Wilmington NC Chiropractors, Dr. Aaron Richardet And Dr. Jason Graf, Offer Relief From Tension Headaches by AndrwKar69


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									Wilmington NC Chiropractors, Dr. Aaron Richardet And Dr. Jason Graf,
Offer Relief From Tension Headaches

Wilmington, NC, 05-JAN-2013 - Spinal Care of Wilmington and chiropractor
Wilmington team members, Dr. Aaron Richardet and Dr. Jason Graf are
pleased to announce that relief for tension type headaches is available
using natural chiropractic techniques. Although there are many different
types of headaches, tension head pain is the most common type in adults.

Stress headache is another name for tension headache pain. The pain can
appear occasionally or as often as daily. The pain level varies from mild
to moderate. It is not usually severe enough to render the sufferer
unable to function in the acts required for living and working. It does
make living less enjoyable.

A tension headache is characterized by the pressure, pain or tightness
either in the back of the head or the forehead. Occasionally, it will be
found in the neck. The duration of the pain may be only a portion of an
hour, or it may last for days. Fortunately this type of headache doesn't
affect vision, balance or strength.

Many patients don't realize that chiropractor therapy can provide
solutions for this type of headache pain. Chiropractors seek to determine
the cause of the pain. In many instances, the cause is linked to stress.
Other patients have headaches that are the result of environmental
factors. Making minor changes in one's lifestyle is often enough to
reduce the duration and frequency of the headaches.

The doctors will do a review of the symptoms and will design a customized
plan to improve health and reduce pain. The patient who is willing to
make the effort to make lifestyle changes will often find substantial

Learn more about tension headaches and how their pain can be eliminated
using chiropractic therapy by visiting the web pages at
http://www.spinalcareofwilmington.com today. Members of the press and
others who have questions about the contents of this press release are
invited to contact the chiropractor Wilmington doctors at the address
identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Aaron Richardet DC and Dr. Jason Graf, DC

Company Name: Spinal Care of Wilmington

Address: 265 Racine Drive, Suite 100, Wilmington, NC 28403

Contact Telephone Number: (910) 798-5560

Email: info@spinalcareofwilmington.com

Website: http://www.spinalcareofwilmington.com

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