koran. No more mom's voice that woke me and told me
pray. I actually live alone, away from family we used to enjoy.
I was assigned to manage traffic on a highway. In addition to maintaining the security of the road, my
duty to help people who need help.
My new Pekejaan really fun. I do my duties with zeal and dedication.
But, like my life has always swayed by the waves.
I'm confused and often daydream ... a lot of time alone ... my knowledge is limited.
I'm getting fed up ... no one guided me in the field of religion. I am alone. Almost every day I witnessed
an accident and people who complain bentult kecopetan or any other mistreatment. I'm bored with the
routine. Until one day there was an event that until now never forget.
At that time, we were with a friend was on duty in a street post. We were chatting ... suddenly we were
startled by a very loud thud. We turn away. Apparently, a car collided with another car that came from
the opposite direction. We immediately ran to the scene to help the victims.
The incident is tragic. We see one of the two crew cars daIam very critical condition. Both we
immediately remove it from the car and then we bujurkan on the ground.
We hurried to the car only. Apparently the driver had been killed by so awful. We return again to the
two people who were in a coma. My friend brought them utter sentences creed.
Say "Laailaaha illallaah ... Laailaaha illallaah ..." my command.
But it is surprising, even from his mouth slid songs. The situation was made merinding.Temanku seem
familiar faces of people who are dying ... Again he led the victim was reading creed.
I was silent. I did not move with a bleary-eyed. All my life, I've never seen people who are dying,
especially in these conditions. My friend continued to lead both repeated readings creed. But ... they still
continue to sing the song.
There's no point ...
Song voice getting weaker ... weaker and weaker all. The first silent, silent again, followed by the second.
There was no motion ... both had died.
We immediately took them to the car.
My friend looked down, he did not say anything. During's journey there is only silence, silence.
The silence broke when my friends start talking. He talked about the nature of death and su'ul Khitmah
(bad sequel). He said: "People will end his life with the good or bad. But the end of life is usually a sign of
what he did for the world. " He talked to me at length about the stories narrated in the books of Islam.
He also spoke of how someone would end his life in accordance with his past as physically and
A trip to the hospital was short by our conversation about death. The talk was more perfect picture to
remember that when we were carrying the corpse.
Suddenly, I was afraid to die. This event really gave me a valuable lesson. That day, I pray kusyu 'once.
But slowly I began to forget the incident.
I went back to the original habit ... I like never saw what happened to the two people I did not know
some time ago. But since then, I really hate to be the name of songs. I do not want to sink enjoyed it as
usual. Maybe it has something to do with the song I had heard from two people who are dying first.
* Genesis The Amazing ... After six months of horrible event ... an amazing incident occurred again in
front of my eyes.
Someone drove by slowly, but suddenly his car broke down in a tunnel to the city.
He got out of his car to change a flat tire. As he stood at the rear of the car to lower the spare tire,
suddenly a car at high speed hit it from behind. The man immediately fell down instantly.
I was with a friend, who accompanied me-not on the events of the first-quickly to the scene. He brought
us to the car and we did immediately contact the hospital so that it mendapatpenanganan.
He was young, from the looks, he looks a religion obey the command.
When lifting the car, we were both pretty frantic, so did not have time to notice that he mumbled
something. When we membujurkannya in the car, we were only able to distinguish the sounds coming
out of his mouth.
He recited verses from the Koran ... the sound is very weak.
"Good Heavens! "In such a critical condition, he still managed to recite the verses of the holy Quran?
Blood pouring all her clothes; broken bones, even he almost died.
In such conditions, he continued to recite the verses of the Quran with a melodious voice. During my life
I have never heard such beautiful reading of the Koran. I muttered inwardly alone: "I will direct the
creed reads as did my previous ... especially since I already have a experience," I reassured myself.
Me and my friends like to listen to the voice contact with hypnotic passages of the Qur'an which was
tunable. Suddenly my body shiver spread and infiltrate into each cavity.
Suddenly the noise stops. I looked back. I saw him pointing his finger and bersyahadat. His head
drooped, I jumped back. I held his hand, breathing heartbeat, no one felt. He had died.
I then looked at him intently, tears dripping, I hide my tears, fear known my friend. Kukabarkan told my
friend that the young man had died. My friends could not help crying. So it is with me. I cried, tears
flowing. The atmosphere in the car really very touching.
Arriving at the hospital ...
To people in our Sanal preach about the young man's death and the events leading up to his death were
amazing. Many people are affected by our story, so that not a few were brought to tears. One of them,
after hearing his story, immediately approached the corpse and kissed her forehead.
All the people present decided not to move before knowing exactly when the bodies would be
dishalatkan. They want to give their last respects to the body, all want to come menyalatinya.
One of the officers contacted the hospital tumah deceased. We come to deliver the corpse to the family
home. One brother tells when the accident, the deceased actually going to visit his grandmother in the
village. The work was routine he does every Monday. There, the deceased also sympathize widows,
orphans and the poor. When an accident occurs, the car full of rice, sugar, fruits and goods other
necessities. He also did not forget to bring religious books and tapes of sermons. All were to be
distributed to people who he santuni. In fact he also brought candy to be distributed to small children.
If anyone complained to him about the saturation in-'s journey, he replied gently. "Instead I utilize my
journey time by memorizing and reciting the Qur'an readings, as well as by listening to tapes of sermons,
I expect the pleasure of Allah at every footstep I swing," said the deceased.
I'm menyalati bodies and accompanied her to the grave.
In a narrow grave, the deceased was interred. His face was exposed to the mecca.
"In the name of Allah and the Prophet ngama".
Slowly, we menimbuninya the ground ... Have the courage of your brother in Allah, surely he will be
asked ...
Late the day of his first days hereafter ...
And I'm ... really as if he was facing my first day in the world. I truly repented of my bad habits. I hope
God forgives my sins in the past and meneguhkanku to keep obey, gave the sequel a good life (khusnul
Khitmah) and make the grave and the graves of the Muslims as the gardens of Paradise. Amen ...
(Azzamul Qaadim, p 36-42)Sumber : [“Saudariku Apa yang Menghalangimu Untuk Berhijab”;
judul asli Kesudahan yang Berlawanan; Asy Syaikh Abdul Hamid Al-Bilaly; Penerbit : Akafa
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