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                                                      Type (private
                                                   commercial, private
                                                    commercial SME,
 Organization (official    Organization (short   research organization,
        name)                    name)           university, public body)       Address

PAMIDA International,
Ltd.                      PAMIDA                 Private commercial SME Fibichova 13
Ardaco, a.s.   private commercial SME Polianky 5, 841 01
Institute of Landscape
Ecology, Slovak
Academy of Sciences      ILE SAS          Research organization   Štefániková 3

myspectral        Private commercial SME Dubravska cesta 9
IVMA STU, s.r.o.        IVMA STU, s.r.o.   Private commercial SME Pionierska 15

Danubia NanoTech, s.r.o. DNT               private commercial SME Ilkovičova 3, 84104
SAE - Automation, s.r.o. SAE - Automation     Private commercial SME Trenčianska 19

Integra TDS, s.r.o.     Integra TDS, s.r.o.   Private commercial SME Pod Parovcami 4757/25

ZTS VVU Košice a.s.     ZTS VVU               Research organization   Južná trieda 95

ZTS Vyskumno vyvojovy
ustav Kosice, a.s.    ZTS VVU KOSICE a.s.     Private commercial SME Juzna trieda 95
Dionyz Stur State
Institute of Geology   SGUDS Bratislava   Public body             Mlynska dolina 1

PC&G                   PC&G               Private commercial SME J. Stanislava 47

Institute              SHMU               Public body             Jeseniova 17

         City                 State         Web page              Contact person

Kosice             Slovakia       Ing. Norbert Bomba
Bratislava   Slovakia   n                       Stefan Vanya
Bratislava   Slovak republic          Zita Izakovičová

Bratislava   Slovakia   Andrej Mosat
                                                      Assoc.Prof. Stefan
Bratislava   Slovak Republik     Emmer, PhD.

                               www.danubiananotech.c Doc. Ing. Viera
Bratislava   Slovakia          om                    Skakalova, DrSc.
Nova Dubnica   Slovakia     Dr. Vladimir Palacka

Piestany       Slovakia   Dusan Korytar

Košice         Slovakia       Ing. Peter Vasilko

Kosice         Slovakia     Ladislav Vargovcik
Bratislava          SLOVAKIA   Milan Kohut

Bratislava          Slovakia           Richard Kováč

                                                           RNDr. Martin Benko,
833 15 Bratislava   Slovak Republic          PhD.
                                                     Expertise in:

    Email Address         Phone Number

                                         PAMIDA International Ltd. is a
                                         professional disseminator of scientific
                                         achievements within the field of life,
                                         medical and technical sciences. It is the
                                         company’s mission to enable cross-
                                         boarder and international co-operation
                                         and communication between scientific
                                         institutions, individual scientists and
                                         stakeholders in order to accelerate
                                         implementation of innovations,
                                         knowledge exchange, facilitate
                                         international co-operation and
                                         disseminate new scientific insights to the
                                         professional and general public by on-
                                         line tools, off-line media and
norbert.bomba@pamidai                    international scientific conferences,      421/918707371      symposia, meetings, press-conferences.
                                      IT Security, Secure Voice
                                      Communication Technologies, eID,
                                      electronic and qualified signatures,
Stefan.Vanya@ardaco.c                 application development on
om                    421/911201826   smartphones (iOS, Android, Symbian)
                                           analysis, synthesis and interpretation of
                                           the abiotic, biotic and socio-economic
                                           components of the landscape,
                                           sustainable development, creation of the
                                           ecological networks and NATURA 2000,
                                           biodiversity protection, ecological
                                           services and environmental goods,
                                           landscape ecology, landscape-
                                           ecological planning, integrated
                                           landscape management, evaluation of
                                           the encounters of interests in the
                                           landscape, modelling of scenarios
                                           development, monitoring changes in
                                           ecosystems, habitats and landscape,
                                           evaluation of urban environment,
                                           landscape-ecological optimal use of
                                           primarily agricultural, mountain and
                                           urban landscape, ecological carrying
Zita.Izakovicova@savba.                    capacity, environmental awareness,
sk                      00421/2/20920316   environmental education

                                           Myspectral is a research, development
                                           and production company specializing in
                                           spectrometry. We developed first open
                                           source spectrometer in the world -
                                           Spectruino. We miniaturize, adapt and
                                           utilize all resources of 8, 16 and 32-bit
                                           microcontrollers. In 2013 our open
                                           spectrometer is being launched into                      space as part of the "ArduSat" mission.
                                        IVMA STU Ltd. focuses on the research
                                        and development of materials (metals,
                                        metal matrix composites, coatings on
                                        steel, metals and their aloys), for
                                        specific applications, especially for the
                                        applications under extreme conditions
                                        such as extreme pressures,
                                        temperatures, extreme stress
                                        conditions, aggressive atmosphere and
                                        in radiation energy environment. IVMA
                                        STU Ltd. offers: o Novel metals and
                                        metal matrix composites for extreme
                                        environments and conditions
                                        oFunctional coating of structural steel
                                        and tool steels (after heat treatment)
                                        with hard metals layers by ESD (electro
                                        spark deposition) oMeasurement of
                                        electrical conductivity and mechanical +421 918 563080   properties of materials.

                                        Synthesis and characterization of
                                        carbon nanomaterials: Single Wall
                                        Carbon Nanotubes (SWNT) and
                                        graphene. Synthetic methods of SWNT:
                                        Carbon arc discharge, Laser ablation
                                        and CVD; Synthetic methods of
                                        graphene: CVD on catalysts at low and
                                        atm pressure, oxidation and reduction of
                                        graphite. Carbon composites for various
                                          development of industrial software and
                                          database systems for PC, smart phones
                                           microcontroller embedded systems,
                                          PLC, web design, development of
                                          internet and intranet applications,
                                          communication drivers used in IT,
                                          industry, utilities, building management
                                          (SNMP, OPC, OPC UA, SMS MODBUS,
                                          M-BUS...), Smart Grid – software and
                                          standardization (IEC 61850, IEC
                                          61968/970 CIM a IEC 612350,...),
                                          configuration software, user interfaces,
                                          control and monitoring of technological
                                          processes, devices, buildings and
                                          computer networks, remote alerts,
                                          remote measuring, diagnostics, WiFi,
                                          GSM a GPRS communication, support,
                                          download, logging, SCADA,wired or
                                          wireless computer networks wireless
vladimir_palacka@saeau                    sensor networks using ZigBee                 421/424450701      technology

                                          X-ray crystal optics for metrology and
                                          imaging advanced X-ray technology for
                                          beam conditioning machining of brittle
                                          materials surface processing of crystals
                                           X-ray techniques and systems for         421/904977012     diagnostics of materials

                                          Note to point 2.): ZTS VVU is research,
                                          development, engineering, producing
                                          and delivering company as private
                                          commercial SME Expertise in :
                                          manipulation , handling technologies,
                                          robotics, special technologies and +421 905 887194   equipment

                                          Robotics, mechatronics, new materials   +421-905383405    application, mobile systems
                                           Regional geology of the Western
                                           Carpathians, tectonics geochemistry & +421 2 593 75 128   petrology

                                           Exploration geology, seismic
                                           interpretation, well log analysis,
                                           reservoir engineering, mathematical             421/221201060       modeling

                                           Hydrology, Meteorology, Climatology,
                                           Phenology, Air and Water quality
                                           (monitoring and operational monitoring
                                           (including snow cover), data processing
                                           and evaluation, statistical and GIS
                                           processing and evaluation,
                                           meteorological numerical modelling,
                                           hydrological modelling, meteorological
                                           and hydrological forecasting and
                                           warning, hydrological and   +421 2 59415 366    meteorological services)
     Role of interest          area                                         Keyw

 Coordinator      Partner       Space           1                2

                                        professional    implementation of
Coordinator    Partner      Space       dissemination   innovations
and partner   Partner   Space   Seamless security   electronic signature
                                sustainable    integrated landscape
              Partner   Space   development    management

Coordinator   Partner   Space   spectrometer   spectrophotometer
                  Metal matrix
Partner   Space   composites         Powder metallurgy

Partner   Space   Carbon nanotubes   graphene
                  software           communication
Partner   Space   development        drivers

                  X-ray techniques
                  and systems for    X-ray crystal optics
                  diagnostics of     for metrology and
Partner   Space   materials          imaging

Partner   Space   automatization     manipulation

Partner   Space   robotics           mobile systems
Coordinator   Partner   Space   geology               tectonics

                                geothermal energy radioactive waste
              Partner   Space   utilization       disposal

                                                      Hydrology (statistical
                                                      data processing,
                                Climatology           characteristics,
                                (climate change,      water balance, water
                                climate prediction,   accounts, water use,
                                extreme weather       water demands, e-
                                events, statistical   flows, ground water
                                data processing       evaluation,
              Partner   Space   and visualization)    hydrological change)

          3                    4                   5                   6

                      cross-boarder co-
transfer of knowledge operation           knowledge exchange   communication
qualified signature   communication   elD   smartphone
protection and
environmental                   environmental   land use changes
services         natural risk   education       monitoring

education        spectrometry   light           open source
            Electro spark                       Mechanical
Coatings    deposition      Electrophoresis     properties

                            Raman and optical   electrical
synthesis   composites      spectroscopy        measurements
control and monitoring computer networks      user interfaces

                                                                   Laboratory and
Optical elements for   Machining of brittle   Nanomachining        radiation
X-ray astronomy        materials              technology           instrumentation

robotics               handling               research             development

security systems       CBRN                   digital enterprise   systems
petrology               geochemistry

CO2 sequestration       remote sensing         geology                  engineering

Operational             Hydrology (floods,
Meteorology             forecasting and        Water quality (quality
(numerical modelling,   warning,               of surface water,        Air quality
nowcasting,             hydrological models,   quality of ground        (emissions,
forecasting and         local warning          water, water             imissions, quality of
warning)                systems)               temperature)             precipitation)
                Topic of interest                                           Call of interes

       7                                    Number   Name   Number   Name

website       Life, medical and technical
development   sciences.
                   Environment Food,
                   agriculture and fisheries,
                   and biotechnology Socio-                                           ENVIRONM
                   economic sciences and the     FP7-KBBE-                FP7-ENV-    ENT 2013:
sustainable        humanities Space              2013-7-                  2013-two-   TWO-
agriculture        Environmental education       single-stage KBBE-2013   stage       STAGE

                   We research and develop
                   spectrometric applications.
                   We are interested in
                   students, professionals and
                   experts from space,
                   physics, optics and
                   electronics. We plan to
                   participate in knowledge
                   transfer to SMEs from
                   academia. Also, we are
                   open to student exchange
numeric algorithms programs.
                 ESD of functional coatings
                 Electro spark deposition
                 (ESD) enables creation of
                 wear resistant coatings on
                 components made
                 ofstructural steel and tool
                 steels (after heat
                 treatment), aluminium and
                 its alloys, titanium and its
                 alloys and on Ni, Co, Cu
                 and their alloys with layers
                 of hard metals (WC, TiC,
                 TiB2).Moreover ESD
                 provides surface repair and
                 coating of structural steel
                 and tool steels (after heat
                 treatment) with layers of
                 hard metals. Metal matrix
                 composites - Cu-carbon
                 composite system Cu-
                 graphite composite system
                 is prepared in by powder
                 metallurgy using hot
                 isostatic pressing method
                 from the copper and
                 graphite powders typically
                 in the range of 0 – 50 vol. %
                 of graphite, however higher
                 compositions up to 90 vol.
                 % of graphite can be
                 prepared. Further various
Sonotrode        types of copper and
materials        graphite powders can be
                 • Nanosciences,
                 materials and new
                 production technologies
                 • Energy
                 • Environment (including
                 climate change)
                 • Space
                 • Research infrastructures
                 • Research for the benefit of
                 • Regions of Knowledge
                 • Research Potential
                   Development of control and
                   monitoring software and
                   HMI applications preferably
                   based on OPC, OPC UA,       +421 905       Dr. Vladimir
                   SNMP                        403230         Palacka

                   New X-ray techniques for
                   metrology and imaging
                   Optical elements for X-ray
                   astronomy Advanced X-ray
                   technology for beam
                   conditioning Machining of
                   brittle materials Surface
                   processing of crystals
                   Characterization of
                   (sub)surface defects X-ray
                   techniques and systems for
                   diffractometry and
                   reflectometry Laboratory
                   and synchrotron radiation

special equpment   research, development

                   Mobile equipment, CBRN                                                 Robotics,
                   robotics, smart                                                        Cognitive
                   manufacturing systems,                                                 systems,
inhibiting of      digital enterprise, robotic                Digital                     Smart
explosives         inhibiting of explosives,     ICT-2013.1.3 Enterprise     ICT-2013.2.1 Spaces, ...
                 regional geology,
                 correlations in the Variscan
                 and the Alpine evolution of
                 the Europe tectonics
                 geochemical database
                 CO2 sequestration in
                 various geological                                                      Energy.5 -
                 conditions (depleted                                                    CO2
                 reservoirs, aquifers,                                                   Capture and
                 caverns) Radioactive                       Management                   Storage
                 waste disposal in various                  of Ultimate    FP7-          Technologies
                 geological conditions                      Radioactive    ENERGY-       for Zero
                 Renewable energy with        FP7-Fission- Waste -         2013-1 -      Emission
seismic          focus on geothermal energy 2013 -          geological     Energy Call   Power
interpretation   utilization                  Fission-1.1.1 disposal       Part 1        Generation

                 1. Climatology – Climate
                 research and models,
                 climate prediction, GIS
                 processing 2. Hydrology –
                 Floods and drought,
                 influence of climate change
                 on hydrological cycle and
                 water balance, interaction
                 between surface and
                 ground water, e-flows 3.
                 Operational meteorology –
                 numerical modelling and
                 nowcasting, torrential
                 precipitation, hazardous
                 weather phenomena,
                 warnings 4. Operational
                 Hydrology – hydrological
                 forecasting models,
                 hydrological forecasting
                 and warning 5. Water             9.1.1 Space-
                 quality – water quality          based
                 evaluation, influence of         applications
                 point pollution on surface       at the
                 water quality 6. Air quality –   service of                           6.1 Coping
                 models for evaluation of air     European     SPA.2013.1. SPA.2013.1. with climate
                 quality                          Society      1-01        1-02        change
Call of interest

Number     Name    Number   Name   Number   Name
                                                      2013 -
                                  ENVIRONM             projects
                      FP7-ENV-    ENT 2013-           (Large-scale
FP7-ENV-    ENVIRONM 2013-        WATER               integrated
2013-one-   ENT 2013: WATER-      INNO&DEM FP7-SSH-   research
stage       ONE-STAGE INNO-DEMO   O         2013-1    projects)
                                                                 Tools for
                                                                 triage and
                                      Mobile                     monitoring
                                      equipment                  of victims
                                      at the land                after a mass
            Space                     border                     CBRN
SPA-        critical     SEC-         crossing      SEC-         contaminatio
2013.2.2-01 technologies 2013.3.2-3   points        2013.4.4-1   n
FP7-                                  analogue
ENERGY-       Area Energy             research
2013-1 -      2.4:                    preparing for
Energy Call   Geothermal SPA          space
Part 1        energy      2013.2.1-02 exploration

                        use and
ENV.2013.6. ENV.2013.6. of land and ENV.2013.6. ENV.2013.6.
1-2         1-3         seas        2-1         2-2
                    Description of the organization

PAMIDA International has internationally experienced leadership and staff that is
able to formulate and execute communication strategies targeting the relevant
stakeholders of relevant academic, scientific or public groups. On-line activities
involve homepage development, team and project platform development and
operation, on-line communication with stakeholder groups, efficient dissemination of
information to local, cross-boarder or international stakeholder groups.
Ardacowas founded in 1996 by a group of technical experts and in the coming years
pioneered several new technologies. In 2008, as one of the first companies
worldwide, Ardaco created a new IP based product package for secure voice/data
communication and messaging called Silentel® IP (known also as TeamTalk™).

Nowadays Ardaco,is recognized upon its results in the area of
Information/Communication Technology and Information security. Ardaco provides to
customers, its own developed, fully scalable Silentel® platforms(listed in NATO
product catalogue)for secure mobile communication including voice, data
communication and messaging. MoreoverArdacoprovides its own developed product
portfolio QSign™ in the area of electronic signature including Qualified Electronic
Signature, Qualified Electronic Archive, e-invoice ande-registryfor secure and cost
effective handling of electronic documents. Individuals, organizations and companies
can reliably protect and secure their communication and information with full range of
Silentel® and QSign™ products.

In recent years, Ardaco has been actively involved in European technology and
research organizations such as: EPoSS ETP – former member of the Steering Board
and ARTEMISIA JTI – founding member, former member of Steering board. The
company has been active in many international EU cooperation programs. At the
time being, Ardaco is involved in six projects funded from FP7 and CIP programme.
The most significant one is SECRICOM - Seamless Communication for Crisis
Management in which Ardaco is the technical coordinator and integration leader.
Ardaco personnel have extensive experience in projects management in
international environment both in commercial and FP7 fields.
The Institute of Landscape Ecology Slovak Academy of Science (ILE SAS) is an
interdisciplinary institute for basic and applied landscape-ecological research. The
scientific research activities of ILE SAS are oriented toward the development of the
theory and methods of research of ecological properties and processes on the
systems level. These activities develop the theory and methods of landscape
ecology, deal with the problems of ecological processes and the dynamics of the
landscape as well as produces models of the optimum ecological use of the
landscape. It studies the material and spatial differentiation of biotopes in relation to
landscape biodiversity and looks at the question of resources at the ecosystem level
of local and spatial systems. The methodology LANDEP elaborated in the ILE SAS
has been included in the AGENDA 21 as one of the recommended methods for the
integrated management of natural resources. In except of the methodology
LANDEP, in the ILE SAS the methodological procedures for the creation of
territorial systems of ecological stability was elaborated. Institute of landscape
ecology of the SAS has rich experience with the transfer of scientific knowledge into
environmental policy and to real practice. ILE SAS develops methods of ecologically
sound landscape planning and special methods for the application and interpretation
of ecological and environmental knowledge in the field of nature and landscape
protection as well as in environmental management. The Institution of the
landscape ecology participated in the preparation of the construction law, where
landscape plan and territorial system of ecological stability create the mandatory
part of urban plan. The scientists also participated in the preparation of the law on
land adjustments. The territorial system of ecological stability represents mandatory
part of the land adjustments. The ILE SAS is Centre of Excellence for protection
and Utilisation of Landscape and Biodiverisity. It has an important place within the
frame of international cooperation. It takes part in many international projects,
including projects 5th 6th 7th FP EU. The Institute makes an effort also in
educational process.

Myspectral is a research, development and production company specializing in
spectrometry. We developed first open source spectrometer in the world -
Spectruino. We miniaturize, adapt and utilize all resources of 8, 16 and 32-bit
microcontrollers. In 2013 our open spectrometer is being launched into space as
part of the "ArduSat" mission.
IVMA STU, s.r.o. is a spin-off company of Slovak University of Technology in
Bratislava. The basic idea is to employ the know-how earned during the years of
research on SUT in Bratislava for the industrial application more simply and cost
effectively. IVMA STU, s.r.o.focuses on the research of materials for specific
application especially in extreme environment and conditions. Further it deals with
the development of materials for extreme environment with respect to real
application conditions and geometry. In this case the development tasks of applied
research are solved and the know-how obtained during this reasearch is converged
into the practical applications. It deals predominantly with metallic materials and
metall matrix composites.
Danubia NanoTech s.r.o. (Ltd.) was founded in 2004 for the purpose of exploitation
of current scientific knowledge in the field of nanotechnology and its
commercialization. The company is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia. The
founders of Danubia NanoTech are physicists with considerable experience in nano-
science and nanotechnology. The offered expertise is particularly in the field of low
dimensional carbon structures: carbon nanotubes and graphene. They are co-
authors of hundreds of publications in the field of Carbon Nanotube research, and
some of the founders share ownership of five patents. The members of the group
have been active at well-established institutions among them Max Planck Institute for
Solid State Research (Germany), University Vienna (Austria), Wake Forest
University (USA), Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) and others.The company is
a member of the Centre of excellence of Nano/Micro-electronic, Optoelectronic and
Sensoric Technologies supported by the Slovak government. The company has
participated at EU project SPANG, ELECTROGRAPH and national projects.
Currently, DNT supervises several PhDs and one PostDoc student.
SAE Automation is a software developer SME founded on 1995. It has reach
experience in development of firmware and configuration PC software for various
embedded systems for example industrial terminals, RTUs, control systems with RF
communication for mobile working machines (cranes), modules for data collecting
and passing through GSM and various communication drivers. The company
obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in the area of design, development and
deployment software solutions for industrial automation the first time in the year
2006. Except of providing customer software development, SAE has also a few own
software products. For example, the product OpcDbGateway is a PC programme
package for integration of applications using web services and OPC technologies
which can be used for control and monitoring of technological processes, data
collecting to databases or log files, alarm handling, administration and print of
reports, protocolling of error messages, controlling of data transfer between various
data sources, starting of external programmes, connecting of plant floor data with
business applications and also for workflow management. This product is
complemented with two visualisation applications connected over web services. SAE
offers also solutions for SMS alarming and reporting.

Integra TDS, s.r.o. is a small company specialized in precise crystallographically
oriented shaping of crystals, mainly germanium and silicon. As a kind of spin-off from
academic research milieu its team started with preparation of monochromators for X-
ray diffractometry in 1997. In its present legal form it acts since 2005. In addition to
a big industrial player in the field of X-ray diffractometers its customers are research,
university, and synchrotron laboratories. Through its staff it has a number of
collaborations and has been involved in numerous national and international
research projects. It has expertise in various specialized X-ray optics not only for
diffractometry, but also for other fields of laboratory and synchrotron X-ray
techniques and technology, including - HRXRD - reflectometry - SAXS, GISAX - X-
ray imaging - low background sample supports. Its aim is to keep and to improve
its position in this highly innovative technological field, namely through research
collaborations, common projects, and technological transfers.

Company focused on research, development, engineering activities, production and
complex deliveries in field equipment for automatization, handling, robotics and
special equipment for industry including nuclear power industry

ZTS VVU KOSICE a.s. is private SME dealing with research and development,
design, manufacturing, testing and supplying of the following equipment: -service
and security robots -mobile systems, special vehicles -smart mechatronic
systems with AI applied -automatic technological lines
We are State geological survey with strong interest in regional geology of the
Western Carpathians and neighbouring areas.

PC&G is flexible consulting company located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Company offers
services in geology, reservoir engineering, geothermal energy utilization and
services concerning disposal of waste. Experts in the company are experienced in
seismic and well log interpretation, reservoir modeling, underground storing of gases
and liquids in various geological conditions.

The SHMÚ, as state organisation, is supervised by the Ministry of the Environment of
the Slovak Republic. SHMÚ is funded mainly by the contribution from the state
budget and partially by revenues from activities on the market. SHMÚ is operated at
national level in the Slovak Republic. It activities include: a) monitoring of
quantitative and qualitative parameters, characterising air and water conditions. This
includes air pollution, water quality and environmental radioactivity; b) collection,
validation, evaluation, archiving and interpretation of data on the state of air and
water conditions; c) provision of operational and non-operational data and
information on conditions of air and water, including weather and hydrological
forecasts and warnings to customers; d) describing and studying atmospheric and
hydrological phenomena. The annual budget of SHMÚ is around 8 mil. €. The
number of employees is 370 and the number of voluntary observers is app. 2 000.
The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute operates monitoring programmes which
contain: - approximately 1 000 measuring stations for meteorology, climatology,
agro meteorology and phenology; - approximately 40 measuring stations for air
pollution, ozone and precipitation quality, - 21 measuring stations for environmental
radioactivity; - approximately 2 800 hydrological measuring stations and sampling
points for quantity and quality of surface water and groundwater.
    Cooperation with academia (name of organization, short

Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice - preparation and organisation of international
scientific conferences and networking meetings, resulting in several FP and international
projects. National University in Uzhgorod - cross-boarder cooperation coordination.
Partnership in FP7 project.
Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences (UI SAV)
UI SAV is a leading research Institute in information technology of the Slovak Academy of
Sciences, established in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1956. The Institute has around 70
scientific researchers with the scope of research and development activities include
informatics, information technology, robotics, control theory and artificial intelligence. UI
SAV has been participating in many IST and European funded projects (K-Wf Grid,
HPCTI) as well as in the Slovak national funded projects. From its history, UI SAV has
experience in distributed systems, agent system and knowledge management
technologies, which has been evolved and deepened in the IST EU 5FP and 6FP
Ardaco cooperates with UI SAV in projects SECRICOM and RPKOM.

Graz University of Technology, IAIK (TUG)
TUG-IAIK research topic is secure implementations of communication systems, from
bottom level SW and HW implementations for crypto primitives, over secure computer
networks up to complete renowned security libraries and e-government applications. They
provide expert experience in design and implementation of crypto primitives. References:
crypto modules for commercial smart cards (DES), RFID tags (AES) and high speed RSA
and ECC implementations as well as r IAIK-Crypto Toolkits for the Java language. IAIK
develops crypto IP-cores for SoC designs. The group also has a lot of knowledge in the
topic of side channel attacks (SCA), both on the analysis side and countermeasure
Within the FP6-IP Open_TC IAIK is leading the development of integration of Trusted
Computing functionality into the Java language. This includes open-source development
of a wrapper on top of TSS-stacks, a stack written in the Java language as well a
comprehensive set of tools covering the necessary PKI functionality for Trusted
Computing. Within the nationally funded TOPAS-project IAIK is researching alternative
solutions for TPMs for the mobile environment.
Ardaco cooperates with TUG in projects SECRICOM and CHOSEN.

University of Luxembourg (Uni LU)
ILE SAS scientists have represented, or are representing the Slovak Republic in the
Programme Committee of the European Commission: •	 lobal Change (including climate
change) ILE SAS was representing the Slovak Republic in the NATO Environment
Security Panel, responsible for the evaluations of proposals of scientific projects, till 2009
ILE SAS represents the Slovak Republic in: •	 IVERSITAS, Paris – a word network
 L                                                    E
•	 IFEWATCH – the follow up of the 7th FP project •	 PBRS (European Platform for
Biodiversity Research Strategy) in the EU Council Presidency country •	he European
                             P                        S
Platform for Biodiversity •	 lanet Under Pressure •	 cientists of ILE SAS in their personal
capacity served or serve as: members of the scientific committees of •	 he European
Environment Agency, Copenhagen, DK, till 2009 •	 he European Centre for Nature
                                    L                              i
Protection, Tilburg, NL, till 2012 •	 andscape Europe ILE SAS •	s member of the
European Topic Centre for Biodiversity, Paris, 2001 •	 orks for the European Centre for
Nature Protection, Tilburg, NL •	 orks for the European Environment Agency,
Copenhagen, DK •	 orks for UNESCO Headquarters, Department for Ecological
Sciences and Earth Sciences, Paris •	 orks for ILTER (International Long-Term
Ecosystem Research) •	 as host of the Office for Central and Eastern European ILTER at
ILE SAS (till 2009) •	 orks for DG Environment as assistant and monitor in SK, CZ, PL,
HU, RO •	 ecame a Centre of excellence for landscape utilization and protection and for
biodiversity •	s a founder of the network of scientists S4C – Science for Carpathians
(Bratislava, 10 June 2009)

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Informatics Laboratory of Electron Beam
Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Institute of
technologies and materials, Bratislava, Slovakia. It is a university institute oriented to the
preparation and research of metal and ceramic materials. Institute of Materials and
Machine Mechanics Slovak Academy of Sciences (IMMM SAS), Bratislava, Slovakia.
IMMM SAS Bratislava is devoted to a deep basic study of metallic materials and metal
matrix composites and metallic foams. It is oriented on the investigation of their properties,
mainly regarding the structure and modelling of the properties of composite materials.

University Vienna (Austria), Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Slovak Academy of
Science, Bratislava
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Warsaw University of Technology, Center for
Research and Technology Thessaly (Greece), Accenture Technology Labs (France)
Center for Renewable Energy Sources (Greece).

Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava - common experiments and
projects Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava -
common experiments and projects IMEM CNR, Parma, Italy - 2 common patents
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague EADQ, IZFP,
Fraunhofer Institute - Marie-Curie fellowship

TUKE - Technical University Košice STUBA - Slovak Technical Univarsity Bratislava
Universita Degli Studi di Genova

- Technical university in Kosice (SVK) Conceptual studies, calculation and testing,
artificial inteligence - Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (SVK) Navigation of
mobile robots - DIMEC University of Genova (Italy) Conceptual design of mobile robotic
systems - Warsaw University Of Technology (Poland) Inverse kinematic calculations,
mathematical modeling - University of Pisa (Italy) Logistic models for robotic transport
systems - University College London (GB) Simulation models of swarm systems
Various academic institutions including universities and/or geological surveys

no cooperation with academia so far

•World meteorological Organisation (WMO) •European Organisation for Exploitation of
Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) •European Network of Freshwater Research
(ENFR) •European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)
•neighbouring Meteorological and Hydrological Services •Slovak Academy of Sciences –
Institute of Hydrology •Comenius University, Faculty of natural sciences and Faculty of
mathematics, physics and informatics (Department of Physical Geography and
Geoecology, Dep. of Hydrogeology, Dep. of Meteorology and Climatology) •Slovak
Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering (Dep. of Water management) •Slovak
University of Agriculture (Horticulture and Landscape Engineering Faculty, Department of
Biometeorology and Hydrology) •Technical University in Zvolen (Faculty of Forestry, Dep.
of natural environment)
                                    Description of previous projects

Call : FP7-KBBE-2012-6-singlestage Funding Scheme : CP-TP Collaborative Project targeted to a special
group (such as SMEs) Proposal number : 312090 Proposal acronym : BACCHUS Duration (month) : 48
Proposal title : Beneficial effects of dietary bioactive peptides and polyphenols on cardiovascular health in humans
Coordinator name: Dr Paul Kroon Co-ordinator organisation name: Institute of Food Research PAMIDA
International is a work package leader in WP7. Objective is dissemination of the results and providing relevant
training both within and without the project. There is particular emphasis on interactions with industry stakeholders
done through 4 workshops. In evaluation of "Potential impact through the development, _dissemination and use of
project results" we achieved the highest score 5,00

(Free Secure Interoperable Communications)
FREESIC is a collaborative research project discovering a solution that will allow highly secure and cost effective
interoperability between communication infrastructures over the entire Europe. Ardaco is the project coordinator of 9
partners and 5 associated partners is. FREESIC has been inspired by legal, organizational and operational barriers
the consortium has encountered during its previous activities.
Existing interoperability solutions such as gateways are the right approach and will simplify FREESICs adoption and
in return FREESIC will open broader possibilities for them. It will be operated free-of-charge and will offer open
source gateway, documentation and operational guidelines for others to use. The system should motivate end users
outside the consortium to request the integration from their system vendors or integrators.
The architecture will take into account on-going standardization research (e.g.: NCOIC Interoperability Framework) to
reduce the integration time and costs. The integration process will be simple; the system integrator takes the
gateway and modifies it as needed. The gateway remains the property of the integrator. The integrators do not have
to worry about disclosing any know-how or information. The communication between gateways will be end-to-end
encrypted and the gateway will be under full control of end user to avoid security concerns.
FREESIC project webpage –
FP7-SEC-2011-1, funded by European Commission, Project ID 285205

(Smart Control of Demand for Consumption and Supply to enable balanced, energy-positive buildings and
Research project is focused on energy management in Smart Energy Grids at local level like buildings and
neighborhoods. Intelligent energy management combines traditional sources of energy together with local energy
sources and storages like wind and solar energy or hybrid car and electrocar batteries.
Today, such energy management requires fine grained infrastructure and expensive hardware. This often limits
applicability to industrial and commercial sector. Together with development of new methods for energy
management, one of the goal is to develop inexpensive (< 3€) hardware and software implementation platform which
can be used by 3rd party developers and manufacturers.
Ardaco role in project includes security analysis and implementation of security layer for used protocols with respect
to existing restrictions like computational power, energy usage, bandwidth and availability of PKI infrastructure.
Main international research projects: [1]A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awarness Research Network -
ALTER-Net - 6 FP programme, The main goal of the project ALTER-Net is to assess the present state of the
biodiversity and its changes according to sustainable development. The goal is achieved by complex integration of
Network of Excellence. Project develops integrated approaches focused on unification and classification of
indicators, driving forces and pressures related to biodiversity on European level. [2]Sustainability Impact
Assessment: Tools for Environmetal,Social and Economic Effects of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions
(SENSOR) SENSOR was an integrated project designed to substantiate the impact assessment process. It brought
together 39 research partners from 15 European countries, China, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. SENSOR
developed a broad view across policy arenas and land use sectors, which allows the user to simulate the impacts of
fundamental changes of policy orientation, such as the complete redirection of Common Agricultural Policy financial
support towards research and development. [3]Research and maintaining of biodiversity in historical structures of
agricultural landscape of Slovakia, The main object of the investigation was traditional agrarian landscape - the
mosaic of small scale arable fields, meadows and pastures. The main goal was to examine the extend of presence
and state of such historical structures of agricultural landscape (HSAL) in Slovakia and what is their importance from
biodiversity point of view. Based on the analysis of satellite images, combined with field investigation, over 3000
areas with presence of HSAL were recorded. Detailed interdisciplinary research carried on 3 basic types of HSAL,
served the basis for elaboration of the Strategy of optimal management. The Strategy was then offered to be
negotiated with local stakeholders and local authorities in 3 pilot areas. [4]Policy Influence of Indicators - POINT,
7FP programme; The project will focus on indicator sets that were specifically designed to influence policies. This
will include indicators for sector integration of environment, indicators for policy instruments such as sustainable
development strategies, and ex-ante impact assessments of policy suggestions including research and innovation,
but also indicators and indices, which are used by various stakeholders for policy influence. The work was carried out
at two levels: national and supra-national (EU). [5]The Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine
Environments - GLORIA -Project 2008, The purpose of GLORIA is to establish and maintain a world-wide long-term
observation network in alpine environments. Vegetation and temperature data collected at the GLORIA sites will be
used for discerning trends in species diversity and temperature. The data will be used to assess and predict losses in
biodiversity and other threats to these fragile alpine ecosystems which are under accelerating climate change
pressures. Until now more than 100 study sites were included into observation network on 6 continents. The filed
investigation period carried in 2008, was in 2009 and 2010 followed by the complex analysis of data obtained from 18
European regions and comparison of these data with initial data obtained in 2001. The changes in species
composition, coverage in European alpine regions, vegetation thermophilisation and loss or increase of species
amount were assessed. [6]European Biodiversity Observation Network: Design of a Plane for an Integrated

R&D of Numerical optimization algorithms, R&D of Software for Pharmacokinetic studies currently, design of space-
approved electronics and optics for low orbit spectrometry.
Only Slovak national projects concerning: Sonotrode cutting tools, APVV – VMSP – II-0009-09, 01.04.2011 –
31.11.2012 Gradient materials prepared by powder metallurgy from the micro and nano particles, APVT-20-057805,
01.05.2006 - 30.04.2009 Preparation and study of gradient materials and coatings for applications in extreme
environments, VEGA 1/0114/10, 01.01.2010- 31.12.2011
SPANG (EC funding): Synthesis of SWNT for composites and transparent conductive layers
ELECTROGRAPH(EC funding): Graphene based supercapacitors
NANONET (national funding): Synthesis of SWNT and chemical sensors application
FP6 STREP project - Networked Control Systems Tolerant to faults -NeCST Starting date: 1. August 2004, Duration
36 months, The aim of the project was to explore research opportunities in the direction of distributed control
systems in order to enhance the performance of diagnostics and fault tolerant control systems. This has to lead to an
improvement in the intensive use of NeCS technologies for the reactivity, autonomy and monitoring of large scale
systems. The systems under consideration in the framework of this project was considered as a distributed network
of nodes operating under highly decentralized control, but unified in accomplishing complex system-wide goals. One
of the key factors in designing such a complex system is that both the physical subsystem and the control part have
to be designed together in an integrated manner. FP7 CP project - Platform for Opportunistic Behaviour in
Incompletely Specified, Heterogeneous Object Communities - POBICOS Starting date: 1. May 2008, Duration 36
months, Partners: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Warsaw University of Technology, Center for
Research and Technology Thessaly (Greece), Accenture Technology Labs (France) Center for Renewable Energy
Sources (Greece). The POBICOS project targeted computing environments which feature collections of objects,
equipped with sense/computeactuate embedded nodes, which differ in their sensor, actuator and computing
resources. Moreover, the actual mix of objects, and the resources provided by those objects, which will be available
during execution is partly unknown when programming the application(s).

Project APVV-0308-11 "Crystal elements of X-ray optics for beam compression and expansion" Main proposer:
Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences Coproposer: Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy
of Sciences Total costs (non-investments) 200 000 € Project duration 01.07.2012 31.12.2015 Integra TDS is
beneficiary of the results obtained. Project ASFEU: Research and Development Centre for Advanced X-ray
Technologies       (ITMS 26220220170) Proposer: Integra TDS, s.r.o. Coproposers: Institute of Physics, Institute of
Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences Project duration: 01.6.2012 30.11.2014 Total costs
(Investments/non-investments): 1 999 875 €

SwarmItFix - Self Reconfigurable Intelligent Swarm Fixtures – robotic system for fixing of large sheet metal
workpieces PICAV- Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle System – smart swarm system of personal vehicles
with robotic navigation and new kinematic KNOWBRIDGE – crossborder CSA for green energy solutions
The records of multi-stage magmatic and tectonic-metamorphic events in the basement evolution of the Western
Carpathians and contribution of detrital minerals in identification of source provenance. The leading scope of
realized project was obtaining set of modern geochronological data based on U/Pb, Lu/Hf isotope methods, monazite
CHIME and FT + (U–Th)/He dating and the interpretation of the evolution of the Western Carpathian basement crust
in time.

REBECCA – Project realised in 2003-2006 in the frame of 6. FP. The aim of the project was to esthablish the
relationships between biotic and abiotic parameters of ecological water state for the aid to member states EU in
implementation of Water Framework Directive (partner).      Climate Water – realised in 2008-2011 was the 7th
Framework Programme project of the Co-ordination and Support actions. Its main objectives are: water-related
impacts of the climate changes, adaptation strategies, research needs in the climate impacts on the water cycle and
water users and identifications of gaps in the implementation of EU water policy (partner).

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